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When I Was a Kid #11

Linda left on Sunday morning for Wisconsin.

I got my first letter from Linda about a week later. She addressed the letter to Lesley so her mom wouldn’t suspect I was a boy. I was cool with that. It seems that right after they got back home she found a neighborhood boy she liked and she gave him a blow-job. The second time she was giving him a blow-job they got caught by his mom. She called Linda’s mom and well you can guess the rest.

The rest of June was pretty boring. I met some pretty tourist girls toward the end of the month. They weren’t in town long enough to get anything going with them. Linda wrote almost every day. I responded at first almost every day but towards the end of the month I had tapered off to about once a week.

I started to imagine what those young girls would look like with pregnant bellies. I steered clear of Paula for the most part. I was afraid she would try to get me to get her pregnant. I was constantly worried that Cheryl was pregnant. My mind was in turmoil.

I kept trying to see Cheryl but she was active in girls soft-ball and Girl Scouts.

I was active in the Boy Scouts and was planning on going to camp in July.

July 4th rolled around. It was a Tuesday. Even so, we had a parade. I road in the parade on horseback with the Round Top Rangers. Cheryl was on a float with the Girl Scouts. She was very pretty in her green skirt, white blouse and a green sash with her merit badges. She was smiling, waving and having a good time.

After the parade Cheryl walked up to me. She asked, “Are you going to the square dance tonight in the park?”

“Haven’t decided.” I said. “Why?”

“Oh, I dunno.” She said. “Thought we could dance some.” The smile left her face.

“Umm….well sure!” I said. “I ain’t very good.”

“I might have a surprise for you if you come.” She said.

“What sort of a surprise?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” She said. “I have some news for you.”

“Oh gees! Here we go! She’s pregnant.” I’m thinkin’. “This can’t be good!” “Tell me!” I pleaded.

Without changing expression she said, “Later!”, and walked away.

Damn, she looked good in her uniform!

I went home, took a long shower and put on some new Levis and a new cowboy shirt. I even shined my boots. I put some Butch Wax on my flat top haircut and stole some of my dad’s Old Spice cologne.

My parents commented on my “sprucing up for some girl” on the way to the park. At the park they had a live band.

I looked around for Cheryl but didn’t see her. Pretty soon she showed up with her folks. She had on a pretty new light blue dress with crinolines to hold the skirt out. She had a matching blue ribbon in her beautiful auburn hair. She was breathtaking. She seemed radiant.

We couldn’t talk with her folks there so I asked her to dance. She looked to her parents for approval and they just nodded.

I took her hand and we joined a square. The caller kept us busy and it was quite difficult to keep up with him.

After the first dance we found a bench to the side away from most of the crowd but still within sight of her parents. She said, “Would you get me a root beer please?”

I said, “Sure, be right back.” I got us both some root beers from a big water trough filled with water, ice and canned soda pops of all kinds.

When I got back to the bench she handed me a small square package wrapped in toilet paper.

She said, “Don’t open it here.”

I glanced around and noticed the public restroom nearby. I excused myself and headed for the restroom. I’d seen little packs like this before in the waste can in the bathroom at home. I had two older sisters and of course I was curious so had unwrapped a few. I got into a stall and carefully unwrapped my package from Cheryl. At this point I realized I was right. It was a Kotex with blood in it. I smiled to myself and wrapped it back up. On the way out I tossed it in the trash can.

As I got back to Cheryl I grinned and said, “Was that your surprise?”

“Ya, you’re off the hook. Next time use the condom.” She admonished looking me square in the eye.

“When….umm…did you start?” I asked.

“This mornin’, I started cramping and I spotted a little. That’s the pad I wore in the parade so I couldn’t give it to you then.” She said.

“How long does it last?” I asked.

“About a week.” She said.

“Bummer.” I said.

“Well that’s good news and bad news.” I’m thinking. Good news she ain’t pregnant and bad news we can’t screw right now.

She saw the disappointment on my face. She questioned me, “What’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy about this?”

“Oh I am!” I exclaimed. “It’s just that I was hoping…..”

“What? We would do it again?” She said. “Boys!”

She took my hand, got up, and we headed back to the dance. We had a good time. We spent the whole evening together. It was fun just being around her.

That night I slept outside again. I was relieved that Cheryl wasn’t pregnant and she did say, “Next time use the condom.” I was hopeful.

As I laid there I heard a noise and started looking around. A girl was coming across the vacant lot next to my house. It had to be Paula. “Paula?” I said.

“Ya, where you been?” She said. “I’ve come over almost every night looking for you. I’ve just about given up on you.”

“Been too hot to sleep outside.” I lied. “What you been looking for me for?”

As she sat down in the grass next to me I could smell her feminine musk.

“Thought we could sleep out together again.” She mused.

“Paula?” I asked.


“You have periods?” I asked.

