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Story is getting darker-you are warned
It was in August that Daddy told me he had some important news. He said his two sons, from his first marriage, would be coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks. His older son was going to start college next month and Daddy was paying, and since he rarely saw them as they lived out of state, he wanted to have them visit. He seemed excited and was in a nicer mood than usual. We had a spare room in the house, so Daddy ordered a couple of twin beds and put them in there.

I had mixed emotions. On one hand, though I had heard of them since I first met Daddy I had never met them. The only thing I really knew about them was that they both played high school football. As Daddy had played football that meant a lot to him. I didn’t know what, if anything Daddy had said about me, especially since when he had married my late mother I hadn’t made my transformation. At the least I figured I would have a couple of weeks where Daddy wouldn’t make a lot of demands on me.

When the day came, Daddy said to dress nicely as we would all be going out to dinner after meeting them at the bus station. He told me to wear a nice skirt and “fix my face.” I did my best, wearing the longest skirt I had which came right above my knee. I put on a pink blouse with sparkles and cute little black pumps. I brushed my long brown hair carefully and left it down. I put on black eyeliner and finished with my favorite pink lipstick. When he saw me Daddy smiled and said I looked pretty.

We headed to meet them at 3:00 P.M. at the station. They were waiting for us when we got there so I stayed in the truck while Daddy got out. He hugged them both and helped put their bags in the pickup bed. Daddy’s pickup had an extended cab with a backseat so they climbed in the backseat.

When they did Daddy said “Boys meet your stepsister Chrissy. Paul is the taller and older one and Stan is the younger one.”

I turned to greet them and said a quiet “Hello.” The older one Paul was around Daddy’s height, 6’ 2” and looked to be in good shape and was handsome. Though he looked athletic he wasn’t nearly as big as Daddy-
I guessed around 180 pounds. Stan looked to be a younger version of Daddy. Though a couple of inches shorter and a little lighter he had Daddy’s face and build. While we drove Daddy told me “Paul had been the star quarterback his senior year and Stan was an offensive lineman, like his old man.”

That didn’t mean much to me, so I just said “That’s nice.”

We went to Perkins for dinner. Daddy and I sat on one side of the booth and his sons on the other. Daddy talked to them both about football a lot, both their playing and what they thought about the upcoming NFL season. He also talked to Paul about his upcoming college year. I barely said a word as I didn’t have much I could add to the conversation and Daddy rarely encouraged me to take part in conversations. During dinner both of my stepbrothers frequently looked at me, Paul with an almost puzzled expression, Stan looked at me more like I was the steak on his plate.

Daddy was drinking, although not enough to get drunk. Still a couple of times he put his hand on my leg. Since it was under the table I hoped no one else saw. After dinner Daddy drove us home. When we got home Daddy and the boys headed into the living room. I was going to head upstairs when Daddy called out to me.

“Don’t be unsociable Chrissy, you should get to know your stepbrothers. Now go into the kitchen and bring out a six pack of beer. I stocked up knowing the troops were coming.”

As I headed to the kitchen I heard Paul say “Dad when you got married I remember you saying” before Daddy cut him off.
“All will be explained my boy, just wait.”

I wondered if Paul was referring to me. I took a six pack from the fridge and brought it in. Daddy was sitting on the sofa, Stan was sitting on a chair across from him and Paul was sitting on the coffee table. I handed everyone a beer and Daddy patted the sofa next to him.

“Sit down here honey” he said “and take a beer for yourself. And saying no isn’t an option.”

I sat down and opened the bottle. I had only tried a beer once and hadn’t liked it, but arguing with Daddy would get me nowhere.

“Cheers” Daddy said and we all drank. The three of them drank like it was natural to them, but I had to force it down and no doubt I made a face. To which they all laughed. I put the beer down.

“Chrissy doesn’t like beer in her mouth” Daddy said “no doubt she would prefer something else. But that can be arranged. Now Paul I think I know what you were going to say, and I have the answer. Chrissy stand up.”

Feeling self conscious, I did as I was told.

