This is about a young girl coming of age and enjoying sex and incest. She tells all in her diary. Revised for readability.

My brother, older by one year, has always seemed to be my age or younger. We shared the same bedroom, along with my sister Brenda, so we have never been prudish about seeing one another. Brenda is 4 years older and she has always been a little more private. After I turned 12, I started spotting and had to wear a pad once a month. David immediately became inquisitive and wanted to know all about it. I told him what I knew but he wanted to know if I felt different now – did I get tingling feelings down there or feel excited? Talking further I found that he had been having erections and wet dreams for a while and really wanted to know how girls were different. I hadn’t seen him with an erection and wanted to know more too, so we decided to “show and tell.”

We made sure the folks were gone, then took off our clothes and let each other inspect and touch all over. When I held his penis it started swelling and getting hard. He seemed to really like that and asked me to slide my hand up and down the shaft a little. It really stood out straight then. As I continued the massage his whole body got rigid and then suddenly he spurted and it went all over my stomach. He quickly used his undershirt to wipe it off and was very apologetic, saying he had never shot so hard or so far before.

He then wanted to know whether I had felt anything, which I really had not. He said that maybe a little stimulation of my slit would feel good like what I had done for him. He inserted his finger into my vagina and tried working it all the way in. That was a little uncomfortable so I asked him to stop. He did pull his finger most of the way out, but continued massaging just inside the lips and that did feel good.

I asked him to concentrate on the little button that he was rubbing across and before long I was really enjoying his attentions. He had gotten hard again so I gently rubbed and stroked his penis at the same time. The feeling of pleasure continued to build over a period of time until it exploded suddenly and my whole body shook. My breathing was rapid and I felt flushed. As those responses declined, I started feeling really comfortable and at peace. David had, in the meantime, grabbed his cock and masturbated to another climax. We got dressed again and decided that we’d have to do that again sometime.

And do it we did, several times a week whenever the folks were gone, until one day Brenda left school early and walked in on us. At first she just laughed at us being buck naked and David with a big hard-on. Then she got serious and asked if we were fucking, and I said no, I didn’t let David stick it into me, we just fondled each other. She considered that for a moment and then took off her clothes, saying that she would teach us a new way that was a lot of fun too.

She knelt down in front of David and took his penis in her mouth, moving her head in and out. Several times she took him all the way in and gulped a few times. She asked if that was good and he said that he could feel the end of his prick go into her throat and when she swallowed that it was the greatest sensation of all. Brenda went back to sucking on his penis and at the same time fondled his balls. In no time at all he stiffened his whole body and almost shouted that he was coming and tried to pull out of her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his legs and wouldn’t let him pull out as she drank in all of his come. She told me that it would be my choice, whether I swallowed all of it or spit it out, it wouldn’t hurt me either way.

Then she lay back on our bed and spread her legs wide, inviting David to use his tongue on her. She coached him on how to spread her lips and run his tongue up and down, paying particular attention to her clitoris. After a while she told him to just circle his tongue around it and to reach up with his hands and play with her tits. While this was going on, I asked her where she had learned how to do this and was amazed when she said that ma had taught her. By this time she was writhing all over the bed and David was having a hard time holding on, until finally she groaned and told him to stop. She complemented him on doing a good job and said that when he did it to me that he should always ask me where the good spots were so as to give me the maximum pleasure.

As we dressed, I asked her how ma had taught her to do this. She laughed and said that actually it was me who started it. When ma was very pregnant with me she showed Brenda how to suck on a banana one afternoon and said that they would show pa how to do that that night. (Pa was frustrated with ma’s big belly and wasn’t enjoying sex with her.) Brenda said that after supper ma invited pa and her into the bedroom and undressed herself and Brenda and then had Brenda help pa to undress. Ma coached her then to take pa’s penis into her mouth and suck on it with a back and forth motion. She had a little trouble with it going into her throat and causing her to gag, but quickly learned how to control that. Pa just stood there for a while, enjoying it, then said they’d be more relaxed if he lay back on the bed. Then both ma and Brenda took turns sucking on his dick until he finally came in ma’s mouth.

