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This Story is pure fiction written for your enjoyment. Any resemblance to person or persons real is pure chance. This story is strictly mine please do not copy, and do not repost without my permission. Writing is not easy so be kind when you post a comment… thank you to all my fans and would be fans enjoy!!!!


One of my favorite memories as a child were the fall, and spring trips we made as a family to an old cabin my mother’s family owned in the mountains. As kids in the spring my brother John and I would run through these forest like savages, half naked anything John would do I would to, I even once tried to pee on a tree like he did, let’s just say that did not work the way I planned.

In the fall we would comb the mountain tops looking at the trees, the colors were more than breath-taking, the fiery oranges, and the blazing reds. John and I would make huge piles of leaves to jump around in. My mom and her husband Steve would laugh and they too would play in the leaves with us. Now Steve is our step- father, he married mom when John was 10 and I was five; but almost from the start both John and I thought of him as our father. Our real father passed away before I was born, and John has very few memories of him, so really Steve A.K.A daddy is the only daddy we have known. <Pardon the pun>

Anyhow let me get on with this little confession. I am now seventeen. And we are getting ready to head for the mountains. It is fall, the air is crisp and the trees are glowing. Today will be daddy’s last day at work, at least until we come home from the hills, as he always says. Daddy works construction, well he owns two construction companies, so he is a burly man, he stand over six foot, well muscular body, not overly so, like some freaky muscle man, but a hard working man’s body, the kind most women drool over. Mom is petite thank god I take after her. I stand at just 5’5 and as daddy says I am like ninety pound if I happen to be soaking wet. Ha ha ha…. Ok that joke is really lame and about as old as…. Daddy! Sorry I tend to wonder. Ok so anyhow daddy is off work, I am out of school, John won’t be home until tomorrow, and mom was is a lawyer and has to work tonight on her briefings.

So anyhow all these thoughts hit me at once, and I started thinking, Since I was fourteen I have wanted to fuck daddy, it was at that time that I saw him with my mom, and oh my god! I have been stealing my brother’s porn vids for years; also I know a lot of cool free porn sites on the web, so two people fucking is really no big deal. But this was a big deal; this so was so fucking hot! I had heard something one night and went down the hall, mom and dad’s door was wide open, when I looked in my heart stopped, mom was laying on her back, dad was holding her ankles, at first I did not know what he was going to do, his huge hard cock was pointing right at her wide open pussy, but he bent down a buried his head between her creamy thighs. I could not see what he was doing but mom must have been really enjoying it, she moaned and thrashed, her small hips thrusting up into his face, dad had to hold her still for a small woman my daddy had hard time holding her still. “Oh fuck yes daddy eat my pussy.” Mom purred it was the first time I ever heard her call him daddy. To the tell the truth it was hot. And daddy must have liked it to, cause I could see his cock bounce, glistening on the tip was a drop of clear precum. I had the strongest urge to walk in there and lick that drop off his cock. I must have taken a step in because I could now see what daddy was doing. He had two fingers stuffed deep inside of mommy’s pussy, and his lips were attached to her clit. I was surprised to see that mommy shaved her pussy. From this angle you would think daddy was fucking a little girl, until you heard the words coming from mom! “Oh fuck yes!! Oh god daddy I’m gonna cum!!”

I don’t know how long I watched them, but when I came out of my daze I was leaning against the wall, my hand buried deep into my white silky panties, and there was moisture running down my legs, at first I thought I had peed, I bolted back to my bed, worried someone would find the wetness on the floor and know it was me. The next day I hit the net, and found out that I must have came, and that the moisture was what they called squirt. Relieved did not cover it. I went down to the table that morning; I could not seem to keep my eyes off of mommy and daddy, mostly daddy’s crotch. I was glad when it was time to go to school there was much I needed to think about. “Hey squirt you’re gonna miss the bus if you don’t get moving.” Daddy said making me jump. “What did you call me?” I asked feeling my heart sink, he called me squirt did he know? My voice and my face must have shown him how upset I was. “I called you squirt, but I did not mean anything by it, what’s wrong baby girl are the kids picking on you again?” daddy asked. “Oh no daddy I just was a million miles away.” I tried to smile. “And you have not called me that since I was like 10. He smiled, stood and kissed my head, get to school brat.” He slapped my rump playfully as I walked pass him.

