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Horny teenage girl who loves to suck cock
Chapter 3

   Susie whistled gaily as she walked down the street.  Her
hips swung in an instinctive fucking rhythm that no man
could ignore.  Many of those who turned to follow her
tantalizing ass were rewarded with a glimpse of gleaming
white flesh as her short skirt was caught by a passing

   The aftertaste of come was still strong in her mouth and
Susie relished it.  But the male juices she had swallowed
had only satisfied one very special kind of thirst; all her
activity had generated another.  So, when she passed the
Deluxe Luncheonette and old Mrs. Vastos waved to her through
the window, Susie decided to stop for a soft drink.  She
hadn't been in the restaurant for a long time and wanted to
say hello to the elderly Greek couple who ran it.

   "Hi, Mrs. Vastos!  Hi, Mr. Vastos!  How are you?"

   "Why, Miss Susie!  Hello!  Long time you no come here."

   "Oh, I've been very busy.  Starting Juniour High and
all."  The "all" was, of course, sex.  Since her
introduction to it that summer, Susie had had to forego many
of her old habits and activities.  One of them had been
stopping in at the Deluxe after school.  Now she did other
things after school.

   "You in Junior High already?  My, you grow up fast.  You
look real good, too, Miss Susie.  Theo, come see.  Here Miss
Susie to say hello."

   "I just dropped in for a coke."

   "A coke.  O.K.  You sit down.  Theo, take Miss Susie a

   Susie sat at a booth in the back of the restaurant.  The
vinyl banquette felt cold and sticky on her bare skin.  She
tried to spread her skirt demurely over her knees.  Theo
Vastos brought the drink she had ordered.  He was Mrs.
Vastos's husband.  Both of them were in their seventies.  
The restaurant was mainly run by their sons, but at least
part of every day, when business was slow, Mrs. Vastos sat
behind the cash register and Mr. Vastos wiped half-heartedly
at the tables.

   After he set the coke down, Theo Vastos stopped to chat
with her in his careful but awkward and limited English.  He
made Susie think of Mr. Marcella, the school janitor, which
brought immediately to her mind the janitor's immense and
still vigorous cock, despite its age.  The memory of how he
had fucked her in the boiler-room just an hour before
started up a new itch in her pussy and she automatically
looked down at Mr. Vastos's crotch.  She was surprised at
what she saw.

   "Why Mr. Vastos, your fly is undone.  Your zipper."

   The old man looked down in confusion.  He had indeed
forgot to do up his fly when he last came from the toilet.  
It was so hard to remember everything these days.  Hastily
he tried to pull it up, but in his hurry he somehow got it
stuck.  His pulling and tugging only made things worse.

   "It's stuck, Mr. Vastos.  Don't pull so hard.  Here, let
me see if I can fix it."

   Susie bent forward, her face only inches from the old
man's open fly, and pushed and pulled at the zipper to no
avail.  Despite her extensive experience with men's zippers,
she could not make it move.

   But something else did move.  Susie became aware of
movement inside the old man's pants.  Her hands were already
at his open fly, and nothing in the world could have stopped
them from slipping inside on a voyage of discovery.  It was
madness, here in the restaurant with his wife just a few
feet away.  However, Mr. Vastos was standing with his back
to the cash-register, facing Susie, and no one else could
see exactly what was happening.

   Susie's hands found and instinctively began fondling the
Told man's hidden cock.  Mr. Vastos was silent.  She was
surprised that he accepted her actions so naturally,
surprised and delighted.  The restaurant was empty and Susie
was not used to stopping once she got a cock in her hands.  
Carefully she extricated the twitching organ from its
confines and pulled it out into the open.  Mr. Vastos's cock
was the youngest thing about him.  Susie marvelled at its
soft, fresh skin, and its rapidly growing length and
hardness as she caressed it with her gentle but knowing
hands.  She looked up at the old man and whispered, hoping
his wife could not hear:

   "Oh, Mr. Vastos!  It's so nice.  I hope you don't mind
but I just had to see it.  I couldn't help it."

   She had eyes only for that lovely thing, and she was
about to lean forward and kiss it when her reverie was
rudely interrupted.

   "Papa!  What you take so long for?  You bothering Miss

   It was Mrs. Vastos.  She had left her cash-register and
was hobbling painfully on her arthritis-ridden legs towards
the back of the restaurant.  Susie frantically tried to push
the old man's prick back into his pants, but her caresses
had had their effect and it was now too long, too hard.  Mr.
Vastos didn't seem to be worried that his wife might
discover him like this, his cock poking out of his pants
right in front of a thirteen-year old schoolgirl.

   "Oh!  So that what going on.  But maybe Susie no like.  
You ask her first, Theo?"

   "My zipper, Mama.  My zipper stuck.  Won't go up.  Miss
Susie help."

   "Funny helping.  Zipper no go up but something else do.  
So, you like, Susie?  I thought so all the time, but you so
young I wonder.  Me, I like too when I your age. My Theo, he
have nice schlong, you no think?"

