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Malomar was dripping with sweat at the end of their set. It was a small
room, but the audience was enthusiastic. Word was starting to get out that Shaboom! was pure rock and roll--and pure sex. Malomar didn't wear very much; her usual attire consisted of torn fishnets under a leather mini so short, her ass cheeks played peek-a-boo with an audience mostly made up of 20-somethings wearing a lot of leather, tattoos, and piercings. Her ample bosom was barely contained by a lace push-up bra. During the show, her nipples would often be erect, and she could sense the lustful gazes of all the men in the audience, which would make her rock harder. This evening, her tits had broken free of her bra during a particularly rocking song, and she had to quickly tuck them back in.

It was 2 am, and there were only a few hardcore patrons left at the bar. Malomar had finished packing up the gear, and the rest of the band had gone home, but she was too wired to go home yet. She sat her ass on a bar stool, and ordered a beer; her skirt hiked up even higher when she sat down, but she had on a red lacy thong under her fishnets, so she didn't feel too exposed. She was still hot, and was glad she wasn't wearing much. There were two rough looking guys at the end of the bar who couldn't take their eyes off her. They both looked like they needed a shave, not to mention a shower, but they were attractive nonetheless; one had on the classic biker leather jacket and well-worn jeans. The other had on a tight black t-shirt that showed off his ample biceps. She glanced at them with interest, and felt a thrill go through her.  They weren't hanging around for the conversation, after all. A few sips into her beer, and they came over and flanked her, one on each side.

"That was a great show. I particularly enjoyed the wardrobe malfunction," the one in the leather jacket said in a low voice, so she had to lean in to hear him.

"Don't mind Tony," the other one said. "You were great. My name's Jimmy."

"I'm Malomar."

"Oh, we know who you are," said Tony.  "Can I get you another drink? Maybe something with a little more kick?"

He reached past her to the bowl of peanuts, and the back of his hand brushed against her nipple, making it spring to attention.

"Um, excuse me," she said, and her voice sounded husky, "I have to go to the bathroom for a minute. Watch my beer? Maybe I'll have that hard drink when I get back."

She slid off the stool, but stumbled a little getting off; Jimmy helped steady her as she got her balance back. He gripped her arm a little too hard, she thought.

She made her way to the back of the bar, where the ladies room was. She knew they were both staring at her ass as she sashayed her way back, her high-heeled boots clicking on the wooden floor. She went to the sink, and splashed some water on her face. She looked in the mirror, and her makeup was none too fresh, but she tried to freshen up a little by wiping some of the smeared eye makeup off from under her eyes with a paper towel. Out in the bar, she could hear the music playing--AC/DC, she thought.

Silently, the door swung open, and both of her admirers came in. She didn't have time to decide if they were welcome or not before Tony turned around and flipped the deadbolt on the door. What had been a frisson of desire changed to fear in an instant.

"Hey, I don't like that," she spluttered out, but it sounded weak in her ears. The music continued to thump out in the bar.

"Oh, Malomar. I think you DO like it. I bet you like it every which way, all the time."

Tony had come close and pressed her against the sink. She tried to lean back away from him, but his hands had found her tits, and he roughly fondled them through the lace. Despite herself, her nipples went hard.

"See, your nipples don't lie." He slipped his large hands under her bra and scooped both titties out from their confines. He continued to fondle them, and bent down to put his lips on the right nipple, his rough beard scratching against her aureola. She tried to push him away, but Jimmy was there holding her right arm while Tony reached down and held her left.

She tried to scream, but as he worked her nipple between his teeth, what came out was more of a moan. She felt her clitoris go rigid, and her pussy juices started to flow, wetting her thong.

Jimmy pulled her away from the sink, and placed himself behind her. He held her wrists firmly behind her back with one hand, while his other hand hiked up her skirt.

"My, my, what a lovely ass you have," and he gave her ass cheek a slap.

