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Cassie Lee and Daddy together, until Mommy comes home & joins the fun

Hey, Deedee, I opened the door after getting home from school about 3:30 and surprise surprise, Daddy was sitting on the couch with the TV on watching ESPN! I said, “Daddy, what are YOU doing home?” He said, “Well, baby, wasn’t much going on at the office, so several of them took off for golf and I thought I’d come home and catch up on a couple of magazines.”

Now, my very best dear diary BFF Deedee, you know it’s been two weeks since Mommy and Daddy last invited me to their bed overnight (which was MY VERY FIRST THOUGHT) coz Daddy’s been working late for a couple weeks so I HARDLY EVER see him anymore, what with school and all. And even Mommy comes home late sometimes and just brings pizzas or Chinese….

So, I dropped my books and ran over to the couch and jumped his bod. I really wanted some fucks, Deedee. It’s been so long! I held his face in my hands and just looked deep in his eyes and told him I wanted to cuddle since I haven’t seen him so long. I really hoped he wasn’t too tired to strip my clothes off and do me right there in the living room. He knows I love fucks now. I was on his lap and hugging him and I could feel his thing getting hard under my butt. He tossed his magazine on the floor. His hands on my waist turned me around and I was right in front of him standing up and giggling coz I knew he was gonna play with me. YIPPEE!! He pulled my pants down and said he was going to kiss my butt a lot. Ooooh, I tell you, Deedee, I was so ready for this. I love it when he kisses my butt. Maybe I’ll get to do that to him, too. Mommy says he has a “tight ass” and she likes doing that. I’ve watched her sometimes doing that, and she always has her hand around in front stroking his cock while she’s kissing back there. Sometimes she even lets me do the stroking in front, and I tell ya, Deedee, I think Daddy likes that even more. Once, he said in a real serious Adult voice, “Cassie Lee, you may feel free to jack me off whenever you want.” I had to laugh coz he sounded so serious.

He reached under my skirt and pulled my pink panties down and then got down on his knees behind me, and boy, Deedee, I knew what was coming! His arms came around me and cuddled my stomach and I tell you, that is so sexual when your Daddy’s hands are warm on your stomach and his lips are smooching your behind!!!! I don’t think sex ed next year is gonna talk about this!! If they did, I’d love to Show ‘n Tell!! Hahaha. And then I felt his lips kissing my butt and that was like super. He spent a lot of time on one side just all over, and then switched to the other side, kissing my buttcheeks. “Baby,” he said, “you have the prettiest little ass. I could spend an hour kissing it.” I told him, “Daddy, suck my ass all you want.” Gosh, Deedee, I could feel him giving me some hickeys then!!! He knows to put them on the inside of my buttcheeks, though, so they don’t show when I’m showering after PE. I think he must have given me a thousand kisses on my butt. I could feel Daddy’s tongue everywhere. Well, except right smack dab in the middle where I wanted it. Daddy’s kind of strange about that. Sometimes he just tries to dive right in the middle and get right to my butthole or my pussy, but other times, he just kinda like plays all around EXCEPT there.

I kept wanting to lean forward so he’d have to kiss my butthole or my pussy, but he wouldn’t let me. I really didn’t mind, though, coz I love having Daddy’s hands clutching my stomach and his lips all over my butt. I thought it would be wonderful if he’d stick his finger in my butt like he’s done before, or his tongue, but he just didn’t do that. I was really surprised that he didn’t even stick his finger or his tongue in my pussy. Actually, I couldn’t keep my fingers away from my pussy while he was doing that back there. I was getting really “hot” and asked him, “Can I taste your swimmers, Daddy?” He said all in good time, honey, all in good time. Mommy has been teaching me a lot about sexual stuff like semen, so now I know all about those little guys that try to make women pregnant. I definitely know what they taste like, Deedee, since Daddy has been kind to me many times by now. Mommy likes watching him shoot those swimmers in me, she really gets off on that. I like watching her get her swimmers, too. She’s taken a lot of time to teach me how to get those swimmers out.

