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My first story, not too much sex but very detailed.. vote up if you want me to continue.
My name is david. I’m a freshman in college and I’d recently home for winter break. So did Sarah.

Sarah was my ex girlfriend from highschool, we dated on and off for most of junior and senior year. We ended up at different schools for college, so we broke it off. She was roughly 5’5”, about 3 inches shorter than me, with perky solid B’s. Her ass was small and firm, mostly because she rode her bike everywhere and walked to class.

Sarah and I still talk from time to time, but haven’t really hung out or seen each other since we left. That is, until she called early on New Years Eve.
“hey david how’s your break?”
“pretty good, mostly just working out or watching tv.”
“sounds productive, I’ve actually been taking a winter class, so mine hasn’t been much fun.and my mom left for a business trip so I’ve pretty much been home alone..”

Sarah’s mom was some sort of high paid business-woman, she was always called away to California or new york or somewhere like that. Sarah’s dad was killed in Afghanistan about 3 years ago.

“So david, what are your plans for tonight?”
“not much is open, and Richard’s (an old friend from highschool) party fell through.”
“ah. I was going to go to rich’s too, which is why I called you, I’m thinking of having a little something at my house instead. Problem is, I can’t get alcohol. So I called you… don’t you have a fake?”

I had a crappy fake that I bought for $40, nothing that would pass unless I was in a crowded bar.

“ya, but I don’t think I can use it if I buy a lot of stuff, they’ll probably get suspicious.”

“well I was only planning on inviting like 5 people, so we won’t need much. Consider this your invitation, pick up a 30pack of beer and get over here”
she hung up.

So I did the only thing I could. Hopped in my car and drove to a gas station. Getting the beer turned out to be really easy, I left hoping that the night was off to a good start… but worried because I knew sarah had been busy since she left for college.

When we dated we weren’t very sexual, she’d blown me, and I’d eaten her out, but we never ended up having sex. I heard that she got drunk and fucked a guy at her sorority’s Halloween party.. I wasn’t really lucky first semester and had only made out with a random girl once. Nothing exciting.

I pulled up to Sarah’s house and immediately noticed Aaron, Liz, Peter, Erica, and Rachel’s cars. Most of them were good friends of Sarah’s in highschool, liz and peter used to double date with us.

I wasn’t the only one who managed to get alcohol. Aaron apparently scored a handle of cheap tequila and was already at work making margaritas when Sarah answered the door.
“DAVID!!!” she screamed as she hugged me. Her boobs squeezed against my chest… I started to get a little stiff, thinking of what I’d done to them in the past had done in the past, she noticed and awkwardly grabbed the beer as she turned to walk inside.
“who else is coming?” I asked.
“this is it. No one else wanted to join us.”
I expected a big welcome from the group, but Liz and Peter were already on the couch, and Rachel was very interested in the amount of tequila Aaron was using. Apparently it wasn’t enough.
Erica ran up and hugged me to thank me for the beer, I got her favorite brand (which was the cheapest…). She was a 5’6” blonde with C’s that were kind of soft, but looked firm and inviting in her blue v-neck.. Showing off just enough cleavage to keep my slight boner from before. She was known as the group slut, it’s rumored she got drunk and did some stuff with a girl after prom. I didn’t believe them because she was a friend, but as she shotgunned a beer and wiggled her tits around in excitement, I could definitely picture it happening.
Sarah got me up to speed on the night’s events, Liz and peter had apparently pregamed at a bigger party and got dropped off. They realized their long lost love for one another, and decided to rekindle in or around Sarah’s couch. Aaron was sober, but planned on changing that real soon. We were going to get ridiculously drunk and stay up all night.

Aaron’s margaritas were strong. REAlly Really strong. But Erica sarah and Rachel were downing them, so in an effort to not look like a pussy I drank 2 or three. Pretty soon they were gone, and so were Aaron and Rachel, they had apparently snuck off to the guest room down the hall. The alcohol started to effect me, I was a little tipsy. We were playing a drinking game that Erica told us about, but we couldn’t focus with the baby talk coming from the living room.
“aww honey bun, I really missed you in college toooo”

“that’s it, couples officially ruin parties.” Sarah exclaimed.
“ why don’t those of us who actually want to party and have some fun go to my room,
she said as she grabbed wat was left of the beer and jumped up.
Erica and I exchange a look that said “uh-oh, sarah’s pretty drunk” so we followed her.

Sarah wanted to play Never have I ever, so we each put up 5 fingers.

Sarah-“ Never have I ever, ummm swallowed someone’s cum.”

Me- “well obviously I haven’t”

Erica- “Never have I ever, skipped class.” She blurted quickly, trying to hide the fact that she just put a finger down…

“NO! the game is supposed to be naughty!” sarah snapped at Erica, “ say something that’s sexual that you haven’t done”

Erica-“ oh ok, so ummm I guess, never have I ever done anything with a girl.”

I put a finger down as I looked at Sarah, she slowly folded her index finger over, giving me a wink.

Sarah- “welll some of the sorority girls and I like to expirement… whatever it’s college!”

Me-“ I guess I’ll go since both of you already have, I know its hard to believe but never have I ever had sex.”

Erica put a finger down, we all knew she had lost it to her boyfriend over the summer.

