Mindy had really begun to piss Chad off. She had failed to suck his stinking armpits just how he liked and that fucked Chad over. So she was to be punished, and Chad had a great plan in mind.

“Taking into consideration that you’ve already pissed me off Mindy I don’t think you’ll be going home tonight”

“But my mom will want to know where I am she’ll be worried.” Mindy sniffled and gingerly licked Chad’s big toe.

“And fucking lick my toes right. Get your mouth right around them I wanna fuck your mouth with my toes.”

As Chad began to face fuck her throat with his toes he decided a little fun was in order. He dialled a number on his phone he had a plan in mind.

“Randall is that you?”

“Yeah dude what’s up?”

“Listen you know that favour you owe me, well I kinda need it now.”

“Jeez Chad if its money I’m all out man, fuckin broke.”

Chad chuckled to himself whilst he thrust his other foot halfway down Mindy’s throat.

“Oh don’t’ worry Randall money doesn’t concern me.”

“Oh sweet dude, so what can I do for you?”

“You know the staff you’ve got the big bulldog, what’s his name again…..”

“Boxer you mean Boxer?”

“Yeah well I need you to bring him over to my place this evening. I’ve got something planned you see.”

Mindy remembered back to when Chad had assigned the tasks to her. It was all a muddle but she clearly remembered that he wanted her to fuck a dog. Her heart pumped fast as she became anxious but made sure she kept licking Chad’s smelly feet with enthusiasm, she couldn’t face another punishment.

“Yeah what ever Chad that’s cool I’ll drop by later.”

“You here that Mindy, Randall’s bringin his bulldog boxer over later. He’s gonna fuck your pussy till you scream bitch.”

Later that evening Randall arrived with Boxer, Chad was thrilled when he saw the horny beast he knew the guys would get a real kick watching the dog annihilate Mindy’s cunt.

“Mindy look what I’ve got” Chad said in a sarcastic tone. He led the dog into the front lounge were Mindy was serving drinks to guests.

Mindy turned to see Chad holding the leash of one humongous dog. It was Boxer the pit bull that Chad had promised Mindy she could fuck. The dog stood there as proud as a king. Drool hung from its mouth and his tongue stuck out licking its lips.

She quivered and suddenly became anxious she gazed around the room but no one was here to save her. They were here to watch the dog fuck her sweet pussy.

“Well what are you waiting for?”

She looked bemused, “What Chad what do you want me to do?”

“You are a stupid whore aren’t you? What do you think you need to do? Your husband is here so get down on your god damn knees and welcome him. Show him your appreciation and devotion, show him you love him.”

Mindy scrambled down to her knees and crawled over to the dog. She brought her lips to the dogs stinking face and stuck out her tongue.

“What the hell are you doing? Your privileges do not meet that of a kiss to his face. Scoot your ass round to his hole and suck Boxer’s ass hole. You know how much dogs love to sniff and lick each others asses so get round there and get to work.

She’d given up and as she got behind the dog she readied herself and stuck her tongue out. Chad ordered the dog to arch its back and within moments Boxer was literally smothering Mindy’s face with his ass.

“Tongue right up there. Give him a decent welcome.”

The guys watched in ore as Mindy stuck her tongue as far as she could inside the dog’s rectum. It stunk like nothing else, putrid and unlike a human ass. She kept getting hairs stuck in her teeth as she licked and sucked the pucker but Chad wasn’t letting her stop. He crouched down behind the girl and thrust her face even further in.

“That’s my girl. Look Boxers’ really enjoying this. His big wet tongue is wagging and his tail too. I see he likes you Mindy. And don’t forget he hasn’t blown in a month he’s one rowdy dog.”

“Dude look take a fuckin look.” Randall said as Mindy’s face was being smothered between the ass cheeks of the dog. The boys all gathered round to see what the commotion was all about and surly but slowly Boxer’s cock began to rise and get hard.