“Now your stepsister is very pretty, one might even say sexy. I know I would.” Daddy said “Now Chrissy I want you to raise your skirt up and take your panties down.”

“Daddy please don’t make me” I said.

“If you don’t I’ll whip you with my belt and you’ll still have to” he replied.

Knowing he would, my trembling hands raised my skirt exposing the rest of my legs and my black panties. With tears rolling down my cheeks and my face turning red, I hooked the waist band and pulled my panties past my knees showing my girly dick and small shaved balls. I kept my eyes downcast, unwilling to look at anyone, although I felt all the eyes in the room on me.

“Chrissy is a transsexual, or in other words a total freak. She was born with a dick, but she prefers to suck cock and get fucked. And let me tell you she’s good at what she does as you’ll soon find out. Now slut, get on your knees and suck my cock.” As Daddy said this he undid his pants and pushed them down, freeing his thick, hard cock.

Without saying a word I knelt between his legs, opened my mouth, and took his head and a few inches of the shaft in me. I wasn’t thinking, just reacting. As I bobbed my head up and down, I licked his shaft with my tongue. I was hoping he would cum fast, so I really was giving it my all, when I felt Daddy pull my head off him.

“Let’s not rush “ he said “Chrissy I want you take off all your clothes, just leave on your shoes.”
I stood and pulled my blouse over my head. I then reached back and unhooked my bra, freeing my B-cup breasts. I unzipped my skirt and shrugged it down, stepping out of it and my panties.

“Now do a twirl so everyone can see” Daddy said “and nice and slow.”

I felt two inches tall as I did a slow turn. Paul had a weird look on his face. He looked uncomfortable, but he still was checking me out in spite of himself. Stan was licking his lips and had an expression of animal lust on his coarse face. When I was facing Daddy again, he just gestured to his protruding erection. I sank down again and put my hand on his cock.

“Now Chrissy, nice and slow” Daddy said “start by licking the head.”

I stuck out my tongue and began to lick around Daddy’s purplish head. There was already a drop of pre-cum by his hole, so I licked it up. I then licked all around the crown, before swirling my tongue on the sensitive spot just below the head on the underside of his cock.

Daddy liked that, and he let out a groan of pleasure. My tongue left a trail of saliva down his shaft as I worked to the base, then headed back up again. When I reached the head I opened up and swallowed him halfway down, until his head collided with the back of my mouth. I really went to work, rapidly moving my jaw up and down while my tongue continued it’s licking. With one hand gripping the base of Daddy’s shaft, my other hand was fondling his hairy, large balls.

“Good job Chrissy, you little cock whore, work it over good. Now show everyone how you can deep throat a cock. Take it all” Daddy said, breathing hard from my efforts.

I pulled my head off his cock and took a couple of deep breaths. I then opened wide and started to take him in. When the head reached my throat I continued down, his thickness filling my throat. I kept going, taking all seven thick inches until my lips met my hand at the base.

“Now Chrissy move that hand and take it to the root” Daddy said “and I want to see your eyes.”

I removed my hand and took the last bit in my mouth, also getting some of his wiry pubic hair in my mouth.
I then looked up, meeting Daddy’s gaze. He had a gloating, triumphant look on his face, as if he was totally breaking me, more than ever before. Daddy placed a hand on the back of my head holding me in place and with the thumb and finger on his other hand pinched shut my nose, cutting off my breathing. My mind began to panic but he easily held me down. Tears were streaming from my eyes.

“Don’t struggle slut, and watch your teeth. I won’t let anything happen. I’m just teaching you a lesson” he said.

I tried not to move, although I was starting to feel lightheaded when I felt Daddy remove his hands. I quickly pulled my head off him, spitting up a large amount of saliva from my mouth and throat all over his cock. I coughed and gasped for air as I heard Daddy laugh.

“Now work that spit onto my cock” I heard Daddy say “and then stand up and turn around.”

I used my hand to rub my saliva over Daddy’s throbbing cock, especially around his head. I got to my feet and turned around facing my stepbrothers. I was crying hard now, wishing I could just disappear.

“Reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me” Daddy ordered.
I put my hands back there and pulled my ass apart, exposing my puckered hole. I felt Daddy’s tongue begin lapping at my ass. After a minute of this he removed his tongue and I felt his big hand grab my hip.

“Chrissy squat down on my cock” Daddy said.

“Please no Daddy” I said “not in front of everybody.”

Thwack was the sound Daddy’s hand made connecting against the soft skin of my ass. I cried out in pain as Daddy smacked me again and again.

“Now bitch, sit on my cock and don’t challenge me again or you’ll regret it” Daddy said as his fingers dug into my hip.

My ass stinging from the blows, I bent at the knees, lowering myself towards Daddy. His hand guided me until I felt his head touch the entrance of my hole. With a final tug Daddy pulled me down so that his head forced it’s way inside my hole. Though his cock was lubed, my hole was still tight. He then grabbed my other hip with his free hand and yanked me down with all his strength, while at the same time thrusting his cock up hard. With a moan of pain I was filled to the max by his raging hard on.

“Now slut, ride my cock, and make it nice and slow” Daddy said.
I put my hands right above my knees for support, and ignoring the pain, began to slowly work myself up the length of his cock. When just the head was in my ass I started to lower myself down again. Daddy’s hands made sure I went all the way down, taking all seven thick inches in me.

“Yeah slut, take it all” Daddy said “you know you love it.”

Sadly it was true. As I slid up and down Daddy’s cock, my little girly dick swayed up and down, hardening rapidly. His hands started to guide me faster in my movements and he began to meet me halfway, thrusting up from underneath.

“That’s it slut, work that fat cock for all you’re worth” he said, starting to breathe harder from our efforts.
I began to increase the speed of my movements, bouncing up and down, letting out a whimper each time I took it to the root. His hands continued guiding me faster, my tight hole bringing Daddy closer to orgasm.

“That’s it Chrissy, don’t stop. Work it, take it deep. Oh yes Chrissy, I’m about to cum, don’t stop” he said.

As my ass swallowed him to the root, Daddy held me there and I felt his cock stiffen and twitch deep inside me. Then his cock exploded, showering my insides with his hot sperm. It seemed like it would never end, as he flooded me. Finally it stopped twitching and Daddy lifted me up. With a plop my ass released his softening cock.

“Normally I would want you to clean the mess you left on my cock Chrissy, but since we have guests to entertain I want you to take care of them. Get on your knees” Daddy told me.
I sank to my knees, my head bowed.

“Paul since you are older you get to go next” Daddy told him. Paul was sitting on the coffee table a few feet from me.

“I’m not sure about this Dad” he replied “I’m not gay.”

“Are you saying your old man is gay” Daddy said, his voice rising.

“I’m not saying that Dad” Paul said, sounding unconvinced.

“Listen Paul” he said “getting a blowjob can’t make anyone gay. Besides anyone with eyes in their head can see that tent in your pants. Let your stepsister work her magic mouth over you, and your hard on will melt away. Take care of him Chrissy.”

Paul seemed uncertain, but I crawled over to him and reached my hand out and rubbed the bulge in his pants. He groaned from desire. Paul stood up and undid his pants and pushed them down to his knees, then sat again. His cock stood flat against his firm midsection. It was around as long as Daddy’s but not nearly as thick. In spite of this I found his cock to be beautiful. It was perfectly proportioned and the skin seemed smooth and perfect. I opened my mouth and took him in, swirling my tongue over him. As I did, he let out a moan.

Behind me I heard Daddy speak “Stan come sit on the couch by me. The view from the rear is very stimulating.” I heard Stan get up and move behind me. I didn’t pay much attention, as I was working on Paul. I pressed my breasts into his leg and reached up and gently fondled his balls as I continued to suck on his hard cock. I looked up at his handsome face, and was disappointed to see he had his eyes shut tight. My mouth was giving him pleasure, but he couldn’t bear to look at me. I continued to suck him, but I realized my mouth was just a hole for his cum.

