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This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre. It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion

Billy Bob Chapter 10 (Conclusion)

The girls were tired of just having sex with each other and with Leah. They wanted to see and play with a penis and to be fucked. Leah had convinced them that boys their age were so inexperienced that they would not be satisfying sexual partners. Discussion had centered on what to do next. Melony told them how great her Sunday afternoons were with her parents and that her father was very caring and sensitive to her needs, suggesting that perhaps a first step should be for them to join in. It was agreed that Barbara and Peggy would come over the next Sunday, but could participate or not as they chose.

I hadn’t been consulted about this arrangement so was surprised when the two young girls (now 14) showed up on Sunday afternoon. I and Leah were nude and Melony had only disrobed down to her panties as the she and her mom were fondling my prick and balls when the knock came at the front door. Melony ran to open it as I tried to pull the sheet up to cover myself and Leah. As the girls came in Leah belatedly began to tell me that the girls wanted to watch and perhaps decide whether to join in with our fun or not. By this time the two girls began to undress and Peggy asked us to just keep going as though they weren’t even there. They wanted to see what sex between a man and a woman was really like.

I had started to lose my erection as a result of this interruption so Leah immediately put her mouth around it and moved her head up and down slowly while her lips squeezed strongly. Melony had removed her panties so the three girls were all naked now. She told them to come closer and observe what her mother was doing. Melony reached under her mother to touch my balls and gently stroke them in time with her mother’s movement. Seeing all of this nubile young flesh, I soon reacted to Leah’s sucking and licking and reached a climax, spewing my cum into Leah’s mouth. She then turned to the three girls and, kissing them, shared it with them equally. Barbara didn’t much like the taste but Peggy thought it was OK.

Leah told the girls that Billy Bob was able to continue sex even though he had just reached a climax, and that was the one of the differences between a mature man and a boy (at least that is what she told them). She then mounted me, slipping my penis into her wet and warm hole, and stroking me with her vaginal muscles. I reached up to massage her breasts but Melony climbed onto the bed and positioned herself over my face so that I could eat her cunt. She faced her mother so that they could fondle each other’s tits and reach down to play with their clits. Melony had a mind-blowing cum drenching my face and Leah clinched her vaginal muscles tightly so that the three of came at the same time.

This arrangement worked very well for the four women but I could read the handwriting on the wall and decided that enough was too much. I had to figure out how to make some changes if I was going to survive. I had two seniors from high school, both on the varsity football team, who were working part time at the garage and who might be willing to help. The problem was how to get them accepted by the four women who seemed happy with the present situation.

That evening I commented to Leah that I had two dumb asses at the garage who were so screwed up about sex that they could hardly get any work done for talking about it, and that they didn’t know anything about what they were talking about. She suggested Dr. Jefferson Clinton but I said “No, he is just too clinical. What they need is some adult to just talk some sense into them, give them a few hints about what girls find attractive.” I let the conversation die there.

On Wednesday night at supper I told Melony that these two yo yos were talking about the girl in her class that she had said was a real slut and were trying to figure out how to fuck her. I asked: “Hadn’t you said to your mom that girl had the clap?” Melony said “Yes, but that shouldn’t be noised around.” I said “That’s too bad. Those boys are good kids I wish I could somehow steer them away from making such bad decisions.” Again I let the conversation drop.

On Sunday after church the four women were again nude, pleasuring themselves with each other and talking about anything and everything. I just sat and listened for a while and drank my beer. It wasn’t too long before Melony said that she knew of a guy who knew nothing about dating girls and she thought he was about to go to a prostitute to relieve himself. She added that was too bad because he was a nice guy. Leah responded that maybe he just needed an adult who could talk some sense into him, maybe even provide some hints on what girls find to be attractive. Barbara and Peggy picked up on that, saying yes, what a great idea, but it has to be an adult who is at ease with teens, someone like Leah. That conversation died too as Melony came to sit on her my lap and Barbara and Peggy were in a 69 with Leah offering helpful suggestions.

That night Leah told me about the conversation that afternoon and what the girls had said and she wondered if the same thing might work with my two buds at the garage. I just said “Maybe.” After a long pause, Leah said “You know I have a pretty good relationship with teens. Do you think that my talking with each of them might be of some help?” I didn’t say anything for a while but then said “I might be able to spare Marc for a little while tomorrow and Randy on Tuesday. They could maybe drive the tow truck out here. Would several hours be enough?” Now Leah was uncertain but decided to try it. The following is what happened the next week as I picked up from Leah’s talking at supper (and what I guessed from what she left out).

