Second Chapter. More Intimate. More sex. :D But still a loving story. Let me know if you want three. Oh, and BTW this chapter is spoken by Nyx :D
“Uhn,” escaped through my lips as his cock penetrated deep in my ass. With sweat beading on his brow, his sandy bangs practically sticking to his forehead, Caden bent his head down to kiss me. He had been fucking me in the same position for a few minutes now, and the longer he kept thrusting his hips, the more pleasure I felt instead of that awful pain.

Pulling out of my ass, his cock poked up over my balls and rested on mine as he kissed me again. “You’re so tight, baby,” he said to me and bit my neck. I moaned and held his body tightly to mine as I reached down his tummy to wrap my hand around his dick. Jerking slowly like I had first started, Caden smiled and pulled himself away from my touch. “I never thought I’d be fucking another guy.”

I lifted my lips back up to his and asked, “How does it feel?”

“Natural,” he whispered back and pulled away. He flipped himself over onto his back and pulled me down on top of him. Kissing his lips first, I slid my way down his body until I held his cock in my hands. Just a little over seven inches and cut, his cock jerked as my fingers wrapped around his shaft. Stubble grew at the base of the V cutting down his abdomen and resting just above his cock. His head glistened with pre-cum and had a distinct smell to it from being inside my ass. I jerked it loosely for a few minutes to tease him, and when he smiled widely, my lips fell over his head.

And down my head went, his head sliding up my tongue and into the depths of my warm throat. I gagged slightly and tried to breath as I pulled his cock out and back in again. “Baby,” he moaned and ran a hand over his forehead. As I started sucking his cock faster and faster, I watched his chest rise and fall dramatically with every pass of my tongue on his head. Bobbing my head up and down faster, Caden looked down at me and said, “You like my cock in your mouth?”

“Mhmm,” I answered.

“Yeah? You think you can deep throat me better than when you first started?” His face was innocent and curious, his left eyebrow lifted above his eye.

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and held it firmly in my hand. “I can try.”

His eyes grew wide as he stared down at me. He said, “Be careful, baby,” before arching his back as my mouth swallowed his head again. Taking a large breath, I pushed my lips down his shaft feeling his dick entering my throat. I swallowed his head, and pushing his cock further into my throat, I gagged and pulled back up. I lost breath, and while breathing really hard, I stroked his cock as fast as I could. “Baby, you don’t have to try again.” But I didn’t listen. Doing the same thing over again, I found my nose brushing against his pubic stubble at the base of his cock. All seven inches were in my throat.

His hand fell on the back of my head and gently shoved down.

“Mmmm,” I said in the back of my throat, gagging again from the sudden force of his cock. He let go and I resurfaced. Taking a deep breath, I said, “Can you fuck my face? It’s way hot!”

“Anything for you,” he said and wrapped his legs around me. Holding the base of his cock, my other hand starting to massage his balls, Caden arched his back again and lifted his hips into the air. He counted to three, and then I felt his hips start to gently thrust. Sliding in and out of my mouth, his cock gained thickness as he became hornier and hornier. He pulled his cock from my mouth so that the head rested on my tongue, grabbed the base, and squeezed while pulling up on his dick. Pre-cum oozed out of his tip and fell over my tongue burning sweet and salty all at once. I licked my lips and shoved his dick back into my mouth.

He began to face fuck me again, his legs grabbing tighter around my body as his cock penetrated my throat several times. He threw his head back, arched his body, and moaned from extreme pleasure. He stuttered, “S…st…stop! I don’t wanna c…cum j…j…ust yet.” I pulled away and squeezed his dick in my hand. It built thickly forcing my fingers to loosen a bit as it throbbed ferociously in my hand. He lost his breath, and while trying to catch it all back, he said, “Do me. Fuck my face like that.”

“Get down on the floor and on your knees,” I said back and laughed. Smiling, Caden crawled from his bed and kneeled on the floor. I slid to the edge of the bed and dangled my feet above the floor.
He fell between my thighs, kissing my navel and pulling himself up to suck on my nipples while I sucked on his index finger. He then leaned forward to kiss my lips before falling back on his knees and stroking my cock. As he pulled down on me, my foreskin pulled back tightly to reveal my thick head underneath. It glistened with my own pre-cum. Delicious. “How does that feel, Nyx?”
I moaned and leaned my head back. Lying back on my arms held firmly on the bed behind me, I lifted my thighs into the air. He laughed, stroked me some more, then slipped my cock into his mouth. His teeth scraped over my sensitive spot. “Oh, fuck!”

He giggled.

I wrapped my legs around his back like he did mine and breathed heavily as he sucked on my dick. When my cock was all wet and sloppily soaked with his spit, he held onto my shaft as I started to fuck his face. With my hips thrusting up and down into him mouth, he began to hum sending vigorous vibrations through my cock causing me to lose my breath and gasp out loud. Sweat poured from my face, and as I wiped it off, he dug his face deep down on to my cock and bit down gently. “Fuck!”

