This my first. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed the experience
I think the two sexiest things that a person can do in life is examine a curiosity or fantasy and then find that it is the most sexually gratifying experience ever. I had never had sex with another man but had always wondered in the back of my mind what it would be like. I have a real decent sex life and would never give up women especially big girls but when the chance to help out a friend and try something new I could not resist.
I had known Ray and his wife Marie for about five years. In fact Ray worked for me. Marie had not been able to have sex since the stroke two years before I met them and Ray was about as desperate as you might imagine. We frequently joked about sex and I would always tell Ray that all he needed was a helping hand. In his attempt to live through me Ray would always want details about my sexual experiences with my wife which I was more than happy to relate. I had stopped by to bring Ray his paycheck on day and noticed that he seemed to be a little off. I asked him if he was ok and he said that he was but I could tell that he was not. I pressed him to come off of it and finally he gave in. “I do not know what to do” he said. “I can’t go on like this” I knew right away what he was talking about. In an attempt to ease the pressure in the room I joked that all he needed was a helping hand…job. With that I could see that Ray needed just that. I had just fallen into a chance to explore that curiosity I had and it seemed that helping Ray was the justification that helped me to get past my own inhibitions.
I walked over to where Ray sat and knelt in front of him. I could see that he was unsure about what was going to happen but I did not sense that he would resist. I put my hand on Ray’s pants and found his cock. It jumped as hard and fast as Ray did. Slowly I rubbed my hand along the length of his rapidly growing cock. What an incredible sensation to hold another man’s cock in your hand and having it respond this way I looked at Ray to see if there was any resistance in his face and saw none so I went a little farther and really grasped the outline of what was becoming a very impressive hunk of meat. Ray was beginning to breath just a bit harder now and he let his head rest back against the chair. I knew that it was time to get a look at the first cock I had ever held other than mine. As I pulled Ray’s zipper down I saw him look down at me with complete submission in his eyes. As I reached into his pants I suddenly realized that there were two very stiff cocks in the room. I had my hand on one very respectable piece of man meat and I was growing one of my very own. Ray had about eight inches of uncircumcised meat at full sized and my own seven circumcised inches was coming to full ready status as well. I knew what felt good to me and began to apply that to Ray’s cock sliding my hand slowly up and down the full length of his magnificent member. As I gradually increased tempo pre cum began to ooze from the tip. I used the pre cum to lubricate his cock and began to move more quickly and deliberately as I heard Ray began to moan with pleasure. I positioned myself right in front of the action so I could exactly what I was doing and the sight was driving me crazy.
My own cock was straining so hard against my pants that I had to free Willy. I reached down to my own zipper without missing a beat and my cock exploded from my pants. I did not realize that Ray was watching this until my cock was loose. I looked up at him and he had a great big smile on his face at the sight of my meat. Closing his eyes again and moaning louder I could tell That Ray was about to let loose. I think it was the sight of my own cock that helped to push him over. Unable to help myself I reached in and got my free hand full of balls and began to softly massage a ripe load of cum into them. As I felt them tighten I decided if I was in for a penny I was in for a pound so I replaced the hand I had on Ray’s balls with my tongue and then my mouth. As I tried to take his balls into my mouth He let loose the biggest load I ever thought possible… right on my head and face. The heat of it almost made me blow my load without a touch. I had his cum in my hair and running down my face. Ray was completely gone. His eyes rolled back, his chest heaved and his cock leapt and twitched for what seemed like forever and I kept pulling on it for all I was worth. When he finally begged me to stop his cock was drained and limp and here I was with a huge load of cum running down my face. As I felt a stream of cum slide down by the edge of my mouth I decided that I would answer another curiosity I’ve had and stuck my tongue out the corner of my mouth and caught it as it oozed down. Salty and thick as I had been told, it was awesome. I knew I want to catch more so I used my finger to corral some more to my mouth.
When I looked at Ray I could not believe my eyes. He was looking at me with a raging hard on again. “When you took my cum in your mouth I flipped”. I told him that I was curious about the taste and so I took it. “In seven years I haven’t had two hard-ons in a month now I am having two in the same day”. “Hold on there” I said. I have a bit of an issue of my own, looking down at my own cock bigger than I have ever seen it. “Would you like me to do you” he asked? I asked Ray “would you like to try”? “Sure “he said “If you can give me a helping hand job I can at least return the favor”. Ray wasted little time getting his hand on me. Pre cum dribbled from me instantly as he slide his hand up and down my swollen cock. His touch was perfect like he knew just what he was doing then it dawned on me, he did know from jerking himself off. He knew exactly how to handle a cock and handle a cock he did. With one hand he jerked me off with the skill of a pro and the other hand gently milked my balls. Within minutes I was ready to go off like an atom bomb. Ray must have sensed this as well because just as I was rising to my explosion Ray shoved his finger right up my ass. I came so hard that I almost passed out. Cum shot everywhere. I was very pleased that I got to come on Ray’s face as he did on me, though I was just a little surprised to see him lick it off his face and hands as well. I slowly got back to reality but only for a second.
Ray once again had a raging cock monster and I could see that he wanted some relief. My body still felt like a live wire as I settled in front of Ray for what I’m sure he thought would be a second helping hand…job. I let him think just that. I told him that I wanted to feel his come splatter on me again so we took up our previous position and I began to work his cock skin slowly up and down as before and I began to massage his balls as if I was going to do just as I had before. Ray allowed his head to slouch back again and his eyes fell closed. I moved closer so that I could see his cock right in front of me. It looked harmless enough to me so I did it. I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck on the head. I could tell Ray was surprised by the way he jumped. He did not protest or even move. He just sat there as I sucked on his cock head. I pulled his skin up and down and took more of his cock in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness of his cum from before but with a difference. I must say it tasted good so I took more and more. As I did I began to work my hand faster and suck a little harder. This must have been right because Ray really began to shift around in the chair. I could feel his hips trying to rise to meet my mouth and I tried to get as much of him in me as possible. I could not quite get his whole cock in my mouth but I could feel his hair tickle my nose. As I played with his balls I could feel them begin to tighten up and I knew I was about to get a mouthful. The idea got me very excited and just before I made Ray come for the second time I slide my finger up his ass and massaged his inner cock for all I was worth. What a payoff! I took a huge load of cum in my mouth and down my throat with only a little slipping out the sides. I corralled that back into my mouth. This story goes farther in this day as well as the days to cum. I hope you liked it and I hope you will want more


2013-05-14 19:07:56
Anonymous Reader above, ones first same sex sexual experience doesn't make them gay except maybe to a homophobe. This was just one of many sexual experiences I have had. it just happened to be the first with another man. hopefully there will be more. Maybe instead of labeling or criticizingyou should try broadening your own experiences. and besides Anonymous comments are just chicken shit. Rod Rider

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2011-01-17 08:12:55
Were you trying to surprise or fool the readers? You should have identified this story as GAY!

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