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Cheerleader want her boyfriend to fuck her in front of the team but has she bitten of more than she can chew?
Hay guys thanks for all the positive comments on my other stories so here is another one from my site

This story contains peeing/piss bukkake and group sex so if you find any of that offensive and your still reading...your an idiot.

I opened the door casually and skipped down the middle of the changing room enjoying the longing looks I was getting from the members of the team as well as the cold air rushing against my bare pussy. I had come to visit my boyfriend while he was all hot and sweaty after training, I've always fantasied about the idea of fucking him while the team watched so I had come dressed to impress.

Or rather undressed to tease. I had just finished training myself and was still wearing my tiny red cheerleader skirt with long white socks pulled up to the knees. However I had made a few improvements to the outfit, namely loosing the tops so I was just wearing a tight sports bra so everyone could see my full round breasts and stiff nipples and of course I had taken off my panties. What can I say, if you have it, flaunt it, and I defiantly had amazing tits and a delicious looking pussy.

“Hay stud” I said when I reached his locker as I pulled him in to a passionate kiss, heavy on the tongue, making sure I was putting on a good show. I stood on my tip toes to reach his mouth aware that my cure little bottom would be popping out from under my skirt and if some of them were lucky they might even catch a gimps of my hot tight pussy.

I finally broke of the kiss as I felt a hard shaft pressing into my stomach. Mission accomplished. “I was just wondering” I said in a mock whisper but made sure everyone could here “Well, I can't find my panties anywhere and I was wondering if you still had that pair you took off when we fucked in your car last night.” I could have one an Oscar for how sweet and innocent I looked but I knew all the guys who heard would be stiffening up shortly.

“Oh Jake what's that” I said in faked shock pulling away from his body to reveal the large tent in his trousers and a chuckle went round the changing room. “Jake are you getting hard because you know I'm not wearing any panties.” Jake looked embarrassedly round the room.
“You know you can be such a slut sometimes”
“Jakey, why did you say such a thing, in front of all your friends.” I grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it high above my wastes revealing my not a little moist lips and did a quick pirouette “They've all seen my pretty pussy and they don't think I'm a slut, do you guys?” A general murmur of agreement went round the room. “I think your just embarrassed they I made you hard to easily.” Which got another laugh.

Jake was looking pretty flustered now. This was going perfectly. “Sorry darling, I just got confused , wasn't it only last night that you were begging me to call you a slut and spank you while I fucked your ass, I didn't know you wanted me to stop” There was a sharp intake of breath at this rather bitchy comment and our little conversation now had everyone's complete attention. I could even see a few dicks straining to get out into the open air already. Maybe this was going to be better than I thought.

“Well Jake you know I'm a very naughty girl and sometimes I want to be a bit kinky because sometimes you just don't satisfy my needs.” I walked over to the muscle bound man mountain standing next to him who's erection was now clearly visible and lightly touched the end of it. “But if your willing to for fill my fantasies maybe I should go someone else.” I looked up at my new friend and smiled as I slowly rub up and down the huge length of his cock through his staining trousers.

Jake was clearly annoyed with me and grabbed my hand and pulled me away. “What do you mean, I can be just as nasty as you, I've done everything you've asked me to.”
“Well I asked you to bring a buddy round so I could have two guys at once?”
“Well I just haven't found the right guy yet”
“Anyone will do jake, I don't want to marry him I just want his cock in me, well what about when I asked you to cum on my face then clean it off with piss? You could have done that any day of the week, it supposed to be really good for your skin”
“I thought you were joking, that shit is disgusting”
“Well what about when I said I wanted to fuck in public, is that to much for you too, maybe I do need to find someone else.” I said turning my back on him and folding my arms moodily.

Suddenly a strong hand gripped my hair and pushed it down till I was bent at the waist. “Oww Jake what are you doing, Jake you're hurting me.”
“You want fucked in front of everyone, you want everyone to know what a big slut you are, well here you go,” He shouted angrily. I felt the sharp crack of pain as he smacked my ass hard. There was some rustling, the sound of a zipper going down and then, the hot hard end of Jake's impressive cock pressing against the opening of my dripping wet cunt. “God your soaking, you really are a slag.” And with that he rammed the entire length of his thick hard cock strait into me as the rest of the room cheered.

God I'm good.