Sometime later, he sat me on his lap, and there we were, Deedee, watching ESPN Sports Report, which I don’t give a good goddarn about. Daddy’s hands were on my hips. He nuzzled my hair and back of my neck, and then he whispered in my ear, “Wanta be my little whore again?” Well, golly, of course I did !! I’m really getting into S-E-X , Deedee. They’ve taught me so many things about it. I won’t have anything else to learn about it when we do Sex Ed next year. I said, “Daddy, let me jack you off.”

I moved back a little and he moved his butt forward a little so my butt didn’t block his zipper. Mommy liked to talk dirty sometimes to him to get him excited, so I did this, too – “I think your dick would look really good sticking out between my legs, right between my cunt lips, Daddy.” I leaned my head back when I said this, like I’ve seen Mommy do sometimes, and of course he was kissing all over my cheek and neck. He said that would be a fun thing to do, since it was still in the afternoon and the sports reporting thing was only showing last week’s results, so I lifted my butt up and he unbuttoned my skirt in front and I slid it off. I know Daddy was real proud of me for thinking of this, coz he likes it when I take charge. (Sometimes we play like I’m Janice.) My panties are pink. I’d put them back on after all that kissing he did. He likes seeing me in my panties. Then he loosened his belt and zipper and I lifted up for a second while he stripped off pants and his undies and then YEP, there’s my friend, his good ole penis popping up between my legs and I was real happy to see it again, I could see that blue vein, and his bulb was just sticking right out hard and smooth like always. I wanted to suck it, but he kept me on his lap, so I just licked my hand like he taught me and grabbed it and started jacking him off ‘cause I know it makes him smile. He likes having Mommy watch while I do this to him. He said, “Wet your hand even more, baby, and just do it on the bulb.” He calls the very end of his dick The Bulb, Deedee. I already knew coz Mommy had taught me you can jack Daddy off by stroking up and down on his shaft, or by stroking his Bulb but you have to get your hand wet for that, which is like you’re sucking Daddy’s cock with your wet mouth.

You have to really pay attention, Deedee, to be a Real Woman – there’s so much to learn! I suppose we’ll learn this when I get in Sex Ed next year, but I know about it all right now, so I’ll probably get an A on the first big test. Here’s another thing I learned from Mommy – if you just lick your hand with your tongue, it gets wet and that’s okay, but if you stick your fingers way back far, you can get slimier spit if you don’t gag, and that’s even gooier almost like when Daddy’s prick makes the first bit of wet stuff that he calls pre-come, which sounds stupid to me. I just call it slippery stuff, coz it is. I guess that’s why he likes Mommy to suck his dick coz she can take it all the way in, down to the slimier stuff, and I suppose it goes in her throat some, so that’s like it’s a narrow channel like a real tight pussy like mine. Daddy always tells me I have a tight pussy and he likes that. I just have to laugh sometimes later when I’m in bed by myself late at night and masturbating and thinking about Sex Ed next year. No way can I tell them Daddy prefers a tight pussy like mine coz it’s like Janice sucking his dick entirely down inside her. She says this is called “deep throat”. Yeah, I can see that. I sure hope she teaches me how to do this. I definitely know what it feels like when Daddy’s prick is all the way up in me and his pubic bone is rubbing right on mine, so I wonder if it feels something like that when you have it all the way in your mouth? Oh Deedee, there’s SO MUCH to learn!

Janice told me once that some women won’t even put a dick in their mouth, even if their husband wants them to. She says they say it’s “dirty”. Well, Deedee, that’s just plain crazy. Daddy takes a shower every morning and sometimes again in the evening when he’s been out running. Mommy and I both shower or take a bath every day, too. There’s nothing dirty about it.