   Susie had never heard the word "schlong" before, but she
knew exactly what Mrs. Vastos was talking about.  Once she
got over her amazement she stopped trying to hide the
wonderful tool, but she felt she should at least let go of
it.  Mrs. Vastos had a very unusual attitude but Susie
didn't know how far it would extend.  Looking was one thing,
touching might be quite another.  The old man's long,
youthful cock stood there, poking straight out from his fly,
and all three of them looked at it with admiration.

   "You're not angry then, Mrs. Vastos?  I mean me touching
your husband.  It was me who did it, not Mr. Vastos.  It was
all my fault."

   "Fault, schmalt.  No fault.  Theo really proud of his
schlong.  Like to show it to the girls.  But that's nothing.  
You should see our sons.  Great big.  Like this."

   Mrs. Vastos stretched her hands several feet apart.  
Susie knew she was exaggerating, but just the thought of two
sons with pricks even bigger than their father's was enough
to make her pussy Tache with sudden want.

   "It's a very nice prick, uh,  I mean schlong.  You have
every right to be proud, Mr. Vastos.  At your age, too."

   "Poor Theo.  He stuck with it now.  I no bother with
that stuff any more, but Theo, he still like it."

   Mr. Vastos looked imploringly at Susie, then down at his
slightly wilting erection.  She reached out tentatively and
touched his cock.  His wife said nothing.  Emboldened, Susie
wrapped her fingers around it, feeling it throb against her
hand.  Then she started moving her hand up and down its
length.  She looked over at Mrs. Vastos who was smiling
happily as she watched Susie's fingers move on her husband's

   "Is it all right, Mrs. Vastos?  I can't help it, it's so
nice.  I just have to touch it."

   "Sure, Miss Susie.  You go right ahead.  I remember what
it used to be like.  It long time since Theo have any fun
like that."

   "Ah, yes, nice, nice, Miss Susie.  Oh yes!  Since
Anastasia gone, no more," the old man sighed.

   While continuing to pump his hard prick Susie looked
inquiringly at Mrs. Vastos.

   "Anastasia.  She our daughter.  Long time she used to
play with Theo's schlong.  Then she get married, but she
still come back see us sometime and play with schlong.  Now
she have little girl and not come so much.  Poor Theo!  He
not come much neither no more."  Mrs. Vastos laughed
heartily at her own joke and even Susie had to smile.  "You
make him come, Miss Susie?  It been long time for him.  I
get towel.  No one in restaurant now.  Anyway, I close."
Susie pumped steadily, her head awhirl with all she had
heard.  Her mouth watered at the sight of the old man's
glowing cockhead above her fist.  It was getting ready to
shoot, she could tell.  It would be such a waste to spill it
all into a towel.

   "Mrs. Vastos . . . is it all right . . . I mean . . .
can I use my mouth?  Then you won't need a towel."

   "Oh, Susie!  You like do that?  Me too, long time ago.  
Not now.  Not even Anastasia do that.  I watch.  You go

   And Susie gladly went "head".  Her luscious lips swooped
down over the tip of Mr. Vastos's cock and began to suck.  
Mrs. Vastos clapped her hands in glee.  Susie's hands
continued to pump up and down on the long shaft while her
mouth engulfed the head.  She swept her tongue over the
crown, tasting the first drops of fluid that were beginning
to leak out.

   "Oh, Miss Susie! Susie!  Oh, good, good, good!  More
than 'tasia."

   The old man babbled in a mixture of Greek and English.  
Susie didn't always understand what he was saying, but she
certainly understood what his cock was saying to her mouth.  
Unwrapping her fingers from his cock-shaft, she clutched at
his frail hips and pulled him towards her until his prick
was pushing deep into her throat.  Then she pushed him
slowly back, keeping her lips locked on his throbbing shaft.  
When she pulled him back into her, swallowing an extra inch
of cock this time, he quickly understood what she wanted and
began thrusting in and out of her mouth in long gentle
strokes while his wife watched and beamed her approval.  
Even though she wasn't interested in "that" anymore, she was
pleased to see that her husband's "schlong" could still
appeal to even such a young and sexy girl as Susie.  It made
her remember that she hadn't been much older than thirteen
when she married him.

   Mrs. Vastos watched happily as her seventy-five year old
husband pumped his cock, his schlong, between the clinging
lips of a thirteen-year old schoolgirl in broad daylight,
almost in the middle of their family restaurant.  She was
even happier when she saw her husband close his eyes and
begin to shake and clutch at Susie's bobbing head.  She
watched in fascination the way the young girl's throat
muscles worked as she swallowed the long pent-up load that
the poor, sex-starved old man shot into her mouth.

   Susie continued to suck gently on the old man's cock for
a long time.  She couldn't get over how young and vital it
still felt in her mouth, and how much juice it had spurted
into her stomach.  When at last she pulled her lips from the
shrunken organ, a drop of gism hung from her lip.  Mrs.
Vastos stretched out a motherly hand and wiped it away; then
she presented her finger to Susie to lick clean.

   "Oh, that was so good, Mr. Vastos!  And you came so
much!  I didn't think I'd be able to swallow it all.  
Gallons and gallons.  I'd be happy to play with your schlong
anytime if your daughter Anastasia doesn't want to any more.  
You just tell me when.  It's so delicious."

