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Last night I fucked my dream girl, now was my chance to get my dream guy.
Shortly after we all woke up the girls left as they had other things to do. I’d had a great night though, fucking Ashleigh was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. She was the girl of my dreams and she was even better in reality. We had a quickie before she left, just to set me up for the day.

CJ realised that we had gotten through all the food last night and decided to go and get some more from the shops. Before she left however, she gave me a little surprise. She took me into her parents room and pulled out a key from under the bed, which she used to open a cupboard in the bedside table.

“You want to feel like a girl?” She asked.

“Suppose so.” I said reluctantly in an attempt to hide my eagerness.

“Ok then, try this while I’m gone.” She passed an 8 ft long dildo, which I can only presume her mother used. I didn’t mind, her mum was a total MILF. I went into CJs room and lubricated my ass. I got on all fours and plunged the rubber dick into my ass. At first it hurt even though I had used a load of lubrication, and at first I could only get the head in. After building up slowly over the next half an hour I was able to get the whole thing in my hole. It felt so good. I felt myself about to cum and new that CJ would kill me if I spunked all over her bed. I ran to the bathroom and ejaculated into the toilet instead. There was a lot of it.

At this point the doorbell went. I guesses it was CJ having left her keys behind but I wasn’t certain so I shouted down the stairs that I was coming and put on the outfit that CJ laid out for me. There was suitably skimpy underwear which I put on with joy. Black pantyhose were next, and they felt great on my shaved legs. I put a white miniskirt over the top which looked so slutty that I loved it. To go with it was a pink t-shirt with a cute little waistcoat that would make my curves look great.

“Sorry about the wait” I said as I opened the door but then I stood in silence as I saw who was on the other side. There were two boys. One was CJ’s boyfriend Eddy but I didn’t care about him. The other boy was Jack Walden. The boy who I had fantasised about just last night. Just seeing him now made my cock go hard, luckily it was taped down again.

“You must be CJ’s cousin, Nikki” said Eddy, shaking my hand. “Is she about?”

I was still dazed now, staring at Jack. He was staring back as well. I broke the eye contact and spoke directly to Eddy.

“Oh no, sorry she’s out shopping. She should be back soon.”

“You don’t mind if we come in and wait do you?”

“No, not at all”

As they walked past me into the house Jack brushed against me and a tingling feeling went all down my body and into my penis. I smiled and apologised and guided him to the living room. Eddy already knew his way around the house.

“Do you want a drink or anything?” I just wanted to get out of the room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix us something” Said Eddy. He walked off leaving me and Jack by ourselves.

I pretended to look out the window and not pay him any attention but I knew he was checking me out from behind. He probably thought I was one fine girl. To be honest I actually was. I had a perfect figure and my fake breasts were just the right size. The slightly see through black pantyhose would show off my slender legs and the tight waistcoat gave me a great hourglass shape. Although I felt awkward at first. I loved the idea of him lusting for me. Going through the same fantasies that I had over him. I imagined his cock going stiff in his pants. Then I imagined sticking it in my mouth and sucking it fry.

Eddy interrupted my train of thought when he bought us in some drinks. This was also when CJ came back in. I told Jack and Eddy that I was going to help her unpack the shopping and I burst into the kitchen.

“What the fuck have you done?” I asked furiously.

“I guess Jack’s arrived then” laughed CJ. “After you revealed that he was the guy you’d most like to shag yesterday I thought I’d set you a little challenge.”

“What do you mean?” I asked worried.

“I bet you can’t go the whole day without making a move on him”

“That shouldn’t be too hard”

“Actually it will. I told him about the way you feel and he decided that he was gonna try his luck with you. Now I know you can resist making a move on him. But if he makes a move on you then I bet you’ll fail.

“What are we betting with?” I said worried.

Before CJ could answer Eddy came in and kissed her. Jack followed.

“Oh there you are baby girl” He said to me. He called me baby. It was like I was already his and he just wanted to hold on to me and never let go. It was so lovely. I saw CJ smiling at me and I remembered the bet.

“Hi” I replied coldly with a straight face. Trying to show him I wasn’t interested. It obviously didn’t work as he asked me to go and play on the Xbox with him. I was about to make an excuse when CJ interjected.

“Don’t worry. Me and Eddy will put the shopping away. You kids go and have fun now.” She said wickedly.

Jack and I walked up to CJ’s bedroom where the Xbox was. He lay down on her bed and gestured for me to lie next to him. We started playing but I wasn’t focused at all and he won easily. He hugged me with one arm as if he was mocking me for losing, but afterwards he didn’t take his arm away. Instead he kept playing with one arm wrapped around my waist. I responded by killing him repeatedly.

“Damn you ain’t bad for a girl” He said.

“You must be really bad for a boy” I joked.

He followed up with some sexist joke about making sandwiches. Before my transformation I would’ve dismissed him as being a twat and ignored him. For some reason, however, I found myself laughing at this joke as if it was hysterical. Now I was worried.

Eddy and CJ came up and we put a film on. During the film Jack yawned. I assume it was fake, as he bought his hand down on my leg afterwards. Besides some wafer thin pantyhose my legs were bare. I was about to move his hand when he pretended to yawn again. This time he used it as an excuse to move his hand up my leg. It felt so good that I had trouble staying still. Now that he realised I didn’t mind it. He began moving his hand up and down my leg slowly and gently. My skin was so delicate after the shaving that it shivered every time he moved. Luckily, he didn’t go any further up than my thigh otherwise he would’ve got a big surprise. I rested my head on his shoulder before gathering myself once again and shuffling away from him.

