When we arrived back home I get straight on to the local paper. Before Carol could change her mind.
She went to have a bath and I went looking for the kids. I found them in Danny’s room. Danny was on top of his sister screwing her ten-to-the-dozen. I left them to it and went downstairs to phone Ted.
I asked him if I could use the dogs and his place later that night.
He said he would leave the key under the front mat. He didn’t know if the dogs would co-operate but he wished me the best of luck.
Sitting round the table I told the kids about the ad I’d placed in the paper. Both were very keen on the idea, especially Izzy.
“You mean; you’re going to let other men fuck me and mum”.
“Yes darling and not only men. There are women that would love to suck you off or maybe stuff a dildo up your cunt. I plan to let the customer do exactly what they like with you. So I want you two to stop fucking each other. People expect a sixteen-year-old girl to have a tight cunt and a fifteen-year-old boy to have lots of spunk. So no more fucking each other unless I say so”.
“Dad” said Danny. “If you are going to let woman go with Izzy are you going to let men go with me”?
“Yes son. That’s why we’re going out later”.
Turning to my wife and daughter. I said.
“While we’re out I want you two to go upstairs and practice sucking each other off”.
We finished eating and what to get changed.
Hour’s later Danny and I were outside Ted’s house. We found the key where Ted had left it and let ourselves in. Replacing the key under the mat. Both Bruno and Rover were there to meet us but we left them downstairs while we went up to Ted’s bedroom.
“Right son strip off. I’m going to suck that beautiful cock of yours”.
Danny undressed and I got down on my knees before him. I was eager to taste him, to suck his cock and make it hard. At last he stood before me naked his cock rights in front of my face. Lifting his penis up I licked his balls watching him get stiffer and stiffer. When at last his penis was at fully erect I pulled the foreskin right back and took his nob into my mouth. I sucked my son’s cock long and slow, licking around the crown and tasting him. I felt his hands on the back of my head and he pushed himself deeper into my mouth.
“Suck it dad. Suck it for me”.
Taking his prick out of my mouth I looked up as him.
“Do you want me to suck it off”?
“Yes please dad”.
“Good because I’m I was going to do it anyway. Then I mean to fuck you up the arse and take your virginity. So stick your prick back in my mouth and give me all you’ve got”.
Taking a firm hold of my head he pushed his penis back into my mouth. Fucking it with long deep thrusts. This left my hands free which I put round his thighs were I took hold of his arse cheeks and pulled him forward forcing his cock to the back of my mouth and into my throat. I kept on pulling him forward until his cock entered my throat and I swallowed it. With his cock were I wanted it, I began work on his arsehole. Placing my left hand between his legs I used my thumb and forefinger to open the cheeks by his anus. With my right hand I played with it. Slowly loosening it before gently inserting my little finger and twisting it around.
“That feels fantastic dad. I’m going to cum soon”.
I wanted to taste his spunk in my mouth so I pull away from him.
“Bend your knees Danny. It will open your arsehole a bit more so I can get a bigger finger in it”.
Placing he’s feet about two feet-apart, Danny semi-squatted. Making it easier for me to get at his anus.
“While I’m stretching your arsehole toss yourself off into my mouth. So I can drink your spunk”.
Sliding between his legs I looked up as his arse. It was a tight little ring it was going to be a job getting my cock up it. I pushed my face between his cheeks and get my mouth round his arse, I began to suck it and lick it. When it was wet enough I pushed my tongue into it. Danny was wanking all the time I was licking his arsehole. Then he called out.
“Bring your mouth here Dad. I’m almost ready to cum”.
Leaving his anus I slid forward and opened my mouth.
“Can on son, give me that spunk. Let me taste it. Let me drink it”.
He began to cum shooting it to the back of my throat and it was the best tasting spunk I’d ever had. There was also a lot of it. He’d shot four lots into my mouth as I stuck two fingers up his arse. I pumped my fingers in and out of his back passage making more and more spunk shot into my mouth. With his cock still in my mouth I swallowed his cum at the same time pushing my fingers even farther up his arse. Suddenly my mouth was filling up, but this time with piss. I went on drinking letting my son empty his bladder down my throat.
Having taken his cum and drinking his urine, it was now time for me to get my rocks off.
I got him to knell on the bed with his knees apart and bum facing me.
“Pull your bum apart. Spread it open for me, Danny”. I said.
Reaching back with both hands Danny pulled his cheeks apart. For a few moments I admired the little hole with his semi-hard cock dangling beneath it.
“Go on dad. Stick your cock up my arse”.
Placing my nob against his brown hole I slowing started to push it in. My fingering had loosed it up a bit so entry was pretty easy and slowly but surely my entire prick disappeared inside him. Having opened his back passage; I got on with fucking it. Slowly withdrawing my cock and then shoving it back in as deep as I could.
“Fucking hell”. Exclaimed Danny.
“Now you know what it feels like when you do your mother or sister up the arse”. I said as I rammed it up his.
Reaching round him I grabbed his dick and pulled on it. Wanking him off as I buggerd him.
“How does it feel now”?
“It’s not so bad, now I’ve got used to it”.
“Good. Because if my ad pays off there is bound to be lots of men that’ll want to use it. Now I’m going to fuck it hard and give your arsehole a really good work-out”.
I looked down to watching my cock piercing his bottom. I fucked his arsehole and wanked his cock at the same time. He’s hole was tight and before long I was cumming. Filling his bum-hole with cream.
“That was good dad. Can I have a go at your arse”?
“No now Danny we’re going down to see the dogs”.
We striped off and what down-stares into the sitting room were both the dogs were lying down. I went over to the Great Dane and rubbed its stomach. Then moving my hand down towards its testicles I took then in my hand and started rolling then. This had the desired effect and its penis began to unsheathe. Growing longer and longer until it was fully out. Showing six inches of red-hot pointed cock. I looked at Danny then turning back take the dog’s cock in my mouth and sucked on it. It tasted very nice but before I know it the dog started to cum. The sperm seemed too well out of the end of his penis. I went on sucking it getting more of its spunk into my mouth. Getting a good mouth full I swallowed it; and then turned to Danny.
“Came and have a suck. It tastes real good”.
“I don’t know if I can”.
“Come on son, do it just like you sucked on my cock”.
“I still don’t think I can”.
“If you don’t I’ll never let you fuck your mother or sister again”.
He knelt beside Bruno while I held up the dog’s cock for him. Slowly but surely he took it in his mouth and he must have enjoyed the flavour because suddenly he was taking the whole lot in his mouth and sucking it in earnest.
“Well done Danny. Suck it all out”.
Danny looked up at me and with his mouth full of dog’s cock he grind. Moving behind him I got him to knell up and I started to fuck him in the arse.
What with a cock up his arse and another in his mouth his own cock was fully erect. Rover the Wolfhound can over and started licking his prick.
“Shag me harder Dad. Get that prick all the way up me I’m going to cum soon”. Called Danny.
Then he what back to sucking the dog's cock. Grabbing hold of his hips I pulled him back onto my cock and fucked his arsehole for all I was worth.
Suddenly he erupted, spraying spunk into Rover’s face. The dog just went on licking his cock and lapping up all the white liquid while I carried on fucking his arsehole.
When Danny had finished cumming I took my cock out of his arse and waited until he had finished drinking Bruno’s cum. I didn’t what to cum until I was being fucked.
“Now son. I went to be fucked by one of the dogs
“You went one of them up your arse”.
“I’d like to try. Wouldn’t you like to see your Dad getting fucked by a dog”?
“Yes I would! Let’s go for it”.
I knelt down and raised my bum in the air.
“Right Danny get Rover over here let’s see if he fucks arse as well as he fucks cunt”.
Danny brought Rover and I pulled my buttocks apart offering up my anal opening. The dog was soon sniffing at my bum crack and he must have liked the smell because he jumped up on my back. He was so heavy I had to put my hands out to support his weight. Then I could feel his nob jabbing at my bottom and I was even keener to have its cock up my arse.
“Help it son. Spread my cheeks, give him something to aim at”.
Danny pulled my bum cheeks open and I felt the dog’s cock hitting my anus then joy of joys the tip of his penis found my hole and started to go in. Gradually more and more was pushed up my bum until I was taking the full length now I’d been arse fucked before but this was so different. A dog was shagging me and I couldn’t wait for the spunk to start shooting up me.
“Faster Rover faster fuck my arsehole harder it feels so good. Came here son and I’ll suck you off at the same time”.
I was on Cloud Nine. I had a cock in my mouth and another up my arse.
When suddenly the door opened and there stood Wendy.


“Quick son grab her! Don’t let her get away” I called.
Danny was up and holding her arms behind her back in nothing flat.
“Bring her over here to watch, Rover is starting to cum”.
I could feel the liquid being squeezed into me, as it slowly filled me up my prick got harder.
“Oh! Dad your cock looks hard is it really that good”.
I could feel the dog’s cock jerking as it pumped more and more spunk into me. I was enjoying the dog emptying its balls up my arsehole and I started thinking about Vicky’s horses. Would it be possible for me to take a horse’s cock up my arse?
Just then Rover finished cunning and pulled his cock from me and I had to think about what to do about Wendy. Although she was shocked at finding us she had stood and watched in silence.
Now she started to talk. “What the hell are you doing in my granddad’s house and how did you get in”.
“Oh it was easy dear. We asked him and he said okay”.
“But what you were doing with his dog. That was decussating. I’m sure he doesn’t know about that”.
“Don’t be silly Wendy; he's the one that trains them”.
“I don’t believe you”. She shouted.
“Well Wendy, if I told you that I’ve seen you being fucked would you believe me then”.
“I’ve know your Grandfather has fuck you I’ve seen it and I think it’s lovely. Would you like my son and I to give you one”?
“We have done no such thing”.
“I have a video entitled Taking on all Cummers. Would you like to see it”?
The poor women know she was lost and started crying. It was only kind for me to help her out.
“Don’t cry Wendy! I understand your husband was a pig to you. I’ve see Bruce at work. I let him fuck my wife’s arsehole only the other day. And if you’re willing I will help you get your own back. But only if you join my happy band”.
Wendy stood up and looked me in the eye. “I haven’t seen the video Ted made yet but if you can help me get my own back at that basted Bruce. I’ll join you”.


After leaving Ted’s with Wendy’s address Danny and I went home for a good nights sleep.
