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There is no such thing as a free lunch! Words I live by.
By: The Black Pedo/ AKA Gen. Butt-Naked
M/f (13) anal, oral, cum, drug use

This story maybe loosely based on real life events, but who is to say these days, you can be all you can be on the internet. If you are disturbed by reading stories of adults have consensual sex with children, you may be living a lie, if you are reading this, come on out of the closet. I do not advocate hurting children, but I do believe children are a lot more able to understand sex then we want to give them credit for, so I do not judge, nor do I think children are unable to consent to such activities. No means no! Seduction only!

If you live in a location, where it is illegal to read stories, that contain sex with children, please let me know where it is, so I can avoid ever coming there, censorship is wrong, no matter the content!

If you are under the age of consent in your neck of the woods, you may not want to read this story.

Laci is the granddaughter of my accounting clerk for my small trucking company. Laci came from Arizona and from what I had been told by Diana (GM) she was quite the handful. Diana called me at work (Captain of Police Houston Texas) and asked if Laci could come into the office, they could not enroll her into school, I said sure, have her clean up my office and alphabetize my cabinets, and I will pay her, she OK and thanks very much. Diana had severe financial troubles, so any money she could have extra was always a good day.

I left work heading to my business arrived about 30 minutes later, spoke with several of the drivers, who were securing loads for tomorrow. Mario, one of my senior guys, and a GL himself, stopped me and told me about Laci, all he said was, Big Fella, Diana brought a bad little dime piece (pretty girl) with her, I said yeah, supposed to be her granddaughter, he said man she is fine as hell, got them booty shorts on, big ole titties, nice ass tanned legs, go see for yourself. I went inside and spoke with Diana, everything was in order, she gave me all the checks for deposit and those for me to sign, and told me Laci was in my office. I walked towards my office, stop short of going in, Laci was having a conversation about with someone on the phone, she was telling this person about the preion Xanax that she found in my file cabinets, hidden in the back, and how she took 3 of them, which is about 12 hits. Now I use the Xanax for the the little pill heads girls you meet at the movie theaters, malls, and other places early teen girls hang out without parental supervision, you won't be surprised at what some 12 and ups do for Xanax (bars=street name) and X (ecstasy). Sitting close to them, you are able to glean this information, because they feel they can talk freely around adults they do not know. So, I digress! I walk into my office, there she is, bare feet on my desk, leaning back in my chair, she almost falls over trying to sit up straight and hangs up the phone. She jumps up and says sorry sir, I was finished and was using the phone, hope you do not mind, I said sit back down, put your feet back up please, and relax.

Laci had on a tight black t-shirt, jean shorts, he hair was dark almost black, green eyes, perfect 32B tits, legs like like Hayden Paniterrie, and the bottoms of her feet were clean and little toes. I introduced my self and sat down across from her, she was nervous, very nervous. We talked for a bit, she said she was glad to get away from Arizona, hoping to get on track here in Houston, we looked one another in the eyes and nerve broke contact, I liked her, she was just what I wanted. Diana said she needed to go and register some of our new trucks, and asked if she could take the rest of the day off, I said sure, Laci and I can answer the phones until 5, since that will be part of her job after school and I'll bring her to your house (my rent house). Diana, wily old broad, said no, she needs to come with me, we have other things we need to do, Laci piped up and said gran ma, everything is OK, I feel I need to learn more about my job, I'll be OK, he is cool, I feel like I can talk to him. Diana knows I am good with kids and she did say she wanted me to talk to her, but she was suspicious for some reason. I walked her outside and said whats going on, you act like you do not trust me!? She said I do not know, I do not trust her, she is a hustler, and know how to get what she want's! What does she want? Clothes and a phone, I just do not want her trying to get you to get those things for her, if you do, I'll owe you even more money. Diana, she will be working, if I do get her something, it will be a pay me later type deal, go take care of your business, do not worry!

