A horny teenage girl loves to suck cock
   Susie's legs felt a little weak as she walked down the
street.  She could still feel the Vastos family's huge
schlongs in her asshole and taste them in her mouth, and the
memory of the dear old man's cock in her cunt made her pussy
twitch with remembered pleasure.  She was so glad she had
stopped at the restaurant and discovered the wonderful
things they had that were not on the menu.  She would like
to eat there every day, but she doubted if there would be
enough for her that often.  Unless Mrs. Vastos had more
relatives with big schlongs.  She would have to ask.  Her
happy dreams were rudely interrupted.

   "Hey sweetie!  Wanna suck my cock?"

   A delivery van had stopped next to her at a traffic
light.  The driver's obscenely grinning face looked down at
her from the open window.  His eyes took in every inch of
the delectable sight, moving from the rounded slopes of her
young ass, scarcely covered by the short skirt, to the
thrusting mounds of her titties.  He spat on the sidewalk.

   "Ya wanna suck my cock?  I got a big one."

   The idea delighted Susie.  She broke into a big smile as
she turned to him and answered: "Sure!  I'd love to!"  A
look of complete bewilderment flooded the man's face.  She
wasn't supposed to react like that.  Susie stepped off the
curb in front of the van and hurried towards the passenger
door, carefully watching the traffic.  If she had been
paying more attention to the man in the van she would have
seen the panic in his eyes as he saw her cross in front of
him.  Then she wouldn't have been so surprised when he
suddenly pulled away the moment she touched the door handle,
leaving her standing in the middle of the road.

   Susie was disappointed.  Her mouth was already
salivating in anticipation.  But she had seen the same thing
happen before.  All too often some man would make a remark
as she passed, say he wanted to fuck her, and then, when she
happily agreed, rush away in confusion.  Men!  She really
didn't understand them sometimes.  But she wanted them all
the time.

   The many men she had already had that afternoon: her
teacher, the janitor,the vice-principal, Pop MacIntosh and
the two salesmen, the entire Vastos family, were beginning
to seem like distant memories.  But she was nearly home.  
There probably wouldn't be too many more cocks falling in
her path, and she still had to decide what to do about her
clothes.  Maybe she could think up some harmless explanation
for her mother.  Her father would understand.  Ever since
she had got up the courage to suck him off in the shower
last month, he had begun to understand what a hot-assed
daughter he had, and he knew that she fucked other men.  
Sometimes Susie thought he enjoyed the idea of other men
fucking his daughter almost as much as he enjoyed fucking
her himself.  But her mother still didn't know.

   She was lost in thought as she drew closer to her home.  
The excited barking of a neighbour's dog brought her back to
reality.  She was in front of the Reynolds house, just two
doors away from her parents.  Ralph and Lorna Reynolds had
just moved into the neighbourhood a few months ago, and
Susie didn't know them very well yet.  However, she was
quickly getting to know Ralph Reynolds.  Since she had
noticed that he usually left for work at the same time she
left for school, she had made a point of joining him in his
garage several times a week.  Usually she sat in his car
sucking his cock while he stood in front of the open door;  
sometimes she leaned over the hood of the car while he
fucked her vigorously from behind.  He was a nice man.

   Mrs. Reynolds was sitting on the porch with a drink in
her hand, watching their dog play in the front yard.  The
dog was bouncing energetically up and down in front of
Susie.  She bent to hug him, then walked up the walk towards
the porch with the dog running after her. It was too bad it
wasn't Mr. Reynolds.  She would have liked to have his nice
cock inside her right now.  But maybe Mrs. Reynolds would
help her with her clothes, let her clean them up a bit
before she went home.

   The dog seemed intoxicated by Susie's presence, his tail
wagging furiously.  He was a large, friendly dog of an
unknown mixture of breeds.  Lorna Reynolds called out to him
sharply, telling him to leave Susie alone.  But the poor
animal could not.  The scent that drifted from between her
legs was setting him on fire.  As Susie walked, she almost
tripped over him several times; he danced alongside her,
pushing his head under her skirt.  When his cold nose
brushed her inner thigh, Susie felt a thrill run through

   She stopped at the porch steps.  Mrs. Reynolds was
looking curiously at her dishevelled appearance.  The dog
was still nosing around under her skirt, and began to lick
her cum-coated thighs with his warm rasping tongue.  He
would not stop despite Lorna's orders to him to behave, and
the feel of the dog's tongue on her sent strange shivers
through Susie's body.

