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Three young sisters and a guy get sexually aroused at their gym under the showers and in the sauna - Yes, it does take a bit of time to get going
Nathan's eyes tightened slightly as he lifted the weights up, level with his broad shoulders, and then up over his head. Bannatyne’s Gym had its usual, low number of members exercising on their afternoon, so it was hard to ignore the sound of the girls giggling when they entered.

Nathan exhaled. He realised that most people would think he was relieved having set the dumbbells down, but he had caught sight of a pair of bare, slender and lightly tanned legs. The girl wore a tight pair of white shorts that clung to and outlined the shape of her ass, more so as she bent over, unzipping her gym bag. Her arms were bare too and only a hot pink vest top covered her torso, including her 34A breasts.

She was, about eighteen years of age – the same as Nathan. White blonde hair fringed around her face, and Nathan watched as she curved her soft, small pink lips into a smile when their eyes met. Her eyes dropped slightly, to his bare chest. He smiled back at her, flirty rather than casual and later found her name to be Livvy.

He continued eavesdropping and continued lifting, cutting down the weight so he could focus more on the girls. Livvy had chosen the rowing machine behind him, and was out of his sight but was able to see another one of the three girls.

This one was around twenty, wore a black Nike sports bra, leaving her 36B breasts as noticeable as her fair, flat stomach. She intertwined her fingers together, pushed her palms away from her and stretched her arms over her head. Nathan only managed a peek at her cleavage as her torso pushed forward, but even so it was enough to give him a hard-on. She knew he was watching, and made it seem natural the way her full, pouty lips blew out air more slowly than usual as she set her arms to her side.

“Hey, Natalie,” she said, to the last of the girls.

“Yeah, Phoebe?” Natalie replied. Natalie was the youngest girl of them all, looking as though she had just turned thirteen. She had the same thin eyebrows and round face as the other girls, and Nathan thought them as sisters. She had black hair, like Phoebe, only hers fell to her shoulders and were curled, not straight and nor tied up.

Her chest was a little flatter than the others, but Nathan enjoyed the change of smaller tits, perhaps only a 30AA, and tried not to stare as he drank from his bottle of water.
“Try the running machine, it’s not too hard,” Phoebe continued.

Nathan looked around, he had tried out all the equipment he wanted to, and was worn out to go for another round. He took one last glance at the girls, especially at Natalie; her little tits bouncing as she ran faster, and Nathan then left to the showers.

There was no-one else in the showers – the gym suite had two extra members apart from him and the girls, but he was alone here. He took off his shorts, and having worn nothing underneath he stood under the shower and started to wash. Nathan took advantage of being alone under the hot water. He thought of the girls they had just seen; their sexy figures, their sultry expressions and seductive gestures.

He fantasized especially of what he could see under the little clothing they wore. Firm, round breasts…sweet, wet pussies…Nathan moaned at his own touch, circling his balls and teasing himself with just a light touch and then wrapping his hand around his cock much harder. He pushed his hand down the length, then repeated the motion again and again, following his own fast pace thinking of being wrapped around a little tasty tongue instead and using his own mouth to suck those nipples, until he heard a little ‘oops’ behind him.

Nathan turned around as a naked Phoebe stood just a foot away. Her innocent face was an obvious pretence but as hot as Nathan could imagine.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t realise anyone was here.”

“That’s okay,” Nathan replied, as controlled as he could in this excited state of his. He only allowed himself to look as far down as her breasts whilst speaking to her, he didn’t give away so quickly. He winked at her and said in a hushed voice, “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you.” She giggled and got under the shower next to him, facing outwards, letting her head tip back. Nathan watched as the water ran between the little space between her breasts, over her nipples, her bare belly button and down in between her legs. She grabbed the shower gel that she had rested on the wall, and began to lather herself.

Nathan waited, as she deliberately took time to lather her neck, arms and stomach before her breasts. His hand instinctively returned to his dick as she ran her hand over tits and the water running the sweet-scented shower gel away. He moaned and didn’t attempt to stop, he knew what they would they be getting at, although he was finding it hard to believe – all of it was happening so quick, but he didn’t question, he just wanted her.

