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How I came to be. Part 1

Jewel was a single mother of three, Ellie 22, Lori 19, and Misty 16. Ellie was a happily married slightly taller version of her mother. 5'6”, 32C, long dark brown hair, blue eyes, great legs and a nice ass. Lori is a thin 5'5 perky 32B breasts with pink puffy nipples, light brown hair, and hazel eyes. Misty built much like her mom at 5'4 has still maturing 34A breasts, long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a wicked personality. There mom is a luscious creature standing about 5'4”, long black hair, green eyes, and a smile to die for. She possessed a voluptuous figure, large full 34D breasts, nice hips, a spank-able ass, and skin mouth-watering smooth. For a mom of 38, she is still quite active and loves to party. That is until her world fell apart.....

It all started a few years back. Jewel owned her own Real estate company and provided very well for her family. Her husband whom she loved deeply worked in construction for a small company and her two youngest were doing well, for the most part, in school. One afternoon, shortly after lunch, Jewel left for home earlier than usual. Her last showing for the day had canceled, so she decided to go home for an early bath in the peace and quite of her luxury spa, before the kids arrived home from school. Upon arriving at home she saw her husbands truck in the driveway, slightly disappointed that she wasn't going to get her alone time, but then she smiled at the thought of having him bathe her instead. She proceeded into the house, dropping her purse on the hall tree. Expecting to find her husband on the couch with beer in hand. He was not there, so she turned to make towards the bedroom and stopped. She had heard the sound of metal on stone in a slightly repetitive manner coming from the back of the house. She glanced towards the sliding glass door to find it slightly ajar. Assuming her husband was outside on the swing, she went to grab a glass of wine to join him. As she entered the kitchen and poured her wine she never took notice of the sweater and back pack sitting in a chair next to the kitchen table. Smiling and humming to herself she headed to the sliding door. It slid smoothly and quietly open. She stepped outside and “time” for her literally stopped as her hand holding the wine opened up releasing the wine glass as she brought her hand to cover her mouth. The glass seemed to take forever to fall as she took in the scene before her. A mere ten feet in front of her was her husband squatting over his bosses 18 year old daughter, his hands pulling her head back by the hair, as she rested on her hands and knees on the lounge chair with his dick firmly planted in the young girls ass. He got two more strokes in as the glass fell, he was just starting to let loose with a torrent of cum as the glass shattered on the patio floor. In his shock he jumped up and spun around with his pecker shooting cum in a wide circle to stand facing his wife. As he stood there cum still oozing out of his rapidly shrinking cock trying to find something to say, the young girl mumbling apologies and trying to cover up. Jewel's heart pounded in her ears, she didn't know whether to scream or cry. She turned and ran back into the house, down the hall, and into her room, locking the door as she entered. As she sat down on her bed, the well of heart-break and betrayal unleashed. She fell back on the bed sobbing as she curled up into a fetal position. Slowly crying herself into oblivion.