For days after that I thought long and hard, I knew all my friends thought my daddy was hot, I use to think that they were nuts daddy was so… so daddy it was un-natural to think of him in any other way, but after seeing him with mommy, I knew it was un-natural to think of him other than as what he was a very sexy man. For weeks I looked up things about older guys and younger girls, and incest stories. Even though daddy really isn’t my blood daddy, it was still incest wasn’t it, the things I was thinking. There wasn’t anyone to turn to, I did not know if it was natural to have these thoughts and feeling for the man who is my father. The sites and stories all said it was, but I wasn’t sure. Then one night I was sitting in the living room with mommy we were watching one of our favorite shows, when daddy walked in he was wearing nothing but a towel, water was dripping down his chest, my eyes were drawn to each and every water droplet as the ran over his pecks, down his ripped abs, and into the thick dark hair at his lower tummy. “Honey where are my pj’s?” he asked shaking water at me playfully. “I think they are still hanging on the line.” She said not moving from her chair. Daddy groaned don’t worry yourself dear I'll go outside and get them I am sure the neighbors will love this skimpy little towel. I giggled thinking of old Mr. Henders. He was a nosy old bastard as my mom always called him. “I’ll check daddy.” I said jumping up and leaving the room quickly I had to get away daddy standing there naked, and dripping was too much for my little heart, and my little pussy which was now dripping I could feel the wetness as my legs rubbed together as I nearly ran from the room.

If daddy had this kind of effect on me, what chance did I have trying to be good? It was then I decided I was going to get daddy, he was the man I wanted to take my cherry. I was fourteen when I made that choice now I am 17 and now I am going to put those words into action, this was my chance, like I said mom has to work, and John won’t be home until tomorrow, so if daddy and I left now we could be at the cabin in six hours. First I had to get daddy. He was in the kitchen sitting at the table. “Hey baby girl what’s up?” he asked as I sat down in his lap, like I normally do when I am upset. “I want to go tonight daddy.” I said puffing out my bottom lip and looking up at him with sad eyes. I learned over the years this look worked magic on daddy, not so much on mommy. “Why what’s wrong baby?” he asked softly brushing my bangs back. “I had a fight with Dylan today, and I really just want to get away from anything that might remind me of him.” For a moment daddy looked smug. I knew he didn’t really care for Dylan, to be honest neither did I but Dylan was safe as long as I did not date a guy I might like there was no chance of my fucking them, and like I said at fourteen I decided daddy was going to my first.
“But baby we are leaving day after tomorrow when your bother is home and your mom is done with her case. Can’t it wait?” I didn’t blink letting the air dry out my eyes so that they would water. “Sure daddy, I’ll go… I ‘ll go to my room.” I sobbed that was it, daddy was lost, my daddy is a strong man, a very strong man, but tears reduce him to something with the same consistency as pudding. Get your bags baby you and I are going tonight, and if on the way out of town I see Dylan I’ll hit him with my truck. Daddy left the kitchen, smiling to myself I nearly ran upstairs to get my bags which were already packed and by my door. It wasn’t long before daddy was calling me. Mommy was at the door, she gave us some sandwiches and some snakes for the road. “John and I will be up day after tomorrow.” She said kissing me on the cheek, “To hell with that Dylan baby you’re too good for him anyway. And way to pretty for a fat little prick like him.” I had to giggle mom always did have a way with words. “Thanks mommy.” As I sat in the truck I felt a little guilty I was planning to seduce her husband, to fuck him if I could, and here she was making me feel better for a fight I started to get rid of Dylan; but the second daddy jumped into the truck and pulled me up against his side, all guilt fled, to be replaced with thoughts of what was to come.

This confession is long enough without me rambling on about the ride, just say it was nice I sat by daddy all the way, we sang songs laughed and talked it was comfortable like it always is with daddy.

