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Don't trust a person in sales
In the car on the way back from the restaurant, he dozed in the quiet dark vehicle. Meredith always kept most of the lights off in her office to protect her eyes. In the car, every window had a factory limo tint. Meredith’s gentle turns and stops in the luxury vehicle lulled him to relax and sleep.

“It’s your first million dollars you two what are you gonna do?”

“Go to Vegas and rent a room.” Meredith deadpanned. That was the exact plan they had since watching their IPO take off.

Their COO raised a brow at her answer.

“…and make a million more!” Victor jumped in.

They took a short trip to an Indian casino instead. Victor paid cash for their best suite and it was still empowering. The casino enabled them not be seen again for four days by comping their room service thinking them newly weds.

“We can’t have stuff like what you said get around.” He said as they got to their room.

Meredith set her bag down and cocked her head. “Why? I’m divorced now. You said we would be fine. No scandal correct?”

Victor sighed and sat on the bed. “Correct. But, remember Kaarthen and Marcos? Those two were thick as thieves and they fucked everything in their section until H.R. wised up and broke ‘em up. Now that clown works at Menthino on the next floor. For them it’s not bad, but for us… We’re a team. Like batman…er superman and superwoman.” He said raising a hand for her.

She thought about this and walked to him standing over him between his legs in her black power suit. “But you’re black?” Meredith so loved the truth she pointed out the obvious.

“Yes well,” Victor shrugged. “Everyone wants to be superman.”

He was startled awake by the sound of a chime and a car door opening. He collected himself and was halfway out of the car before he realized it was the wrong garage.

These were the times she scared the shit out of him.

He sunk back in the car as she walked around the front. “Where are we Meredith?” He asked rhetorically already noticing how familiar the room was.

“My garage at my house.” She said walking over and opened the door to the house.

Her adorable bitch chocolate lab named Zwei race over and cuddled him. She was an older, mature, and silent dog. He bought Zwei for her after the divorce when she lost the blond lab she had had. Meredith tried to name her ‘two’ but he got her to do the count in German at the very least.

Drei, her trained half wolf shepherd, stayed by the door alert. He was for protection since Zwei demonstrated an inability to be confrontational, scary, or anything other then friendly affectionate and gentle. Meredith had trained them both in hand signals and words at a school for hunting dogs. Whenever Victor was around the dogs oddly ignored Meredith. Reluctantly, he was relaxed in that way energetic friendly dogs do to people and got up and walked into the house.

He greeted Drei as he passed and got a dog kiss following Meredith to her bedroom upstairs. When he got in the room, the dogs both stopped at the invisible line of the threshold and he closed the door.

Meredith was removing clothes in her open master bathroom with the lights off in front of the mirror. She was mostly out of sight, but he caught flashes of her in various states of undress as she hung her clothes for dry cleaning.

He cleared his throat loudly. “Should… we get back?” Victor offered stupidly moving to sit on the bed.

She continued silently be for answering. “I sent a text for Jan to just start processing the packets and to bug Carmine.” She said slipping down her skirt.

“Really?” She had almost told a joke.

“Yes, Carmine hasn’t sold all week. I have noticed bad weeks follow good with her.” The blouse came off.

“She gets comfortable when she’s paid, it’s common. Adjust the pay period so the she gets the money in a monthly lump. It’ll force her to work all month for a big bump. It’s all mental, most industries have a lag before commission payment because salespeople can’t be trusted.” He said tapping his head.

“An internet sale isn’t commission anymore.” She stepped out in stockings and a black matching bra. Her darkly shadowed eyes, the hair, the deep tan, the small patch of hair above her pussy, and the black stockings went well together. Her yellow eyes seemed to pierce and hold him. In the bedroom with the lights off and the bright afternoon sun coming in the room in rays she was ‘Sultry’ personified.

“Oh, umm no panties?” Victor asked as his mouth went dry.

“You have complained in some way about them every time before. It really is more comfortable without them.” She moved in between his legs and sitting before him. “I can give you what you want Victor. You can fuck every woman in the office and more and I can make it happen.” She said getting down to business as she unzipped his fly and hoisted out his half hard cock.

“How is that?” Out of force of habit, he was mesmerized by her. She pulled his pants and underwear down and off then spread her hands on either side of his cock making a diamond around his cock and balls.

