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Two young teens have a little fun in the school bathroom!
Quick Little School Fuck
By DirtyDay95

Dave sighed loudly, putting his head down on his desk as his chemistry teacher continued to talk. This class always made him quite sleepy, but today was twice as tedious as any normal lesson. Her voice kept going, seemingly forever, and Dave had very little to distract himself with. He looked around the classroom and noticed that most of the other students were in a similar state. Several of them were on their phones, so Dave decided to take his out as well.

Quietly, he took out his phone. He sent a text to his girlfriend, Sarah, hoping that she would answer quickly. Sarah was fourteen years old, a year younger than Dave, and she was quite attracted to him. They had started having sex just a few days ago, and ever since then it had become a daily thing. Prior to their first time together, both Sarah and Dave were virgins, which made it even more new and exciting.

As Dave’s mind began to drift even further away from the lesson, he began to think about his lovely girlfriend. She had rather pale white skin and long brown hair that she always kept perfectly straight. Her breasts were still small, but they always looked good in the tight tops she would fit herself into. Her butt was small and tight, but again, tight clothing made it look good enough to eat. Despite being mentioned many times by Dave, they had not had anal sex yet.

The young boy’s cock began to harden as he thought of his girlfriend’s most intimate regions. His member expanded even further in his pants as he fantasized about her two perfect breasts hidden behind her thin pink shirt, and the cute little but being tightly hugged by a pair of light blue jeans. She looked perfect today. Dave’s lustful thoughts were interrupted by the quiet vibrating of his phone. It was Sarah.

Dave looked up at the teacher. She was still talking to a class that simply wasn’t listening, and didn’t seem to notice him using his phone. Dave eagerly opened the text and read it. Apparently, Sarah was waiting for him just outside of the class, and she wanted to fuck in the bathroom nearby. The speed at which Dave’s hand shot up into the air surprised even him.

“Yes? What is it, Dave?” The teacher asked, in her horribly dull voice.

“Can I please go to the bathroom?” Dave asked. This excuse always worked when he wanted to leave class.

“Sure, go ahead.” He teacher replied. Within seconds, Dave had left the room and the lesson resumed.

Sarah was standing just outside the door, smiling at her boyfriend. Just like he had remembered, she was wearing her tight pink shirt and jeans. Two young, excited nipples pressed against her bra and the thin cotton of her shirt, hard with anticipation. Dave felt them press up against his own chest as she brought him into an embrace and gave him a rather wet kiss on the lips. His cock, still slightly hard, poked her leg, causing her to giggle and look at him suggestively.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She asked. “Follow me!”

The couple quickly made their way down the long hallway, towards nearby bathroom. After looking around to make sure there was nobody else around, they quietly entered the restroom. Luckily, it was completely empty. Sarah backed up against the cold bathroom wall and pulled Dave close to her, shoving her tongue in his mouth and moaning in pleasure as she felt his own tongue dancing with hers. For a moment, they stopped, but only to remove their clothing.

“You have no idea how badly I need this.” Dave said, taking off his shirt to reveal a skinny white torso. “I’m glad you texted me!”

“Believe me, I need it bad too.” Sarah responded as she began to pull off her own shirt. She brought Dave into the largest stall in the bathroom, locked the door, and began kissing him again.

Dave responded to her with equal need, slowly pulling down her tight jeans and taking the opportunity to gently squeeze her ass. A low, gentle moan escaped from her soft lips as he did this. Feeling quite confident, he gave her tight little behind another squeeze causing her to moan into his mouth again. Next, his hands slowly moved up her back, towards her small white bra. Apparently he was getting good at taking it off, because after only a few seconds, the final barrier separating Dave from Sarah’s perky little breasts fell and he was free to pleasure them with his mouth.

Sarah seemed disappointed when Dave’s lips left hers, but any disappointment she felt was quickly replaced with pure pleasure as his tongue met her right nipple. Her moaning was louder now, and the pleasure was increased even more when Dave brought his hand up to her left breast, gently playing with it and lightly squeezing her hard pink nipple in between his fingers and his thumb. She tried, unsuccessfully, to reach for his cock, but was too immobilized by the wonderful feeling of Dave’s warm mouth sucking on her young teenage breast to do much of anything. Dave didn’t seem to mind, though. He was having too much fun tasting his lovely girlfriend.

“I know you’ll like this.” He said as he got to his knees. Now Dave was staring straight at the moist white panties around Sarah’s cute hips. He pulled them down to reveal a beautiful young pussy, totally hairless and very pink. The moist fluids running down her pale white legs shined in the light of the bathroom.

Without hesitation, Dave began to worship Sarah’s tight wet pussy lips with his hot tongue. Her moans were louder than ever now. She loved being eaten out, and almost every time the couple fucked Dave would find himself between Sarah’s legs. He was just as happy about tasting her crotch as she was about having it worshiped. This passionate pussy worship continued for another few minutes before Dave felt his girlfriend’s body get stiff.

“Wait, stop!” She gasped. “I don’t want to cum yet. I think it’s your turn to feel good now!”

Dave quickly got back on his feet, obviously eager for what Sarah had in store for him. In no time at all his pants were down and her soft hands were both wrapped around his hard member, and her mouth seemed ready to get some action as well. She lowered her head towards his cock, pressing it against her lips and smiling up at Dave, who was now leaning up against the stall door, almost unable to stand. He ran his hand through Sarah’s long brown hair, and gently urged her to continue. She wanted to tease him some more, but it was getting harder and harder for her to resist the hard cock in front of her.

Finally, she took about half of it into her eager mouth, bobbing her head up and down and gently pleasuring the head of his cock with her tongue. Dave, still leaning against the door of the stall, was now running both of his hands through Sarah’s hair, while also trying to shove as much of his cock as possible into his eager little mouth. It was obvious that he was going to cum soon if she kept this up, but she decided to do as he did, and stopped sucking Dave off just seconds before he was about to cum. He looked down at her for a moment, smiling. She smiled back and got back on her feet again.

“Let’s finish now. I want that cock inside me so badly right now!” She said seductively.

Sarah reached for her jeans, and pulled a condom out of one of the pockets. She quickly took it out of the wrapper and put it on Dave’s bulging erection. After putting one leg up on the toilet seat and spreading her moist pussy lips, Dave was ready to enter his girlfriend for the first time today. The horny young teen slowly guided his dick into her waiting hole, and rapidly began to increase the speed of his thrusts as her warm pussy got used to the cock inside of it. Pussy juices continued to leak out of Sarah and further lubricate the condom and Dave’s member.

That familiar sensation returned to both of them as Dave’s thrusting got faster and faster. Controlled purely by lust now, the teenager forcefully pounded into his girlfriend’s tight pussy until they both finally came together. Dave’s orgasm was already powerful enough, but Sarah’s orgasm caused her pussy to tighten on his cock even more, causing a huge amount of cum to shoot out of his cock and into the condom. After a few more thrusts, the two tired teens were finished. They shared a long, passionate kiss before cleaning up and leaving the bathroom together.

Dave checked his phone as he walked down the hall with his very satisfied partner. His chemistry class would be over any minute now! The teacher would probably be upset with the long bathroom break he took, but Dave didn’t care. He was too satisfied to worry about such things. When he reached the door to his class, Sarah gave him one last kiss before smiling and walking away.

“I’ll see you after school, okay?” She told him, with a sexy little wink. Dave winked back, smiling. He was really lucky, he knew that much.

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Awesome story, I didn't even see any mistakes (which is rare on stories here) Good job!

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You have no idea how wet I am

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