I went back inside Laci was on my computer, she stopped as I sat back down. I decided to take a direct approach with her, no seduction, she had stolen from me. So I asked Laci if she was a virgin, she looked at me quizzically, and said I have been with one guy, he was her age. I said what about oral sex, she said I have done that a bunch of times for her BF. How many times for bars and X, she looked at me, with that he knows look on her face, and said I do not know, because I was to high. I asked if she had ever been raped, she said almost, by a guy who wanted more then a BJ, but she got away. I asked her how she intended on paying for those bars she took, she said what bars, the one you took from my file cabinet, I had 20, but I bet there are only 17 left, she put her head down, and said how much do you want, what do you have, she said nothing, well then how can you pay me, and I don't what them back!? I told her to go lock the doors and come back, she jumped up, walk pass me, wiggling her firm butt, cheeks coming out on both sides, her flip flops flopping. She locked the doors came back and stopped in front of me, I looked her up and down, she was a beautiful girl, her feet were impeccable, toes tipped with a French manicure, I pulled her between my legs and started to kiss her, she opened her mouth and allowed my tongue inside and we dueled with our tongues for a few moments. I started to kiss her face, nose, forehead, and then nuzzled her neck, flicking my tongue lightly on her neck, she threw her head back and enjoyed the feeling I was giving her. I told her I wanted to have sex with her is it OK, she hesitated and said she was not ready for a man yet, she felt her pussy was to small, I said Laci, your pussy can accommodate a baby passing through it, my dick is big, but it is not as big as a baby, don't be afraid. She said OK, let me see it, my mom says black guys have horse dicks, I chuckled at her mom's ignorance, stood up and pulled out my 8 inch not yet erect dick, she gasped, said damn it ain't even hard yet, and expect to put that in me!? It will fit, I've got lubricant, besides I have put it in girls much younger then you, she said really, how much, I told I'd tell her when we finished!!!

She stepped back and started taking her clothes off, she raises her shirt and bra and those beautiful tits fall out, I reach up and palm them both, tweaking her nipples. She pulls her shorts down as I play with her tits, when I look down I see, she has a thin landing strip of pubic hair, everything else is bald, my dick starts to fill. I pull her close, taking a tit in my mouth, licking and sucking her nipple while thumbing the other nipple, she moans her approval. She reaches down and starts pulling on my know fully erect dick, man I was feeling good, her hand was magical. She lifted my head kissed me and told me to undress. I was standing, she came to my lower chest, she licked and sucked my nipples, both being my spots, how she knew I'll never know, but my dick was harder then life in Darfur.

She dropped to her knees, kissed and licked my stomach. She grabbed my dick, slowly pumping it, as she started licking and gently sucking my nut sack. I never enjoyed a hand job more, as I looked down she was pumping my dick and marveling at it's size, in her hand it looked huge, precum was flowing down the side. Laci started with the lollipop lick at the base, swirling her way up with a mixture of feather licks and full tongue swabs, until she reached the crown, where she slowly started sucking on the crown. Laci was looking at me the entire time, never had my dick felt this good in a mouth, she was sucking the tip like a straw, surely getting plenty of precum, because I felt her pulling it up through my dick. Laci tried to go down and start sucking, she tried to get as much in her mouth and throat as possible, managed 4, gagging at 5.

She was doing a great job, but I was not close to cumming, but I did enjoy her effort, she thought, I'm sure if she made me cum, it would end with that, never had a girl, lady, or woman made me bust a nut (cum) with a BJ or hand job, so as good as she was, it was not going to happen. I told her thank you as she pulled my dick from her mouth, she said her jaws hurt as she managed a smile. I said you have great skills, but it is my turn, our time is limited and I can't wait to get between your legs and in that pussy of yours. Quickly, my office area at my warehouse is a converted trailer home, so I set up a room as a bedroom, fully equipped with a TV, king size bed, and bathroom w/shower. I bring my little ones here, if in the area when I find one.