The whole family had a quiet weekend, refraining from all forms of sex. We were waiting to see if there were any replies to our advert. There were two.
One was from a lady. Which said. I am a single woman of forty-four and I’ve never had intercourse. Can you help me? I can’t give you my name or address but if you can help here is my mobil phone number. Call and ask for Sue.
The second letter was from a man called Gary. He asked if I could see him urgently and he gave me the name of a local hotel with tomorrow’s date.
I decided to make him my first call. Sue could wait a while.
Tuesday morning I was at the hotel and asking to see a Mr Gary Jones.
I meet Mr Jones in his room and he was not along. With him was a young woman of about twenty-two. He introduced her as his fianc?Miss Dobs.
Then he got right down to the reason for inviting me. He said.
“In your add you say that you video couples and that implies the sex act. Well I’d like you to film my fianc?being fucked prior to our wedding.
I told him that I would be happy to film them making love.
“That is not what I want!” He said. “I want to see someone else doing it to her”.
“You mean you want another man to make love to her”. I asked.
“No! I want her to be well and truly fucked, you can fuck her if you like but I want it taped”.
I turned to Miss Dods. “Is this what you want, my dear”?
“It’s for Gary so I’ll do it, I’ll do anything for him”. She replied.
“When are you getting married”? I asked him.
Saturday he told me. So I told him my rules.
“Your girlfriend must be willing to take part in any sexual act”.
“Oh she will”. He said.
“She must be willing to do what I say and with however I chose”.
“As long as you film it, I don’t care if a whole football team fucks her on a football field. She’s a virgin, but I’d like someone with a really big cock to open her up for me. I went her to come to our wedding bed well used”.
“Is this all agreeable to you Miss Dods”. I asked.
“I think so”.
“And you will do anything I ask”.
“Yes I will”.
Then turning to Mr Jones, I said.
“I’ll pick your fianc?up tomorrow and you can have her back at 11.55pm Saturday night. I’ll even film the wedding for you. Is that alright”.
“Fine. How much will it cost”.
“Nothing if I can keep a copy of the film for my own use”.
He was agreeable to all this and so was Brenda his fianc?
After leaving Gary and Brenda I made a phone call to Sue.
Sue was very cagey on the phone but agreed to meet me in the local park at 4.30 p m. She would sit on a certain bench and have a rose in her hand.
When I arrived there I was surprised to find Miss Brown, the primary school teacher. She was renowned for being very strict and very dull. A woman of middle age and not too good looking but her body was O K. She was as surprised to see me as I was to see her. But after a while she was happy to talk. Because of her job she had to be careful about men and whom she was see with. She had a none-existent sex life and wanted me to help her but she had to be very discreet. She agreed to come home with me so that we could talk in more depth.
Taking her into my bedroom I asked her what sort of sex she wanted.
“I want to be used, in all the bad way that men use women. Of course I don’t want them to know who I am, but I’d want them to make me do extremely dirty things”.
“So Miss Brown you want to be dominated”.
“Yes I do”. She said.
I stood up and pulled down my flies and pulled out my cock.
“Well suck this”. I said. Pushing my prick in her face.
“I can’t do that Mr Turner”.
“Yes you can Miss Brown and you will do it right now. Do you hear Slave!”
Her mouth opened and I pushed my cock in. “Suck on it, suck on it until I cum”.
She tried but she wasn't very good so I made up my mind to use her.
"That's not very good Miss Brown so I'm going to have too teach the teacher. Just sit there while I push my dick in and out of your mouth. I'm going to fuck your face".
Holding her head still I pumped in and out of her mouth, as I need orgasm I called out.
"Open your mouth as wide as you can you old slag. I'm going to cum in you gob".
Taking my cock out I stood in front of her and masturbated while she sat looking up at me with her mouth wide open, ready.
"Tilt you head back so I can shoot into your mouth. I want you to have every drop".
"I'm coming. My spunks going to go right in you mouth. Keep it open so I can fill it up".
Having not had a fuck all weekend I had a good load for her. I shot four heavy wods into her mouth and looking down at her I smiled.
"O K Miss Brown you can swallow it now".
She looked unsure but she swallows it then having enjoyed the taste she smiled up at me.
"Thank you Mr Turner for making me do that. I always wondered what a man's spunk would taste like. I liked it a lot and I'd like to try some more".
"Well can tomorrow after school and we'll have some more fun with my video".

I what to get Miss Brenda Dods from her fianc? He was waiting for me in the lobby.
"She's all ready for you". He said.
"Are you absolutely sure this is what you want. Mr Jones". I asked.
"Yes, yes of course I am. Tell me where are you taking her".
"Round to my place to start videoing her".
"What are you going to do to her?"
"I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to wait for the video. But I’ll probably fuck her this afternoon I plan to get my cock right up inside your girlfriend’s cunt. You can wank over that thought. Now go and get her for me".
When we were back at my place I set up video in the bedroom. Then I got Brenda to sit on the bed and read a script I had written for her. Then I started filming as she spoke her words.
"Hallo Gary. Hallo everybody. My name is Brenda Dods, soon to be Brenda Jones. This is my wedding present to my husband. I hope you enjoy it Gary".
I then got her to stand in front of the camera and strip down to her bra and panties. Her underwear was all white and clean looking, just like her. But I wanted her naked and ready for cocking.
"Now Brenda we’d like to see you tits so take your bra off and show them to us".
Raising her hands she undone the front hook and opened her bra. Her breasts where a good hand full with bright red nipples.
"There very nice ones Brenda. Play with them for a bit and show Gary how nice and floppy they are".
Placing her hands under her breast she bounced them up and down. Throwing each one up in turn and letting it full back into her hand.
"Lets get those nipples hard. Get hold of them and give them a really good squeeze and pull them out. Lets make those tits nice and hard".
She was a very fast leaner. Getting hold of her nipples she pulled her tits up and down and sideways, squeezing the nipples all the time. I could see she was getting hot and known when the time came I would have no trouble fucking her and taking her cherry.
"Go and lie on the bed and keep playing with your tits". I told her.
Running the camera over her body from head to toe. Filming her I noted a damp patch in the middle of her knickers. She was getting wet.
Placing the camera on a tripod I moved to the side of the bed.
“She’s getting wet Gary. Her little fanny is leaking, would you like a look at it Gary. I know I would. Let’s have a little peck”.
So saying I pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side. Her fanny was lightly covered with blond hair and in the middle was a little slit. It was a truly unused fanny.
“It’s a beauty Gary. Shall we get Brenda to show us a bit more”?
I went back to the camera. “Now Brenda take your panties off and show Gary your cunt”.
Rolling from side to side she pulled her knickers off and throws them away. Then her hands move down and slowly pulled her fanny lips open. I zoomed in for a close-up.
“That is very good; now pull it open even wider let’s see your fuckhole”.
Slowly she started to pull in open even more. Showing the inner lips and clit and at last her hole began to open. Her whole cunt was there before me and it was getting wetter. Shinning with juice.
“Is this what you want Steve”? She asked.
“That’s great Brenda. I’m getting some great close-up shots of your cunt. Are you enjoying yourself”?
“Yes. Showing myself off is making me very randy”.
“Good. Because I’m going to get some shots of your arsehole. Then I’m going to stick my cock up that cherry cunt of yours and make you a true woman. Now Brenda I’d like you to pull your legs right back and open up your bum cheeks”.
She complied willingly. Getting her feet up by her ears and putting her hands down to open the cheeks of her bottom. I zoomed in for some close-ups of her bum before turning off the camera, so I could arrange her for the next shot.
I made her kneel on the edge of the bed with her head down and her bum in the air. The camera was place to one side and focused on her cunt. I stripped and gave my cock a couple of rubs just to make it really hard. I then restarted the film.
“Gary here's your fianc? cunt all ready for its first fuck and just to prove it is her I’ll get her to say something. Brenda”.
“Hi Darling. I hope you liked the first part of the film. Well Steve’s going to fuck me now. I haven’t seen his cock yet but I know I’m going to feel it. Watch closely my love as he sticks his cock in me”.
Placing me cock up against her fanny and rubbed the tip up and down. Coating it with her juices. Luckily she was very wet. With my nod against her hole I tried to push it in but only the tip would enter. Her hymen was still intact. It was going to take some pushing to get inside her so holding her hips I pushed again. Brenda called out in pain but I was determined to get into her. I withdrew and then lining up again I thrust my hip forward. Again I hit her hymen but burst though it. The rest of my cock followed it in until I was ball deep inside her. She had screamed and was now crying. Slowly I move in and out of her. My cock covered in her blood. Gary was sure to see that she had been a true virgin. At last she stopped crying and began to move with me. But the blood was drying making it sticky. So I withdrew my cock.
“Why have you stopped”? She asked.
“Don’t worry Brenda I haven’t finished yet. I’m just going to clear away some of the blood and then I’m going to give you a proper fucking, just like Gary wants me to”.
I turned off the camera and clean up both her fanny and my cock. Then added a little lubricant to her hole before restarting the film.
“Now I’ve opened her up I’m going to give your wife-to-be a good screwing. I’m going to screw her sweet little cunt and fill it with spunk. By the way Gary it's going to get a lot more spunk up before you get your turn to use it”.
Then I shoved my cock back up her and pumped her as deep as I could. I lifted the leg nearest the camera so Gary could see how far up her cunt I was going. As I speeded up so did she. For her first fuck this young woman was really into it. Pushing herself back onto me. She was a true slut and before I'd finished with her she was going to be an experienced one. Her cunt was so tight all I wanted was to spunk into her. Dropping her leg I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. Luckily she started to orgasm.
“Now Steve! Cum inside me, cum for me”.
So I did. Spurting five or six times into her fertile womb.
Pulling my cock out and before she could move, I moved the camera round for a full on shot of her cunt. Which I pulled wide open.
“There it is Gary. Miss Dods cunt filled with my spunk. Good Bye”. I turn off the camera.
After she had dressed we went down to have a bite to eat and wait for Carol and the kids to come home.

When Carol and the kids arrived home I introduced them to Miss Dods. As it was Wednesday night and they had all been good. I decided we were going to play with her later. I told them that her fianc?as our client and that they were going to get married on Saturday. While we were eating our evening meal. Miss Brown phoned and said that she had some marking to do and couldn’t come straight after school but that she'd like to come about eight-thirty. Although she was a bit worried about the filming.
