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Horny teenage girl who likes to suck cock
Chapter 2

   Humming happily to herself, Susie pushed open the door
of MacIntosh's Gift and Variety.  A little bell rang out,
and three men gathered near the counter looked up to see who
had come in.  One of them, of course, was Pop MacIntosh; the
other two Susie had never seen before.  One of the strangers
was talking loudly when Susie entered, waving a large cigar
in the air; he was a big, barrel-chested man in a plaid suit
almost as loud as his voice.  The other was smaller and
quieter, balding and bespectacled.  The big man had
evidently just told a dirty joke, for he and Pops burst into
laughter while the little man grinned sheepishly.  They grew
suddenly silent when they saw Susie in the doorway.

   "Hi, Pops!  How's business?"

   "Susie!  What a sight for sore eyes.  I was hoping you'd
drop in today.  I've been telling these gentlemen about you,
and they're very anxious to meet you."

   Susie's pussy twitched delightedly at Pop's words. She
knew what "meet" meant in this case, and she was always
happy to "meet" new men.  Thanks to Pop she had met a lot of
men lately.

   "Christ, MacIntosh!  Is that her?  But she's jail-bait.  
Just a kid," the big man whispered to Pop, but Susie
overheard and smiled.

   "Don't worry, gents," Pop whispered back, winking at
Susie.  ""She may be little but she's got more than enough
for both of you.  But you're free to leave if you want."

   "Oh no!" exclaimed the smaller one.  "We'll stay.  We'll

   The variety store business was not a good one, and Pops
had been sinking further and further into debt until he met
Susie earlier that year.  One day she had gone in for some
candy and found him looking so sad that she had sat under
his counter and sucked his cock to cheer him up.  She liked
come much better than candy anyway.  After that she began
dropping in regularly to suck him off or to ask him to fuck
her in his back room.  That was when he had begun supplying
her with replacement panties; he had actually offered her
anything in the store, but she knew he was having financial
problems and refused to take anything except the pleasure of
having his cock in her.

   Once she had come in and found him in the middle of a
terrible argument with a strange, hard-looking man who was
insisting that Pop pay his debts--or else.  Susie had
quickly manoeuvered the man into the back room and just as
quickly manoeuvered his cock into her.  She still remembered
how cruelly and brutally he had fucked her; she was
disappointed that he had never come back.  But after that
day there were many others.  Soon she was regularly
satisfying Pop's creditors--and herself--in his back room
several times a week.  Susie was sure that by now Pop didn't
owe anybody anything, she had taken on so many cocks in that
dusty store-room, many of them over and over again.  She
suspected that now he was simply finding men who would pay
him to "meet" her.  She didn't mind at all; in fact, Susie
couldn't think of a nicer arrangement.  That way everybody
benefited, especially her.

   Today, as she felt the eyes of the three men on her, she
knew she was in for an interesting time in the back room.  
She smiled her thanks to Pop; he tried to smile back but he
had no teeth so his smile always looked like a grimace.  He
was a chubby, rotund man, in his late fifties, and
completely bald.  But he had a nice cock.  She hoped the
others did too.

   "This is Mr. Harrison and Mr. Messner, Susie.  They're
salesmen.  Mr. Harrison is in tobacco--cigars, cigarettes--
and Mr. Messner's line is candy.  And this is Susie,

   "Pleased to meet you, sir, and you too, sir."

   "Now, what can I do for you, young lady?" asked Pop with
a twinkle in his eye.  "If it's cigars or lollipops you
want, you've come at the right time."

   They all laughed, but Susie noted that the two strangers
were a little uneasy.  Now that they had finally met the
girl Pop had been telling them about, they couldn't quite
believe it.  She certainly didn't seem the type, yet there
was something about her that set their cocks twitching in
their pants.  Susie looked pointedly at their crotches and

   "Gee, I really like lollipops, but I've never tried a

   "Maybe you should, eh, Susie girl," said Mr. Harrison,
the big one.  "Nothing like a good big cigar to set the
juices flowing, eh Pop?"  He laughed again, his eyes glued
so tightly to Susie's titties that he didn't see her lick
her lips in anticipation.

   "Lollipops are good, too.  Don't forget that candy is
dandy." said the candy salesman.

