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At four o’clock in the morning, I woke from my sleep with Nyx lying on his side next to me. He lay on his back, his head turned softly to the right with eyes closed and lips pulled firm in almost a look of pout. His skin glistened with sweat causing me to notice the heat in the room. His hair lay damp on both the pillow and the side of his cheek. His pale body stretched down toward the end of the bed. One arm was crooked above his head, the other resting on his chest. His hands were smooth, fingernails covered in chipping black nail polish, and fingers longer than I had really noticed. His chest was like silk—hairless, with toned muscles lying just under his pale skin, close to flat, but still noticeable. He breathed in a breath, his stomach pulled tight and concaved in shape. A single bead of sweat fell down from under his rib and stopped in place at his navel. My eyes falling further on his body noticed his legs crossed over each other, and a flaccid cock sitting to the left atop the firm sack of balls.

I bent down and gently let my lips fall against his. He stirred, but didn’t wake up. Tossing his head to the other side, his hair pulled over his face hiding his sleeping eyes.

I pushed myself away from him and crawled out of bed. Nearly stumbling on the ground as I left, I carried myself to the bathroom door standing slightly ajar…


Droplets of water stung like ice to my back as the jets of liquid poured over my heated skin. My sandy hair stuck to my shoulders and neck like glue, and was tangled so much that it would take quite a load of conditioner to pull them free. The water ran down my body, and as I closed my eyes and ran my hand through my hair, I felt a soft draft fall over my skin.

Goose bumps.

The curtain to the shower slid open slowly, the metal hooks sliding noisily over the metal bar connecting from one wall to the other. I brushed water out of my eyes to open them and saw Nyx stepping in, his slender, yet slightly muscular body tensing as he stepped over the bottom step to the shower. “I thought I’d join you, you know?”

I didn’t know that he was going to do that. And though it was hot watching his pale body twitch from the coolness of the water that hit him, and the way that when he gave the smallest hint of a jump from shock, his flaccid cock swayed at four inches of hanging meat, I wasn’t sure if I could go on with the night. Because no matter how much I thought I loved him, well, was I really homosexual after all?

Could I ever really, truly love Nyx James Earnhart the way he wanted me to?

Could I, a boy who never took a second glance at another guy, really love another guy the way it was starting to feel like I loved toward him?

So many questions, so many doubts, and so many unsolved mysteries of the teenage mind that haunts the psyche of most was haunting my mind at that very moment. But through my confusion, I didn’t stop myself from nodding my head and wrapping my hands around his waist. I didn’t stop myself when his lips reached up to meet mine and I met him halfway with lips equally ready for a taste of that sweet ecstasy. And I didn’t stop myself from moving him up against the back wall; one hand with palm planted firmly on the cold tile, the other traveling down his body, my flaccid cock pressing into his.

And as I fell against him, my flaccid penis only a centimeter or two shy of his length colliding gently with his, folding to the side as if two lovers lying together in bed, the jolt of shock from his cock suddenly filling with blood was all I needed to know that our steamy night was far from over.

Maybe I was homosexual after all…maybe.

Nyx wrapped his arms around my neck and looked me in the eyes. His thin lips pushed out in a request to be kissed, but he retreated and said, “Tell me the truth. Do you really love me?”

My eyes widened and I stumbled on words as I tried to say, “Yes, I do.” But they barely came out. And by the look of his face, I knew that he seemed hurt and ashamed at even starting the night up.

I brushed his damp hair behind his ear and pulled his chin up so that his lips were mere inches away from mine. “Look,” I said to him. My gentle smile made his eyes spark back to life. Brushing my fingers across his cheeks, I continued, “I wasn’t sure if I would ever love anybody. And I damn well knew that I would never be gay. But you, well, you made me feel so fucking good tonight. It was like…like you and I were meant to be. Seriously. You are the first guy to ever make me doubt my sexuality. But I do not doubt no more, “ I took the leap. “I fucking love you, Nicolas.”

His eyes sparkled. “You haven’t called me by that name for years now.”

“Because you’ve always hated it.”

His hands fell against the sides of my cheeks, and Nyx pushed me down the shower stall until my back was pinned against the far wall. His tongue sliding its way between my welcoming lips, his cock pressed firmly to my body and slipped up above my dick facing my navel, gradually becoming harder and thicker as blood pounded into his head. He thrust his hips softly causing his cock to slip up and down my body as he kissed me wildly and passionately.

My hands traveled down his body and circled his outer thighs to grab onto his ass. I kissed him back and moaned as I picked him into the air. Wrapping his legs around me, I felt my cock slide between his thighs and hit gently on his balls before sliding into the crack of his ass gently falling against his hole, but never piercing through. “How do you want it,” I asked him, my voice raspy and rough.

He pulled his face away from mine and gripped my body tighter. Breathing heavily into my ear, Nyx said, “Do you really love me?”


Smiling, he replied, “Then you decide. Show me how much you love me. Show me all that you got.”

“Oh, baby,” I responded and carried him to the other side of the shower stall. Pinning him up against the wall as he’d done me, I gripped his ass cheeks and spread them as wide as I could get them. Pulling my hips back, I dug into his crack until the head of my cock found his asshole. “No lube. We’re doing this natural.”