I told her I had a full head mask so no one would know who she was and that I’d call her. 'The Whore'. At seven-o-clock I went upstairs to set up the camera and lights then I called Brenda upstairs. I tied her naked to the bed with her arms and legs spread eagle. After blindfolding her I went to see Carol and the Children. We talked for fifteen minutes before we all went up to play with Miss Dods. With Carol on one side of her and Izzy on the other, I turned the camera on.
“Hallo Gary this is part two I hope you enjoy it. I know my family will” Turning to Carol and Izzy I began filming.
“You two play with her breasts; better still why not suck a tit each. That should get her wet”.
Carol and Izzy set to work with gusto. Leaning over and sucking her tits. Chewing, licking and sucking the nipples and making then stand out on her breasts.
With her legs spread it was easy to see the juice start to leak from her slit.
“See how wet she's getting Gary. She loves it. My son is going to fuck her now. Go on son get your cock up her”.
Danny striped off his clothes and crawled up between her legs. When his head was level with her fanny he turned to me.
“Her cunt smells good can I lick it first?”
“No! That’s for later. Just get on top of her and fuck her”.
He crawled up over her body and jabbed his cock at her slit. Because it was so new and unused he couldn’t find the way in until his mother and sister came to his aid. Using a hand each they held back her cunt lips until he got his cock in and began fucking. Not having had a fuck in days he was going at it like a ram. It was good to see his arse going up and down so fast but I couldn’t see or film his cock going in her cunt. So I got the girls to undo her legs and pull then back towards themselves. Thus lifting her bottom off the bed and giving the camera a superb view of cock and cunt.
“Look at that Gary. A fifteen year-old boy is fucking your twenty-two year-old fianc? He's fucking her very well; see his cock is going all the way inside her. It looks like he's trying to get his balls up her cunt as well. Let’s see if we can tell when he starts shooting up her”.
What with having both tits sucked and her cunt being constantly pummelled. Brenda was going from orgasm to orgasm. Danny didn’t slow up one bit; he defiantly wanted to fill this young beautiful woman up. Then he thrust his cock all the way in and stopped moving. Only the cheeks of his bum were clenching and unclenching.
“Look he’s giving your girl a load, her second load of the day Gary. Have you thought that by the time she walks down the aisle tomorrow she may well already be pregnant”?
After resting on top of her for a few minutes Danny climbed off. This time there was no need to hold open her fanny to see inside. It stayed open by itself.
“It’s getting there. By the time I give it back to you it'll be a well used peace of meat”.
Just then the front doorbell rang it was eight-thirty precisely. Leaving them I went to let Miss Brown in.
Taking her to the spare room. I make her strip off and change into stockings and suspenders. She had a good body for her age. Her breasts drooped a bit and there was spare fat on her thighs and hips. She was a mature looking woman and just right for younger men. I gave her a facemask to put on which covered her face but left her mouth free. Even the children would not recognise their head teacher. Now it was going to be their turn to teach her something. As I lead her into the bedroom she gave a gasp. Carol and Izzy had both stripped off and were up to no good. Carol was pushing one of her tits into Miss Dods mouth while Izzy was sucking Danny’s cock.
"Now you three, get off the bed. This lady is here to be sexually used. We're going to call her 'The Whore'. She is very inexperienced so tonight we are going to show her something’s and Miss Dods is going to help us.
"Is she here to be fucked? Daddy". Asked Izzy
"Of course she's here to be fucked".
"Now Whore go and untie our friend Miss Dods and you take her place but we’re not going to tie you down".
Miss Brown was shacking all over as she slowly unbound Miss Dods. She was in a room with two naked females and two naked teenagers. Both of which attended her school. She’d also seen the girl sucking the boy’s penis. Little did she know what was going to came next!
When Brenda was untied Miss Brown took her place. She covered her breasts with one arm and her other hand was over her fanny.
"O K. let's get filming. I’ll make some introduction and then we'll get started". I said.
"The lady you see before you is a client and although fairly old she’s never had intercourse. We thought it would be nice to film her getting it for the first time. Now here's Brenda to have a word with you".
"Hallo darling, I hope you've enjoyed the film so-far. I have. Steven and his family are treating me very well. I loved it when the young boy was doing me. His only fifteen but his got a lovely big cock. See you at the wedding. Bye".
"Brenda. Go and play with the whore's tits. Just like we did with yours earlier"
Climbing on the bed she began wobbling the teacher breasts. Sue Brown’s breasts were very large with big dark brown nipples. Using both hands Brenda wobbled one tit then the other. Shaking them about like jelly. The two huge tits rolled around on Sue’s chest.
"Pull the nipples, pull her tits right out and get them hard".
Brenda obviously had a vicious streak and grabbing both nipples between thumb and forefinger she stood up, as if trying to pull Sue off the bed by her breasts.
"God Yes! Pull them off". Shouted Sue. "Pull those dirty tits off, rip them off my body".
Brenda tried to do just that by yanking and pulling until the nipples stood out a good inch and a half.
"Brenda sit on her chest". I said
She looked up at me unsure. Then she laughed. Knowing what I wanted she held one of the tits upright and lowered herself onto it. Taking the hard nipple into her hole and by squeezing tried to get more of the tit inside herself. Spunk began to dribble out of her and cover Sue’s breast.
"Now for her cunt". I said. "Carol, Izzy you carry on with her tits. Brenda you can show us the old girls fuck hole".
All three were soon at work. With Brenda peeling back two swollen virginal lips.
"This is too much. I can't take any more". Sue called out.
“Yes you can. We're getting your hole ready for my son".
"Not the boy. Not Danny".
"Yes Danny is going to fuck you when your hole's open enough to take his big cock. Or we can stop right now but you'll never be allowed back".
"No I what you to use me, it's just that Danny is err".
"I know! That’s why Danny's going to be the first. Just think how dirty that is, having Danny’s cock up your cunt. Fucking it, using it and then shooting his spunk up you. Sue I want you and Brenda to kneel on the bed with you bums facing the camera with legs apart. I’ll fuck Brenda and Danny can fuck you".
With both women up on their knees Carol sat astride Brenda’s back facing her arse and Izzy sat astride Sue's back.
"Let’s get those cunts opened up for the camera. Carol, Izzy, if you would be so kind".
Carol and Izzy pulled apart the cheeks of the woman under them. Carol offering me Brenda’s cunt. While Izzy spread Sue's cheeks for her brother. Nether of the kids know she was their headmistress, but I know and so did she.
Carol took my hard cock and placed it just inside the fanny she was holding open.
"Go on Steve let me see your cock disappearing inside her".
I slowly pushed my cock into Brenda then turned to see how Danny was doing. He was already into Sue, with Izzy pulling her apart even more. Making it easier for Danny to fuck her.
"I love screwing older women. That’s why I love doing mum so much but this one is even older. It’s so good I’m going to cum soon. Can I spunk inside her dad".
Before I could reply. The teacher called out.
"Do it Danny, do it. It’s so not right but oh so nice. Please please shoot your Sperm into me Danny. Fill my old Virginia with your lovely Penis and its Sperm".
"Stop talking so posh it's putting me off". Danny said.
“Just get on and fuck her”. I said.
I was now into my rhythm. Pumping my dick in and out of Brenda’s juicy hole.
“Carol, Izzy, get down in front of them so they can lick you out”.
Soon they were in position, pulling the other women’s faces between their legs.
“There you are whore”. I called out to Sue. “Is that shocking enough for you? Lick my daughter’s cunt while my son fucks you. He’s going to spunk up you and you’re going to suck Izzy cunt until she cums. Now get on with it”.
Then I concentrated on my fun. Which was banging Brenda as hard as I could.
She was a really gorgeous fuck. Her hole was always so wet. I had no trouble getting all the way inside her. As I thrust into her I push her face farther into Carol meat. She was pleasing my wife as I was pleasing her. Any minute now I was going to add my cream to the load Danny had already put in her.
“I’m nearly there son. How are you going”?
“I’m there, dad. I’m filling the old Bat's cunt up”.
“So am I”.
“Bloody hell dad. This is great”.
“Is it good for you to Izzy”? I Asked
“She's no licking me at all but I’ve got her nose stuffed up my hole and that’s not bad”.
“She is actually licking. Not very well but she’ll learn”.
“Excellent, we’ll take our cocks out and show Gary our handy work”.
We dismounted and Danny pulled open Miss Brown’s fanny, which I filmed in close-up.
“There’s the old girls fanny filled with Danny’s sperm. If you fancy having a go at the old girls cunt, let us know. Now we’ll open up your fianc? fanny so you can see what my son and I have shot into it”.
As Brenda’s lips were pulled apart our sperm began seeping out and running down her legs.
“Well there she is Gary. Two cocks, three fucks in one day and its only Thursday. Bye”.
After a night-cap Sue went home and the rest of us went to bed. I awoke in the night to find Carol missing but the sound of sucking coming from Izzy’s room told me were she was. I left them to it and went back to bed.

Friday morning Miss Dods and I went out looking for a hotel in which to hold her reception. She was going to stay there tonight and on her wedding night. There was to be a sit down meal and a party afterwards. I was looking for something special. I had a treat in mind for the bride to be. We both found what we were looking for at the fourth hotel. It had a good size dinning room for both the meal and party. Miss Dods also took a room on the sixth floor. It had what I was looking for on the second floor right next to the manager’s office. Leaving Brenda in the bar with a drink I want to see the manager. I asked if I could alter the staff toilets next to his office and told him how I intended to use them. At first he was shocked and not interested. But I offered him and some of his staff the use of a certain part of Miss Dods anatomy. At this suggestion he was more than happy to charge his mind and I left him talking to his under manager.
Then I took Miss Dods to the pub for drinks so she would be well relaxed for the afternoon. We had quit a few drinks and then went for a walk in the park. As we walked we talked. As first she was frightened about having sex with me and of it being recorded. She was even more shocked when I got my son to fuck her. But she had got used to it after last night. Even licking my wife’s cunt had been fun. She had also heard that men like their penises sucked and yet I had not asked her to do it. But she was willing to do it right now if I asked.
I told her. "When you get your first prick in your mouth I'll be filming it for Gary".
"Steve". She said “I can’t see why if Gary loved me so, why wanted me fucked by someone else before he married me".
"I can Brenda. I love seeing my wife fucked. I get hot seeing great big cocks go up her cunt. I think Gary wants to watch you being fucked by other men after your married and this way he knows that you’ll be willing".
