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sorry it took so long for this one
Sorry, I know the last one didn’t have any boy/boy in it but this one does. It doesn’t have a lot of sex but it’s great to jack-off to. If you didn’t read the first one, My name is Zeke. My two friends are Jak and Alec. I’m 13 with short blonde hair, pretty tall, and pretty good muscle definition. I have pretty good upper body muscles. Jak is the youngest of us all. He has long blonde hair and great muscle definition. He has the perfect sized pecks to fit his chest. Alec is close to the same age as me, but he didn’t hit puberty as earlier as I did, so his sexual size and maturity is a little younger. He’s tall with long brown hair. You can draw a straight line from the bottom of his neck down to his groin. No pecks, no fat…….
The next day, we spent hanging out and playing around. That evening, we went over to Alec’s house for the night. (His parents weren’t home.) We had some business to take care of. As surfers, we usually shaved our this and stuff so that your leg hairs don’t smell like wet dog when you take off your wet suit. Since it’s kind of hard to shave the back of your legs and your butt without cutting yourself to bits, we did it for each other. Even though we didn’t call ourselves gay, we took it a little far. “God,” I said, “I need a good shaving, my leg feels like it has a million razors on it.” “Mine too”, said Jak. “Well then,” said Alec. “Let’s do it. I’ll go first” Alec ran to his room and got three pairs of his crew (whitty-tity) underwear which he had there for this purpose. He ran back wearing only his underwear which plainly showed the outline of his soft dick. Jak got out the ironing board which we lowered the height on so that we could reach his legs with him laying down. I got the razors and shaving cream and some of my mom’s leg oil which would keep the hair from growing back so fast. Alec laid down on his stomach with his arms hanging down the side. “K, I’ll do the shaving” , I said. You either had one of two jobs, shaving or messaging. “I’ll message him then”, said Jak. I took some water in my hand and rubbed it on the back of Alec’s thighs. Jak put baby powder on his hands and started to message his shoulders and back. “Hhhmmmm…”, moaned Alec. I then took the shaving cream put it on both of his legs I slowly rubbed it around from the bottom of his underwear to the top of his knee. Jak continued to message his back. I then carefully started to shave his thigh. It took me a while, but after I got done with it, they were oh so smooth. Jak then poured some of the oil on his hands and stated to message his smooth, white legs. They were long and muscular, but not fatty. After Jak was finished, I tapped Alec’s shoulder. “ I’m gonna pull them down now.” “O.k.” he said. I put my thumbs into the waist band of his crews. I pulled the back of them down so that you could get to his whole butt. His butt had a little bit of hair on it that had just started to grow. I did the same thing with the water and the cream that I did with his legs. Only this time, when I was rubbing the cream, I snuck my finger to rub his anus a little. I squirted some more cream into his crack and a little on that bone between his anus and scrotum. Jak still messaged his shoulders and back but had started to move too his lower back now. Jak stopped messaging to spread Alec’s butt cheeks apart so that I could shave him. I then shaved the area between his anus and scrotum being ever so carefull not to come in contact with his sack. After that, Jak poured some more oil onto his hands and without hesitation, started to rub down Alec’s butt. Alec moaned as Jak rubbed his strong hands on his cheeks. Then Jak slipped his finger to Alec’s anus and started pokng it in. Alec moaned again. Jak move on to his !!!!!!!! and started rubbing again. You could tell he was trying to make it as pleasurable as he could, without touching Alec’s sack. I pulled up Alec’s crews. “Alright now, you ready to flip over?,” I said. “Yep.” “Wait, tell me you don’t have a boner dude,” said Jak. “Not really, I think I’m fine.” Alec flipped over. He kind of did have a boner, but it was just a soft one that would go down in a couple of seconds. I did the same thing on this side as I did on the other side with his thighs, but Jak had the big role here. After I shaved his arm pits, which didn’t have much hair to start, Jak messaged Alec’s whole upper body. He started by lifting up his arms. He put his thumbs on his nipples and his fingers in his arm pits and started to rub his pecks and under arms. He then moved to Alec’s stomach where he put his whole hand down and just started rubbing. After I had finished shaving, Jak rubbed the oil on Alec’s legs. They stared into each other’s eyes the whole time. “Oh my god guys,” said Alec. “That felt great. I’m gonna go change, this under wear is hurting my dick.” “I’ll go next,” sad Jak. They both left the bathroom to change. Alec came back first, then Jak. Jak didn’t have any pants on, just his t-shirt and the crews. As he came in, he took of his shirt revealing his great abbs. You could tell that he was a little embarrassed to just be wearing his under