“Most women in the building think I beat you with whips from my pussy for some reason.” She looked at him puzzled for understanding. “They think if you serve me then you should use them for a short moment. They would be glad for an hour of your time.”

Victor took a moment to unsort what they meant from Meredith’s alien perspective. “You would pimp me out?”

She cocked her head for a moment. “I do not want to lose you. If you are as good for them as you are for me, then yes, they will pay. I…I feel excited in my pussy to think about how to force you onto women. I will have you beat Carmine over the head with your cock so you can help her mental problems.” She waved his hardening cock back and forth visualizing doing violence with it. Meredith had a completely different plan altogether, it seemed.

“Interesting. I…” He was cut off when Meredith started her adulations of his cock. “…generous.”

She suckled and bobbed silently never breaking suction. Her tongue explored and caressed him. Underneath him, her thumbs rolled his egg shaped orbs around stimulating his semen production.

She paused after a few minutes keeping him on the verge. “Mmm… the taste of you is the realest thing I have.” She said and dropped back on him.

In a few moments, he bucked up into her mouth in a spasm of a climax. She dropped her face down to catch it all in her throat just the way he liked.

As he breathed and wondered just what the hell he was doing, she continued to suckle him clean. She used her mouth to keep him semi hard. Finally, she moved up over him. Her body moved reflecting its substance and strength. Her chest wobbled in its sling as she slid over him. She sat back with her arresting weigh along his cock as her knees planted in his armpits.

She looked down into his eyes hypnotically. “I always want you forever. This house, my car, there is always room for you. This is normal. I understand why the other women cry for their losses. I never thought you would leave me, because you can’t.”

Victor sighed in resignation. “Superman and Superwoman.”

She pulled on her hair for a moment and eyed him thoughtfully. “You’re black?”

He lifted her right leg to free himself and scooted up and around behind her. Her pussy was swelling and pouted wetly. She was quite wet already from blowing him. He slid his hands up her back up to her shoulders and she froze arching herself back for him and presenting herself. Victor looked over the beauty that was her body. Slowly hefted himself to her holes and pressed himself into her ass. When without a condom, he used the hole for pleasure. Meredith didn’t like pills, it was one of her own personal quirks she had made up.

He leaned in over her as his cock slid in deeper. Her sphincter was like a air seal that clutched tightly as he slid past. Under him, Meredith fought for dominance in the awkward position by trying to keep her head up and high.

Victor brought his hands into her neck, it was another of her personal quirks she didn’t like to be touched there. She twisted away and for a moment dropped and he fell into her completely and over her.

With his head on her shoulder, he reached under her arms grabbed her chest and large sensitive breasts. She shivered feeling his face against her neck. He moved through the Chanel haze over to kiss her and she snapped at his nose. Angered, he bit her hard on the neck not minding the hair he got too and latched on. Meredith went wild under him gasping and snorting trying to unseat him. Victor thrust hard and brought her off her knees and pushed her flat under him. He stayed latched on with his mouth and arms as she tried to buck him off and take control.

Her strong body resisted his weight and with a quick move, she dropped her hips and came back up. His cock tried to follow but for a moment, it was left behind.

He knew what changed the moment their hips met again. He was seated deep in her pussy. Under him, Meredith had froze again huffing. It was hotter inside her naked pussy then with a condom. The wet walls were churning and squeezing in a spontaneous orgasm. He bit her harder for a moment and she moaned loudly pushing back into him as her pussy started cumming harder and made wet slurping sounds on its own.

He knew what it was doing to her and fucked her with a building intensity of full thrusts. As his speed built, she got louder as she continued cumming along his cock. The sudden taste of her blood built him into a frenzy. After several steamy minutes, her pussy clamped down on him and almost ripped off his cock while Meredith was screaming in a harsh climax.

She sagged into him but he kept his mouth on her. His arms came down on either side of her sagging body as he hung her from his mouth. His shaking as he powered into her from behind wagged her drooping head. Victor came with a last deep thrust and his pulsing cock streamed its seed into her. She came again trying to arch her hips into him as she shivered and moaned. He had inseminated her more to prove a point then to get any pleasure out of it. In this situation, it was exactly what was needed to make his dominance decisively felt.

He pulled his mouth from her and blew out hair from his tongue and raised his upper body up as his cock continued to drain into her. Under him, she pulled herself to his left arm planted in the bed and hugged it to her body. Under her hair, he could feel her hot tongue and cool soft lips as she kissed and licked his fist.

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