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The conclusion of Tammy's experiences with her elderly neighbors
The darkest of the trilogy. Consider yourself warned.

As a child, growing up with an abusive, neglectful mother and having been fondled by my uncle before I was even old enough to remember, I had The Mark on me. Anyone who spent a little time with me knew that I was vulnerable and needy. And after being caught with my pants around my ankles with the neighbor girl, I had even more motivation to go along with my neighbor's naughty games. Hank and Mildred were a couple in their sixties that lived down the street. I rode my bike to their house during the summer that I was seven and what started as Mildred feeding me cookies turned into Hank feeding me his cum, while Mildred helped bend my young body into whatever position pleased Hank the most.

Hank's cock was as big as my forearm. He was horny and aggressive, and often found his pleasure in my discomfort. At the moments when I yelped in pain, his labored breathing would catch, his dirty talk would speed up, and then he would unload his heavy balls down my throat or on my milky skin. Mildred seemed to get a great deal of satisfaction in helping Hank indulge his needs, and there seemed to be no end to their depravity.

I could never decide whether I enjoyed the games that Hank and Mildred played or not. I felt scared a good deal of the time, but I was more scared that they would start to ignore me if I didn't go along. I did know that when Hank touched my tender young clit, electricity and warmth would spread through my body. I kept going back, knowing full well that it was wrong. Hank often hurt me when he was getting off, but even that didn't stop me from returning. The last time I saw Hank and Mildred, Hank told me that no matter what happened after that visit, I would always be his baby girl.

It was nearing the end of the summer and I had been holed up in my house all day long. I knew that when my mom came home from work, I would be free to go find a friend to play with, but instead, I hopped right on my bike toward Hank and Mildred's house. My stomach churned. My legs were like jelly the as I first passed their home, then circled back a few driveways down. My mouth was dry and my palms were slick. They were not out on the porch like they often were at this time of the evening. I started to get scared that they didn't want me to come back again. I had done everything they had wanted me to do. I was now able to get more than 3" of Hanks cock into my mouth, and I was learning how to use my hands to stroke him until he held my face over his dick and spurted on me when he came. I had even learned how to bend over and hump my ass on Hanks rod, while his huge hands squeezed my cheeks until there were finger sized bruises and he aimed his jizz at my tiny brown hole. Still, I was worried that I had stopped being fun enough to play with, and the knot in the stomach turned from nerves to dread. A lump formed in my throat as I imagined that one more adult decided that I wasn't worth their time.

The third time I passed their house, I saw a figure come out the front door. A loud whistle caught my attention and Hank motioned me over. I hopped off my bike, and my legs could barely hold me up as I walked it up the sidewalk to the porch stairs. What had started out as unfounded excitement had turned to dread, and now I felt immense relief, coupled with fear. School would be starting soon and I heard my mom talking about moving closer to her job. In a new neighborhood, I'd have to make new friends. I knew that meant not having to play sex games with Hank anymore, and even though I was glad, because the games really hurt, I was also sad, because Hank and Mildred both would tell me what a good little girl I was when they were done with me. And nothing in the world felt better than to be told what a good little girl I was.

I reached the top of the stairs to find Mildred seated in the swing bench. She rocked back and forth slightly. She looked at me with a smile that I had never seen before. It was some combination of a smirk and pity, though I wouldn't know until later why she might feel that way. Hank towered over me. He led me by the shoulder over to where Mildred sat. She took both my hands in hers, and said, "Tammy baby. You are so sweet, and we really love it when you come over. You are Hank's favorite playmate, did you know that?" I shook my head no, but I smiled shyly and looked up at Hank, glowing at the praise. "Baby girl, Hank loves to play with you so much that he has decided to give you something he usually saves for his older playmates. Would you like that?" I became excited then, nodding and grinning. I had no idea what Hank wanted to give me, but giving me something he reserved for older people surely meant that I was special.

"You're going to like your surprise, Tammy," she continued. "Hank is going to like it even more." Hank's callused hands begin to undress me. This was not unusual. I had been naked before Hank and Mildred many times, while Hank's hands roamed my body or while I straddled his body and rubbed my pussy on his dick and balls. "Hank just loves surprises, even when he is the one giving them," she smiled. Hank had stripped naked and stood nearby.

Hanks hands put his on my shoulders, and in his gruff tone, he said "Get on you knees, baby doll. Grandpa's cock needs your attention." He pushed me, harder than he needed to, and I found myself on my knees, chin tilted up, my little heart shaped face looking into the face of this older man who had scared me and given me feelings that I couldn't explain. He took his cock in his hand, and squeezed a big drop of precum to the tip. Gripping the back of my head with his other hand, he began to rub the fat head of his cock on my face. He used it to slap my cheeks, turning them red and hot. "Open your mouth, and stick out your tongue," he demanded. I complied, and he ran his cockhead over my tongue. He then ran the length of his cock on my tongue, and eventually began to bounce his heavy, warm balls on it. His grip on my head was tightening, as it tended to do when he started to get worked up. I yelped in pain, and his response was a deep groan. He had placed the tip of his dick back on my tongue and was starting to stretch my mouth by putting his cock in, the few inches that would fit. Mildred was behind me, holding my head, moving it back and forth over his dick. I thought for sure he would cum soon, his hot cream hitting the back of my throat, Mildred holding my mouth shut until I swallowed it. But before he got that excited, he stopped, and pulled his hard length out of my mouth.

