Fun on the Night Beach CliffShore
Quite Long and very detailed, a good read, your likely to spurt your load!

My family was meeting up with some relatives at our holiday home, and ready to go to the local bar. I already knew their son, Joe, 10 years old, I was 14. He was tiny for his age, about 4 ft 7, very petite body, long shoulder length blonde hair, and a cute little face. We shared some interests such as Cars, Video Games and skating, he always looked up to me and copied everything I did, wanting to do the same things as me.

We were at the bar, as usual, me and Joe separated into a small section, exchanging goes on his Nintendo DS, he would always play with it, he was somewhat immature, and even baby-ish at some things, but he was oblivious to the outside world, his parents always working, and taking him with them, since they worked at the bar, Joe had almost no friends, just one, much younger about 6, I suppose I was his best friend, and he just knew others at school.

There was a cliff we enjoyed going to, since it was isolated, out of view of anyone, and about 200 metres from the bar. We would always go up and throw rocks into the sea, from about 100ft up. It never grew tiresome since our families only met up 6 times a year, he was my 6th cousin.

'Mum, can we go up onto the cliff, it's only 11' said Joe, 'Ok' replied his Mum, 'make sure your back before 2 in the morning, I don't want you in the pitch black for more than 3 hours, got it? 'Yup'. Joe smiled at me and we went up in the dark, ready to throw rocks at the shore.

As we got up, it was surprisingly light, since the bar illuminated the area, although it was over a hill, not visible, the moon helped as well, but we were in a cove, out of sight. Joe was always running and jumping about, pretending to be some skater until we got there, 'why are you always running' I asked, 'Well I'm the third fastest in my year at school', 'yeah those little legs must carry a shorty quickly' I joked, 'Stop iiiiit,' he said jokingly.

'So who's the fastest then Joe'? 'Well there's this other boy who runs to school everyday, he's a weirdo though, and then this girl for some reason', 'oh a girls a faster runner Joe, well you know that girls who are very sporty have no boobie boobies!', Joe giggled, haha, really?, Joe joining in our little immature joke, 'boobies, wobbly boobies haha', I could tell Joe was very unaware of the male or female anatomy and it's purpose, and fun, just some 10 year old humour about Jugs he loved.

I thought I'd poke even sillier, 'hey Joe', 'yaaa' he said in a squeaky voice, chuckling, 'willies!!!', joe laughed delightfully, 'mmmm, big willies!' he chuckled. Then I though I'd say something all children usually get shy about, but not little Joe, his mum and dad practically ignore him and his Christian school would never teach it. 'Joe, do you know where babies come from' he was still laughing 'haha, what?', 'babies'?, 'erm, the tummy?', 'not really Joe haha', 'erm the bum then' snickering slightly, no, but close. A long pause insumed, we were sat on a grass bank, about 20 ft from the cliff, nothing happened, then I looked at Joe, he smirked, and muttered 'the vaginaaaa' but an emphasis and elongating the A!. 'That's right Joe!' 'Vagina! Vagina vaginaaa' he belched a huge belly laugh 'yeah!!!, Vaginaaaaa'. Still chuckled he lay back, then I continued, 'willies! Big Willy, your willy!!!' Joe giggled further 'mmm yeahhhh, big willy, Mr willy, your willy!!!.