Then pa showed Brenda how to put her tongue into ma’s cunt and twirl the tip of it around ma’s clitoris. She apparently really enjoyed that because she told Brenda later that she liked it a lot more than when pa shoved his dick into her. Brenda said that they had a three-some at least once a week for the next two or three years. She really liked it because she got so many hugs and kisses from both pa and ma. Then one day three women came to the house and there was a lot of shouting and cursing and that night Brenda was told they couldn’t have that kind of fun any more. She said that David had walked in on them several times and that maybe he had talked to someone about it.

David and I really got it on with this new technique. We each found where the other was most sensitive and what gave the most pleasure. David still wanted to come in every once in a while but I wouldn’t let him. Ma had gotten my attention when she told me that the very first time I let a man fuck me that the odds were that I’d get pregnant – it had happened to her and to a lot of her friends. Brenda had some rubbers in her purse that she said were pretty safe but not totally so. Some nights when we were all in bed, David would get off his cot and climb in bed with us. Usually him and me would make each other feel good and then wake Brenda and give her pleasure too.

Once in a great while she would tell David to put on a rubber and then she’d let him do her. She said that “missionary style” was good but she liked it “doggy” style best. Once, when she was on her hands and knees and David was giving it to her hot and heavy, she had me lay in front of her and gave me a good tonguing at the same time. She and David both came first, but she continued her caresses of my slit and David sucked on my tits too until I came in a huge wave of sensations. A three-some surely made it more exciting and fun.

We had two good years of this fun. Brenda had graduated from high school and was working as a clerk at the local five and dime store and then she moved in with another girl, Sandy, to get away from home. That left David, now a senior, and me alone in our room and we took to sleeping together most of the time. Usually he would move over to his cot before dawn as ma often would come to wake us if we hadn’t gotten up. One summer morning she came in and we were still curled around each other in a 69 position and without a stitch. She started to read us the riot act, but I cut in and said that we were only doing what she had taught Brenda to do. Now that stopped her short. She asked what Brenda had told us and I repeated the whole story, and added that I thought it was a shame that she and pa had stopped with Brenda and had never given David or me a chance at this more complete love and family fulfillment. That really stopped her and she just turned around and left in total confusion.

That night she and pa had a long serious talk. When they were through they invited us into the kitchen and asked did we both feel that we had missed out on something that Brenda had enjoyed briefly. David nodded and I said yes too. Ma said that a dozen years ago that the neighbors had told them that if they didn’t stop letting the children see them naked in bed and even get in bed with them that they’d have them arrested and put in the pen for a long stretch, so they had no alternative then. Even though we were near growed up, they would be willing to start again with us if we could assure them that we’d never repeat anything outside of the house. We both said yes, we’d never tell anyone. So ma asked would we like to start that night and we both said yes again.

We undressed right there in the kitchen with the lights on; both of our parents had kept in pretty good condition so their bodies were pleasant to look upon. Pa said that he would like to pleasure David first, and David had the funniest look on his face but he went along with it. Ma said that she would enjoy just watching for a while. She sat on the floor and took me in her lap so that she could caress my breasts while we both watched pa kneel down and take David in his mouth.

David’s prick was completely limp to start with, but as pa stroked his testicles and rotated his tongue around the end of his penis it gradually firmed up and finally stood quite erect. Then pa suggested that the three of us take turns bringing David to a climax with the one whose mouth got filled to be the next one to be pleasured. So ma and I and pa took turns licking and sucking his dick until finally it was ma’s turn when he came. She spit out most of his come into a hanky, saying that she never did get the hang of swallowing all of it.

Then she led us into the bedroom because she wanted to lie on a nice soft bed while we gave her pleasure. Pa started off with his tongue in her privates but urged us to suckle her tits. David lay on one side and me on the other as we kissed her in the mouth and played with her breasts while she used her hands to hold and fondle us. It was a wonderful feeling to be so close to both of our parents as we had never been before.