So there we are, Daddy’s dick is sticking out between my legs like I have one, which is pretty funny but I tell ya, Deedee, it would be pretty wild to have my own dick like Daddy does. I could see me laying around and jacking off a lot coz it’s fun, it’s like a toy. But really, I don’t see how men walk around with this and their tentacles in front of them like this. I kinda like my own self better – my panties fit real tight up against me and just look so cool like that. I don’t think I’d want a bulge like guys have to have. So I’m licking my hand and then jacking him off and we’re having a good old time. Daddy reaches over behind me and takes a big drink of his iced tea, swallows it, and then kisses me on the back of my neck with his cold wet lips. “OOOOHHHH,” I say, and he giggles. Then Deedee, you won’t believe this!! I feel his hand coming around and sliding into my panties and then WOW IT’S COLD! He’s got an ice cube and rubbing it over my pussy lips, and then spreading them with his fingers and rubbing the ice cube over my clit. Woo boy, am I surprised, and boyohboy am I rubbing his Bulb now. I can’t keep my legs closed at all, and I sure don’t want to, that chilly ice cube is exciting down there but it’s freezing and I’ve never done anything like this before! Another Real Woman Cassie-School moment, for sure. And then OMG Deedee he pokes that ice cube right inside my hole, just pushes it in me. I only felt it for a moment, and then it was like there wasn’t anything there at all. I don’t know why it wasn’t cold inside me. I’ll have to ask Mommy, she’s probably done this before. I was giggling coz Daddy said “Now it’s there, now it’s gone, TA DAAAAH!”

Well, Daddy goes how did you like that, baby, and I go I loved it Daddy you know just what to do with a Real Woman don’t you and he goes only when I have such good whores like you and Mommy to play with. Deedee, it makes me so proud to hear my handsome Daddy say things like this, and Mommy too. I’m learning to be a real good whore for them. I think it’s great fun to be the second whore.

I go back to jacking Daddy off by stroking his shaft, and then about a minute later we hear Mommy at the door and she comes in and sees me sitting there with my white blouse on and my pink panties with Daddy’s cock sticking out between my legs and me jacking him off and she goes “Oh Cassie Lee, aren’t you the neatest little Daddy’s whore!” and she’s giggling and so of course I grin real big at Mommy and keep on doing it and Daddy is kissing back of my neck.

Mommy walks over and bends down and gives me a soft kiss, and then bends down a little more and smooches on Daddy’s bulb. She’s got this big silly grin on her face. She goes over and sits in the easy chair opposite the couch and just relaxes for a minute, watching us. She takes off her shoes and unbuttons her light-blue blouse with the ruffles down the front. Her bra is also light-blue. And then I feel something trickling into my panties. Daddy senses something going on with me different and knows just what is happening – “the ice cube is melting, baby.” I feel just like I’m peeing my pants, it’s so wet down there. I pop off Daddy’s lap and stand in front of him, and Mommy sees my wet panties and goes baby did you pee yourself? So I told her what Daddy did with the ice cube and she laughs and laughs, and then Daddy laughs, and then I start laughing, too. I don’t even take them off. I just get on my knees in front of Daddy and start giving him a BJ (that’s a Blow Job, Deedee) and I make sure to keep my knees on the floor and my legs spread wide coz Mommy loves to watch and I want to show her my wet panties between my legs. She’s so pretty when she laughs. We have a lot of fun when we do sex. Mommy says that’s the way S-E-X is supposed to be but they probably won’t teach me that in Sex Ed next year.

Daddy’s saying nice things to me and running his fingers in my hair and I can hear Mommy taking off clothes, so I pull my mouth off Daddy’s tentacle and say (since I know they both like me to “be in charge”), “Janice, come suck my wet pussy right through my peed panties.” Well Deedee, no sooner said than done. She’s behind me sucking away and kissing my butt while I go back to trying to get as much of Daddy’s delicious hard prick in my mouth as I can, which isn’t much. He likes it anyway. He says he wishes he was a painter so he could paint the picture of my mouth around his cock and put it up on his bedroom wall.

Mommy’s hands are on my stomach feeling me, and then she’s unbuttoning my blouse while she’s leaving hickeys on my butt. You may not know, Deedee, that when someone kisses your skin somewhere, like your neck, real hard and long and sucks at it too, that it leaves like a bruise, and they call that a hickey. I’ve had some already on my boobs from Daddy and Mommy, and they say that is Love, honey, that is Good Lovin’. I asked them once to put one on each side of my pussy lips and they did that at the same time and boy was that fun, and I had two Good Lovin’ bruises there for a week. Mommy said I really know how to spread my legs for some good lovin’. We did that to Mommy too, one time. In PE class, I said I was having my period and so didn’t have to shower. Boy, wouldn’t that have been something if those girls saw hickeys on both sides of my pussy, and on my boobs? They don’t hurt like bruises, Deedee.

