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Contiued from the last..........
As my wife rolled over I noticed that the youngest of the men was jerking off. She told him not to waste any cum. She again put him in her mouth and slowly licked the shaft and head making him groan with pleasure. She told him to get behind her and let her have it all right now. Smiling from ear to ear he entered her and was pumping for all he was worth. He had never had sex like this before.

As he was riding her pussy a dog came running up to the truck barking and jumping around. I turned and saw in the distance 2 people walking toward us from the house in the field. It was a tall man and young woman. One of the young men ran to the other side of the truck so as not to be caught with any pants on. My wife and young man in the truck could care less as what was going on as she began to arch her back and let out moans of joy. This was more than the young man could take and he slammed into her pussy depositing his load.

The young woman yelled for the dog "Rusty" to come here. I thought I recognize the voice of the lifeguard at the pool who had rubbed her ass against me. She walked up and asked was going on and if everything was alright. She then saw the men standing around with out any pants on with their dicks in different states of erection. She smiled and walked over, saying she would like to join the fun.

The older man was walking over by now and she said that this was an old friend. His wife had died about 7 months ago after a long illness. She had come over to visit with her friend before going home. As her friend came over he was turning red from embarrassment at the sight of nakedness all around. Her friend started to walk away when my wife sat up in the bed of the truck.

The lifeguard was unbuttoning her blouse, and removing her shorts with a sudden burst of energy. She did not have on a bra or panties, but she was wearing a big smile. She asked why I was dressed and not taking part in fucking my wife. I told her she had been with the other men and would make me happy at home. She told me I would be happy now. I smiled and undressed while she was kissing my chest.

Her friend noticed my wife’s big tits and this brought a smile to his face. My wife asked how long it had been since he had fucked anyone. He replied almost 2 years. She told him to come there and she would take care of that right now. He sheepishly walked over and she kissed him and rubbed the bulge in his pants. This was more than he could stand. He climbed into the back of the truck all the while dropping his pants on the ground. My wife got on all fours and told him to fuck her like he meant business.

The lifeguard had dropped to her knees and was sucking my pole like a professional. Never before had someone tantalized me with their tongue and lips like this woman was doing. The young man with the big dick tried to make her get on her hands and knees and she told him no not yet. I was about to shoot a load in her mouth when she swallowed my whole dick to make sure she got it all.

Her friend was rubbing his dick over my wife's clit slowly and teasing her with his head. She yelled, “Fuck me now!” He slid in with one quick thrust, stopping to enjoy the warmth and wetness of his first fuck in almost 2 years. He was slowly pumping in and out of my wife, while reaching around her to play with her tits. He grabbed hold of her shoulders, ramming his dick deep inside and increasing his pace with each stroke. She was matching his strokes, letting him almost pull all the way out before slamming back inside. She loved this thrill of excitement as he moan and yelled with each stroke. Both of them screamed at once as both were cumming. He told my wife that was the best pussy he had ever had.

The lifeguard lay down on the ground and told me to eat her pussy. I was more than happy to oblige. She tasted sweet and clean. She had a larger clit than normal making it the center of my attention. She squealed with delight with each flicker of my tongue. I circled her clit and then would push my tongue inside to lap up the juices. She bucked on my tongue and quivered as she came with my tongue lapping up all I could.

I jumped on top of her and slid into that pussy and stopped to enjoy her pussy, caressing my dick as she came. She was cumming again as I started to move and she was wrapping her legs around my back, locking me into place. Staying still to enjoy the warmth of her hot pussy, one of the young men came around and stuck his dick in her face. She smiled, grabbed hold, and guided his dick into her waiting mouth.

Having never been in this situation before, I found it very erotic. She was slurping hungrily on his dick, while I was pounding her pussy and hearing her juices flow with each stroke. I knew I would not last at this pace so I slowed down and watched her suck his dick. She was enjoying being penetrated by 2 men and wanting us to cum. He told her that he was about to cum and she increased her sucking to get all she could.

As he shot his load in her mouth I was trying to match her increase in speed. She was cumming again and I lost my load deep inside her wanting pussy, filling her with what seemed like my biggest load ever. I leaned over and kissed her tits and then cheek and told her she was hot.

The other men had lined up for their turn with her but she told then she had to go, her hubby was waiting for her at home. He was cooking her favorite meal for their one year anniversary. But she had the best present already. She collected all their phone numbers and told them she would contact them soon. Her friend asked for my wife's number and she told him no, but for him to give me his number.

As we dressed and were leaving a policeman pulled up and asked if there was a problem. The lifeguard told him, “No, we’re just friends taking care of business.” My wife smiled at me and told me she was sore but very happy.

She would thank me later for letting her fulfill one of her fantasies.

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