Then ma said that she was beginning to be warmed up and wanted a penis inside of her. As pa started to come up on her, she said no, she wanted David. He again was flustered and mumbled that he didn’t have any rubbers. She said that’s alright, I like it better bare and I want to be on top. So David laid down in the middle of the bed and ma sucked on him to get his erection up again and then straddled him, sitting on his prick gently and then started a slow movement up and down with a little twist half way in.

This left pa and me with nothing to do for a moment until he motioned for me to come stand in his arms and watch. Ma kept up a steady rhythm and David reached up to caress her breasts as he started getting into the spirit of it too. Whenever she thought he was about to come, she would stop and sit perfectly still until he had relaxed a little, and then proceed slowly again. David was squirming under this teasing of his prick and asked her to speed it up a bit. Ma was getting pretty hot too, so she did speed up. Finally she started bouncing up and down on him with real vigor and the two of them reached climaxes at the same time. Both were sweating and laughing and they collapsed in each others arms.

This was the first time I’d ever seen a woman take control and fuck a man and it really turned me on. Pa was holding me in his arms and could sense my excitement. He held both of my breasts for a while, using one finger to tease the nipple, until both of them became hard and stood at attention. I could feel his penis grow hard against my back and that made me more excited too. I could hardly wait for ma and David to finish so I could have a turn too. As ma’s action speeded up, pa reached lower and put one finger on my love button. It was like an electric spark jumped to it. I turned in his arms and started kissing him. As the noise of ma’s assault on David’s prick stopped, pa lifted me up keeping our lips in full contact and I could feel his big penis slipping between my legs. As long as it wasn’t going into me, I enjoyed the sensation and responded enthusiastically, sticking my tongue in his mouth and exploring it thoroughly. He seemed to like this and responded in kind.

Ma finally came off the bed and put her arms around both of us, saying it was our turn now to provide the show. She continued by saying that pa’s vasectomy was perfect and that I didn’t need to worry about getting pregnant with him. With that, pa disengaged our lips and asked if I would like to do it like ma just did. I was still very turned on by her demonstration and said that I couldn’t wait to try it. Pa laid down in the middle of the bed and invited me to get on. I spread my lips and eased my vagina down over his manhood feeling a little afraid because I’d heard that busting the cherry was quite painful. His prick felt like it was lightly lubricated so that it slipped in smoothly. It felt huge, like a big cucumber that David had tried on me one time, but nice and warm and bumpy. I would let it in for an inch or so and then twist a little like ma had done, and then let it in a little more. I wasn’t feeling any pain so kept sliding down on it a little at a time, continually twisting back and forth a little bit, until I was seated on his pubic hair.

He was enormous inside of me and I could feel the end of his penis pushing up against my internal organs. Still feeling no pain, I leaned over to kiss him some more and just let my ass wiggle back and forth and up and down a little without withdrawing at all but enjoying that slight movement even so. Our tongues were enmeshed and our bodies felt really together. I kept that up for a long time, but then felt that pa wasn’t as big or hard as he was initially. He said “Honey, I need a little more movement,” so I tried to do what ma did by raising up almost the full length of his member and then easing all the way down. Several times I went up too far and his prick slipped out, but I had no trouble finding it by feel and sliding down on it again.

Ma and David had gotten on the bed too, one on either side, and ma had David fondling pa’s balls while she knelt over his head so he could put his tongue in her while she held my shoulders and kissed me each time I came down. I was perspiring and breathing real fast and started moving up and down faster and faster and then just couldn’t stop myself from bouncing on the springs and pounding up and down as hard as I could. Ma couldn’t hold on to me and when I reached a tremendous climax I just pushed her out of the way and fastened my lips to pa’s, holding him tight.