The day went on with several more close encounters. But I survived somehow. I was about to boast to CJ when Jack asked if they could stay the night. My heart did a flip but CJ was only too happy to say yes.

We ended up placing mattresses on the living room floor again, but this time CJ had hidden most of them.

“Looks like we only have two guys. We’re going to have to share. Me and Eddy can go together and then Jack and Nikki can share one if you guys don’t mind.

Jack was standing next to me so I could hardly say no. CJ and I got into our pyjamas upstairs and I had another go at her. She ignored it and came back downstairs smiling with pride. Just as I got into my bed she said that Eddie had to help her with something upstairs. We all laughed as we knew that they would have sex. I stopped laughing when I realised that I was once alone with Jack.

I’m going to get changed if you don’t mind turning around” He said. I rolled over but I wanted to just peek at his naked body more than anything. I restrained myself. “I’ve been thinking. About you and me”. This wasn’t going to be good. “I don’t know what it is but there’s just a real spark between us don’t you think?” I didn’t reply. “Seeing as you’re only in town for the week then it would be a shame to waste it. If I know Eddy then he’s got stamina. They’ll be upstairs for an age, which gives us the chance to get to know each other a little better.”

I felt him lift the duvet up and climb into bed next to me. I felt the warmth of his body on mine. As if I was a puppet I turned round to face him. He was gorgeous. He was naked except for a pair of boxers. I had seen how ripped his physique he was in the changing rooms and I had wanted it then. I had envied it. I wanted it now. But differently. I didn’t want to be him. I wanted him. I wanted the opposite of being muscular. I wanted to be tiny so that he could wrap his huge arms around me like Hercules.

Without thinking I stretched my hand out and stroked his chest. He smiled as I caressed his firm abdomen. He hadn’t pulled the duvet down and I could see the bulge in his pants growing. I stopped what I was doing and pulled my dick out of its hiding place and waved it in front of his face. He fell off the mattress in shock and just stared at me mouthing swear words.

“That’s why I’ve been avoiding you all day. Not because I don’t want to. I want you more than anything, I do, but I know you’re not like me. You aren’t bi-sexual.”

Jack sat there in thought, or shock, I didn’t know which. He looked at my penis again and walked out the room. He came back in with a roll of sellotape and stuck my dick down again. I had no idea what he was doing. Then he kissed me on the lips.

“You’re right. I’m not into boys. That’s why I want to fuck a girl.”

“I don’t understand”

“When you’re a boy I will treat you like I always do. I won’t give you the time of day. However, Nikki is my new girlfriend and whenever you are her I will happily fuck the shit out of her. Does that make sound alright to you?”

I replied by getting down on my knees and pulling his boxers down. I gasped at the size of his dick: it must’ve been at least 9 inches. I grabbed it in my hand and began to rub it up and down. I didn’t really need to, it was already hard, I just wanted to feel it. I closed my eyes and licked the tip. Fuck yeah. Jack started to moan as I worked the end of my tongue into the opening of his penis. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards him, pushing his dick into my mouth. I wasn’t able to get the whole thing in at first but I built up a steady rhythm of going back and forth. Every so often Jack would place his hand on the back of my head and would push me further down his shaft. Even though I gagged a few times I realised that I was deepthroating him before I even knew it. Now I built up speed and started twisting my tongue around his dick. Without warning he jizzed straight into my mouth. His cumshot was fucking powerful and I had to pull his dick out of my throat while I coughed and spluttered. He knelt down to ask if I was ok but I just looked at him and smiled, cum all over my face. I licked it all off and cleaned his dick off as well. It tasted even better than I imagined.

He pulled my head away and whispered in my ear, “Baby, I want to fuck you right in your pussy.” I knew what he meant, it was exactly what I wanted as well. He bent me over the sofa with one hand while he licked his fingers with the other. He squeezed two of them into my ass and slowly moved them about. Luckily my play with the dildo earlier had loosened it up a bit. Then he pulled his fingers out and started licking it instead. Now this was heaven. Every time his moist tongue stroked my asshole I gasped with pleasure. It was my turn to moan now. My sounds encouraged Jack even further and he stood up straight. I could feel the tip of his cock prodding the lips of my anus. I had enjoyed the dildo, but I knew that this was going to be fifty times as good.

Jack pushed forward with all his might, slamming his huge cock all of the way into my ass. It hurt like fuck, but when I screamed it was with pleasure not pain. His thrusting motions shook the entire sofa back and forth. I burst into tears as I felt my ass get ripped apart, but I didn’t give a shit, this was perfect. Last night I had fucked the girl of my dreams and now I was fucking the guy of my dreams. I had already came all over the chair but now it was Jack’s turn to do it again. I felt my butt explode as he unleashed his full load into me. We collapsed in a heap on the mattress and fell asleep. My head resting on his picture perfect abs. My screams must’ve been louder than I thought as CJ and Eddy were wise enough not to come back downstairs until the morning.

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2011-06-29 09:46:42
How the fuck did he get an 8 ft long dildo in his ass?!?!?! That's what I want to know!!

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2011-01-16 09:51:38
More guy on guy action would be good maybe they have a foursome...


2011-01-15 10:44:28
Thanks for the great feedback guys :) I will try and write more soon, anything you'd like to see?


2011-01-15 10:44:20
Thanks for the great feedback guys :) I will try and write more soon, anything you'd like to see?

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2011-01-14 21:02:45
This is probably the best series I've read on here! Great job! :)

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