   "Hah!  Theo's got nice schlong all right.  But you
should see my sons, Miss Susie.  Big like this!  And fat.  
Not old and skinny like his."

   "I thank you, Miss Susie.  Your mouth so good.  But Mama
right.  Both our boys got big schlong.  Like father," said
Mr. Vastos with paternal pride.  In a burst of enthusiasm
and afection Susie jumped to her feet to wrap her arms
around Mr. Vastos's neck and planted a big kiss on his
surprised lips.  Mrs. Vastos grabbed her arm.

   "Hey!  What you do?  Theo my husband.  You no kiss him
like that.  Not right, Miss Susie.  You don't do again,

   A bewildered Susie let her arms drop from the old man's
neck.  It was all right for her to suck Mr. Vastos's cock in
public and swallow his come, but she was not to kiss him on
the lips.  She didn't really understand, but she was happy
to go along with the rules as long as she was free to suck
his cock.  Her pussy was beginning to itch again.  Visions
of the Vastos boys with their legendary cocks, big like
this, floated through her head.

   "I'm sorry, Mrs. Vastos.  I didn't mean anything.  It's
just that you have such a nice husband.  And . . . uh . . .
Mrs. Vastos . . . ?"

   "Yes, Miss Susie?"

   "I bet your sons are nice, too.  Do you think I could
meet your schl . . . I mean your sons, someday?"

   "Oh sure, Miss Susie.  You like big schlongs, you gonna
really like my sons.  You meet right now.  Steve and Chris,
they in the kitchen now.  You come with me.  You come too,

   The three of them went through a swinging door into the
small kitchen.  Two fat, middle-aged men were sitting on
chairs smoking.  They both jumped to their feet and put out
their cigareettes when they saw their mother appear.

   "Boys, boys.  I told you million timers, you no smoke in
kitchen.  But I want for you to meet Miss Susie.  Susie,
these my sons, Christopher and Stephen."

   Susie politely shook their hands, hoping she would soon
have her hands on other parts of them.  Both men wore T-
shirts and dirty white trousers.  They also wore aprons
which frustrated Susie's attempts to catch a glimpse of
their famous schlongs.

   The two men stared curiously at the young girl.  Of
course, they had seen her before around the restaurant, but
they were puzzled that their mother had brought her back to
the kitchen.  However, they were quite happy to have her
lovely young body to look at.  As Theo Vastos moved past
Susie to stand beside his wife, Chris caught sight of his
gaping fly.  "Papa," he whispered.  "Your zipper!"

   "It stuck.  It no go up," the old man replied in a
normal voice.

   "Stuck, schmuck.  Don't worry so much Christopher.  Your
Papa just been showing Miss Susie his schlong.  She like
very much.  Even eat right up, just like a hot dog.  Now she
want to see you and Steve.  Show her your schlongses, both
of you."

   Chris and Steve Vastos were shocked speechless.  They
looked in bewilderment from the sweet, sexy schoolgirl to
their grinning father's open trouser front, to their
mother's happy face.  Her words slowly sank in.  They
convinced themselves that she had, in fact, said it, but
they did not know how to react.  They knew enough of their
mother's ideas to accept her words and, since Susie did not
express any shock or outrage, they began to think that it
might even be true, no matter how unbelievable.  Their eyes
fixed on hers.  She smiled warmly, enjoying their confusion
as she hoped to soon be enjoying their cocks.

   "Your mother has told me so much about you, I just had
to see them . . . I mean you.  She says your pricks are even
nicer than your Dad's, and his is really nice.  I'd really
like to see yours, too.  Won't you please show me?"

   "Go on, boys.  I know you both got nice big schlongs.  
Show them to Miss Susie.  She like schlongs like I used to.  
Go on, hurry up.  Miss Susie not got all night."

   The two men looked at each other, then slowly put down
their cigarettes and began to fumble with the knots of their
apron strings.  They threw off the white aprons, but they
could not bring themselves to go any further.  Susie saw
their hesitation.

   "Mrs. Vastos?  Can I do it?  Can I open their pants?  Do
you think they'll mind?"  she asked impatiently.

   "My boys too shy.  Sure, you go head.  They no mind, do
you boys?"

   The two men simply shook their heads as Susie quickly
and happily approached them.  First she stroked and fondled
the crotches of their stained white trousers.  Yes, she
could feel the heavy, swollen flesh.  Immediately her tiny
hands went to work on their belts, while the two men stood
almost petrified.  In a moment their pants were open and
Susie's hands were foraging in their underwear.

   "Oh my!  They really do feel nice, Mrs. Vastos.  Oh!  I
can feel yours move, Mr. Christopher.  Do you like me
touching you.  Oh, and now yours too, Mr. Steve.  Oh, I want
to see them, but I can't get them out like this."
The touch of her hands on the bare flesh of their cocks,
on top of everything else, had excited them to such an
extent that even Susie's practiced hands could not pull the
swelling poles through the openings in their jockey shorts.  
While Mrs. Vastos nodded in approval, and the two men began
gasping with pleasure, Susie pushed their pants and
underwear down around their knees.  She exclaimed in delight
when she looked up.  Mrs. Vastos was right;  they were
indeed "big like this" and so very fat.  