And so was he, he was pissed of and in front of all his friends so he was giving it all he had and I was getting the fucking of my life. His balls slapped against me with every powerful stroke before his cock pulled out so only a bit of the tip left in before I was forcefully filled up again. At one point his cock completely left me and I opened my mouth to complain but all that came out was a squeal of delight as it was forced it strait back into me.

I, of course, was doing my bit for the show and moaning a yelping like a banshee and pushing her pussy back onto his dick, but, and this was a first for me and Jake, for once I wasn't faking any of it. Between his dick pounding my pussy, his hand smacking my red ass and his tongue giving me a good verbal abusing he was really giving me a good fucking. I was loving it.

I looked left and right quickly and was pleased to see all the guys had formed up in a semi circle around us to watch me get my pussy pounded. A few of them already had their hard cocks out and were stroking them thoroughly. Between panting and moaning I reach round to free my tits from my sports bra, It was pretty fiddly as my whole body was being pushed back and forth by Jake's thrusts. Eventually I did it and as soon as it fell to the ground my large tits were bouncing around violently which got another cheer from the boys. My they were horny today.

Suddenly I could hear a new moan over the crowd, much lower than my squeals. Jake was about to cum. “Baby, ohhh, baby not yet, urrgggg, I want, yeeeaah want you to cum on my face” I managed to get out between moans. I could feel his dick tightening but he seemed to get the message because my pussy was suddenly empty. I dropped to my knees and spun round, just in time as well.

Before I even had time to realise what I was looking at a thick rope of hot white cum splashed against my forehead. I recoiled in shock but soon realised what was going on and closing my eyes and opening my mouth wide I looked up to receive his gift.

It was the biggest load he had every shot, and almost constant stream of hot white spunk was raining down on my face. It landed on my forehead, flowing down over my left eye and cheek some making it down to my chin and dripping onto my naked breasts and all to little making it into my gaping mouth. He groaned again and another stream leapt from his cock this time hitting my hairline where it spread, through my blonde tied back hair, coating my scalp. A third blast went strait into my mouth to my delight, before the fourth and fifth both fell short and splattered onto my thighs.

Standing up and turning around again so all the boys could see my and tilted my head back so I could gargle the huge wad of hot sticky cum in my mouth. After a few minutes of teasing myself I finally allowed myself to swallow the delicious load and feel its warmth slowly making its way down to my stomach. There was more cheering, not so much clapping this time, but I had an idea why.

I slowly opened my eyes and could just make out through the thick roped of cum that were hanging off my eye lashes exactly what I suspected, and craved. Almost every guy in the room had his cock out and was slowly stroking his shaft. Mmmm, what a beautiful site. “Excuse me guys, sorry to interrupt you” I said innocently despite my filthy cum covered face. “Now I would normally be going now but, you see I didn't get to cum, you mind if I stick around a bit longer to finish my self off.”

There was more cheering and vigorous cock stroking. “Aww thanks guys” I smiled. I stand down on the bench behind me. Lifted my butt briefly to slip off my cheer-leading skirt before leaning back and, spreading my legs wide, put my feet on the bench either side of me revealing my gaping red pussy and tight rosebud ass hole. I went strait for three fingers because Jake had done such a good job of warming me up my pussy. My asshole however still needed a lot of work.

While rhythmically filling myself with my fingers I put two more fingers into my mouth, pushing them all the way back into my throat and giving them a good coating of spit. Moving my second hand down I used my two slimy fingers to draw little circles around my ass hole. Oh that felt so good, after Jake's splendid work and my own fingers working away I wasn't going to last much longer.

Another cheer went up as the two fingers, pushed, wriggled then slipped inside my tight back passage. I moaned loudly, damn it felt good. I pushed the fingers deep into my bowel, beofre taking them out completely and pressing three finger tips at the hole. Slowly, gently, just a little more and...they were in, and now my ass was loose and ready. I made one last push and with three fingers in each hole and feeling nice and stuffed my body decided it was time to cum.

I gave out another loud yelp, my jaw dropping and eyes rolling back and my tits rose and fell as I panted in and out. My stomach had contracted as had my pussy and ass sucking my fingers in and sending a spurt of girl gum flying through the air. After a few more deep breaths I settled down nd was able to release my fingers from their hot wet prisons. I was horny as hell, wet, had a face covered in cum and had a room full of studs with their hard cocks all pointing strait at me, it was time to have some fun.