Yeah Joe my big willy!. Then something strange happened, as we were having our little chat, my cock had become semi solid, and then I said something I never imagined, 'hey Joe, how about I show you my big fat willy!' Joe chuckled in delight, 'haha yeah!!! Thinking I was joking, but I was absolutely rigid in my boxers, since me we were sitting, my cock was poking up in my jeans, but was covered by my T shirt, it was so restricting, I had a huge hard on. 'Yeah really Joe, I'll get it out and you can see it, see Mr big Willy!', so smirked, and giggled slightly, looking about a bit, slightly nervous, he knew I might do it!' 'What here?' 'Yeah Joe, why in this covered area, so one will see'. 'Huh huh, I dunno'. Joe turned his head to look down the cliff, and I unzipped my jeans, my cock was in my boxers, curving slightly into my stomach it was so hard, it had never bent before! It was just under my t shirt in my boxers now as we sat, so I leaned back slightly so Joe could see in it's full Hard glory!'. Joe was still turned around sat up, as i lay back onto one elbow lower slightly, I said 'Joe You want to see Mr Willy (I thought I'd give it a little name for a big beast in his eyes), Joe started to turn his head, and I started to lift my t shirt, in this split second, Joe looking down at the bulge, eyes widening, I pulled my t shirt back to show it in my boxers sticking out into there air, Joe letting out a huge belch of laughter 'hahahaha, Oh my god, huh huh, it's sticking right out! He then reached his hand out and poked it sideways slightly, he giggled and then stopped, and it straightened back into it's statue, Joe still chuckling.

Then I said 'hay Joe, how about I get my Big Mr Willy out of my pants yeah?', 'huh huh, cwor, I dunno, I'll jus.....' and right in his mid sentence I couldn't contain myself, I started to pull my boxers over my engorged penis head, it pulled my 6 and a half inch cock forward, at which point Joe noticed and looked right down, eyes widened, I finished pulling them round, and my cock sprung right back slapping my stomach and contortioning back and forth into it's full, solid, rigid, vein filled glory! Joe let out a huge gasp! And a little giggle 'woah, woah it's absolutely huge! It's so muscly! It looks all strong, it's so FAT' 'Yeah Joe you like my big fat willy cock! 'Yeah!!! And oh, woah, there's a big, even fatter bit at the top, it comes out of the rest of your willy, cool!. 'Yeah Joe, that's the big fat head of my Mr Willy' My massively swollen head was as hard as the rest of my engorged cock, shining a glistening dark pink with the moons light reflecting it's light on the right of my helmet!' You like that big thing yeah Joe!, Joe chuckling a little and smiling right into my eyes, sheepishly, looking so innocent, so excited.

'It's so Fat!' He muttered, 'it's really long' 'Yeah Joe, I bet it goes from you hand to in between your elbow!'. Of course my 6.5 incher looked massive in Joe's eyes, much bigger than his, with his small height and small parent he probably had a 2-3 incher' You wanna know how long this is Joe? 'Haha, how? It's 17 centimetre's Joe! 'Woah, it is long!', and you wanna know how big and thick 'Joe giggling more, mmmm yeah, haha, Mr Willy is fat! It's 15 centimetres around it Joe 5 and a 1/2 inch girth there! 'Mmmm, it's so strong'! He said.

Well Joe. how about, you give my Mr willy a workout! 'What do you mean?', well just grab it just like this, make half a fist and grab around the middle muslcy veiny bit sideways' 'OK!' Joe in great excitement, reaching for it with curiosity and wonder'. He grabbed it quite tight, but his little hand barely reached round my full grown teen hood. 'Cwooorr, it's so thick! It feels like a pipe of metal, but it's still soft too!'. 'yeah Joe, how about we start this work out right now'. So I mimicked his hand around my boner, and started the jerking motion, 'Do that Joe, up and down my beast!'. Joe followed, staring at my cock, which was even harder, at full 100% capacity, about 6 and 3/4 inch long, the head even fatter and bulging out of my foreskin, which was pulled back right over the head, it was so hard I had no need to assist it back!'. 'Joe was grinning while slowly jerking my dick, his hand barely moving, only from the lower middle to upper middle part of the fat shaft. So i though I'd give the little kid some advice, 'alight Joe, you need to be a full Mr Willy pumping wanker to get some more fun!' Joe would always copy, or do as I say, so sweet, 'Ok then Mr Willy!' So I said, jerk it up and down, put grip tighter so he did, felt so good, his little finger fitting between some of the Ridges in my cock shaft 'woah' he gasped, 'it feels all bumpy', then I asked 'Just rub up and down a little faster and harder, move your hand up and down further, so you rub right to the bottom, and up just over that big bump at the bottom of the head, that's the big fat pink bit, just to over the big ridge bump on that' 'Ok, grinning in excitement, perplexed by such a sight. He started properly jerking me off, it was the best feeling of my life, the only other hand to feel my dick, it was ecstasy. His hand was gripped tight, sliding down so his little finger touched the base of my cock, his fingers dug into my swollen ridges, his fist not even grappling the full girth of my Leviathan!!!, or as Joe would say 'Mr Willyyy!. His hand slid back up toward the head, and his index finger sliding over my fully inflated glans head, he loved it 'I like that big bump part at the bottom of the pink bit' Yeah joe, that's the really sensitive part, your hand sliding over makes Mr Willy feel nice', he smirked more, my fat, swollen helmet feeling as hard as ever, the swollen pink serpent head wobbling in delight. 'It's curved backwards a bit, why is that?' 'Well Joe, when Mr Willy is happy, he get's big and hard like this, and when you rub him he get's to bend backwards'.