   In Susie's brief but very crowded experience with men's
cocks she had seldom seen bigger--and these weren't even
fully erect yet.  Susie remedied that deficiency in a hurry.  
She stood in front of the two men and fondled each one with
one hand, a dreamy look on her face as she imagined how
their schlongs would feel inside of her.  Then she bent down
to inspect the marvelous organs more closely, to inhale
their scent and, after a furtive glance towards the boys'
mother, to plant a big kiss on the head of each cock.  The
men gasped and stiffened in disbelief.  When Mrs. Vlastos
said nothing, Susie let herself go and spread wide her lips
to swallow the head of Steve's cock.

   However, in bending over, Susie revealed that she was
panty-less under her skirt.  Hardly anyone was looking, so
fascinated were they all by the contrast between Susie's
tiny hands and delicate lips and those huge, bloated pieces
of male meat.  But old Theo Vastos was trying to get a
better view of Susie's lips on his sons' cocks when he
noticed the naked flesh beneath her skirt.  The sight of
those sweet, round globes stopped him in his tracks.  His
eyes brightened.  While Susie fondled and kissed his sons'
schlongs, he reached out to grab at her ass.

   Mrs. Vlastos did not see because she had quickly turned
and hurried to a wall telephone.  She dialled almost
blindly, her proud, maternal eyes fixed on little Susie's
attempt to get one of those great schlongs inside her mouth.

   "Hello, George.  That you?  Mama here.  george, you come
right way to kitchen.  Yes, restaurant.  No, I no tell you.  
A surprise.  You come quick."  She hung up abruptly and
settled into one of the chairs vacated by her sons to watch
her family enjoy themselves.

   "Old Theo Vastos now had his finger in Susie's pussy
while her lips were stretched tightly around the bulbous
knob of Steve's cock-head.  Suddenly the old man plunged his
finger deep into her cunt and pressed his thumb against her
asshole.  Susie jumped forward--from surprise and delight,
not pain--and Steve's great knob popped into her mouth just
as the old man's thumb popped through her anus and pressed
against the finger in her cunt.  The old man's probing
fingers spurred her to suck voraciously on the son's cock,
swallowing it inch by inch, as she wriggled her ass
enthusiastically against the old man's hand, wishing he
could put something bigger than his fingers in her.

   Chris Vastos was left standing with his cock sticking
out of his pants and a bewildered, forlorn look on his face.  
Susie's mouth was fully occupied by his brother and her ass
by his father.  When Mrs. Vlastos saw that he was being left
out, she called to her husband.

   "Theo, you stop that!  Look, poor Chris.  He got nothing
to do.  You let him play with Susie's bummie.  If Susie
don't mind.  You mind, Susie?  You let Chris feel your
bummie?  Maybe you even let him put his schlong in you?  If
it not too big?  You like?  Chris he do it good."

   If Susie had ever wanted to cry out, "yes!", that was
the time.  But the huge pole in her mouth made it
impossible.  She nodded her head as vigorously as she could,
making Steve Vastos moan from the sensations it produced on
his cock.  She wriggled and shook her "bummie", hoping
Christopher or his mother would understand.  She missed the
old man's fingers already, but just the thought of one of
those great schlongs pushing inside her drowned out any

   Under his wife's stern glance, the old man reluctantly
pulled his hand from Susie's ass and moved away to sit
beside her in the chair.  Chris Vastos frantically tried to
pull off his pants, but ended up hobbling into position at
Susie's rear.  He watched that lovely behind for a few
seconds as it squirmed in frustration and invitation.  Then
he reached out to stroke the glowing flesh, almost
hypnotized by its whiteness.  Finally he took his mighty
prick in two hands and set its swollen head against the pink
and gleaming lips of Susie's pussy.  Susie pushed back as
hard as she could to try to capture the fleshy knob, but his
mother's voice made him start and pull away.  Susie moaned
in frustration around the meaty pole in her mouth until she
heard what Mrs. vastos had to say.

   "Christopher!  What you do?  You know not right to put
your schlong there!  Didn't I teach you better.  You put in
other place, like I show you.  Is better.  Right Miss Susie?  
You like like that, no?"