"Well I’ll tell you this. Carol mentioned the advertisement you put in the paper, the one Gary saw. I’d be willingly to model for you".
Quickly looking around I saw that the park was empty. "Model for me now. Stand up on the bench and take your knickers off".
Without a single word, she did as I asked.
"Now show me your bum".
Lifting her dress at the back she bent over and offered me her bottom.
"Lovely now sit down. Right Brenda, the next man that cames along I want you to show them your bottom. By accident of course".
We had to wait for some time before an old man with a dog came walking up the path. He past us and I thought Brenda had backed out, but then she called out just loud enough for him to hear.
"I've dropped my bag behind the bench".
I went behind it as Brenda leaned over the back, giving her dress a quick flip as she did so. The old man turned to see what was happening. He saw a young lady with her bum in the air.
"Is he looking" Brenda asked.
"Oh yes! He’s looking".
"Shall I stop now"?
"No. Pretend you've notice something. Lean over farther and open your legs a bit so he can see your cunt. It’ll probable be the last one he’ll ever see".
Brenda went mad. Practically doing the splits as she lay over the back of the bench.
"I'm doing this for you Steve not Gary. I'm letting him see it all. Just for you".
"If you stay there much longer he'll probably want to fuck you".
"I'd let him Steve, if you wanted me to".
"No. Sit down and make it look like an accident".
She sat down and looked so innocent. Even I had to laugh.
Now it was time to go back to the hotel, picking up my camera on the way.
The manager and his assistant were there to greet us. The assistant led Brenda into the Dinning room while the manager and I went to see the alterations in the toilet.
Satisfied all was well, we went back to the dinning room.
It was beautifully laid out with a long table for the bride and groom and their parents. With four round tables in front.
While we were there in walked three middle age men and the manager called me to one side. "These are the man who did the work for you. I had to tell them what it was for. Now they want a share too".
"That's fine. Go and lock the doors". I said.
I set up the camera facing the main table. To the men I said. "This lady is Miss Dods. Tomorrow she will be having her reception here as the new Mrs Jones. So what goes on here today must be between the seven of us. The manager gets first crack at her and then you can have a go".
"Is the camera really necessary"? The assistant manager asked.
"It will stop any one talking. You can leave if you like". He didn’t
"Let’s clear all the tables apart from the cloths. A few stains won’t show".
Soon all the tables were clear. "Now girl get your cloths off. The manager is going to fuck you on the top table".
With a big grin she striped and jumped up on the table with her legs wide open.
"Before we start. She is to be fucked only". I said. "Your pricks go nowhere but up her cunt. Fuck her long or slow. Or give her a bloody good shagging. I don't care which, but you can only to use her cunt. Now sir I think the young lady’s ready for you. I hope you enjoy it, I know she’s going too".
He climbed on top of her with his trousers and pants round his ankles. Brenda grabbed his prick and pulled it towards her fanny until it found the mark and slid slowly into her. Then the manager slowly pulled it all the way out, before slowly inserting it again. He took his prick out each time allowing her hole to close up slightly before going back in again.
In the mean time the assistant manager and two of the workmen had striped off completely. All three were supporting erect cocks.
"Move in closer for a better look gentlemen but don’t get in the way of the camera". I said.
They went to the end of the table so they could see between her legs. The third workman just stood with his back to the wall and watched from there.
I filmed from the side. Miss Dods laying out full length on the dinning room table with the manager half-naked on top of her. Thrusting his hips backwards and forwards. After only a couple of minutes and with his prick fully inserted he lay on top of her. Brenda turned her head to face me and mouthed. "His cumming".
Puffing slightly he climbed off. Leaving her lying on the table unsatisfied.
"Who's going to fuck me now Steve".
"The assistant, Over on one of the guest tables I think. I want close-ups of his prick going up you."
I had her lay back on the table with her backside hanging over the edge. The two workmen held her legs up and apart with the assistant manager between them. I stood on the table to film down between her legs.
“Right it’s your turn so off you go". I said.
He entered her. Then stopped and shouted. Fuck!
He was shooting already and I didn't have any close ups.
"Change over. Let one of the workmen have a go".
The one that took his place was a younger man and he didn’t hang about. Soon a fairly substantial cock was pumping in and out of her.
"Pull the lips apart so I can see your cock going in the hole".
Pull them open he did. Stretching her fanny as he banged away at it.
"Fuck me. Please fuck me harder, I'm cumming". Brenda called.
"Don't you worry love; I’ll do you real good". He replied. Fucking her even faster.
"Go for it". His work-mate said. "This one will let you cum up it. Give the slapper your ball juice".
He looked up at me. "Is that right, are we also allowed to cum inside her".
"That’s right". I said.
"I love sloppy seconds. Riding in on an other man's spunk when the hole is so much looser". Said his mate
I'm cumming". Said the man fucking Brenda.
Pull out and let us see you shot it into the hole". I said.
With her fanny stretched. Her hole stayed open as he shot first one then two jets of spunk straight into it.
"Finish off inside". I said. And his cock still spurting was thrust back inside her until it stopped.
"Can I shag her from behind "? Asked the second man.
"Anything you like". I answered
"On the floor then girl I’m going to shag you like a real bitch"
Brenda was soon kneeling on the floor and pulling her own fanny lips apart.
"Came on then shag me. Like a common prostitute you’d pick up down the road".
"Right you cunt". He said. Grabbing her hips and shoving his dick right the way up her.
"Look at that arsehole. Every time I push my cock in, it opens up". He said.
“Why not stick your finger in it". I said. Brenda’s arsehole was going to be used sooner or later. She might as well get used to it.
He pushed his cock in and when her bumhole opened he stuck a finger up it, all the way to the knuckle.
"Fucking hell"! She called out as her back passage was invaded.
"Finger fuck her arsehole while you’re shagging her". I said.
This man was used to whores and he was treating Brenda like one. He used the finger up her arse to pull her back onto his cock as he thrust forward.
From the sounds Brenda was making I could tell she was having an orgasm as this stranger ploughed in and out of her. He fucked her for a good ten minutes before adding his sperm to the load already up her.
Finally he pulled both finger and dick out of her and I turned to the man standing by the wall. He was still fully clothed but I pointed to the naked woman still knelling on the floor.
"It's your turn".
"No I can't". He said.

The workman’s name was Darron and he turn out to by one of Gary’s oldest friends. After packing up we took Darron back to the Bridle Suite. Over a drink we asked why he hadn't taken his turn with Brenda.
"She’s Gary’s fianc? I still can't believe what I saw". He said. “When the manager told me what was going to happen after the work was do, I was all for it. But when I saw it was Brenda I couldn't believe it. To see her striping off and letting those men do that to her. The day before her wedding and having it filmed as well. I didn't know what to do. How will I be able to face Gary tomorrow?”
"Gary wants me to do it, Darron. He contacted Steve because he wanted me used before the wedding and it was his idea to film it". She replied.
"Maybe he just wanted someone to make love to you".
"Good God no! You tell him the arrangement, Steve". Brenda said.
"Gary wants her to be well used. I think after their married his going to ask his mates round to fuck her. He wants her to be willing so he came watch".
"I might be willing to give that a go. Said Darron
So why not fuck me now Darron". Brenda said.
"Because I’m married and I still can't believe all this".
"You were keen enough before you know who she was. I'll phone Gary and you can talk to him”. I said.
After dialling I handed the phone to Darron. He was on it for a long time and while he was talking I sat next to Brenda.
"Is what I’m making you to do really alright with you"?
"I was frightened and unsure to start with but now I just want more and more. Is a pity Darron didn't have his go".
"Wait and see". I said.
Darron finished on the phone and fell into one of the easy chairs.
"Its true, you were right. He said he was going to invite me round after the honeymoon. Then he said that as I was here. I could do what I like with Brenda. Providing it was on film".
"That’s good isn’t it, now you can fuck me". Brenda said excitedly.
"I'm still marred and I’m happy with her".
"Is there anything you'd like to do. That your wife won’t let you do". I asked.
"Well I did like seeing the cocks go into her".
"You were back against the wall. You couldn't have seen very much". I said.
"I know but I would have liked to. My wife won’t let me see things going into her".
"I know want you want. You want to watch a woman wanking".
"She could use a dildo. I’m sure Brenda wouldn't mind you watching".
"No I don't want to see her use a dildo". A light when on in my head.
"You want to do the wanking.”
“Yes, but not a dildo”.
You want to put other things up your wife’s cunt. Don’t you".
"Yes I do".
"Your wife may not let you but I’m sure Brenda will". I said. "That OK with you Bren".
"Fine. How do you want me"?
"Well Darron it's your fantasy. How do you want her"? I said.
"I'd like you to pretend you’re my wife. I came home from work and you’ve been flirting with a man. You're randy but you want something other than my cock in you. Be like you were downstairs Brenda and use filthy words. Can you do that".
"Of course I can Darron. Go outside while I get ready and Steve sets up the camera". She told him.
Brenda charged into a long black dress, leaving off her knickers. She looked just the part.
"If I’m supposed to be his wife I wouldn't have all this spunk inside me". She said.
I had the answer. So I laid on the sofa and she sat on my face so I could suck all the spunk out of her. They had filled her up but I loved drinking the spunk out of her cunt.
Then she sat in an armchair. "You’ve a right dirty basted Steve". She said. Kissing me full on the lips.
"Just you wait until you’re marred,” I said. "Now lets get Darron in".
Darron entered in white overalls carrying a toolbox. Brenda leaned back in the chair.
"Hallo darling. Had a hard day at work".
"Yes a very hard day".
"So did I. I had a man in here today and I was tempted to let him fuck me".
"Because I wanted something different up me".
"But I’m always ready to fuck you".
"I don't want you to fuck me. Go to the bar and get a whisky bottle". She said, as she slid her bum to the edge of the chair. When he returned with the bottle she throw her dress up. Exposing herself.
"Be a dear. Put that bottle up my cunt".
"But darling".
"Don't but darling me, just shove that bottle up me or I'll get someone else to do it and then I’d let them fuck me".
He rubbed it up and down her slit until he found the hole then slowly the neck of the bottle disappeared inside her, at least four inches.
"That feels so different. All hard and cold. Wiggle it about so it pressing on the walls inside".
Taking her at her word. He moved the bottle from side to side and up and down. Then holding the base he rotated it".