After a while he said that while he was enjoying our closeness, he hadn’t had his climax and could we all please do something about that. I rolled off him, and seeing his limp dick, immediately applied my mouth to bring it back to life. David was still fondling his balls, but was in a really awkward position because ma had rolled him on his back and was sucking his dick now. Pa was getting impatient and said that David wasn’t helping much and asked me whether I knew which I liked better, missionary or doggy style. I had to admit that I had never tried either one, so he said well let’s try one first and then the other so you can choose.

He rolled me onto my back first and came in rather quickly. He stroked in and out for his complete length without ever coming out completely and set up a real nice rhythm. I was just beginning to get into this when he said it was time to roll over and try another way. I didn’t come up high enough for him when I was on my hands and knees so I dropped my legs off the side of the bed and stood bent over. He entered me again and set up the same rhythm. This time I couldn’t feel any friction on my clitoris but still enjoyed the different feeling. It was coming from an entirely different angle and caused different parts of my vagina to be massaged. Pa asked did I have a preference and I said yes, let’s do it on the bed.

So back I went on my back and pa slammed his meat into me. He started kissing me and working his tongue in my mouth as he picked up his rhythm. The faster that he went the more that his balls banged into my ass, making a hard slapping sound that seemed to intensify my excitement. Then he started sucking on my breasts and teasing my nipples with his tongue as he banged into me even harder and faster. Just when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to stand the wild sensations much longer he gave a loud groan, stopped moving and his penis throbbed and bounced up and down inside of me for a long time, giving a most wonderful feeling. It was like he had inserted a very slow vibrator into me with most of the vibration taking place deep inside.

At almost the same time David cried to ma to please stop that he had come three times and was getting sore. Ma said that she was still aching and needed pa to satisfy her, but he was as limp as a dishrag by now and his prick had just oozed out of me of its own accord. I got between ma’s legs and could smell and taste David’s cum, which actually was rather inviting to me. Her cunt was still full of it but that just made my tongue slide around better. I held her lips wide apart so I could get my whole face in and make my tongue reach as deep as possible. After exploring all over, both inside and on the lips themselves, I then used my mouth to suck the cum out of the way of her clitoris and licked it clean so that she could feel the roughness of my tongue on it. Then I teased it with the tip of my tongue, drawing circles around it, and then licking it hard, then teasing again.

By this time I had to hold onto her hips to stay connected and she was shouting for pa to come over so she could give him head. Before he got there however, she came with a gush and pulled my head up to kiss me deeply and savor both her and David’s cum from my mouth. It was getting late and we had school the next morning, so David and I said goodnight, but not before thanking both of them for a wonderful family night.

The four of us continued having fun three or four times a month so I was very satisfied sexually and didn’t give it a second thought when Brenda told me that Sandy was off-limits. I wasn’t even to be in their apartment unless Brenda was there. Sandy was Japanese-American, had jet-black shiny hair, no hips at all, and if she ever bought a bra it would have to be a training bra because she couldn’t even fill an A-cup. She was very pretty, was easy to talk to, had a variety of interests but spent a lot of time running.

One afternoon after PE I started walking home but started menstruating and I didn’t have even a tampon with me so I stopped in at Brenda’s. I found that I’d bled all over my jeans and down both legs so took everything off and got in the shower while my clothes were running in the washer.

When I stepped out of the shower, Sandy was standing there naked as a jay bird. She really was attractive in a boyish sort of way. Her pubic hair was just as black and shiny as that on her head, but not a big triangular patch; rather it grew rather sparsely in a long narrow ellipse. Initially I was attracted by her beautiful body, but then with nary a word she grabbed me and threw me onto the bathroom floor and got into a 69 position but was kneeling painfully on my arms so that I couldn’t move. She started tonguing my slit even though I’d started bleeding again. I was so shocked that I couldn’t do anything for a few minutes, then I became disgusted and finally very angry. I drew my legs up, clamped them about her head and shoved violently, pushing her off of me. I tried to scramble to my feet but she was on me immediately and tried to wrestle me back down.

