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A cautionary tale for all those who've ever wanked over Shemales wearing pretty frillies
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 10:04:56 +0000

Park Shemale Shame
Hi All, Now I’m as straight as the next man, I’ve got a cute little
blonde girl with a great arse who I love to ride, lick and tit feel,
but, well, here’s a cautionary tale. This is a warning for you fellas who
sometimes find yourselves looking at pictures of pretty
shemales, in all their frillies, on the internet when you just wanna
have that added pervy kick so as to cum.
Right, the other day I was walking home from the pub after a couple
of after work drinks with my mates. I live in Madrid and had to walk
back through parque del oueste where lots of African prostitutes and
ladyboys ply their trade. I walked past the row of trannies and went to
cut through the bushes on my way home.
Something made me stop to peer from the bushes at the 'ladies' in
their fur coats flashing their powerful masculine thighs at the
passing cars. I noticed another man in a long coat furtively hanging
out in the bushes a way off so, due to strength in numbers, I thought
I’d be able to get away with it. One tall, blond T-girl had pulled
open her coat to reveal her bulging lace knickers and was waggling her
packet at a slow moving car. It was utterly absorbing and I’ll admit I
had to adjust my own stiffening cock.
Now, as they say, curiosity killed the cat. Suddenly, I noticed a
tall, dark haired, heavily set ladyboy coming towards me, I´d been
spotted!! I felt pinned to the spot, I couldn’t move and here I have to
say again I´m not gay I´ve never even looked at a man. ''Hola, como
tu llama?'', she said in a voice them made me feel like a soprano.
I tried to laugh the instant off and to be friendly, I found out her name
was Alexis, she was , up close, not the butchest looking of ladyboys,
about 6 foot tall and she opened her coat to show me her lingerie,
well I´ve always been partial to stockings and I felt the breath catch
in my throat. As I stared she listed off a number of prices for me but
I told her that I was penniless, I actually had 20 euros on me, left from
the pub but I hoped that that would be a way out of what was becoming
a sticky situation. She had reachedover and with one smooth motion
undid the flies of my pinstripe trousers.

Part 2. I felt stunned as her hand began to expertly work my shaft.
I was breathing so heavily, my heart was thumping, it was a public park
shortly after nightfall anyone could go by, the police even. But this
female impersonator had obviously worked a few cocks other than his
own and had me mastered. As soon as she had me in her grasp I felt
helpless, Alexis too was heavy breathing as she slipped her lace glove
off to stroke my cock. Now I don´t have a big one, but the girls have
always said how soft the skin is, it must be all that moisturizer I
rub in while wanking over big titted birds on the internet. Alexis
again told me the price of a suck while stroking me into diamond hard
erection. My head was swimming but I'm not gay and I´m not paying some
bloke to wank me off. So I said no. ''OOH no te me gusta'' {‘’OOH you
don’t like me’’}, she said and started to walk off. I was left
shivering on the path with my throbbing cock sticking out like a
flagpole. Damn it! I called her back, with a plaintive tone I have to
admit. She smiled triumphantly; I was her little puppet. She sashayed
back over, working her hips, and took me in hand, this time firmly,
grasping me so hard it was almost painful. I scooped all the loose
change out of my pocket and put it into her left palm. I work in an
office here and compared to my hand her's felt rough as a docker’s. She
chuckled and began to work my cock with long twisting sweeps. Her hot
breath was on my face,'' kiss kiss'' she said huskily in English. I
couldn’t kiss her, that’s not me, and I struggled and half turned to
keep my lips away from hers. There was no escape though I couldn't
free myself from her hand if I wanted to. She took my hand and forced
it under her coat rubbing it against her large fleshy arse, ''YOU
LIKE!'' she said as if ordering. I looked down as if in shame and saw
that her silk knickers were stretched at the front to a bursting point
with an enormous erection. It was all too much, my cock starting
jerking and I was spitting spunk onto the grass and down my legs. The
madness was over, sanity seemed to return and I couldn’t believe where
I was.

Part 3 Well the madness was over for me anyway but not her, Alexis still
seemed to be breathing deeply and still held me by the family jewels. ''Es
veinte euros para mi mano, chico'', she said demanding money for the
services rendered. What was to follow was something that has played in
my mind ever since. As I hesitated again I saw that triumphant smirk,
as if I was a little popsy she’d pulled in a bar. Her thumb hooked
into the frill of her panties and out flopped a long, thick cock. It
was the first cock I’d seen since the locker rooms at school and I
stared open mouthed. I didn’t even notice she’d released my manhood as
she took me by the back of my neck and firmly guided me to my knees.
My mouth was hanging open yet she still took me by the chin and pulled
down my jaw.With a deep moan, she slid her penis into my mouth pushing
past my numb lips. It slid dryly over my tongue filling my mouth
utterly. Fucks sake she was fucking my face her silk clad hips pushing
into my nose and chin, she grinded me and I suddenly caught the taste
of her cock. Male and musky like an armpit. It was smooth too, like
mine, and stiff like mine had been, I suck on it to get more of that
flavour. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, I was on my knees with a
hand on both her hips, hers on the back of my head, furiously sucking
her cock as she slipped it almost down my throat. I pulled back taking
it in my hand, gasping for breath. It was so long, so thick and
shining in the streetlight with my spit. I wanted to run but instead I kissed it
and licked its length up and down marvelling at the size of it, and took it back
into my mouth as if dying of hunger for it. It was a giddy moment I still don’t
know why I was sucking like a slut but I couldn’t stop. Her grunting seemed
to be reaching new heights and as she increased the strength of her hold on
the back of my head I knew what was coming, I'd done it to enough
birds in my town. Part of me was fighting to pull away, muttering a
protest but I just wanted more of that monster in my mouth and
couldn’t let go. With a final guttural cry she slammed into my face
one last time. It was jerking, spitting into my full mouth. I choked
on her stream and felt it run down my chin. But still I hung onto
that huge snake with my mouth so as to milk every last drop. I felt
more warmth on my face, I was being splashed I opened my eyes in
shock. The bloke in the long coat I’d seen hiding in the bushes was
coming in my face. He had that same gleeful look in his eye too as he
stroked his small brown cock off all over me.
I sank back onto my heels and just sat there in shock as Alexis
wiped her cock off on my face with two big sweeps. I felt my lips
pucker against her shaft as it passed over my mouth. She was speaking
in Spanish , the man put some money into her rough palm and then she
was sashaying off back to the street. The man looked down at me in the
dirt, covered in spunk with my cock hanging limply out. He shook his
head slightly, disdainfully, and scuttled off. I didn't even move for 2
or 3 minutes before cleaning up a bit with my handkerchief and
scuttling off myself.
So let this be a warning to you fellas; though these shemales look dead
sexy in the photos, don't go down to the woods alone cos they'll be the
ones having the picnic.
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