Marc showed up at the front door at 10 AM and Leah let him in. He told her that Billy Bob had told him to come talk with her but wasn’t clear on what. Leah asked him if his ancestors were Scottish and when he nodded she told him of the tradition of teaching a 15 year-old boy about sex. He blushed a bit and said his folks hadn’t told him anything about that.

“Well, since we are both descended from Scots I am probably related to you in some way so I am going to remedy that situation. Today is your first lesson so get out of those clothes now.” Leah dropped her dress, stood there fully naked as Marc just gawked. “I said NOW.” She hurried him to undress, unzipped his mechanics coveralls, yanked off his shoes, peeled everything off and, holding his cock, pulled him over to the bed and pushed him down on his back. Marc was helpless. “I’m supposed to teach you how to be considerate and to care for the girl you are bedding, but first I’ll show you how much fun it can be.” Leah just climbed on top, sat down on his stiff prick, and started fucking. “But, but, but you’re my boss’ wife, I’ll get fired.” “Shut up and enjoy. I’ll take care of Billy Bob.”

She leaned over, letting her nipples brush over his lips, and he came the first time without even being aware of it. He was still in shock. Leah, like her mother, liked to face both forward and backward and enjoyed turning around frequently without interrupting the bouncing up and down movements. As she continued vigorously fucking him, she executed one of those twists and Marc had a second orgasm, small but one that he noticed. Now she had his attention and his body reacted naturally as he started humping up to meet her downward thrusts and also reached up to grab both tits. Leah relaxed a little, but didn’t slow down at all, and decided to just enjoy herself. After all, she was helping her husband and one of his employees and deserved some pleasure for all that effort.

After she had a very pleasant and prolonged orgasm she continued sitting astride with his cock buried to it’s limit and started telling him about girls, their bodies, and what they liked. To fully display her pubes she had to lift up off his cock and pull the lips apart; Marc couldn’t quite see so she moved up over his face, opened her lips further to show the entry to her vagina, and then pointed to her clit. She thought that was an opportune position to continue his education and told him to put his tongue on that bud and work it around a little. She would tell him what else to do as they went along.

Marc was late getting back to the station, gave no excuse but just said he was sorry and worked really hard the rest of the day. He hardly said a word to me and avoided eye contact. Same thing with Randy on Tuesday. They both said that Leah had other chores for them to do and Marc was to come on Wednesday and Friday and Randy on Thursday and Saturday. I recognized that each was getting the traditional three days of instruction. It surprised me a little that they didn’t talk to each other about their “chores” with Leah. Each told me privately that Leah asked them to come back on Sunday after church for their payment for doing all of those chores.

As usual, Barbara and Peggy followed us home and started taking off their “Sunday-go-to-meeting” clothes but Leah asked them to stop. She told us that she had a special treat for us today. “You girls remember that I told you one time about the Scottish tradition of initiating young boys to manhood. Well, I’ve been training two young men and today is their graduation day. I’ve asked Melony to help me, because there are two of them, and she has agreed.” Marc and Randy arrived and were surprised at the crowd awaiting them. Leah told them that this was the last day of instruction, that Melony was going to be the other teacher, and that the audience was there to bolster their self confidence and cheer for them.

Both Leah and Melony disrobed and demanded that the boys do the same. They were very hesitant and looked inquiringly to me. I told them to go ahead and Leah and Melony helped them, grabbing their cocks and leading them to the bed. Now I don’t know what Leah and Marc did after that. She had a hot young stud with his prick up her cunt and an audience so she was in her glory. I only had eyes for Melony.

She and Randy were quickly shoved off the bed by the gymnastics of the other pair so she led Randy over to the corner and pulled down our old pallet. I moved around to be able to offer support if needed – well that was my mental excuse anyway. Really I just wanted to watch. I’d never seen my daughter fuck another man or boy so this was a real treat for me. I decided that to completely get pleasure from the show that I needed to be naked. Seeing me strip down, Barbara and Peggy did the same and Peggy came to sit beside me while Barbara leaned on the edge of the bed, absorbed in the action there. Later I was told that Leah invited Barbara to come up on the bed and suck her tits for starters.

