i dont care wut any one says,im from the country and country girls are the hottest. a blode in pigtails with a white halter top, big tits, and cut off jeans is the best you can get. Just like allison galloway. she is the all around perfect ten model of the south. we live out in a little town of picayune, louisiana. she is about 5'6, 95 lbs, 32d, with the best little curve ass i have ever seen. her dad is the owner of the local honkey tonk called cowboys lounge.
i am the average school jock quarterback type and my senior class just won the the district championship in football and are going into the play offs. right now im kind of like the school hero. allison is the head cheerleader, 4.0, student council, southern bell type.
a few weeks before our last game i started to make a few moves towards allison, givin her rides home and takin her to some dances at the honky tonk. we start to get real close and she is one of those girls thats real horny if you know how to get them started. well her thing is she loves her a nice, strong cowboy. i got her friend to tip me off to this detail, so when the school rodeo comes around i sign up for bull riding. there are 12 people who signed up and i got 11th. when i rode, the bull went straight for the wall and i smashed it and landed on the bulls head. but i didnt stay there long cause i was thrown across the ring. the best part was i wasnt hurt at all. it was one of those accidents where it just looks bad. i noticed from the crowd this was one of those so i acted hurt and stood up.
i got a lot of cheer from the audiance but even more from allison. so now was the last game to end the season and after wich we were goin to allisons honky tonk for a party. we got threw the game and were ready to relax. i escorted allison to the party and danced for about an hour.we sat down for a drink and i asked allison.

"i got two horses tied up back, if wantin ta go fer a ride?"

"sure thing sugar, i been wanted to spend some time together," she said

at this i got excited and and said "well theyre in the barn down yonder," we got up and left the honky tonk unnoticed and walked back to the barn. i showed her in and went into the back room to get the saddles. i walked out to see here brushing one of the hoarses. she says

" bobby sue told me you were askin bout wut gets me all flustered inside,"

i froze but im good at these situations so i played it off," ya well ya know, i just like to make my sweethearts happy,"

" well then you must know why i decided to go ride hoarses with you all alone,"

" no, i just thought you'd like to ridin,"

"oh, so bobby sue didnt tell you wut i said when i found out you wanted to go hoarse back ridin?"

"no, wut did you say?"

"save a hoarse, ride a cowboy,"

at that i walked over to her and picked her up in my arms and furiously made out with her. we fell back on sum hay where i layed out the blankets for under the hoarse saddles. we kissed for a while when i felt little fingers playin with my zipper. allison slowly pulled out my 8 inches and dragged her fingers for my balls all the way up the shaft to the tip of the head and down again.she massaged it for a while then i slid her shirt right up over her head. she wasnt wearing a bra because it was built in to her shirt. she the best lookin pink, puffy nipple in the world. she saw my mouth opening so she took the back of my head and guided it to her right nipple. i licked it and tugged on it. she moaned alot as i nibbled on it but i wanted her to scream.
i pulled off my shirt and then quickly her pants to leave her in her small white see through thong. i rubbed her clit from the out side and she was lovin it. somewhere in there i lost my pants and she was strokin my with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. then i grinded my dick into her and we dry humped for quite a while when she started kissin my neck, then my chest, then my stomach, then my happy trail, then i felt a warm tongue run down my dick to my balls. she took one in her mouth and sucked on it. i was in heaven.she slid up the shaft in patterns and did gentle circles around the head. then she took the head into her mouth. she started sucking gently and bobbed her head up and down. she took more and more in till it was half way down. i put my hands on the back of her head and made her bob up and down faster til i was humping her face.
i stopped her just before i came all in her mouth. i pulled her up and she said "ready to ride your cowgirl?"
hell ya i said and she got on her knees, bent over, and turned around so her perfectly round ass and pussy were in my face. she looked back and said " i like to ride fast, cowboy" so i jumped up and got behind her. she reached back and guided my dick to her slit and i grabbed her love handles. i pulled and thrusted in all at once. she let out a moan and i pulled out and pushed in again. i got faster and faster and moaned louder and louder. i was pumpin her doggy style for about 10 minutes when she screamed and cumed all over my cock. this was to much so i pulled out and went off all on her ass.
we layed down after cleaning up and after about an hour went back in to the honky tonk. everyone was settlin down so i decided to driveher home. we got to her place and all the lights were out and she said " nobody's home so your welcome to stay the night,"
i looked at her smiled and turned off the car to go inside.

to be continued................

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2008-06-17 14:12:56
Get her pregnant.


2006-06-05 01:02:13
this was a very good story -----to bad you cant rite.


2005-09-29 15:06:14
even in alabama we at least talk better than that and we learn to spell by the time we are ten


2004-07-24 04:16:18
OK, and how many times did you fail 2nd grade again?? I was just wondering.Do us all a faver and shut up untill you can speak english,thank you.


2004-07-23 10:29:32

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