By now I was scared so I kicked her away and succeeded in getting to my feet. She started to come at me again so I kicked her hard in the stomach and when she doubled over I brought my knee up smashing it into her face. As she straightened up I doubled up a fist and socked her right in the eye, knocking her down. Afraid that she’d get up and really hurt me, I knelt on her arms, grabbed her by the hair and banged her head on the tile floor. She started crying and seemed to just quit defending herself, so I stopped too but didn’t let her up. Her nose was bleeding profusely and the skin over her left eye was split and my fist was starting to hurt a lot. Now she started talking, thanking me and asking me to please get off and let her get her toys. Surprised, I did as she asked.

She ran into the bedroom and came back with some funny-looking vibrators and a paddle. As she shoved one vibrator into her cunt she bent over, handed me the paddle and pleaded with me to spank her good. I was so freaked out that I did it. In fact, when she said to do it harder, I must have still been angry and paddled her so hard that her ass turned bright red and I even broke the skin where one edge of the paddle caught her right in the middle of one of her cheeks. With that she had a tremendous orgasm and sank limply to the floor.

I left her there, had another quick shower, borrowed one of Brenda’s tampons and a pair of jeans and got dressed. When I came out, she was still laying there flat on her back. She pleaded with me to not tell Brenda and also thanked me profusely for a wonderful sexual experience. Could we do it again sometime? I was still a little frightened of her and said no, that I couldn’t intrude between her and Brenda. She said that Brenda refused to get rough with her and that she really needed that once in a while. She said that if I’d do that to her again sometime that she would fulfill any fantasy that I might have. I decided to remember that offer and didn’t tell Brenda anything about what had happened.

When I told David about my experience with Sandy, he was very interested and we started talking about what fantasy I might have that we could both enjoy with her. We knew most of the ways that we could have fun in a threesome and of course the foursomes with our folks, so talked mostly about adding another one or two persons and who could we get to join in with us. We couldn’t think of anyone that we could trust to not blab about it all over town, so finally we decided to invite Brenda and Sandy both over and do it with our folks. We talked to ma about it and while she balked at it at first because she was still afraid of the neighbors finding out, she finally said to ask pa if it was OK with him. He listened to us, thought for a while, and said OK if Brenda would agree to it but that he wouldn’t go along with any rough stuff. I found Sandy at home alone one day and told her that my fantasy was to have sex with her and my whole family, including Brenda. She was intrigued by the idea and said that she would talk to Brenda about it. I guess that Brenda was angry at first, but Sandy talked her into it and we set the next Saturday night for our “date.”

We sat around for a while and pa served some of his mulberry wine to relax all of us. Then we took turns undressing each other and then everyone pitched in to fondle the person closest to them, sometimes one on one, sometimes two or three on one. Both pa and David said they wanted to fuck Sandy first to get everyone into the mood, but Brenda said “No, that can come later but first I want you to watch Sandy and me.”

So Sandy got out one of her dildos and strapped it on. They got up on the couch with Sandy on top as she started kissing and licking Brenda all over. As Brenda warmed up, Sandy got down to her cunt and tongued her clit very vigorously. Brenda was really turned on by now and so was I. I couldn’t help myself, but knelt by the couch and sucked on Brenda’s breasts. Pa came up behind me and began to fondle my breasts. Then Sandy lifted her head, moved up over Brenda and inserted her dildo. She went at it just like pa or David and seemed to be giving Brenda great pleasure. Sandy had an almost beatific smile on her face.

Ma and David were leaning over the back of the couch to get a better view and pa sat down and pulled me back and down onto his pole. He didn’t try to move around, so we just sat there quietly, watching Sandy work up a sweat while Brenda was squirming and humping and having a ball. Finally Brenda had a tremendous orgasm and Sandy collapsed on top of her.

I couldn’t see exactly what David was doing because he had pulled back and was now behind ma. Seeing the pleased expression on ma’s face and then seeing that David was moving back and forth, I finally caught on that he was screwing ma doggy style while she was leaning over the back of the couch enjoying both David’s attentions and the action right in front of her face.

