this is the saga of three brothers
This story is for sick people like me. If you read this, YOU, are sick too. So don’t judge me! I’ve left plenty of openings for future chapters. Just let me know if you want more.

This story is a fantasy of mine. It has forced child sex and incest. So if that’s not your thrill, I advise you not to read it. Its my first full, finished story. I will accept all feedback, Good and bad. Enjoy…

Chapter 1: Breaking In Bonnie

Back in may 2003 the youngest of my two brothers and I died in a car wreck. Since im the oldest and I ended up with his 9 year old daughter at my doorstep because her mother was no where to be found.

im a 40yo wm. 6’2”, 230, hairy, beefy, go-t, tattoo’d, self proclaimed blue collar bad boy with a big fat 9x6 fat cut dick made for fucking! My brothers and I are only a year apart each and we all have the same build as our father . The men in my family are all controlling, wild, womanizing and rugged.

All my life ive gotten off on fucking women as hard as I can. that’s what brings me the most pleasure, to use and abuse women holes. Makes me have the greatest orgasms, to see women in pain. What can I say, its what my brothers and I were taught by our father and his brothers.

My brothers and I all had children, girls, by women we were no longer with. They all left us, mostly because of “cheating and beating“! We would go on our hunting trips and talk about how our beautiful and hot our daughters had become. The little teases they were and how messed up it would be to know that some juvenile boys would get to pop our little girls respective cherries if we didn’t get there first.

My deceased brothers daughters name is Bonnie, she’s a sweet looking little girl. The prefect prey. Tall, long brown hair. Deep blue eyes, Skinny long legs. A hot little ass, Flat chest, No tits at all. I saw her a couple times a year when my brothers and I would get together and go on our hunting trips. We would leave our daughters with our only young sister.

When Bonnie arrived at the house, immediately my cock jumped when I saw her in her tight little girl jeans, tank top and pony tails. I could see her nipples poking through her shirt. I knew I wanted her bad. I gave her a big hug, squeezing her close to me and rubbing my hand boldly on her ass and giving it a little squeeze when I was done. Who was she going to tell!

I was on the prowl.

When I would see her come out of the bathroom after taking a bath, She would have a towel wrapped around her little body and my cock would get raging hard as I thought about her naked body laying flat on my bed with me hovering over her, looking at her, knowing Im about to ravage this sweet little virgin tart.

After a couple months I gained her full confidence and I know she felt comfortable. I was grooming her well. She and my daughter got along great. My little girl Suzy was only a year younger and they hung out and went to the same school. My little Suzy was looking hot as hell herself and I have my plans for her as well (But that’s another story).

I just had to wait for the right opportunity to present itself.

One day it did. Im a construction worker and I received a call from the school saying little Bonnie had spilled paint all over her clothes and needed to be picked up. My cock sprang into action and I new I could take advantage of her with my little Suzy still at school.

I hopped in my truck and picked Bonnie up. All the way home talking to her sweet and letting her know I wasn’t mad. All the while I would rub her shoulders, stroke her hair and rub my hand up her leg and thigh. My dick was out of control in my pants. It felt so good. I new I was about to fuck the shit out of her and she had no clue. I felt like an animal stalking its prey.

When we arrived home. I pulled into the garage and told Bonnie to get out first. Then I followed behind her while I watched her sweet ass move back and forth. My cock almost ripping through my pants. As she walked through the laundry room past the washer and dryer I had to hold back my animal instinct to grab her and rape her right then and there. Throw her on the dryer. Rip her pants down. Push aside her little girl panties. Slam my rape stick in the little cunts tight hot hole and pound it while I watch her scream. Then blow a huge load of my seed up her cunt. Hmm, I think I will another day, maybe even later today.

I let Bonnie go to her room and I headed for some smoke to get high. I was going to thoroughly enjoy this. After about 10 minutes I took a deep breath and said to myself “here I go” I could feel the excitement building in my body. it’s a level of euphoria that cant be explained. Only experienced. I was like a junkie going for a fix.

I walked into Bonnie’s room and she was standing at the foot of her bed zipping up a little skirt ive seen her wear a few times before. It shows her long legs quit nice. I had no intention of going easy on her.

I walked over to her taking off my shirt, exposing my broad hairy chest and a bit of a beer belly and I said to her “Bonnie, sweetheart, you know your not my real daughter and I don’t have to take care of you. I work hard and It takes money to feed and shelter you” she looked at me with her deep blue eyes and said “ yes , I know, uncle Rick” . then I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back onto the bed, falling on top of her. Forcing my body weight onto her. I was grinding my hard-on all over skirt through my pants. Dry humping her, I kissed her sweet smelling ear and said to her in my deep controlling voice “im the only person that will take care of you” kissing her ear and breathing into it “without me you’ll be living out in the cold with no where to sleep” as im kissing her neck her smell is driving me crazy, im taking her all in. she said in a confused voice, on the verge of panic. “what do you want me to do uncle Rick”.