The sight was delightful, this kid loving every moment, his jerk hand wanking the full length of my massive cock, 'It feels absolutely massive in my hand!, Joe continued, I b b bet it does Joe!', my voice was straining, I was approaching a big climax, I hadn't cummed in 3 days, this load would be a terrific sight for this encapsulated Joe!. 'That's it Joe, pump my Willy, rub it! Rub it!, feel it's full length, you like it's rigid hard muscles!. Joe was now ferociously pumping away, I lay back slightly to poke it out more, making it seem bigger, Joe's hand must have felt like it was covering a huge distance on this thick pole he could barely grasp around, from the bass to head, his hand was about 3 times smaller than the length he was so extatically pumping away.

'That's it joe!, do you want to see some of Mr Fat Willy's Creamy juice', Joe grinned more and more, looking at my right in the eye 'Yeah, yeah', 'when you rub him more and more, he spurts it all out, called spermy cum! Joe had no idea what sperm was since he was never taught anything by his school or parents, I was his teacher today'!

'Keep going, keep pumping away, now rub more on the big pink fat bit' His hand moved an inch up, his hand just wanking the head ridge, it felt amazing! I was going to cum, everywhere! My helmet was swelling more, my cock was curved right back, my shaft muscles and veins bursting out of the shaft ridges! 'Ok Joe, 5 seconds, just keep pumping Mr willy, and when all the cum juice spurts keep rubbing away just like this, you'll get some on you!

Joe smirked and giggled in delightful glee, I was climaxing! My Cock spasmed and it's head enlarged, it must have been nearly 7 inches, the head as big as Joe's hand, his fist covering what must seem a huge distance of fat muscle 3 times larger than his hand, his grasp pumping the full length my whole cock as rigid as steel and a rush of pleasure up my shaft and one stringy cum load launched into the air, then a second equally as big! Joe still pumping away now the full length, his hand gliding over my fat pride! The cum landed on his arm and a second amount, all over his hand and wrist, he was jerking me slightly slower watching the juice slobber and slosh out of the head, little amounts spurting slightly all into his fingers and into his hand, the sound of my cum soaked cock sloshing in his juicing hand was music!

'That's it Joe, you did it, Mr Willy is happy and you got a big surprise! Joe was chuckling away, looking at all the cum juice on his hand and up his arm, looking at my swollen cock with white slops of mess dribbling down the shaft.

'That was awesome!' I wiped my load off me with my cloth, pulled my pants up, completely wobbly from this ride! Joe staring at the nectar juice on his arm, grinning in joy. I wiped it off him, and left the cloth, we walked away.

'That was fun, can we do it again! 'Sometime Joe, but this is our Mr Willy secret forever!'

'I loved it, your willy is huge, I loved Mr Willy's Spermy Juice I wish mine was as big as yours, longer and fatter with the big head' ' We'll see next time Joe, we'll see'.

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