Mommy pulls my blouse off and then I only have my wet panties on. I can feel her rubbing her titties against my butt, and my back, and Daddy’s watching her.

He says, “Janice, come fuck me,” and she just climbs over me and sits down on his penis and slides it right in her. I’m right behind her, still on my hands and knees, and I think she knows I love watching Daddy’s bulb slide into her. She starts bouncing up and down on his dick. I get real brave down there and decide to push my finger right in her ass while she’s getting fucks from Daddy, so I do and she groans and says oh baby oh baby and keeps on making fucks, and then in a minute or two she’s going OH OH OHs and I know she’s coming on Daddy’s cock and they’re kissing and just so happy.

It takes a couple of minutes before he quits kissing her face and lips and neck and they just sit there like that all huggy and stuff. I think they forgot about little old me.

When she gets up and Daddy’s prick slides out, I’m real happy to see it’s still hard and so wet. I lick it a few times coz I like the taste of Mommy’s pussy and Daddy’s come, and he says now you come sit on me baby. I turn around and take off my wet panties, spread my legs outside his and slide myself down onto his seven incher boner to get my fucks, too. I lay back against Daddy’s chest and he cuddles me and kisses against my cheek. Mommy is on the floor watching his prick go up me. She reaches up and kisses my clit, then my stomach, then each of my boobs, and my mouth, and then she sits very carefully and lightly on top of me and starts kissing Daddy with me between them. I like it coz her titties are right where I can suck on them and just plaster kisses all over them. I start working on some hickeys, I think she’d like that.

Deedee, you don’t know how wonderful this is !!!!!! Maybe someday you’ll get to have heaven like this, too.

Daddy must have been tuckered out after all that coz his dick just kinda slid out of me. I felt it go. Mommy noticed something different in me, too, and she said what’s up, honey, and I told her. She said awww, that’s too bad….coz she knows how much I enjoy having Daddy’s penis inside me, too. She said, “Let’s go get Daddy a beer and give him some time to recuperate, and then maybe he’ll be able to give you good fucks, too.” You can bet I jumped up then, Deedee. Sounds good to me!!

Mommy’s naked and me, too, but it didn’t matter, we just hopped on our feet and went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and got two beers and a Ginger Ale for me. Boy, I love that taste, especially when it kinda climbs up your nose and makes your head freak out. If I ever get to be a Senator, I’ll make Ginger Ale the National Drink!! We started to leave the kitchen, Mommy following me, but then she said wait a minute, honey. She said I have such a cute ass and she could certainly see why Daddy likes kissing it and asked me Mother may I? I had to laugh – my own momma asking permission to kiss my ass. Can you believe, Deedee? Well, you know I went sure, Janice, just like I was giving her permission, coz I know she enjoys this just like Daddy does, and I do, and I remembered we wanted to use up some time for Daddy to “recuperate”. So there I am, laying across the tabletop with my butt sticking out and Mommy kneeled down behind me and just kissing the living life out of my butt just like Daddy did. This was even better, though, coz she used her hands to spread my buttcheeks and started in licking my pussy from behind, and running her tongue from there up to my butthole and kissing and sucking on that, too. I coulda died, Deedee. She knows me so well. I really wanted her to put her hands around to my clit and jack me off, but she kept her hands on my hips and butt to spread my cheeks out. I just laid there like I was in heaven, which I think I was. My eyes were closed and it was wonderful, and I thought once that I oughta do this to Janice, too, the next time I got the chance. I think I was making a lot of OOHs and AAHs.