Just then I felt something hard and cold slide into my ass and I heard Stan laugh. I took my mouth off Paul and looked back. Stan had taken an empty beer bottle and put the neck in my hole. He smacked my ass with his beefy hand.

“Don’t stop sucking my bro’s cock. Get back to work and make it quick, cuz I’m going to fuck your hole hard and I’m not going to wait much longer. Now suck” Stan said.

I returned to sucking Paul, swiftly moving my head all the way down his cock and played with his balls. When I attempted to move my head up, I felt Stan’s hand holding me down.

“Hey big bro, fuck the slut’s mouth” I heard Stan say.

Paul responded to his brother’s voice and began to pump his hips up and down, forcing his cock down my throat. After around ten thrusts Paul gasped and started to shoot his cum down my throat. Stan held me there while his brother’s balls emptied their load, and he also spun the bottle in my ass, twisting it around.

“Don’t worry slut, I’ll soon fill your ass with something a lot bigger and hotter “ Stan said. He then pulled my head off his brother’s cock and dragged me by my hair to the edge of the sofa.

I looked up at him as he undid his pants. “Don’t just sit there gawking” Stan said “start undoing my sneakers.”

I untied his sneakers and loosened the laces. As I did his pants and boxers slid down to his ankles. Stan lifted one leg and said “Take off my sneakers and pants.”

I removed his first sneaker and the pants from that leg. He put his foot down and raised the other and I removed them as well. His hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. My jaw must have dropped in shock. Stan’s other hand was stroking his cock. It was as thick as Daddy’s, but even longer. It looked to be at least 9” and was oozing pre-cum. Stan took his hand off his massive cock and swiftly slapped me across the face, then without pausing caught me with a back hand sending me sprawling.

Daddy laughed, then said “I’m proud of you son, that’s an impressive tool. Just be careful with your stepsister. You can be a little rough, just don’t cause real damage.”

“Oh I won’t” Stan said “I am just letting little Chrissy know now not to cross me and to jump when I say so. Now Chrissy I want you to kiss my feet. Crawl to me and kiss my feet.”

Knowing I would receive no help, I wriggled to Stan on my belly, with the bottle neck still in my ass and began to shower his smelly feet with kisses. I heard him laugh.

“Ok that’s enough. Now get on your knees and bend over the table, I want to fuck that ass” he ordered.

I quickly scrambled into position, my ass in the air with my breasts pushing into the table. I felt Stan remove the bottle and he held it by my head.

“Suck your ass juice and Dad’s cum off the bottle” he ordered and I quickly complied. I licked and sucked the foul tasting bottle.

As I did, I felt his cock start to work it’s way into me. Because he was around the same thickness as Daddy, and Daddy’s cum had made my hole sloppy, Stan had no trouble forcing himself deep into my fuck hole. It was only at the end, as he went deeper than anyone ever had before, that I felt discomfort. But because I was used to Daddy fucking me hard I was able to handle it. There were no preliminaries. He went balls deep and began thrusting hard like his cock was a battering ram.

He wrapped a handful of my hair around his fist with one hand, while his second hand snaked under my chest and began to maul my tender nipple. He twisted it until I cried out in pain. He pulled my head up and back until my neck couldn’t go back any further. Suddenly he released my hair and my head went forward. He then grabbed my other breast and while squeezing both, he rode me hard sliding his thick cock all the way in before pulling back halfway. He kept repeating this, each time his heavy balls making a slapping sound while hitting my ass.

“Oh fuck yeah. Your slut ass is so nice and tight. It feels so good on my cock, yeah I’m going to bust a nut” Stan said.
He released my breasts and pushed my face flat on the table with one hand , while speeding up his thrusts. He let out an animalistic cry and started shooting into me. When his orgasm subsided, he slowly removed his still hard cock. He moved his body closer to my head and grabbed my head.

“I’m sure you know what to do” he said. I took his cock in my hand and started to lick it clean.

“You are a chip off the old block son” Daddy said with admiration.

“Thanks Dad” he replied “I’m still horny. Do you mind if I do Chrissy again”

“Be my guest” Daddy answered laughing “ Chrissy why don’t you show Stan your bedroom.”