“Wow Mindy if your face wasn’t wedged between those stinkin ass cheeks you’d be able to see how fuckin big this dogs cock is.”

She writhed and turned and twisted her body desperate to get some fresh air instead of the dog breath she was inhaling now. But Chad wasn’t letting up he kept her face right where it was. He forced her to suck that sweaty dog ass hole for ten minutes. When he let up her face was covered in her own puppy drool. Her hair a mess, makeup smudged and dog hairs in her teeth.

Chad handed her a mirror, “Look what you’ve become. Just take one hard look at that whore that stares back at you.”
Mindy was so worn out she barely recognised the girl that stared back at her. She had gone from dazzling beauty to a tramped out whore in a matter of months.

“Now that you’ve sucked his ass hole clean you can scoot right down beneath Boxer’s legs and get to work on his cock.”

Mindy did as instructed and as all the guys gathered round to watch her stomach lurched at the prospect of what she had to do. It was by far the most disgusting cock she had ever seen. The dogs sheath was peeled right back. A big smelly stinking pink end protruded upwards from the dog’s groin. But that wasn’t the worst part. Dogs produce copious amounts more pre cum than humans and this dog sure was horny. It fell from the sides like cream it was that thick, and it was Mindy’s turn to lick it up and swallow.

“Chad that’s disgusting it really is.” In a bout of pleading Mindy thought perhaps she could get out of doing the task but Chad was having none of it.

“Yes it’s supposed to be disgusting Mindy. The more disgusting the better wouldn’t you say so guys?”

A few firm nods and murmurs emitted from around the room. Some guys were casually working there cocks whilst others had there video phones and cameras ready to capture the moment when she would eat doggy dick for the first time.

“But it smells and there’s lots of cum on the end.” Chad couldn’t believe his ears as Mindy brought her pouting lips to an inch of the bulbous cock end. A few drips splattered and fell onto her cheeks.

“Firstly that isn’t cum its pre cum. Secondly when he cums it will be deposited right into your ass or pussy or which ever hole we choose to let him use. And thirdly if you don’t have your mouth round the end of that doggy cock in ten seconds and slurp that doggy batter into your gut then I’ll show everyone that message.”

Horrified at the thought of what could lay ahead Mindy stuck her tongue out. She licked the end of the cock and took some of the splatter in her mouth. And with instructions from Chad she was ordered to show her tongue to everybody in the room coated with the mess. He then took multiple snaps of her in this most degrading position.

“Few bitches ever done this before me bet.” Louis shouted ore struck at the fabulous entertainment he was witnessing. As Mindy finished the remaining pre cum she got to work sucking the cock. She thrust her mouth willingly up and down over the stinking member. She took inch after inch into her hole bathing it with her tongue.

Boxer was certainly enjoying it and began to piston fuck her face it was like something out of a horror movie but fucking awesome.

“Check him out he’s face fucking her. He’s actually face fucking her, what a good boy you are boxer.” His master Randall was certainly impressed with his dog’s abilities and human like tendencies. Mindy meanwhile could do nothing but let the giant doggy cock batter her tonsils. She had never tasted anything so disgusting even Jerome’s stinking shitty ass hole was better than what she was having to do now.

Chad noticed that the dog looked ready to cum so not wanting to spoil the main event he quickly snapped the leash back onto Boxer’s collar and pulled him away and out of Mindy’s cunt hole.

Mindy gasped for air as the sloppy cock escaped her mouth. And her stomach churned with all the doggy pre cum she had ingested she felt sick.

“If you think that was all Mindy then think again. That was just for starters Boxers moving onto the main course now.”
Mindy crumpled onto the floor and fell into a daze. She had just taken a dirty, smelly dog dick in her mouth how disgusting is that?

“Chad please can I just have some water first. My mouth is so dry and it tastes of dog.”