   "Well, I hope Mr. Messner will let me taste his
lollipop--I bet it's a really nice one--and I'd be happy to
try your cigar, too, Mr. Harrison, but please don't tell
anyone.  I'm not old enough to smoke."  Even though she
rather liked this kind of teasing conversation, Susie
decided to hurry things along.  "But actually, what I came
in for was . . . well, it's embarrassing.  I seem to have
lost my panties again, Pop, and I need a new pair before I
go home."

   The two salesmen didn't quite know how to react to this
unexpected declaration, but Pop knew how to play the game.

   "Lost your panties again, Susie?  That's the second time
this week and its only Wednesday.  Very careless of you.  
But how do I know you're telling the truth?  I think you'd
better show us."

   Susie immediately pulled her skirt up above her waist
and spun around in front of the three men.  They watched
wide-eyed as her delightfully round ass and tender,
beckoning pussy flashed by in front of them.

   "Golly!  She's naked!" gasped Mr. Messner, taking off
his glasses.  Harrison just stared.

   "Well, you certainly have lost them--or given them
away," said Pop.  At least it looks that way."

   "Oh yes, Pop.  They're really gone.  But you don't have
to believe me, these men will tell you, won't you?  Put your
hands down here and tell Pop if I'm naked or not, please,

   With those words, Susie reached out and took one hand of
each salesman.  Mr. Messner was short enough that she could
press his hand right against her pussy.  She tugged
impatiently on an astonished Harrison's arm until he bent
down and she could press his fingers against her ass cheek.  
The small lollipop salesman, immediately began moving his
fingers through her silken pussy hair.  He had never felt
anything like it.  But Harrison just let his hand rest on
her ass cheek as if paralysed. Then he swore and set his
cigar down on the counter, before moving his other hand to
Susie's other ass cheek.

   "Yes, she is.  She's naked.  Oh my goodness, she's
naked, MacIntosh" stammered Mr. Messner.  Harrison said
nothing at first.  He simply squeezed Susie's ass in
disbelief, then he burst out with:

   Christ!  She is naked!  I don't believe it!"

   "See?  I told you.  No panties," laughed Susie,
suddebnly spinning away from the two men.

   "Well, I think I just might have some panties in the
back that will fit you, but we'll have to try them on

   "O.K. Pop.  But if they don't fit, maybe Mr. Harrison
and Mr. Messner could just put their hands back there again.  
They felt so nice and warm."  She suddenly burst into an
uncontrollable fit of giggles.  "Boy, but we'd sure look
funny walking down the street."

   "I don't know about that, Susie, but I bet the guys
would like it.  Lets get into the back-room and try
something on."

   "Christ yeah!  Lead the way, MacIntosh!  Come on,
Messner!  Don't just stand there looking stupid.  This is
prime pussy!"

   Pop led the way to his cluttered store-room, Susie
followed him while the other two men followed her, trying to
get their hands back onto her naked ass.  She slowed to make
it easier for them.

   "Oh, that's so nice.  But I guess I'll have to get all
undressed if I'm going to try the panties on, won't I Pop?"

   "Yes, indeed, Susie.  How else could we see if they fit?  
But these two gentlemen will help you, won't you boys?  Help
Susie get undressed?"

   Suddenly Mr. Messner--Susie had begun to think of the
two salesmen as the cigar man and the lollipop man--grabbed
at the hem of her skirt and tried to pull it down.

   "Oh, golly yes!  Here, let me help!"

   "You have to undo the zipper first, Mr. Messner.  Mr
Harrison, could you help me with my T-shirt please?"

   While the lollipop man awakwardly tried to tug her skirt
down over her hips, the cigar man let go of her ass and
started to pull up her T-shirt.  Susie held her hands in the
air, but Harrison stopped pulling as soon as her T-shirt was
covering her face.  He was so fascinated by her young, but
full-fleshed titties and their quivering nipples that he
couldn't resist touching them, palming them.  Meanwhile
Messner had finally got her skirt down around her ankles and
he was kneeling in front of her stroking her sparse but
silken pussy hair.  Susie sighed happily, thrust her breasts
out against the cigar man's rough fingers, and began to jerk
her hips in response to the lollipop man's caresses.  Pop
was opening a package, and suddenly spoke up.

   "Here we are.  These should fit.  We'll just slip them
on as soon as you finish undressing her."