"Oh Darron that feels so strange. I can feel the top of the bottle going round and round. It’s opening up my hole inside. Do it faster".
"But I don't want to hurt you, darling". He said.
"Shut up and do as I say".
"But you're my wife it’s not right. Liking a glass bottle turned around inside you".
"I may be your wife but I’m a woman and I have desires. At the moment I fancy wanking with different objects. But it would be nicer if you fucked me with them. Now be a good husband and do as I say, turn the fucking thing round faster".
Despite Darron words, this is what he really wanted to do. His wife wouldn't let him but he was happy to use his best friend’s bride-to-be. He began turning the bottle in bigger and bigger circles going faster and faster. Brenda’s insides must have expanded to a great extent.
"That's it you lovely man. You’ve opened me right up inside. How about opening up the outside, you’d like to see my hole being stretched, wouldn’t you. Take this one away and get a beer bottle".
As he went to change bottles I looked up from filming. Brenda just smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign. She was happy to give Darron he’s wish. He returned with a light ale bottle and she slid lower in the chair and parted her legs even more.
"Now put that one in me. Base first"! She told him.
"Bloody hell Bren. Are you sure"? He asked. Forgetting his role-playing. But she hadn't.
I'm your wife. But in the bedroom I should be your whore. Whores have big cunts from having lots of different cocks up them. Make my cunt into a whore’s cunt. Their holes are open all the time".
Placing the base of the bottle up against her hole. Darron tried to push it in. but I wouldn’t go.
"It's no use. It’s not going". He said.
"Just you wait there". She said.
Going to her handbag and took out a tube of K Y jelly. Then returning to the armchair she place one leg over each arm. Spreading the jelly on one hand and used the other to hold open the inner lips she rubbed the jelly round her hole.
"Put it in the right way round then but when it gets to the broad bit, give it a good stiff push". She said. Still holding her fanny lips apart.
"That’s my girl". I said. As the neck of the bottle slid easily into her. When the body of the bottle hit the edges of the hole it stopped. But Darron gave a good push and the hole gave way as two more inches slid in.
Brenda yelled out as her fuck hole was opened wider than it had ever been before.
"More Darron. Give it some more". I encouraged.
He pushed another two inches into the poor girl and again she called out and began crying. Beneath the bottle we could see that her vagina was split and bleeding.
"Just wait for a bit. Then you can carry on". She said.
"But you’re split and bleeding". Darron told her. "Gary will bash my head in".
"No he won't". I said. "This is your fantasy. He doesn’t count until 11.55 tomorrow night. We can stop now if you want, Bren".
"I’m willing to carry on. On the condition I get to suck his cock".
"That would spoil my plans for tomorrow but I'll let him cum in your mouth. Will that do"? I said.
"Fine". She answered and went back to playing her role.
"Go on darling, finish it off. Give me all of it".
Placing the palm of his hand on the base of the bottle he said. "Here you slag. Take this", and pushed the last bit into her cunt. She let go of her lips and they closed over it. The whole beer bottle was inside her.
Brenda got up and wiped away the blood with the bottle still inside her.
"Get those overalls off and toss yourself off. I want to taste spunk". She said. Sitting back in the chair with her legs over the arms again.
"But I wanted to do her with my hammer. I want her juices on it". Darron told me.
"Don't tell me, tell her. Remember she’s supposed to be your wife". I said.
"I’m going to fuck you with my hammer". He said. Pulling it out of his bag.
"You won't be able to toss yourself off and I must have spunk. Give me the bloody hammer and I’ll fuck myself with it". Brenda said taking the hammer. A good ten pound hammer with a foot long shaft.
"Watch me take the bottle out, then I’ll use the hammer. Toss yourself off while I fuck myself with it"
Getting the bottle out wasn't easy. She had to squat and squeeze her vaginal muscles until slowly it emerged leaving her hole gaping open. It would never be as tight as when I first used it. Meanwhile Darron had stripped off and was playing with his dick.
Brenda lay on the floor with knees up and apart with Darron standing over her with his back to her face. He rubbed himself while watching her rub the shaft up and down the slit. Then holding the hammerhead she pushed the handle into her cunt. As she picket up speed so did he.
I walked around them. Filming from all angles.
What with the jelly and her own juices Brenda's cunt was extremely wet. Which was just as well as she was pumping herself harder then I thing Darron would have?
"You’re making the hammer all wet". Darron said.
"That’s my cunt juice going all over the handle, I’m cumming. Hurry up and cum. I’ve never tasted spunk before and Steven said you can do it in my mouth. I’m dying to try it".
"It's on its way". He said.
"Move back and squat over her face so I can film you shooting into her mouth". I told him.
Squatting he aimed his cock at her face.
"Watch this. This’ll make you cum". Brenda said. Taking the hammer out before thrusting the foot long hammer shaft all the way into her cunt. Her mouth opened in a grasp and Darron fired. If they were porno stars it couldn't have been better. His spunk was rich and creamy and the first lot went straight into her mouth followed by the second and third. She shut her mouth to taste it and the fourth and fifth hit her squarely in the face.
"Open up there's still more". He said.
Her mouth opened again and he squeezed his cock so the last few drops plopped into it.
"Gary is going to enjoy seeing that Darron". I said. "Now leave us. You’ll get your tools back tomorrow, hammer unwashed".
When he'd gone I went over to Brenda. She was still lying on the floor with hammer inserted.
"I think I went too far". She said.
"With the hammer"?
"With the beer bottle".
"Let me see". I said. Kneeling between her legs and pulling the hammer out.
"It’s a lovely cunt. You husband will be very happy with it. It looks well used and the hole is so much bigger and deeper".
"Is it really attractive?"
"Yes. Men have a thing about looking inside cunts. The further up they can see the better they like it. Your hole is so much wider they’ll be able to see right up inside you. Gary will probably show it to all his mates. How did Darron's spunk taste".
"Salty but nice".
"Good because I’m going to toss off into your mouth. Kneel up and open wide".
After cumming in her mouth I left her to sleep. Tomorrow was her wedding and it would be a long day. I went home to spent the evening with my wife.
Mr Jones phoned in the morning. “How’s it going Steve? Is Brenda working out alright?”
“She’s doing just fine”.
“How many times has she? You now”.
“She’s been fucked six times already”.
“Excellent. Has she done oral yet”?
“Listen Gary by the 11.55 tonight she’ll have done practically everything. Now I have to go the limousine will be here soon”.
Carol and the kids were going to meet me at the church, after I picked up the bride. I got to the hotel at one thirty. Brenda was dressed in a beautiful wedding gown and having her photograph taken. I waited until the photographer had finished.
“You look radiant Brenda, the real innocent bride. Let me introduce you to Wayne your chauffeur”. Wayne was a six foot three Negro and the blackest man I could find. I introduced them to each other.
“You look beautiful in that dress. Have you got any knickers on under it”? I asked.
“Of course I have”.
“Then take them off. You’re going to walk down the aisle knickerless and with a cunt full of sperm. Wayne is going to fuck you while you’re wearing your Wedding Dress. Wayne's going to strip but you can just take off your knickers. His black skin will stand out really well against the white petticoats”.
“Steve! I’m getting marred in an hour”.
“That’s plenty of time for a quick fuck. You’re going to love his big black cock”.
When they were both ready I explained what I wanted them to do and started filming. Brenda sat on a hard-backed chair with Wayne behind her. Looking into the camera Brenda said.
“In an hour I’ll be standing next to you in church, Gary. But before then I’m going to be reamed out by this chauffeur”.
Standing up she leaned over the back of the chair and lifting the back of her dress. Wayne came from behind her holding his nine-inch long erect prick. Then kneeling down he began to lick her out. He licked her for about five minutes, and then she said.
“Stuff that big black cock into me. I want your spunk dribbling out of me as I walk down the aisle”.
Standing up he placed his purple-headed knob at her fanny entrance.
“Here beautiful bride. Here's my wedding present”. He said, as he pushed all nine inches of solid black cock up her. Grabbing her waist he screwed her hard and deep. Making the chair rock back and forth with each push.
“Cum any time you like Wayne, give her a good belly full”. I said.
“Give me ten minutes. This cunt is really wet and soft. Not bad for a white one”.
Moving in for some close ups I could hear the squishing sound her hole was making every time his prick was forced into her. She was certainly wet and moaning all though the fuck. She was orgasming all the time. Wayne began pumping her faster and started to cum.
“Here it comes white bitch, black mans spunk is the best in the world”. He said. As he emptied his balls inside her.
“Well done both of you”. I said. “Now lets get going. We’ve a wedding to attend”.
Soon Wayne was dressed and we were in the car on our way to the church.
“Steve, have we finished Gary’s film”. She asked
“Not yet. At the reception when you're properly married. I’m going to film you sucking cocks”.
“But they'll all know me they’ll never do it”. She said.
“Don’t worry I’ve got it all arranged. Just do what I tell you”.
At 3o clock Brenda Dods walked down the isle to marry. Dressed all in white she looked the picture of innocents. A sweet young bride on her way to marry the man of her choice. I filmed the whole proceedings.
When she said the words (to love, honour and obey) I had to laugh. She certainly had obeyed him, and me.
Soon it was over and Mr and Mrs Jones were on their way to the hotel for the reception. There was a full sit-down meal; they sat at the very tables she'd been fucked on, just the day before. After the speeches and as things were dying down before the party, I what and spoke to the best man. Telling him that the groom had laid on a special treat for him and any man that had help make his wedding day go so well. They were to come to me one at a time in the manager’s office. I would let him know when.
Then I searched out Darron. I needed his skills for a job at home, turning my basement into a play-room for my clients. By this time the party was underway with plenty of dancing and drinking. At eight I when to see the Groom and his Bride. "I just what to lend your wife for an hour or so". I told him.
He looked unsure until Brenda said, "Let me go with him. You’ll have me all to yourself tomorrow".
"The agreement was 11.55 tonight". I reminded him.
I took her upstairs to the toilet next to the manager’s office. "Go into the second cubicle, in the wall you’ll find a hole. You must suck every cock that cames though it".
"How long must I suck it for"? She asked.
"Until it cums. I want you to suck them all off and let them cum in your mouth".
"Whose pricks will I be sucking?"
"The best man is going to be first. Then I don't known".
"Then it could be anybody. What about the filming".
