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A Girl & Man in the Office
Dan thought he was a happy man generally speaking – he was in a good relationship with Anna, yes the sex was infrequent and somewhat routine, but, he was happy if not wholly satisfied.

Then the company hired Amy, she was 18 and looked rather out of her depth, maybe it was the first day nerves Dan thought, but, looking around at his co-workers he thought it probably down to their obvious gawping at her as she walked past their desks.

The boss did have a history of choosing looks over ability, but, none of the men really cared. Dan certainly didn’t although he wasn’t as obvious as the others, he couldn’t help noticing Amy’s perfect size 10 body swishing past, her pert breasts (36D he guessed) held fast by a tight bra and innocent white blouse. His eyes though were drawn to her beautiful long legs which hooked them and drew them towards her perfect ass wrapped in a tight black skirt.

His eyes snapped away as his conscience took him and his boss introduced them, “Hey Dan, this is Amy – she’s a temp from the clerical pool and she’ll be helping you out this afternoon”. “Er, hi” Dan meekly offered as Amy held out her hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m all yours it seems” Amy said with quite a flirt, working on Dan’s embarrassment.

Dan relaxed a little, he felt if nothing else Amy had a sense of humour and every day needed a little brightening up. “Well its time to show the place I guess” Dan said as he smiled at Amy. “Where to start ? Lets show you what’s down below” continued Dan as his confidence rose. “Really, that’s forward of you – on my first day too” Amy replied with a certain flirt in her eyes. “The basement filing I mean.” Dan chastised Amy, but, with no conviction.

“What the fuck do they keep in here ?” Dan grumbled as once more he had forgotten the key code to the basement filing room door. “Maybe it’s who they want to keep out rather than what they want to keep in” Amy chuckled at Dan’s frustration. “Oh behave you” Dan joked back, “you don’t want to get into trouble on your first day !”. Amy giggled encouragingly and placed her hands over his, pressing the right combination in first time. “I pay attention” Amy said as she opened the door and led, almost dragging, Dan into the cold, dark room.

“Where are the bloody lights ?” giggled Amy as she fumbled around the walls for the switch. “Fucked if I know, not many people get dragged into the bowels of the office that often” laughed Dan as they stumbled in the dark. Finally finding the switches and turning on a random selection of antique strip lights.

Dan realised quickly that he and Amy were close, close enough to smell her perfume and her breath. Dan stumbled backwards, falling straight into a large pile of boxed files sending them tumbling. Amy laughed at his predicament and Dan couldn’t help laughing back.

Amy bent over revealing a generous portion of her cleavage and stuck out a hand. Dan grasped it and looking into Amy’s smouldering brown almond eyes. He pulled her towards him and was surprised to find no resistance. Amy slowly bent forward and knelt in front of him, clasping the back of his head in her hands, her lips moving unstoppably towards his.

Their lips touched and his heart quickened instantly. Her kiss was as passionate as a lover’s learnt over time. He held her back to pull her forward, them both resting on a mattress of boxes. “Well, this is forward isn’t it” gasped Amy as she broke from the kiss for a moment – passion was in both their eyes and with nothing said they both knew they could not stop themselves.

Dan traced his left hand down Amy’s back to release her breasts from her bra and without a moment of thought started undoing the buttons on her blouse as fast as his heartbeat.

With her breasts hanging in front of him, Dan’s last inhibitions disappeared as he took his mouth from Amy’s to her right breast. His tongue circled her nipple making it hard for him to bite and suck it as Amy moaned quietly.

Dan’s right hand pressed and stroked Amy’s left thigh as he bit her breast. Caressing her semi naked body, licking and playing with her breast making her close to losing control. He was not surprised when his fingers met her warm, shaven, wet pussy, scarcely hidden behind a pointlessly small black satin thong. His fingers met with no resistance as they slid into Amy making her gasp and throw her head back as his fingers roamed inside her.

Amy laid back on the floor, breasts still wet from Dan’s teasing, her clit buzzing and swollen. The sweet smell of her moisture hung in the air. Dan could not resist her swollen pussy gleaming with beads of Amy’s cum. He has to taste her and knelt down on all fours like a dog, licking and probing Amy’s pussy and savouring every sweet drop of her cum.

Deeper and deeper he pushed his tongue inside her, making Amy moan more and more. The deeper his tongue, the more he bit and teased her clit the more animalistic she sounded. With a passionate and angry sounding “Fuck, fuck, fuuuck !!!!”, Amy came in Dan’s mouth. Drowning his face in her sweet, warm juices, Dan gladly accepted her warm cum into his mouth and down his throat, licking it up and savouring it all as the sweet nectar it was to him.

Dan’s cock was obviously hard, bulging his trousers almost grotesquely. Amy’s passion denied her any choice as she expertly released his belt and trousers to let his large cock escape before her eyes.

Without hesitation she licked the end of Dan’s cock making him moan automatically and lean back onto the forgotten pile of boxes knocked over long before. Amy’s silky lips sealed his cock as her mouth slowly seemed to eat his entire manhood. Dan moaned, not caring about being interrupted as Amy continued to feast crazily on his cock, engorging it and sending Dan into ecstasy.

Amy withdrew Dan’s cock from her mouth, leaving her saliva and his pre-cum dripping off its end onto the floor.

“Fuck me now, fuck me hard with that” she demanded. He could not refuse and ordered her onto all fours, exposing her pert and perfect ass. Her cum was glistening still on her pussy and with a strong hand he moistened her innocent, dark ass. “You dirty bastard” Amy groaned playfully as Dan inserted his finger into her moist arsehole. Amy pushed her hips back to take all of his finger then pulled forward leaving a glistening, inviting and tingling hole for Dan to see.

“Fuck me like a bitch, fuck me hard” Amy begged. Dan knelt behind her and needed no invitation and put the head of his swollen cock to her arse. Slowly at first he pushed it in making Amy cry out, but, soon she pushed her hips back to swallow his manhood whole in her ass.

Amy rhythmically pushed backwards and forwards for Dan to see his cock sliding in and out of her ass. He grabbed her hips to pull her in tight and to press the end of his cock against her bowels. Amy moaned, almost screamed and increased her thrusting. Dan’s passion increased and he playfully slapped Amy’s ass. Then slapped her a bit harder, Amy grunted and moaned more like an animal being fucked than a beautiful woman.

As Amy’s ass cheeks became more reddened from Dan’s hand they both increased their animal fucking until Dan could not stop and his cock exploded into her arse. Amy came again, hot sticky cum dripping onto the floor as they both spasmed in orgasm.

They collapsed onto the floor. Dan’s cock slowly shrinking from Amy’s ass. His cum dripping out of her sore hole and mingling with her cum leaking from her pussy. They enjoyed a brief embrace before dressing in their soiled, wet and fucked clothes.

“I think I’m going to like it here” smiled Amy as she cupped his cheek in her hand and drew him closer for one, final, passionate kiss. “I hope so” replied Dan with a smile, “although, you’re on probation for the first month so you’ll have to behave….sometimes.”

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2011-02-21 14:55:26
Arghhhh, i have a huge crush on my teacher called Dan, and my name's Amy. Oh, I wish this would happen :')

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2011-01-04 05:25:51
Thanks for this haha, My name is Dan and I like a girl named Amy :P

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2011-01-04 05:25:47
Thanks for this haha, My name is Dan and I like a girl named Amy :P

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2011-01-04 05:25:43
Thanks for this haha, My name is Dan and I like a girl named Amy :P

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2011-01-04 05:23:40
Thanks for this haha, My name is Dan and I like a girl named Amy :P

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