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I have a great time with my son's friend.
Austin. What a fucking tease.

Like always, he was on my doorstep, smiling, wearing just a pair of basketball shorts, sweat glistening on his exposed chest.

“ Hey Mr. Hunt!” he exclaimed. “ Is Josh home?”

“ Call me Mike.” I told him again. “ Yes, he’s here, go on upstairs.” He ran by me and up to the second floor. I could smell him as he jolted by and the smell made me hard. I pushed the thought from my mind and closed the door. I yelled up to them that I would be in the garage if they needed me.

“OK” came the combined reply.

I guess I might as well give you the back story. My name is Mike obviously. I’m a 35 year old divorcee. I live alone with my son as I have custody. We live in a very upscale part of town. I had the great fortune of winning a lottery prize of 50 million dollars about six years ago. Luckily I was already divorced by then and the greedy bitch of an ex-wife I had got none of it. I lived the bachelor life now, bedding men or women. I was always bisexual and got married for the wrong reasons. The only good thing out of 10 years of marriage was my son. My fortune afforded me and my son the best but I made sure he worked for what he wanted.

I walked out to the open garage that was my gym. I had everything in here but rarely used it all. My body was toned and tight. I’m sure 20 year olds would kill for a body like mine, funny I want their body but in another way. I was fast at work on the weight bench when my son and his friend came in.

“ Hey dad, mind if we join you?”

He always asked, I raised him with manners. “ Yeah kid, go ahead. If you guys need help just let me know.” I told him. We worked out all the time and my sons body mirrored mine. His gorgeous little friend was getting there, I think in part due to my sons motivation. After an hour I was gearing up for a run around the neighborhood, I always did this at five thirty. It was cooler by then plus the neighborhood wives came to expect me and were always doing something or the other outside just to get a look. I loved the two women on the end of my street, both in their fifties they would set up chairs and had daiquiris in hand as I passed. I made a point to stop and talk to them. Ha, I guess I’m just as bad with the teasing.

Today my son and Austin joined me. They ladies loved that. My companions blushed deeply when they commented on how good they look. I told them they should be flattered that they were admired, I enjoyed the commenting and drooling looks.

“ Yeah, dad, but why do you care, I thought you liked men?” My son stated as we were running again.

Austin faltered for a moment but recovered.

I noticed Austin, and smiled. “ Yes, I do son, but I like women too. Its my lifestyle.”

“ I don’t know.” he said “ Mom keeps telling me how its wrong, that its against god.”

“ Well son, some feel that way, but if god created us all, doesn’t that mean he made me this way? Why would he hate his own creation?”

“That makes sense.” he said. “ Speaking of mom, do I have to spend two weeks with her? I’d rather stay here. I mean Europe sounds cool but with just mom and grandma it won’t be fun.”

He had to go, it was her court ordered summer time. I had paid for the Europe trip after she called me wanting to give him some culture, funny how it came at my expense. Her new husband couldn’t afford a map of Europe. He wasn’t going by the way, I was not paying for him. I kicked his ass once when I dared to spank my son for being a “spoiled brat”. Ha-ha, the night in jail was worth it. I explained to my son the situation which he already knew and he accepted.

Austin spoke up, “ It sucks you are going to be gone for two whole weeks Josh, I wish I could go with you but my mom would die from worry.”

I had offered to pay for him too, but was politely turned down. Which I can’t blame them. We finished our walk then and set back up the driveway. I grabbed a sport drink and handed the boys each one. As was my routine I went out back for a swim to cool down. As was not routine they joined me my son in his swim trunks and Austin in a Speedo. What? A Speedo? I couldn’t believe what I saw. The fabric hugged his cock and defined it perfectly, even soft he was huge. Easily close to my size of eight inch meat. He seemed to show it off in my direction for a few moments then jumped in. We all did laps and then made our way to the hot tub after. We sat for a while discussing life, Josh was only sixteen, soon to be seventeen and Austin, already seventeen, their only thoughts were of sex. I gave them the best advice I could offer, I never sugarcoat anything, Josh was used to me being blunt but it took Austin by surprise, I guess his parents didn’t discuss much with him or censored what they did. I saw him squirming in the bubbles, obviously trying to adjust himself. My manhood grew from this.