“Ya, why?”

“Just wondering.” I said. “When was the last time?”

“’Bout two weeks ago. Why?” She queried. “You worried that I was pregnant?”

“No,….well yes.” I said. “Look, my sister got pregnant as a senior in high school. It turned real ugly and she hasn’t been back since. I just don’t want that to happen to anybody I care for.”

“Oh, I see!” She said. “I just want to have fun. We can be real careful.”

“Long as you understand.” I said.

With that she stood up. I thought she was leaving but instead she kicked off her sandals and pulled her shorts off. She said, “Scoot over and make room for me.”

She got into my sleeping bag. As she did, I got a good whiff of her pussy. Strong but not overpowering. She was soft and warm. I slid my hands up under her sweatshirt. No bra! I pulled it up over her chest and she helped me take it completely off. My hands went to her hips, found her cotton panties and she helped me remove them. She was naked in the sleeping bag with me.

Her hands went to my hips and hooking her thumbs in the waistband I helped her remove my briefs.

We lay together, holding each other close and lightly kissing. My penis was getting hard as I reached between her legs. “What the…..!”

“I shaved it for you.” She said.

“Oh gees!” I said.

“You like?”

“Oh ya!” I said. “I like it a lot!” My hand cupped her mons. It felt puffy and swollen. Running my middle finger up and down her slit I traced her outer lips and discovered that her inner lips were protruding out. I wanted to taste her.

She reached with her left hand for my now rock hard dick. Finding it she stroked it a couple of times. “Put it in me.” She said with some urgency.

I rolled her on her back, grabbed a condom from my pants pocket, put it on real quick and got between her legs. I slid my rod up and down her slit picking up her juices. I unzipped the sleeping bag to give us more room.

She spread her legs wider and reached a hand down to guide me in. I pushed in slowly at first lubricating the condom as I went. A few short strokes and I was balls deep into her.

I started slow and then as she started pushing up to meet my thrust I picked up the pace. I was grinding my pubic bone into her soft pussy lips and mons. She began moaning and wrapped her arms around my neck. As my balls hit her ass they were getting wet. We were moving in unison. I could smell the sex. I could hear the slurping of my cock in her pussy. Her breathing and mine were becoming labored.

She grunted, “Uh…uh…oh…” and started shivering.

My ears were ringing. Every nerve in my body was tingling. Her cunt started squeezing my cock. I pushed hard and deep, then exploded. I was growing weak and yet found enough strength to push in again.

I collapsed on her chest. She began nibbling on my ear and neck. My dick twitched a few times inside her and she giggled.

She said, “Let’s do it again.”

“I can’t right now.” I said, removing the condom. “I’m spent!”

“Ah, come on Les.” She begged.

“It takes a while to reload.” I said. “In an hour or two.”

“Emm. OK, can you do that licking thing again? I want to try that again. I just thought it was gross last time.”

“Well, I’ll try.” I said wearily.

Not wanting to lay down in the grass naked I turned around over the top of her. Pulling her legs to me I tilted her pelvis to me. I took a few tentative licks trying to get my bearings. This was foreign territory working upside-down like this.

I jabbed my tongue into her hole and got the taste of the latex condom mixed with her juices. As I was starting to find a few landmarks I bumped into her clit she came up off the sleeping bag a little more.

I suddenly became aware that she was fondling my dick and balls. I began to suck her clit and dart my tongue into her hole. I felt something warm and wet on my penis and realized she had my entire dick in her mouth. My flaccid dick began to grow and she was moaning making it feel even more incredible.

She was getting close to cumming and it was becoming intense. Her fluids were flowing and I was lapping them up like a dog drinking water.

I was subconsciously humping her mouth causing her to gag occasionally. She was a trooper, I’ll say that about her.

She removed my dick from her throat and started gasping for air. She was almost convulsing and having one hell of an orgasm.

I fumbled for my pants trying to find a condom. I found the condom and hurriedly put it on. She was still panting running her hands over her chest and pussy as I slipped easily into her.

That set her off on another series of convulsions and was totally at my mercy. Pumping hard into her she lost all control. Bucking and writhing she was in one continuous series of orgasms.

Her pussy was gripping me tight and trying to milk my spunk right out of me. I started cumming hard driving into her pubis with a lot of force. She’s gonna be sore tomorrow!

She suddenly stopped moving and wriggled under me a little. She said, “Les…did you use a condom?”

I said, “Ya, why?”

“’Cause I feel something warm deep inside me.”

I pulled out and felt my dick with my fingers. At first it felt OK but then I noticed a piece of latex hanging loose just under my glans. “Oh shit!” I said. “The condom broke!” She started giggling. “It’s not funny!” I said. “Oh crap! Now what do we do?”

“Well, there’s not much we can do.” She stated. “We’ll just have to see what happens.”

I started to cry. I was really shook up. I didn’t want to seem weak in front of her but I was really scared.

