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One night, I picked up 11-year old Rosie and put her on my lap. I lubed up some fingers, and I started to rub them around her asshole. I spiraled around her hole, and then dipped a fingertip in and out. She opened her legs in response, to give me better access, so I dipped my finger in and out, in and out, going further in. Finally I lifted her pussy onto my shaft, and I fucked her as usual. I was laying the groundwork here.

The next night, as she got settled on the couch, I announced, "I want to try something new, and I think you'll love it. "What is it, Daddy?" "You'll see." I had Rosie on my lap again, like the previous night. I lubed up my fingers, and started touching her anus again, sticking my finger in and out, in and out. I went a little deeper, in and out, and then I added a second finger. I finger-fucked her tight little asshole, Rosie moaning with pleasure. An awesome porn was on again, with a chick getting her ass pounded, and I think Rosie knew what was coming as she watched the porn actor's huge dick slide in and out of his lover's asshole. I put a third finger up her tight butt, and I made little circles to loosen her up for my monster. I lifted her up and rested her on the tip of my huge cock. I pushed my head in a tiny bit, and it was the tightest hole I'd felt since I had taken her virginity. I knew I had to go slow, so I pulled back out, before again pushing a little further in. She moaned, and didn't complain, so I think I judged right. I pushed in a little further, and pulled in and out, until I felt the head pop past her sphincter. "Relax," I said, as I felt it tighten against me, but even that was delicious. I pushed in further, and felt her sphincter relax. Soon I was buried in my daughter's ass, and I started to slowly push in and out, reapplying lube generously. I reached around to fondle her engorged clit, and I felt her shudder for what seemed like an eternity. I sped up my thrusting until I was reaming her deep with my cock, and I let my load go deep in her bowels. I held her on my lap for a minute while my cock softened inside her, and then I lifted her down. She looked blissful.

The following weekend, I stayed out late with the guys, getting loaded, so I didn't get home in time for our usual play. I was horny, so I looked in on Rosie in bed. She was sleeping on her stomach. I quickly got out of my pants and took up my position behind Rosie's ass. I gave her ass a good slap, and she yelped awake. I lubed up really good, and I guess I was a little too eager, and didn't want to bother finger fucking her asshole. I mean, aren't dicks for fucking? I pressed my head against her tiny pucker, and I pushed in a little way. She moaned in pleasure. I pushed in until my head popped past her sphincter. I was afraid I would come too early, so I paused. "Fuck my ass, Daddy! I want you to come in my ass!" I was happy to oblige. I pushed in deep, all the way, so all 7" were buried in her ass. I started to thrust in and out, not gently, but it didn't seem to matter; she was screaming as she orgasmed. I don't think I'd ever made her come so hard. Then I came, as promised, deep in her ass. I pulled out, and marveled at the big gaping asshole that slowly closed as I watched. I took my leave, and passed out on my bed.

Our evenings together got even more fun. I fucked Rosie in her cunt and ass every night. It was a real hoot, I've gotta tell you. The only problem was... I was getting bored. Where was the novelty of fucking your 11-year old daughter's holes when you could do it every weekend? I wondered how to up the stakes.

I was hanging out with my pal Jim, and we were talking about which women we'd had who let us fuck their asses (all of mine; like they had a choice), when I let slip something about how the tightest, sweetest asses are the youngest. "How young are you talking about, Buddy?" an excited leer on his face. I guess I got to bragging, and I said that I had tried an11-year old ass, heh heh. Well, he put two and two together, knowing the age of my brat, and now he was the one thinking real hard. We stumbled home together; Rosie was in her room, and I put a porno on while we worked on another six-pack. "You know, Buddy, I'd sure like to try some 11-year old ass..." I hesitated a moment, but I wasn't greedy. I went to roust Rosie out of her slumber, and told her I had a friend she should meet. She came out bleary-eyed, and Jim eyed her lasciviously. "Hello, kiddo. Would you like to join me and your dad for some fun?" It was more of a command than a question. Rosie dutifully approached Jim and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang free, and he looked like he was a cat who had caught a mouse. His cock wasn't as long as mine, but it was even thicker, if that's possible. A drip of pre-cum slid down the side, and Rosie licked it up as she went to put this strange cock in her little mouth. I got to fuck regular, so I could last a long time, but for Jim, it had been awhile, and he was worried he would come before he got to tap my little girl's sweet ass. He pushed her off and turned her around. He pulled her panties off, and lubed up his giant, thick prick. "Come here, Darlin'. Are you going to let Uncle Jim fuck your little asshole?" "Yes, sir, if you'd like. I'm just a little whore that you can do anything with." He turned to me and said, "You've got 'er trained real good, heh heh," and he pulled Rosie down on his cock, burying his cock all the way up her ass. She gasped with pain; I always loosen her up when I fuck her asshole, but she has to learn to take it this way too. He thrust in and out, ravaging her ass, but then I heard her come after all that, so I really did train her good! He spurted his load up her chute, and he lay back with his eyes closed. With his softening member still in her ass, Rosie rubbed her engorged clit some more, and who would have thought it, she came again. I stumbled off to bed, and I assume Jim went home, because he wasn't there in the morning.