Phoebe’s eyes opened to his noise, taking in the sight of the dick he was holding. She thought it had to be seven inches and felt herself going hotter than she was already feeling. Nathan’s face was one to tell her to stop playing around and she took his hand away and replaced it with the stroke of her index finger. His hand rested on her hip and moved his lips to hers, kissing slowly once, followed by lustful kisses, playing with each other’s tongue and getting hungrier for each other’s touch by the second, biting away at lips and ear lobes.

“Harder,” he commanded, and Phoebe tightened her grip around him, squeezing his dick, and that pain became his pleasure. She moved her hand up and down the length of his cock and she used her other hand to massage his balls - the combination of her hard touch on his dick and soft touch on his balls made Nathan groan lowly. He let the touch of her hand take over him and he ran his tongue down her neck, leaving a trail of moisture behind and his hand moved up to grab hold of one her breasts. He cupped it at first, just content with holding, but grew eager for more, pinching her nipple between his thumb and finger and she squealed. He smiled when her nipples hardened under his touch and in return she took his balls into her hands, and he moaned whilst putting his breast into his mouth. His tongue avoided her nipple casually, and explored her flesh, and then gently flicked over the centre.

Phoebe thrust her breast into his mouth and he bit on it gently. She felt him pulsing under her hand and then let go. She wanted to give him a little more, but let herself be controlled for a little while.

Nathan pushed her back to the wall, his body pressing against her hard; his hands firmly holding her ass cheeks and his erection touching her clitoris. She moaned at the feeling and moved so her clit and the head of his thick cock were rubbing against each other. Nathan dropped his hand low so his fingers were over her pussy lips. He played his finger over her, arousing her and making him want to feel more of her. She was getting hotter and breathed, “yes,” as he pushed a finger inside her. Her pussy was so wet inside, he pushed another finger in, then another till there were four fingers inside her and she grew louder. He knew all the things to do – move his fingers slowly first, slide in and out and going deep - giving her only a taste.

"Please," she moaned, pushing forward against his fingers.

"Please what?" he asked.

"Push your fingers faster, fuck me with your fingers," she said, tipping her head back as Nathan got faster, harder and keep his cock rubbing against Phoebe so her pussy was being touched all over.

“God, yes,” she kept sighing, telling him to keep carrying on, she was coming, she was having an orgasm she wanted to come so much, her excitement building up until she came all over his fingers and shuddered. Nathan took the come in his hands and let some trickle on the inside of her thighs, and his hands moved higher over stomach. Nathan grinned and Phoebe relaxed, who was being even more turned on with he rubbed his hand into her skin. She was looking at Nathan’s face with so much want, so much lust.

They had both moved a little away from the water, so nothing was obstructing Natalie from getting down on her knees, wanting more of his dick.

She put her hand over the end of his cock and let her tongue explore the head, her lips rounded over just slightly, giving him just a feel of her moist mouth and licking and savouring the pre-cum off. She moved in further, tasting more of him each time she pushed her mouth down, harder and more eager. Nathan held her hair, guiding her to move forward, and she obliged gladly. Her mouth was full of his cock and she gagged but kept her tongue tasting around for as long she could. Nathan couldn’t believe it. She held her lips tight to his cock, not letting any of it get exposed to air. Her tongue was so wet and so warm. She pulled back for some air, but Nathan didn’t give her too long and pushed himself in her mouth. He moaned, and it got better every time she sucked, and she sucked harder.

“Keep going, keep fucking going.”

Phoebe knew Nathan was coming, she kept going indeed and when she knew it was about to happen she retreated her mouth back ever so slightly, so she could catch some of come in her mouth and let the rest cover her body, trickling down her neck, onto her breasts and stomach. Nathan responded by giving it over her. He looked down at her and they both smiled, so content.

But they still weren’t done. Phoebe took his hand and leaned into his ear. “Into the sauna,” she said quietly, looking into his eyes, quickly wrapping a towel around her to get through the corridor.

* * *

When the last two members of the gym suite left, Livvy and Natalie thought it best to go to the sauna. Nathan was right; they were sisters and close ones too. They winked at Phoebe as she left, and two girls went to the female showers.