"The camera is in the ceiling all you have to think about is getting their spunk in your mouth. O K".
"Great, I can't wait". She said closing the door behind her.
I sent for John, the best man. "Gary has arranged for you and the others to have a special wedding blow-job. You won't need condom’s so you can shoot in her mouth but because of that she is a bit of an old tart. So we've hidden her away. So go and have some fun". I said leading him to the toilets.
Back in the office I turned on the monitor. He had already dropped his trousers and was rubbing himself up with his prick pointing to the hole in the wall. Brenda was kneeling on the other side. Her Vail pushed back over her head and she was facing the hole. He had a fair size dick on him and when it was hard he pushed it though the hole. Without a moment’s hesitation Brenda put her mouth round it and started sucking it. Her first taste of penis and she was loving it. Opening her mouth wide to take as much of the cock as she could, before pulling back and sucking on the nod. Soon the poor man was grunting and groaning as he built up to a powerful orgasm. Hearing him mown only spurred her on until he ejaculated into the back of her throat. This she swallowed just as keenly as he pulled up his trousers and left.
Brenda looked at the ceiling. "Where’s the next one. That was enjoyable I want another one to suck-off".
I couldn't talk to her so she would just have to wait. Then Darron came into the office.
"John sent me up. I hear we're going to get a blow-job from some old tart"?
"I don't believe you! Because I haven't seen Brenda around for a little while".
"Do you think I’d make a new bride on her wedding day suck-off some blokes cock?"
"After yesterday I’d believe any thing".
"It’s up to you Darron but if you fancy being sucked off by the new Mrs Jones, I’d get in there".
He was soon in the cubicle with his cock though the hole and in Brenda's mouth.
"Go on you filth bitch suck my cock. Suck the spunk out of me this time". He shouted.
"Is that you Darron"? She asked taking his dick out her mouth.
"Yes it's me. Now suck it!"
"Of course I will. Your spunk's so nice and salty". She said and took his cock back into her mouth.
She sucked it until he called out. "Here it cames Brenda. Drink the fucking lot". She did. Swallowing it as fast as she could until his flaccid prick fell out of her mouth.
After Darron there were the two ushers, both friends of Gary’s. One after the other they were sucked-off by his new wife without them knowing it.
The hour was nearly up when I got a phone call from Gary.
"I know the time is nearly up Steve but I’m sending two people up to see you. My best man had been talking and I know who's in the cubicle. I presume you are filming it."
"Of course". I replied.
"Will she be able to handle two more?"
"I think so".
"Good. I’ve got a hard on just thinking about it"
There was a knock at the door and in walked Gary's father and father-in-law.
"I have to go. There are two men here to see me". I said into the phone.
"She will suck-off both of them, won’t she". Gary asked.
"Yes sir. I can assure you of that. Good bye". I said hanging up the phone. The filthy bugger wanted his wife to suck-off both his father and her own.
"My son sent us up. You have a present for us". Said Gary’s father. He was a very military man.
"If you gentlemen will go into the toilet next door. You’ll find a hole in the wall. I thing you know what it's for".
Brenda's father didn't understand but Gary's father did.
"Came on old boy, this'll be fun". He said pulling him into the cubical.
I watched on the monitor as they both what into the cubicle together. Gary's father just dropped his trouser and under pants. Although his prick was still soft he pushed I though the hole. On the other side Brenda lifted it up and rubbed it a few times before pushing back the foreskin and licking the knob.
"What’s happening"? Asked Brenda's father.
"There’s someone in there". He said. "Are you male or female"?
Brenda didn't answer but she did take half his cock into her mouth.
"Listen you in there. If you’re male you can toss me off, if you’re female I’ll fuck your mouth".
In reply Brenda sucked more in.
To Brenda's father he said. "There’s some woman in there sucking my dick".
Facing the wall he said. "Keep your head still woman. I'll do the fucking you just keep your mouth there".
Brenda moved her face forward until her nose hit the partition and all her father-in-laws prick was in her mouth.
She stayed with her face pressed against the wall as he pumped his prick in and out of her mouth. It was not possible to see anything on her side so I focused the camera on him as he pushed his cock into the hole in the wall. After about twenty good thrusts he turned his face to the ceiling. There was a look of ecstasy on his face as he finally cum. Then withdrawing he’s prick he turned to Brenda's father. "Your turn now". He said.
Brenda's dad looked very uncomfortable. "No, I don't think I can"
"Go on. It will not kill you".
Slowly he dropped his trousers to revel a tiny penis no more than an inch long. Holding it by his fingertips he rubbed it up. It grows another half an inch. To one and a half inches.
"That's not much. But stick it through anyhow. She's being paid for it". Said Gary's father.
Little did he know? I thought.
Approaching the wall he stuck his little Winkle though and Brenda set to work on the cock in front of her. She had no idea she was suck-off her own father. But having so many bigger cocks to suck, Brenda wanted more so using her fingers she managed to pull his balls though the hole. Then she took the whole lot into her mouth, balls and all. By zooming the camera in on her face it was possible to see her tongue rolling around them. What he lost in size he made up with quantity. He filled his daughter's mouth to overflowing when he ejaculation. I was pleased the camera was in close-up as his spunk began to leak out of her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and when he'd finished she used her fingers to scrape it from her face and into her mouth.
She'd sucked the spunk out of seven pricks in a little over an hour and a half. It was time she what back to the party for a rest. Taking her from the toilet I sent her back to the reception. After kissing her and tasting the spunk in her mouth.


The party was in full swing with the Bride and Groom being the centre of attention. At eleven-o clock it was time of them to leave. Gary took his wife up to the Bridle Suit. Danny and I left soon after with the camera gear. We entered their room to find them kissing. Both were slightly drunk.
"Hi Steve, came to give me my film". Asked Gary.
"Not yet, I've brought Danny up so he can film me shagging your wife's other hole, and you're going to help me.
He looked uncertain but know better than to argue. “She can do a strip-tease for us. You haven't seen her naked yet, have you".
Danny what into the bedroom to set up the video while Gary and I sat on the sofa. To Brenda I said.
"Strip-off and show us your lovely body. So I can get a hard-on. Then hubby here is going to help me to shag your arsehole".
"Great". Was all she said, as she began taking off her Bridle Gown. When she was down to her underwear she danced in front of us. Wiggling her body to and fro, in just her Bra, Knickers, Stockings and Suspenders.
"Tits girl, show us your tits". I called out.
Her hands what up to undid her bra, which she throw at Gary. Placing her hands under her breasts she squeezed them, forcing them forward.
Danny then walked in from the bedroom, naked and supporting an erection. "Let’s join him". I said to Gary.
Naked we sat on the sofa playing with three erect cocks as Brenda continued to dance in front of us.
"Let’s see your fanny". Called Danny.
"Show us what you have hiding in your knickers". I said.
"Yes! lets see your cunt, Darling". Said her husband.
Laying on the floor with her knees up she pulled her pants off again throwing them at Gary. Before opening and closing her legs and teasing us by quickly flashing her fanny. Nodding to Danny we got up and grabbed a leg each and pulled them apart.
"Let Gary see it properly. Open it up". I told her.
With both hands she spread herself open. Gary dropped to his knees for a closer look.
"I didn't think it would be as big as that". He said.
"It wasn't when I started. It’s been fucked a few times since then". I replied. "Let’s go into the bedroom now".
Danny had set the tripod up at the end of the bed along with a little table holding some K Y jelly and a thin dildo. Brenda still in Stockings and Suspenders knelt on the bed. Her bottom facing the camera. Gary and I stood either side of her as Danny set the camera rolling.
"This bottom belongs to Gary's new wife. They’ve only been married a few hours but he’s kindly going to help me to fuck it. Get the dildo Gary. I’ll hold her bum open while you get the dildo in her arse".
I pulled her cheeks apart, showing-off her cunt and rosebud. It was a tight little wrinkly brown hole, just right for a prick. I held her bum cheeks apart as Gary spread the K Y jelly around her anus and over the dildo. Soon both were ready.
"Right Gary put that in her arsehole". I said. "It will loosen it up a bit before I put my cock in it".
Slowly but surely he pushed the dildo farther and farther into her. Forcing her arsehole open until the whole lot was up her rectum. He rotated it to loosen the anal muscles until the hole stayed slightly open.
“She’s loose enough now Gary”. I said. “Take it out”.
He removed it and spread some more K O over the hole. I got him to take over holding her cheeks apart.
“Get the camera round here Danny. Gary said. “I want close-ups of your dad’s cock going in my wife’s arsehole”.
Standing behind her I placed my nob at the wrinkled opening and pushed. It wouldn’t go in until Gary pulled extra hard on her bum cheeks. Then my nob popped in slowly followed by the rest until I was in up to my balls.
“That is unbelievable Steve, it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, fuck that arsehole good”. Gary said. Watched my prick going into her bum.
I began to pick up speed, driving my cock in and out of her faster and faster.
"I hope you’re getting this all on film Danny". Said Gary. "Your dad certainly knows how to fuck an arsehole. My wife looks as if she's enjoying it".
Just as I was about to cum Gary said. “Let your son have a go. I'd like to see Danny screwing her arse”.
So I withdrew and took over filming as Danny slid his cock up her arse.
Placing the camera on the tripod I went back to watch. After a couple of minutes Danny withdrew. “You have another go dad”. He said moving out of the way so I could take his place. This time I went in a lot easier, her hole was indisputably slacker.
"Is that nice darling"? Asked Gary his wife.
"It’s lovely my dear. Are you enjoying it"? She replied.
"It's what I've always wanted. A wife that liked being fucked and doesn't mind me watching".
"But I’m not being fucked I’m being buggerd".
"All the better, two holes are better than one". Then he turned to us. "Came on you two, finish her off. I want your spunk dribbling out of my wife's arsehole".
With that I fucked her arse as hard as I could until I cum with my dick fully embedded, coating her back passage with my seed.
"Your turn Danny. Put your spunk up her as well". Said Gary. As my son slid his prick into Brenda's arse and used it as a receptacle for his spunk.
When we’d finished Gary let go of her and grabbed the camera, aiming it at her bum. "Open her up will you. I want to see inside her arse".
Danny and I grabbed a cheek each and pulled them apart. Her arsehole opened so Gary could see right up her bum. He could see our cum deep inside her.
"You've stretched her arse nearly as wide as her fanny". Gary said.