I was molesting her body with my rough construction hands and told her “I want you to take care of my needs and im going to show you what I mean, im going to make you a woman today, your days of being a little girl are over. Your going to be my personal whore” I looked into her horrified eyes, holding her firmly by both shoulders and said “listen to me, if you ever tell anyone about this ill beat the shit out of you and keep you locked in the basement and feed you dog food bitch”, witch wasn’t a bad sounding idea to me. She just looked at me in a full panic state and said “ill do what you want, just please don’t hurt me, please” and she started to cry. This only fueled my passion for her and made me happy.

I reached down with my left hand and unzipped her skirt while my right hand was on top of her head. I pushed up her skirt around her waist and pushed her little panties aside with my middle finger. I just laid there on top of her for a moment in a trance, holding myself up with my hands on the bed on both sides of her. looking at her bald little 9 year old cunt.

Next I reached for my dick to finally release it from my 501s. I never wear underwear. What’s the point. Its easier to piss and jerk-off. I got my cock out and rested it on her virgin pussy lips. What a feeling. I moaned “ahhhhh” I rubbed my cock back and forth all over her little pussy lips. Soon her cunt was all lubed up from my tons of pre cum.

Then I looked at her tear filled face and kissed her mouth deep and hard. My tongue probed deep in her sweet youthful mouth. Her spit tasted heavenly. Her mouth soft and velvety. She could hardly breath form all her sobbing and crying. A few times I kept my mouth locked on hers till she would start to really squirm and kick in panic for breath. I would lift my head up while holding her mouth open and spit into it while she would gasp for that breath and then she would spit and choke it back up. I love doing that, Its so degrading. I explored her mouth fully and licked her face all over. The taste her tears were intoxicating. I was in total control.

I kissed, petted, squeezed and played torture games with my victim for about a half hour. I would put her in a bear hug and squeeze so tight she couldn’t breath. Id do the same thing to her sweet neck with both hands until she would start to turn blue. I pushed up her shirt to nibble on her nipples. I really just wanted to bit em off . I held myself back, but boy did she cry out in pain. All for my pleasure. This was living.

I couldn’t take it any more. I had to fuck the little bitch. I had almost blew my load a few times already but im a master at holding off. I get no better feeling than to force a woman, or in this case, a little girl, to get fucked.

I stood on the floor at the edge of the bed and grabbed Bonnie legs, quickly sliding her all the way to me until her little cunt was up against my dick and balls. She was crying “nooo” “nooo” “please, nooo“. I back handed her hard and she really broke out crying. That did it! Time to rape! Holding both her ankles together above her head with my left hand, I grabbed my giant throbbing leaking cock and rested it right at her virgin entrance.

Her head was turned to one side so I yelled in a deep evil voice “look at me”, and when she did, I looked right in her eyes and said “im gonna break you Bonnie” and jammed my cock about 2 or 3 inches into her. At that euphoric moment I felt her virgin walls tear and squeeze around my rape pole. She was so small it hurt my cock. Her blood adding to lube up her violated pussy. I was now at the door of her hymen. The flood gates of endorphins kept pouring out in my brain taking me to a level never felt before.

I was still looking into her pain and tear filled eyes when I pulled back to just leave the head of my dick in her. Then I slammed as hard as I could and busted the fuck out of her virgin door. Her stomach arched up. Her arms and legs started kicking and flailing all over. She could barley scream out through her crying “take it out it hurts” “stop, it hurts” “I have to go pee” The pain in her eyes was so wonderful.

I sank my cock in her as far as I could without feeling like her cunt would squeeze it right off. It hurt so wonderful. Suddenly I knew what was going to happen. I pushed in and pulled out. Leaving the head of my cock inside her. I did that about three times then sank my cock as far as I could, witch was about 6 of my 9 inches. In slow motion, I felt the beginning of what was to be the most awesome orgasm ever.

I became washed with the most intense pleasure. I was totally unaware of Bonnie and didn’t care about her. My cock felt like fireworks were going off all around it. My cum was pumping into her in what seemed like buckets. I pushed and pushed. Taking in every second of the euphoric pleasure I was experiencing. I became aware I was yelling “ahhh” “ahhhhhh” “AHHHHHH”

Then I collapsed on top of Bonnie and put my arms under her to wrap her in a full embrace. Squeezing her hard I was still in the middle of my orgasm. Growling now, my face pressed against hers. Kissing her young mouth full and deep. My cum still pumping in her.

As I felt my orgasm subside, I stayed on top of, and inside Bonnie for what must have been at least 10 minutes. I was panting real hard into her ear, kissing her mouth, nibbling and feeling her body squished under my big hairy frame. trying to catch my breath, I could tell she was trying to catch her breath too. My cock stayed rock hard the whole time.

I was rocking around on top of her. Feeling inside of her. My cum mixed with her blood. I was still in a full state of intense sexual arousal. No way I was done yet! I had plenty of time and I knew this was just the beginning.