He nodded his head shakily.

Spreading my legs to hold him up, I pressed my cock harder into his hole without the help of any lubricant. Not even the water from our shower helped with the entry. He held tighter to my back, his shortened nails feeling longer as they dug into my flesh. It was a rough entry, but soon my head split through is sphincter and entered into him.

“Fuck!” He bit down on my neck to keep from screaming.

“This is all me,” I said to him and kept pushing, hoping the natural juices of our love would make things easier for him. “All for you.” My cock going further into his ass, his nails dug deeper into my skin. I could imagine beads of blood collecting against his fingertips.

“Oohhh,” he moaned and held tighter, pulling his nails from my skin and wrapping his arms around me even more. “It hurts so much.”

I let go of his ass and wrapped my arms around his body. Hearing him breath deeply in my ear, I squeezed him to me and clenched my eyes shut. “I love you, Nyx. So fucking much. We’re almost there.”

A soft cry escaped his mouth. I could practically see the tears falling from his eyes, but I knew it would be worth it to keep going. If it really hurt him to the point of no return, then he would tell me to stop. I knew Nyx enough to know that he wouldn’t let me hurt him intentionally. Not ever. More than halfway into his ass, I said, “Hold me even tighter, baby. Bite down harder if you need to. This might hurt even more.”

He braced himself. In my ear, his breathing became larger and more dramatic. He made a steady sound under his breath as he waited for the pleasure and pain that was sure to come. Becoming impatient and wanting the hard part to be over with, he bit down harder than expected and pulled me into him.

I threw my hips into the air and ripped his asshole wide open.

“OH MY FUCKING…AHHH!” He cried; tears fell down his face as I finally broke through the barrier of his sphincter grasping my cock tightly. Scraping harder into my flesh, his nails now digging into me again, Nyx continued to sob in my ears from the pain.

I wanted to pull away right there.

I didn’t want to hurt him anymore. What have I done?

“I can stop, pull away. I didn’t mean to hurt you, Nyx. This isn’t what was supposed to happen—” I continued babbling, but his breath became sharp and his voice cut through mine like a hot knife to butter.

“Please,” he said, voice shaky. “I don’t want to stop. Not now, not when we’ve already begun.”

Reluctantly for him, I felt his cock waver and fall away from it’s sharp point of erection. The pain was too much for sexual pleasure at that moment.

I pulled my cock from his ass, and gently forced it back up. Doing it again and again against my will, but for his, I started to easily fuck him until his hands let loose of my flesh and hold onto me with little strength. Going a little harder into him, I carefully slammed by cock deeper into his ass and heard a soft sight escape his throat.


Against my belly, his cock twitched again.

“Feeling better?”

He nodded and buried his face in the curve of my neck. “Yeah, but it still hurts a little bit. You’re doing good ba—Oohhh.” Pleasure this time, not pain.

My cock fell over his prostate as I forced it back into his ass. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I started to pick the pace back up again. With his sphincter finally loosened to the most pleasurable amount, he whispered for me to go faster some more into him. I did as told, and the more I fucked him the easier it was for my cock to slide into and out.

He picked his head up from my neck and started to nibble on my ears. Each and every time I pounded into him, a soft gasp escaped his lips. There had to be at least sixty gasps every thirty seconds I fucked him.

With my balls tightening and my cock building in his ass, I felt my cum quickly approaching. Though this steamy fuck in the shower hadn’t lasted as long as it had on the bed, I knew deep down in my heart that it was THE BEST either of us had felt that entire night.

Bending my knees slightly, and bending forward into him, my head fell against his shoulder in the most awkward position I had ever been in. His hands gripped my back tighter, just not in the death grip from earlier, as I sent my cock in and out of his ass as hard as I could. Moaning loudly as I thrust into him, Nyx’s voice found its way into my ears. “Cum inside of me, Caden. Give me all that you got. Don’t pull out, put it all as far up into me as you can.”

“Ahhh,” I said to him as I fucked harder. He needn’t hear word from me that my ejaculation was fast approaching now; quicker and quicker than before. “Ahhhh—oohhh—aaahhhhHHHH!” As my voice built in volume so did his and before either of us knew it seven ropes of cum flew from the tip of my cock burying itself deep in his ass. I pulled down him and forced my cock as far up into him as I could possibly get.

He kissed me wildly and passionately and never let go of my lips until we never bit the other’s lips into a shredded, bleeding mess. Pulling from him and standing him back up, he nearly doubled over too numb to stand. I held him there as I caught my breath, then picked him back into the air and threw the curtain to the room open. He wrapped himself around me again and held onto me as I stepped from the shower and carried him to the bed.

My cum leaked from his ass and fell against my inner thigh.

And behind me, the water continued to pour from the faucet of the shower.

End of chapter three.

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Hey. It's VanillaNightt.

The next part was uploaded Monday night. Sorry it took longer to write. Look for it soon. :] Title begins with "A Twist in My Story." Possible fifth chapter coming soon. Maybe :]

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