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Continuation of the story, where I continue the abuse of my slut
This is a continuation from Part 1 - this is true and happened a couple of months ago, only the name has been changed. If you like anal sex, you will enjoy this story.

- - - - -

Now that Laurie had cum again and her asshole was stretched open, I watched as cream from her cunt slid down to her asshole and some of it dripped onto the chair. She had squirted and creamed during her orgasm, the chair was wet - looking back I should have made her clean the mess up with her tongue, I will not make that mistake twice.

I decide that I want to fill her pussy with my cock - I move up and place the head at the entrance and her pussy stretches around my thick cock and it slides in easily due to the cream in her pussy. Laurie lets out a slight gasp and her eyes close. I make her watch as I fuck her. She is still bound and her pussy is easily accessible - so I pound into her. She cums again. My cock is coated with a creamy film and I want Laurie to taste it. I pull out much to her displeasure and position my cock near her face, she observes my cock and her juices covering it, she involuntarily licks her lips. She opens her mouth and I reward her with my cock. I push it into her mouth, her nose presses against my stomach and she gags.
I pull out and she swallows her juices. Back in her mouth again and I fuck her face. Laurie is enjoying her evening very much.

Laurie's asshole is still gaped open. It looked good to me. Her ass was welted and red, her breasts were red and marked, she is sweating lightly due to the abuse she has endured and her orgasms. She looked helpless sitting there in the chair with her legs and arms bound, licking her lips, eyes turned upwards with a lustful look. She is great slut - a wonderful plaything.

I untied her and let each leg fall to the floor, there are marks on her legs and wrists from the rope.
Grabbing her arm I lift her up and lead her over to the bed. She is unsteady. I have Laurie bend over and place her hands on the bed. Slapping her ass with my hand she responds with a slight whimper. I tell her to spread her legs. She obeys. Her ass feels good as I rub it feeling the welts under my hands.

I spit into her asshole and take my position behind her. She is aching to be fucked again.
Laurie has been writing and asking me to fuck her ass and fill her up - she loves the feeling of my cock as it enters her ass, the pain is good to her, she enjoys it. I give it to her. My cock slides into her already stretched ass easily. She throws her head back and sucks in air. I am not gentle - immediately I am shoving my cock balls deep in her ass - I spit on my cock to help it slide in easier. I am slamming into her ass now, very hard. I have Laurie play with her clit while I fuck her and she begs me to allow her to cum again - I delay my response.

Pounding into her asshole over and over again for about 10 minutes, she is clearly needing to cum, her pussy is dripping clear liquid and her asshole is now very open. I put my hands on her cheeks and pull out to see what I have done to her - her hole is open and I can see the pink walls of her rectum - it opens and closes in spasms. Laurie's fingers are still working her clit and her breathing is heavy. Back in her ass I go again - she moans in pleasure. She is an anal whore.

I allow Laurie to cum again which she does with a loud moan and shaking - I do not let up on her ass during her orgasm and continue fucking her. 10 more minutes or so go by and I am starting to feel my orgasm building. Laurie senses it and feels my cock swelling in her ass. I ask her, "do you want my cum in your ass or would you like it in your mouth?" Her answer does not matter to me and she in fact - cannot even form a response. Her ass is being punished by my cock and she is overwhelmed right now.

After a few more minutes of fucking I pull out of her ass and have her kneel in front of me - plunging my cock into her mouth. It is hot from her ass. She allows me to push it in to her throat and I fuck her face directly from her ass. I pull out and she licks at the base and my balls, savoring the flavors of her pussy and ass.

I grab her head and fuck her face as I feel my cum rising - I pull out a bit and cum hits the side of her face, she opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out like a good cum slut. I release my cum into her mouth - it feels very good and she is not swallowing just yet. Laurie rolls my cum in her mouth tasting it thoroughly - then she swallows it with her eyes closed. Full enjoyment on her face. A very satisfied smiled comes to her face. She is spent. I have Laurie clean up a bit and then she leaves my room around 9:15 or so. 2 hours of abuse and pleasure.

The next day I write Laurie and ask her how she feels - she is sore - especially her asshole which was abused for more than 45 minutes the night before (between the dildo and my cock). She is bruised. And she is loving the feeling of being owned by me. Her ass would be sore for the next 4 days.

We are now planning the next session where she would like me to give her a total of 80 beatings with the belt, the crop, a new paddle and a piece of plastic pipe. She is a good plaything.
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