wear, but we didn’t care. We did the same thing to the back of his thighs with Alec messaging his back and me shaving. After I had finished with his butt cheeks, I squirted some more cream in my hand and started rubbing it in his crack and on his !!!!!!. Alec stopped messaging to spread his cheeks apart. “I can’t,” I said. “I’m afraid that I’ll cut him.” “Let’s just spread his legs then,” said Alec. “Sure, that’s fine with me,” replied Jak. Continuing to lye on his stomach, Jak slowly pulled down his underwear to his knees, then I pulled them off. Jak spread his legs apart so that I had a clear path to his anus and !!!!!. once he spread his legs, you could see the back of his sack. It had a few long pubic hairs on it, but was pretty good size. After I shaved his crack, Alec took the oil and started to rub down Jak’s butt. Alec rubbed the oil all over Jak’s crack and !!!!!!. Then, it seemed like he started to rub his sack. Jak grabbed Alec hand and pushed it away as if to say, I want you to, but not now. “Hey guys, can you turn around so I can put my underwear back on?” said Jak. Alec and I turned around as Jak got up and put his crews back on. I could tell Alec was looking at jak through the reflection from the glass shower, but I would too if I still didn’t have visions of Natalie butt-naked in my head. “O.k.,” said Jak. “I’m good” As I shaved Jak’s thighs, Alec messaged his pecks. Alec started to put his whole hands on his chest and moved them around in circles. He then began to pinch Jak’s nipples, making them smaller and harder. Jak moaned with pleasure. Alec then moved down to his abbs. Jak visibly flex hi muscles to show his six pack. Alec continued to rub his abbs and lower stomach. He moved all the way down to the waistband of Jak’s underwear. Alec started to pull down the front of the waist band to the point where jak’s light blonde pubes started to show. Alec could put all five of his fingers on Jak’s groin before he touched his pubes. Alec rubbed Jak’s groin and softly wiped his fingers across his whole upper body sending goose-bumps all over Jak. Jak fixed the waist band of his crews and got off the ironing-board. “Alright, guess it’s my turn.” I said. Me and Jak left the room to change. Jak turned the other way while I quickly pulled off all my clothes and slipped on the small crews. We re-entered the bathroom and I laid on the board on my back first. Alec wet my thighs and under arms while Jak messaged me. After Alec shaved my armpits, Jak rubbed my pecks and armpits. It felt so good. Every once in a while Jak and I would stare at each other and smile. Jak did the same thing that aLec did to him. He pinched my nipples and my groin really well. I lifted my arms above my head and flexed my abbs and pecks as hard as I could. Jak smoothly rubbed his fingers all over my body. After that I flipped over and moaned at the pleasure of having my back messaged and my legs shaved. After Jak oiled my legs, Alec pulled down my crews. He first shaved my butt cheeks and then squirted a ton of cream into my crack and on my !!!!!!. He rubbed it around and slipped his fingers into my and rubbed anus and rubbed them around. After he finished shaving, jak took the rest of the oil and rubbed my butt cheeks. Alec pulled my cheeks apart as Jak continued to message my crack and !!!!!!. All of a sudden, I felt this pressure on my anus. I felt Jak slip his finger down my anus all the way and he started to move it up and down slowly. I moaned in pleasure. I almost got a boner, but I kept telling myself that I couldn’t. I pulled my crews up and got off the board. “Well, that felt great,” I said looking at Jak. “I don’t know about ya’ll, but I need to take a shower, I smell like shaving cream.” said Alec. “Let’s all just take one at the same time,” said Jak. “We can just have our sand-shorts on in the shower.” Alec and I said that that would be fine so we went to Alec’s room to change onto the sand-shorts. Jak pulled me aside while Alec went into his closet to change. “I have something to tell you Zeke,” he said. “I know I’m really attracted to Paige, I mean, I love her. But I think I’m sort of attracted to Alec too. I know I’m not gay or anything, I just feel attracted to him. And you sometimes.” “I know me too; I think it’s just the stage of puberty we’re in that’s all.” “I hope so.”
After we all got change we went back to the bathroom. Alec turned on the shower. Once the water was warm we all hopped in. The water was hot and steamy filling the whole room with steam. We sat on the seats and talked for a couple minutes. It was more of a steam bath than anything because none of us had gotten under the water yet. “I gotta wash my hair now,” said Jak. Alec and I started to wash our legs with the body-wash while Jak scrubbed his hair. As he went to wash the shampoo out, he moved a little closer to Alec. He bent back to wash out the shampoo, thrusting his waist forward and his head back. Our eyes got huge when we saw the bulge of Jak’s dick. Jak started to flex his body muscles giving him an extremely sexy look.


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The word is "massage", not message.

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