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The Brother and Sister Next Door (7)

Lisa woke up, and Crystal was gone. It was 10am. She left a note saying: “I had to get going, did you enjoy last night?” Lisa thought back….

‘oh my god that was so hot, I’ve never cum so hard…ever. Wow, I squirted out my pussy it got so intense. I want to do that to Crystal so bad now….wait, better yet..we can do a 69er and both have a super cum…yeah…that’s what that was, a super cum. I want to make her squirt big time, I bet I can. I squirted all over her, and she liked it. I want some of that pleasure too.’

Mom stayed home today from work. She only worked because she was bored. Now everything had changed, she wanted all the time with Brad she could get, and he wanted that too.
Her mind drifted back to them making out so intense and having such great sex. She thought: ….’ Wow, I can’t remember when dad and I did it last, but is was lousy and at least 10 years ago or more. He drinks and can’t do a thing, but that’s all changed now. God I needed Brad and now I have him, and he wants me too. I don’t care what people might think, I need him in my sex life, and I’m going to have sex with him all I can‘……”Mom?”….huh…“Oh hi Brad, I was just thinking about you. I’m taking the day off today, I have someone I want to spend time with.”
Brad leaned over and kissed his mom softly and reached down her robe and felt her nice soft tits. She gasp and felt his dick and leaned over and kissed it over his pants. “Maybe we better work on that messy garage later.?” Brad said. She felt a warm jolt in her pussy….”Oh yes, (gasp) we better do that for sure.”

She thought….. She was a new person now. She had the best sex ever, even when she was 16, and had two boyfriends. They never had sex, but she has it now. She got another tingle in her pussy just thinking about having sex with Brad. She felt like a high school girl again, excited about a new boyfriend.

Brad went into Lisa’s bedroom and she was lying on her bed in deep thought. He sat on her bed and smiled. He whispered….(“ it was a little noisy in here last night, miss sweet tits.”) Lisa smiled and they talked one on one.
She said: “I have so much to tell you, I squirted for the first time last night. It was heaven, so intense.” Brad said she would have to show him how to make her squirt, that sounds so hot.
It was major hot, Brad. Mom seems happier than I’ve ever seen her, you make her happy now, and I love it.
She is so wonderful Lisa, she really knows how to turn me on, big time.
Just keep fucking her Brad, she deserves a good fuck, it’s been years, you know. About Crystal and Jen. They know each other, and she said that Jen fucks her dad over there too.
Brad said.. No shit!

Yes, she and bi Crystal have had sex many times too. Wow..the things that go on around here…Brad said, and they both laughed. Brad told Lisa, he has a little place set up for him and mom in the garage, so stay away if the door is locked, that means were fucking.
“Oh baby, I want to watch!”, Lisa said.
“No way. It’s back behind some stuff, and we can’t be seen.” Brad said.
“You can figure a way Brad, if you try.” Lisa said.

He thought, ‘well maybe thru a vent or….oh wait…there is a that pull down stair case to the attic, you could hide up there and peek at us. I’ll check it out first and let you know.’ Lisa hugged Brad and said thank you, I get off with real good orgasms watching you and mom moaning and fucking so hot.
Mom and I are going in the garage later today, but tonight I want to come in here so we can fuck us a good one…
You got a deal, big brother! They felt each other up and kissed intense before he left.

Lisa day dreamed at her window. She wanted to have sex with Crystal and it excited her just to think about it. Ahh, but tonight she was going to fuck Brad and teach him some things about how to get her hotter than ever.
Lisa notice something going on in Jen’s back yard. She stepped back, and closed the blinds down to just slits. It was their dad, messing with something. Here comes Jen. Just watching him. She puts her arms around him from behind , and humps him a little. He turns around and is shaking his finger at her. She takes his finger and sucks on it. His face turn from anger to a smile. She pulls him behind that lawn shed. Wow, he’s really kissing the hell out of her. I wonder what they’re saying. Gee, look at his hands go under her top and feel her tits….wow.

....Where’s Brad, he’s got to see this! She quick ran to Brad’s room and whispered: (..brad!, come quick, jen’s dad is feeling her up the their back yard!..) Brad, like a shot ran to Lisa’s room. They both peaked and watched. Now Jen’s dad had his hands down her shorts, feeling her butt. Brad smiled, and reached and did a quick grab of Lisa’s pussy. She reached and squeezed his dick and whispered: (..later! I want to watch this!) Jen went down on her knees. Her dad, shook his head, and lifted her up, looking all around. He turned her around and felt her tits from behind her. She reached behind and must have been feeling his dick. He swatted her butt and went back to work, as she headed for the house, she stopping to smile at our window, and holding up her arms like ’I tried’.