   Susie was surprised at the old lady's words but she
didn't care where he put it as long as he put it in her
somewhere soon.  If Mrs. Vlastos didn't want her son to fuck
her cunt then she was quite happy to give him her asshole.  
Once again she nodded her head vigorously.  Steve groaned
again and his cock sank several inches further into her

   When Chris had re-aimed his mighty missile and started
to press it tentatively against her tiny asshole, Susie was
pushed even more firmly onto his brother's cock.  Its great
length was almost completely buried in her throat before the
other brother finally managed to force the swollen knob of
his cock-head through her anxious anal opening.  Once that
tight ring of muscle had snapped firmly around his shaft,
Chris Vastos let out a roar and began thrusting into the
young girl, forcing her throat down the last few inches onto
his brother's cock.  He straightened his knees and suddenly
Susie's feet were off the floor.  She was completely impaled
now, just as she had been between the two salesman a little
while before, but this was even better.  Never had she felt
so full, so stuffed with wonderful man-meat.  Even though
her cunt was empty, the sheer size of the cocks in her other
two openings more than made up for it.
But she couldn't breathe.  She almost hadn't noticed, so
enraptured had she been by the progress of Chris Vastos's
big cock up the tight channel of her ass.  Steve Vastos
wasn't moving.  The sensation of her throat muscles clamped
around his rigid shaft, squeezing and pulsating, was simply
too good.  Susie had to push at his legs before he grabbed
her head and began to  move in her, pulling his mighty cock
back until only the great knob was in her mouth so she could
gulp a breath of air, then sending the complete length of
his shaft deep into her throat again.

   If it had been wonderful before, now was even better.  
Susie simply closed her eyes, let her body go limp, and let
the incredible sensations wash over her as the two brothers
drove in and out of her convulsing, quaking body.  Every
movement sent paroxysms of pleasure through her, causing her
throat and ass muscles to clutch spasmodically at the cocks
that were so deliciously invading her.  That only drove the
two men to even greater heights of excitement, and they
pounded their massive cocks into her tiny body with ever
growing fury.  It was heavenly.

   Suddenly both men stopped moving, both their cocks fully
buried in Susie's body.  She couldn't stand it; she wanted
them to keep moving, to continue driving into her until she
burst from the build-up of sheer pleasure.  She tried to
move herself, but she was pinned between them, her legs
dangling in the air, firmly caught on those giant pegs of
throbbing flesh.  She couldn't understand what had happened.  
Then, through her pleasure-drugged daze, she heard Mrs.
Vastos's piercing voice.

   "Oh, Miss Susie.  You do so good.  Both my boys really
enjoy, I can tell.  But you don't mind stop for minute.  
Here is George.  George my nephew.  He have nice schlong
too. George, you take clothes off and show Miss Susie your

   George had slipped into the kitchen almost unnnoticed,
and had stood in shocked silence for several minutes before
his aunt noticed him.  What an incredible sight.  That
luscious young girl, only a teen-ager, really, being double-
fucked by his two cousins with their giant horse-cocks.  And
Chris actually had his prick in her asshole.  It was beyond
belief, but there it was, right in front of him.  His own
cock hardened in his pants immediately and he reached down
to rub it.  And what was more incredible was that she seemed
to be looking over at him, welcoming him, and all that with
those giant cocks stuffing her.  He knew grown women who
wouldn't even touch his cousins' cocks, so frighteningly
huge did they find them, yet this little girl seemed to be
revelling in them.

   "You like see George's schlong, too, Miss Susie?"

   Susie nodded as well as she could with Steve's telephone
pole of a cock stuck right down her throat, then gave him a
quick push with her other hand, hoping he would start moving
again so she could breathe.  She was on the point of
blacking out when he finally pulled his cock back and she
was able to take in a breath of air through her nose.  His
brother started moving again, too, and soon those two poles
of flesh were once again driving her mad with pleasure.  But
Susie was still alert enough to her surroundings to watch
out of the corner of her eye as George stripped off his
pants.  She liked what she saw.

   George stood next to his cousins, wondering how he could
get involved.  He felt Susie's hand strike his leg and then
climb slowly upwards along his thigh until she was able to
grasp his already iron-hard prick.  She squeezed it
triumphantly, feeling it throb beneath her fingers, then
began pumping it in time to the two other cocks ramming into
her.  When the shudders of orgasm swept through her again,
she squeezed him so tightly he groaned from mingled pain and
pleasure.  Then, while her body was still quivering, she
pulled George closer.  He was pressed against his cousin
Steve but he hardly noticed because Susie was somehow
bending her arm at a painful angle so she could run his
dripping cock-head all over her face and the sleek line of
her throat.  He could actually feel the sensation of his
cousin's great schlong grotesquely stretching her cheeks and
her throat muscles as it drove towards her stomach.

   He felt as if he were going to come right away, just
from the feel of her silken skin, taughtly stretched around
the cock in her mouth, rubbing against his enflamed cock-
head.  He was saved from so wastefully spilling his seed by
his two cousins, both of whom clutched Susie even tighter
and began gasping as they exploded in her body one after the
other with meaningless grunts of animal passion.  George
stepped back and watched Susie's throat convulse as she
greedily swallowed the torrent of come that spilled into her
mouth.  He saw his cousin Chris grimace in unbearable
ecstasy as he pumped and spurted his juices deep into
Susie's bowels.  This set Susie off again, and her body
writhed and twisted around the two impaling rods. The two
hard cocks that had been supporting her softened rapidly,
but fortunately George was there to catch the half senseless
girl before she fell to the floor.
Poor George didn't know what to do.  His cock was hard
and eager and he held this sexy girl in his arms.  She was
naked beneath her skirt, and he had had the most vivid proof
imaginable that she loved cock.  After the session she had
just been through, he knew she needed a rest, but his
impatient cock wouldn't let him wait.  He twisted her still
quivering body in his arms until her pussy lips were pressed
against his cock.  Holding her slender body with one hand
around her waist, he reached down to ready his cock to
penetrate her when he felt a stern hand on his shoulder.