She must have sensed my anguish and she hugged my neck and said “Comeer big guy.” Then she kissed me.

I felt comforted and warm. She pulled the sleeping bag over us and we settled down. We cuddled for quite a while and I dozed off.

When I woke up she was gone. My mom was telling me to get moving I was going to be late.

I fumbled for my pants and got dressed. As I started to roll up the sleeping bag I found Paula’s panties. I picked them up and smelt of them. Emmm, oh ya! I put them in my pocket. I picked up the condoms and wrappers, cursing at what had happened last night.


When I Was a Kid #12

I spent the day worrying about Paula and what she must think of me being so weak. I left the stables about 4:00 P.M. and went straight to Paula’s house. I knocked on the door and her dad came to the door. He said, “Hi Les. Here to see Paula?”

“Ya.”, was all I said. He called her and she came out from the back of the house.

She said, “Oh hi Les. Come on back.”

Her dad said, “Un uh! No boys in the bedroom. Living room or outside.”

If he only knew!

Paula said, “Let’s go outside.”

Outside we went to the side of the house and I reached in my pocket pulling her panties out slightly. “Got something of yours.” I said.

She grinned, “They’re yours now. Something to remember me by.”

“Remember you? How could I forget you after last night?”

“That was pretty amazing wasn’t it?” she said slyly.

“What about you? You OK?” I asked.

“Ya sure! Why wouldn’t I be? Little sore, but other than that.”

“It doesn’t bother you that you might get pregnant?” I asked.

“Well ya, but we can’t do anything about it now can we?” she explained.

“No, I guess not.” I said.

We sat beside the house for quite a while talking. I started relaxing. It occurred to me that I had never actually seen her pussy. We had always had our clandestine meetings in the dark. I said, “Paula, I’ve never actually seen your pussy. Would you show me?”

“Sure, if you’ll show me yours.” she quipped.

“I don’t have one!” I smirked.

She cuffed me on the shoulder, “Smart ass!” She got up and walked to the back corner of the house, then came back to the front corner looking to see if anybody was outside. She came back to me and pulled the front of her terry cloth shorts down so I could see her freshly shaved pussy.

Her mons was red and looked raw. The inviting dimple at the top trailed down to her two swollen outer lips. The darker inner lips protruded out and actually hung loosely below slightly.

Checking to be sure no one was looking, I reached up with my left hand and parted the moist inner lips with my fingers revealing her clitoris just below.

We heard a door slam and she quickly pulled her shorts up. We waited a few minutes and saw a neighbor car drive off.

She checked again to see if it was clear then she said, “Now yours!”

I unzipped my pants and pulled my semi-hard dick out.

“More!” she said.

Looking both ways, I unbuckled and popped my snap. Again, looking both ways, I slipped my pants down while still sitting. She gazed down at me intently. We heard another door slam. She dove into my lap and said, “Tickle me!”

She was completely covering me when her father poked his head around the corner and said, “We’re going for some ice cream at the plunge. Wanna come?”

She pretended to be laughing and said, “Sure dad! Just a minute.”

He popped back and I nodded to her it was clear. She covered for me and I pulled my pants up. Sweat was pouring from my brow. She helped me up and as we walked around the corner of the house her dad started the car. She asked her dad if I could come too and he said, “Sure.”

We got into the back seat with her little brother and rode in silence to the plunge. We all got soft ice cream cones. Paula teased me with the way she licked hers. I was getting a boner.

Back at her house I said my goodbyes to her folks and thanked them for the ice cream. Paula gave me a quick kiss on the lips right in front of her parents. I looked for a reaction from her dad but didn’t see any.

At home I ate dinner and went outside to watch the sunset. About 8:00 P.M. my mom called me to the phone. She just said, “Some girl.”

It was Paula. She wanted to know if I was sleeping outside tonight. I said, “Ya, if you want me to.”

We hung up and I gathered my sleeping bag and a flashlight. I snuck into my parent’s room while they were downstairs watching T.V. and filched two condoms from my dad’s box.

As I was heading out the back door my sister was coming in. She said, “You and Paula better keep it down tonight or you’re going to get caught.”

I was like a deer in the headlights. I was dumbfounded to say the least.

She continued, “And you better hope Cheryl doesn’t find out.”

I stammered, “Uh….Paula and me? We’re just talking.”

“A lot of Oooooing and ahhing for just talking!”, she said.

Outside I just unrolled my sleeping bag and sat on it with my back to the wall of the house. This is a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into! Almost got Cheryl pregnant. Now I blew my load into Paula and she could be pregnant. How often do periods come? What’d she say? Two weeks ago? How long before we know?

I just sat there with my head in my hands, staring off into space. Suddenly I see a light coming at me across the vacant lot. Someone on a bicycle. It’s Paula! She has a sleeping bag and a small backpack.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Told my folks I was going to sleep out with a friend to get ready for scout camp.” she said happily.