“Oh my, did I get you all excited, Jake I'd hate to be known as a tease, maybe I should help these guys out before I go, look at all that cum in there huge balls, I'd sure like to have some of it on my skin, what do you say Jake”
“I don't know, there are rather a lot of them”
“Oh don't worry about me, I can handle it” I said with a giggle walking over to the closest two guys and grabbing them by there large shafts pulled them back to the bench and sat down again. “Okay guys, I don't care if you cum on me or in me but I don't want to see any of you jerking off, wait your turn and I'll get to you, other than that, go nuts”

With that I thrust my head around the cock to my left and started slowly jerking the other one off. I heard murmurs of confusion and excitement but didn't see any more guys coming forward. Slightly annoyed I took the cock out of my mouth and spread my legs wide. “Come on, guys I've got a pussy that needs some lovin' here.” I turned back and took the delicious cock back into my mouth impaling my head on it.

Suddenly there was a stampede as all the guys rushed to be the first to my pussy. There was a brief scuffle and I closed my eyes to heighten the suspense. Still nothing, still nothing, still nothing. “Oh my god” I slurred through my mouthful of cock as an absolutely massive head forced its way into me and then all the way up until it felt like it was going to come up my throat. Hands were all over me, groping my breasts, rubbing up and down my thighs. One pulled the hand I was using on the shaft of the guy I was sucking off onto yet another large cock.

I decided the first two had had enough and taking a large breath I forced his dick all the way into my throat while wanking off the other guy faster and faster. My throat gagged and twitched disapprovingly at the intrusion and it wasn't long before load after load of boiling cum was making its way down to join Jake's in my stomach. Seconds later the guy in my right hand shot his load all over my face, freshly glazing my eyes which were forced to close.

From here on in I was blind, but my other senses made up for it. I heard every grunt groan and moan. I smelt every drop of sweat rolling of their muscular bodies as they fought they're way to the front of the crowd to get my attention, every drop of cum that was covering me more and more. And more of all the feel.

Cocks being shoved into my hands, my mouth and my pussy, cocks stiffening and growing as I worked my magic, cocks twitching and getting ready to blow as I decided they had had long enough. Cocks pounding my pussy for all they were worth until they exploded burying there load deep inside me, dithering and being pulled out only to be replaced seconds later with a delicious squelch, full of cum and energy again.

By now my front was completely covered. My face had born the brunt of the mess from the beginning but now the boys were getting tired of seeing the same cum shot and had decided to explore my new territory. People must have been breaking the no jacking of rules because it felt like every second another hot load was covering my tits, splattering on to my stomach, tangling up my hair, leaking on to my thighs and legs.

They must be breaking the one turn each rule as well because it felt like I had been here for hours and still cocks were being forced into my hands or down my throat or, my personal favourite, deep into my now truly creamy pussy.

I decided I had enough cum on my front and needed a change of position. I managed to keep my mouth free long enough to gargle “All fours” and suddenly I was hauled forcibly into the air by a multitude of hands. I had no idea where I was, where I was going or even which way was up when my knees gently touched down. Thankfully someone lying underneath me was still hammering away at my sloppy pussy but I felt strangely empty with an empty mouth and hands.

Putting my left hand down on the floor in front of my for balance I groped wildly for my next victim. I didn't have to wait long. But although they had filled my mouth again with spectacular speed they were all missing one of the great advantages of this position. I choked down the cock in my mouth until yet another load sprayed the inside of my throat. “Ass” I managed to get out before another took its place.

A finger was hastily shoved into my tight hole, it was the first time I had been double penetrated but I really wanted to know what it felt like to have my ass stuffed with...

A cock rammed its way into my back passage and I almost exploded with pleasure. I had never before felt so full. Each cock was doing its bit, thrusting hard in and out, I could feel them stretching me to the absolute maximum either side of that thin piece of tissue that separated my ass and pussy. I had been orgasming throughout the entire process but as these thick cocks pounded me in unison something much bigger was growing. I started pushing my ass back onto them harder and harder, they got the tip and hammered away with renewed vigour. Every stroke drew my closer to what must surely be the biggest orgasm I had ever had. Just. One. More. Push.

My brain went into meltdown as a chemical cocktail of liquid ecstasy flowed though every vein of my body. My pussy and ass both clamped down hard around the intruding cocks until they twitched , throbbed and finally surrendered sending load after load deep into me. I let out a guttural scream of pleasure, or tried too but with a large and very hard cock situated in my throat all that happened was a massive vibration of my voice box causing dick number three to pump out it's thick white contents.