"She'll be good for D Ps then". I said.
"What’s D P"? He asked.
"Double Penetration. One in the arse and another in the cunt".
"Do it to her. Do it to her now". He shouted at us.
"Is almost twelve o-clock. She’s yours now and I do have my wife to take home".
"Fine Steve, but can you came back tomorrow. Our flight is not till noon".
Brenda was now sitting up on the bed. I looked at her and she nodded. She looked radiant in just her white stockings and suspenders.
"How do you feel about that Brenda"? I asked. "Should I come back tomorrow"?
"If you wouldn’t mind Steve". Brenda answered.
"Great". Said Gary. "Bring someone else so she can get it in both holes".
With that we packed up and gave him the tape.
At home there were two more letters waiting for me. I would open them in the morning. I took my wife and kids to bed; they had all been very good. So I allowed Danny to fuck his Mother while I licked my daughter's cunt and she sucked me off.


Sunday morning was bright and sunny, a good day for travelling. Before leaving to see off the happy couple I read my post.
One was from a black couple named Edward and Susan. Both were in their thirties and wanted me to film them. They were unsure how far they wanted to go, but they would like to see me and discuss it.
The other one was from my mother. She had seen the advert with my address and wanted to now what it was all about.
I phoned her and asked her to come round Tuesday evening. Then I called Darron and asked if he could start working on the basement today. I needed it sooner than I thought.
I phone Wayne and Bruce. Both were free and keen to help out. And as a surprise for both Gary and Bruce, I called Bruce's ex-wife Wendy. Telling her to meet me at the local newsagents.
Arriving at Mr Patel's shop just I told her to, I asked her to wait while I spoke to him. Both Mr and Mrs Patel were in the shop so I took him to one side.
"Can I lend your wife on Wednesday evening"? I asked.
"Why do you want my Gojura"?
"I’d like the use of her body".
"You wish to have intercourse with her"
"Not exactly. But she'll be used in a sexual nature".
"In that case Mr Turner, she's yours Wednesday evening".
"Good. Now if you are free I have a young lady that will suck your cock off".
He looked at Wendy. "Do you mean her"? He asked.
"No. The one you’ll be getting is younger".
"Mr Turner Sir. When you say suck off. Do you mean I might ejaculate"?
"Yes. It’s important that you do ejaculate into her mouth just like I did with Gojura". Then I told them both what to do later on.
At nine, Wayne, Bruce and I were in the lift on our way to the Honeymoon suit. Where Gary and Brenda greeted us both in their dressing gowns. I left the men talking and took Brenda into the Bedroom for a chat.
"How did it go last night after we left"? I Asked.
"Terrible Steve. He never touched me. He sat in the other room watching the video and then he'd came in and demanded to see my fanny. He would make me pull myself open and then go back to watching the film".
"He never fucked you"!
"No. And after I fell asleep he came in and demanded to see my bottom. Well Steve I opened my arse as wide as I could, hoping he'd fuck it. But he didn't".
"Well that’s not good, but never mind. I've got Wayne outside, his getting to do your arse".
"Oh yes, I’d like Wayne's big black prick up my shithole Steve".
"I've also got one for your cunt and one for your mouth".
"Bloody hell". She said.
"You'll love it. Three cocks fucking you at the same time".
Then I called them all into the bedroom. Gary sat on a footstool at the end of the bed. I introduced Bruce to Brenda as she already know Wayne.
"Now we all now each other let's get going, everyone strip". I said.
We stripped off and Brenda lay back on the bed. Opening her legs for us. Soon there were four very erect penises. One black and three white all over seven inches. Gary had a good size cock that bent to one side. This was obviously why he was put off fucking his wife.
"Gary, you sit there and watch. Wayne, you lay on the bed". I told them. Wayne's shaft was pointing skyward, all big and shiny black.
"Brenda sit on Wayne’s cock facing your husband, so he can see it going up your arse".
She climbed on the bed and stood over Wayne. He held his cock up right as she spread her bum cheeks and squatted. Just as the tip entered her anus she stopped and looked straight at Gary. He was tossing himself off.
"Gary! Tell me you'll fuck me on our honeymoon, with that lovely dick of yours or this is a far as I go".
"Yes I will of course".
"Good because I love you so much I must have your cock. I don't care if you make me fuck all your friends as long as I get your cock as well".
"I will. I’ll fuck you a lot. But I must see that black cock going up your beautiful arse please darling ".
As Gary stopped talking, Brenda sat down on Wayne's cock until it was fully imbedded in her arsehole.
"Now get one in her cunt". Said Gary rubbing himself even harder.
"You heard my husband Bruce came and stuff that prick in my cunt".
Climbed on top of her he inserted his prick and began fucking her.
Gary encouraged them. “That’s it boys as hard as you like. Give her a good dicking”.
I took this opportunity to slip into the front room were I found Wendy and Mr Patel. I’d left the main door open so they could slide in quietly. I found Wendy on her knees with Mr Patel’s cock down her throat.
“What’s going on here”? I asked. Wendy jumped up and said.
“I’m sorry Steve. We peeked into the bedroom and seeing Bruce and that other fellow fucking that woman made me hot. I just had to have some cock”.
“That’s fine Wendy but I actually want you to suck-off the man sitting down. That’s the woman’s husband. She’s the one who is going to suck you off Mr Patel. Now get naked a follow me”.
Going in quietly so Bruce wouldn’t notes his ex. Wendy knelt in front of Gary and started to lick his prick.
Gary was surprised to see Wendy but before he could say anything I said to him.
“This gentleman would like you wife to suck him off”.
“Why not. Go on mate put it in her mouth”.
Mr Patel got into position and offered Brenda his dick which she took willingly into her mouth; she now had all three holes filled with pricks.
Bruce was so intent on fucking her that he hadn’t noticed Wendy was now sucking Brenda’s husband. Now it was my turn so knelling behind Wendy I thrust myself into her and holding her hips started shagging her just as deeply as I could. Then everyone started cumming.
Mr Patel was first to empty his balls.
"Please Miss I’m ready to ejaculate, shall I take my penis out". He asked.
"No mate, you cum in the bitches’ mouth". Called Gary. "You other two cum in her as will. Let the slag take it in all her holes"
"Here it cames Miss". Mr Patel said.
I couldn't see but I know she would be taking the lot.
"Fucking hell she’s swallowing it. The dirty bitch. If you can take that Packy's spunk you can take mine". Said Bruce. As he unloaded in Brenda's cunt.
"That's it Bruce. You cum up her, while I fill your ex-wife's soggy fuckhole". I said. As I started to pump my spunk into Wendy. He turned round to see if I was telling the truth and his cock popped out, still spraying spunk.
Gary was not happy. "Get your cock back in her, that lot is meant to go in my wife's cunt". He said.
But it was too late. Bruce had finished cumming and he could only stand and stare at Wendy, who was sucking Gary's cock while being fucked by me.
Wayne spoke up to save the day. "I tend to shot four or five times, with Brenda's help I could start off in her arsehole and finish in her cunt".
"It’s not the same as three different loads but I’m sure she'd willingly take your spunk in both holes". Said Gary. Brenda nodded her approval.
"You actually want that Nigger to cum in her fanny. It’s bad enough that the Packy came in her mouth but to have a Wog doing it in her cunt. That’s depraved". Said Bruce.
"Go away Bruce. You had your chance to cum in a beautiful women’s cunt and you blow it". Said Wendy. Taking Gary's prick from her mouth. "Piss off so I can enjoy having these two pumping their loads into me. Oh and by the way, I’ve had a black man fuck me. And I let him cum in my cunt!"
Grabbing his clothes he stormed off. Leaving us to the fucking. Mr Patel stood in a daze. Watching Brenda’s arse being bored out while her husband was being suck off by the woman I was fucking.
"If you’re ready Bren here it cames". Said Wayne still pumping her arse".
"Go for it. Try to get some in both holes". She called.
"Off". He said. So she pulled herself off his still spurting cock. Mr Patel grabbed it and held it vertically and Brenda lowered her fanny on to it.
Seeing his wife having her fanny filled set Gary off. He spurting his load into Wendy's mouth as I to started cumming, I buried my cock ball deep inside Wendy.
We all waved to the honeymoon couple as they went on their way. On the way home I invited Wendy to come round on Wednesday evening.


Monday and Tuesday run as normal but with Darron working in the basement. At five I returned home to find him finished and drinking tea with Carol. He and I went down to see his handiwork. It was better than I’d hoped. A perfected bondage room, but not dark and dingy, there were lights everywhere. I believed in being able to see everything.
"You’ve done a good job, Darron. Have you tried out any of the equipment on my wife? Have you fucked her?"
"No I haven't touched your wife".
"She's got a very wet cunt and I’ve had her arsehole stretched. I wouldn't have minded. Came back tomorrow evening and bring your toolbox". I said and winked at him.
As he was leaving my mother arrived. By seven that night having finished our meal Mother asked what the advert was all about. Now my mother was a seventy-two year old widow with grey hair. Her face was still quit beautiful but she was short and fat and a prude. Taking her into the hall away from the kids I told her.
"I take video films of couples".
"Like weddings and christenings".
"Yes and more intermit things"
"Like what".
"Well I have a well respected woman that cames here and I film her private parts".
"What private parts"
"You know the bits between her legs".
"She wants you to do that and you say she is a respectable woman. What if someone else saw the film"?
"They do. I sell them to people that like to see women being used".
"Used. How do you mean".
"Let’s go into the basement mother and I’ll explain it to you".
In the middle of the room Darron had built a long table. It stood about three feet high and so long that six people could lie across it. In places there were slots into which stirrups could be placed. And around the room were different wooden frames on which were mounted straps and from the ceiling hung ropes with leather manacles.
"This is where I’ll be doing most of the filming". I said.
"You film couples having sex".
"No just couples. If a man wants a woman I get him one and visa-vesa".
"Has this so called respectable woman been down here"?
"Not yet but she will be tomorrow".
"And you'll film her showing off her naughty bits".
"Not just showing them but having them used. I’ve already filmed her having intercourse with me and Danny."
"This is too much. I don't believe it. I’m going". She said.
As she turned to leave Carol grabbed her. "I don't think so mum. While you’re here I think we’ll try out some of the equipment".
"But I’m your mother-in law".
"So what". Carol said as she called out. "Danny, Izzy get down here. Your Nan is going to help us test the equipment out".