“Scout camp? I didn‘t know you were a Girl Scout.”, I said.

Oh crap, my goose is cooked now! If she and Cheryl compare notes they’ll cut my nuts off.

“Whose house you going to sleep out at?” I quizzed.

“Why yours of course!” she said.

“Your folks let you come over here? To my house? What? How???”

“No silly! They didn’t ask and I guess they assumed it was Cheryl’s, my tent mate’s.”, she said.

“Cheryl? Cheryl from sixth grade? Cheryl is your tent mate?” I interrogated her.

Oh damn, there goes my nuts for sure.

“Ya, why?” she said.

“Oh nuttin’. Just curious.” I said. “Um…..we have to be a little quieter tonight. My sister heard us last night.”

“Oh…she gonna tell?” she said lowering her voice.

“Don’t think so.” I said. “I’ve got some dirt on her too, so I think we’re safe for now.”

By now she had kicked off her sandals and was sitting crossed legged on her sleeping bag that she had laid out next to mine.

I looked at her. Her hair was all messed up and she had this glow about her. She was cute and fun to be with.

I looked at her again and wondered out loud, “I wonder if we can zip these bags together and make one big one?”

She looked up at me and said, “Oh that would be cool!”


“Oh sorry! Let’s try!”, she whispered.

I unzipped mine and she unzipped her’s.

“Who’s on top?”, she said with a giggle.

“Yours of course.” I chuckled. “Put the male and female parts together.”

She started giggling at that. “That’s what I intend to do when we get these together.”

I just looked at her. She was such a minx.

Well, of course, the zippers didn’t match. So we just laid mine open and put hers on top.

She rummaged around in her small pack and came out with a jar of something and a small flashlight.

“What’s in the jar?”, I asked.

“Oh something we might use later.”, she said. “I’ve been wantin’ to try something different.”

As the last of the light faded we just sat talking. It started getting cooler so I suggested we get under the covers.

While setting, she took her sweatshirt off then laid down and took off her shorts and panties together.

I slipped off my pants and sweatshirt and folded the pants so I could get to the condoms easily. I slipped under the covers before removing my briefs.

We laid side-by-side under the covers talking softly. My right hand was on her belly and my fingers were playing with her belly button. She was playing with my dick and running her fingers through my sparse pubic hair.

She got quiet then got up a little on her knees. She started kissing down my chest then my belly. I felt her engulf my prick in her mouth. Her mouth was soft, wet and warm. My dick was only semi-hard but getting harder with every flick of her tongue.

I put my hand on her butt and encouraged her to move her leg over my chest so she was straddling my chest. With her long torso her pussy was presented to me for my licking. While she was working away on my dick, I had my way with her pussy. She slowed down licking my dick as she started to get turned on.

I continued to lick her and put pressure on her clit with my flattened tongue. She had all but quit licking me and was merely holding my dick in her mouth. She was moving her hips up and down and I could tell she was getting close.

She suddenly pushed back hard on my mouth and tensed her thigh muscles. Letting my dick drop from her mouth she sat up putting her hands on my hips she ground her cunt into my mouth. The stubble on her mons was scraping my cheeks and making them raw.

She climbed off of me as she came down. I started to reach for a condom and she stopped me.

Without saying a word she reached for the jar that she brought. She opened the jar and I felt her putting something on my dick. It was cool and slippery.

She then handed the jar to me and said, “Put some of this in and on my butt hole.”


“Just do it!”

I did as I was told getting more turned on by the second. My mind was racing as she scooted down to place her butt over my granite hard dick. She started down my shaft very slowly. My glans popped just inside her sphincter. She stopped and I heard her hiss in pain.

I whispered, “Don’t hurt yourself!”

Without saying a word she lowered herself just a little more. It was incredibly tight and hot as an oven. I felt her relax a little and inch down a little more. Her hands were on my kneecaps supporting most of her weight. She had almost half of me inside her when she started back up. I dipped two fingers into the jar and as she came back up I slathered more lubricant on my penis.

She worked herself down to about three-fourths of the length of my rod. This time as she came back up I slathered on more lube. Moving a little faster she moved back down to where she had her butt nestled on my pubes and she rested.

She finally spoke, “How’s that feel?”

“Oh crap that’s tight!”, I said. “You OK?”

“Em huh!”, she said.

Still not moving she clinched her sphincter then I felt her anal muscles working my dick like she was trying to push me out. She began to rise again slowly. She raised only a little before going back down. She was hot, slick and tight. She was going so slow it was driving me nuts. It was all I could do to keep from just ramming up into her.

Still moving gingerly she picked up the pace. I was getting close to cumming.

“Go ahead and cum.”, she said.

She was pulling out a little further each time and my whole dick was being squeezed and released.

