This is the third part in a continuing story of peepers
It felt nice that the three days that Kim was gone from peeping, it was just Annie and me again. We didn’t see every much, actually we didn’t see anything, but just the fact that it was just the two of us made it special. We actually held hands as we walked to our destinations. It was nice to have a good friend like Annie.

On the third night, we saw a man and his wife, both were kind of old, maybe in their forties, doing it on their bed, and that was kind of a turn on, but everything had pretty much closed up around here. The new houses were vacant with no one buying them, so not even those had anything interesting going on in them.

We were walking back down the path on this night; Annie was being awful quiet, when she suddenly asked me a question. “Chris, do you like me?”

“What do you mean “Do I like you?” Of course I like you. I’m here aren’t I?” I answered, kind of surprised at her question.

“No, I mean do you really like me, you know like a boy friend likes a girl friend?” she asked again.

“Oh,” I said hesitating a second. “Yeah, I guess I like you that much. We have fun together and we mess around and stuff. You’re awfully cute and I like the way you touch me, you know, down there and all.”

“Well, will you be my boy friend and we can do other stuff?” she asked.

“What other stuff?” I asked.

“Say yes and I’ll show you,” she said teasingly.

“Okay, I’ll say yes,” I said excitedly.

“Great,” she said and stopped to give me a big kiss right on my mouth. She grabbed me by my arm, looked down smiling and we continued to walk along the path in the dark.

“Well, aren’t you going to show me this other stuff?” I asked in anticipation.

“You’ll just have to be patient,” she giggled.

We walked along for a couple more minutes with her clinging to my arm. Then we pasted the play grounds and within about 100 feet, she pulled me through the trees for awhile into an opening that was off the beaten pathway. We found ourselves in a secluded part of the park where no one ever goes. You would have to know this place existed and head for it purposely before you could even find it.

She all of a sudden stopped, turned to face me and said, “We can do anything here, anything we want to do. We can even make love when it’s safe to do it.”

“A place to make love” was all I heard. My heart skipped a beat with excitement and my eyes must have shown Annie what I thought because she quickly repeated herself by adding, “When it’s safe to do it. Right now it isn’t safe, in fact, now is the time to do it if we wanted to make a baby and I don’t think we want to do that, do you?”

I was still digesting the fact that she said that we could do it but I said “No, I don’t think so,” in agreement anyway. “But Annie, how do you know when it is safe for us to do it?”

“I can read silly,” she said teasingly. “All the books say that a woman’s best time to have sex is within five days after her period stops. So that means that we can do it after my next period. We can do it right here in this place that I found.”

Was she serious? Was she saying that we could do it when her period stops? When will that be? I didn’t want to ask but I had to find out, so I asked, “When will you have your next period?”

“It should be in about a week to 10 days, if I’m on time,” she said. “It’s just my fourth time having it so I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know that’s for sure,” she said with a grin and a giggle. “But, until I do start, we can do some other things,” she added.

“Other things like what?” I asked hoping I hadn’t misheard her.

“You know silly, like playing around and stuff, but not putting it in me, you know, stuff that turns us on,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Oh, right here?” I asked in amazement.

“Right here, right now,” she said taking a step towards me.

I met her half way and we immediately hugged each other. She felt so good in my arms, so warm and soft, she almost seemed to melt into me as she crusted herself into my chest. I knew that she never wore a bra under her tank top pajamas, but to actually feel her bare little chest press into mine made me start to swell down there. She noticed it sticking out into her tummy and she just pushed right into it and sighed.

I felt the bareness of her back up around her shoulder blades and the fabric of the tank top interrupting the smoothness of her skin. I decided right then that I preferred her skin over the fabric so I inserted my hands under her top and raised it up indicating I wanted to remove it. She backed away and raised her arms up over her head. My hands took the top up and over her outstretched arms and hands and dropped her top down beside of her on the ground.

She looked up at me with this strange, bashful look on her face, knowing that I was staring at her bare little boobies and then I started to remove my own top and, when I had finished, I looked down at her and took her back into my arms for another sensuous kiss. I moved my lips around on hers, pressing them tight against mine and then I did something that to this day I never thought I would do. I parted my lips just a little and encouraged her to do the same. I felt an urge deep within my groin to press against her further, so I ground my crotch into hers and opened my lips even more.