As we were pulling into the cabin driveway which is over two miles long, it started snowing. “Well that’s strange it never snows this early.” Daddy said trying to pull in a radio station, which was no good this high in the hills. “I’m sure it’s just a few flurries, remember that time when I was six and john was 11 we hardly got an inch.” I looked out the window, I was no weather man but I knew this was more than a few flurries. “You think Mr. and Mrs. Kaylap stocked the cabin daddy?” I asked a little worried. He must have sensed my worries. “I am sure of it dear; they thought we would be arriving at first light, so I am sure the cabin is ship shape, and stocked with food, wood, and if I know Mrs. K your favorite chocolate cookies.” I giggled daddy and I always fight over Mrs. K homemade double chocolate cookies. “Well they are all your I don’t want to get fat. I said pushing my shirt up over my belly and patting it. Daddy got a funny look in his eyes, but then said. “Fat is not something you need to worry about baby girl.” He said patting my tummy as well. His hand was so warm, and so firm, it sent heat waves through my small body, which seemed to target my pussy. “Good then they are all mine.” I teased trying not to think about daddy’s hand on my young body, and how my pussy felt like it was on fire. “DAMN! I just lost all those cookie in just one simple statement you don’t play fair little girl.” He grumped jokingly. I giggled, that was when I noticed that by laughing my belly would wiggle and daddy’s hand would slip down a bit, he did not seem to notice, nor did he seem to be in a hurry to move it. Another thought hit me, if I move a little farther from daddy, his hand would slip right down over my hot pussy, if I could move just right I might get lucky enough and his hand might end up between my legs. I gave that some thought. Too much thought cause we reached the cabin, I nearly groaned. “I’ll get the bags you start a fire.” Daddy said reaching for the door. “No way I‘ll get the bags you start the fire.” I knew this game we played it so many times before. The one and only time daddy let me start the fire I nearly set the house on fire. It was a mutual agreement I was not allowed anywhere near matches. “Damn I always get the hard jobs. But you get to hunt up some food.” He grumbled grabbing the two bigger bags.
I got the bags in and then hit the kitchen, just like he said there on the counter was a huge platter of double chocolate cookies, and a note from Mrs. K telling me I had to share them with daddy. I smiled. I made us some hot soup, and two big sandwiches with everything, and grabbed two cokes; somehow I managed to balance all of that and the platter of cookies. Daddy was adding wood to an already raging fire. “Dinner!” I said spreading the small feast out before us. “Oh and here.” I handed him Mrs. K note it was wrapped around one cookie. Daddy read the note, and looked at the cookie, then at me. “That’s your share.” I said picking up the platter and pretending to stand. Daddy grabbed me and pulled me back down, my butt hit the floor a little hard, but I was laughing too hard to worry about it right now. “Brat.” Daddy teased picking up his sandwich. Out of the corner of his eye he must have seen me rub my backside. “Did I hurt you?” he asked. “Just my pride.” I said getting up to get a pillow to sit on. Daddy laughed. “Sorry baby, you and your mother are just too damn small and breakable.” He said.
I don’t know if it was him talking about mom, tonight of all nights, or the fact that I am not breakable, but that comment set me on fire, and not in a good way. “To hell with that Mr. I am not breakable if you were not so abnormally large I would not look so small.” For a second I thought daddy was going to yell at me for cursing, but he threw his head back and laughed, he laughed so hard he nearly dropped his food. “Good god the women of my family are so daggum fiery. Like pissed off kittens.” Not that I thought it was funny but daddy sure did, I soon found myself laughing with him. “Ok brat you’re not breakable.” He finally said we sat in silence for a bit just eating and watching the flames dance. It was nice, like I said being with daddy was always comfortable, not like with other guys when you have to wonder if your pretty enough, or if they were going to try and molest you in a dark corner. I laughed at that thought. I wanted daddy to molest me, in a corner in the bed hell right here in front of the fire. Daddy looked at me. “Care to share the joke?” he asked reaching for a cook. “Nothing really just a fleeting thought.” I said taking a big drink on my coke. “So what did you an Dylan fight over?” I really hadn’t thought he would bring Dylan up, so I wasn’t sure if I should make something up or tell him the truth, I decided on the truth.