All I could see was spots of light, all I could hear was white noise but I could feel everything and the warmth and pressure of three loads being simultaneously pumped into me was enough to send me over the edge again so before the last orgasm had even started to fade a fresh one was ripping though my body in an incomprehensible wave of pure bliss.

After that I wasn't sure exactly what was happening to me, I was resting my head on my arms in front of me so no more cocks went into my mouth but I was vaguely aware of people thrusting themselves into me from behind and the occasional warmth of a sticky wad of cum trickling down my skin . I couldn't even tell what hole they were using any more, I just lay there in unimaginable bliss treasuring every moment.

Eventually I was helped to my feet and after staring around dazed for a little while I slowly came to my senses. Wiping the cum out of my eyes tentatively I opened for the first time in what seemed like hours to see a semi circle of very satisfied looking men staring at me with a mixture of disgust and desire. I looked down at my completely glazed body, not one inch of skin had remained clean.

Rubbing my hands over my body as I would rub soap on in the shower I tried to savour the delightful sensation of slippery skin on slippery skin. Massaging my breasts and my stomach, rubbing my shoulders and gliding my hands down my long slimy arms, reaching behind and feeling my gooey back and further down my smooth ass cheeks. I smiled and immediately cum from my top lip oozed down into my mouth which I sucked greedily.

Standing with my legs apart I squeezed my ass and pussy muscles as hard as I could and was rewarded with a fresh stream on white goo flowing out of my well worn holes and onto my cupped hands which waited below. Bringing my hands up to my head I massaged the cream into my hair making sure every strand was coated. Oh I was a mess, and now it was time to clean up.

Tightening my stomach muscles again this time I was rewarded with a much warmer and stronger stream of golden rain. First of I let it run its natural course, flowing down my legs taking with it the rapidly cooling and slightly crusty cum with it as it formed a puddle on the floor. I reached down between my legs and filling my cupped hands, I splashed my warm piss over my face and tried to scrub away at some of the dried on crust from the beginning of my escapade.

However as I reached down between my legs again the flow trickled and died once again I was left cold, wet and completely filthy. I got on my knees again and smiled. “Can you help a girl out” was all I managed to ask before the first powerful stream splashed forcefully against my breast before quickly working it's way upwards to rinse my face. I opened my mouth wide as I could and greedily swallowed every drop that passed between my lips.

Just seconds later and I could feel to warm splatter of piss colliding with my sensitive skin all over my body. I was drenched instantly and every and speck of cum had been washed away in the powerful river of piss that was cascading down my body.

I was almost clean but just had to make sure the boys got into every nook and cranny. Lying on my back I lifted my legs high into the air, spreading them while pulling my butt cheeks apart with my hands to give everyone a clear view of my sloppy pussy and filthy ass hole. They all understood instantly and soon after all streams of piss had been concentrated between my legs.

Even without the warm golden liquid slowly filling my insides up the pressure of multiple streams of steaming hot piss all cascading down on my throbbing clit was enough to send my hurtling back to a land of unimaginable pleasure where I remained until I collapsed exhausted on the floor of the boys changing room, naked in a small lake of piss.

Hope you enjoyed that guys, any comments or ideas for a sequel will be warmly welcomed at and I'll be adding a new story every week to

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2012-11-19 20:12:14
Good story but the pissing shit was fucking discusting damn not all guys are that fucking gross

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2012-01-03 19:36:49
Really great! Well written and spelling wasn't too bad either. Probably your best piece(I've read them all).

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2011-01-10 19:22:21
Hay guys, thanks for the comments, your right I never proof read my work but who are we kidding its not a tale of two cities. If anyone has any ideas about what could happen next or a completely different story please e-mail me at

Thanks - not another horny teen

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2011-01-10 19:21:35
Hay guys, thanks for the comments, your right I never proof read my work but who are we kidding its not a tale of two cities. If anyone has any ideas about what could happen next or a completely different story please e-mail me at

Thanks - not another horny teen

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2011-01-10 19:19:54
Hay guys, thanks for the comments, your right I never proof read my work but who are we kidding its not a tale of two cities. If anyone has any ideas about what could happen next or a completely different story please e-mail me at

Thanks - not another horny teen

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