The next weekend, Jim invited himself over again, and I decided that there was new stuff we could do with both of us there. We got Rosie naked, the TV on the usual inspiration, and we stripped down. I told Rosie to climb up on Jim's lap, and he swiftly buried his cock into her twat, letting out an "aaahhhh." I observed this little tableau for a minute while my cock got really hard. I went behind Rosie, and put my fingers in her ass. When she was good and ready, I entered her asshole. Jim continued to stroke in and out, and I could feel his cock through the thin membrane between her vagina and her colon. I pushed in and out, in rhythm with Jim, and I swear we filled up this little girl like she would never be filled again. She was still so small, it was a wonder to see so much cock being taken gamely by so little a girl. Jim came first, after which I was able to let loose on my daughter's ravaged asshole. Then I couldn't hold out any longer; I came deep inside her. I hoped she had come, but was too busy to notice. We all drowsed on the couch and floor for awhile. I heard some rustling, and cracked my eye open to see Jim fucking Rosie's face. After awhile, he turned her around, and started working on her little asshole again. I watched him cram his thick dick up my little girl's ass, and the look of bliss on Rosie's face was a wonder. As Jim plunged in and out, I could see Rosie was getting closer to coming. Jim did one last thrust and filled her ass with come. Rosie finished herself off with her hand, and it didn't take long.

I realized I should really be getting paid for letting my friends fuck my kid. She's my kid, after all. I convinced Jim to let me video tape a session with the 3 of us, as a kind of infomercial. With the video, I could show other guys how much my services are worth. We taped a rousing, good time, and I was burning with excitement to show it around. I had a couple of friends in mind whom I thought would go for it. Jim couldn't keep his mouth shut, and had bragged about the amazing fucking he was having, so I had several prospects lined up. The first to bite was my friend Tim. I showed him the video at my house during the week when the kid wasn't there. He was licking his lips in excitement, an obvious bulge in his jeans. "So it's a deal? $200 for as long as you last next Saturday?" He nodded emphatically. The next Saturday, I told Rosie that I had a new friend coming over, and he wanted to enjoy her without me being in the room. She looked kind of scared, but said OK. When Tim came over, I told him to make himself comfortable on the couch. Then I led the naked girl over. He was shy at first, and tentatively put his hands on Rosie's pre-pubescent body. Rosie went to work, like a pro, undoing his belt and zipper. He let her work his pants and underwear off, and then she started sucking his cock. He came almost immediately, and Rosie swallowed it down. Tim seemed embarrassed that that's all he was up for, but he took me aside and proposed something. I told him I didn't know, but he pressed another $200 in my hand, so I said OK. He walked hurriedly out to his car, and when he came back, he was leading a huge German Shepherd. "This is Wolfgang," he said. He addressed Rosie and asked if Wolfgang could smell her. She said OK, and leaned back on the couch. Wolfgang came over to her and insistently pushed his snout into her crotch. She giggled as he started to lick her pussy lips. She opened her legs further so he had better access, and the dog lapped at her pussy while she moaned. Tim had his cock out, and was stroking it intently. Then he said, "OK, now get on your knees on the floor." Wolfgang immediately went to mount my daughter, and poked his red dog penis toward her wet cunt. After a few more pokes, he hit the bullseye, and the dog started humping Rosie's cunt. Tim was chanting, "You little bitch, you love to be fucked by a dog, don't you, you little bitch," all the while stroking his cock. She moaned when the knot slid in, and she rubbed her clit with one hand until the dog finally blew his load and slithered out. Before Rosie could get up, Tim mounted her from behind, and furiously fucked her cunt, which was wet and sloppy with dog come. He seemed to last forever, but Rosie was having fun touching herself, and she managed 2 orgasms before he finally blew his load. He quickly left, a bit embarrassed.

