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This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre. It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion

Billy Bob Chapter 4 (Satisfying Our Guest)

The next day was Sunday and after we got back home from church, Leah suggested that we try some new things that Rachel had told her about, but in the full light of day. Before I could say what I thought about it, they both quickly shed their clothes and then came to me to help me out of mine. Now I knew that Rachel was a good looking girl, but I had never seen her nude in full daylight and so had no idea as to what a stunner she really was. Her hair and eyebrows were a lustrous black, as was the luxurious triangle of hair around her privates. I would guess that her measurements were 32 – 22 – 34, very curvaceous. Her breasts did not need the help of a bra, they were perfectly shaped with small pink nipples standing out invitingly. And with all of the beauty of her body, her face was even more beautiful. The coloration of her skin was as though she had a healthy suntan. As they undressed me, and I enjoyed more fully the sight of Rachel au natural, my penis started coming to attention, much to my embarrassment. Leah laughed, touched my dick lightly, and said it looked like we were going to have some fun.

Leah said that Rachel was a virgin, but really wanted to change that before she had to join her parents. With no further explanation or discussion, Leah told me to watch her closely as she initiated foreplay with Rachel. They laid on the bed and Leah started kissing Rachel on the mouth and letting her tongue roam her lips and the inside of her mouth. At the same time she was caressing her breasts and circling her nipples with her fingers. Rachel was responding in a similar fashion but would gently bite on Leah’s lower lip and at the same time tweak her nipples with what to me appeared to be a rather hard pinch. As they both became aroused and their actions became more rapid, Rachel reached down to Leah’s genitals and started massaging her clitoris. Now Leah is very sensitive there, so she asked Rachel to use her tongue instead and twisted around so that they were in a 69 position with Leah on top.

By this time I was very hot too and asked them what I could do to help. Leah reluctantly straightened up so that her pussy was still in contact with Rachel’s mouth and tongue, and allowed me to put my head between Rachel’s legs. I first licked the inside of her thighs, working my way up to her crotch. She obligingly lifted her hips so that I could lick between her lips and her anus, but then let her hips down again, inviting me in. I parted her pubic hair and gently licked around the inside of her lips. She became somewhat stimulated by this (and also by her ministrations to Leah’s pussy); between my saliva and her lubricating fluid, she became quite wet.

Encouraged, I allowed my tongue to contact her clit and then embraced it with my lips and sucked on it, gathering some of the wetness in my mouth. I was holding her lips wide apart so that I could get my face in full contact with her pussy and my lips fully around her clitoris. Then I licked her clit with my rough tongue and circled my tongue around and across it. Now I had to hold on to her hips tightly to keep my face in her pussy, as she was beginning to gyrate her hips quite violently. She took her mouth away from Leah long enough to beg me to come on in, but I was on the verge of coming and I wanted her first time to be better than a slam-bam-thank-you-mam. So I asked Leah to bring me to a climax so that I could pleasure Rachel with some leisure, just as her ma had taught me. Leah got off of Rachel, slid down in the bed and took my penis in her mouth while I continued to please Rachel. She no longer moved her hips as violently, probably missing some of the joy of her contact with Leah, but seemed to just lay back and enjoy the experience, although with some mounting tension as she approached her climax.

Leah had not moved her lips up and down my shaft more than three or four times before I came in a huge spurt. She held it all in her mouth, extracting every last bit of it from me, and then moved up to share it with Rachel. That was the crowning event and Rachel reached her climax, filling my mouth with more of her fluids. Then I moved up to kiss her mouth and share her fluids with those of mine that were still in her mouth and gently slipped my prick into her waiting vagina. She was so hot and her muscles so relaxed that I slipped right in my full length, encountering no obstruction whatsoever. I asked her if we could just lie together like that as we cooled down and feel the intimacy of our closeness, and that after a while we could have intercourse and take our time doing it so as to savor the pleasure.

While we were cooling down a bit, Leah moved up to again kiss Rachel and to massage one of her breasts, first with her whole hand and then circling her nipples with two fingers and tweaking them gently. Seeing that Rachel was enjoying that attention, I began to tongue her other breast and suckle that nipple. It had only been 5 or 10 minutes (I wasn’t watching the clock) since both of us had orgasms, but I could feel Rachel’s vagina contracting spasmodically on my penis. It had softened a bit and had started retracting from her warm envelopment, but as she pulsed more strongly and often I began to harden and grow larger. Rachel sensed that I was aroused again and said that she was ready to loved.

Leah moved off of the bed so that she would not disturb our love-making and I started a slow and short stroke, only moving in and out a small distance with my prick buried fully in her love canal. I was also continuing to suckle her nipples one at a time while massaging the other breast. Looking to see how Leah was accepting my making love to another girl, she gave me a wide grin, gave me a thumbs up, and urged me to make it last for a long time. She was enjoying watching us and sharing our pleasures. She also had two fingers in her pussy and was doing it just as slowly as I was. With that encouragement, and with Rachel telling me that it felt wonderful and couldn’t I do it a little harder, I maintained my slow movement but began to come out farther with each stroke until I was almost withdrawing from her and then easing in to my full length again. The head of my penis was now very sensitive and I could feel little variations in the throat of her vagina, almost like it was slightly corrugated and had a few little pimples on its inside. I kept that up for quite a long time, surprising myself that I could hold out that long; in fact, I was quite relaxed and just enjoying the warm sensations of my movement and the warm feelings from both Leah and Rachel.