   Harrison quickly let go of Susie's titties and finished
pulling the T-shirt over her head, wanting to get his hands
back on to her as soon as possible.

   "Christ, MacIntosh!  Hurry it up.  This is getting
interesting.  God!  What a pair of tits for a kid!"

   But Pop MacIntosh was in no hurry; he knew how it all
would end and he enjoyed watching these men's discomfort.  
He held up a tiny pair of pink bikini panties, just a
fragile wisp of cloth.  In fact they were identical to the
ones Susie had left with Mr. Mascalla because they had come
out of the same box just the day before.  While the two
salesmen watched impatiently Pop helped Susie step into them
and pulled them up for her, letting his stubby hands slide
appreciatively over her body as he did so.  

   Susie's experienced eye could see movement beneath all
the men's slacks.  It was a good thing her inner itches had
been so well scratched before she left school or she would
have quickly lost patience with this game.  But she knew
that Pop enjoyed it, and she knew that she would not have
long to wait before the game turned serious--and she was
sure she would be the winner.  So she relaxed and enjoyed
the rough and awkward but familiar caresses Pop bestowed on

   The panties stretched and moulded themselves to her
delicious roundness.  The material cupped the slight swell
of her  Venus mound so closely that the quivering pussy lips
could be clearly seen beneath the almost transparent cloth;
it stretched over the curves of her ass like a second skin.  
As she turned in front of the admiring and lusting men, the
bell over the front door tinkled its unwelcome message.  Pop
had to go to look after his customer, leaving Susie alone
with the two very horny salesmen who were having a very hard
time keeping their hands to themselves after the liberties
they had been allowed earlier.

   "I don't think that these will do.  They're much too

   "Too big?" the lollipop man asked incredulously, his
eyes almost bulging out of his head.

   "Yes, much too big.  Why I bet you could get your hand
right inside here at the front."  She guided his trembling
hand into position right over her pussy.  "There!  Didn't I
tell you?  You can even move your fingers around.  And you,
Mr. Harrison, I bet you could get your hands inside, too,
here at the back.  See!  You can move it around too.  Ohhh
yes!  Move them like that!  It's so nice."

   Susie was right.  It was entirely possible for both men
to get their hands in her pants.  They were pressed close
against her.  Once she had pushed their hands under the
waistband of her panties they were ready to take it from

   "Oh my goodness," cried Mr. Messner as his fingers
slipped between her pussy lips and were almost sucked into
her cunt.  "My God!  What an ass!" grunted Mr. Harrison as
he probed at her ass crack.  The material of the panties
stretched incredibly but it did not break; that was why
Susie liked them so much.  The lollipop man suddenly bent
down and took one of her hard little nipples in his mouth as
his finger moved in her pussy; the cigar man's hand soon
grabbed hold of the other breast and squeezed it.  Susie
sighed in delight, but it was not nearly enough for her.

   "Oh yes, oh my yes!  Oh thank you for helping me with my
panties.  But they won't do will they.  I'll have to take
them off until Pop can find me another pair."

   "Yes!  Take them off.  I'll do it!" cried Mr. Messner,
pushing at the offending piece of cloth.

   She stepped out of the panties but the men's hands
remained on her.  Mr. Messner's fingers were now digging
furiously into her cunt while Mr. Harrison was beginning to
probe at her tiny asshole.  Susie reached out to either side
of her, found the male organs she was searching for, and

   "Oh my!  Is this your cigar, Mr. Harrison?  And I bet
this is yur lollipop, Mr. Messner.  I just love to suck on
lollipops.  I'm sort of an all-day sucker. And who knows?
maybe I'll like the feel of a cigar in my mouth too.  Oh,
your hands feel so good.  Go ahead, Mr. Harrison, you can
push your fingers in there.  I like things stuck in my

   Susie had decided not to waste any more time.  She
played these little games largely for Pop MacIntosh's sake
and he wasn't here now.  Quickly her practised hands lowered
the men's zippers and managed to extricate their half-hard

   "Oh, how lovely!  What a big cigar!  And what a
delicious looking lollipop!  I just have to taste it!"