He pulled up and groaned, “I bet that felt good. You like biting?”

I nodded my head and pushed his lips down onto me. But his lips were sealed shut as my cockhead hit against them. I looked down, my eyebrows rising into the air from confusion as I eyed him. His voice was stern, and his eyes singled in on me when he said, “Lie back. Now!”

I did, pondering harshly about what he was going to do. Maybe he was going to fuck me like he was not too long ago. Or maybe he’s going to sit on me and fuck my face again? Or fucking knows, he might just get up and leave, too afraid that he’s making a mistake.

Suddenly, my knees are slamming against my arms lying down my side as I feel my ass cheeks spread wide open from my leg’s sudden lift into air and pushed down. “Hold you legs with your hands, babe. I need mine.” I did as he said again. No sooner did he let go of my legs, three fingers slipped into my
partially loosened asshole.


“Close your eyes, baby, and enjoy.” Closing my eyes, his fingers fucked me roughly as I moaned and gasped each time they entered into me. He sawed away at my asshole, taking short breaks to spit onto his fingers ever so often to wet them even more. I listened to him spit into his hand, and felt his fingers wrap around my cock to jack me off some more. Then, I felt a sensation that I’d never felt before in my life.
“Oh, baby,” escaped my lips in a quiet sigh as his tongue flicked into my ass and started licking me out. His teeth brushed against my sphincter, gnawing away softly at my muscle. “Eat me out, Caden. Oh, my God. I didn’t expect this.”

“I wanna show you how much I’ve realized I really do love you,” he said back, his tongue filling my ass once more. Moaning under his eating, Caden’s hand picked up pace on my cock as he stroked even harder and harder.

I felt like I wanted to bust so bad. But as my cock grew heavily in his hand, he stopped and pulled away. “I want to be in your ass when you cum,” he said. “I wanna fuck you and make you cum. I wanna make you feel like you deserve it. Like you were the one meant for me.”

“Then fuck me.”

Pushed me back into the bed and climbed on top of me. Kissing me deeply again, his cock fell against my tummy and twitched everytime his head fell against my flesh. “You’re going to ride me.”

I nodded my head and whispered, “I will.” He fell back onto the bed and stroked his cock quickly in his hand. I pulled the lube up from the covers and covered him in it. He moaned as I climbed on top, felt his cock touching my hole, and slid down on him. I bent down, kissing him as his picked my ass up into the air and started fucking me. Pulling away from his lips and leaning my head on his shoulder, I moaned every time I felt his cock slide through my sphincter and penetrate deeper and deeper into me.

“Lean back.”

I did as he said and felt him start to jack me. My cock never once died down on it’s hard-on. And it didn’t take long after he started to jerk my dick did it swell in need of a release again. His cock pounding my ass, I pulled away from him and held onto his legs. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum, baby. Cum!” He stroked my dick slower as my sperm built up in my balls and traveled through my shaft.

My head fell back quickly and seemed to slam on my shoulders as I yelled at the top of my lungs,
“OH, MY GOD, CADEN. I FUCKING LOVE YOU! UHN…UNH…UNH…AHHH!” Seven ropes of cum shot from my cock and soaked his chest. With a little landing right over his lips, Caden slurped up with his tongue and swallowed. He continued to jack me as he slipped his dick from my ass and kissed my lips. My cum felt sticky as our chests collided.

“I love you, too,” he moaned and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I reached down while kissing him and started to jack his cock. It wasn’t too much longer before he had himself sitting at an angle against the wall and my head resting on his belly. One hand held my head to his, my cum sticking in my hair, while the other massaged his own balls.

I squirted more lube on his dick and stroked. Going as hard as I can, his cock swelled even more. And as he pressed my cheek harder into his stomach, he screamed as five massive jets, all bigger than mine, shot from him and landed both on his face and on mine. With the rest of his cum leaking from his cock, I leaned forward and sucked on him until his head became sensitive and raw in my mouth.

“I love you, Nyx,” he said and pulled me up to him.

“I love you, too, Caden,” I said back and kissed his lips.

Together, with the moonlight resting on our bodies and sweat and cum glistening on the bed and us, I wrapped myself around him and fell into a deep sleep…

End of Chapter Two


2014-09-11 19:13:08
Definitely a great read. Even though I'm not into the whole "goth" look; I'm starting to feel as if though Nyx is a real cutie. Onto the next chapter!

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I'm also a girl but, I think you should keep it just Caden and Nyx, Don't add a girl. Their yucky p;
Boys are good :D

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yur amazing at writing

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Hmmm, That was an amazing story. I'm a girl, but it was great!!! Maybe(just a suggestion) you could write a story about fucking a girl for the first time if you haven't. Tell the guys, and the girls point of view. Make sure it's meaningful and sweet. YOUR DOING A FUCKING GOOD Job.

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