Tony was still in front of her sucking on her nipples, taking each one in turn. Behind her, she heard a zipper come down, and the sound of a belt buckle coming undone. Soon, she felt Jimmy's hard cock press in the cleft between her ass cheeks. He made a small moan as he began to rub it against her. It felt huge, and demanding.

Tony stopped mauling her breasts, and reached down to undo his own pants. His schlong sprung free as his pants fell around his ankles. It was huge: long, and thick and throbbing. Malomar quivered in fear--and anticipation. She couldn't understand why she wasn't struggling more; why she was actually wet with desire for these two fiends. Tony seemed like he could read her mind.

"You gorgeous slut," he said as he put his hand on her mound, feeling her juices through her fishnets and thong. "You want it, don't you, you slut."

Malomar could only moan as he reached his index finger through a hole in the fishnets, and flicked aside the flimsy panty to find her clitoris. It became engorged as he rubbed her nub, back and forth, and then he thrust his finger up her sopping hole. He leaned in to suck on her breasts some more, all the while rubbing her clit and finger fucking her. She didn't even notice when Jimmy let go of her hands, and she brought them up to hold Tony's head against her erect nipples.

"We're going to fuck you so hard." Jimmy said. And she moaned in assent.

Tony pushed Malomar to her knees, so his huge cock was in her face. He grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. He started to fuck her mouth, keeping his hands on her head so she had to take it as far as she could; when she started to gag, he pulled back so she could lick his head with her agile tongue. She sucked, and licked, and brought her hands up to stroke the base of the shaft. Then he directed his balls into her mouth and she sucked on them greedily before returning to the shaft.

She felt Jimmy lift her hips up, so she was on her hands and knees, her almost bare ass exposed. Jimmy roughly tore her fishnets from around her crotch, leaving only her thong in place. But her thong was no match for a man with a huge boner. He easily pushed her panties aside as he worked the head of his cock into her wet pussy. Soon, he was thrusting in all the way, and she lifted her ass higher so he could reach around and fondle her clit. She couldn't keep sucking Tony's cock while she was writhing with pleasure from Jimmy's fucking. She moaned and Tony said, "We can do anything we want with you, you fuck toy." And Malomar said breathily, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Tony's cock became even harder, and he lay down on the tile floor. Jimmy stopped pounding her for a minute, and Tony lifted her onto his erect member. She screamed with pleasure as she climaxed on his rod, and he thrust upward into her hole over and over.

Jimmy didn't want to be left out, and he spit on his fingers and started to probe her butthole. At first she clamped up, but as Tony continued to fuck her cunt, she loosened up and let Jimmy push in deeper. Then she felt the head of his cock pushing against her ass. Slowly, he started to push it in, and then he pulled out, back and forth, working his way past her tight sphincter. Suddenly, she climaxed again; the feel of one cock in her pussy, and one cock in her ass was beyond pleasure. She was wracked with an orgasm that kept pulsating and pulsating as Jimmy worked his way deeper into her ass.

"You like that, don't you slut?"


They fucked both her holes, both going in deep. Each thrust was pure pleasure for Malomar, as her breasts brushed against Tony's black t-shirt and her nipples tingled and blushed.

Jimmy slapped her ass as Tony shuddered deep inside her, leaving Jimmy alone, thrusting deep onto her ass.

"You're such a dirty whore, aren't you? You like taking it up the ass, don't you?"

And then he blew his load up her ass, and it felt delicious.

They all collapsed into a heap on the floor. Malomar's cunt and ass dribbled come, and she loved it. After a little while, they stood up, and zipped up their pants while she pulled down her skirt.  Her fishnets were all torn away, but she slid her thong back into place easily enough. It barely sopped up the juices and come. She kissed each thug deeply in turn, and they all stumbled their way out of the bathroom. Outside the bar, Malomar collected their phone numbers, and gave each of their crotches a squeeze goodbye.

The next night, she let them both into her apartment, and was surprised that they had brought a friend. "This is Mike," Jimmy said. This time, she didn't wear panties. They would just get in the way...

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