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This is part of an occasional series of ‘Scenes’, all of which are a single scene in a particular type of location. They are ‘point of view’ stories, and you can imagine that you are either of the characters. This is happening today, at a holiday resort on the coast.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2011

I will admit, I was annoyed when you came into view. A few days ago, I found this secluded hollow in the sand dunes, about 100 yards back from the beach, and until that moment I had had it entirely to myself. I am on a family holiday here for two weeks and, although the beach is not busy, I was looking for somewhere quiet, away from the boisterous play of my two younger brothers, aged eleven and nine. After all, I’m quite grown up, my sixteenth birthday was a month ago, and I want a peaceful spot to lie in the sunshine and read my book, without shrieking siblings splashing sand all over me.

So there I was, in my special place, lying on my front and stretched out on my beach towel, when I heard a soft sound. I glanced over my shoulder and saw you there, standing on the lip of the cosy hollow and looking down into it. After a moment’s pause, you started carefully down the soft sand of the slope, and I could see that you were on your own. I guess you are about five feet six inches tall, a brunette with hair that is dark but not quite black, falling straight from a left-of-centre parting and trimmed neatly to collar level. You were wearing denim shorts and a scoop-neck short-sleeve top in black, with a white band under what I could see was a full bust; this smart outfit was complemented by a black leather shoulder bag and black canvas beach shoes. With your large stylish sunglasses, it was hard to see your face, especially as the sun was behind you, but my first impression that you were in your mid-20s was later proved to be correct. You halted a few steps away, gave me a friendly smile, and said:

‘I hope you don’t mind ... it’s so quiet and sheltered here.’

Well, of course I minded – I wanted the place to myself! However, it was a public beach and it is a free country, so I managed to choke back my real feeling (‘fuck off, find somewhere else!’) and – really quite graciously – smiled up at you, gestured at the sandy floor, and replied:

‘No, of course ... be my guest.’

You smiled again, and I did think you had a pleasant smile. You turned aside, took a light towel out of your bag, and laid it out parallel to mine but about six feet away. Then you pulled your top over your head, making your full breasts noticeably jiggle, and swiftly unbuttoned the denim shorts and shrugged them over your hips and down to your ankles. You were revealed in an elegant bikini in plain black with contrasting aquamarine trim and ties. It left little to the imagination, either of the smooth curve of your hips or of the full swell of your breasts, which seemed to be barely contained by the small triangles of the bikini bra. As you stood for a moment silhouetted against the sun, I could not help but admire and envy your figure.

Then you lay down on your front, and began to leaf through a magazine. Although I returned my attention to my book, your presence was a constant distraction. I found myself sneaking little sideways peeks at your shapely adult profile, and especially your almost-exposed breasts – but from behind my sunshades, so I felt sure that you would not notice. But, of course, you did, because it was what just you were looking and hoping for. Without letting on that you had registered my girlish interest, you smiled inwardly with satisfaction, and a warm wetness made a small damp patch on the crotch of your bikini.

After a while, you reached behind your back and untied the two strings of your bikini top – one of them across your back and the other a halterneck. When they both parted, the sketchy garment flopped onto the towel underneath you. You were not exactly topless as a result, because your nipples were still resting on the undone bikini top and were not visible, although your back was completely bare and the sides of your breasts were now completely exposed. I must have given a slight gasp, because you looked across at me and asked, with another of your warm smiles:

‘You don’t mind, do you? It’s just us women here.’

I was flattered that you spoke to me as if I were an adult and your equal, not a pubescent girl a decade younger, and I airily assured you that it was fine. That started a conversation, which seemed to flow naturally. You learnt my name and about my holiday and my family, and I discovered that you are single, aged 26, recently qualified as an accountant, and staying at the same large hotel that we are. We chatted about other things – I recall you asking if I had a boyfriend, and my reply that it wasn’t something that interested me very much, and then, after just a slight pause, you gave a warm laugh and said: ‘I know just what you mean!’ I think it was after this that you said something about how pretty I looked in my bikini, and I remember my flush of pride at your compliment, and the tingle of pleasure deep down that it left in its wake.