I staggered to my feet and started to walk upstairs, with Stan right behind me. I opened the door to my bedroom and turned on the light. Stan followed me in and shut the door.

“Now we can have some privacy” he said, raising an eyebrow.

I swallowed hard. I was as scared as I had ever been, maybe more. He looked around my pink room with my stuffed animals and smirked. He spotted a pair of jeans that had a belt on it’s loops. He snatched the belt and looped it through the buckle and pulled it into a noose and slipped it over my head and pulled it tight.

“On all fours, doggy style” Stan demanded, yanking on my leash. I sank to my hands and knees on my rug.
“Act like a dog on a walk. Sniff the ground and everything, my little doggy.”

When I didn’t move Stan kicked me in the ass lightly. I started to sniff the air and crawl around.
“Good dog, now bark like a dog, speak, speak” Stan said, staring at me.

“Woof woof” I barked “woof woof”

“Now sit up and beg girl” Stan said grinning at me and tugging on my leash “Hey look, I have my own stuffed animal.”

I got on my knees. Stan turned his back to me. His legs and ass were covered in dark, coarse hair. Both were large from the heavy squats he did.

“Chrissy girl , I want you to spread my cheeks and give my ass a good bath. But first, be a good little doggy and sniff my ass.”

Feeling like dirt, no doubt as he intended, I spread Stan’s cheeks and stuck my nose right up to his asshole and sniffed. It smelled musky and sweaty and unpleasant to me. I pulled my nose back and began to flick my pink tongue across his brown asshole. Though I didn’t want to, I feared the consequences if I didn’t. I lapped at it softly, coating it with saliva. Suddenly Stan’s meaty paw grabbed my head and pushed it hard towards his ass.

“Come on doggy, get that tongue all the way up my dirty asshole and clean it good. Do a good job and I have a milk bone for you” he said, laughing at his own wit.

I spread his ass as wide as I could and really stuck my tongue as deep as possible. Luckily for me, because his asshole was really tight I couldn’t get too deep but I kept licking. Stan got bored and yanked me by my belt leash to the front of him.

“Now suck my big cock” he said “and remember dogs don’t have hands, so just use your mouth.”

I knelt in front of him with my hands resting on my knees. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen and it stood straight out. I opened my mouth and swallowed around a third of it. I started to slide my lips back and forth, while also twisting my head side to side as much as I could. Stan obviously enjoyed this, as he moaned and began to stroke my hair. Wanting to keep him happy I switched tactics after a few minutes. I tilted my head and began to take him into my throat. As I could deep throat Daddy, and Stan was the same thickness, I figured I could do him as well. I worked most of it in me before I gagged and had to release his cock. I found myself coughing and choking on the rug.

Stan was amused with this and pulled the belt tight, restricting my air. My face started to turn red and I felt lightheaded. Stan bent down and hissed in my ear.

“What’s the matter Chrissy, can’t catch your breath.”

I then felt a slap on my face as he continued to choke me. All of a sudden he released the pressure, and I was gasping for breath. He then picked me up like a rag doll, I do weigh under 120 pounds, and dropped me on the bed on my back. He bent down and started sucking and biting my breasts and nipples. My nipples had become very sensitive and each time he would bite one, I would cry out in pain. Of course that would only spur him to bite me again.

Stan stopped this after a while and straightened up. He dragged my body into position so that I was lying widthwise across the middle of the bed, with my ass at the edge of the bed. He moved my legs together and lifted and placed them so that my thighs were pushed up to my torso and chest. My knees were bent and were right under my chin and my calves, ankles and feet were in the air. He held both my ankles together with one large hand while his other held his giant cock. He wasted no time in pushing it to the entrance of my hole, and then driving it deep.

Though he had already fucked me that night, his intrusion forced the breath out of me. He kept sliding in until all nine inches were inside me. He then began to fuck me. It seemed Stan only had one style of fucking - hard and fast. His method was to try and batter through me, with no change of rhythm or technique. In spite of this, my own girly dick was hard. This was the third fucking I was receiving that night and I was very horny. Also my legs were pushing into my girly cock and with every thrust Stan’s massive cock would hit my special spot.