I reached for her hips and pulled her down onto me at the same time I pushed up with my hips. Holding her there I started cumming. I pulsed several times and as I pulsed inside of her I felt her working those anal muscles again.

We stayed still for several seconds. I felt my dick squirt a couple more times then, it began to soften.

She rose up off of me and my dick fell out of her with a slurp. My cum and the lube drizzled all over my pubic area and thighs.

As she turned back around she cuddled to me with her head on my chest she said, “Remind me not to do that again for a while!”

“What possessed you to want to do that anyway?”, I said.

“I heard it was a way to keep from getting pregnant and still please a boy.”, she said.

“Well it did please me, but you should never do anything that hurts like that!”, I countered.

“Well, the pain subsided when I got used to you and I actually started getting turned on a little.”, she mused. “I think next time it’ll go better.”

“Well don’t try it again anytime soon!”, I chuckled.

We laid together for a while and just chatted. I realized that she was laying with my right arm and hand under her. I maneuvered my hand to where her mons was on my palm and my fingers could reach into her slit.

I slowly started rubbing her slit with my middle finger and she moaned. I found a spot that she seemed to like me touching just below the nub of her clit. I would run my finger into her hole to pick up moisture, then rub the spot some more and make little circles around her clit. Her clit seemed sensitive but rubbing the area below it was having the desired affect.

She started humping my palm and her breathing became labored. Without saying a word she climaxed in my hand. “Oh, that was nice.”, she said.

“My pleasure, I’m sure!”, I said. We kissed and cuddled for quite some time, then fell asleep.

We woke up a couple of hours later. I don’t know what woke us up but we both started playing with each other. She put one leg over my leg and had hold of my dick with her right hand. I worked my hand under her again to cup her mons and finger her again.

I got stiff fairly quick and I felt her get into the hip pocket of my pants that was under my head. Taking her right hand off of my cock she opened the foil packet and handed me the condom. I placed the condom on my prick and she maneuvered to a sitting position. She raised up, placed the head of my dick at her opening and lowered herself on to me.

She pulled her sleeping bag up over her shoulders and started doing a slow grind, only moving up and down a little to get more of her juices to lubricate my rod. She was incredibly tight and warm. My dick slid easily inside her silky glove.

Her face was a picture of concentration as she pleasured herself. I must say that the pleasure was not hers alone. I kept thinking, “Is this love? Are we in love? How can I tell? What about Cheryl?”

As her grinding of our pubes together grew more intense I was stabbing into her as far as I could go. My hands were on her chest cupping her breasts and I lightly rubbed her nipples. I ever so lightly rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

She started cumming, her face was contorted and she was mumbling, “Yes…yes…yes….OH Les!” She seemed to be having a series of orgasms. I thrust up hard and I too released. Only the condom kept me from fertilizing her, if she wasn’t already.

She laid down on my chest and our now sweaty bodies merged. I hugged her close and said, “I love you.”

The air became so thick you could cut it with a knife. I had said the wrong thing. She didn’t say anything. I was wishing I could take my words back, but I had said what was in my heart.

She rolled off me and lay on her back. We laid side-by-side for a long while looking up at the stars and then I said, “I’m sorry if I upset you but I said what was in my heart.” Without saying anything she rolled to her side and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I could feel tears on her cheek. I was dumbfounded and heartbroken. I was in way over my head I realized.


When I Was a Kid #13

We must have fallen asleep after that. The next thing I knew the light came on in the back yard. My mom poked her head around the corner of the house and told me it was time to get up.

I reached for where Paula was and she was gone. I grabbed my flashlight and looked around. Her sleeping bag, pack and bike were gone.

I started getting dressed and couldn’t find my briefs….again. In their place were Paula’s panties. I held them to my nose and inhaled her scent.

I rolled my sleeping bag and using my flashlight found the condom wrapper and condom. I left my house and headed towards Paula’s house. I didn’t see her bike and could only wonder where she went, then I thought of Cheryl’s. I didn’t have much time but rode by Cheryl’s. Paula’s bike was there laying down outside a tent in the side yard. Cheryl’s dog started raising hell so I couldn’t get any closer than the sidewalk. I figured my goose was cooked at that time. I skedaddled out of there.

As I was finished with my paper route I was riding my bike fast down a hill. I saw a ’54 Ford coming down the side street and it didn’t look like he was going to stop. He didn’t stop and pulled right out in front of me. I swerved to the right to cut behind him, then, there was the curb. I skidded sideways into the curb my bike flipping me off to the left. I landed on my hands and knees on a bunch of rocks and gravel.

I took a quick inventory of things and nothing was missing or broken. I sat there a minute to catch my breath and realized I was a half block from Debbie’s apartment.

I picked up my bike and discovered that the rear wheel was warped. I limped and drug my bike to Debbie’s apartment. Padlocking my bike to a stairway railing it occurred to me that it was David that was driving the ’54 Ford.

