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I’m going to start a web site of girls licking their own nipples.
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Lick Your Own Nipples

I asked, “Dad, can I borrow two hundred dollars. I’m starting a new business and I think I can double your money in a month.”

Dad looked at me and asked, “Doing what?”

I replied, “Well to be honest…I thought that I would make a porn movie. I have this great idea. I’m going to film girls licking their own nipples and pay them.”

Dad laughed and said, “Two hundred dollars won’t get you very far.”

I replied, “Oh yes it will, you’ll see. The girls that I have in mind think five dollars is a lot of money."

Dad asked, “How old are these girls?”

I replied, “It’s probably better if you don’t know. Plausibly deniability and all!”

Dad said, “Be careful.”

Then Dad opened his wallet and handed me two hundred dollars. When I told him that I needed it in five-dollar bills, he huffed a little and then he took off in his car. When he returned he handed me a stack of forty five-dollar bills. He also helped me clear out a corner of the basement and rearrange some of the florescent lights. Perfect!

The next day I had my sister spread the word that I was paying five dollars to any girl that could lick her own nipples.

Brooke was an adorable thirteen-year-old with a lot of busty friends. She was in the sixth grade and still went to the elementary school. I was fifteen years old and in the ninth grade so I went to the high school.

That night after school Brooke had three of her friends with her and they wanted five dollars. I took them all down into the basement and turned on the lights. One corner had been transformed into a studio. The walls were covered with blankets and there was a nice chair there to sit on. My father’s digital video camera was sitting on a tripod and his digital still camera was on a table.

The girls looked at all of the cameras and never said a word. Being that young they just accepted certain things.

When I asked, “Who’s first.” One girl said, “Brooke. This was all her idea anyway.”

I looked at Brooke and said, “I need you completely topless from the waist up.”

The smart-ass said, “Duh! Isn’t that what topless is?”

After her friends stopped laughing she got in front of the camera and said, “Turn it on. You might as well get your money’s worth.”

I turned the camera on and then Brooke started to pull her T-shirt up over her head, she reached back and unhooked her bra, and then she lowered it to the chair with her discarded T-shirt.

Brooke smiled at the camera, recited her full name, birth date, and stated that she was thirteen years old and that she wore a 32-B bra. Then my little sister grabbed onto one of her breasts and leaned into it. She just barely touched the tip of her tongue to her nipple as her friends chanted, “Lick your own nipples, lick your own nipples.” Well as the phrase said she then grabbed a hold of her other breast and licked that nipple too.

I took a still picture of her topless and handed her five dollars.

Ever the showman Brooke asked, “What do I have to do to earn five more?”

I was not prepared for that question.

Brooke continued, “What if I got totally naked and masturbated for five minutes? Would that earn me another five dollars?”

I smiled at the little imp and said, “Yes, it would.”

Brooke then smiled at the camera again and removed her skirt and panties before repeating her name, birth date, and age.

I was hand holding the video camera when Brooke stood on the very edge of that chair, squatted, leaned back, and started to finger fuck herself, rub her clit, and play with her nipples. Her fingers were a blur, she was breathing harshly, and then she had the best orgasm that I had ever seen on film. Her girlfriends cheered her on. I was flabbergasted. I knew right then that I was going to make a fortune.

One by one her three friends got topless and tried to suck their own nipples. One could but the other two couldn’t so I didn’t pay them. However, I still had them topless on film anyway, so I was way ahead of the game. All three got fully nude and masturbated for me. Now that footage was unbelievable. The look in their eyes as their orgasm hit, the way the hair stood up on their arms, and the way that their virgin pussies swelled up and turned so pink just before a drop of honey emerged from their vaginas was precious.

That day I got eight terrific video clips for only thirty dollars.

I was in my bedroom cutting the scenes apart and posting them to my web site. I wasn’t wasting any time at all. I had it all set up a week ago and had told people to come back often.

Brooke came in and told me to expect a few twelve-year-olds the next day. I could hardly wait.

Dad popped in and asked, “How did it go today?”

I replied, “You wouldn’t believe what I got for thirty dollars.”

Dad asked, “Can I see a sample of where my money is going?”

I called Brooke in and asked, “Dad wants to see a sample. As my partner I thought that you should have some say about this.”

Brooke asked, “Partner?”

I smiled at her and said, “Without you I wouldn’t have a thing.”

Brooke giggled and said, “Show him my videos then. He might as well see them. After all I’m probably going to do it every time I bring a girl home. It sure brakes the ice.”

So I hit play for her nipple lick. Dad stared at it as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. Then Brooke said, “One other girl could lick her nipples but two others couldn’t. It only cost us five dollars. I was free.”

I looked at Brooke and she smiled so I hit play on her masturbation video. Dad’s eyes bugged out, his jaw dropped, and he started drooling as Brooke was playing with her pussy and I zoomed in closer.

I saw Dad’s hand go his crotch and I saw Brooke’s hand go to her crotch, as they watched my monitor come to life. As the action on the screen picked up so did the action in front of me. I swear to God that Dad and Brooke came at the same time as Brooke on the screen did. I knew that I had a fantastic idea.

Dad said, “And you say that you got three other girls to do this too.”

I just smiled and said, “Brooke did. Wasn’t she amazing?”

I pulled up my web site, then my statistics, and showed Dad and Brooke that in less than hour over two hundred people had paid to download those six videos at ten dollars a download. I had not posted my sister’s videos…yet.

I told Dad that I could pay him his four hundred dollars the next day. I told him that I could double his money in a month and did it in four days. Brooke and I could split the rest.

The following day Brooke brought home five twelve-year-old girls. She put on her show and then got the other girls to try it. None of them could lick their nipples but Brooke told them that they would still get the five dollars for trying. For them to all masturbate for me was something very special. They were virgins, no boy had ever seen them naked, as for masturbating the last two girls had to watch the first three do it so that they knew how. Talk about an experience. Seeing a girl masturbate for the very first time ever and watch the expression on her face when that first orgasm knocked her socks off was incredible…let alone two girls. Those video clips were worth their weight in gold.

As an after thought Brooke got the five girls to join her while I took group pictures for the web site. What I did not expect was when she signaled me to turn on the video camera and then started eating their five pussies giving them each another orgasm orally. In the end she gave them each twenty dollars and told them to send us one of their friends and told them that we could use all the girls that they could send over. The extra five dollars was their finder’s fee in advance. Now they were obligated to send us a girl, any girl.

The next day instead of Brooke eating the girl’s pussies, she got the girls to suck my cock. The one that made me cum and showed it to the camera got an extra five dollars.

Over the next month we had to limit the number of girl to five after school and fifteen on Saturday and Sunday. I was uploading fifty-five girls in more than a hundred and ten videos while guys on the Internet were downing them by the thousands. I made over a million dollars in that first month.

Three months later the shit hit the fan. Someone was bound to find out what I was doing and call the cops. I was a minor so all they could do was put me on probation and harass my father. Besides my lawyer was paid very well to keep all our punishments at a minimum.

My web site continued to operate without any new uploads. There were always guys looking for child porn and all my stuff was still new to them. I never did post my sisters videos and I had a hundred of them.

Brooke and I discussed going to college but we couldn’t figure out why we should. We made Dad quit his job and we moved into a great house in another state. Once I became an adult in the eyes of the law, I shut everything down. We could live three lifetimes on what we had in the bank.

The End
Lick Your Own Nipples
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