"Let me go. This is just so vial". My sweet old mother said.
Danny and Izzy came in the basement and I told Carol to put a gag on mum. With the kids holding their Grandmother arms Carol put the gag in place. Then we strapped her to The Wheel.
The Wheel was attached to the wall. It was made to be pulled up or down and it could be rotated. So the person strapped to it could be turned up side down.
"Can I fuck her dad I’d really like to"? Asked Danny.
"Do you hear that mum? Your Grandson would like to fuck you. What do you thing Carol". I said as we watch my mother straining at the straps.
"If he wants to fuck his Grandmother I don’t see why not. But I’d also like to see you fucking her Steve". Said my loving wife.
"We'll see. Lets get those clothes off her first".
Using scissors we got her down to her underwear, Bra, Knickers and a Corset. I got Izzy to man the camera and film the proceedings.
"Now mum this is going to be filmed. But I promise not to show it to anybody, as your face is uncovered. But if you kick up a fuss I’ll take it to the Old Peoples Home were you live. Do you understand"?
She nodded her head. "Later I might have some clients that fanny having an older woman then I’ll cover your face. Now let’s get a move on and see want my mother has to offer".
Carol cut off her Corset and then her Bra. Her huge tits drooped down half covering her large belly.
"Her tits hang down a long way don't they Dad". Said Danny.
"You most expect saggy tits on a woman of seventy-two". I said. "Go and stand underneath her and put her tits over your shoulders".
We raised the wheel so her breast just came over his shoulders and dangled in front of him.
"Get a close-up of this Izzy. Be sure to show Doris's face. Just think of all those old men at the old peoples home, I bet there’d love to see your tits. I can just imagine them all wanking their old cocks looking at you with nothing on".
My mother had gone red in the face with embarrassment. Now it was time to see her lower half.
"Turn her up side down and we’ll get her knickers off". I said.
"Can I take her knickers off Dad"? Asked Danny. "You know how much I like older fannies".
How could I refuse? We turned the wheel round so her spread open legs were right in front of us and her heavy tits hang in front of her face. Danny cut the material of her panty and pulled it off then pushed his face into the V between her legs. Sucking her cunt.
"Is that nice son". Asked Carol. Does Nan's cunt taste good"?
"Not as good as yours mum but it is a lot older. Look there's hardly any hair round it and what's there is grey. Also she’s not as wet as you mum but her lips are longer. I have to fight my way in to find the hole".
"Then let me help you". Said Carol. As she held Doris's vaginal lips back. "Came and film your brother licking out Doris's hole".
We filmed for about ten minutes as Danny pushed his tongue deeper and deeper into his Gran's hole.
Doris's face was getting redder and redder from being up side down so we let her rest. Taking her off the wheel we strapped her to the table. Using the stirrups to lift and spread her legs apart with her bottom over the edge of the table.
"We’re going for a drink now mum you just relax. When we get back I think we’ll let Danny fuck you. I said.
"But I want to fuck her now Dad". Said Danny.
"Let your Grandmother have a rest. When we came back you can shag her". I told him as I ushered them out of the basement.
As I left I whispered in Doris's ear. “while your waiting just think mum. Your Grandson is going to stick his penis in your vagina and Carol, Izzy and myself are going to watch. Bye, see you soon". I said walking up the stares.
As we sat drinking in the pub, Bruce walked in. He came over to our table and asked to talk to me. Taking him to one side he apologised for walking out at the hotel. He was upset to see his ex in such a position. I asked him if he had seen the tape Wendy had made. He had until the point where she was to be fucked for the fourth time. Then he had throw a cup at the video machine and broken it.
"So you never saw the end of it". I asked
"No I haven’t but then I saw you fucking her. But the last straw was her telling me that a black man had done it"
"Well Bruce you broke your machine to soon".
"I couldn't watch my whole Rugby Team doing that to my wife".
"So they were your friends I didn't recognise any them. But you missed the best bit were Mike the road sweeper fucked her".
"That thick half-wit black Nigger".
"His thick in more ways than one. But she took it all and he shot up her as well".
"The dirty cow".
"And there's more. I’ll phone you and let you see the whole thing some time. But I’ve got to go now. See you later Bruce".
Ten o-clock saw Carol, me and the kids stripping off in the hall getting ready to visit Doris in the basement. Danny already had a hard-on and I myself was slowly rising to the occasion. Going downstairs quietly we found Doris asleep. She was in for a rude awakening. With Izzy manning the camera again Danny stood between his Grandma's legs and started sliding his prick over her fanny. Suddenly Doris's eyes opened.
"She's awake"! Carol said. "Give it to her now Danny".
"Get it all the way in son". I added.
As we watched him push his prick into her old grey haired cunt. Holding her raised thighs he pushed his prick into her up to the hilt. Doris was throwing herself all over the place trying to escape but the straps held her tightly to the table. All her wriggling only spurred Danny on and he drove his cock into her harder and harder.
"I don't think she like me doing this dad". Said Danny.
"I’m sure she doesn't but your enjoying it. Aren’t you"?
"You bet. Her cunt is so tight".
"That's because she doesn't use it except for pissing out of. Yours is probably the first cock she’s had in years, so you enjoy it".
Danny went on fucking and Izzy filmed it all. Carol knelt down and began sucking my cock that was now fully erect from watching Danny. Then taking my cock out of her mouth Carol said. "Steve I want you to fuck her and then fuck me and Izzy as well".
"I don't think I can".
"Yes you can. You don't have to cum up us. Just put your cock in all of us. Izzy would love you to do it. You haven't fucked your daughter in ages".
"Get yourselves ready then and get on the table next to mum. When Danny's finished with mum, he can take over the filming".
Fixing up another two pairs of stirrups Carol laid down next to my mother and raising her legs placed then in the stirrups. Danny seeing that his mother's hole was available stuck two fingers up her while still fucking his Gran. Seeing Carol being finger got to me and I just had to fuck her. Moving between her legs I take Danny’s hand away and stuck my prick in her.
"That's real nice Steve do it nice and slowly". Said Carol. That Darron has done a good job here I can just lie back and enjoy it".
"It's built for at lest six". I told her.
Turning to Doris. Carol Said.
"Imagine that Doris. Six naked women lying on this table, legs up, cunts open. All of them strapped down so they can't move just like you".
My mother began to cry. Tears of embarrassment.
"Dad! Nan's crying". Said Danny.
"There tears of joy Son. Hurry up and cum up her, I want a go at her cunt too".
"It’s cuming now dad". He said still pumping himself in and out of her. "Oh Gran can you feel it. Can you feel my spunk going in you? It’s fucking beautiful. You’ve got a great cunt Nan". Danny said as he spunked up his Grandmother.
Finally he took the camera off Izzy so she could lay the other side of her Nan. She too raised her legs into the stirrups. I withdrew from Carol and let Danny film all three of them lying on the table. I went and stood next to Izzy and spoke into the camera loud enough for my mother to hear.
"If you're watching this, it is because Doris has been disobedient. This is my daughter she is 16. She is Doris’s Granddaughter. Izzy open your cunt for the viewers".
Both her hands came down to spread it for a close up. "Nice one isn’t it. Now we'll have a look at my wife's".
Carol was already pulling herself open with a finger from each hand in the hole, holding it open.
"She really wants you to see inside her cunt. She is 35 and loves being fucked. Now we'll move on to Doris. You may have seen her before but not like this". Danny knelt to get the camera in line with her crutch.
“Doris is my mother she is 72. You can see she has just been fucked and that’s spunk leaking out of her. She can’t open herself up so I’ll do it for her”.
Holding the inner lips I pulled them apart, showing off her little hole.
“If you’re watching this it’s because Doris have not done something I told her too. So now you can have the pleasure of watching her being fucked. I’m going to fuck my mother then shag the wife and last but not lest I’m going to dick my lovely little daughter”.
Turning to my mother I stood between her legs and holding the lips apart I slip the tip in.
“Now mum I’m going to give you a good hard fucking". I said and slammed my prick all the way into her cunt. Danny was right, my mother cunt was really tight but with Danny's juices acting as lubricant I was able to get a good rhythm going. Realising that she couldn't escape mother lay still while I fucked her. The excitement of shagging my own mother soon had me on the brink of cumming. Carol seeing this called to me.
"Don't cum in her Steve. I want some of you cock and so does Izzy". So I took my dick out of Doris and stuck it up Carol.
"Fuck me for a while then go and fuck our daughter. She hasn't had her Father's cock up her in a long time".
I pumped away at Carol for quit a while then I walked over to Izzy. She was so wet I had no trouble at all in getting my dick into her and the thrill of banging my daughter was building me up to an orgasm. But I was determined to shoot my spunk into Doris. Looking down at Izzy I said.
"Your cunt's so nice and wet I want to cum up it, but I’m going to give it to your Nan.
"That's alright Daddy its only fair that she has your cum. I’ve had it lots of times she hasn't".
"Yes, go on dad". Said Danny. "Finish off inside Nanny".
Carol then joined in. "Shoot it up her let her feel the joy of having a son's prick jammed up her hole and shooting its load".
I went and stood between Doris's legs again but this time Carol and Izzy took a leg each and opened them even wider.
"This time mum you get the lot". I said. Slowly sliding into her. Before rooting her with long hard thrusts I was going in so deep that my nob was hitting the end of her hole. Watching my cock going in and out I thought that I saw a twinkle in my mother's eye. After a good ten minutes of fucking I started shooting again and again. Filling her hole with lovely warm cock juice until my prick went soft and slid out of her.
Before we untied her we made sure she understood we would use the film. Untying her we left her to get dressed while we went upstairs and did the same. She came up looking embarrassed. But again there was a slight smile on her face. Seeing her to the door I said.
"Now you know what that add is all about, we fulfil people’s sexual fantasies".
"But doing it to your daughter. How could you"!
"Izzy likes being fucked. I’m preparing to have her gang-banged soon. You can came and watch if you like".
She made no reply.
"I want you to come back tomorrow. I have something unusual planed".
"I don't think so". She said.
"Remember the tape, Mother! Came tomorrow and who knows you might just begin to enjoy seeing your Granddaughter getting fucked. Or buggerd".
"You mean". She started to say. But I interrupted her.
"In the arse. Yes, Izzy loves taking it up the arsehole".
Then I opened the door. "See you tomorrow". I said as she stepped out.
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