   She bent at the waist and began to suck on Mr. Messner's
juicy lollipop.  It really was delicious, hard and firm in
her mouth.  While she sucked she wiggled her dimpled ass in
Mr. Harrison's face.  It did not take him long to get her
message.  He rubbed his rapidly swelling cock through her
dripping ass-crack, then with one vigorous push he planted
his big cigar deep in her pussy.  

   Both men had lost all inhibitions now.  Mr. Messner was
driving his rigid lollipop right into her throat, holding
her by the head as he furiously fucked her face; behind her,
Mr. Harrison was frantically plunging his big cigar in and
out of her devouring cunt.  Susie's tiny body was buffeted
between the two men.  Mr. Harrison grabbed hold of her hips
and pulled her against him as he drove into her.  Her feet
were completely off the floor now; she was supported only by
the iron-hard cocks buried deep in her mouth and cunt.  When
they plunged into her together, she thought she could feel
their cock-heads collide somewhere deep inside her, and
their collision set off incredible explosions in her body.
It was wonderful.  She closed her eyes and clutched at Mr.
Messner's hips, trying to slide his cock even deeper into
her throat.  The sensations continued to mount with every
thrust, and the explosions they set off in her grew sharper
and bigger every second.

   The big cigar in her cunt exploded first, flooding her
with its juices.  As his cock softened and threatened to
slip out of her pussy, Mr. Harrison lowered her gently to
her knees.  She did not let go of Mr. Messner's hips,
holding his lollipop between her lips and relishing the way
it thrust incessantly into her throat.  The zipper of his
fly dug into her cheek as she strained to swallow the entire
length of his cock into her tightly constricted throat, but
the little bit of pain only added to her pleasure.  Finally
he too could hold out no longer  and Susie found herself
eagerly swallowing gob after gob of sweet lollipop juice.

   When she had drained every drop from Mr. Messner's
lollipop, Susie, as usual, turned to Mr. Reynold's limp
cigar and took it into her mouth to lick clean of their
mingled juices.  She was still cradling it lovingly between
her lips when Pop came hurrying back.

   "You've started without me!  That's not fair!  But isn't
Susie a lovely little girl?"

   "Christ!  What a cunt!  And what a mouth!" grunted Mr.
Harrison as Susie finished licking up the drops of come that
clung to the hairs of his balls.  "Oh my goodness!  I've
never felt anything like it," said Mr. Messner,, watching in
hypnotic fascination as the mouth that had just sucked him
off worked over his colleague's limp prick.  At last Susie
let go of the salesman's cigar and looked over impatiently
at Pop.  

   "I just couldn't wait, Pop.  I didn't mean to forget
you.  How could I?  Hurry and get undressed and let's do it
like we did on Monday.  I ate Mr. Messner's lollipop and had
Mr. Harrison's cigar in me.  Now I want Pop's popsicle!"

   Even as she spoke the old store-keeper was quickly
undressing until all he wore was an old and yellowed
undershirt that barely covered his protruding belly, and
certainly didn't conceal his protruding cock, a surprisingly
sturdy tool.

   Pop MacIntosh and Susie worked together like a well-
practised team--which they were.  Pop hurriedly pulled out
an old blanket and sat on the floor.  Susie crouched between
his legs and licked lovingly at his cock until it was hard
and erect.  Then Pop lay back on the blanket while Susie
clambered over his body, set his cock at the entrance to her
pussy, and slowly sank down onto it until her ass was
pressed tightly against his belly.  Then she began to
bounce.  Up and down.  In and out.  Faster and faster she
moved on the shop-keeper's throbbing pole.  Her eyes were
closed and her mouth hung open, releasing strange whimpers
of pleasure as orgasm overtook her.

   But Pop's cock stayed hard in her cunt and Susie did not
stop moving.  The sensations in her belly built quickly to
new peaks as she slid up and down, screwing her ass around
the pole she so happily impaled herself on.  She was
beginning a climb to a gigantic climax when she turned to
the two watching salesmen and called to them to come closer.  
Without breaking her rhythm she reached out and grasped
their reawakening cocks.  The two men stood, one on each
side of Pop's head, their cocks pointing straight towards
Susie.  Moaning in pleasure, she pulled them even closer and
bent her head forward until her lips were able to close
around the head of the Mr. Messner's juicy lollipop.  She
sucked avidly for a few seconds, then let go and stuffed Mr.
Harrison's big cigar into her mouth.