I watched Laci's ass bounce and sway as she walked as we made our way into the room. When we enter I pick her up, she wraps her legs around my waist, her wet pussy against my dick we kiss as I walk towards the bed, my dick smashed against her wet pussy as she slowly gyrates. I reach the bed and knee walk towards the middle and fall forward still locked in a kiss and embrace. We are locked up like old lovers, it is really amazing, she acts as if she is much older and feels that way. I want to eat her pussy, but as I work my hand towards her pussy, it is soaked and wet, from behind I am pushing a finger inside her, she is very tight, but wet. I break the kiss, start my way down her body, paying close attention to her tits and nipples, stopping to play with her tight flat stomach, finally getting to her pussy. I smell the sweet smell of fresh unused pussy, so I lick my way through her little Brazilian landing strip of silky pubic hair, reaching the hood of her clit, finding her clit, I start working on it, her legs were shaking like it was below freezing, she was loudly moaning, as I worked her clit. I hand been fingering her cunt with a single finger, her pussy gripping my finger like a velvet glove. I worked it in, again she seemed OK, so I tried a second, it was a no go. One thing I established, she had a hymen, it was there, she was a virgin. This child was giving me her virginity, a blessing. I put her feet in one hand pushing them up, her little asshole comes into view, I go down and get to licking her pussy, then anus, she jumped clear off the bed at the sensation, it was funny, she said you do not do that again, it felt crazy. I went to the bathroom for my astroglide (super lubricant), it should be called "lubriCAN" and go back to the bed. I pour a quarter sized drop on the crown and mid length and have her massage it in, while I put some on and in her pussy as she strokes it all over my dick. I tell her to lay back down and spread her legs, she spreads them wide open, then she grabs her feet and pulls them even further apart. I was on my knees between her legs, as I begin to swipe my dick up and down her opening several times and then push to enter her. I reached out and slightly stroked her belly just under her breasts. It is still amazing to me how beautiful a girls body could be. As much as I wanted to enter her, I wanted to explore her even further, her pussy was very delicious.

Moving up over her, my breath was warm against her neck, her ear.
You're so young, so wonderful I tell her. It is always fantasy come true for me when I can get a young one in this position.

I kissed her, moaning as her sweet naked body pressed tight to mine. I gasped at the excitement of our naked skin created. My lips sought hers. She was kissing me back, her tongue exploring my mouth. Growling, my hands roamed over her thin naked body. Ohhhh, she moaned! That feels so good to me, she said.

My hand slid over her thigh, sending a shiver racing through her bloodstream. Her tongue flicked out and lingered. My fingers found moist heat, caressed, lingered. Her teeth grazed my skin, then nipped. I controlled the urge to pin her hips to take her. I fed the heat, my finger delving deeper, exploring, feeling her muscles clench, her hips thrusting against me, seeking relief. My need built until it consumed me. My body was in pain, in need, hot and hard and hurting. I cupped her soft, round bottom in my hands and pulled her close. Her breasts were like fire when they pressed to my chest. I gasped and scooted down so I could take one in my mouth. I kissed her stomach and slid down until I came to her silky strip of pubic hair atop her mound, which arched up to push her girlhood to me, wanting me to start my oral assault. I pushed her legs apart and with my nose over her mound, I inhaled again, the sweetest, most intoxicating scent I had ever smelled. She was fresh, young and female all in one. I parted those puffy lips and looked at the bright pink flesh waiting again for my tongue. I moaned as I shoved my tongue between the tight lips of her crack. I licked here, exploring the crease, plunging my tongue deeper as she moaned and pushed her hips up toward my face. My hands came down to her slick mound as she worked her hips under my mouth as her sexual urge grew. My tongue darted in and out of her sweet body. I again, had never tasted anything so wonderful in my life. I heard her as she told me to, keep licking and sucking, and then, eeeeeee, aaaaaagh!

My hands reached up to palm her erect nipples. She groaned as the pressure sent tingles through her belly. Then I found her clit hard and waiting. She gasped when my tongue flicked over it. I kept rubbing her nipples as I sucked her clit. Laci's hips began a sexual dance under my mouth, her moans filled my ears with the sweetest music I ever heard. She continued to ground her hips and thrust her pussy hard into my mouth. Laci was almost screaming as the orgasm grew closer. I sucked and licked till she was mad with lust. I was rewarded with a gush of her juice. It was like nectar from a sweet flower. The excited thirteen- year-old continued to grind her pussy into my face as she rode out her orgasm. Then she fell back, relax.

Omigod! Unnnngggghhhh! Ooooooh! Ahhhhhhh! Ohhh, shit! I had no idea that would happen. That felt so good." She was almost whispering, her voice a little shaky.

We're not finished yet, sweetheart. I moved up her body and smiled down at her. Her beautiful face was shining with the awakening of her body, to love, to caressing of a man. I kissed her lips and she could taste her juices on my mouth. Her arms went around my shoulders while her legs went around my body to pull him close. We were locked in a strong, loving kiss. By then my dick was throbbing. I needed her body. I needed to complete what I had started. I wanted her to have it all, as did I.