I know that I am attractive, for people compliment my looks too frequently and definitely for it to be just politeness. I am slender and tall (five feet ten inches already!), a natural blonde with a mane of pale straw hair that falls from a centre-parting to the level of my nipples. My blue-grey eyes, pale smooth skin, jawline and cheekbones all point to my Nordic ancestors. Whilst my hips and ass are boyishly slim, my breasts have grown over the last year and I now take a C-cup bra in most of the teen lingerie ranges. Although I have only just turned sixteen, due to my height and my developing figure I am regularly taken to be a couple of years older than this – and perhaps because of that, I always try to carry and conduct myself like a young woman and not a giggly girl.

So the ice had been broken, and I decided that you were really charming (my initial vexation at your intrusion having quite evaporated), and very pretty too. It seemed the most natural thing in the world when you held out your bottle of suntan lotion, and asked if I would be kind enough to put some on your back for you. I was happy to oblige, and I knelt in the sand beside you and poured a trickle of the oil down your spine. When the cool liquid touched your back, you gave a delicious shiver which I couldn’t help noticing made your full breasts sway and gave a brief glimpse of your nipples.

At first, I massaged the lotion over your shoulders and upper back, and then I worked my way down to the waistband of your bikini panty. I skipped over this, and applied some more of the oil to the backs of your firm, muscular legs – you clearly go jogging, or do some other physical exercise, on a regular basis. You sighed and murmured that this was lovely and so relaxing, and said: ‘mmm, please don’t stop ... it feels so nice, do carry on ...’

By this time, I had shifted my position from being at your side to straddling across your upper legs, as I reapplied some of the lotion and rubbed it into the small of your back. I really didn’t want to stop, I was so much enjoying touching your warm feminine skin and the feel of your firm adult body. In truth, I continued rubbing in the sun oil for longer than was really needed. I was suffused with a warm tingling feeling from the contact and proximity, although at the time I ascribed it to the heat of the sun on my back as I leaned forwards over your prone form.

However, I was unprepared for what you did next. Quite suddenly, without any warning, you rolled over beneath me, turning to lie flat on your back and gazing up at me from below. Of course, in the process of this manoeuvre, your bikini top remained on the towel: it was now underneath you, and your bare chest and the full swelling mounds of your breasts were completely revealed. You placed your hands quite gently on my hips, as if to steady me, and said with quiet and calm assurance: ‘Do my front as well, won’t you?’

My mouth went dry and I swallowed nervously, but somehow I never thought of refusing or of rising and stepping away from you. Instead, almost as if I was hypnotised, I reached for the bottle and pooled some lotion on your smooth flat stomach, rubbing it in with soft circular motions of my hands. You squirmed slightly with pleasure, and this made your hips rub against my inner thighs, as I was still straddling you. That friction, so close to my most private place, sent another tingling wave of sensation through me.

‘Mmm, that’s lovely’, you sighed, and then you added, with a mischievous smile playing around your lips and eyes: ‘and further up, please!’

For me, the whole world suddenly shrank to that one tiny place and time, as if we were two castaways alone on a desert island. Despite the hot sun, I was almost shivering as my fingers dripped some lotion into the deep valley of your cleavage, and then I touched your breasts for the very first time. At the outset, consumed by nervous uncertainty, I smoothed the lotion around the sides and base of your breasts, cupping them from underneath, and you gave a little gasp and stirred again in pleasure.

This made me bolder, and I circled around your mounds fully, and then began working my way inwards. Your nipples were now very visibly erect, a sight which fascinated me, but still I hesitated actually to touch them. Then you gave a soft moan with your mouth partly open, and I saw the tip of your tongue flick along your lips to moisten them. There was an enticing note of pleading in your voice as you whispered: ‘Please ... all over, do all over – don’t leave them out!’

Again, I did not think to decline. I rubbed the palms of my hands across your tits, wondering at their rough hardness, and you took a sharp intake of breath and arched your back. For an instant, the crotch of your bikini rubbed against mine, and I felt the warm hard prominence of your womanly Venus mound.