   "It's all right, Mrs. Reynolds, he isn't bothering me.  
But could I ask you a favour?"

   "Why, of course, Susie.  What can I do for you?"

   "Well, I'd just like to stop a minute and use your
bathroom, maybe, to sort of try to clean up my clothes
before my mother sees them.  They got kind of messed up on
the way home from school."
     It was very hard for Susie to talk with the dog's
strong tongue now nearing her matted pussy hairs.

   "Certainly, child.  Come right in and we'll see what we
can do for you.  Rover!  Stop that!  I don't know what's got
into you.  Leave Susie alone!"

   She opened the screen door and stepped aside to let
Susie pass.  Rover followed quickly.  The stains on the
young girl's clothes very very strange, and Mrs. Reynolds
could not understand why her dog was so intent to get under
Susie's skirt, nor why the girl did not seem to protest.  As
the door slammed behind them, the dog once more pushed his
head right under Susie's short skirt, lifting it enough so
that Mrs. Reynolds could see the young girl's naked behind.  
A strange feeling shot through her, one she tried to

   "But how on earth did your clothes get this way, Susie?  
I've never seen anything like it.  And why aren't you
wearing panties?"

   Susie reflected a moment, then decided to be honest.  
There really was no other way to explain everything.  If
Mrs. Reynolds was too shocked she might tell her mother, but
something in the older woman's attitude suggested to Susie
that her secret would be safe.  She wanted to see how the
other woman would react, though she couldn't say exactly
"Well, I guess it's mostly come.  I've been fucking a
lot on the way home from school.  Usually I get undressed,
but sometimes there just isn't time.  That's why I got rid
of my panties to save time."

   Lorna Reynolds didn't believe her ears.  The muscles in
her stomach contracted, her face flushed,  and her breathing
became difficult.  Fucking!  This sweet young girl!  And
talking about it so openly.  It had to be true, too, she
thought, looking more closely at the stains and breathing in
the odour that surrounded the young girl.  Come.  It
couldn't be anything else.  And there was Rover, trying to
lick it up, and Susie was letting him.  It was incredible.  
She didn't know what to say.

   "But . . . your boyfriend?  What does he . . .?" she
stammered, not knowing what she wanted to ask.

   "Oh, I don't have a boy-friend, Mrs. Reynolds.  Mom says
that I'm too young to date.  So I usually just fuck with men
I meet on the way home."

   Rover was still trying to push his head under Susie's
skirt.  His cold nose  ran over her wet pussy lips, bumping
against her clitoris and making Susie gasp.  Lorna Reynolds
could see what was happening, but she could not believe it.  
She stared in horrified fascination at the dog's head moving
enthusiastically under the young girl's skirt.  She knew
that this was horrible, that she should put a stop to it
right away, but she couldn't.  Some strange tension filled
her body.

   "But . . you're so young.  I can't believe . . . I mean
who? . . . why? . . . how?"

   Susie could see Mrs. Reynolds excitement and she wanted
to see what would happen next.  Calmly, she began telling of
the adventures that had befallen her so far today on her way
home from school.  Of course she didn't name names.  Susie
was very discreet--she certainly would never mention Mr.
Reynolds.  And while she talked, she caresssed Rover's head
as he began to lap at her juicy pussy.

   Lorna could take no more.  With a little moan of
frustrated passion she pulled the girl away from the dog and
pushed her towards the bathroom, hoping to escape the demons
that were bedeviling her.  Her mind was full of images of
big cocks sliding into Susie's girlish cunt.  It upset her
and excited her terribly.  She didn't know why, but her
husband had scarcely made love to her more than once or
twice in the past month.  Now, her unreleased sexual
tensions were making her tremble.  
   While she had been at university she had had a brief
lesbian affair with her room-mate one year.  It had not
lasted long.  Both had found boyfriends quickly.  But it had
been sweet and satisfying.  The memories came flooding back
as she looked over Susie's luscious body.  Her pussy ached.