"Tammy, baby, we know your mom is moving you soon, and that this is going to be the last time we see you. Hank is going to be so disappointed when you leave, because he had such big plans for your body. It would really mean a lot to Hank if you played like a big girl today. Do you think you can do that?" I had no idea what it meant to play like a big girl. All I knew was that Hank wanted something from me, and I was determined to give it to him, because he liked me so much. I readily agreed. Hank smiled a crooked, lecherous smile.

Mildred took a blanket from the corner, and spread it out on the porch. She pulled me into the middle of it and told me to lay down. She and Hank towered over me. "Now Tammy. Big girls are tough, and you're going to be a big girl today. That means Hank might touch you in ways that hurt you. It's ok if it hurts, Tammy, that means you're doing it the way Hank likes it. You can yell or cry if you want to, but you have to be a big girl and let Hank finish, okay?" A hard knot, like a rock, formed in my stomach. On many occasions, Hank had yanked my hair, squeezed my thighs, stretched my mouth wide, and pulled my legs apart until I thought I would split up the middle. I couldn't imagine what he could do that might hurt more, but the urge to please him fought with the surge of fear. This must have shown on my face, because Hank looked down at me, and said gently, "It's ok, Tammy. You don't have to do it. I'll be disappointed. Your mom would be pretty disappointed too, and so would Candy's dad, but I'll leave it up to you." His look was menace; his voice dripped with honey. Fear paralyzed me, but something in me shook my head no, and I managed to squeak out, "I'm a big girl."

Hank dropped to his knees over my body and he leaned back on his heels. His balls rested on my stomach, his dick waved in my face. He reached out and began to rub my tiny nipples. He began gently enough, brushing his fingers over the pale pink mounds. The feeling was surreal. There I lay, naked under a sixty something year old man, outdoors and exposed. My skin was tingling, and my cheeks were warm. My young vagina, not yet mature enough to become completely aroused, felt warm and tingly and excited. My mind raced. Fear made my breath heavy, but the overwhelming desire to please kept me firmly convinced that I would let this man use my body however he pleased.

Suddenly, his touch became firm. Instead of brushing my nipples with his fingertips, he began to squeeze them. I whimpered a bit, and a smile spread across his face. With his thumb and forefinger on each nipple, he pinched, eliciting a squeal and a squirm from me. Still pinching, he pulled my nipples from my body, causing my back to arch. "Ouchie," I cried! Hank groaned and closed his eyes, and thrust his hips. "You're doing great, baby," Mildred said. Hank went from pinching my nipples to slapping at the red welts that had come up on my chest. The more I squirmed, the tighter he held me in his grip, and the more his face showed pleasure. Hank scooted up on me, and began using his dick to slap at my swollen nipple mounds. Meanwhile, Mildred had taken both of my hands and raised them above my head. When I tried to move, I realized that my wrists were bound above my head and tied to the leg of the swing.

I looked at my hands, and a new fear overcame me. I had never been bound before, but before I could panic, Mildred calmed me down by explaining that for this adventure, hands should be out of the way. I was unsure, but I didn't argue.

I was then rolled over so that my face was down and my backside was up. Hanks rough hands stretched my legs wide open, and he began to rub his hands all over my butt, thighs, and even dipping his fingers to touch my puckered hole and my entire slit. He seemed to be in a bit of a frenzy as he rubbed and caressed, and then he lifted one of his hands and slapped my bottom hard enough to make a big noise and raise a swollen welt right away. I jerked, and yelped, and at the same time, he did it again on my other cheek. He scooted up on me and placed his erection right between my buttcheeks, and then continued to abuse my flesh with his spanking. My jolts and jerks and yelps caused my body to squeeze and bounce his dick into more excitement. I could feel him breathing heavy now. My ass burned, and I could imagine that it was hot red where he had spanked me. He leaned over and used his tongue to trace the lines of the welts, the kissing soothing, the cooling effect feeling odd against the heated angry skin.

I felt his hands part my buttcheeks. Mildred leaned over and placed a cold blob of grease on my butthole. Without warning, Hank inserted his index finger into my rectum, all the way up to his last knuckle. He held me down at the base of my spine, and wiggled and rotated his finger in my butthole. It burned, and it was scary, and I had begun to moan and cry. Mildred "shushed" me but Hank said, "Thats ok, Momma, let the little girl squirm and cry." And then through clenched teeth, he added "Its more exciting when they move around." Hank continued his assault on my anus with his fat meaty finger. Soon, he lubricated a second finger and attempted to insert it. I was squirming so much by this point that he was having a hard time, so in a booming voice he said "Relax your ass!" and issued a terribly painful swat against my asscheeks. I stilled for a moment, and he inserted both fingers into my puckered hole. He thrust into me, stretching my ass. He reached up and wrapped his hand around the front of my throat, and squeezed a little. He brutally thrust his two fingers into me, choking me harder and fucking me faster and faster. When he was satisfied that my anus had been thoroughly readied, he withdrew his fingers and positioned himself directly behind me.