Rachel was whispering endearments to me, telling me how good it felt, how much she liked it, and thanking me for making it such a wonderful first-time experience. Her voice was a little husky and as time went on she began to breath hard and finally to pant in time with my caresses. Now I was unable to ignore the passion that I had generated in Rachel and began to speed up a little. As I quickened my pace my prick swelled to its fullest and I began to pull out clear to her lips and then slam in to my full depth. By now I was becoming as hot as Rachel and I began to wonder if I was going to come before she did. I was relieved when she had her first prolonged orgasm and I was able to continue fucking her with all my might for another several minutes as she hollered for more, until she had a second orgasm. When that happened I blew my load at the same time and collapsed on her with my mouth covering hers as we let our tongues wander and said loving things to each other.

Then Leah crawled onto the bed and put her arms around both of us, telling me that she appreciated what I had done for Rachel and kissing and loving Rachel and saying how glad she was for her. The three of us just laid there for a long time, enjoying the afterglow and being very comfortable as we hugged and kissed each other.

In the remaining two months before Rachel had to leave for Israel, we made love together three or four times a week as I gradually tried different positions and techniques that I’d learned from my aunts. As the weather warmed up, I particularly looked forward to Sunday when, after church, we would go into the back yard where we couldn’t be seen from the road and make love in the bright sunshine.

On the last Sunday afternoon as we were just lying nude on some blankets and looking forward to some fun love-making, Rachel and Leah had just gotten into a 69 position when Lon, the star athlete of the senior class, walked around the house and caught us. We were completely flustered; the girls tried to cover their pubic areas with one hand and put their arms over their breasts to hide themselves and I didn’t know what to do. He was initially just as taken aback as we were, but he recovered quickly and said that he had just come to ask Rachel to substitute for one of the cheerleaders at next weeks wrestling match, but had always wanted to be naked in the sun too. Action followed words as he quickly shed his clothes too. Now we surely didn’t know how to react. He then said that apparently he had interrupted a party but wanted us to continue and he would like to participate too and join in our fun. He was already getting an erection when Leah said that no way would she have sex with him, but would have me and he could watch if he wanted to. With that, Leah pulled me back down on top of her and asked me to fuck her good.

Rachel said that she had wondered what it would be like to be a cheerleader and be loved by the star football player. She then walked up to Lon, threw her arms around him, and planted a torrid kiss on him. Hugging her close, his prick slipped between her legs and I could see the head protruding at the back of her thighs. His dong must have been ten inches long and thick too; I’ve never seen one that big, before then or since. Rachel was feeling that mighty thing between her legs and appeared somewhat hesitant and turned to Leah for support. She said “you’ll never know unless you try it.” With that Lon laid her down and immediately buried his face in her cunt and put both of his large hands to work on her breasts. I couldn’t tell what his tongue was doing, but it appeared to satisfy Rachel as she started telling him when she liked it or where to put his tongue in a better place.

Now I was humping Leah lying right next to them, but I couldn’t really keep my mind on what I was doing so I asked Leah to come on top and screw me. She was only too willing to oblige me and soon was bouncing up and down on my rod while I watched Rachel and Lon. She was getting really hot and was begging Lon to “come on in.” This he soon did and set up a rapid thumping of her pussy with his balls slapping her ass. She told me later that his dick penetrated a lot farther into her than mine did (well duh!) and that it really turned her on. Anyway, as he picked up his rhythm Rachel was screaming “faster, faster” and “harder, harder” and then she had a whole series of orgasms. Lon finally came too and just rolled off her onto his back, panting heavily and apparently exhausted.

His penis was still standing at full attention, all ten inches of it. Leah was watching all of this and mentally comparing that ten inches with my six and since I wasn’t helping her at all she suddenly got off of me and plumped herself down on his big prick and continued bouncing up and down. She too found the deep penetration very exciting and it didn’t take her long before she had first one orgasm followed quickly by a second. As she stopped quivering she lifted herself off of him and laid on top of Rachel, holding her close and kissing deeply.

I then told Lon that it was time for him to go, that he was not welcome to come back here again, and that if he ever breathed a word of what we had done that I would catch him some night and shatter both his knees with a baseball bat. Without a word he put on his clothes, and then said “Ladies, it was most enjoyable. If you ever want it again, you’ll have to come to me” and started to leave. Rachel called after him that she’d be at the wrestling match and afterward they maybe could do a little wrestling of their own.

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I use to work at Tim Hortons. Who doesn’t love Timmis?? Well I don’t The place that I use to work was beside a shipnopg mall and few offices. So it will be busy 24/7. Every day I will go home smelling like coffee beans. There use to be so many amazing requests from customers. At 11:00 pm, right before closing they will ask for ‘fresh’ donats. Once someone asked for fresh ‘Bag Tea’. I really don’t know how to make fresh bag tea, after all we are putting the tea bag in the hot water right in front of them. I am sure everyone likes hot coffee but there were times when I faced questions, such as, “Why the coffee is so hot?”. Everyone wanted fresh food and no matter what you tell them they will not believe that they are getting the fresh food.There was nothing known as training. You learn your work, rules and policies on the floor. I have seen people who were new in Canada and don’t know lots of basic things and no one took initiatives in explaining those. There was noth

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