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Master's Recourse

I weave tapestries with the senses of my desires.
Colors of varied hues reaching through the windows
Down to the core of the soul
I have played melodies with my fingers
Over delicate curves and into sublime valleys

Breathing in essences that, in me - compels my hand
The torrent of emotions that scar so beautifully
Engulfs so completely and renders every resistance so uniquely obsolete
Seeping along the sights and sounds
Movements and cadences of agony

Such agony – such music
Beyond measure of time as pleasure laces punishment
And pain evolves into excitement and exhilaration
A staccato of gasps and moans between cracks and whistles
Tremors that not only wrack the edges of consciousness
But beat their rhythm on the very soul

When sight no longer leads the blurry lights
And speech no longer the mundane, but
A deep enticing conversation of purrs, growls and moans
Restraints that free the soul to explore the boundaries
For in this hand I hold your surrender
And in the other
I hold your love

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2013-02-26 19:41:24
some judgement of cetcarahr and risk can be made I don't believe that, and by the number of women raped by men I'd say most women would agree you can't sniff out rapist men from the non-rapist men. This point of view puts the onus on women to prevent their own rapes by avoiding bad men, and in doing so removes responsibility from men not to rape. Men are not a force of nature women have to bend themselves around to stay alive, they are human beings and they should be held to the standard of humans and not rabid, out-of-control animals. the woman can be seen by others with that man That will help with identifying the body later, but it does nothing to stop punter's violence in the first place. Again, the onus seems to be wholly on women preventing men from raping women instead of teaching men not to rape and holding them accountable when they don't stop.You didn't reply to my assertion that making public policy under the threat of increased male violence is caving to terrorism, which

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2011-05-08 07:38:44
wow. this is so different from your other stuff. all of your texts are really well written and this is no exception!
it really is beautiful


2011-03-16 22:15:41
This is very beautiful

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