   Angrily, she pushed the protesting dog out of the
bathroom, but they could both hear him whining behind the
door.  Susie said nothing, merely smiled and waited.  She
could tell that this was going to be another wonderful

   "O.K. now let's get those clothes off.  We'll put them
in the sink to soak, then we can just pop them into the
dryer.  If we need it, I can get out my iron.  You'll soon
be good as new."

   Her voice was strained and her gestures awkward and
stiff as she reached out to help Susie with her clothes.  
Her hands brushed nervously against the sides of the young
girl's breasts as she pulled the T-shirt over her head,
noting with suppressed excitement the traces of many hands
where the fabric bulged around the swelling titties.  
Lorna's mouth watered when she saw those two delicious
mounds.  She bent to help pull the hopelessly wrinkled and
stained skirt off those lovely legs.  Her face was right in
front of Susie's delicate young pussy.  Its pink lips, still
swollen  from her fucking with Mr. Vastos, gleamed with
Rover's saliva.  Lorna could see spots of dried come that
matted the silken hairs framing the delicious slit.  She
wanted to plunge her face into that marvelous valley, taste
it with her own lips.  But she could not bring herself to do
Slowly and reluctantly getting to her feet, she took the
two discarded pieces of clothing and dropped them into the
sink.  Mechanically she sprinkled them with soap powder and
ran the water.  She had to get away or she would do
something foolish.

   "Here, Susie.  You look after this.  I'll go and find
you something to wear in the meantime."

   It hurt to tear herself away from that lovely body.  
Maybe if she's dressed, it will be easier, she thought.  Her
mind did not want to let her give in to her desires.  All
that had been long ago in the past.  Now she was a married
woman, respectable housewife.  She should be reprimanding
Susie, not lusting after her.  But she couldn't stop the
ache in her loins.

   As soon as Lorna had hurried away, Rover managed to push
his way into the bathroom.  Susie was leaning over the sink,
washing out her clothes.  When she felt the dog's cold nose
again on her warm flesh, she gasped and leaned over even
further, thrusting her ass back at him to give him access to
her slit.  The dog began licking feverishly, sending his
whole muzzle deep between her ass cheeks, sweeping his rough
tongue from her pussy to her asshole, slurping up the
remains of the gallons of come that had been squirted into
Susie that afternoon.  Susie squirmed her ass and sighed in

   When Lorna Reynolds returned with a bathrobe in her
hand, she stopped outside the open door, hypnotised by the
shocking sight in front of her.  She couldn't move.  The
bathrobe dropped from her hand, and that same hand pressed
tightly against her crotch and began rubbing.  Susie
suddenly cried out in pleasure.  The dog's licking had
already pushed her to an orgasm.

   "Susie!  Rover!  Stop that!  How can you let him do
that, Susie!  It's horrible, and I won't have it."

   "What?  Oh, I didn't notice," said Susie, turning to
face her, letting the older woman take in a full view of her
naked breasts and pussy.  "But don't be mad at Rover.  he
was only playing.  I don't mind."

   Lorna pushed the dog away, even more angrily this time.  
She was aroused and jealous and she was trying desperately
to fight both feelings.  Seeing the dog with his tongue
between susie's ass cheeks only made her desires seem that
much more horrible and animalistic.  Susie was sorry to see
the dog go.  Not only had his tongue felt so good on her
pussy, but she had just noticed the long, red cock that had
appeared beneath his belly.  Even though it looked very
different from any of the men's organs she had known, it was
undeniably a cock, and Susie hated the idea of being so
close to a hard cock that wasn't in her body someplace.  
Since there were always lots of men willing to fuck her,
susie had never even considered the possibility of animals.  
Now she did and the very idea excited her enormously.  But
she couldn't very well tell Mrs. Reynolds that she wanted to
fuck her dog.  Or could she?  Mrs. Reynolds was looking at
her very strangely.

   "Here.  My God!  Your whole body is covered with that
stuff.  How many times did you . . . no, never mind, don't
answer.  Just let me wash you off."

