Amy had her bath and had come back downstairs to watch a little more television before it was time for bed.
Josh her eleven year old brother was staying with their grand parents over the weekend.
Her mother, watched as Amy made her self comfortable beside her on the sofa.
Amy was a petite nine year old, quite slim with long flowing blonde hair. She had her photo taken many times, and won several contests as a baby and toddler in photo competitions.
Her mother Sarah was very proud of her, and would always rearrange her hair into different styles, and occasionally put make up on her, this made her look like much older, rather then nine.
Amy loved it when her mother made her up and did her hair; she was more of a mum’s girl then a daddy’s girl.

Tonight was no exception, Sarah began combing her hair as Amy watched the television, Amy had just bathed so Sarah wouldn’t put make up on her, and she had school in the morning.
“There go and have a look Amy, see if you like it.”
I looked up to see Amy running to the mirror, Sarah had put her hair in pig tails, and she did look lovely.
“Its lovely mummy, can I have it like this at school tomorrow?
“Cause you can sweet heart, save me a job in the morning, as long as you don’t mess it up over night. Now come over here and have a cuddle it will soon be bedtime for you.”

Amy walked back to her mother and on the sofa, with her legs over Sarah’s lap.
Sarah put her arm around her as Amy snuggled into her mum’s neck.
I went back to watching the television.
I heard Sarah say to Amy “what’s that mark on your leg?”
“I caught my leg on a nail that is sticking out of the shed door when I put my bike away.”
“Well your dad had better sort that out, I don’t want my baby being hurt and scarred. Did you hear that Chris? The nail in the shed door scratched Amy.”
“Yes I heard Sarah,” I answered in an indignant way, “I will do it in the morning; I’m not going out there now.”
“No I didn’t expect you to, long as you don’t forget, Amy move your legs Ill get some cream for it.”
Amy lifted her legs and few minutes later Sarah reappeared with some cream and began putting some on Amy’s leg.

I didn’t take much notice it wasn’t that bad a scratch, didn’t even draw blood, just marked her skin. I continued watching the programme.
I turned again to watch Sarah, as she rubbed the cream on several tiny marks she had found, her short nightie was now almost up to her waist, as Sarah investigated her skin for blemishes.
Amy had nice legs for a nine year old.
I settled back to the programme I had been watching.

The break came and I asked them both if they wanted a drink, both wanted orange juice with ice cubes, Amy loved to suck on the ice cubes and seldom finished her drink, I got myself a beer from the fridge. I handed them to the girls and settled back on the end of the sofa.
I continued to watch the programme, not taking any notice of the girls, but when the next break began I glanced over at them, they were both quiet.
Sarah was running her hands up and down Amy’s legs very slowly, “you have lovely smooth legs Amy, and mummy wishes she had smooth legs like you.”
Amy snuggled into Sarah’s neck

During the programme I glanced at them again, Sarah was now running her hands up the inside of Amys legs, from her knee to her inner thigh, Amys right leg had fallen off Sarah’s lap and was now resting on the lower part of Sarah’s leg.
Amy’s legs were now open a little and I could see Amy hadn’t bother putting her panties on after her bath; she seldom wore panties in bed. Sarah’s hand was almost touching Amy’s pussy. Nothing sexual, just running her hand up and down her leg, stopping just short of her pubic area.
I watched, I was catching a glimpse of Amys pussy every now and then, I had seen her smooth pussy many times around the house, but this was different, the way Sarah was moving her hands on Amys skin I found to be very erotic.
The programme was almost forgotten, as I sat and watched, Sarah’s hand moving further up Amys leg each time.

Sarah whispered to Amy “you are a very beautiful girl Amy, and I love you very much, do you love mummy?”
“Yes mummy I love you very much as well.”
Sarah kissed Amy’s cheek, her hand still caressing Amy’s skin.
Sarah’s hand had now stopped moving, and she was cupping Amy’s pussy, her hand stationary, Amy settled down a little further, almost lying now on Sarah’s lap.

“Do you trust mummy Amy? Do you know I would never hurt you, I love you so much?”
“I know you wouldn’t mummy I love you too.”
My eyes were drawn to Sarah’s hand now, as I watched one of her fingers moving up and down Amys little pussy slit, Sarah glanced at me and smiled. I watched intrigued, not wanting to miss a moment.
Although I don’t think Amy knew what her mum was doing was sexual, she didn’t stop her, in fact I noticed Amy open her legs a little more, making access for Sarah much easier.
Sarah was continually kissing Amys cheek and hair, I could see from my position that Sarah’s finger had moved deeper into Amys little slit, and the lips were now open even more.