In that electric moment, suspended in time, you said softly that I was beautiful and that you wanted to see me too. I froze in place, shocked and yet somehow I knew I was nothing like as shocked as I should be. Apart from a faint gasp, I made no protest as you reached up and tugged open the tiestrings of my orange and brown chequer-patterned bikini top, and it fell from your fingers to lie in the sand beside us. Your firm hands cupped my young breasts, and you stroked them with your fingertips. I was swept away by the amazing and arousing sensations that were washing through my body, and I gave a kind of whimper and closed my eyes.

That was the reason why I did not see the next move in your game of seduction, and I was taken by surprise. One of your hands left the breast which it had been fondling and slipped deftly into the space between your pelvis and where my legs were straddling across you in an upturned V. The first I knew of it was the firm pressure of your fingers stroking down the crotch of my bikini panty, your knuckle pressing through its thin fabric and sliding electrifyingly along my groove. You cupped my mound in the palm of your hand and then slowly rubbed backwards and forwards, as my pussy pulsated with mysterious new sensations of excitement and delight.

I know that I gave some little cries and moans, for I heard them as if they came from someone else far away – but they were not the sounds of protest or disgust, and never once did the words ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ leave my lips, or indeed even cross my mind. I knew perfectly well that a line had been crossed, that this was no longer casual acquaintance but carnal desire, and somewhere in my conscious mind I was fully aware that an adult lesbian was seducing me. I just didn’t care – no, it was more than that: I was filled with excitement and the joy of discovery, and felt that doors hitherto hidden or closed were suddenly opening up for me. I was quite certain that I didn’t want this to end – yes, I was also a bit scared, that’s quite true, but still I was fascinated and eager for more, much much more.

The shock of your bold sexual advance made me nearly lose my balance, and I slumped partly forwards. I supported myself upon outstretched arms with the palms of my hands flat on the sand on either side of your shoulders, a position which dangled my breasts above you. For a moment longer you caressed my cunt through my bikini, and then, with a lazy and contented smile, you drew my face down to yours, opened your mouth, and kissed me. The touch of your tongue woke me from my euphoric haze, and I responded passionately. With our mouths locked together, tongues entwining, I lay on top of you with my budding breasts pressing down upon your soft pillowing ones.

During this, your hands caressed my shoulders for a moment, and then they slid smoothly down my back and came to rest at my hips. Your fingers hooked into the tiestrings on both sides of my bikini bottom, and then – after the shortest of pauses, during which I made no protest – with a brisk pull you undid them. Indeed, I actually abetted you, by easing my pelvis up a few centimetres, and at once you took the opportunity which this presented to whisk the skimpy piece of orange-and-brown fabric out from between us, casting it unheeded to the side.

Your hand slipped between my legs again, and for the very first time another female probed my private places for sexual pleasure. It was mutual, and I moaned in arousal as your fingers rubbed the edges of my slit and your thumb quested for my clitoris. I felt both swollen and open down there at the very same time, with my labia puffing up and pushing outwards, and I was wet in a way that I had never experienced before.

I bit my lip, as your caressing of my pussy increased in pace and pressure. Once again you rubbed your knuckle along my slippery widening gash, and my breaths started breaking down into short staccato pants. I didn’t really know what was happening to me, as my thighs clenched and trembled, and hot flushes washed through my stomach and tingles ran up and down my back. I began to grind down against your finger with urgent need, blind instinct having taken over.

‘Oooh! Aah, oh-my-God! Oh fuck! Please, please, yes – YES!’ I cried, pushing against you with frantic thrusts of my hips.

‘Hey, babe’, you murmured with a sultry smile, ‘not so loud!’ Then you made sure of silence by French kissing me again – long, slow and deep. In the midst of this, my body shuddered and I gave a muffled cry, as I crested the hill and came in my first real orgasm; my tentative self-explorations had never triggered anything remotely as explosive as this!