   Up and down she bounced on Pop's cock, clutching at
first one salesman's balls, then the other's, as she sucked
on their cocks.  But her excitement and passion only went
up.  With Pop's fat pole stuffed into her cunt and two juicy
pricks for her mouth to feast upon, Susie was in heaven.
Hungry for all the cock she could swallow she tried to pull
both salesmen's pricks into her mouth at the same time.  
Four hands tangled in her hair and pulled her head forward
as her lips stretched wider than ever before.  Then they
were in her.

   "Christ!" groaned Mr. Harrison;  "Golly!" exclaimed Mr.
Messner.  They each tried to push their cocks deeper into
her mouth but there simply wasn't room.  For Susie the
sensation was so intense, the feeling of being completely
stuffed with cock so strong that her quivering body went
over the edge again, and this time her convulsing cunt took
Pop with her.  He cried out and clutched at her hips as his
prick began to spurt deep within her belly.  Susie had to
let the two salesmen's cocks pop free from her mouth.  They
were swelling too quickly.  She collapsed onto Pop's chest,
panting and whimpering as the convulsions of her orgasm
shook her slender body.  When she had stopped trembling she
began to whisper her gratitude to the old man, nuzzling at
his grizzled chest hair while he stroked her head.  The two
salesmaen stood there, their cocks sticking out grotesquely
in front of them, watching the old man and the young girl,
desperately wanting to plunge their cocks back into her.

   After a few seconds Susie lifted her head.  The two men
were now both fiercely erect.  Susie's eyes glowed with
anticipation as she looked at the hard flesh poking out from
their pants.

   "Oh goodie!  My lollipop and my cigar are back.  I want
you both again.  But you have too many clothes on."

   She gently disengaged herself from Pop, bending to plant
a big kiss on the end of his cock, licking up the come that
still dribbled from it.  The two men hurriedly stripped off
their clothes and pressed close to Susie, reaching out to
touch and squeeze her flesh.  Susie grabbed Mr. Messner's
lollipop and pulled him to the blanket where Pop was sitting
watching.  Then she pushed him down so that he was facing
Pop and made him lie back on the floor.  Before he quite
realized what was happening she was straddling the candy
salesman, her back to his head, letting her pussy sink down
onto his hard cock, just as she had on Pop's only moments

   "Oh my, yes!  I just love your lollipop in my honeypot!  
Now all I need is your big cigar, Mr. Harrison."

   Harrison tried to push his way in front of her so she
could suck his cock but Pop was sitting there, smiling like
an inscrutable Buddha and he wouldn't move.  The salesman
was going to push the old man out of the way when Susie
asked him to wait.  Then she bent forward, still firmly
planted on Mr. Messner's spike, so that her face fell
towards Pop's lap.  The old man grasped her head and pulled
it against his limp and sticky prick.  Susie sensuously
rubbed her cheek over his cock and balls, purring almost
like a kitten.  Messner began trying to move his cock in her
tightly clasping  cunt.
"Your cigar now, please!  Let me have your cigar.  Put
it in me.  In my bum!"

   Pop lay back and Susie pressed her face against his
crotch.  Her ass was in the air and the tobacco salesman
could see her cunt lips stretched tightly around the other
salesman's cock.  Above it was the tiny winking eye of her
asshole.  He couldn't believe that she meant him to fuck her
there but there was nowhere else and his hard cock was
demanding satisfaction.

   Susie had opened her mouth and swallowed almost all of
Pop's limp and resting cock.  The old man clutched her head.  
Her ass moved, spiralling round on the hard shaft that
filled her cunt.  It was driving Harrison frantic as he
stared at her tiny asshole.  His cock leaped at the thought
of penetrating it, but surely it was impossible.  
Impatiently Susie lifted her head from Pop's tasty prick and
cried out, almost moaning in passion.

   "Please, put it in me, Mr. Harrison.  In my ass.  Fuck
me in the ass with your big cigar."