Mildred applied another big glob of lube right on my butthole, and then smiled down at me. "Now baby. You should be Grandpa's good little girl now. This is the part of your surprise that he's going to enjoy giving you the very most! Be a good girl, Tammy, because here comes Grandpa's surprise!" Hank aimed his cock, stilled my hips with his hands, and thrust his thick cock into my tiny butthole. My virgin ass was tight, and not much went in at first. It was a struggle to get the head past the ring.

I began to weep. I had no idea that this surprise would hurt so badly. Tears streamed down my face and my body shook with tremors as I sobbed. Using his thumbs, Hank spread my asscheeks apart and took a moment just to marvel at the sight before him. My tiny, untouched virgin asshole, stretched open to an obscene width by Hanks cock, which at this point, felt like steel. Mildred leaned over and took a photograph, and that photo would forever be Hanks favorite. It showed all the days and week's handywork. Tiny, perfect round buttcheeks, red and raised from the spanking, and under the red, small finger sized bruises from encounters where Hank had squeezed me so hard he left his mark. Now, his steely cock was inserted an inch into my body, and I was shaking and crying underneath him.

Hank allowed a bit of spit to fall from his lips to the area where his dick violated my asshole. For what he wanted to do would require time, patience, and a great deal of lubricant, and of course, a bit of good old fashioned force.

Slowly but surely, Hank's veiny shaft disappeared into my rectum. When he had buried it balls deep, fifteen minutes later, he rested. My asshole was like a vicegrip on his dick. The fit was so tight, that he thought it might squeeze him so hard he lost circulation. But, also, it was soft. The wall of my passage were warm, slick, and velvety, and there was no way Hank was going to let this opportunity pass without fulfilling each and every need. His needs included a need to dominate, to violate, to control and to create pain for his pleasure. His enormous dick into my young asshole was definitely violation, and his control over me was certainly domination.

He laid over my back, and breathed heavily into my ear. His beard roughly scratched my cheek as he spoke to me, "Now, baby doll," he began "I'm going to fuck your tight young asshole. While I do it, I need to hear you tell me what it feels like. If it hurts, tell me. If it burns, let me know. Make sure your grandpa knows how his surprise is making you feel, okay, my sweet baby girl?" I nodded. I was overcome with fear, silenced by the pain, and focused entirely on doing what I was being told to do.

Hank begin to thrust his cock in and out of me. At first, my only responses were grunts. He reached under and grabbed at my already sensitive nipples, and I cried out.

"That hurts, Grandpa!"
"Yes, baby. Tell me what hurts."
"My nipples, Grandpa. You're pinching my nipples and it hurts!"
"Oh, yes baby, it hurts when I twist and pinch at your nipples. It feels so good for me."

Hank picked up his pace. With it, he put both hands in my hair and twisted up handfuls of my hair and pulled me backward.

"Oh, Grandpa, that hurts when you pull my hair!"
"Yes, baby. Grandpa loves it when I pull you back by your hair. You are grandpa's little girl, and I'm going to do whatever I want to you."

"Grandpa, your dick is so big. It feels like a baseball bat!"
"Yes, baby. My cock is so thick and you are taking my whole cock into your tiny butt. I know my cock is too big for you, but I love that you're a big girl and taking it all."

With this, his thrusts became obscene. With his hands in my hair and his dick in my ass, he was able to almost lift me entirely up off the ground as he pounded away at my small, lithe body. I knew he was going to cum soon when he started to talk more.

"Yes, Tammy. Oh, baby girl. Baby girl, your ass is the best ass I've ever fucked. I've never gotten to fuck an ass so small. You are the tiniest slut I've ever used. Your body is so tiny and your ass is so tight, I am going to put so much of my cum into your ass. Tell me, Tammy. Tell me what I'm doing to you!"

"Oh, Grandpa. Grandpa, it hurts! Your dick is too big, and you're going too fast!"

With that, Hank removed one hand from my hair and placed it around my throat. He squeezed tightly, so that I began to feel like I was going to pass out. With his hand at my throat and his fist in my hair, he gave one last thrust and his entire body felt rigid as he came. I believe he held me in place, suspended, just like that, for at least five minutes until his dick started to shrink.

He laid on the blanket then, on his back. Mildred untied my hands and rolled me over on top of him so that my ass was resting on his dick again. There was sweat on my brow, and tear tracks on my face. My body ached and burned and stung in places, and Hank's cum oozed out of my abused asshole. Hank reached around and began to fondle my pussy with his fingers. He knew that I was not yet capable of having an orgasm, but he did know that he could show it some attention to show me what a good little girl I had been to him.

"You'll always be my favorite little baby girl," Hank whispered, and I smiled through my tears.

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