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This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre. It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion

Billy Bob Chapter 5 (Helping a Psychologist)

Rachel’s school was out soon thereafter and she left to join her folks in Israel. That left a void in our lives that we hastened to fill by rejoining the church youth group, Young Lives, or YL for short. We met every Friday night and Leah and I started becoming reacquainted with a number of old friends with whom we had lost track after our marriage. While we enjoyed the whole group, we became closer to one couple in particular. The brightest and prettiest girl in my high school class was Sarah Shanks and she had married Dr. Jefferson Clinton. Sarah had never dated any of the fellows in school so we were all a little surprised when she married Jefferson. We’d never even seen them out together before they eloped.

He was the only psychologist in town, a stand-offish kind of guy, always wore a suit and tie, and was about 15 years older than Sarah. While that may sound like an odd combination, Leah and I found them interesting and enjoyed being with them. After several months, Jefferson rather formally invited us over to their house after the YL meeting. He served some blackberry wine and we just sat around and talked for a while. This happened a few more times and then we kind of got in the habit of going home with them for a little wine and talk after each YL meeting.

After a while we became close enough that we shared our innermost thoughts and feelings. It was then that we found out that Sarah had been seeing Jefferson professionally for several years because her daddy had been forcing himself on her whenever he got drunk since she was 8 or 9 years old. That was why she never dated in high school, she just couldn’t stand to have a boy close to her. Jefferson had helped her understand that it wasn’t her fault that her daddy repeatedly raped her. He had tried to help her get rid of her phobia about intercourse, without much success, but in the process they developed a love for each other, resulting in their elopement.

Jefferson told us all about this one night and Sarah corroborated his story, adding a few graphic details about her daddy’s invasion of her body. He would come home from the tavern, tell his slattern wife to go out on the porch and then he would lift up Sarah’s nightgown, yank it off over her head and make her get up to do a little dance for him. He had taught her to kind of swing and sway her cunt just inches away from his face as he pulled his prick out of his pants. Then she had to lick it and take it in her mouth until he had a big hard-on and then he would push her back on the floor and rape her until he injected a big load into her. When he was really drunk, that took a long long time; sometimes he just passed out right on top of her. Her mother would then help get him to bed.

Jefferson said that he had tried to get her mother to back up Sarah’s story so they could put her dad away, but she was too afraid of him. He added that he and Sarah were still unable to have sex together after six months of marriage, but were continuing to work toward that goal. He said that if we had any suggestions on what they might do to help them reach that goal, they would surely appreciate hearing from us.

On Sunday afternoon, after we had our frolic in bed, Leah said that maybe there was a way we could help them. She said that Sarah was afraid of the violence of intercourse, that maybe she wasn’t even aware of how pleasant it could be. Her suggestion was for us to show Sarah how nice it was, somewhat like we had done for Rachel, but to not directly involve Sarah in our love making. I was really hesitant about doing that, but finally agreed that we could at least suggest it privately to Jefferson and see what he thought of it. Leah went down to his office the next day and he said that it might be worth a try.

The following Friday night Jefferson brought up the idea to Sarah who at first felt she would be too embarrassed to be able to watch someone else “do it.” Leah finally persuaded her that it would just be like watching an X-rated movie, so Leah and I went into their bedroom and undressed. Then, when Leah called, both Sarah and Jefferson came in, at which I said we were just planning to let Sarah watch. Jefferson then said that her mental state was still quite delicate and that it was necessary that he be present to monitor how she was responding. However, to make us more comfortable they would take off most of their clothes too. Leah said it was OK if it would help Sarah, so Sarah skinned down to just her panties and bra and Jefferson left on his briefs.

We started out standing up and holding each other closely and kissing and saying little endearments to each other. After a time, we then laid on the bed and continued our foreplay. When I started kissing Leah’s breasts and tonguing her nipples, she tried to describe what that felt like to Sarah – more or less keeping up a running commentary. Finally she asked me to go down on her to really bring her emotions to a peak. When I had my face buried deep in her pussy, she asked Sarah to come over closer so she could see what I was doing. I tried to lean my face sideways so she could see what my tongue was doing, but I don’t think she could really see it in any detail. Sarah did stay close from then on, leaning her elbows on the bed and with a rapt expression on her face.