....Brad said: “ Sooner or later, her dad will fuck her in the back yard I bet, so keep an eye on it.” Lisa whispered: (“I dare you to try and grab my pussy again, lover boy!”)
The chase was on as Lisa took off like a shot. She yelled out…”MOM..Brad’s being mean to me.” …and just smiled at Brad from down the hall. Mom from downstairs said: “Brad, be nice to your sister, don’t tease her.” They both covered their mouths and giggled.
Lisa left to go to Crystals house.
Early that afternoon about 1pm, Brad found his mom, napping in her bed. He snuck up on her and crawled in bed with her. She was naked. He started feeling her up from behind her. She moaned and felt him back. He whispered: (“ Lisa is gone until dinner time, and dad wouldn’t be home until 6pm.”) She whispered back: (“…brad…we can’t have sex in your dads and my bed….do you know how naughty that would be?….in dads own bed!…having sex with his wife!…with his own son!….we couldn’t do that…now could we…now don’t take advantage of mommy

….She turned on her back and smiled…don’t get on top of mommy…don’t feel mommy’s titties…don’t take off your clothes….don’t feel mommy’s vagina…don’t kiss mommy’s titties and make mommy all excited…..oh …oh yes…don’t do that…..mmmm.
She had never had oral sex ever, although she had thought about it for years, and now was her chance. She turned and went 69 with brad, with her on top. She sucked him and jacked him while she licked and kissed his dick. Brad was looking a the most beautiful pussy in the world, all hot and ready to lick. He started in licking her as he felt her beautiful legs, Mom…jumped…with delight as his tongue touched her pussy. This was all new to her. Dad didn’t do oral sex. Her legs started to shake as Brad licked up and down her sweet pussy.

....She held his balls and felt them moving, churning and making cum just for her. She was mega excited. She felt new and exciting feelings in her pussy. She had Brads warm dick to feel in her mouth. She could play and play and never be told…don’t do that, or that’s gross. Her climaxing was just as important to Brad as him cuming in her. She didn’t know her clit could feel so good by Brad licking and sucking on it. Now she wanted him to cum big in her mouth, and feel his hot cum shoot in and fill her mouth. She had seen one porn film when she was a teenager, and the girl did that. She wanted to taste him, and savor his taste. She wanted to give him the best oral cum he had ever had, and she was going to do just that.
....Brad was in heaven, mom was tight, since not having sex for all that time. He love her size as it fit his dick perfect. He took his fingers and pushed in three, and felt for her good spot. She moaned real loud, and shook when he massaged it. She whispered back to him….(oh brad…I can’t help it…you hit my spot and I had to yell…I’ll try to be quiet..but I really can’t…let me put my face in this pillow and you just do that again for mommy….
.....Brad took his fingers and massaged and did it again. Mom yelled in her pillow as she bucked and had a little squirt come out her pussy. Brad smiled as he knew it had to be her first ever. Mom went a little crazy, and left the pillow to suck on his dick. She used both hands and jacked him as fast as she could. She was not going to stop until she felt his cum shoot in her mouth. Brad was helpless and his balls were clamping up to cum fast, he twisted his body….Ohhhhhhhhh god mom….oh hell yes….oh mom, take it take it…take….it!…. oh my god mom…..oh yes…I‘m gonna cum!!!!. She jacked him fast with both hands before he moaned loud and shot hot cum all the way to the back of her throat. She yelled again with his dick in her mouth as the warm cum just kept cuming and cuming and cuming flowing out the sides of her mouth. She swallowed her first cum, and tasted it. Now she knew what Brad tasted like, and she liked it’s tart taste. Brad was out of it, panting. Mom just kept tasting and licking him over and over.

Mom walked Brad to his room and put him down for a nap. She just had to feel his legs once more. She noticed something, just the corner of a pair of Lisa panties under his pillow on his bed. She stopped and thought for a while. I wonder, are they……. She smiled and giggled to herself and closed his door.

Mom was the happiest she had ever been her whole life now. Brad had made her climax beyond anything she ever imagined. She didn’t even know she had a good spot in her pussy, and he found it and gave her glorious climax. Brad had made her squirt out her pussy. She had never done that before, and it was indescribable how that felt. That had shook her to the core, it felt so good.
She looked at her and dads bed, and chuckled. Big wet spots on it. She could smell their sex in the room. She ran her fingers over the dampness, to remember this day forever

.....She felt so warm inside knowing that soon her and Brad would be having sex again, but when? Thoughts about the bed in the garage and she would get tingles in her pussy and a hot flash.
Brad woke up, and was in a daze. He had the hots for his mom so bad, it made his dick a little hard all the time now. He had the hots for sister Lisa too, and tonight he would sneak in her room and fuck her little tight pussy so good tonight.

They all waited quietly for night fall.


2011-01-07 20:55:28
jenni768 I'm very impressed, can't wait to hear your story. True stories are the very best. Blueheatt


2011-01-05 12:29:38
Just love these stories, this has got to involve the whole family, use it as a tool to straighten out daddy. By the way I don't just love incest stories, I practice it. Will publish my story soon.

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