“Sex” I said reaching for a cookie. Daddy choked on his. I pounded his back. “ Geesh daddy you are so old fashion I am seventeen sex it a part of the world. Daddy gulped some soda. “Are you for sex or against it?” he asked I could tell he didn’t really want to have this talk, but he also knew if he didn’t and mom found out he had this chance to find out if I was a virgin and let it pass she would kill him. “Well against at least with him, he is not the guy I want my first time to with.” I said trying to sound as if this where nothing, instead of my best chance of getting what I want. “Oh.” He said and for lack of anything more he reached for another cookie even though he had not finished his first. “And... And what kind of guy are you looking for?” he chewed slowly on the cookie. I waited until he swallowed before I answered, I did not want to choke him again. “You.” I said, Daddy didn’t choke he just dropped both cookies, and a funny look came over his face as if he had stopped breathing. “Well you know a guy like you.” I said as if that first part was only a mistake in speech. Daddy covered his small freak out, if not with grace at least with a bit of style. By laughing and saying “that’s my girl.” We turned back to the fire again. I lean over and put my head on his wide powerful shoulders. “Daddy can I ask you something?” daddy leaned back to look at me, that was when I slipped into his lap. “Do all girls like to suck… to suck a guy’s cock?” I felt daddy’s body stiffen, but more importantly I felt daddy’s cock stiffen. “Well I guess that depends on the girl baby. Some do and some don’t, why do you like to?” he bit his lips as if he did not mean to ask that. I smiled my best little girl blushing grin at him. “I don’t know daddy, I have never done anything like that. I mean I have kissed boys, and have even felt them and they felt me, I saw Dylan’s cock naked once and to tell the truth I thought it was a little sad. It was small and droopy. I mean I have heard the other girls and they go on at how beautiful cocks are, and how they are hard and stand straight out from a guy’s pelvis, but Dylan’s didn’t.”

Daddy did not say anything, and to give him credit he did not laugh at poor
Dylan either, although everything I had said is true, when Dylan took his pants off wanting me to suck him off I laughed, his cock was nothing like daddy’s it was so small and pale, unlike daddy’s which is huge and proud. “Well baby girl I am sure someday you will see a cock like the girls were talking about, and I am sure then you will not need to ask me these questions, nature will tell you all you need to know. Your body will let you know when it is right.” He shifted, and through my tight jeans I felt his cock poking at me. And I also notice how he was trying to keep his voice level, but there was a rasp to his voice that I had heard him use with mommy many times. “Like what daddy?” I tried to sound as if I did not already know these things, I know from stories and stuff older guy’s liked to feel as if they were teaching younger girls. “I am sure you know enough about sex to know that answer.” He said I smiled “Oh you mean my pussy will get wet?” I said this as if I thought it were a funny notion. Like it could never happen, but in truth right now I am surprised daddy did not feel the heat and wetness through his own pants. “Ye…..Yes that and other things.” Daddy stammered. “Oh yeah and the other girls say that my nipples should get hard, and my stomach tighten, and that a heat would pool in my stomach.

Talking like this sitting in his lap was working hard on me; I could not help but shift a bit myself, bring my heat a little closer to his hardness. Daddy gasped. “ I’m sorry daddy am I too heavy for you now, do you want me to move, I knew if I moved now daddy’s hard on would be plain to see, and from the look in his eyes so did he. He just laughed “You heavy? Baby girl at work I carry metal beams heavier then you. Even if you were soaking wet.” Daddy did not know how true those words were. I was so wet right now, that my panties stuck to me, and every time I moved they rubbed my hard clit. A few times I almost moaned. It felt so good! Daddy wrapped his arms around me just holding me for a few moments, I think he was hoping this conversation was over, but it was long from over. I smiled into his neck and in haled deeply. “I love the way you smell daddy.” My dad was not a colon sort of guy, just deodorant, and natural soap. No sissy stuff for him. He always said. But to me he smelled warm, and kind of like the forest around us. I could stay forever right where I was safe, loved and in his arms, but I had a want. No a need to get even closer.
“Daddy do you like for a woman to suck your cock?” I thought that might be going a little too far too fast, at first I thought he was going to yell at me to get off his lap and go to bed, and to never ask him such a thing again. But daddy only sighed heavily. “It’s a strange night baby girl, if it wasn’t god help me I would not be answering this, but yes I do.” He shook his head as if he could not believe he just said that out loud to his daughter. “Daddy why did you marry mom, I mean she had two kids, and could not have any more, and you still married her I know you love her, but what was it about her that attracted you?” Daddy laughed “her size, you and your mother are so small, and yet so perfectly shaped, you both have all the right curves. Also you mother has one hell of a right hook. The night I saw her for the first time we had gotten off work, a bunch of dirty mouthed construction workers. Your mother was sitting at a table next to ours, and she caught the eye of one of the boys, he said something about fucking a doll, and before I could say or do anything your mom got up walked over, she smiled so sweetly at him, that for a split second we all thought he was going to get her. She said something, and before the smart ass could say anything she knocked him out of his seat. He hit the floor she winked at him and walked away. Later I asked him what she said, he said she told him she was a lawyer, and although he could sue she would not advice because she would tie him up in legalities for the rest of his life.” Daddy chuckled
“No daddy that’s not what I meant. I want to know what is it that you liked most about mommy?” I love my mother don’t get me wrong, but the last thing I wanted to hear was that note of love in his voice when he thought or talked about her. “Oh you want to know what it is about her that turns me on?” he chuckled “Like I said baby girl this is a strange night but here goes. It’s her size, don’t get me wrong I know she is all woman, but there is a game she and I play, where she acts like a little girl and she calls me daddy, and to tell the truth baby it turns me on. God help me it makes me so hot for her.” He took a drink of his soda. “And it’s all perfect?” I asked I did not mean to let him hear the jealousy in my voice but I could not help it. “Not always your mom is good at it, but she can’t... what I mean to say is sometimes she is too grown up. Does that make any sense?” he asked shaking his head again, “Yes daddy, mommy is not a little girl, or a virgin and she has forgotten how to be.” “Um yeah something like that.” He said. “Daddy do you, do you sometimes think of me, I mean.” I could not finish that thought everything I had planned depended on his answer. If he said no then I would pass this whole night off on some full moon strangeness, but if he said yes, god my heart was beating. I waited nearly holding my breath. “A few times.” He slapped himself kind of hard making me jump. “God what the hell is wrong with me? I never should have said that! He made to move me off his lap, i incased his neck with my arms. “No daddy don’t! Don’t be upset. I have thought about you many times daddy. I can’t tell you how many times I laid in my bed, my pussy aching thinking of you.” Daddy looked at me too stunned to do anything else.