Pa’s prick got harder so I told him to just lay back and enjoy it. I started a smooth up and down rhythm on his dick, still facing his feet because I was enjoying David and ma’s pleasure and also liked seeing Sandy’s beautiful sweaty body. That position also caused some tingling in new places; pa’s member didn’t stand straight up, but slanted toward his head and that provided a different fit than when I faced forward. I could feel pa getting more excited so I started bouncing up and down real fast. That was hard to do on the floor – I was used to having the bedsprings to help keep that going. Finally pa came in a huge gush so I just sat there for a while enjoying the show in front of me while his penis slowly relaxed and shriveled up.

Brenda could see that I hadn’t reached a climax so she told Sandy to take off the dildo and use her tongue on me where it would do the most good. I stayed sitting on pa’s penis and leaned back to give Sandy room as she came up between pa’s legs and started to lick my cunt. With pa inside of me and Sandy’s tongue working on my clit, it didn’t take me long to become hot again. Pa’s prick started getting bigger because Sandy was licking the underside of it when her tongue moved up and down in my slit and tickling his balls. Several times she even took one of his balls in her mouth, leaving me aching for her to return.

I wanted all of her attention so I rolled off pa and got up on the davenport. Sandy immediately parted my pubic hair and continued tonguing me in a very expert way. Brenda knelt by my side and kissed my breasts and swirled her tongue slowly around each of my nipples. Occasionally she would slide her middle finger down under Sandy’s head and gently massage my clit while Sandy was licking the inside of my lips. Doing that while sucking on one of my tits seemed to really turn on both myself and Brenda. I asked both of them to do it harder and faster and they were only too glad to oblige and before we knew it was going to happen, it did – both Brenda and I came, big time. I think that even Sandy had some kind of orgasm. As we came down off the high, we realized that we were the center of attention as ma and pa and David were watching us avidly. Pa then said that he would really like to pleasure Brenda again for old-times-sake and David piped up that he would like to have pleasures with Sandy.

Brenda asked me to join them in the bedroom so we went in and Brenda asked me to lay back on the bed with my legs over the side. She wanted pa to do her doggy style and she wanted to have a three-some. She stood at the side of the bed, leaning over to fit her face into my cunt and caressing my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples. Pa came into Brenda from behind and started with a really slow stroke. He reached around and fondled her breasts, again gently and slowly. Brenda sensed that this was going to last a long time so she slowed down too, moving her tongue mostly around my lips and barely brushing my clit.

David came in then, totally disgusted – Sandy wouldn’t let him fuck her, but instead asked ma to lick her cunt. I told David to come on up over me and let his prick dangle into my mouth. Taking my cue from Brenda and pa, I sucked his prick very gently and slowly. As he warmed up he started moving in and out, sometimes coming down into my mouth so far that the head blocked the back of my throat so that I couldn’t breathe.

When he did that I closed my mouth a little so that my teeth chomped onto his prick rather hard. He found that to be a real turn on and asked me to just hold still while he pumped between my teeth. He quickly had his orgasm, filling my mouth fully. While this was going on, pa was pounding harder into Brenda so that she was distracted from giving me pleasure. Finally, she told pa to stop, that she was dry and it was beginning to really hurt.

I told pa to just come on up and screw me because I wasn’t satisfied yet. This he gladly did. I slid up further onto the bed to give him room to join me. The bedsprings then got a very good workout. Pa had his hands under my ass pulling me toward him, and his mouth on my breasts, teasing my nipples with his tongue and then sucking on as much of my tit as he could get in his mouth. At the same time he set up a fast-paced rhythm making the bed bounce and burying his prick deep inside of me with every stroke. When he started going really hard and fast, preparing to have his climax, I had my orgasm. As pa continued pumping ever faster, I had a second and then a third orgasm just before he blew his load into me. That was my best ever.
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