They showered casually and naked next to each other, wrapping themselves in towels and making their way to the sauna. Natalie lay down on the bench lowest and Livvy lay down on the one on top. Natalie was getting turned on with the whole situation; she was completely naked under her towel, alone with her sister and heating up with the effects of the sauna.

She was only fantasizing and started to feel more aroused at her thoughts, tugging her towel out at the top and opening it completely by the sides, so she was only lying on it. She closed her eyes - the only sensation she wanted was to feel, just to feel her hand running over her torso, circling over her breasts, dipping in gently at her belly button and toying with the hair that was just beginning to grow at her pussy.

She moaned as she used her fingers in between the lips and rubbed her clitoris furiously, pushing her knees up, so the soles of her feet were against the bench and her legs were spread further, giving her space to use both her hands. She started to breath heavily and heard another moan, but it wasn’t hers. On the bench above, Livvy was masturbating to the sound of Natalie, trying to pick up the same pace and the same actions.

Livvy turned her head to look down at her young, thirteen year old sister. They had never done that before, they had both been naked in front of each and never afraid to make a sexual comment, but they hadn’t been involved in sexual activity in front of each other. It turned both the girls on more - wanting to do something they never tried and wanting the thrill of being with someone and somewhere that wasn’t allowed.

Livvy noticed Natalie had stopped playing with herself in the moment of shock, and decided to take over. She unwrapped her towel and stepped down to the one below. Natalie sat up and watched her sister’s round ass seat down opposite her.

They kissed. There was something about kissing another girl that made them feel hotter, their kisses were more sensual, more passionate as they opened their mouths wider and just let their tongues wiggle against each other. Livvy was more confident and let her hands run over her sister’s younger, developing and sexy body.

Natalie kissed Livvy harder when her nipples were taken by pinching fingers.

“Like that, huh?” Livvy smiled. Natalie moaned in return to say yes, and pushed her head down on to Livvy’s breasts, tasting and exploring her tits with her sweet little tongue. Livvy arched her back and touched as much as her sister’s firm, round ass was exposed.

Natalie loved the way her sister was moaning and sighing, being pleased with her. She used her fingers at either of Livvy’s waists, and circled them gently into her soft skin.

Livvy pulled away softly. “Lie back down,” she said. “I want to try something.”

Natalie did as she told and watched intently as her sister lay on top of her. Livvy’s juices were trickling into Natalie’s pussy, the delicate touch making her so horny and wanting more of her sister’s pussy. They moved up and down each other, their tongues, tits, legs and pussies rubbing against each other. Livvy kept leading, moving faster and faster. She’d always wanted this and knew it wouldn’t be so hard to allure Phoebe, but with her younger sister, it was more exciting. She knew Natalie had never felt like this and wanted to feel what she was on the edge of.

Natalie wasn’t satisfied, she wanted something inside her - she needed more. She made way to let her wet finger down to her pussy, but she Livvy was on top and so she couldn’t get to her pussy hole.
“Livvy, do something, get your fingers inside me. I need something inside me now,” she said, or screamed, rather.

Livvy done more than just got her fingers inside. She let her middle finger slide in and out of her sister’s pussy gently and slowly, and Natalie was shaking her with pleasure. The older girl sliding down, letting her lips pass barely over her sister’s skin, until her mouth was level to pussy. Livvy knew what she would like to be done to her pussy, so she gave it to her sister. She kissed the clitoris, and then almost French kissed the pussy. Her tongue slid in fast, the instant pleasure being a shock to the younger girl.

Her tongue got hungrier, moving in and out with a steady but fast pace, tasting the sweet wetness of the pussy she moaned into. Natalie got closer to orgasm, wrapping her legs around her sister’s head. Livvy didn’t move when Natalie shuddered and let juices run down her face, and finally Livvy licked her lips.

She moved back up and kissed her sister, letting her try the taste of her own sweet pussy.

"Oh, Livvy, that felt so good. I've never felt like that before."

Livvy looked down to her excited sister. She bit down at her ear lobe and said, "I've got plenty more to show you."

The girls were making out again, and then stopped when the door clicked open.

Nathan and Phoebe stood, smiling at the sight, and all of their fantasies were coming true.
TBC, maybe?

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