I don’t know why or how opening your lips in a kiss can make your cock grow so much or feel so great, but let me tell you that it sure does. The stiffness of my cock became the center of my world just then. It was busting to get out of my cutoff pajamas and dance free for the whole world to see. So, without thinking or without planning on it, I ripped down my shorts, underwear and all, and stepped spryly out of them and stood there looking at Annie.

She stepped back to admire the sight before her. It was the exact same cock that she had seen the other night at my house through the window, but it must have grown in her eyes anyway because when she saw it sticking straight out at her, she mouthed the word “Wow!” and reached her hand for it. I was proud to have her touch it with her soft caress but after a few short seconds, I felt the urge from down in my groin. I grabbed her hand and pulled it away, not wanting to make it squirt just yet.

She looked up quizzically, not know how close I was to squirting, but after I let my hands fall to her pajama bottoms, she soon forgot about rubbing my cock. I untied the string holding them up and pulling on the elastic band that went around them, I slipped them down over her slim little hips exposing her white cotton panties that remained. I kneeled down and took off the bottoms from her feet and then turned my head to look directly into her crotch.

I saw the cotton fabric crumpled up at the junction of her legs. I could smell a strangely sweet, musty aroma coming from under the panties, right there between her legs. I was mesmerized for a second watching the area that I wanted to get to know very well. It was the place where she told me just a few minutes ago that I would be sticking my cock into one day soon. It was the place I had dreamed of for more than a year now. It was her special, private place, the one that she would share with me. It was the place that I had to see, touch, smell and taste right then.

I moved my hands to the waistband of the object that was standing in the way of all of those desires and as I slowly started pulling them down over her tiny little butt, I was amazed by the close up sight of her pussy being exposed. First there was a large portion of just skin as the band fought its way down over her abdomen. It seemed to go on and on in a never ending amount of the softest skin imaginable. Then a tiny bit of light brown, kinky pubic hairs started to emerge from under the relentless migration south of her panties and there was more showing when the fabric came to the joining of her legs.

As they passed her crotch area and started their descent down her legs, they got hung up in her wet crotch and they hung on until she finally pulled them free. Quickly they made their way down and off of her feet and when she had deposited them next to her bottoms, she stood right there at eye level about six inches away from my gaze. Even with the lack of light, I knew it was wet with anticipation.

I reached out my hand and brushed my fingers along its fuzzy slit. Her knees began to buckle and she reached out to my shoulders for support. As she stepped forward, I directed her foot wider than she had intended so when she once again got her bearings; her legs were wide apart, inviting my inspection. Her sweet odor filled my nostrils and the though of where it was emanating from drove me to find out.

I moved my face closer to the source of the sweet smell and as I nuzzled into her hair with my nose, a faint moan escaped through her open mouth. I stuck out my tongue in an attempt to satisfy my curiosity and tasted my first taste of her juices flowing out of her opening. It didn’t taste bad but just the thought of where it came from drove me to drive my tongue in between her lips for another taste.

No amount of support could keep her on her feet at this point and she fell over my shoulder and rolled to the ground, on her back with her legs spread wide open. I rolled with her and landed with my face buried into her wet luscious crotch. She moaned again as I resumed by licking and tasting of her pussy. I searched out the source of the moisture and found it coming out of her opening down between her legs so as I dug my tongue into her hole, she began writhing around in uncontrollable bliss.

She suddenly told me to move. She said, “Chris, move your crotch up here so I can taste you too.”

As I complied with her directions, I suddenly rolled to my back and brought her on top of me with my face buried in her crotch and her face hovering over mine. It didn’t take her long to take it in her mouth and begin to suck on it. With my tongue trying to plug her hole, my finger strayed up her slit and made contact with something that caused her to go crazy.

When I touched it again, she began pumping her hips up and down and ramming my cock deep within her mouth. I could feel it touch the back of her throat and she would gag on it, but always took it back in as far as she dared. I was running my tongue as deeply as I could up into her hole and rubbing my newly found little bump located up into her slit as fiercely as I could.

