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A Thrill With a Stranger......?
Amy was still glowing from her liaison with Dan and was in a definite and flirty mood that night in the bar.

She used all of her enchantment and skills to fulfil her carnal desires, but, in honesty her mind was somewhere else and she left the bar alone.

Not drunk, no, she thought as she teetered slightly on her way back to her flat. The street lights blurry to her eyes as she walked along the high street, a quick right and down the cut through to the back roads.

Giggling as she almost bounced off the sides of the fence she did not notice the man a few paces behind her. She certainly wouldn’t have remembered him as the alcohol had dulled her memory despite her time teasing him in the bar. She stopped suddenly and almost laughed out loud, she’d bumped into the lamppost halfway down the alley – she knew she’d pay for her indulgence tomorrow morning. Drinking on a school night was naughty, but, nice.

Her thoughts were interrupted as a hand grasped her shoulder and turned her back to the fence. “Hello you” she slurred as another hand landed on her other shoulder, his beer soaked breath close to her. Without invitation he kissed her roughly, holding the back of her head so she had no choice. She tried to push him away, but, his hold was too strong for her drunk efforts.

“Get the fuck off me”, she tried to sound convincing but was either too drunk or too pliable to be that convincing. He left her lips and kissed her neck, roughly, almost biting her neck his hands held her hips tight to the fence. They grabbed her dress, cute, off the peg, but, expensive; and slowly pulled it above her waist revealing her black satin panties, suspenders and laddering stockings.

“Whoa I think not” Amy said, but, his hand didn’t stop. Direct and with no sense of foreplay his hand slipped straight into her pants and rubbed her clit testing for wetness.

She was now getting scared, what she thought was just a drunk wanting a snog was now turning into something much more serious. Something which she didn’t appear to have any control of.

Heart pounding she hit him on the chest with both of her fists, he calmly grabbed her wrists and pushed them behind her back. Readjusting her dress he took strong hold of her wrists and marched her down the alley, holding his free hand over her mouth to stop her screaming.

At the end of the alley there was a gap in the fence and without a pause he pushed her through it, making her fall flat on her face on the dry ground. Immediately, she felt his knees next to her hips and his hands once more grabbed her wrists. She felt a length of material being hastily tied around her wrists and she was rolled onto her back.

She tried moving backwards away from him, but, this just served to snag her dress and expose her more. “Do not say a word”, said the man in a calm yet threatening voice. She did not have a chance to reply as he climbed over her head, squatted and forced his hard cock into her mouth.

It made her gag and her first reflex was to bite hard, but, the taste of his pre-cum and her drunkenness prevented any conscious action on her part. In any case her next feeling was a hot tongue pushing aside her panties and licking her clit – his hands were slowly parting her thighs exposing her to the night air.

As his cock choked her mouth her clit seemed to take over her body by making her vagina swell and dribble with sweet sexual moisture. She pushed her hips forward to get more of his tongue into her and sucked hard on his cock to milk all of his beery, salty pre-cum.
He withdrew his cock from her mouth, leaving a silky trail of cum over her lips and down her chin. She was relieved at the chance to gasp for some air.

He had now moved down towards her waist and continued to lick, bite and tongue her pussy. The thrill was overtaking her terror as he worked all around her pussy, soaking her crotch with a mixture of his saliva and her sticky cum. Her buzzing vagina was almost pouting and wanting more from him as he withdrew his tongue.

Replacing it with four fingers he quickly pumped her willing pussy to an explosive cum soaked, red and sore conclusion. He continued to spread her inside with his fingers, seemingly drawing the cum from every part of her vagina. As she felt an explosive orgasm reaching her, his hands withdrew being replaced by his mouth – ready to accept her wave of pissing cum shooting from her as she bucked into a heart stopping orgasm.

He willingly drank all of her hot, sticky, piss soaked cum and withdrew leaving her clit almost visibly twitching just as Amy was. Now for the finale as she felt his long, fat cock push straight into her.

Despite her stretching and cumming she was still a small girl and his wide cock stretched her and hurt, but, she had no choice but to accept it all. He stopped, she didn’t know why, but, once more felt terrified when he rolled her over and pulled her ass up into a doggy position with her head pinned to the floor.

He lovingly caressed Amy’s smooth, perfect ass cheeks almost making her coo with pleasure. Her pleasure and her heart stopped when his hand smacked down on her ass leaving a red hand mark, he slapped both cheeks leaving red marks, but, sending a sharp buzz up Amy’s spine and to her vagina which now seemed to be pouring cum onto the floor.

He straddled behind her and without a word slid his cock back into her, still slapping her ass he fucked her without passion or care. As she craned her head to look back she thought she was being fucked by a dog, crazed by the scent of her pussy.

His hands stopped slapping her ass and she guessed the end was near, he grabbed her long brown hair and pulled – arching her back. The pain was intense as he seemed to grow another two inches with this abuse and hurt her inside more. His hands changed to he hips which he roughly started pulling back to penetrate her deeper and deeper.

He quickly pulled his cock out of her wrecked vagina and rolled her onto her back, before her eyes focused on him a thick jet of hot, tasty cum shot from the end of his manhood directly at her face. Instinctively, she adjusted to catch as much of his sweet milk in her mouth. Licking her lips she leant forward and took him again in her mouth, but this time wanting to suck his cock empty of his juices.

As quickly as it had begun, he stood up and without a word put his red, throbbing cock back into his jeans. He untied Amy’s hands and without a word disappeared through the gap in the fence into the night.

She lay there, panties ripped, dress torn and covered in her own cum, so wet that she looked like she’d pissed herself rather than squirted it down his throat. She retrieved as much of her dignity as possible and resumed her even more wobbly trek home.
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