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One day my cousin Karoline came over to my house to spend the night and showed me a bit of her body
The following is a short true story about my cousin.

My cousin Karoline has always been really cool with me; both of us are single child’s. We have spent much of our lives together and we know each other very well. We are so close in fact that I will tease her and insult her and she won’t even get mad. If she’s being annoying; like getting in front of my face and not letting me do whatever I’m doing I will tell her to “Fuck off” but she will often pay no heed and just keep on annoying me. If she’s acting dumb I will tell her “You’re stupid” and insults of that sort but she never gets mad, we both very well we are just messing around with each other. The insults go back and forth and though she will call me names, tease me and such she never uses bad words.

We are like brothers.

This day had come over to my house to spend the night after my parents had planned to go skiing to the mountains early next morning. The trip up there was to be my parent’s 16th birthday present to her; which happened to be on next Sunday but my parents wanted to celebrate it a week ahead on Saturday. She was older than me by 7 months so at the time of this story we were both 15.

It wasn’t the first time she spent the night at my house, my house was her second home, even the guest room was nicknamed “Karoline's room” by my parents after so many nights she spend in my house.

It was around 9:30pm and we were in the basement watching Team America; one of my favorite movies. She liked it as well but not nearly as much as I did. I knew I had to get ready to go to sleep but I wasn’t going to bed without watching the movie, so after 10 minutes or so after the movie had started there was a commercial break so I went into my room to look for my pajamas but I had a hard time finding them, finally when I found them I heard the movie was back on again so I went out to the living room with my PJ’s in had. I started watching and without taking my eyes off the TV I took off my pants and I was wearing just boxers in front of my cousin.

“Eww... put those back on.” She teased and I looked at her and she was looking at my legs. I paid little attention to her comment and told her to shut up that this was my house anyways and I could walk around like that if I wanted to.

I kept watching the movie and put my PJ’s on not caring a bit. I really didn’t mind wearing just boxers in front of her; heck I really don’t mind wearing boxers in front of anyone, it’s just like wearing shorts so I really don’t mind.

But now this is where things get interesting:

From the corner of my eye that Karoline had stood up and I noticed how she put her hands on the button of her jeans and started taking them off. She did this hip motion to pull them down since they were so tight and I turned to face her and her jeans were already on her knees and I saw the front of her thong: a white triangle with a pink outline. It was really fucking sexy but instead of looking all horny I asked:

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“What? I can be like this if I want too. This is my house too!” She said and sat down to pull out the jeans from her feet. I was astonished that she just took off her jeans like that in front of me but I pretended not to care though my dick said otherwise.

She stood up again but this time she faced away from me and boy-oh-boy I was treated to the sweetest, most delicate and admirable butt my eyes had seen. Her butt was a bit whiter than the rest of her skin, the skin completely smooth, her cheeks almost perfectly round and her butt that was just the perfect size. She walked towards her luggage bag and I could not take off my eyes off her voluptuous ass and thick long legs. She looked so beautiful walking around like that.

“Don’t look.” She said and I came back to reality.

“I’m not impressed.” I teased her and turned to watch the movie but I was lying, she had the most beautiful ass I had seen, even better than those I see on the Internet and magazines.

I gave it my best shot to keep watching TV but her ass was too much of a distraction so I made it a priority to look at it whenever she wasn’t looking. She was still facing away from me which meant I got to see her ass and then she bent over slightly to unzip her luggage bag and her butt looked a bit rounder and bigger, but I could not see much else. I stared at it for a good few seconds.

“I thought you didn’t like it” She said and I looked up at her and she was with her head twisted looking at me. I wasn’t embarrassed or anything so I just kept staring like I didn’t care. After all I knew she wasn’t going to be mad so I just stared at her without saying anything.

She turned her head back and she started going through her luggage looking for something and then she dropped the luggage bag thing because she was having a hard time getting her stuff from there. I stared at her ass and whistled at her and she just told me to shut up and of course I did not take my eyes off her ass.

At this point my cock was really hard, I could even feel it press against my pajamas so I put my knees on the edge of the couch so I could hide my erection. I kept staring and the more I stared at her ass and thong the harder I seemed to get.

She was now on her knees with her ass pressed against her feet. She went through her clothes all the while I stared and took my time admiring how her feet pressed down against her smooth soft butt cheeks and the thong that went inside of her ass crack. Then she stood up with a bottle of lotion in her hand and she saw that I was staring but I honestly did not care what she thought or would say about me staring.

“Jeez, haven’t you seen an ass before?” She asked and laughed.

