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Escaping the pain chapter 1: twas the day before Christmas.

Introductions: this is the story of Gustavo and Jose, 2 eleven year old boys living in a despot convent nursing home and the story of their escaping; it is set in a small town in Mexico, let us start with the deion of the boys:

Gustavo "Tavo" was abandoned when baby in a basket in front of the convent, kind of cliche but it happened, the mom was kind enough to leave the birth act, when the police went to confront her she was already dead, her boyfriend beat her till she was dead and Tavo grew up in the nursery, he now was a thin brown skinned, dark haired boy, good in sports, especially running (could say it was essential in that place).

Jose "Pepe" was another tragic story, his folks were not rich but they weren’t poor either, their problem resided in heavy drinking, they'd usually drink and drive but that night the father and mother had drank not enough to pass out but just enough to ignore the red light and stamp them both against that truck, Pepe arrived then at the age of 3 to the convent, he had grown to be a skinny bookworm, he loved to read and was good at remembering the things he read, he once read a first aid book and aided Tavo on a injury, since then they became good friends.

It all started the 24rd of December after years of being insulted, punished and abused severely for several years by the nuns, they had planned to ran away this day because is the one that the nuns were working the most, making punch, cookies, and everything for the great dinner that night and the sales of before new year, the plan was simple, escaping in the afternoon when the nuns baked everything they will go apart from the other boys, go for their backpacks and use a hole in the back wall of the yard.

When this was done, Tavo and Pepe ran as fast as they could, avoiding the streets so no one that could recognize them will see them, then came twilight, around 6 o clock they were far from the convent, near the railroad tracks, they were supposed to wait till midnight in a abandoned lot in a old and forgotten building hoping to catch a train that will get them far away, they knew that in another city, another state, even another country then they will have better chances of getting to another nursery so instead of getting caught they waited checking what they had brought.

--”So Pepe what you got?

--“Cookies, lantern, water, my blanket and my favorite book you?

--“my blanket too, sweet bread, water too, rope not enough to rescue you from a cliff, but maybe to protect mi fist from getting serious damage”

-- “man, I do need to eat ya know?”
--“no we will need it later we shall hide and sleep a little”

--“yeah well we shall see if we can get some”

They put their backpacks as pillows and drifted to that the realm of dreams but something happened they were startled by a sound in the next room a couple of boys were there they did not notice the couple of boys that were on the run, the actions of the new pair became easy to predict.

--“hey did you bring the magazine?”

--yeah and you brought the Vaseline?”

--“better, my dad had this watermelon flavored lubricant”


--“no dude they do exist”

--“well let’s get started then”

--“yeah nice magazine wait why are there girls with dicks there?”

--“they are transsexuals, and let me tell you it took me some guts stealing this”

--“yeah being 12 sucks”

--“let me get my watch out of my wrist”


Was then the moment one of the boys got naked, and squatted in front of the magazine, put some oil in his hands and started touching his now raging boner with his right hand, while the other put his stuff aside he asked “hey rub your hand over my dick so I can turn the pages without damaging the magazine” so did the other boy reached the 5 inch boner of his partner, he rubbed gently the balls following the shaft and the head, soon both boys were slowly masturbating and looking at the different poses men were taking to be penetrated by shemales, the second boy was really getting into it fingering his ass and masturbating his 4.5 inch cock when he came all over the magazine.

--“hey dude it took me a while to get it”

--“(ah ah woah) who the fuck cares we will throw it later no?”

--“think (ah) about the effort”

--“you know I can’t hold it for long, speaking of it”


--“kiss me, god knows I’ve been waiting days for your kiss”

--“come and get it baby”

That is when they kiss with a passion and sensuality, Pepe and Tavo could barely keep their 3 and 3.5 inch boners respectively inside their pants, meanwhile the first 12 year old was rubbing his shaft to his partner he came with a force that could just come from an orgasm, his partner then started licking the cum, eating it with such delight and more because some of the oil was mixed and he loved the flavor, when suddenly one of the wood planks on the next room creaked, this could be bad Tavo and Pepe could not be found If they had to they would fight, the older boys got scared, quickly they took their belongings and dressed while running though they left behind the cream, the magazine and the watch.

--“so tell me Tavo, did you like what WE just saw as I did?”

Before Tavo could answer they heard the sound of the train getting close.

--“shit what time is it?”

--“don’t know wait the watch they left” he got close to it” says 11:43 shit grab everything put the oil in your pack and I will take the rest”

Soon they had their stuff and their new acquisitions, carefully jumped to the train without being seen, and rather than be relieved they kept quiet thinking on the long road ahead when finally Tavo broke the silence.

--“Merry Christmas Pepe”

--“Merry Christmas Tavo”

Escaping the pain chapter 2: the midnight train going anywhere

I know the first story was not good but hey it was my first and I want one with much back story, so here I go again.

12:30 was the number flashing in the watch Tavo picked up, a digital watch that anyone could buy on the street, IF they had the money to do so but this was more or less stolen, and Tavo had barely begun to use it, he could investigate what this thing does later now his mind was flashing the scene that happened earlier that night, those boys touching, rubbing their bodies in such a sensual manner, he had seen the bodies of many boys before but only in the showers of the convent nursery, no this was different he had never thought of that boys could attract him, sexually, he then drifted his sight to Pepe, he remembered when they used to take showers and that hardened his pecker.


“Uuh yeah?”

“You were thinking about it too right?”

“Yeah, maybe we could check that magazine”

“Let us look at it”

The porn magazine, a transsexual one at it, new to the boys, they had picked it up in the heat (maybe I should say Horniness?) of the moment, once it was out of their backpack and went through the pages slowly, quietly, developing each other an erection and a desire none of them had felt before.

“Dude you don’t mind if... I … well”

“It’s all right, I’ll do it too”

Soon the boys had stripped each of their clothes and took the oil that they had scavenged before getting to the train, revealing their slim, in growth bodies.

“So do you want to try anything?”

“Well let me take the lead”


Tavo immediately took position, he laid Pepe on his back and tried the image he had put the magazine where this guy was sucking a tranny’s dick, he closed down his mouth around his friend’s dick, softly wrapping It in his lips, almost as if it was natural he started slowly licking the soft and sensible head making Pepe shudder, putting the length of the pecker deep inside his mouth, up and down, when suddenly Pepe moaned and trembled with pleasure.

Tavo waited till the shudder ended, he knew he had done something good if Pepe was like that, suddenly he looked at another page and without telling he lifted Pepe’s legs and pointed his erection against his butthole and tried to push but it hurt Pepe in the process.

“Hey that hurt”

“Sorry let me just”

He took the oil used it on his pecker and some on Pepe’s anus then he slowly approached and put the tip of his penis in position, slowly rubbed It in circles clockwise, gently pushing the tip inside making his partner shudder in response, it easily slid inside, takings his time, he knew there was no rush, first inch inside and he was already moving his hips in circle making Pepe move to keep his pace synchronizing their movements, allowing to pleasure themselves, getting inside on a pace that keep them on a state of ecstasy they never had felt, now Tavo was speeding up ramming him faster and faster, until he came and both boys let out a loud moan that marked the end of the action.

Both boys fell to the wooden floor exhausted and finally the silence was broken with a simultaneous “I love you” and went to sleep unsure with what laid ahead except for the facts that they loved each other and they will never let themselves be separated from each other.



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I love these stories

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Nice storyline. I rather like the idea.

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