A few hours later, Misty arrived home. Shucking her jacket on a chair and dropping her back pack on the floor. She went into the kitchen to grab a soda. Misty noticed her moms car in the drive way and seeing as the house was so quiet, figured her mom was in the bath. As she normally did every afternoon. She grabbed her soda got her laptop out of her bag and proceeded to go out back to start her homework and chat online with her friends. As she set her laptop down on the patio table she heard glass break under her shoe. Looking down and seeing the remains of a shattered wine glass, she looked around in concern. Not seeing anyone she went back in the house to get her mother. Noticing her mothers door was closed, she knocked quietly getting no response. She tried the door and found it locked. She knocked again louder, still no answer, knocking again rattling the door handle. “Mom”, rattling the door again, “Mom are you in there?”, rattling the door again and starting to worry further, “Mom are you alright?”...... Jewel heard a rattling at the door and sat up abruptly, thinking it was her husband, fear chocked her throat. Upon hearing her daughters concerned voice. She got up and unlocked the door...... Misty feeling the handle turn within her palm let go. The door swung away and there before her stood her mother, face puffy from crying and her hair all disheveled. “Mom are you OK, what happened?” Jewel lost it again, she through her arms around her daughter, and broke out into tears again, sinking to the floor, pulling Misty with her. Misty not knowing what has happened held her mother and waited for her to calm down. Several minutes passed before her mother was calm enough to speak. “Mom whats going on?” Misty said. “Your bastard of a father..... He..... he....” Fighting back the tears Jewel tried to speak again, “ I caught your father screwing his bosses daughter.” Misty gasped, “April....Oh my...” Misty closed her mouth noticing her mother's face. Misty stood up gently pulling her mother with her. “Come on mom, Lets get you in the bath.” Misty thinking that a warm bath would help her mom relax a little, helped her to the bath room. After turning the water on she turned towards her mother and proceeded to undress her. Removing her blouse and unzipping her dress skirt. Looking at her mother and being some what envious of her ample bosom wondered why her father would ever cheat on such a beautiful woman. Unclasping her bra and watching as her mothers breasts sagged slightly as they were freed, she resisted the urge to reach out and caress them. Bending to remove her mothers panties noticing as she pulled them down her legs revealing a completely shaved nether region, Misty smiled to herself thinking, “Damn mom that so hot.” Misty then proceeded to help her mother into the bath and leaving her to soak, telling her she'd be back in a minute. As Jewel laid in the tub trying to think of nothing at all, Misty was soon on the phone calling Lori, but all she got was her voice mail, she left her a message telling her to come home now, then thinking better about it called her older sister Ellie and told her to come over, seeing as Lori would probably be to doped up to see straight. She loved both her sisters, but Lori had problems and no matter how hard they tried to help her, she always fell back into her drug habits......

“Damn Juan fucking stick it in all ready” Lori spat. Lori's cunt was hot and dripping juices. Lori was desperately trying to get her boyfriend to fuck her brains out, but he was teasing her with just the head of his dick, smoking dope always made her horny. And now she was in desperate need of his big prick. Juan was smiling enjoying they way she squirmed on the head of his cock. Polishing the knob with her cunt juice. She was desperately trying to impale herself back on it, but he had a firm hold of her hips keeping her at bay. Just then her phone rang, Lori muttered, “Fuck” and reached for it just as Juan suddenly pulled back hard driving all seven inches up to his balls. “Awwww Shit, Ohhhh D...d.....damn” she grunted as she started to shake violently, her cunt grasping his rod and trying to pull it deeper. Juan pulled back and rammed in hard again as she moaned and shook. Smiling again he began to royally ream her cunt, pounding into her hard and fast. Lori was cumming all over his dick, but he didn't care. His only goal now was to plow in and bust a nut deep into his little minx leaving her sore and walking funny for a couple of hours. Lori thought he loved her, but to Juan she was just one of many sluts. Addicted to his stash of hash. Lori was slowly coming down for her orgasmic high as Juan kept plowing away, she reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit furiously trying to get herself going again. Her fingers wet with her own juices, she was building a steady rhythm and was almost there when she felt they tell tale signs of Juan's impending climax. The head of his dick started to swell and just as she was nearing her peak he pulled his cock out. Lori screamed “Noooo.... not ye......OOOWWWW!” As Juan shoved his dick unmercifully into her ass. Lori jerked and fell forward trying to get away from his dick. Juan followed her down, pining her with his hips, blowing his seed, covering her anal cavity. He pumped into her ass five or six more times ending with it buried to the hilt. As he collapsed on her she screamed, “Get off me you son of a bitch.” Dragging herself out from under him, While he was laughing hysterically she turned and slapped him hard across the face, “ Your a fucking asshole she screamed,” as she grabbed her clothes, “That's the last piece of ass you get from me!” Juan smiled to himself thinking, “She'll be back.” …...