I knocked on Debbie’s door. At first I didn’t think anyone was home. As I turned to hobble away, Debbie poked her head out. She took one look at me and said, “What happened to you?”

“Your brother happened to me!”, I said. “He pulled right out in front of me and I wrecked my bike. Can I use your phone?”

“Sure, come on in.”, she said.

As I entered the dingy apartment I noticed she was wearing a dirty yellow robe she was holding together at her chest.

She pointed to the phone and said, “I was about to take a bath. David was heading out to go horseback riding with his new girlfriend. They were heading to some falls, somewhere.”

I took a deep gulp and said, “Oh?” I called my mom and said that I wrecked my bike but wasn’t hurt bad and that I was at a friend’s getting cleaned up. A smile came across Debbie’s face as I said that.

I then called Smoky and told him I’d been in a wreck and wouldn’t be in today.

Debbie was standing there clutching her robe. I said, “You got a wash cloth I can use to clean the dirt out of my cuts and scrapes?”

“Oh sure, this way.” she said.

We went into a small bathroom and she handed me a clean washcloth. I went to the sink and turned on the hot water. I looked at the tub full of water and said, “Your bath is getting cold.”

She blushed and said, “But you’re here!”

I cocked an eyebrow at her and said, “Debbie, I’ve seen you half naked and naked more than once. We’ve even screwed once!”

“Well ya….but…”, she sighed. She opened her robe and I noticed she was naked underneath. I smiled my approval and started removing my pants as she got into the tub.

“What are you doing?” she said raising her voice. “Where’s your underwear?”

“I skinned my knees too.” I said showing her my bloody kneecaps. I washed my knees and sat on the toilet watching her avoiding the underwear question.

“Need any help?” I said.

“Nope!” she said.

“Ah…come on. Let me help!” I chided.

“Why?” she asked.

“’cause I like your body.” I said with a grin.

“Well….awright.” Holding out her washcloth to me.

I crouched next to the tub and I shampooed her hair then took the washcloth and soap and started washing her back. I discarded the rag when I got to her chest. I rubbed her little mounds and tweaked her nipples. My knees were starting to ache. I stood up and took off my shirt and got in the tub behind her.

She started giggling and said, “I haven’t done this since I was a little girl.”

I took the soap and started washing her belly, then her thighs and down her legs. Pulling her little feet into her lap I washed between her toes. As I let her last foot go both my hands went to her pelvis. Running the soap over her mons I got a groan out of her. I slipped a finger into her slit.

She said, “Your turn!” and stood up.

I couldn’t resist, I ran the bar of soap up and down her butt crack. As she turned I cupped her ass and pussy in my hands and slid a finger into both holes.

“Oh crap!” she said and continued to turn around. She kneeled in front of me and took up the bar of soap.

With one hand she picked up water and splashed it on my chest and with the other she rubbed the soap onto my chest.

As she worked lower on my pelvis she gripped my prick with both hands and moved them up and down the length of my shaft.

“You keep that up and you might make a mess.” I said wryly.

“I want to save that for later.” She said and fondled my balls as she soaped my legs.

We rinsed each other off and got out of the tub. She handed me a towel and got one for herself. She bent over the tub to pull the plug and I got a nice view of her round butt, butt hole and her pussy. Her mons was rounded and puffy and the inner lips showed just a little at the bottom of her slit. Her butt hole was small and puckered.

I started getting dressed and as I pulled on my pants she wrapped the towel around herself. She said, “Just get your clothes and follow me.”

I followed her into a bedroom with the rest of my clothes and boots. The bedroom had two twin beds in it with her and a boys clothes scattered about, a chest of drawers with boy and girl clothes hanging out of the half closed drawers.

“Um…you share a room with David?” I queried.

“Ya sure!”, she said like it was an everyday thing.

She sat on a bed with light blue sheets and a dark blue blanket. I turned and looked at her and she seemed to be waiting for me to do something.

I sat opposite her on the other bed. Boy, this felt awkward. I put my boots, socks, and shirt down on the floor and she patted the bed next to her and said, “You remember the promise you made to me?”

“No, what?” I responded.

“Oh you know. About making me feel good with your tongue?” she said.

“Oh, that! I remember.” I said with a grin.

“Well, I’m all clean now. I haven’t been fucked by David or anybody else for several days. David is saving himself for his new girlfriend I think.” She continued. “So…would you?”

“Ya, sure!” I said taking hold of her towel and peeling it off her.

I had her sit on the edge of the bed then went to my knees between her legs. That was dumb! My knees still hurt so I had her move up onto the bed and lay back on a pillow.

This was all new to me. I’d never done it with a girl in a real bed before.

I took a few tentative licks with my tongue and she didn’t smell bad at all. She had a faint smell of a girls musk and of course the smell of the soap we had just used. She tasted fresh and clean like the soap.