Then your hand left my cunt, and I had a momentary pang of regret before I realised your intention. You reached for your own hips and tugged apart the tie knots – quite large ones in thick blue cord – of your bikini, and for a second time, and with equal lack of hesitation, I lifted myself slightly upwards to facilitate your removal of the last remaining scrap of cloth between our bodies – and now both of us were completely naked!

With your bikini gone, you arched your hips wide apart and then placed your hands on my ass, pulling my pelvis into the love-hollow that this made. I lay between your legs, wide-eyed and breathless, as you slowly rubbed your pubic mound against mine, labia pressing along labia, pussy abrading soft pussy. I felt as if a fire had been ignited between my legs, and my whole body began to quiver as an intense feeling of sexual lust swiftly mounted. Sensing this, you took a firmer, more assertive grip on my buttocks and held me even more tightly close, as our slippery cunts pressed against each other. I became lost in the moment, enclosed in a little bubble universe of Sapphic sensations. With my eyes tightly shut and breathing in rasping gasps through my nostrils, I gave an escalating burst of sharp squeals as the lower half of me juddered in a second – and even – bigger orgasm.

This time, you didn’t stop – and at once I realised why, for your eyes were glazed and your mouth was half-open as you surged towards your own climax. You grip on my ass was like steel, as you clenched one of my buttocks in each hand and then drove my cunt up and down against your own. I was fascinated and thrilled, for I had never before been an object of carnal desire in such a way. You began to moan, and then suddenly your hips were bucking under me and your head went back, pushing your hair into the soft sand. By some divine inspiration, I did the perfect thing – I swooped on your exposed neck and gave you a fierce kiss that was almost a bite. You did not expect such a move, and it took you over the threshold – you gave a broken cry, and suddenly there were extra juices spurting against my cunt in sweet sticky slickness.

We were both out of breath and feeling satiated, and for a few moments I lay slumped across your body, so warm and soft and womanly and capable. I revelled in the physical sensations of my pussy mound lying on top of yours and my nipples pressing into your soft chest, and still more in the amazing facts that not only had I been made to come (twice!) but also that I had been responsible – at least indirectly – for an adult woman reaching an orgasm.

Quite suddenly, and I think rightly, I felt very grown-up. I knew that I had crossed a frontier and was in new and unknown territory, not just of sexual activity (which would have been remarkable enough) but also of ... lesbianism. I rolled that forbidden term around in my mouth, getting used to it – and I realised that it hardly bothered me at all, in fact it felt wondrously enticing and liberating.

I was enraptured by your evident desire for me, and it made me feel so special, so adult and mature. I realised that you probably think I am eighteen or nineteen, as so many people do, and I was certainly not going to tell you that you had seduced a girl who is only just sixteen – you might have got worried and stopped, which was the last thing on earth that I wanted! I was dizzy with excitement and floating with my head in the clouds – and yet, at the same moment, nothing had ever felt so real and true and solid as this.

After a moment, you shifted position slightly so that we were both lying on our sides, facing each other and with our arms and legs entwined. Your breasts were now more resting upon mine, and their soft weight was turning me on and setting a hot itch in my vagina. In almost animal response, I tried to ease this by rubbing my pussy against your firm tanned thigh. You chuckled, and said:

‘I remember what it’s like to be a teenager – always horny, and never ever getting enough satisfaction! Well, we’d better do something about that!’

You eased me over, to lie on my back beneath you. I was filled with quivering expectancy as you kissed around the base of my neck, and then lowered your head to nibble on my nipples – aaaahhh! I felt your teeth nipping at my swollen titties, ohh, Christ alive! – I arched my back and spread my hips, feeling so wet down below. I saw your bobbing head of dark hair move further down, and gave a little squeal as your tongue scooped around my belly-button. And then!! Your face reached my pussy, you took my thighs in each hand and spread me even wider apart, and I felt your amazingly flexible tongue thrust into the opening of my vagina. I can recall my thoughts with crystal clarity:

‘Oh! Do people really do that? – mmmm, yes, aahhh! – now I can see why they do! Oooohh, don’t stop, please, mmm, oh yes, please don’t stop – aaaggh ... OOOHH!!