   Lorna began to rub at Susie's skin with a wet washcloth.  
Over her breasts and down across her belly to the mound of
her pussy, then around and over the firm cheeks of her ass,
then back to her proud young titties. The friction only
added to Susie's excitement.  She had already been brought
to the boiling point by the dog.  Now the lady of the house
was making her boil over.  Suddenly a small orgasm rippled
through her.  Susie closed her eyes and moaned.
When she opened them again, Lorna Reynolds was kneeling
on the bathroom floor in front of her.  The washcloth lay on
the floor forgotten.  The older woman's eyes were glazed.  
Slowly she leaned forward and touched her lips to Susie's
pussy.  Instinctively Susie grasped at her head.  Few of the
men she had known had done anything like that, and their
lips were so different that it was another experience
altogether.  Susie wanted more of it.  Lorna's hands moved
up to clutch the firm contours of Susie's ass.  She buried
her face in the young girl's pussy and began madly sucking
and licking.

   Over and over again Susie's pussy exploded into orgasm
under the woman's tongue.  Her legs grew weak, her vision
blurred.  While Lorna frantically worked at her pussy with
lips and tongue, Susie sank slowly to the bathroom floor,
lost in a fog of pleasure such as she had never known
before.  Then the kissing stopped.

   Lorna pulled the dazed young girl to her feet and led
her quickly to the bedroom.  She did not see an eager Rover
follow them.  Susie lay back on the bed as the older woman
hurriedly striped off her own clothes.  But while she was
doing so the dog suddenly leaped up onto the bed.  Without
thinking, Susie reached out and pulled him over her.  His
hairy belly rubbed sensuously against hers; his panting jaws
fell between the twin hills of her titties; his long, red
cock throbbed against her thigh.  

   "No Susie . . . Rover!  No! No! You can't!" the woman
cried out.

   But Susie couldn't stop herself.  Before Lorna's
horrified and fascinated eyes, she reached down and set the
dog's hard cock right at the entrance to her cunt.  Despite
the bizarre position, Rover reacted to the heat of her pussy
lips on the end of his cock and, with one quick thrust,
drove his dog prick deep into Susie's cunt.  The girl let
out a cry of delight and clutched his head to her breasts.  
His cock felt so hot within her it almost burned her pussy.  
It was so different from a man's and so good.  The dog's
rear end worked away like a jack-hammer, frantically
pounding his long, thin cock into her as if she were a bitch
in heat.  Which she was.

   It was wonderful.  Susie writhed beneath her doggie
lover, loving the feel of his fur, his claws on her,
relishing most of all that incredible rapid-fire cock
plunging into her like no man had ever done.  Lorna could
only watch.  Never, in her wildest dreams had she imagined
such a scene.  Her fingers dug into her cunt, already
leaking the juices of her passion, while her pet ploughed
his animal cock into the sweet pussy she had just kissed.  
Susie's moans of pleasure drowned out all other sounds until
the dog suddenly began to yelp and whine strangely.  Susie
hugged him even closer as she felt his cock jump within her
and begin to shoot its fierce jets of dog-come into her all-
devouring cunt.  When she felt the knob of his cock swell up
to gigantic proportions within her, Susie burst into another
orgasm and blacked out from the overwhelming wave of
pleasure that flooded over her.

   When she awoke a few seconds later the dog was gone,
though her body was still quivering in the after-effects of
his fucking.  Instead of his fur against her skin she felt
the warm smooth flesh of Lorna Reynolds.  Susie was so happy
with her wonderful new experience that she impulsively threw
her arms around the woman and kissed her lips.  

   Lorna was on fire.  She had never felt so aroused and
horny.  Passionately she kissed Susie back on the lips,
plunging her tongue into the surprised young girl's mouth.  
Then she moved her impassioned  lips to the girl's
tantalizing titties.  In a frenzy of lust she licked and
kissed those delicious mounds, biting at the nipples that
shot into sudden erection as Susie felt arousal building in
her again.  Lorna wanted more than anything to plunge her
face back into Susie's pussy, but the knowledge that it was
now running over with dog come both excited her and repelled
her.  She didn't know what to do so she continued to gorge
herself on the flesh of Susie's breasts.