   "No!  No, George.  Not right.  Not like that.  Not
there.  That for married peoples.  You just wait a minute.  
Miss Susie let you do like Chris or Steve.  You just wait
and see."

   Mrs. Vastos had pushed herself up from her chair and
hobbled over to them.  After speaking to him she continued
on past them, heading for the other side of the kitchen.  
Susie had her feet on the ground now, but George still held
her.  His cock was pressed into her back, the cheeks of her
ass pressing against his balls.  His hands were under her T-
shirt cupping and squeezing her tits.

   Even though she was still panting and gasping for
breath, Susie was reaching back, trying to find his cock and
pull it into her, despite what Mrs,. Vastos had said.  She
didn't want the feelings to ever stop.  George felt her
fingers on his balls, and couldn't stop himself.  His aunt
didn't want him to screw this girl in the cunt, though he
was sure she wouldn't mind at all, but he had to put his
hot, hard cock somewhere quickly or he would spill his seed
all over her back.  Susie was still caressing his balls and
squirming sensuously against him.  While still glowing from
the pleasure Chris and Steve Vastos had brought her, she was
already looking forward to new thrills.  She strained
upwards; he bent his knees.  Her fingers found the base of
his cock and positioned it where she wanted it.  He
straightened his legs and suddenly his cock was in her,
sliding freely and easily into her well-lubricated asshole.

   Mrs. Vastos came hobbling back, pushing a steel cart
ahead of her.  It had two shelves, just two feet across,
with the top one just at waist height.  George already had
Susie bent over and he was screwing his own rather
substantial cock into her ass, holding her to him with a
painfully tight grasp of her titties.  Susie sighed and
clutched her ass muscles down on him, and it was as if
nothing had ever penetrated her there.  George was amazed at
the tightness and the heat.  

   Then both he and Susie felt a shock. His aunt had
somehow manoeuvered the cart right under Susie's bent-over
torso.  George's knuckles scraped its surface as he
continued to cling to her round titties.  Susie gasped when
the cold edge of the table met her over-heated belly.  It
just seemed to accentuate the fire within.  She let herself
fall forward onto it, grateful for the support.  Now she had
something to hold onto so she could screw her ass back
against George's plunging cock.

   "There now.  That better?  George has nice schlong, too,
eh Miss Susie?  But not like my boys."

   "Oh Oh Ohhhh!" cried Susie as another orgasm swept over
her.  Her throat felt empty. but at least now she could cry
out her pleasure and that always seemed to make it better.  
"Oh yes!  Oh it's so good!  Oh they're all so good.  I love
it!  I love them!  Oh, Mrs. Vastos, I love your family,  
their cocks, their schlongs.  I want them in me.  I want
them all."

   "Boys!  You hear Miss Susie.  No just stand there!  Give
Miss Susie your schlongs."

   Chris and Steve had recovered from their exertions and
had been watching with mounting excitement as their cousin
carried on with what they had started.  When they heard
Susie cry out, and heard their mother's admonitions, they
hurried over to stand in front of Susie.

   Chris got there first.  Susie's head hung over the edge
of the cart at the perfect height.  Without thinking about
where his cock had just been, without thinking about
anything but finding renewed satisfaction in the young
girl's body, he pushed his long, limp sausage at Susie's
lips.  She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked
it inside with a loud, lascivious slurp.  Then she began to
suck avidly, loving its dark musty taste.  Her round ass
squirmed enthusiastically as George's long cock skewered
into her asshole.  Chris Vastos's cock in her mouth swelled
and swelled, quickly regaining all of its majestic size,
turning her cries of pleasure into wordless whimpers.  His
brother stood impatiently in line behind him.  Across the
kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Vastos sat side-by-side on their two
chairs, watching proudly.  They were holding hands.

   When George's over-excited cock finally exploded and
sent his flood of come to join his cousin's deep in Susie's
ass, Chris quickly pulled his now huge, hard cock from her
throat and hurried to replace his cousin.  Susie moaned in
protest as both cocks suddenly left her, but that moan
turned to a sigh of contentment as Chris's great pole pushed
its way into her pulsing asshole just seconds after George
had pulled out.  Her sigh was cut off by another cock poking
at her lips.  Without even looking up she swallowed it

   The double fuckings went on and on, sending Susie into
the convulsions of orgasm countless times, but always she
wanted more and always there was another cock to plunge into
her ass and another soft and savoury prick for her mouth.  
The two brothers and their cousin emptied their balls again
and again into Susie's asshole and were sucked back to
erection by her avid lips.  Sometimes one or the other could
not resist the tigh clasp of her throat and would let his
cock burst in her mouth; then she had to suck up the next
limp prick to be presented to her lips quickly or there
would be no hard cock ready to replace the one one the point
of exploding in her ass.  But each time it took longer and
longer for the men to come and Susie's ass was continually
reamed by hard cock.  She was in a state of near-perpetual
orgasm, aware only of the hard flesh that filled her.