I surged to a third climax, sobbing with ecstasy as my buttocks squirmed in the soft fine sand. You held my legs in a firm grip, and your tongue drove into my pussy like a spearpoint. I remember that I closed my eyes as I climaxed, gasping ‘please, oh please, yes, oh, please yes!’

You had a wide grin on your face as your head lifted from between my legs, and I could see the sticky trails of my cunt-juice across your cheeks and chin. You moved back up to lie parallel against me, and idly started to rub my nearest nipple between your thumb and forefinger. My curiosity was now really aroused, and I reached down and gently touched you there. You opened your legs obligingly, and my wondering wandering fingertips traced the lips of your hole, sensed the rubbery soft flesh around your vagina, and felt the sticky slipperiness of your juices. I realised that this was the first time that I had ever touched another person in an intimately sexual way, and shook my head slightly in amazement that another female should be the object of my lust – but I knew, in one of those moments of blinding clarity, those glimpses of one’s future that are a kind of reverse deja-vu, that this was just the first of many, of very many, and that this is now my true road.

The insight emboldened me, and I asked – still rather shyly – if I could taste you too, and you gave me a delighted smile and said: ‘sure thing, babe – go for the honeypot!’ Then you added that you would show me how to ‘sixty-nine’, which was much more fun for everyone. So you rolled onto your back and positioned me on top of you, with my pelvis resting on your breasts – your rock-hard tits nestled into the top of my thighs, poking into me, and like a pair of spark-plugs they set my engine racing.

My chin was almost resting on your pussy, and you spread your legs invitingly apart. Now I saw your private parts up close like I had never seen any woman’s before – not my own, and certainly not anyone else’s. As I used my fingers to tease your outer and inner labia open, and gazed at the livid flesh of the valley in between, partly a shocking pink and partly a darker purplish colour, I feel that I had been transported to wonderland. Your pussy was so amazing, so fascinating, so endlessly intriguing. You have a sweet musky smell – and, mmm, yes, a lovely sticky salty taste. I was tentative at first, just teasing the tip of my tongue into your slit, and my light feathery touch was ticklish for you, making you give a delightful tremble and a shaky giggle.

My legs were spread on either side of your head, and with practiced ease you had placed my cunt just an inch or so above your face. It was my turn to emit a squeak of pleasure, as your tongue quested for my hole once again, and I felt it enter my openness. It was almost as if my lick of your pussy had given you permission, as if you were a well-mannered hostess who waited for the guest to take the first mouthful before eating yourself. Now you made a feast of it, sucking hard on my labia, pulling them into your mouth, and then corkscrewing your tongue into my vaginal opening, diving deep until you came up for a gasp of air.

Encouraged by the wild sexual sensations that radiated out from my cunt, I lost my inhibitions and began to lap eagerly along your pussy and to probe it with my fingers. My long blonde hair swept across your open thighs, caressing you as my mouth surged up and down your slit. Your own eyes were riveted on my slim boyish butt – it was the part of me that had attracted you most when you first saw me, and my naked slender frame turned you on like a gushing geyser. You began to groan and shake, and then to beg me stick my tongue in harder and deeper.

I did my best – it was hard to concentrate completely on satisfying your needs, because my own body was shaking like a boiler ready to burst from the sexual tension building up inside me. However, I’m not completely ignorant, and I know what a clitoris is and (more or less) where to find it. I knew I had only seconds before I would climax again, and so I went for it with both my mouth and my fingers, squeezing your nub whilst rasping my tongue rapidly across it.

You gave a harsh cry, your body bucked violently under me, and your legs arced open as far as they could go. I must be a natural lesbian (a compliment which you sweetly paid me afterwards), for by instinct I sucked your clit between my teeth and simultaneously drove my two longest fingers into your vagina, right up to the knuckles, and then pumped them in and out about half a dozen times, very quickly and very firmly. Your head jerked from side to side, your body lurched upwards – your ass rose several inches clear of the sand, and with my whole weight still laying on top of you! – and you gave a short sequence of barking shrieks, and then a long drawn out shuddering moan as you collapsed back downwards.