Leah continued her narrative about what it felt like, but her voice became more strained as time went on. At last she said that she was really hot and wanted me to come on in. I moved up to enter her and also to resume French kissing her. All of her talk had gotten me pretty hot too so while I tried to keep a slow and gentle pace (for Sarah’s sake) I couldn’t help but speed up and finally was just slamming the old meat to her. Leah was completely ready for this, had one orgasm and then just as I started coming had a second one. We both collapsed into each others arms and told Sarah how wonderful it was and how loving we felt toward each other afterward. Sarah had taken all of this in without comment, but finally said that maybe she was starting to feel a little different about sex and that we had helped her. With that, she and Jefferson left us to our privacy.

The following week Sarah said that she hoped we would be willing to show her again how to obtain those good feelings, maybe even that night. Jefferson said that indeed it would be a good idea to follow up on her therapy quickly, so we agreed. We essentially repeated our performance of the previous week, not wanting to introduce any variations to Sarah this early. There was a difference however. When they came in, they were both nude and initially Sarah sat in Jefferson’s lap. When I moved down to tongue Leah’s love button, Sarah again came over to the bed but this time Leah had Sarah put her hand on Leah’s breast. As things progressed, she asked Sarah to kiss her breasts and while she was doing that Leah stroked Sarah’s breast too.

Sarah was a little miffed when I moved up and took her place, so after we reached our climaxes and had relaxed for a little while, Leah asked Sarah if they could perhaps be alone together for a while so she could tell her more about how she felt. Sarah readily agreed and asked us men to leave. The girls were in there for at least another half hour and then reappeared smiling and feeling very good with themselves. Sarah asked us to be sure to come again the next Friday because she felt that she was making real progress. On the way home Leah told me that she had made love to Sarah and that both had really enjoyed it.

Next week Sarah served us several glasses of elderberry wine and then said that she would like to have Leah make love to her again, but this time she wanted Jefferson to watch. Leah quickly agreed and the two of them disappeared into the bedroom. Jefferson got undressed and I did the same, deciding to not be left out, and then we went in too. The girls were kissing and moving their hands all over the others body, quickly changing to holding their breasts and tweaking their nipples. After quite a long time, Sarah asked if they could do the 69 again, which Leah immediately moved to accomplish. It did not take very long before Sarah was panting, squirming madly, and finally reached a shattering orgasm. They lay together for a while and then Leah said that she was unfulfilled – she needed to have a climax too. As I started to climb onto the bed, she said “No, we’re doing this for Sarah’s benefit, so it has to be the next step in her therapy. Sarah doesn’t know that Jefferson can be gentle with her, so I think we have to let him show her. Do you want to have him pleasure you or me?”

Sarah spoke up then and said that she wanted Jefferson to pleasure Leah and took my arm to lead me away from the bed. As I started to object, Jefferson shushed me and said that as a professional psychologist he had performed similar roles many times and that he would maintain a professional clinical attitude. Further, it was extremely important for Sarah to see him as a role model and someone she could trust as a sexual partner. He would just be like an actor in a play, with no emotional involvement at all. He sounded very authoritative and made it sound kind of like a house call by a doctor, so I backed off. He told Sarah then to think of it as though she were the one on the bed and the one being loved. Jefferson lay next to Leah and initially held her in his arms, kissing her slowly on the mouth and then on her neck. His hands caressed her body and as she responded to them he moved one hand down to her love triangle and gently inserted one finger. Leah arched her body against his finger, urging him to massage her clit. As his finger probed delicately into her love passage he also started sucking on her nipples.

By now Leah was really into this and was humping his finger as hard as she could and quickly reached orgasm. Jefferson left his finger where it was but no longer rubbed her love button, and placed lingering kisses on her mouth. As they cooled down, Jefferson told Sarah that they could have sex in just that way without him shoving his penis into her. They could do that for a while until she felt ready to go all the way. However, that would leave him, like right now, with an erection and his balls would start hurting pretty soon because he hadn’t had a climax.

Leah responded by telling Sarah that she would show her how to keep Jefferson from hurting so bad, and proceeded to put her mouth around his dick, applying suction and moving her head in and out rapidly. Once in a while she would stop at the end of his penis and roll her tongue lovingly around the tip. Leah is really good at giving head, so it didn’t take too long for Jefferson to ejaculate into her mouth. Leah got off the bed, went over to Sarah saying that she should share Jefferson’s love juices with her. As they kissed, their tongues explored each others mouth and they shared his cum. They were so engrossed in each other that I thought they would make love again, but after a while they separated and Leah and I went home.
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