“ Can I ask you a question?” Austin said. And without waiting for a reply he just went on. “ How come you are so open about sleeping with men? Are you not worried what others will think?”

I saw my son give my a look and a punch below the water into my ribs. Damn, he was strong, little fucker.
“ Well Austin, I went a long time hiding how I felt and one day just decided that enough was enough. I make my own way and will live how I want to. I’m not ashamed of myself.” My son gave me a approving smile. I guess he was worried I’d spill the beans on him. He had recently told me he had felt like he was bisexual, I had never told him about my lifestyle until about a year ago. I didn’t want to influence his choices. He had only came question himself after he lost his virginity to his girlfriend of two years and I guess his boyfriend of a few months. Which he never told me who it was but I was starting to suspect was sitting next to us. “ It’s a personal choice to make, Austin, you will have those who can’t accept it and those who will. You don’t want to regret anything when you leave this world and who do you want to make happy? You or others?” He seemed to be deep in thought but said no more of it.

Shortly after we got out and Austin went home, My son and I went inside to shower. I was going out to a club with some friends and my son was going to stay home. He was responsible. On the way out to my car he asked if a friend could come over. I told him it was fine and had a feeling who the friend was.

A few days later, my son in England with his mother, I was back in the garage lifting weights like usual. I had gotten started early so I only had the garage door up a foot blocking out the sun.

My doorbell rang.

Setting the weights down I went to answer it. There he was, although I hadn’t expected it. Austin stood at my door. “Hi Mr. Hunt” he called out. “ I know Josh isn’t here but I was wondering if I could use your weight room, I don’t want to get soft these two weeks.” I told him that was ok and let him in, we headed off to the garage and I opened the door all the way. I didn’t want to start those rumors. He looked disappointed in this but too bad.

“ Do your parents know you are over here?” I asked him, but my question was answered by his mother rolling by in her car, I walked out to say hello. She told me she and her husband were meeting up for a date night and wondered if it was ok if Austin worked out with me since he wanted to keep his body toning going and since Josh was gone. I told her it was fine that I was already working out when he arrived. She eyed my sweat covered chest and sighed, stating that she needed to send her husband my way. I just smiled to her and off she went.

Back in the garage Austin was already setting up the weight bench and he was shirtless. Damn. This was going to be fun. I lifted first, Austin stood as my spot, just in case, but the weight was not much. I did a few reps before I noticed how close he was standing to my head. He was not wearing underwear. I had a perfect view up his shorts and his soft cock was pointing my way. He noticed and the weights suddenly became rather heavy, he helped me raise them off me. I’ll blame it on lack of blood to the rest of my body since my cock decided it would swell. I saw the look of shock on his face as my shorts tighten with the lack of space my penis was causing.

“ Um, ah, I mean,” he stuttered. He couldn’t get his eyes off my package. He was in a trance. My standing up snapped him out of it, maybe he had a lack of blood flow as well. Oh, wait, look at that his cock was at full length, the head even poked out of the waist band. Lovely purple shade. What to do. This would be very easy. And its all setup, like he made it work out this way. Well, I didn’t want to pass this up but he was only seventeen.

“ Look Austin, I can see what’s going on here and I would love to ravish you, and believe me I could. Still you are only seventeen.” I told him.

He laughed, “ Um, no, I turned eighteen just two days ago. I’m legal now.” he said.