I had taken my share of cherries, but I was always nervous, but I was really turned on by Laci, I wanted it to be special for her. Laci said she was ready, but not not hurt me and be careful not to get her pregnant. I'll try to do it easy. But sometimes it stings when it's a young girls first time. I heard it is more then a sting, so do not lie, just be easy!

I lowered myself, guiding my cock between her splayed legs, she again was holding her feet, gaping her legs open even further. I pushed the head against her puffy slit. Her pussy lips were swollen with excitement, her hole oozing with hot juice. My dick spread her cunt lips, pressing them back till they couldn't go any farther. Then my head disappeared inside her as she groaned.

She had yet to hear the pop or feel a terrible tearing of her virginity, she had been told by friends to expect. Laci did gasp and began to pant. Laci had never been opened and now a real man was the one doing it. Her legs moved around my hips, her fingernails sank into my back. I bit her lips, gazing into her watery eyes.

Oh, God, Laci, you're so tight. It's so hot up inside your pussy, and it feels so good. Oooowwww! Oooowwww! It hurts! She cried out. Her tight hole had never had anything like that inside. I ignored her as I continued to slowly push forward. Ohhhhh! She whined. It's so hard, so big, it's feels like it is splitting me! My dick was filling her, stretching her, as I went deeper and deeper, spreading her tunnel more than she ever imagined. Finally I had buried my dick all the way in her sheath, my thick balls resting on her upturned buttocks. I started to pump, pushing in and out, my hands holding her shoulders. I felt her tiny hands flow down my body, she found my ass pumping relentlessly above her. Laci was breathing hard, gasping for air, her hips humped and bucked, thrusting her young cunt up as, I thrust into her cunt over and over again. I pulled my cock all the way out and then plunged it back into her sloppy wet pussy, slamming her hard into the mattress as I grunted and moaned loudly. Laci absorbed the pounding of her once virgin pussy very well, she screamed at the increased depth of penetration, scratching my ass and biting my shoulder, when I held it in deep, after each violent thrust. I said be easy, it hurts, please stop going so deep! My thick dick pushing then pulling in the depths of her tightly clinching pussy sent her over the edge in a screaming rage. Ohhhhhhh! Gawd! She screamed, Its to big, long . . . so hard! Ooohhhhhh, Christ! You feel so huge. I can feel it in my belly! Oh, gawd, please stop, pull it out, pleeeease!

It was funny to me, because I had never been asked to pull it out while a girl was in the midst of an orgasm, I'm sure Laci was confused as she reached her orgasm, her nails were digging in back, her head thrashing side to side. She was returning my thrusts stroke for stroke, pumping her hips up at me, squealing, tears streaming down her face. Her face was twisted in pleasure and pain, and wet with sweat as she cried out her pleasure. I had my face buried in her neck, I grinned, almost laughing at her. I had only met Laci an hour ago, withering beneath me, after I had taken her virginity, all I knew was that she had one of the tightest pussies I have had in sometime, and I had yet to cum.

Laci asked if felt good and if liked being inside of her pussy? I told her I loved the way you make feel. She said she loved the way my dick felt inside of her, but it hurt very much when we started and when I was doing the deep strokes, but it feels much better now. You are just so big and hard, maybe I can get used to it if we do it more, at least that's what her friends say. I said yes, that can happen and hopefully we can do it again, but I told her I was not finished, she HUH! I said yes, I have not cum yet, she said oh ya, you haven't!