Sarah cuddled up to Amy, the same time as another of Sarah’s finger probed Amys tiny smooth pussy, again Amy open her legs more, and Sarah had full access to her pussy.
“Would you like to lie on the floor Amy?”
Amy nodded and they both slipped onto the floor.
Sarah was now leaning over Amy, and began kissing her cheeks and forehead. Amy lay there, and seemed to be enjoying the attention her mum was giving her.
Once again Sarah’s hand went between Amy’s legs and two of her fingers were again exploring Amy’s pussy.
“Do you like what I am doing Amy?”
“Yes mummy it feels nice.”
“Would you like mummy to kiss you like she kisses daddy?”
Amy looked at me, I was staring at the sight before me, Amy’s legs open wide, and two of Sarah’s exploring her pussy.
Amy nodded to her mother.
Sarah leaned down and kissed Amy on the lips, just a quick peck on the lips, as if to try and gauge Amy’s reaction, Amy had closed her eyes when her mother had kissed her, and she had kept them shut when Sarah had finished kissing her.
Sarah taking this as a sign she wanted more, kissed Amy again, but longer this time, Sarah’s arm going around Amys neck, pulling her closer.
The kiss was far longer then before, and as I watched them I could see that Sarah’s finger was now inside Amy’s pussy, and was gently moving in and out.
Only an inch or so was in her, but Amy didn’t seem to mind.
“You will tell me if mummy hurts you wont you my baby?”
Amy didn’t speak; just lay there with her eyes looking into Sarah’s eyes.
Sarah kissed her again full on the lips as before.
Now Amys arms were around Sarah’s neck, and Amys legs had opened wider then I had seen them before, and Sarah’s finger were further into Amy’s pussy.

Sarah’s fingers came out of Amy, and Sarah cupped her sweet pussy, and was rubbing it gently.
“What mummy would really like is for you to let mummy kiss your little pussy, I wonder if my baby would like me to do that, daddy kisses mummy’s pussy all the time, it doesn’t hurt mummy and I won’t hurt you.”
“Yes, I think I would mummy.”

Sarah moved down Amy’s body, kissing her belly before stopping at her pubic mound, she kissed that area above Amy’s pussy before finally kissing Amys pussy lips,
Sarah didn’t move just lay there kissing Amy, Amy held her mums head; it was obvious Amy liked what Sarah was doing.
I looked at Sarah, her dressing gown had come open and I was staring at Sarah’s bum. I got off the sofa and began kissing Sarah’s bum; she moved her legs and was now kneeling, all the time kissing and licking Amy’s pussy.
I got my head between Sarah’s legs and began licking Sarah’s wet swollen pussy, my tongue going deep inside her. Sarah had begun to softly moan as I probed her with my tongue.
Any lay her legs wide, Sarah licking Amy, her hands caressing Amys bum.

Sarah was now bucking on my tongue as I lashed her beautiful pussy, and very soon Sarah stopped licking Amy and screamed, her orgasm hitting her hard. Amy looked up, frightened I may have hurt her mum, “its all right baby, daddy has made mummy feel wonderful, I only screamed because I enjoyed it so much, daddy wouldn’t hurt mummy, he loves mummy very much, he loves you very much too my baby, would you like daddy to lick you like he has just licked mummy?”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Sarah wanted me to have oral sex with my nine year old daughter, well I am certainly no prude, and I confess the thought did make me hard, but she was still my daughter.
“Come on daddy kiss Amy like you just kissed me, Amy wants you to don’t you Amy?”
“Yes please daddy, but don’t hurt me, like you hurt mummy.”
“Daddy didn’t hurt me Amy, I just enjoyed what he did I had to scream, he wont hurt you baby he loves you.”
Amy seemed reassured, and Sarah moved, I took my place between Amy legs, her tight little smooth pussy in front of my eyes.
Sarah’s licking and probing had opened Amys pussy and I could now see the inner lips, I didn’t think twice, my tongue headed for her pussy, as if it had a mind of its own, and soon I was licking Amy the same as I had licked Sarah.
I imagined it was Sarah’s licking that had made Amy wet, I couldn’t believe that Amys pussy could produce any love juice, not at her age, but that didn’t stop me, I enjoyed Amys pussy as I had enjoyed Sarah’s.

