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This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre. It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion

Billy Bob Chapter 9 (Our Daughter is 13)

Melony’s thirteenth year was a resounding success, according to her and her mother. Not only did she participate fully in our Sunday afternoons, but she brought some new vigor and vitality to them. Leah and I had, over the years, forgotten some of the positions and techniques that we had enjoyed so much when we were first married. Prodded by Melony, we remembered them and introduced Melony to them as well. There wasn’t a single one that she didn’t enjoy to the fullest. She particularly loved being fucked by her father on an old blanket out in the back yard in the full sun with Leah hunkered down over her face so that she could tongue Leah’s clit and slit at the same time.

When school started the next fall Melony started bringing home one or more of her classmates to do homework or to just talk with the radio blaring in the background. Leah was fond of sharing these times with them and got to know a few of the girls quite well. Well enough that she decided to test to see how far she could go with them. Initially she would just talk a little bit about when she was 12 and how she and Rachel would talk about sex. Then she would add that they had gone farther than just talking but had taken each other’s clothes off and touched the other. If she found them to be interested rather than repulsed, then she told them that she and Melony often didn’t wear clothes in the house and ask if that would be alright with them. And, yes if they wanted to take off their clothes too then let us all do it. It only took a few times of being nude, with several other 13 year-olds and an “adult” woman of 27, that the girls became quite comfortable. Melony was of course enjoying this whole charade, knowing exactly where her mother was leading them.

Two of the girls, Peggy and Barbara, seemed to particularly enjoy the freedom of being nude and also being able to talk about taboo subjects with an older woman. Leah found that they liked being hugged and didn’t object to doing that while nude. She made a point one day of hugging Peggy, then Barbara, and lastly Melony, and while hugging Melony she played with her breasts, caressing first one nipple, then the other. Melony of course responded by caressing her mother’s tits and then lightly kissing one nipple and parting. Nothing more was said at the time. This was just a natural mother-daughter relationship, no big deal.

When they had a chance to be alone Barbara was the first to ask Melony if she and her mother were always this intimate. To which she replied, Oh yes. They were at complete ease with each other and had no hesitation in touching or pleasuring each other. Peggy asked, “What do you mean by pleasuring?” “Oh that can mean a lot of different things” replied Melony. “Mostly we just do whatever comes naturally. We know the likes and dislikes that each has and just try to be nice. I know that if I’m even slightly uncomfortable with her attentions that all I have to do is say no, and they will stop.” She reached out for Peggy’s hand and brought it up to cup her breast, then released it. “See how easy that was? If that bothered you, I certainly won’t do it again. However, I hope that you will accept it as a complement and a sign of how much I care for you.” It was time for the girls to go home so nothing more was said.

The next time the girls came home with Melony, it was Barbara who suggested that they get rid of the clothes. After Leah was nude, Barbara asked her if she would mind if she hugged her and proceeded to do so. Leah accepted this graciously and then, while continuing to hold her, asked Barbara if she would be OK with being treated the same as though she were her daughter too. To which she received a very formal “Yes, I would be honored.” Leah kissed her on the mouth and then on both nipples, saying that she loved having another daughter. It was then Peggy’s turn and she kissed Leah longingly and let her tongue slide delicately across Leah’s lips. She was rewarded with Leah’s tongue penetrating her mouth and dancing with her own tongue. Then Leah turned to Melony and said my new daughters are turning me on, will you please help release my tensions?

Melony got behind her mother and played with her breasts for a little while, pinching her nipples till they hardened as the two girls looked on with rapture. Melony then reached down with one hand to Leah’s clit and started a gentle manipulation of that organ. Barbara and Peggy were open-mouthed by this time. Leah told them to just sit back and enjoy as she was doing. Surely they had masturbated in privacy and having it done by a second person in front of others was just a little step beyond that. She was certainly enjoying this and was coming close to have a nice little orgasm. Having said that, she did exude some liquid around Meloney’s fingers and stiffened her whole body, smiling largely. Melony sucked her fingers clean and smiled at her two girlfriends. “I told you there were different ways to pleasure another person, this is one of them.”

Girls, I’m sorry that I was so horny from just embracing and kissing you. I’m not usually that way at all. I do enjoy sex, perhaps a little more so than do many other women my age, but I also can control my urges. You will not have to hold back or be careful around me, so as to not encourage my horniness. I certainly didn’t mean to scare you. Peggy was the first to say that she frigged herself a lot and thought that there was something wrong with her. She was glad that even an older woman did that too and was very open about it. Barbara hastened to say that she too was able to achieve a climax by touching herself and was really turned on by what had just happened. Would it be alright for her to release her tensions? Leah called her over to where she sat and asked her to sit on her lap.

As Barbara sat down Leah reached around her and massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Melony had walked over behind Peggy and tentatively hugged her in spoon fashion. As Peggy relaxed, Melony massaged her breasts and ran her fingers around each nipple. Mother and daughter continued their ministrations of the two girls by gripping their mons tightly and then slowly inserting one finger as far as it would go. This was swirled around the interior to enlarge it slightly and then a second finger was entered. A thumb caressed the clit and then chaffed it delicately. As the fingers were slid in and out the two girls began to moan in unison. Peggy was asked did she like what Melony was doing and she gasped yes, and please don’t stop. I’m so close. Mother and daughter reacted in synchronism by quickly moving the girls into sitting positions, kneeling in front of them, and applying their tongues to the girl’s clits and bringing both to orgiastic climaxes within minutes. Both girls had a beatific expression as they started coming down from their high.

It was Peggy who suggested that it would only be fair to return the favor, if that was alright with Melony. Both mother and daughter reacted by lying flat on the floor and asking the girls to lay on top of them in a 69 position. This had to be explained, but as the girls understood they responded with enthusiasm. Four tongues searched for sensitive spots and the two beginners were apt pupils as they discovered the thrill of a tongue salivating in their vagina. Leah taught them how to prolong the ecstasy by slowing their strokes and making their touch much lighter. They experienced the ultimate thrill of having their clit sucked and licked as they had multiple orgasms. The girls were now ready for more exciting times and learning new ways of pleasuring each other throughout the rest of eighth grade, and Leah was equally ready to help them along.
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