I was amazed at the results of my novice effort, and felt so proud and adult – and incredibly sexually charged. It only took the insertion of your finger – oh! and then another with it! – into my pussy, and I was moaning towards my own climax. You pushed into me, and my orgasmic cries were mixed with one of surprise from you, as your fingertips encountered the barrier of my hymen. You had not expected that I might still be a virgin (of course, you don’t realise I am only just sixteen), and at once you pulled your fingers out, not wanting to risk rupturing it by mistake – but your fingers rubbing along my vaginal walls on their way out provided the final stimulus, and I came with a flash of blinding, dizzying intensity.

We were both out of breath, sweat-soaked, and feeling amazingly satisfied and relaxed. We flopped onto our backs, and I cuddled up against you, my head resting upon your shoulder – which gave me a wonderful close-up view of your nearest breast. You twined my fingers in yours, and then raised my hand to your lips, and thrilled me again by softly kissing along my knuckles and telling me that I was wonderful – you said that I am as good as I look, and that’s the very best.

After about an hour of this quiet contentment, I tied my bikini back on and walked around the dunes to where the rest of my family had established themselves for the day. I reassured them that all was well, and told them that I was going for a swim and then back to my ‘special quiet place’ until our agreed rendezvous time for returning to the hotel for dinner. Then, with a wild peal of laughter, I set off sprinting across the wide flat firm sand of the tidal beach – I felt so full of life and energy. The tide was nearly out and there was some distance to go, and my long legs flashed and my blonde mane streamed behind me as I ran diagonally towards where you had plunged in, and were now floating lazily on your back, waiting for me to join you. You stood up as I approached, the sea level with your hips and the water streaming from your shoulders and breasts, and with a happy laugh you applauded as I ran splashing through the waves and took a running dive.

We were at least two hundred yards from where my parents were sitting; they would be able to tell that you were female, and so would not worry about what I was up to (oh, how naive – but then, it would not have crossed my mind yesterday either!), but they could not see exactly who you were or what we were doing – I was sure they would assume that I had made friend of around my own age. We swam and splashed each other and laughed, and I tried to take you by surprise by swimming between your legs and pulling your bikini panty off. So, the second time I did this you deliberately let me – catching it with one hand so that it did not float away, and of course you had to do the same for me. No one was anywhere near us, in the sea or on the beach, and for a while we floated on our backs, my head next to your feet, and each of us with a hand slipped between the other’s legs, stroking their pussy until they came.

After more childish fun, we slipped the bikini panties back on, and returned to dry land – shaking out our towels and drying our hair as we strolled companionably back through the dunes to the hollow – which I had now privately renamed ‘the valley of love’.

Here we spent the remainder of the day – I had some sandwiches and a can of cola in my bag, and you produced some rolls filled with ham and cheese, a couple of apples (almost at the same instant, we both said that maybe bananas would be more useful!), and a bottle of water. We shared all this in an affectionate feast, and afterwards lay down for a lazy siesta in the sun – although you could not resist the temptation to undo the tiestring of my bikini bottom on the side that was nearest to you, slip your hand inside the skimpy triangle of fabric and cup my pussy mound, with your forefinger resting along my damp and sensitive labia and giving me a delightful tingle.

As we talked, you said that you had noticed me at the hotel, almost as soon as you arrived three days ago. You were standing near the reception counter, waiting to check in, and I strode through the lobby – I was wearing only this bikini and a short light beach robe which was unbelted and hanging open, giving a full view of my figure. I caught your eye at once, with my long legs, tight slim ass, slender body and jutting teenage titties – I am just the type that turns you on the most, because like many dark-haired women of medium height, a tall leggy blonde is what really gets your juices spurting. You said that in my orange-and-brown bikini I reminded you of a leopard, lithe and supple, full of coiled energy as I stalked across the tiled floor to the lifts. I was so flattered, and I replied that I would gladly be a cat for you, any time that you fancy a little pussy, and I promised not to scratch – unless you wanted me to, of course! We both laughed, and you kissed me, and then licked my nipples and stroked my gash, teasing your finger in until once again it gently bumped against my hymen.