In spite of myself, I was moaning like crazy. Stan’s cock just continued to bulldoze me, pounding my little hole. Suddenly Stan stopped his thrusting and the next thing I knew he had lifted his size twelve left foot and raised it and put it on the bed. He moved it until it was over my head, then put it on me, crushing my head flat to the mattress.

“No need for you to enjoy yourself so much” he said cruelly.

He then began thrusting into me again. To steady himself, Stan grabbed and held onto the top of my canopy bed, which allowed him to continue pounding me hard. Even with the pain of him stepping on me, my pleasure kept growing and after a few extra deep thrusts from Stan I felt myself start to shudder. I felt my girly dick start to cum, shooting onto my legs and stomach. As I did my ass muscles tightened, squeezing Stan’s cock hard. He enjoyed it as I could feel him shooting inside me. He managed to pull out and finished cumming on me.

He released my legs and they flopped down, with my feet hitting the floor. Stan climbed onto the bed and straddled me. He forced his cock to my mouth. I opened up and he pushed it in and I started to suck it clean. After a few minutes Stan shifted his position and lay down on the bed. I got to my knees and licked clean his whole length. He groaned as my tongue licked his sensitive cock.

“Good job Chrissy the dog. I’m going to go to sleep now, but good dogs aren’t supposed to sleep on the bed. So you lie on the floor and sleep and if I need you during the night I’ll wake you” Stan said.

I climbed down to the floor, exhausted. First I removed the belt from my neck, then I curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep. The next morning I woke up early, stiff and sore. Stan was sleeping. He was snoring softly and the bastard had a peaceful look on his face. I went into the bathroom and after enema douching, I took a long hot bath. I went downstairs, put on the coffee and started to make breakfast.

The next two weeks were rough on me. Paul only wanted blowjobs from me. I also think he did feel a little sorry for me. Neither Daddy or Stan had any pity and they made many sexual demands on me. In fact their idea of bonding was to double team me - one fucking me while I sucked the other. They found that hilarious.

There was really only one thing that happened that was different from the rest. One afternoon during the second week, I was lying in the backyard tanning. Stan walked up to me and told me to follow him. Trembling I stood up and followed. He went to a patch of dirt near the barbecue pit. He told me to kneel down, so I did. He undid his pants and took out his cock. It was soft, which was unusual as it was rare it wasn’t at least semi-erect.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes slut” Stan said.

I did as he ordered. I felt the head slip between my lips and Stan grab the back of my head. All of a sudden I felt his cock begin to discharge a hot bitter stream of fluid into my mouth. He was pissing in my mouth. I gagged and tried to twist away but he easily held me as he continued to fill my mouth.

“Don’t fight me and don’t think of using your teeth on me. I’ve always wanted a human toilet. Now swallow slut” he said while laughing.

Since his cock filled my mouth I couldn’t help but swallow a lot of it down. As I stopped struggling he became bored and pulled out of my mouth and pissed all over my face and hair. The piss cascaded all over my body. Finally there was no more left in him.

“Now who thinks that she’s hot, you freak. You ain’t nothing” Stan said “now get your ass over here.”

He walked to where a hose was hooked up. He turned it on and sprayed me down, rinsing off his piss. He shut off the hose and pushed me to my hands and knees. Stan untied my bikini top and yanked the bottoms down. He squatted straddling me, and I felt his thick cock pushing into me. He hadn’t used lubricant so it hurt like hell. He pulled out and spit a few times on my hole and jammed it back in. It was enough to force it in, but it still hurt. Stan didn’t care, he continued forcing it until he was halfway in. He then just started fucking hard. During this I must have started to bleed, which at least created some lubrication. Stan didn’t care as long as he could fuck. As it went on, he used his hand to just push my face into the mud, as he kept pounding my sore hole. When he finally came he just pulled out, leaving me face down in the mud, my sore ass filled with his cum and my blood.

End of Part 5

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