Sarah had now moved again and was kissing Amy on the lips, her hand up Amy’s nightie gently rubbing Amy’s chest, circling the nipples that would one day be the same as Sarah’s. But for now were no more then flat little nipples.
I stayed down at Amy’s pussy savouring the taste of her and the feel of her smooth skin under my mouth and tongue.
Amy now had her legs around my neck as was trying desperately to pull me closer to her pussy, she was enjoying the sensations I was giving her.
My hands now moved under her bottom and lifted her little to give me more access to her love trove.

“Would you like to lick mummy’s pussy like daddy is licking yours Amy?”
Amy nodded, even though she probably wasn’t aware of what she had to do.
I had to stop as Sarah lay on her back, Amy positioned herself between Sarah legs on all fours, and began licking, hoping she was doing it as mummy wanted.
Amy was kneeling now her bum in the air, I moved in again, and began licking and sucking Amys sweet pussy and kissing her brown arse ring, the same time my finger probed the inside of her open lips.
Amy stopped for a moment to look back at me, her face covered in her mums love juice, then looked back at Sarah.
“Do you like it baby, licking mummy?”
“Yes mummy, do you like it, am I doing it right.”
“Yes baby, just a good as daddy does it, mummy would like some more now.”
Amy went back to Sarah’s pussy and began using her tongue on Sarah.
Sarah soft moans of delight turned to a scream as she once again had an orgasm, at the same time pulling Amys face in closer to her pussy.
“Did I hurt you mummy.”
“No my baby you didn’t, I screamed because I loved what you did, it was just as nice as when daddy did it to mummy.”

Sarah lay on the carpet, and was once again kissing Amy, as I was sucking on my baby’s tight little pussy.
Sarah stopped kissing Amy and moved to my side.
“This is what daddy loves Amy.” And with one movement had taken my rock hard cock in her mouth and was eagerly sucking and licking the end.
Amy had moved now, I lay on my back, as I watched Sarah sucking my dick, Amy watching intently to the actions her mother was making.
“Do you want to make daddy happy, baby?”
Amy nodded and moved her face to my dick, Sarah watched as Amy took my cock in her mouth, she didn’t know what to do, but Sarah directed her.
Her movements were wonderful as I watched her young mouth move up and down my shaft. My hands around the back of her head moving her mouth downward over my shaft.
All too soon I felt the urge to shoot, and I had to remove Amy’s mouth from my cock.
I didn’t want her to be put off by receiving a mouthful the first time; I wanted more of Amy’s mouth in the future.
I pushed her up, she must have thought she had done something wrong, by the look on her face, but then I began to spurt ropes of hot cum over Amys body, she looked surprised, and looked toward Sarah for an explanation.

“Daddy enjoyed what you did so much you made him cum baby, you are a very clever girl, I bet daddy will want you to do that again, I want you to do what you did to me again, and do you think you will do it again my baby?”
“Yes mummy I want to do it again I liked it, but will I be able to scream like you one day mummy.”
“Yes one day you will, mummy and daddy will teach you, would you like that.”
“Yes I would, does Josh squirt like daddy did.”
I don’t know baby, we will have to find out wont we, when he comes home tomorrow.”
I got up and held Amy, having now come down from my orgasm.
“I love you very much Amy that was lovely what you did to me, I would love you to do that again.”
“I will daddy; can I do it to Josh? Do you think he would mind?”
“No Amy I know he would love you to do it, now its time for your bed, give mummy and me a kiss.”
I kissed her full on the lips as her mother had done earlier, then it was Sarah’s turn, she held her tight, and kissed her.
“You are the best baby a mummy could have, now go to toilet and I will be up to read a story in a moment.”

I turned to Sarah when Amy had gone.
“What brought that on?”

“I knew you wanted her I’ve seen you look at her, and had you approached her she would have run a mile, but she loves her mum, and mummy loves her, and she trusts me far more then she does you, perhaps you can earn her trust now, but don’t you ever hurt her, if she says no then no it is, I don’t mind what happens as long as you don’t hurt my baby, and Josh is home tomorrow perhaps he would like to play our new game.”



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Well written and perfect detail. Would like to read about Amy losing her anal virginity.

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