Before I lost my courage I quickly stood, and yanked my jeans off, leaving on my black G-string panties. They were shining with my juices. “Look daddy, no one has ever made me this wet, at least not without touching me, but just being with you does this to me.” I took his hand and placed it on my hot pussy. “Ah baby girl don’t do this to me, God please!” He sounded so lost, so unsure. I quickly sat back down in his lap, and took his face in my small hands, for once in my life I was truly glad I took after mommy in size. “I love you daddy, and no one has ever made me this horny. I want you daddy I have since I was fourteen. I quickly told him about seeing him and mommy, not getting to graphic, but enough so he would know I have thought this through. “I want you to have my virginity daddy, I have always wanted that please daddy don’t say no.” this time a real tear slid from my eye, daddy saw it. With a groan of defeat, and pleasure he lowered me to the floor. His mouth claiming mine in a purely animalistic kiss. His tongue savagely raped my mouth. His hand slide down my body, until it covered my hot wet pussy, gently he rubbed his hand up and down over my sopping wet panties. “Oh god yes daddy make love to me.” I managed to hiss out when he pulled his tongue from between my lips.

“What do you want baby girl?” Daddy asked slowing his hand down, but not taking it from me, it was torture, my hips pressed against his hand and daddy pulled it back a little. “What do you want baby?” he asked again. “All of it daddy, teach me what making love is. Make me a woman, no daddy make me your little girl.” Daddy growled and pressed his hand more firmly against me. “Oh yes.” I moaned my body was on fire, never had being touch felt so perfect so right. Daddy forced my legs wider. Without a word daddy ripped my panties from my body. The movement was so fast so powerful I nearly came. “Did I frighten you baby?” daddy asked when he felt me stiffen under him. “No daddy, that was so, oh I don’t know the words but I think I was about to cum.” Daddy chuckled my hot little baby girl.” Daddy looked down at me. “If you like that shirt baby you better take it off now, I want to see all of you.” he wouldn’t let me sit up, but being so small I had more than enough room to wiggle out of my shirt and my bra. Daddy looked his fill of my. “My god baby your prefect. I don’t even think your mother’s tits are this perfect. His whole hand covered first one breast then the other. The calluses on his palm scraped against my hard nipples. My breasts have never been real sensitive before, but right now every nerve ending in them was ultra-alive, they seemed to grow in his care, and when his mouth clamped down on one, my whole body jumped, and I felt juices running rivers out of my pussy, daddy must have felt them through his shirt, because he looked down. “God baby girl your so wet, did you cum?” he asked smearing the wetness around my smooth shaved lips. “No daddy when I cum you will know it. I sort of make a mess.” He looked at me. “Does my baby squirt?” he asked hopefully. “Yes daddy I make a big mess.” He smiled evilly. “This I have to see.” He moved down my body.