Melony’s breasts were standing up in anticipation and her nipples were hard. She too liked to be on top and had Randy tonguing her tits. He was so excited that he immediately reached a climax but Melony continued her slow and even pace as he shot his load up her pussy. Kissing him, letting him suck on her nipples, raising up the full length of his engorged penis and then dropping down, occasionally swinging around to get a few strokes facing his feet and then swinging back, she continued his graduation exercise; it was an exercise too as she showed little drops of perspiration on her brow.

The effect of this show was not lost on Peggy as she massaged one breast and was stroking her clit. I pulled her 14 year-old developing body over to be in front of me, pinched her other nipple, and then lifted her up to sit on my pole. We sat like that for quite a while, both avidly watched Melony and Randy as they were in a continuous state of ecstasy and some of their excitement washed across to us too. I put one finger on Peggy’s clit and just let it barely move in tiny circles. She leaned back, twisting her face around and kissed me, a slow, loving, wet kiss with only a little tongue. My prick jumped in her cunt and she maneuvered somehow to twist around to face me without dislodging by cock from her cunt. That was an incredible acrobatic feat that set my prick on fire.

I laid back and let Peggy have control while I continued to pet her clit and also let my other hand explore her breasts. Peggy was a screamer, so as she got hotter her voice got louder: “That feels good.-- oh that is a good spot -- yes, yes, yes -- I’ve got to do it harder” And then she swung around to face my feet (and also Melony and Randy). With my cock expanding in her and the exciting view in front of her she speeded up and bounced clear off my prick several times but her pussy was so open that it speared right back in when she came down. It didn’t take many more bounces and she started yelling “I’m coming. I’m coming.” And like an echo I could hear Melony whispering “I’m coming too.” Hearing my daughter in her agony of bliss I shot a huge spout of cum up Peggy’s sweet, slippery hole. Peggy wasn’t through so I just lay back letting her continue fucking me and let my mind dream of that time when I could “just spin the basket.”

I was in paradise for a long period of time, enjoying viewing my daughter’s lust and passion, experiencing one delight after another. I wasn’t even paying attention to Peggy when she asked Melony if they could trade partners. Melony asked Randy if that was OK and he got off of her, inviting Peggy to join him. Melony immediately came to me and moved to engulf my prick in her love canal. Now this was the epitome of my happiness, having my 14 year-old daughter sexually all to myself. I wanted to feel her skin against mine so I reached up and gently pulled her face to mine and lovingly kissed her. We exchanged roaming tongues and Frenched for a long time. Her hand sensually crept onto the back on my head and rubbed it while I sucked her lower lip. Our skins were hot. I put my arms around her and squeezed her close. I loved that closeness and the warmth of our embrace. Apparently our sexes agreed as mine twitched and then jumped a few times and became bigger while hers pulsed and massaged the whole length of me. I explored her naked body with sensitive finger tips but couldn’t get to her pussy because we were so locked together. I asked if I could give her pussy some attention now and she obligingly rolled over.

I got between those beautiful legs, approached the Holy Grail, and tasted between her lips. Ambrosia! I repeatedly licked up and down from her clit to her anus and Melony too was now in heaven. She was rubbing and squeezing her tits, tweaking her nipples, and moaning loudly. My tongue entered her vagina and caressed that wonderful cavity. By moving my tongue deeply and slowly and savoring the taste I could prolong my and Melony’s pleasure but only for another 10 minutes or more before she told me, no ordered me, to get on to her clit. After only a dozen strokes of my rough tongue across that hypersensitive organ, she had a powerful orgasm. I quickly moved up to insert my cock into that pulsating hole, moving in until the head was against her womb. I paused for a while to let her lively vagina caress and pump me in delightful ways as she came down and that brought me to the edge. Then I withdrew fully and slammed into her rapidly and repeatedly, fucking her with a strong forceful rhythm and bringing my daughter to another shattering crescendo as I filled her cunt with all of my pent up semen. Buried to the hilt but not moving, embracing her lovely body and holding us tightly together, and with our lips and tongues entwined I continued to passively satisfy and pleasure my daughter and myself as we slowly came down from our highs. We were one in our post-coital contentment.

The End

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2016-11-24 20:18:01
What a wonderful set of stories. Hopefully you will one day return to this site and write another series. Cheers Alex from Auckland New Zealand

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