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my third time

my name is Sammy conway, i am 15 and this story happened around xmas 2010
Just after my 15 birthday, its was the night before xmas eve, i wasn't allowed to have my boyfrind Ricky to the my sisters house and was very horny, it was drive my crazy, i just couldn't take my mind off of it every thing remind me of sex.
I had a fuck buddy named Blake he was 20 big musculelar had a big dick but had no idea how to use it and he just couldn't last long enough to make me cum.
So fucked him which only made me hornyer and i had to go to the school to help a teacher, do a inventory on the libary before Christmas holidays amd for extra credit. as i was geting F's in maths and i give him an Oral test while i was there if you know what i mean, if that dont get extra credit nothing will but only made me even horny.
It was almost dark when I left for home. I was crossing the senior lawn when a bunch of dogs came running towards me. This big rotti, jumped on top of this german sherpard and began to fuck her while the other dogs were waiting their turn it looked like. I was fascinated as I watched that big dogs cock pound the smaller sherpard.
Then they were tied together butt to butt. It took about eight minutes before the knot came out. The sherpard hardly had a chance to move before a Collie jumped on her and shoved his dick into and began to fuck her.
My pussy began to get all wet and i was as horny as hell and watching these dog made me think about my prevesous times i had been with dogs and I wondered if any of those dogs would fuck me if I got down there beside the sherpard, I looked all around and couldn’t see anyone around and it was almost dark anyway. I removed my panties and got down on my hands and knees. I reached over under the lab and rubbed her pussy where cum was dripping out and I rubbed it into my own pussy. I felt a tongue go into my pussy and another smaller dog came under me and began to lick my pussy. There I was with two dogs licking me, the smaller dog stood in front of me with his head between my legs and turned sideways like my dripping wet pussy, kinda like a 69 position while he The dog licked me from behind too, just than the dog behind me jumped on my back and shoved his cock into me and began to fuck me very fast.
It felt so soo good the best fuck i had in weeks I felt his knot enter me and swell up causing me to have a climax
as i cumm and i felt him shooting his doggy cum deep inside me. We laid there for awhile and then his knot came out and before I could even take a breath that big rotti jumped on my back and shoved his cock deeper than anything I had ever had up there. It felt like the tip of his cock was almost into my stomach. He was shooting his cum way up inside me and it felt wonderful, He made me cum five times before he stopped because of his weight i had been pushed right forwards with my face nearly on the ground and my arms taking most of the wieght i was pinned, just than a smallish dog a collie i think must have been tired of waiting for his turn come around in front of me and jumped on me over my head and started thrusting towards my face i tried to move but was pined by the wieght of the rotti i was knotted with and my position just in the right place for the collie to push his doggie dick into my mouth, i felt his dick slid in and out of my mouth a few times than he grip around my shoulder became tight and he thrusted his dick into my mouth like a jachammer in and out faster and faster i could felt his knot mashing agaist my lips and his dick was slid down my thoat i started deep throating this doggie dick when his thrust became really short and jerk and he let out a yelp as he shoot his load down my thoat as much as i tryed some still flowed out of my mouth, after and few minutes he withdrew and so did the rotti but i was horny and wanted more and the rotti had the best dick i had every fucked instead of geting up to run away like i probally should have, the rotti was laid a few feet away from me lick his huge dick, to this day i don't know why, it was as if i was in a sex daze or like i was watching someone else do this my pussy had overwrited my brain, i crawled over to the rotti climbed on top of him a slid his big beauitful dick inside my pussy and started ride it like a pornstar it only took a seconds and i was comeing again after i collasped on top of him chest to chest just than he pushed his front legs hard against my hips and bite down on the top of my shoulder and start fucking the living hell out of me
but he fucked me harder and harder and faster and faster than ever before i felt his knot going it to me and i started to arch my back and grined my hips back and forth as i fell in another orgasm as i felt another dog mount me from behind a Bull dog fucked me in the ass and it hurt like hell when his knot went inside my sphincter muscle, and fell into yet another orgasme the other dogs bark as if they cheer them on little did i know waiting there turn to have a piece of me, when these two dogs withdrew from me, i only had enough time crawle off of the rotti's dick that was impaleing me before another started fucking me.
over the next two hours each and every other male dog got to fuck me, they made me there bitch, i was loveing every second of it, i lost track of how many times i cumm in that two hours,
I finally got to my feet and sat down on a bench to catch my breath when a German Shepard jumped up on my shoulders and he was able to shove his cock into me from the front. It was a completely different sensation and he made me cum several times. He wasn’t able to get his knot inside me so he fucked me four times trying to get his knot inside me. The female sherpard took off and her pussy looked all bloody and puffed up. All the dogs chased after her and i thought thats probally how mine would look as thats how it felt, i laid there trying to catch my breathe and regain some energy, after i few minutes i found my panites got dressed took a very slow walk home as i was so weak and my legs were still shaking.

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2014-01-30 20:21:54
14gcf5 Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article. Cool.

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2012-02-12 11:26:26
qdKoMB Scribbler, give me a student's record-book!)))

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2011-01-11 02:46:42
This cannot be a true story. Firstly, the author's bio states that she is 19. However, the story says that she was 15 just one month ago. The only thing that is probably true is the part that she was failing in school. The grammar & spelling are atrocious.

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2011-01-10 22:00:25
this story is alot bull getting by heaps of dogs not a good story

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