I couldn’t get my tongue very far into her small slit so I had her put the pillow under her hips. I started lapping at her slit and found her clit and gave it a suck.

She pulled my head into her crotch and her taste became more like a girls. She started pushing her hips up to get me to lick deeper and hit her clit more.

I reached in with my right hand and worked my index finger into her hole and at the same time put my lips around her clit and began sucking and flicking it with my tongue.

She was wiggling back and forth and panting. She took a deep breath then went stiff arching her butt right off the pillow.

“Oh god…um…um…um aahh!” she said through clinched teeth. “Oh shit….quit already! Damn!”

I raised up and looked at her. Her chest was all mottled red, her cheeks flushed red and her eyes wide open.

My rampant prick needed relief. I pulled my pants off and said, “May I?”

“Oh god yes!” she said.

I got between her legs and fisted my cock. I placed it at her entrance and slowly entered her. Using the moisture from her pussy and my saliva I stroked in and out a couple of times then bottomed out in her. She was pretty tight.

“Boy, you are filling me full of that thing.” She said.

I don’t know if it was the position with her butt up on the pillow or being in a bed or just what is was but she started cumming again.

I couldn’t last long and as I felt her pussy clamping my cock hard I unloaded into her. I had been fucking with condoms on but now I was bareback and the sensations were intense.

“Um…un…arrrgg!” I grunted as I was cumming deep inside of her.

I collapsed on top of her and just laid there for a minute.

She said, “You’re killing me! Get off!”

I pulled my wilting dick out and examined her twat. The hole was gaping a little and a large, thick glob of my cum was slowly oozing down her slit toward her puckered asshole.

“That was awesome!” I said. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

“Me neither!” she said. “That was the first time that has ever happened to me while fucking. I want to do it again!”

“It’s going to take me a while to recover from that!” I said.

“Ah man!” She exclaimed. “When then?”

“Well…” I said looking at my watch. “Damn near 10:00 now. I’ve got to get my bike to the bike shop and see if it can be fixed by this afternoon. Wanna go with me?”

“I’ll have to call my mom, but sure!” She said.

“Just tell her you’re going with Lesly. She’ll think I’m a girl.” I said.

She giggled and I gave her the finger.

I went to the restroom and when I returned she had put on a yellow cotton dress with string straps over her shoulders and sandals.

We left her apartment and by dragging, carrying and cussing I got my bike to the “Fix-it Shop.”

Earny said I needed a new wheel and he’d have to order one.

“How much?” I asked.

“’bout $30 with freight. Have one here in a week.” He said.

“I can buy a whole new bike for that!” I cried.

“Well, I have that Schwinn there for $69.95. It’s a “paper boy” special. Heavy frame and wheels, knobby tires and I can put your big basket on it for ya.” He explained but seemed to be distracted.

I called my mom and explained the situation to her and told her I had $40 in savings if she could spot me the rest. She sounded exasperated with me but agreed.

I glanced over at Earny while on the phone and he seemed to be watching Debbie who was sitting in a chair against the wall. Earny had a funny smile on his face. I looked at Debbie and she looked all innocent with her hands on her knees.

I turned back to Earny and out of the corner of my eye saw Debbie raise her dress high enough for Earny to see her panty less pussy. I closed my eyes not knowing what else to do. I told Earny to get the Schwinn ready and I’d be back later to pay him and get the bike.

I headed out the door and Debbie trailed after me. I was walking fast and as she caught up to me I stopped and turned to her saying, “What was that all about? Showing yourself like that. He’ll tell everybody he knows and soon enough it’ll get back to our folks.”

“I don’t know!” She exclaimed. “I was just having fun with him.”

“Come on!” I said. “We’ll go get the money, have lunch and pick-up my new bike.”

She started walking before I did and I noticed a wet spot on the back of her dress just below her butt. “What’s that?” I asked.

“What?” She responded.

“You must have sat in something wet. The back of your dress is wet.” I said.

“Oh! No it’s my pussy. It leaks a few days every now and then. It’s been doing it for the last few months.” She explained.

“Have you seen a doctor about it?” I quizzed as we walked on.

“Heavens no! It’s just something girls do.” She said.

“You sure?” I asked concerned she might have VD.

We got to the place my mom worked at. I introduced Debbie as Johnny’s friend and the person who fixed up my scrapes and cuts showing her the palms of my hands.

I took the money and bank book to my savings account and we walked the half-block to the bank. I withdrew the rest of the money I needed then walked across the street to the caf?here Debbie’s mom worked to eat lunch.

We both had a hamburger deluxe and a malt. Cost me $2.25 and I gave a 25 cent tip to her mom.

From there we headed to the “Fix-it Shop.” Earny had put my large basket on the back of my new Schwinn and he gave me $5 for my old bike to boot.