   She began nursing on the old man's cock again, trying to
hold her ass still, but the twitching lollipop in her pussy
made her want to move, to screw herself furiously on it.  
She moaned in pleasure around Pop's cock when she felt
Harrison's rough hands clutching at her ass.  It was all too
much for him to take.  If she wanted to be fucked in the
ass, he was going to do it, no matter what it did to her.  
Stepping over his colleague's prostrate body, he dug his
fingers into her ass cheeks and held her still as he shoved
his hard and demanding prick into her ass crack.  Muttering
and cursing he poked at her asshole, feeling himself slide
away each time until finally he hit the tiny opening and the
head of his cock popped magically inside the tight anal
ring.  He almost roared with passion as Susie's clamped down
on him.  She, too, cried out in pleasure but Pop's cock was
already swelling again in her throat and only a muffled
groan emerged.

   Blind with lust, the cigar man clutched painfully at
Susie's ass and began to push his cock into her bowels.  He
couldn't believe that he was inside her, yet he could feel
his cock sink further and further into her ass on each
thrust.  He could feel the pressure of the cock in her cunt,
and Susie could feel both hard muscles throbbing inside her,
sending delicious sensations of fullness through her.

   "All the way!  Push it in me all the way.  I want all
your cocks.  Oh I can feel you both!  Isn't it wonderful.  
You're both so deep in me"

   At last Harrison had sunk the full length of his big
cigar into her ass.  The two men filled her lower passages
with their engorged flesh.  Susie began to move, writhing
and twisting her ass, feeling the hard cocks move inside
her, rubbing against each other.  The two men had to move
too.  Beneath her, Mr. Messner strained to lift his hips and
push his cock deeper into her pussy; behind her, Mr.
Harrison could plunge easily into her ass.  And in front of
her she had Pop's delicious meat to suck on.  Susie felt as
if she were in heaven.  Every motion of their hard cocks
sent waves of pleasure through her, and they kept moving.  
All three men had just come in her moments before, so
despite Susie's erotic charms it was a long time before they
were ready to render up another liquid homage to her.

   She came again and again.  She was stuffed to bursting
with hard cock.  It was wonderful.  It should never stop.  
By now, Pop's cock was hard in her mouth as well, pushing
its way into her throat.  After one immensely satisfying
orgasm that shook her whole body, Susie suddenly stopped
moving.  Mr. Harrison continued ploughing his fat cigar into
her asshole, but with a neat flip of her hips, Susie
dislodged him and quickly pulled her cunt off of Mr.
Messner's solid spike.  Both men burst into complaint and
grabbed at her, their red and raging cocks bobbing in the
air.  Susie felt incredibly empty, but she wanted a change.  
And besides, the men were getting too close to coming and
she didn't want to finish yet.  They needed a change of

   "Wait, please.  Just a minute.  I want to do it another
way. Please."

   Harrison just grunted impatiently and tried to grab her
ass again; he wanted back in that tight, hot hole.  Messner
lay there looking bewildered, his long red cock waving in
the air.  But Pop just smiled a big happy grin and  lay back
watching, knowing Susie would look after them all.  She
turned her back on him and squatted over his prick.

   "Your cock, Pop!  Put it in my asshole, please."

   Pop took his rigid organ between two fingers and pointed
it directly at Susie's recently vacated asshole.  She felt
it press against her and bent her knees, sitting down on it.  
The two salesmen watched in fascination as that tiny opening
easily swallowed up the fat head of the old man's cock.  
Susie sighed with contentment and relaxed her knees, letting
all her weight rest on Pop's hard spike, moaning as she felt
it sink deep into her ass.  Then she lay back on the old
man's flabby chest.  He reached around and seized her
titties to hold her in place.  Her cunt was now exposed.

   "Now your lollipop, Mr. Messner.  Fuck me with your
lollipop.  Fuck me hard!"

   Messner quickly scrambled to his feet and knelt in front
of her so he could plunge his eager cock back into that
incredible pussy.  This time he was on top and could move
freely.  He drove into her wildly and enthusiastically while
Susie encouraged him with cries of passion.  But Harrison
couldn't stand being left out.  He roared his disapproval
and tried to pull the smaller man off of Susie's body until
she stopped him by gasping out:

   "Oh no, Mr. Harrison.  I want you too, I want your big
cigar in my mouth.  I want you to fuck my face with it.  
Come here, please."