I guess he got brave then and stepped forward grabbing my throbbing cock. Needing no more pushing I grabbed him and locked my lips to his. He was sweet, soft, and for the moment mine. Trembling under my touch, I asked him if he really wanted this, that I had enough experience to put a hurting on him. His reply was that we were wasting time standing here. Cocky he is and he is gonna get it. I lead him to the shower in my bedroom, we were both dripping sweat and needed to rinse off. In our haste we jumped in fully clothed. I locked lips with him again and ran my hands down his body, god he felt nice, I’d have to thank my son for getting him this way. My hands met his shorts and I knelt down as I pulled them off, he was still shaking, I don’t know if it was the excitement or fear of what I would do to him. His shorts around his ankles, his dick stood straight out. I kissed it and got a grip on the shaft. I could really appreciate it now. Seven inches of barely legal cut cock in my grasp. I stroked it gently and sucked the head. His knees almost buckled but he remained standing. I knew he never had a blowjob like this, his moans grew loud , and his hands gripped my hair. The water dripping down his back made it easy for me to slide my finger into his crack and rub the glorious pink hole that I would soon stretch out. I kept work on his cock and his ass gave way to my finger. Hello Mr. Prostate. Guess what? You are mine. The grunt he let out made this so much hotter. He unloaded what I must say was the sweetest although rather large load of cum into my mouth. I should have seen this coming, he being young and inexperienced but I was lost in the pleasure of pleasing him that it didn’t cross my mind.

“Oh my god. That was amazing.” he shouted. We locked lips and I gave him some of his cum that I didn’t swallow. His tongue hungrily met mine and tasted what he had given me. His cock remained hard, I love young boys! We stepped out of the shower and I handed him a towel. I watched him dry himself. What he was thinking when he bent over to dry his legs? He exposed his tight little pink hole to me and like a starving man I dug my tongue in. Moaning to a higher power he stayed bent over. I made sure to grab his cock and stroke it softly, it oozed precum. What a sweet little hole he had. I could have gone on for hours at it. I stood and led him to the bed, he was going to suck my cock, which I’m sure he had no problem with. I laid on my back and spread my legs. He kissed up my legs to the eight inch monster that awaited his soft, wet mouth. He gripped my shaft and squeezed, he had a little clue of what to do but I could see the inexperience on his face. He kissed the head of my swollen cock and shoved what he could down his throat, which was all of it. Wonderful, no gag reflex on this one. I told him to slow it down. He made slow intense strokes of his hand followed by swallowing my dick, it was defiantly one of the better ones of had. I told him to stop and straddle my face, he lowered that pink hole onto my mouth and without instruction went back to sucking me. I ate his hole. Darting my tongue in and out of his hole, getting him wet and loose.

I pushed him off and commanded him to mount my dick. His smile was ear to ear. He held his cock and balls out of the way and let me watch as my cock invaded his ass. God he was tight. He had that wide open mouth expression as he speared himself on me. Opening his eyes he smiled at me and started to ride my cock. Up and down he went. Faster and faster. His cock was slapping my stomach with every downward thrust.

Smack, smack, smack it went. I couldn’t let that dick wiggle in front of me unattended. I grabbed it and stroked it as he continued to ride me. So warm and tight was his ass. I didn’t want this to stop. I wanted to fuck him all night and day. His cries of pleasure grew louder and more often. He was close and so was I. With a final flick of my wrist he came all over my chest, this caused his ass to spasm and sent me over the edge. I exploded into his bowels. I couldn’t count the spurts if I wanted to, but the hotness told me it was a lot. He collapsed onto my chest and kissed me deep. Fuck he was good. My softening dick slipped from his ass and his seemed spent. We kissed for a few minutes and then we feel asleep. I knew this wasn’t a good idea, for I’m sure the neighbors will see him leaving in the morning but oh well. He is eighteen anyway.

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2014-08-28 10:18:36
id pather have a big old fat cunt in my face lol

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2012-08-01 01:13:26
mmmmmmm I loved this one

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2012-06-05 02:54:46
The guy's name is Mike Hunt. Really man? Pure unadulterated class you are

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2012-05-30 20:06:15
That was a painful eidpose. Why couldn't you guys have your lovefest off the air? That was worse than when Aaron called out Josh for not putting enough into the show. (at least that only lasted 3 minutes) However, after the 25 minutes of conflict resolution during which I repeatedly consider fast-forwarding, there were some funny bits. WORST. SHOW. EVER. I mean, the lead into the Circle Jerk was funny; Aaron acts like a baby, de-friends Noble, quits the podcast FUNNY STUFF! But to spend 20 more minutes on the apologies and bro-hugs? You've GOT to stop using this podcast as group therapy. Fans,I know you'll have to see for yourselves just how bad it is, but it isn't bad in a good way. I recommend starting this podcast at the 25 minute mark.

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penis is kinda awesome

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