   Susie solved the problem for her.  Twisting around on
the bed, she rubbed her face against the older woman's
large, heavy breasts, suckling at the big rubbery nipples as
she had done at her mother's not too many years before.  
Then she kissed her way down across Lorna's round belly,
nuzzling at her navel, before unhesitatingly plunging her
face into the dripping mass of hair between the older
woman's widespread thighs.

   Only once before had Susie had sex with a woman, and she
had liked it very much.  Miss Betterton, her phys-ed
teacher, had fucked her almost to death with a huge plastic
cock before asking Susie to suck at her cunt.  While it was
nothing at all like taking a big fat cock into her mouth,
Susie had quite happily licked away at the fragrant pussy
until her teacher was ready to plunge the big dildo into her
again.  But she had never touched Susie's cunt with her
mouth--only her hands and the grotesque plastic dildo.

   Lorna Reynolds did not have a dildo, but she did have an
active tongue and an overpowering thirst for the juices of
Susie's pussy.  As soon as Susie's tongue touched her cunt
lips, she forgot about the dog come and began licking wildly
at the girl's dripping cunt.  The idea that her dog had just
fucked that tiny hole, that she was probably sucking up a
dog's come was so indescribably filthy that it plunged her
into an erotic trance where every touch of Susie's tongue on
her pussy sent new shudders of delight through her body.  
Susie slurped happily on the juices that flowed so copiously
from this housewife's cunt, revelling in the sensation of a
tongue in her own pussy.  Her delirium was not in the same
league as that of Lorna Reynolds, however.  Something was

   The woman and the young girl rolled about wildly on the
bed, heads locked to pussies.  Being smaller and lighter,
Susie usually ended up on top.  Their first paroxysms had
been dissolved in a dozen orgasms and they were both now
quietly kissing each other's pussies, feeling the pressure
begin to build again.  Only then did Susie become aware of
something else caressing her skin.  Rover had been eagerly
licking indiscriminately at their joined and sweaty bodies
while they rolled about in their passionate frenzy, not
noticing anything but each other
When Susie lifted her face for a moment from Lorna's
enveloping cunt, she caught sight of the dog's cock flopping
again beneath his belly.  She wanted it.  She tried to reach
it with her mouth but the dog had already moved away.  
Lorna's moans of frustration sent Suzie back to licking
enthusiastically on the older woman's juicy cunt, but she
tried at the same time to push her round little ass higher
in the air and wiggle it to attract the dog's attention.

   It worked.  Soon the dog was licking at those ripe
globes, pressing his narrow snout as far into Susie's ass
crack as he could.  His long tongue sometimes slipped over
an unheeding Lorna's forehead, sometimes poked at Susie's
asshole.  Then she felt the sharp prick of the dog's claws
digging into her skin  as the animal awkwardly tried to
climb on top of the tangled pile of human bodies.  The white
cheeks of Susie's ass, raised high in the air, triggered
some instinctive mechanism in his head and soon he was
straddling her body, poking at her hips with his hard cock,
trying to find an opening to plunge it into.  One desperate
lunge sent his cock skidding down Susie's ass crack and in
alongside Lorna's nose where it was caught between the older
woman's face and the cheeks of Susie's ass.  He moved in and
out of that warm channel for a few strokes before his long
red prick flopped free again.  Rover continued pumping
furiously, bouncing his hard prick off Susie's tender ass,
almost bruising her with the strength of his lunges.  But he
could not find an opening.

   Susie moaned in frustration.  The dog couldn't find her
hole.  Lorna's face completely covered her pussy, and her
tiny little asshole was too small a target.  Lorna had felt
the heat of the dog's hard prick as it rubbed against her
cheek, but she did not know what it was.  She opened her
dazed eyes and found herself looking directly at the dog's
balls, as they swung back and forth with his every lunge.  
When she realized what it was, she turned her eyes up and
watched in horror as the hard red prong pounded the young
girl's ass.  Now that Lorna had stopped licking, Susie
wanted the dog's prick more than ever.