   Then, at last her ass was empty.  No hard cock rushed in
to replace the one that had just spurted weakly inside her.  
She still had a tasty prick in her mouth, she did not know
whose, but it refused to respond to the magic of her lips
and tongue.  Slowly she returned to her senses, her body
still quivering, and reluctantly let the soft meat fall from
between her lips.  She looked up, conscious now of the hard
shelf digging into her belly, squashing her tender titties.  
Steve Vastos stood sadly in front of her, looking down at
her swollen lips and his limp and wrinkled prick.  Susie
pushed herself up and off the cart and looked behind her.  
Chris and George were sitting on the floor, their heads
between their knees, their limp pricks drooping over their
empty balls.

   Susie looked at her rumpled and come-stained skirt.  She
really should have taken it off, she thought.  Her T-shirt
was wet with sweat and showed the hard points of her still
excited nipples.  She tried to straighten her clothes into
some semblance of respectability.  There was nothing more
for her here.  She knew from experience that it would be a
long wait for any of the men to revive.  When Susie drained
a cock it was completely drained.  She turned to face Mr.
and Mrs. Vastos, who were still sitting together, hand-in-
hand.  The woman looked somewhat crestfallen.

   "Oh Susie!  What you do to my boys.  They all wore out.  
Even their schlongs."

   She was so proud of her sons' schlongs that she almost
resented the fact that Susie had been able to defeat them.  
But she was basically a good-natured lady, and she had so
enjoyed the sight of her sons and her nephew ploughing their
big schlongs into Susie's tiny body.  And Susie was so
appreciative, said such wonderful things about them that her
maternal pride returned and burned even brighter than
before.  Then her husband spoke.

   "Miss Susie.  I like watch you so much.  My boys good
boys.  Good schlongs.  Like father.  Miss Susie, look!"
Miss Susie looked, and broke out into a big warm smile.  
There, rising proudly from the old man's still open fly, was
his long, youthful-looking cock.  Despite everything that
had happened, Susie's mouth watered at the sight.

   "Oh my!  It's hard again, Mr. Vastos.  Oh, how
wonderful!  It looks so delicious.  can I taste it again?  

   Susie didn't even wait for an answer before kneeling in
front of him and lovingly taking his rejuvenated cock into
her sweet, warm mouth.  She bobbed her head over his crotch
and sucked happily.  The old man's cock throbbed with
excitement, and seemed to get harder and longer in her
mouth, but no matter what tricks Susie played with her
tongue and lips, he did not come.  Susie was happy sucking
on his wonderful cock but she also wanted to feel the old
man's come shoot into her again.  She lifted her mouth from
his hard prick and rubbed it sensuously over her face, then
kissed it and stood up to whisper into his wife's ear, her
hands continuing to play with the noble schlong.  Mrs Vastos
frowned, but Susie continued to whisper urgently.  Finally
the woman turned to look at her husband, his face a grimace
of pleasure and pain, and slowly nodded her head.

   "Oh thank you, Mrs. Vastos!  Thank you so much," Susie
cried, before bending eagerly over the old man and kissing
the ruby red head of his cock.  Then she quickly straddled
the chair and the old man's lap, her hands positioning his
cock as she sank down on it.  But instead of her well-
travelled asshole, his vigorous rod surged into her achingly
empty and neglected cunt.  And it felt so good that Susie
came right away and her cunt muscles rippled along the
length of the old man's shaft, making him gasp with pleasure
and bury his head between her breasts.  

   Susie began to rise and fall on that wonderfully filling
pole.  It was so good and so different from what she had
experienced with his sons.  Susie clutched Mr. Vastos's head
to her breasts and tried to fuck him to death.  Up and down
and around and around she screwed her ass, feeling his cock
scrape against every inch of her hyper-sensitive cunt.  And
still the old man did not come, although his toothless jaws
were biting at her titties as he sobbed and moaned in

   While she blindly rode the old man's cock, Susie felt
hands on her ass.  Many hands.  Her T-shirt was pushed up,
and her skirt.  Then she felt other things that felt very
much like long limp cocks press and rub against the flesh of
her ass and back.  Someone unhooked her skirt and pulled it
up.  She let go of Mr. Vastos's neck and lifted her arms so
that both the T-shirt and skirt could be pulled right off,
leaving her totally naked.  Now the limp cocks were rubbing
all over her body, along with six hands that caressed and
squeezed her flesh.  Mr. Vastos sucked and munched on one
titty, while unknown hands fought over possession of the
other one.  Fingers played over her belly and thighs, poked
at her dripping asshole and even ran around the mouth of her
cunt where the old man's cock was so deliciously trapped.