Bouts of laughter erupted in the room and Randall thought it appropriate to add his own sarcastic comment. “Well of course it fuckin does you stupid whore you just sucked my dogs dick. What else it gonna taste like…..”

Chad came in “You know bitches Randall they have about as much intelligence as old Boxer here. I mean I reckon he’s probably smarter than Mindy.”

Mindy was so humiliated and degraded. She closed her eyes and tried to block out all the nasty comments she could hear, she blocked them out and thought of her old life before Chad had destroyed her.

“You better get on all fours Mindy. Boxer is desperate to fill you up. I just pulled his cock from your mouth and I don’t think he liked it much. But that’s easily solved as I’m sure he will enjoy your pussy once he mounts you from behind.”

Chad high fived Randall and laughed as Mindy crawled over to the centre of the room to take her position. Everyone was really excited and all the guys were working there fat cocks with there hands.

“Arch your back Mindy Boxer needs to grip you well with his paws if he’s gonna fuck you. I want it to be as comfortable as possible for him he deserves this.”

And that was that the beast didn’t even need instructing he just went for the hole as all rowdy dogs do. But before he mounted her he had a good sloppy lick of her pussy. And the worst part of it was that it was actually stimulating Mindy. She was getting off over a dog.

“Don’t you move! Let him have a lick of that messed up cunt hole.” Chad said.

“He’s just bathing her hole so it’s all nice and slick for when he fucks her dude. I’ve seen him do it before to another dog so I guess it’s the same when it comes to her.” Randall said intrigued at Boxer’s behaviour.

And then he fucked her. And he fucked her good. He gripped his paws onto her back tightly so she couldn’t move an inch then in one full swoop rammed his member straight down into her pussy. And dogs aren’t patient like humans there’s no going in slow or being gentle, they just like to fuck and fuck hard.
Mindy moaned heavily as Boxer battered her already abused hole. It seemed never ending as the rampant dog did his work. Chad was mightily impressed with Boxer he was a true winner he fucked like a champion.

The must have fucked for ten minutes. Hard and fast thrusts, no relenting or stopping just pure fucking and it really showed. Mindy was sweating profusely it poured off her body and dripped onto the carpet. And that wasn’t all, she was moaning like the fuck pig she now was. Boxer dug his paws deep into her flesh as his balls battered her cunt relentlessly he just wouldn’t stop. Thick wods of his drool clung to his jaw and every so often he would bark in sexual lust.

Chad was so pleased that he was getting all this great material on film he knew Paul would be impressed. After fifteen minutes Mindy tensed up as she felt the dogs engorged member swell inside her cunt. And then stream after stream of thick cum made its way inside of her.

As Boxer pulled his now floppy cock from her pussy it came out with a slurp and some of the doggy cum dripped out and onto her thighs there was that much.

“Look at the state of her.” Randall pointed as Mindy panted to regain her breath.

“She’s just been fucked by a dog dude. No wonder she looks like shit.”

Everyone laughed except Mindy who crashed there and then on the floor. Chad walked over to her and pressed his big toe into her mouth.

“That was fun wasn’t it? You looked like you really enjoyed that, but just one thing, there’s a big fucking puddle of doggy cum forming on my carpet. DO the right thing and slurp it back up into your mouth I don’t want to have to clean the carpet so you can do it for me.”

And with a wicked laugh and moans as a few of the guys cummed in pleasure Mindy stuck her tongue out and began to lap at the vile mess that was before her. What a complete fuck pig she now was!

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2015-08-02 14:43:18
I love how despite the very clear story codes (dark fantasy, slavery, humiliation, noncon etc.) there are still people out there that are suprised when the story has those things.


2015-05-17 15:56:05
Right up my depraved street. PLEASE write more and go darker.

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Awesome story using sluts for what they r bread for if it has tits and a cunt it's a cum dump slut fuck toy for man r beast

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Awesome story using sluts for what they r bread for if it has tits and a cunt it's a cum dump slut fuck toy for man r beast

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