“Maybe not” I joked and did not take my eyes off her.

Then she stood up in front of the TV, just 3 feet away from me and took off her black blouse and her matching white with pink outline bra came in view. It was pressing against her average sized breasts and I could make out the shape of her nipples through the tight bra. She was very beautiful to say the least.

Now that she was standing in front of me half-naked I really took my time to check out her body and she didn’t seem to care. She started doing a silly dance waving her arms in front of her in a circular motion and kicking her feet in front of her.

“I can be like this all I want! I can be like this all I want!”

She danced her silly dance in front of me, it was funny seeing her do that stupid dance and I laughed and she laughed as well but not without stopping her little dance. As funny as she looked it also turned me on so but so much that she didn’t mind wearing her skimpy underwear in front of me. Her body, though it wasn’t athletic looking was built really well, everything was in proportion and she looked so damn hot.

She stopped dancing and grabbed the lotion that she left on top of the couch and came back in front of me again. Then she started rubbing lotion all over her body in a very sensual way and that’s when I knew she was teasing me.

“Oh yeah you like that don’t you?” She asked and kept rubbing lotion all over her arms, neck, chest and then her boobs.

“Fuck yeah!” I said half jokingly and she just kept acting like a complete slut, though I knew she was just messing around but that didn’t take away the fact that she looked so damn hot rubbing lotion all over her skin.

Then like nothing she turned around and her luscious ass was in front of me in complete view at my eye level. it was wonderful. She kept rubbing lotion and saying things like “yeah” and “I’m so damn sexy” in her girly voice and I wanted to cum so fucking bad.

I could’ve reached out and touch her, but I knew she wasn’t that type of person, she was only doing this to mess around and tease me so I just went along with the game and pretended to like this whole ordeal was nothing but fun and games, but inside my mind I was damn serious about the whole thing and my hard on was the proof.

Anyway then she started rubbing lotion on her legs and slowly started bending over in front of me, she got lower and lower every time until she reached her feet and kept her knees as straight as possible and I was awarded with the most beautiful sight of them all. Her ass looked rounder and bigger in that position and I could clearly see how the thin strap of her thong followed the line of her ass down to cover her pussy, I even got to see the slightly dark pink skin of the edges of her asshole and her pussy. It was truly something to gaze at and I took every second to take mental pictures of her beautiful ass.

She was in that position for maybe 5 seconds but it felt like a million years to me; I simply zoned out.

She stood up but did not turn around and again she kept teasing me saying “Oh yeah you like that!” and then started rubbing lotion on her ass cheeks, I saw how her hands sunk in her ass every time she applied pressure on her cheeks and I was so amazed. In one of those instances when she was rubbing lotion on her ass cheeks she asked “You like it?” and responded “Best ass I’ve ever seen” and she laughed but there was nothing funny about her precious ass to me.

Then in that instance she surprised when she put both her hands on each cheek and spread then as far as possible and asked “You like that?” and I could not believe she was spreading her ass cheeks for me to see the edges of her asshole and some of her pussy, maybe she wasn’t aware that I could see that, maybe she did it for fun not knowing I could see the dark skin of her genitals. My only regret was that she wasn’t wearing one of those thongs that are nothing more than a string on her asshole, that way I could’ve seen more of her asshole and maybe even her pussy, but the thong she was wearing then was not like that, it was rather about half an inch on her asshole.

She held her ass cheeks like that for maybe teen seconds when I said “Damn” and she laughed and let them go, which caused her cheeks to sort of fall down like they were made out of Jell-O and close up so that I could no longer see the thong inside them.

Then she grabbed her white pajamas, put them on and said “Goodnight” and stared at my crotch and smiled a flirty smile. I guess she knew I was hard and she knew the torture I was going through, or maybe not.

Anyway she went to her room now wearing her PJ’s but not bothering with covering her top and I said “Later”, I turned off the TV and headed to my room.

As soon as I went into my room I turned off all the lights, laid in bed and masturbated thinking that she showed me all of her and eventually let me fuck her little asshole and came really fucking hard.

To this day I don’t know why she did it but I always fantasize about it.

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2015-12-20 06:28:59
The fact that you told us this story was true, is confirmed 100% Bullshit.

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2011-10-30 15:09:35
if she had her own room why was her luggage in the tv room just proves IT IS NOT TRUE. grow up before writing anymore.

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2011-06-19 02:58:20
That was definitely hot for having no sex in it. I'd say make a part two, but fantasize it. Your call, though.

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2011-01-28 01:18:36
Even if this is a true story,you should continue it!!!! maybe just go into fantasy

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