I could feel the welling start to build deep within my crotch. I could tell she was nearing her release as she was literally bouncing on top of me, from my tongue licking her pussy to her mouth swallowing my cock. I started pressing upward with my hips as I began humping her face, all the while I was rubbing her knob raw and sucking the very juices out of her hole. Then it happened with unbelievable force and explosive action. I saw stars as I exploded my fluids all down her throat as she rammed my tongue down into her opening. I was holding my breath as I strained and bucked my hips, trying to extract the last and best of the unbelievable release of emotions from my cock. An overwhelming sense of pleasure came over me as her juices gushed out all over my mouth, cheeks and face and she cried out a gurgling cry of ecstasy. She released an untold amount of fluids and emotions from the greatest experience of my young life and I knew that this was the first of many.

I awoke to a slight chill in the dark, damp forest air. Annie’s leg was still draped over my chest but her torso lie beside me, still facing the opposite direction from me. I looked over at her and saw my princess asleep in the grass, rolled up in a ball with her one leg still splayed out over me. She looked beautiful. She looked contented. She looked perfect. She was mine.

I looked at my watch to see what time it was and I had to take another look to make sure I read it correctly the first time. I had and it said that it was 12:30 in the morning. I shook Annie awake as I rolled out from under her leg, trying to locate my pajamas. All the while, I was trying to talk her in to some sense of being awake and thinking. She pulled on her panties, shorts and top as she was getting the cobwebs out of her head. She had to sneeze real bad and then a sniffle. She covered her arms as she started to shiver. Oh no, she was coming down with a summer cold and I had to get her home.

I walked hurriedly to her house and right up to her window and then, helping her in through her open window, I kissed her goodnight and left as quietly as I came. All the way home I prayed that she would be alright, but most of all, I prayed that she would have the same feelings for me that I had for her after this evening.

The next night, I waited at the playground for Annie to arrive. I waited until 8:45 and then I started to worry. I heard someone coming down the path towards me and my heart started to race. I was smiling and ready to chastise her for being late when I spotted Kim coming into view. My heart sank and it must have shown because when she saw me she said, “Well, I’m not Annie but it’s nice to see you too.”

“I’m sorry Kim, I am glad to see you but it’s just…” I was interrupted.

“You were hoping it was Annie, I know,” she finished my thought. “I went by to see her this afternoon and she’s as sick as a dog; terrible cold. Said she got it last night. Did you stay out too long or something?”

“Yeah, we did,” I confessed but felt terrible about my Annie. “Was she really sick?”

“Well, she sounded worst than she thought she was, but I’ll bet she won’t be out in the night air real soon,” she added.

“Oh boy, gosh, why did I have to go to sleep,” I muttered.

“What did you guys do last night anyway?” she asked.

“Oh boy, be careful Chris,” I thought to myself. “Oh nothing really, we went around peeping but didn’t see anything so we came back here and just sat around and talked and stuff,” I tried not to show that I was lying to her.

Her look told me that she wasn’t buying it as a fact but did not pursue the topic any further. “Well, do you want to go out and see what there is to see tonight or would you rather sit around and talk like you did last night,” she asked with a slight twinkle in her eye.

“We might as well go out peeping and see who’s willing to show us something,” I said, disarming the situation.

We walked along the edge of the park, behind the rows of houses, being always watchful for the rare light coming from the rear of the houses. We saw nothing until we arrived at the end of the newer subdivision at the extreme end of the park, where it goes up a hill and looks down into the back yards of the houses there. We went to the end one with the walls that were cut out of the embankment and looked down into the back yard. I couldn’t believe that it had been awhile since I had been over here to peep because the young couple I had seen that one night I was by myself, had put in a swimming pool and as I motioned for Kim to be quiet and creep along, I noticed them out in the pool. As I settled into the trees that overlooked their pool, I saw them both out there with just the pool light on and then I noticed that they were skinny dipping.

My heart leapt up into my throat as I watched them swim around playfully, flirting and touching and stuff. They were oblivious to our watchful eyes prying into their private love playing and as they started to embrace, standing there in the shallow end of the pool, I saw the guy put his hands on the lady’s butt and pull and separate her cheeks and then run his finger down to her butt hole.

She let out a faint shriek and then buried her lips into his. He backed her into the side of the pool and then spun her around and draped her over the side. He forcefully spread her legs and put his groin into her butt. I couldn’t tell where he put his cock, but she seemed to like it a lot. He began ramming himself into her butt frantically, causing the water that was trapped in between them to spray up with every thrust he made. She was straining her back as if she was trying to bow herself backward into his cock, her mouth was open and a “Yes” sound came out of it with every thrust of his hips.