Well, I think this went on forever. We heard Daddy saying what are you two sluts doing in there, do I need to come in and break something up, and Mommy laughed and yelled out no, I’m just having a little dessert here, wait your turn. After a few more real hard kisses on both of my cheeks, she stood up and turned me around and said taste my tongue, sweetie, so I did, and it tasted just like when I masturbate and lick my fingers for more spit, and then she said let’s go have more fun with Daddy.

Mommy had the two beers in her hands and I had my ginger ale. I think Daddy really liked seeing his two favorite women naked coz his hand went right to his dick. We sat on his sides and Mommy gave him his beer and there we all were, just naked as jaybirds and real happy drinking it all up. Daddy said if someone held his bottle, he could put his arms around us, so I did and his arms came around our shoulders and Mommy said you can get to second base if you want and I didn’t know what she meant but then his hands grabbed our boobs and he squeezed and then I knew what the girls in the shower room after PE meant. I always thought some of them were talking about baseball. I took a drink of mine and gave Daddy a drink of his and asked them what was third base, which is what two of the girls with bigger boobs always talked about like it was some big secret – that they made sure EVERYBODY heard them talking about. Mommy laughed and then smiled real pretty at me and said to Daddy, you tell her. “Remember your third day of Cassie School? Well, what it all comes down to is when you get fucks, that’s what young girls call third base. First base is kissing, second base is when a boy starts feeling your boobs or down below, and third base is when he finally manages to put it in you. So what do you think about that?”

I gave him another drink of his beer and was really enjoying him scrunching his hand on my tip and squeezing my nipple. I handed his bottle to Mommy and said just a minute while I took a big swig of my ginger ale, mostly to give myself time to think a minute. I slid my hand over to his cock and started rubbing while I drank. He was starting to get hard again, and I liked that coz I knew what was coming for me – THIRD BASE!!!! Finally, while I’ve still got my hand wrapped around Daddy’s dick which is getting hard now and I’m stroking on it, I tell them “I like all those bases as long as it’s you and Daddy. I think there oughta be a Home Run, too.” Janice’s eyebrows go up real high and Daddy’s mouth falls open. I say, “I think a Home Run is when your Mom and Dad teach you about Third Base by giving you fucks, coz that’s the best ever.”

Well, they about split a gut laughing at that, and it made me happy too. Mommy tipped up his bottle and he finished it off and she did too and Daddy was real hard then like when he’s ready and so I just bent over and started sucking his cock and he said oh baby you’re the best and so I sucked as hard as I could and I tried to get as much in my mouth each time, too, but it sure wasn’t much, but I don’t think Daddy minded at all watching the back of my head bob up and down on him.

Then I got a bright idea, like I get sometimes. I lifted up and kissed Daddy on the mouth and said, “hey, let’s have Janice scrunch down on the couch like I just did on the kitchen table, and then you can get behind me.” Mommy thought that was a great idea and went baby do the same things to me I was doing to you, okay, and I went that’ll be fun, and so everybody just moved around and there was Mommy’s butt right in my face coz I was kneeled down behind her and kissing her butt and spreading her buttcheeks like she did to me and I could hardly believe it, Deedee, my wish was coming true from just a little bit before. Daddy went behind me and I felt his hands spreading my legs and he was kissing on my back and his hands were squeezing my tips and then I felt him pushing into my pussy and oh that was so terrific coz I was just eating on Mommy at the same time and she was going OH OH OH DON’T STOP…. I was licking all up and down just like she did and I even pushed my finger into her butthole while I was doing this and it was real exciting coz I knew Daddy was doing a Home Run for me.

It was getting pretty noisy with all three of us moaning and stuff, and Daddy’s fingers playing with my clit just did the trick for me even more than being stuffed with his wonderful dick, and then BLAM, Deedee, I blasted off and I’m sure Mommy noticed coz I think my face just melted flat into her butt and I quit eating her out. She heard me going off and turned around and watched while I was still twitching and shaking, and she started hugging me even while Daddy was still pounding his cock in me. As it turns out, Deedee, he didn’t come that time, I guess he was still too tired after all he’d done already, but I didn’t mind, his big cock was so big inside me and Mommy was hugging me and I really really did have a Home Run time right then and there. I think I understand baseball now.

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