   "Oh help him!  Help him, please, Mrs. Reynolds.  Oh
please help him put it in me.  Oh I want it so much.  Lick
me, suck me, too.  Don't stop.  Only help him!  Help me,

   But Lorna could do nothing.  It was too horrible.  She
closed her eyes and began to suck on Susie's delicious pussy
again, trying to shut out of her mind the vision of the
dog's long, red cock.  Susie squirmed against her tongue and
Rover continued to thrust.  Finally he found the target.  
Susie gasped as the head of the dog's cock pushed suddenly
against her asshole.  She pushed back against it and it
popped right inside.  Then, as Rover whined excitedly, his
furious thrusts drove the entire length of his prick into
Susie's receptive ass.

   Every once in a while the dog's balls brushed over
Lorna's forehead.  She could feel the bristly hair and the
inhuman heat of his flesh but she tried to pretend it wasn't
there.  She could feel that Susie had stopped sucking her,
and she moaned unhappily, but she couldn't stop herself from
wanting to keep her lips glued to that wonderful young
pussy, no matter what awful things were happening.  But
every time she felt the dog's balls rub over her head, she
shuddered violently and sucked even harder on Susie's pussy

   Susie had stopped licking because, soon after Rover had
finally penetrated her ass, she had heard someone else come
into the room.  She cried out as Rover thrust particularly
deep into her and opened her eyes.  Ralph Reynolds stood
there in the doorway in shocked silence, watching the
obscene trio on the bed.  After the last few weeks, nothing
Susie did in the realm of sex would have surprised him, but
he had never imagined the sweet young girl being screwed by
a large hairy dog.  His dog.  And his wife.  He didn't
believe it, but his cock did.  It throbbed with sudden
urgency in his pants.  Susie's lust-dazed eyes were focussed
right on his crotch and she licked her lips even as the
tongue in her pussy and the dog cock in her ass drove her to
another orgasm.

   Ralph dropped his briefcase and fumbled frantically with
his zipper.  In a few seconds he was on the bed with them,
kneeling between his wife's outstretched legs, squatting
over Susie's face and feeding his hardening cock between her
lips.  Susie sucked voraciously as he began driving in and
out of her mouth.  Every thrust pressed Susie's chin against
Lorna's clitoris, and let his balls slap against his wife's
cunt lips.  The sight of the dog below him, digging his
claws desperately into Susie's back as he drove his prick
into her asshole was incredibly exciting.

   Ralph Reynolds fucked her throat, Rover was furiously
pounding his dog-cock into her asshole, and Lorna Reynolds
was sucking more desperately than ever at her cunt.  It was
too good to be true, but Susie welcomed them all.  Her body
convulsed with pleasure.  Her titties dug into Lorna's
stomach while the woman's larger, softer breasts pressed
against her.  Rover was shuttling his long hard cock in and
out of her asshole faster and faster while she sucked avidly
at the cock buried in her throat.

   Then Rover barked wildly and his cock jerked deep in
Susie's ass as he sent sharp jets of come into her for the
second time.  His swelling cock stretched her asshole
deliciously, especially when he tried to immediately pull it
out.  As the dog scrambled from her body, his still
dribbling cock was dragged over Lorna's face, leaving a
trail of sticky dog-come on her forehead and in her hair.  
Lorna felt it and shuddered into her own orgasm at the
thought of what it was.  

   Susie concentrated her efforts on the prick that filled
her mouth.  Ralph was so aroused by the scene that he
couldn't hold back.  He grabbed Susie's head and plunged his
cock as far into her throat as he could, holding it there as
it throbbed and spurted its load directly into her belly.  
Then he pulled it back and Susie sucked happily on the
shrinking cockhead until it became too painful for him and
he had to pull it out.  Rover sat in a corner, licking at
himself.  The two women were left alone, still entangled in
their passionate sixty-nine.  With no other distractions
they both brought each other to yet another orgasm before
they fell limply apart.  Ralph watched them, lying wearily
side-by-side on the bed, lazily showering kisses on each
other's pussies.  But these were kisses of gratitude, not
When she looked up and saw her husband standing there
with his limp and dripping cock hanging out of his pants,
Lorna was shocked and totally confused.  She hadn't even
known he was there, too lost in Susie's pussy and thoughts
of the dog to notice the late addition to their games.  A
pang of jealousy shot through her.  Susie must have sucked
her husband's cock.  But jealousy was quickly replaced by
fear.  She had been caught completely naked, sucking the
cunt of a thirteen-year old girl, sucking dog-come out of
that cunt.  And she, the responsible adult, had let it all
happen.  What would her husband say or do?  What could she
say?  Would she go to jail?  How would she ever live down
the shame of it all?  And what was worse, would it never
happen again?