   Harrison let go of the lollipop man who continued
banging away frantically at Susie's pussy.  He looked down
at his prick, remembering that it had just come out of her
asshole.  But she cried out again and urged him to hurry.  
Her head hung back over Pop's shoulder, so he knelt behind
her, trying to get into position to feed her his cock.  
Susie reached back blindly and caught it in her hand,
pulling him right into her mouth and beginning to suck,
savouring the strong taste and pungent odour her asshole had
left on him. He clutched at her head and began pushing his
cigar in and out of her clasping lips. With her head bent
back, he had clear access to her throat and soon his fat
cock was pushing right into that narrow tunnel.  He gasped
in pleasure as he felt it squeeze down on his cockhead.  It
seemed even tighter than her asshole, and Susie's moans and
cries of pleasure, muffled by his fat cock in her throat,
sent strange vibrations through his flesh that made him
plunge even harder into her.

   Once again Susie was wonderfully filled in all three
holes with hard cock.  And once again her pleasure soared
with every plunge they took into her mouth and cunt. Pop's
stiff prick in her asshole was the one fixed point in her
paroxysms of pleasure.  From either end, her other two
fuckers drove fiercely into her, even more vigorously than

   The brief rest had done them good--increased their
eagerness, yet taken the edge off their arousal.  They
continued to plunge into her for a long, long time.  
Sometimes one would stop for a while to catch his breath,
but there was always at least one stiff prick pounding into
her.  As she exploded into orgasm after orgasm, Susie
writhed on Pop MacIntosh's impaling pole, making it move
deliciously in her asshole and making the old man clutch
fiercely at her titties.  Susie lost all sense of time and
place, so intense were the convulsive spasms that shook her
body.  Then she felt first one, then the other two pricks
begin to spurt into her at almost the same time, and the
feel of all that come pouring into her triggered an orgasm
that almost made her black out, but she did not want to lose
one bit of the overwhelming sensations.   She was awash in
come and she loved it.

   The four bodies collapsed into a tangled, heaving mass
on the blanket.  The men were panting in exhaustion.  They
could hardly move.  With a stab of disappointment Susie felt
the dwindlig pricks slip out of her cunt and asshole.  She
continued to suck on the prick in her mouth until there was
nothing more to be had from it.  Then, carefully extricating
herself from the pile of bodies, she found the other two
cocks that had just shot in her and began licking each of
them clean, revelling in their distinctive tastes.  When she
finally stopped and got to her feet, the men were still in
no condition to do anything.  But Susie felt invigorated and
ready for more.

   "Gee, that was wonderful!  I hope you liked it.  You
were really all so good to me, giving me your lollipop and
your cigar.  Thank you, Mr. Messner.  Thank you, Mr.
Harrison.  I hope you come back again real soon.  I'd love
to stay and suck you until you got hard again, but it's
getting late, and I've got to go.  But oh boy, was it ever
good!  And thank you too, Pop, for introducing me to Mr.
Messner and Mr. Harrison.  I'm always happy to meet men like
them.  I'll see you tomorrow after school."

   All the time she was speaking, Susie was slipping into
her skirt and T-shirt and stepping into her sandals.  The
men watched her in a daze.  She really would have liked to
suck them up into erection again, but she knew that their
cocks and balls were completely depleted, and it might take
forever.  She still had time for other adventures before she
had to be home, and she didn't want to waste the time.  She
carefully knelt beside them and gave each of their cocks a
big kiss, before jumping to her feet and slipping out the
back door.  She left the panties behind.  One of the men
might want them for a souvenir, and besides, she did not
want to be bothered by them just yet.  She would come back
tomorrow and suck Pop off in exchange for another pair.

   Susie felt wonderfully alive and exhilarated.  Life was
so good to her, planting hard horny pricks in her path no
matter where she went.  She had had a lovely visit with Pop,
and she had been totally filled with cock and with come.  It
had been lovely, but she was still ready for more.  And home
was still blocks away.

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2015-05-19 16:03:40
I'd like to know what happened to part 1, where she sucks off her teacher?


2012-05-26 13:42:06
loved the story of the horny little slut who loves cocks, getting fucked and swallowing cum,I can certainly relate.


2012-05-26 13:38:04
loved the story of the horny little slut who loves cocks, getting fucked and swallowing cum,I can certainly relate.

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Wow, I do not know where you found such an imagination, but it works!! Thanks

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wow 2011 01 08 u know ur porn stories whothe fuck cares where when this story may or maynot have been posted before.. get a fucking life you wanker

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