Then he gripped her breasts with his hands and squeezed them hard and pulling them into a disordered mass of flesh, constantly ramming his cock into her. She was crying out loud for his to ram it in further and harder and he was obviously trying to comply. When she came, you would have thought that every neighbor within a square block would have run over to see what the problem was. He kept making animal sounds as he thrashed the water into a foamy mess and slammed her into the wall.

Then it was over. She stood there draped over the edge of the pool as he staggered back to the steps and sat down before he fell down. They both smiled at each other and then exited the pool, hand-in-hand and walked to the slider that entered their room. The pool light suddenly went out as darkness engulfed the entire backyard. It was quiet except for the panting of the girl sitting beside of me.

I motioned for us to retreat in the direction we had entered and when we were back in the safety of the forest, I stopped to catch my breath. Kim was visibly shaken from the sight we had just witnessed. She was bending over, almost gasping for breath.

“Oh my God, did you see them do it in the pool?” she asked almost disbelieving her own eyes. “I wonder where he was putting his tool, in her vagina or in her butt. I bet it was in her butt! My gosh it got her awfully excited. I wonder how it feels up there. That makes two times we’ve seen someone taking it in the rear like that. I wonder how it feels,” she repeated.

Kim ran her hands to her own crotch and she shuttered. “Chris?” she asked suddenly.

“Yeah, Kim,” I answered.

She thought a minute and then said,” Oh nothing, I’ve got to go now. See ya tomorrow night, okay?” As she walked down the path towards her house, I couldn’t keep but noticing that her hand was still down at her crotch as she hurriedly skipped out of view.

I walked home with an everlasting erection. The scene that we had witnessed this evening left me missing Annie’s touch. I felt sorry for her not seeing what they did and vowed to take her back there some night, just the two of us.

I almost didn’t go out the next evening, but at the last minute, I decided that I wouldn’t like it if Kim didn’t show up and leave me hanging, so I went. She was there at the playgrounds as I walked up.

“I was wondering if I scared you off last night,” she said jokingly.

“Naw, I’m brave,” I answered back.

“Let’s go back to the house where the couple was swimming again,” she said enthusiastically.

“Okay, lead the way,” I said, falling in behind her.

We walked along in silence as we made our way back up the rise to the rear of the house. There weren’t any lights on in the entire house so we sat down and decided to way and see. Kim really wanted to see them again tonight, I could tell. She kept bring up just how much she enjoyed the view and wondered where he had put his cock that she got so excited.

After about an hour or so, I suggested that we go on home for the evening and got up to leave. Kim suddenly said, “Chris, wait. I know of a house where you are sure to see something.”

“Where is this sure thing?” I inquired.

“Follow me. It’s not far,” she replied and headed down the path. We walked about fifteen minutes and veered off the path as we came to a house that had no lights on it either.

“It looks like this one is out also,” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“No it’s good,” she insisted. “I live there. I want you to peep at me tonight,” she said shyly.

“You want what?” I asked not believing my ears.

“Chris, I’m so horny, I want to show off my body for you. I want you to see me do wonderful things to my body. You don’t have to do anything but watch I promise. Will you peep for me, Chris?” she pleaded.

I didn’t know to say. I felt like I was cheating on Annie or something, after all, I said that I was her boyfriend didn’t I? And now at the first opportunity, I willingly peep on her best friend. I didn’t know what to do.

“Kim, I don’t know. I mean I would love to spy on you like that, but me and Annie are kind of going together, you know and I don’t think it would be okay to peep on her best friend.”

“Chris, you and Annie are going together? That’s great! Listen, you wouldn’t be doing it for your own sake but for mine. Don’t you see, you’d be doing me a favor. Please,” she begged.

I thought some more but couldn’t think of a good reason to say no, so hesitantly I agreed.

“Oh great Chris, wait here until I get in and turn on the light and then you can come right up to the window. This will be cool, just wait and see.”

As she slipped towards her house, I was suddenly feeling very guilty. Why did I agree to this? I mean, Kim was a cute little thing with a budding body that had the curves that make boys wants to look at, but I had a girl that I wanted to look at and she wanted me to look at her also. Now what was I doing looking at her best friend? If I could run I would but the light just came on in Kim’s bedroom and she’s signaling for me to come forward.