   Susie couldn't stop coming.  In fact she had hardly
stopped coming since she had entered the kitchen.  She
squirmed and writhed under all this attention, clamping her
cunt muscles around the cock that filled it as she rose and
fell.  But it was hard work and her legs were tiring.  And
still the old man didn't come.  Then Susie felt a strange
sensation.  She was being lifted into the air, but the old
man's cock was still locked firmly in her cunt.  They were
both being lifted, still joined delightfully together.  
Hands gripped her tightly, hardening cocks rubbed against
her.  Susie did not know what was happening, nor did she
care as long as she had old Mr. vastos's wonderful cock
inside her.  Gently the fucking couple was lowered to the

   The old man's body fell back, his toothless gums
slipping off Susie's breast.  His wife was quick to put
something under his head, even if it was Susie's skirt and
T-shirt.  She fell forward onto his frail body, rubbing her
breasts over his chest and raining kisses onto his face.  
Mrs. Vastos protested in the background but Susie didn't
care anymore as she glued her lips to the old man's.  In
this new position she could feel him trying his best to use
his hips to push his cock into her.  But he was too old and
weak.  His cock, on the other hand, was young and strong,
and it throbbed mightily in Susie's deliriously happy pussy.

   The many hands still caressed her with mounting fervour.  
Fingers poked at her asshole.  The something else.  A cock.  
She didn't know or care whose it was.  She sobbed in
happiness as the big cock pushed its way into her ass, side
by side with the old man's in her cunt, and began to move.
The fuck lasted for a long, long time, and Susie revelled in
the double penetration.  Her cries of passion mingled with
the old man's as they both were driven mad by the friction
of the fat cock plunging into her ass rubbing against the
one in her cunt.

   Susie began babbling senselessly, telling Mrs. Vastos
that her family had the best schlongs in the world, that she
wanted to have them in her all the time.  She cried out with
fierce joy as the cock in her ass throbbed and shot its
painful load into her guts.  There was not much of the
wonderful liquid, but it made up for its volume with the
force of its throbbing.  But still the old man did not come,
though he was squirming and moaning more and more
frantically beneath her.  Another cock slid easily into her
ass, and screwed her steadily and fiercely until it too
humped dryly and slipped away, only to be replaced by yet a
third one.  When that last cock had fucked her ass as much
as it could and then given up, the old man was still hard
and eager within her.

   Tears of joy filled Susie's eyes.  She could no longer
talk or think.  She was just a tangled mass of pleasure, all
focussed on the miraculous pole that filled her cunt.  She
felt the old man stirring beneath her, pushing at her with
his hands.  She hoped desperately that he didn't want her to
get off, and continued to grind her pussy into his crotch.  
Theo Vastos clenched his muscles and with every bit of
strength left in him, suddenly rolled over until he was on
top of a surprised Susie.  Her head hit the floor with a
thud, but she did not even feel it.  Her legs shot up into
the air and wrapped themselves around the old man's back.  
The only sound that came from her now was a loud, continuous
keening wail.  The explosions in her belly were too close
together now to be distinguished from each other.

   The old man plunged his cock into her with quick,
rabbit-like thrusts that drove her hard against the floor.  
Susie clutched him tightly to her, glorying in the
aggressiveness of his fucking.  He slobbered feverishly over
her titties.  Susie screamed when he suddenly bit down hard
on her nipple and convulsed on top of her.  His cock
throbbed mightily, spraying her burning pussy with his pent-
up come.  Jolt after jolt of electricity surged through
Susie's body as she felt him finally give her the juices she
had so desperately craved.

   The loving couple panted together on the floor.  Around
them was silence.  The old man's sons and his nephew were
speechless, incredulous, awed.  Mrs. Vastos felt a surge of
pride swell her already substantial bosom.  Her Theo.  Her
Theo and his wonderful schlong.  Was there ever another one
like it?  Susie didn't seem to think so, the way she was now
showering it with grateful kisses and carefully licking it
clean.  Then, while Mrs. Vastos hugged her husband proudly
and wondered if she might not have been premature in giving
up "that", Susie turned to the three younger men and took
their limp and soiled cocks into her mouth one last time,
cleansing them of all trace of her ass and its juices.

   Finally it was time to go.  The Vastos family all helped
her dress, but her clothes were a mess.  All that fucking
while she was still wearing them, and then the fucking on
top of them had taken their toll.  What would her mother
say?  She might not notice the absence of panties, but she
was sure to notice the incredibly wrinkled skirt, stained
with drying come and other darker stains, the dirty finger
marks on the front of her T-shirt.  Susie knew she would
have to do something before she got home but she did not yet
know what.  Even going into the street like that would
attract a lot of attention.  But Susie was used to
attracting attention on the street, so she prepared to
continue her journey home from school.  Then she remembered.

   "Oh, Mrs. Vastos.  I had so much fun I almost forgot my
coke.  How much do I owe you."

   "Fifty cents.  But you so nice to Theo and the boys, I
give you for half-price.  You give me only a quarter."

   Susie protested, but twenty-five cents was all Mrs.
Vastos would take.  Susie was so happy and grateful for her
wonderful experience that she would have given everything
she had in thanks, so she made her promise that the next
time she came she would definitely pay the full price no
matter what might happen in the kitchen.  It hardly seemed
right that the poor old couple should lose out when she
herself had had so much fun.  And she was sure she would be
back again very soon.

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