Outside the shop I climbed on my bike and had Debbie sit side saddle on the bar in front of me and we were off.

As we rode I couldn’t resist running my left hand up Debbie’s leg under her dress. Her hole was sopping wet from whatever was “leaking” out.

We got to her apartment about 1:30. She invited me in saying that her mom doesn’t get off until 3:00.

I followed her in and noticed the wet spot on her dress was bigger from the bike ride. I said, “What ya wanna do?”

“Well, would you lick me again?” She said with a little smile.

“Oh…I dunno.” I replied still concerned about her being sick.

“I’ll warsh it for ya! Pleassse?” She pleaded.

“Oh…alright.” I said. “But warsh it real good. I don’t want to catch some vial disease!”

I followed her into the bathroom where she took off her dress and was instantly naked. As she ran the water in the sink to get the water hot she peed then stood with one leg up on the stool and she washed her cunt with soap and hot water.

She dried herself with a hand towel, grabbed my hand and we headed into her bedroom. She flopped down on her bed and spread her legs.

You know how sometimes you are standing too close to the forest to see the trees? Well, I had one of those moments as she laid there waiting for me to start.

I finally looked at the girl before me. She had grown a lot in the last months. She actually had some boobs, all-be-it, they were small. Her hips were wider. She had hair on her arms and legs. Just fine silky hair, even on her belly and pubic area. She had a couple of pimples, nothing gross mind ya.

Her mons was more pronounced and her inner lips were darker and extended beyond her outer lips just slightly.

As I climbed between her legs I remembered back to my first encounter with Debbie. I drew in a deep breath to catch her fragrance. There was that familiar musk but stronger. More like Paula’s scent.

As I splayed open her outer lips I observed a couple of courser pubic hairs. Debbie was growing up and I would soon have to take precautions to keep from getting her pregnant.

I dove into my task of pleasing her. She had been a Jekyll and Hyde all day. Happy one minute and sad or brooding the next.

I lapped at her cunt and soon had her clinging to my head. I reached up to rub her breasts but she complained that they hurt a little so I reverted to lightly touching her nipples.

She very soon arched her back and began climaxing. I would say it was a mild climax by her standards.

I stood back up and looked at her. She was radiant. Her chest was blotchy and her cheeks rosy.

I lowered my Levis and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I entered her splayed open pussy and began stroking in and out of her.

Pulling out of her, I placed a pillow under her butt. Spreading her legs wide I reentered her then pulled her legs together and held them upright. In this standing position I gained maximum penetration. She soon was pushing back and grunting as I hammered into her. She started to cum first and I noticed her stomach muscles clinching which brought me to my peak.

I thrust hard into her and spewed my seed right into her open cervix. Spurt after spurt rushed into her. We were both panting as I held her legs together and close to my chest.

“Wow!”, she said.

“Ya, that was good!”, I exclaimed. I spread her legs and looked down at where our bodies became one. I expected to see our commingled juices flowing out of her but I guess because of the angle, her pussy was a vessel that held them in. Even after I pulled my now flaccid dick out of her very little came out.

It was almost 3:00 P.M. when we got dressed. I needed to leave. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips as I went out the door.


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我真的佩服這些博客 因為這些博客 您可以分享一些它們的鏈接嗎 我想有興趣的人會想讀讀這些文章 P.S. 最大的輸家 是在與奧巴馬對話現場端坐著的數百來自八所上海大學的年輕人 可能寫重了手吧 Yes, they are not randomly seeclted students. Yes, they are heavily screened. Yes, there are reports they went through days (4 days?) of "training" to make sure they don't do or say the "wrong" things".But as long as these students were not drugged, their ears are not plugged, and they understand English, then they had a chance to listen to Obama unfiltered. Not many Chinese can listen to the speech live. And not many Chinese could listen to the full speech.Obama is not always right but he bought up a few interesting points for the Chinese students to think about. I listened to Obama's session (that same day from the Whitehouse website) and I think he delivered a reasonably good speech and a nice Q&A (note the online question re

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Whew..a hot story. Girls sure love to get fucked. I could not believe one day...after school, I caught my younger sister
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First of all great story

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Stop hating females for fucks sake man don't be such an asshole women are PEOPLE. Just because they wont fuck you doesn't make them bitches. Any woman who wants to give em a little show like that is welcome to.

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Debbie is knocked up and David did it so our hero can pump it to her at will. She's a slut... no respect for the guy she's with by sneaking a flash of her cunt to the bike shop guy. Who the fuck wants a cunt like that?

Good series. He's getting plenty of pussy but women are jealous bitches and they talk. Cheryl will definitely find out, if she doesn't already know about Paula. (who took a full load at her most fertile time so she's probably pregnant) Of course, she told Cheryl that he told her that he loved her, as soon as she got to her tent. Cheryl's going to have to try harder.

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