I could feel the insides of her cunt pulse then contract around my dick. The massaging effect her pussy had my dick was wonderful. I gritted my teeth and continued shoving the dick to her, fast and furious. Her wetness was pouring from her, drenching our slapping pelvic areas, making loud, lewd, wet sounds as our fucking became more feverish. Laci tensed and yelled, she started to cum again. Mmmmmmm! She said wow it's so hot, I can feel it all the way up to my navel, she said. It feels sooooo gooood inside me right now! She said she wanted me to hurry, her legs and pussy were sore, I smiled at her and continued to fuck this young girl through another orgasm, driving my hard dick into her pussy. Laci came, her body shaking under me as she pulled on my ass, digging her nails in, almost painfully. I didn't care. The sharp pain took the edge off my excitement a bit, allowing me to pound her even harder as her quivering cunt fluttered around my prick. I arched my back and shoved my bulging dick even deeper into her pussy. I cupped her ass cheeks in both hands as I, keeping perfect time with the savage pounding I was giving her. My nuts slapped wetly against her buttocks as I went temporarily insane. It had been a while since I enjoyed so willing a partner. So tuned into my thrusting I barely heard Laci screaming, Oh, my gawd! My pussy! It hurts! Owwwww, please, please, stop, pussy is burning, just then another climax shot through her, she moaned, clutching me even closer. Each time she came, she prevented me from cumming, prolonging her confusion of agony and pleasure. She continued to come, just as if she had not come at all. I was thinking how lucky I was to have a young girl who could take a fucking like a champ but whose pussy was virgin tight. It was the best of both worlds, I thought.

I finally felt my nuts tighten. My breathing hard, sweat pouring from my body, I moved faster into her slick, tight pussy. I was near, so very near to cumming. My dick jerked, swelled and twitched inside the girl's young pussy as hot sperm shot out of dick into the very depths of her pussy. I shot so much sperm, it was flowing back out of her pussy, running down her ass! She screamed Oh . . . I . . . can feel you pulsing inside me, I actually felt it hit something inside of me, you better not get me pregnant! It feels real warm, but it feels real good, I like that! I was not finished cumming the sensations of her pussy around my dick made me shoot into her even more.

I slowly settled my weigh on her and she wrapped her naked legs around me, feeling the last throbs run through my thick dick. We kissed each other for several minutes basking in the after glow of sex. I rolled over allowing her body to cool on my chest as my hand played with her firm buttocks. We were dozing off, when the phone rang, I looked up, noticed it was 5:00, so it was probably Diana, checking to see if we were on our way home, Laci answered, I was right it was Diana, she was yelling at her telling her to come right home, no dinner, shopping, nothing, get home, why she was mad, never found out, did not care.

Laci got up from the bed, cum flowed out of her pussy, down her leg, she said damn, you sure shoot a lot of cum, as she cupped her pussy trying not to drip. Laci showered, careful not to wet her hair, using only hot water, not wanting to smell like soap. We kissed before exiting the room and then as we got to the door to leave, she said that she thinks she loves me, I said I know I love you, but we should be careful, Diana is no dummy. She popped a double dose of Xanax and limped to the car.

Laci and I continued our sexual activity for several months, getting together after she got out of school, and when she was supposed to be with friends. She called me one night and said Diana was planning on leaving without telling me, she wanted to move closer to her parents, but she knew she owed you money, I told her it was cool, what we have been doing paid whatever money she owed me 10 times over, not to worry. Diana did leave and of course took Laci with her, moving to Euless Texas. We talked 2-3 times a week, even drove to Euless several times to meet with her.

Laci is now 17, still living in Euless Texas, cheer-leading, and in the top 10 percent her class, she accepted a scholarship to my Alma Mater, University of Houston. She called and said she was looking forward to spending time with me again, and had a surprise for me when she came down for freshman orientation, I told her, I could not wait to see her! I will let you know how it turns out!!!!

The end!!!

P.S. Her surprise, anal sex, it was great.

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it started out me being curios. i would see nice who was 4 yrs at the time and wonder do kids her age feel any kind of sexual pleasure from being touched on the chest. One day it happened i sucked on her chest that was the first time i ever did something like that. i asked her if she felt anything but all she said no was no but her face told me something else. I knew she felt something but she probably didn't understand what she was feeling. There would be times when she would call me over just to ask me if i could do that thingy i did to her. i would it and every time i did she would constantly ask me for more. i think she's addicted to it now.

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it started out me being curios. i would see nice who was 4 yrs at the time and wonder do kids her age feel any kind of sexual pleasure from being touched on the chest. One day it happened i sucked on her chest that was the first time i ever did something like that. i asked her if she felt anything but all she said no was no but her face told me something else. I knew she felt something but she probably didn't understand what she was feeling. There would be times when she would call me over just to ask me if i could do that thingy i did to her. i would it and every time i did she would constantly ask me for more. i think she's addicted to it now.

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Okay I'm convinced. Let's put it to aticon.

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Fucking pervert. You should go to jail for that shit you fucking cunt.

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Looking forward to the next story

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