Before I could guess his intentions daddy clamped his mouth over my hard clit, his tongue was a mixture of both roughness and smoothness, it nearly sent me over the edge, I never felt anything like it, hard yet soft, rough yet silky. And when he lightly sucked I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. Daddy lifted his head. “No baby make all the noise you want, how else will I know if you like what I am doing, tell me baby tell me what makes you feel good and what you don’t like. He licked from the bottom of my pussy to the top. “If you don’t tell me I will never know if you liked that.” He did it again this time I let a small purr slip from my parted lips. “That’s it baby.” He licked me a few more times, and then slid his tongue between my lips. “Oh god daddy, that... that feels so good.” I moaned out. Daddy pushed his tongue into my tight hole, until he met the proof of my innocence. I could no longer sit still, my hips pressed into him, trying to get more of his tongue in my hot body. “Oh fuck daddy.” I moaned grabbing at his head trying to make him stay in my hole, but daddy pulled back. Before I could complain he pushed back in a little harder, a little deeper. “Oohmmm yes oh fuck.” Daddy began to fuck me with his tongue. Pushing it in and out of my hole. His nose rubbing against my hard clit. “Oh daddy if you don’t stop I’m going to cum in your mouth daddy. I can’t hold it much longer.” I begged, daddy stopped just long enough to say. “Do it baby cum in my mouth, fill my mouth up with your sweet cum.” He went right back in this time working harder on my hole. There was no holding back. “ Oh fuck! Daddy I’m….I’m fucking cumming!” it gushed from my body like a water fountain. Daddy tried to drink it all but it flowed over his face, dripping down his chin. My body shook, and jerked for what felt like five minutes until I was a quivering pile of melted bones, and overheated flesh. Daddy moved up and held me through the last of my tremors.

“ God baby girl, you came so much!” he kissed my neck and my ear. “ And you taste so good, I thought I was going to shoot my load in my pants.” He laughed I shivered weather from cold or from the release I just had I don’t know. But daddy scooped me up and carried me to bed, his bed. I yawned "But daddy what about you. I said snuggling into him as he laid us down and pulled the covers over us. “It’s alright baby girl we got all night. This is not the first time I have gone to bed with a hard on.” he said pulling me closer. I smiled like a well fed cat, warm and safe. I had never came so hard; and when I get all my senses back I was going to fuck my daddy

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2015-03-08 21:57:21
please please more! ohh fuck!

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2014-10-15 18:04:31
You know, the story is very good, but, the format needs a lot of work. Suggestion. Go to the library and pick up any novel. Just scan thru it and see how they lay out the deions and the dialog of the characters. Missed quotations make it hard to know where the deions end and the dialog begins. Paragraphs help the reader know what is what. And the to, too, or two use. Of course two is the number 2. To is the direction to which you want to go. and TOO, if you can substitute the word ALSO in it's place and the sentence reads the same then it's (also) too the right to use. Remember every line of dialog is a new paragraph. Deive lines to that dialog are in the same paragraph.

''Hey, Dad!'' I said, ''Will you give me some head here?''

''Sure, sweetie!'' he replied, ''Bring that sweet pussy of yours over here.'' I arose from the couch and crossed over to the bed, .... etc... etc...

You get the idea, keep writing, I'll keep reading.

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2011-04-01 01:50:02
Very good story! I love daddy/daughter stories and young female/older male stories. I guess that's because it reminds me of my own young sexual experiences. I never fucked my dad, but I was a horny little girl and I did let neighbors and some of dad's friends fuck me from the time I was about 11. And here 20 years later, I STILL crave cock like crazy!

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2011-02-10 08:14:30
and the best is yet to cum, ooohps, come; Being a virgin and a big dick, hell of a combination, be careful baby girl, sometimes we older men lose it , when it comes to young ladies, as good as it feels , dont get pregnant, make him pull it out, or at least be on the pill, learn by others mistakes.

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2011-01-27 09:20:57
I agree there were a few mistakes but the story so far is fucking hot....

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