But sarah didn’t.

Erica-“ Sarah no cheating, didn’t I hear something about a Halloween party??”

I suddenly got very quiet. It was a little painful to know sarah was about to tell the story of how she lost her virginity, and that story wouldn’t involve me.

Sarah-“ I didn’t have sex with him, he just told everyone that because he thought I was too drunk to remember. “

Me and Erica- “oh..”

Sarah- “You know what, I think I’m drunk enough, and a little tired”

“we can all share my bed, no sense in interrupting the happy couple out there.”

Sarah grabbed me and Erica by the hand and plopped us down on her queen size bed.

She took my hand and pulled it across her waste, suddenly I found myself spooning her.. she kinda tossed erica’s arm across her, with her hand ending up on my leg…

In my drunken state I couldn’t control how horny I was getting. Saying I had an erection didn’t quite cut it. I was full on pulsating as I felt Sarah’s warm body in front of me.

Sarah-“ I can’t sleep.”

Erica-“ why don’t I turn the lights off”

As she got up I definitely felt her hand slow as she pulled it across my hard cock, beneath my jeans of course..

She turned off the lights and laid back down, her hand went right back to where sarah had tossed it.

Sarah rolled over, trying to get more comfortable. I knew it was because she could feel me poking her.. it was embarrassing..

I closed my eyes and figured I’d try to sleep. Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my dick slowly, still on the outside of my jeans.. I didn’t dare open my eyes, if it was Erica it would be extremely awkward and I probably wouldn’t let her continue because it felt a little wrong. She was tracing lines across my shaft, teasing me to no end.. the jeans were rubbing lightly against my boxers, which were rubbing softly against my skin.

I heard soft whispering, not to me, but between sarah and Erica. Shit! I thought, Sarah must have caught her…

I felt Erica get up off the bed, but the hand was still there…

This confused me at first, I drunkenly opened my eyes to sarah’s face staring right into mine.

Sarah-“ Erica went to the kitchen for a second, you ok david?”

Asking if I was ok was extremely sexy for some reason. I don’t know what was more of a turnon, sarah touching my dick, or the fact that Erica was in the same bed when sarah was touching my dick.

Erica returned from the kitchen, her silhouette outlined in the doorway for a second. The room was pitch black and I felt Erica slide into the bed behind me..

More whispering, above my head.. then slowly 4 pairs of hands were removing my shirt..

Sarah-“ David, you ok?...” she asked hesitantly.

I couldn’t answer, but she suddenly whispered in my ear, “ if you want us to stop, we can..”

That was the last thing in the world I wanted!!!

Me-“ uh ya, I’m fine..” I uttered softly.

My shirt was pulled over my head, and right as it was removed someone started kissing me. I couldn’t tell if it was S or E, but she pushed her tongue gently into my mouth, prodding slowly and gently. It was a sensual kiss, filled with desire. I was focusing on the kissing, when the other girl started kissing my chest softly. I figured I was kissing sarah, but Erica was the one moving slowly down my stomach.

Each of my hands was grabbed by sarah, she put one on her left breast, and the other on ericas head. She pushed lightly, which caused me to push Erica towards my crotch. She removed my hand from her breast, pulled away for a second. She returned but this time it was a bare breast, her skin felt warm and tingled a little when I touched it. I started to suck on her nipple.

While I was distracted, Erica was slowly removing my jeans. In the darkness, everyone could sense my cock was standing straight up. I couldn’t see, but I could feel it disappear into Erica’s soft wet mouth. She was a pro!! She circled and flicked, sucking up and down while working her hands… I’d never gotten a blowjob like it! n/o to sarah of course…

Sarah…. Well shes isn’t ok with Erica slurping on my cock, and I had to assume that the nose was giving it away… sarah pulled away and disappeared..

Suddenly Erica stopped and I heard more whispering… “Great! Now she’s angry.” I thought.

Slowly, 2 hands started caressing my cock covered in erica’s spit. It felt amazing.. I felt a tongue flicking across my balls, little fiery jolts jumped up my body, but then a second tongue started circling my head.

“oohhh..” I moaned, as the both switched between blowing me and suckling my balls… I couldn’t tell who was who, just two perfect warm mouths with soft breezes of air when they switched..

Someone poured a liquid over my dick.. I could tell it was sticky..

“mhm. Honey”- Erica moaned. Must have been something she brought from the kitchen…

they kept switching, adding more honey, which in turn mad them suck and lick harder and faster…

“I’m going to cum… watch out!!”

I didn’t know who’s mouth was on my dick at the time, but someone took my hands and held them on her head. I squirted my load directly into her mouth, and almost died of ecstasy when every drop of cum was swallowed..

“well that’s one thing I can’t say I’ve never done anymore.” Sarah said when she pulled her mouth off my cock.


Up next:

David eats out Erica, while fingering sarah.

Sarah and Erica do stuff to each other while david can only feel it, since it’s still dark

Sarah and david end up having sex, but while Erica gets eaten out by david.

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pity i had an orgasm before i reead this

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I voted positive because the story was good. However, it would benefit greatly from proofreading. Sentences and proper names begin with capitals. Also, some of the sentences I had to read multiple times to make sense of them. Other than that, good.

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Shut the f**k up pledge

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