You continued that you had a confession to make – that this was no chance meeting today. As soon as you saw me that first time, you could not get me out of your mind, and you were consumed by the desire to have me. Somehow, there was something, maybe in my posture or a look in my eye, that made you feel sure that I was – or might become – bisexual or perhaps even wholly lesbian. That first night, you saw me at dinner with my family, and realised that you could not approach me whilst I was with them – you were so frustrated, and went up to your room and fucked yourself with your vibrator whilst picturing my body in your mind. Then, yesterday, from your balcony you saw us heading down to the beach, but by the time you were able to follow I had completely disappeared from view – your frustration was even greater, as you realised I had gone off on my own, and you were missing the chance to accost me. You guessed that I might have gone into the nearby small resort town, and you tramped all of its streets and looked in all the shops (you were buoyed up by fantasising that maybe I was trying on bikinis, and you could do the same, perhaps get the next stall in the changing room, and seduce me there), but to no avail – so it was back for a long swim in the hotel pool to work off your sexual heat, and then so much use of your vibrator that you ran the battery right down!

This morning, you were ready, up early and sitting unobtrusively under the shade of a tree near the hotel’s main entrance. You followed at a cautious distance (I certainly never noticed you), and saw my family walk along the beach for several hundred yards to its quietest end, and set up our things. You settled at the top of a sand dune some distance away, and watched me through your binoculars – you were prepared this time, like the good Girl Scout you used to be (that’s where you became a lesbian and had your first fucks, but you’ll tell me all those stories later). After twenty minutes, you were delighted to see me gather up my beach bag and towel, wave to my folks, and set off even further away from other people and then turn into the dunes. You saw enough to know roughly where I had gone to ground, gave me another thirty minutes to settle in – and then came to me like a honey bee to the freshly-opening flower.

I was thrilled by these admissions – they didn’t (as you had feared) put me off in the slightest, far from it. To be an object of such passion and desire, to be stalked in this way, to be hunted to my lair and taken there – it makes me feel wonderful, that I am a treasure you have found, now that X marks my spot (or rather V, for my vagina is your booty, and my virginity is the pearl beyond price that I am going to present to you).

I was now quite determined upon this, and I rolled you onto your back with sudden glee, straddling you and dropping my cunt onto your laughing face. Then I told you that I wanted you to take me, to be my first, to be my lesbian tutor and mistress, and to teach me how a grown woman gives pleasure to another. You gasped with surprise and joy, for this gave you as big a thrill as those which you had given me on this never-to-be-forgotten day. You said not here and now – it was too public, we had run enough risks already, and taking my virginity was not a thing to be rushed, but to be savoured and every last second of it enjoyed. So we made our plan, and this evening, after my parents have said goodnight to me in my single room (they have a double, and my brothers share a twin, but I’m too old to be in with either and so have my own room – thank the good Lord!), I will pretend to go to sleep – but actually I will take a hot bath with my sweetest-scented bubble-lotion, wash and dry my hair, put on my prettiest pink lace bra and panties, cover over with my dressing robe, and slip along to your room. With admirable forethought, you have a double-bedroom all of your own, and you will be waiting for my soft knock at 11.00 p.m. You whisper to me that you will wear your scarlet basque with lace demi-cups, and its matching stockings and open-crotch satin panties, and I nearly climax again just from picturing you in such attire. You promise that you will have a bottle of the finest champagne chilled in an ice bucket, and we will toast my becoming not just a woman – but a lesbian as well. Oooh, I can’t wait ... so until then, please, eat me out again!!

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2012-02-12 11:25:44
l93MaM Thanks for the news! Just was thinking about it! By the way Happy New Year to all of you:D

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2012-02-02 08:00:09
Why can't I get accosted like that, it's got to be a girl's dream surely? Loved it!

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2011-12-13 20:14:46
so wet love it pussy is dripping

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