As I continued my assault on the sweet little virgin I was acutely aware of all the amplified sounds that bonnie and I were making. The bed was squeaking. She was sobbing, panting for air. My kissing sounds.

Then I reluctantly pulled my fuck pole out of her and it came out with a loud plop. Then I wiped all her snot and spit with my hand that had accumulated on her face, mixed it with more of my spit, rubbed it all over my cock and slid it back into Bonnie real slow so I could feel every bit of her cunt.

I continued my assault on this innocent little thing smothered beneath me. Her cunt ripping, bleeding and throbbing all around my dick.

“mmmmm, you fuckin bitch, you feel soooooo good”. “im going to fuck you for the rest of your life, ahhhhh yeah” was all I could say as I really started to invade the little tramp. I was really tearing her up when I grabbed the back of her neck to lift her head so she could see the rape as it was happening.

“look at, ohhhh, my big cock, ohhhh, fucking your pussy, ohhhh honey baby“. “it’s the first cock, mmmmm yeah, to fuck your cunt”. she was still trying to catch her breath as the pain I brought her would not go away. The sound of my balls slapping her ass was blissful. I still wasn’t able to get fully in her bald cunt but I wasn’t worried. Id get there. I felt so proud of myself I was ready to blow another huge load deep in my new fuck doll. But I wanted to hold off a bit longer. I was in ecstasy.

I fucked and pushed my cock in that little bitch for at least 5 minutes before I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer., witch is longer than the three pumps I got the first assault!

I lifted myself up again off bonnie to look down upon my victim. I was plowing her harder and harder. Admiring my work in progress . Her sobbing, crying, screaming, pleading mixing with my moans and groans and verbal assault. Her beautiful young body, writhing in pain. It was more than I could take.

I felt another glorious orgasm bubbling to the surface of my balls. I started screaming “aaahhhhhAAAAHHHH” “you fuckin whore” “ohhhOOHHHH” I burried my cock all the way to her cervix and stay there to feel my cum shoot through my dick and pump right on the door of her womb. It was glorious. I might have blacked out because I came to still screaming laying flat on top of her. I said “whew, that orgasm was better than the first“.

I looked at bonnie and she had passed out. I slapped her a couple times with my cock still buried deep in her. She quickly became aware of the situation and started crying again.
I pulled out of her real fast and she almost passed out again from the pain. I laughed. She was still crying so I gave her another backhand to the face and told her it was over for now and to go get in the tub for a bath. She sobbed “okay”.

“but first, you gotta clean me up whore”. I climbed up on her real fast with my big body crushing her chest and yelled at her “YOU GONNA SUCK MY COCK CLEAN BITCH”. she had no breath to answer me with. She just shook her head up and down. “good girl” “now be a good doggie and lap it all up” I eased up the pressure on her chest so she could breath and told her to stick out her tongue. When she did I rubbed my cock all over it and then stuffed my whole cockhead in her tiny mouth. Then I used all my weight and forced my dick all the way in her mouth. Then I said “one, two, three” and slammed it down her throat.

I groaned out loud. It felt so good. I just kept my dick buried down her tight virgin throat. I just ignored the fact that bonnie was gagging and jerking in spasms for air. She was throwing up all over my cock. I was on a roll. I yanked my cock up and out of her mouth and let it hover just above her mouth while she gasped for a breath of air. Then I yelled “HERE WE GO” and jammed my cock all the way down Bonnies little whore throat and blew another load down to her stomach. I was having so much fun.

I slid my dick slowly out of her mouth. She was desperately gasping for air. then I rubbed my balls and cock all over her pretty face. The spit and bile that she threw up made her face shiny. I gazed at her face. I was proud of my work. I told her to get up and get cleaned.

She picked up her hair brush while heading to the bathroom and I said “no”. she turned around and looked at me and said “huh”. I jumped up off the bed and walked toward her with a real menacing look that made her cower from me.

I grabbed her arm and yanked her to me and she started bawling and went to the floor saying “why are you doing this to me”. I let go of her arm and grabbed a lock of her hair and yanked her back to her feet yelling in her face “STAND UP CUNT”, “STAND UP BITCH“.

I said to her, “the new house rules for you are this” “always call me uncle Rick“, it turned me on. “you don’t do anything without asking me first” “nothing, zip, nada” “you don’t get to even brush your hair without asking me” “you’ll learn as we go on whore” “you’re my little cum bucket now. that’s the first thing you need to remember” “do as I say and I might treat you nice“. “now go take a bath” as I patted her head like a dog and slapped her ass. She said “okay”. I slapped the back of her head making her go forward and said “what did you say”. she said very quickly “yes, uncle Rick”. I wanted to go and rest up for the next round. I already blew three loads inside 2 hours. A new record for me.


As she walked away with her head down and her ass there for me to do as I like, my cock started twitching and I started to walk toward the bathroom wondering to myself, “its going to be so much fun getting my fat dick up that tight little virgin ass” “how long am I going to last this time and what fun new trick will I try on my secret little sex toy, here for me to use and abuse“………

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