Meanwhile Misty returned to her mother with a glass of wine. Noticing the distraught look on her mothers face and the fact she hadn't moved. She placed the wine on the tub edge and removed her shirt. Reaching across her mother she grabbed a sponge a proceeded to soap it up. She then placed the sponge on her mothers chest and started to gently wash her mothers breasts. Her mother, distracted from her thoughts for a moment laid her head back and closed her eyes. Misty watching her mothers face brought her other hand up to assist and tentatively grope her mothers breasts. Seeing no signs of disapproval from her mother, she continued. Hearing a slight moan escape her mothers lips as she brushed over her left nipple she proceeded to gently pinch and twist, another slightly louder moan escaped her mothers lips and her face seemed to relax more. Encouraged by what she was witnessing she moved on with a stronger intent to bring her mother more pleasure in hopes of washing away her stress. She was enamored with her mothers breasts, she loved the way they looked and felt. Misty liked boys, but she was also attracted to girls too, having fooled around with some of her friends in the past, she had a good idea how to please a woman. And right now all she wanted to do was make her mom feel good, really good if possible.....

Jewel's thoughts were a little fuzzy. The warm bath had helped her tense body relax, and Misty's tender ministrations were helping her to forget for the moment. The caressing of the sponge feels good. “EMM, that feels good on my nipple, OHHH, yes that's it, Emmm, twist it again.” Jewel thought as Misty played with her tits. Jewels pussy started to tingle, she pressed her legs together and did a slow grind trying to stimulate her clit. Misty noticing they effect she was having on her mother, released the sponge and hesitantly start moving her hand towards her mothers pussy doing small circles on her abdomen as she went down. Rubbing her fingers slowly on the V between her moms thighs applying slight pressure to hint that her hand wanted access to the treasure below. Unconsciously her mother parted her thighs and when Misty's hand reached for and started stroking her clit. Jewel made a loud and audible Gasp and clamped her thighs on Misty's hand. “Relax Mom.” Misty spoke softly, “Let me make you feel good.” Jewel knowing in some part of her mind that she shouldn't, thought to herself, “It's my daughter, she just wants to make me feel better, She's a young woman, she understands....” and as her thighs slowly started to part and Misty resumed her ministrations...... Whatever Jewel was going to think next evaporated as the warmth and tingles from her pussy spread....... Misty feeling encouraged, started longer strokes applying more pressure to her mothers labia and rubbing around the entrance to her mothers pussy before moving back up to her clit. Up and down she stroked, while pinching and twist her mothers nipples with her other hand...... Jewel's breathing started to quicken....... Misty noticing this leaned over and took the closest nipple into her mouth and gently nibbled on it. Hearing her mother gasp, she worked her pussy more vigorously, pinching her mothers clit hard........ Jewel grabbed her daughter behind the head, pulling her into her breast as her hips started to slowly grind into her daughters hand...... Misty sensing her mother wanted more, slid two fingers in her mothers cunt, curving them up in search of her G spot. Finding it and applying pressure as she started rubbing in small circles....... Jewel grunted as she felt her daughters fingers slide up her cunt, her hips started to buck uncontrollably....... Releasing her mothers nipple from her mouth, Misty sat up taller and started jerking her arm sending short jabs into her moms cunt. Her mother bucked violently, splashing water everywhere..... Jewel opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out as she started to shake and convulse from one of the best orgasms she has ever had. Jewel collapsed back into the tub, sending more water exploding everywhere....... Misty released her hands from her mother as she collapsed into the tub. She watched her mother for a moment, waiting for her tremors to stop. She was smiling to herself satisfied for making her mother feel good. Looking down, Misty smile grew until she was laughing loudly........ Jewel was trying to catch her breath as the tremors from her orgasm subsided. She was just starting to gather her wits, when she heard a slight chuckle, which soon her into out right laughter. Upon opening her eyes and focusing on her daughter kneeling next to her, her own smile grew. There on her knees Misty sat completely drenched, her dark nipples poking her shirt, which was now transparent, matted hair stuck to her skin, with a shit eatin grin on her face....... Jewel started to chuckle. Misty looked at her mom and said, “ Damn mom, you get really wet when you cum.” At that Jewel busted into full blown laughter and grabbed Misty and pulled her half in the tub hugging her fiercely..........

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