   Ralph said nothing.  The same sort of thoughts had run
through his head at first.  Now he had other ideas.  He
slowly undressed.  Rover sat in his corner and watched.  
Susie's eyes went from husband to wife.  What was going to
happen?  Whatever it was, she was ready for it.

   What happened was the following:  Ralph Reynolds sat on
the bed between the two women.  At his suggestion Susie took
his cock into her mouth again and began sucking it back to
life.  Mrs. Reynolds couldn't resist the sight of Susie's
round white ass in the air and, with her husband's blessing,
she began sucking, this time at the girl's asshole,
savouring the viscous liquid that flowed from it.  Before
Ralph was ready to come he pulled his cock from Susie's
mouth and pushed his wife away from the girl's ass.  Then he
knelt behind her and plunged his cock into her cunt, fucking
her as vigorously as he had that morning over the hood of
their ancient Ford.  Susie squirmed about until she could
get her mouth on Lorna's twat, and sucked the wife's pussy
while the husband reamed her cunt from behind.  When Ralph
finally spilled his load into her belly, both Susie and
Lorna were quivering with orgasm.

   The three of them sat and talked then about what had
happened.  Lorna was so ashamed she could hardly speak.  She
didn't even look at the other two as Susie tried to tell her
that it had all been wonderful and perfectly natural.  
Neither Susie nor Ralph mentioned their meetings in the
garage--it didn't seem appropriate.  Rover came back
unnoticed to the bed and suddenly thrust his long tongue
into Lorna's gleaming pussy.  With a horrified cry she
pushed the dog away and leaped to her feet.  Susie's
clothes, she babbled.  She had forgotten all about them.  
Susie started to get up but Lorna insisted on going herself.  
She had to get away from Rover.  She couldn't let herself
give into such horrible lusts.  

   When she returned a few minutes later, she found Susie
kneeling on the floor over Rover's body, with his long red
cock deep in her throat.  Behind her, Ralph was plunging his
re-invigorated cock into the girl's asshole.  While Lorna
watched jealously, the dog erupted in Susie's throat and the
man exploded in her ass.  Susie happily swallowed everything
they had to give her.

   Neither man nor dog was capable of more, but Lorna was
terribly excited again.  She got on her knees and sucked her
husband's come from Susie's ass while the young girl cleaned
the man's cock and balls with her questing tongue.  When
Rover began licking at his mistress's ass, she was too
overcome with lust to make him stop--or even to want him to
stop.  Later Susie helped the dog mount a kneeling and
trembling Lorna and fuck her to a mighty climax while her
husband fed his limp cock to her voracious lips.

   Finally it was time for Susie to go.  Mrs. Reynolds
could only watch in limp exhaustion as Susie slipped into
her sparkling clean clothes.  Susie kissed the husband and
wife goodbye, hugged the dog and headed out into the
twilight, leaving the three of them on the soiled and messy
bed.  The Reynolds family would never be the same again.  

   She was very late.  Her mother would be worried, then
angry, Susie knew.  But she didn't mind.  It had been a
lovely walk home from school.  Even nicer than yesterday
when she had met that motorcycle gang.  She bounced happily
into the house.

   "Hi Mom! I'm home!"

   "At last!  Where on earth have you been?  You know how I
worry when you're late.  And you've missed supper."

   "Oh, I just stopped to talk to some people.  And I
played with the Reynolds' dog.  Nothing special.  Don't
bother about supper, I'm not really hungry.  I had some hot-
dogs to eat."

   "Nothing special?  You've been coming home later and
later the past few months.  I don't know what's gotten into
you lately."

   Susie laughed and her father looked pained.  She knew
exactly what had got into her and it had been great.  But
tomorrow was another day.  She could hardly wait.

                     The End

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