I was fighting with myself all the way to her window but as she saw me through it and smiled, my resistance vanished. She moved to the side of her bed and looked to make sure I was still there and then she lowered her eyes to her hands and their movement up to her top. She was wearing blouse type pajama shirt that buttoned down the middle and as she started at the bottom, she worked her fingers gingerly up each button, exposing her tummy and chest to my view. Finally when there were no more buttons, she stopped, looked directly in my eyes and opened up the blouse to expose her small fleshy mounds for my inspection.

I gasped a silent gasp as I took in the beauty of her breasts. They were small, but perfectly shaped white globes with a dark pink little patch sitting upon each. They appeared to be puckered up slightly as if they were cold or otherwise stimulated. There in the middle of them were two perky little pebbles, tight little sentinels standing at attention, waiting to be inspected. As she dropped her top beside her, she cast her eyes down upon her breasts and rubbed each with her right hand. I almost lost it right there. I noticed my cock was sticking out straight in my cutoff pajama bottoms.

She looked up and smiled in my direction and then moved her hands down to the draw string holding up the bottoms. Pulling on it sensually, she undid the knot and loosened the tension on the draw strings by inserting her hands under the bottoms at her waist. Then, looking at my eyes directly, she started removing the bottoms down over her hips and released them to gravity. They settled in a heap around her feet so she deftly stepped out of them and scooted them out of the way.

Now she was standing before me in just her clinging, silky little panties that barely covered her privates. She turned her right thigh into the other as she tried to cover the tightness of her panties. They obscured the view I was waiting for, but I couldn’t help noticing the dimpled effect of the thin panty material as it covered her oriental pubic bush that she was starting to grow.

My cock began to ache as it tried to poke its head out of the pajamas, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the show. She turned around to expose her tiny little ass cheeks to me as I could no longer resist the draw of my cock. I freed it from the restraints it had suffered in and I swore it grew an inch as it made its debut into the night air. It met up with a familiar friend that started stroking it slowly.

She was gazing over her shoulder now as she inserted her fingers into the leg holes of her panties and pulled them up into her crack to expose her entire butt cheeks for my approval. She slapped a cheek before pulling the underwear out of her crack and slowly sliding them over her butt. She smiled and stuck out her butt towards to window and then slowly returned to facing me. The rear of the panties were off of her butt, but the front still clung to her crotch area as she stuck a finger into her mouth and looked on shyly.

I had to take my hand off of my cock if I wanted to wait to see the end of this show. I hated to stop, it felt so good, but I knew that if I continued with the stroking, I wouldn’t make to the end. Just as I lowered my hand from my cock, Kim hooked her fingers into her panties at her hips and slowly pulled them down. Slowly, ever so slowly, they made their way down to expose her jet black bush that was starting to show. As she lowered it even further, the thick bushy black pubic hair sprung out from under the protection of the panties as they made their way down her legs to join up with her other clothes.

She stood back up after removing the last of her clothing and she had a slight tinge of pink to her lovely cheeks. She then turned her palms outward in a gesture of giving something of value away; her body in full view. I stood there unmoving, my mouth slightly ajar, my eyes glued to her perfect body. My cock ached and my balls strained to retain their substance as I continued to look on this little half oriental beauty.

She moved a hand down to cover her pubic area and then proceeded to spread her legs out wide. Looking straight at me she moved her fingers down to her slit and opened up her lips to show me the treasure that lies beneath the lips. She moved a finger up to a little node that I remembered causing Annie a great deal of pleasure when I touched it. She closed her eyes tightly as she caressed it with her finger. Then removing her finger and her hand from her crotch entirely, she smiled and then turned around once again.

Kim bent over and taking both of her hands and placing them on each of her cheeks, she pulled them apart to expose her puckered little rose bud to my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. She was showing me her butt hole, her firm little bare lips and the black pubic bush sticking out of the top. I had to touch myself again, I had to grab it and make it feel better. It took about two or three good solid tugs on it and I started to shoot my sperm all over the side of the house. As I continued to let it fly, Kim stuck her finger up her vagina as she also was felling the urge to stimulate herself. It took her less than a minute before she was biting down on her fist in an effort to strangle her cries of joy.
After I got control over my senses once again, I looked in on Kim and found her lying on her bed, face down with her hand still between her legs. She was asleep and totally spent. I put on cock back in my pajamas and walked back to the path that led me home. All of a sudden, I felt sleepy too.

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