It's safe to say that I videotaped all of these sessions. I enjoyed watching them and jacking off during the week when the kid wasn't here. I started to think I needed access to some ass and pussy during the week, not just the weekends. Maybe I could do a trade with one of my buddies... I thought about who had kids this age, and I remembered Paul had a little girl of around 10 years old. Fucking perfect. Paul had been one of my customers, and I was pretty sure he hadn't fucked his own daughter--yet. But he might be game for a swap, especially since I had a video that he wouldn't want his wife to see. As it happened, Paul didn't even need to be threatened; he couldn't afford any more sessions, and as many free ones as he wanted was quite appealing. I thought about the best way to break little Samantha in. I didn't have the patience anymore to take it as slow as I had with Rosie, but I wanted to train her up the same way: to be my little, willing whore. I had Paul bring her over to his first free session. I thought if she watched, she might see how much fun it was and want to join in. And I was right. She had stripped down to her panties like the rest of us, and I watched her rub her pussy while watching her father and I fuck Rosie. I only did a little fucking, because I wanted to save myself for this new meat. I sat down next to Samantha, and asked if I could take her underwear all the way off. In a little voice, she said, "I guess..." so I lifted her ass up and pulled her undies all the way off. "That's better, huh?" and I rested my hand on her knee. I slowly moved my hand up her leg, closer to her virgin pussy. When I got high enough, I reached a finger down between her pussy lips. They were hairless just like Rosie's, but Samantha was even younger and smaller. I slowly stroked her tiny clit, and she parted her legs for me. I stroked, and stroked, and her pussy got wet with my efforts. If little girls weren't meant to be fucked, why would their pussies get wet? And why would they orgasm just like little Samantha was doing right now? I knew I had her now. I said, "Do you mind if I put you on my lap?" She shook her head. I placed her on my lap, over my throbbing cock. I rubbed the head against her still engorged clit, and she moaned a little girl moan. I called over to Paul that he should watch, and he diverted his attention from ramming his cock into Rosie's ass over to the spectacle happening on my lap. He slowly fucked Rosie's ass while he savored what was going to happen very soon to his own little girl. Rosie looked almost wistful, like she wished it were her first time again. I slid my finger into Samantha's impossibly tight hole. She squirmed like she wanted to get away, but I had her in an iron grip. I continued to rub her clit and this time when I stuck my finger in, she was fine. I worked another finger in, and her tiny hole stretched around my digits while gripping them tightly. I lubed up my pole, and I gently worked it into her hole. Oh my god, she was tight! I rubbed her clit and slid all the way in. She liked what I was doing to her clit, but didn't like how stretched her cunt was to accommodate my huge cock. I pulled in and out slowly, marveling at the tightness. Paul started to come in Rosie's ass as he watched his daughter get stretched out by my large cock. Despite her discomfort, I made her come again with my fingers, and then I unloaded into her formerly virgin pussy. I moved her off my lap.

I was sure that Paul would be enjoying his daughter's pussy soon, but I had made him promise I could tap her virgin ass at our next session during the week. I couldn't wait until Wednesday when Paul was planning to bring Samantha back over for her second deflowering. When the day finally rolled around, I jacked off beforehand so I could last a long time. I watched the dog video, one of my favorites to get off to. I pondered finding other animals to fuck the kiddo. Finally, Paul and Samantha came in. Samantha was nervous and giggly. Paul took me aside and told me he had been fucking her tight pussy two or three times a day since I had broken her in. "She can't get enough!" he beamed. "I fuck her in the shower after my wife goes to work, and then I fuck her in her room after my wife goes to sleep. I've never had such a tight little pussy, and she fucking loves it!" I said, "Does she know what she's in for tonight?" "Oh no, I want it to be a surprise." I practically rubbed my hands together fiendishly. I offered Samantha a beer, and this time I put in a roofie so she'd be extra relaxed. I've had good luck with roofies. Some of my favorite lays have been with unconscious, relaxed women. You can fuck all their cunts and asses, and they don't know a damn thing! Anyway, after half of the beer, Samantha was looking a little sleepy, so I undressed her. She didn't put up any fuss. I went straight for the goods. While Paul looked on, I lubed up my cock, and I slowly eased it into her tight asshole. She didn't make any trouble, as expected, but she was not yet asleep. She made a little sound, pleasure or pain, I don't know, but I eased further in, until I was balls deep into her 10-year old virgin ass. My huge cock throbbed inside, and I started to push in and out, building up speed. I kept lubed up, and fucked that asshole for ten minutes at least. She moaned a lot, and I kept rubbing her clit for her. I wanted this to be the best orgasm for her ever, even if she wouldn't remember. After awhile, Paul asked if he could have a go. I wasn't close to coming yet, so I said no problem. I continued to rub her clit, and pinch her nipples while Paul got into position. He lubed up his (smaller) cock, and rammed it into his daughter's ass. "Oh god, oh god, oh god," he cried out, as he shot his load up her chute. She, barely aware, shuddered under my hand. I pushed Paul aside, and resumed fucking her ass. It was kind of stretched out now, but I was sure it would recover. I fucked her ass like I had never fucked before. I started to go back and forth between her tight pussy and her ass hole; in one hole, then the next, over and over until I finished up in her ass, adding my load to her father's. When I was done, drifted off to peaceful sleep, and I resolved to roofie some other little girls this way in the future. It saves a lot of effort, you know.

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