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Jenny is asked to help a few football friends blow off some stress before the game
Jenny had just walked into the coffee shop parking lot and looked at her reflection through the window. She quickly reapplied her red lipstick and pulled her long, dark hair into her ponytail. She was getting ready to meet one of the guys from her high school football team. Kevin has called her unexpectedly a few nights ago and asked her to meet him at the local coffee shop alone. Jenny couldn’t figure out why someone like Kevin would want to meet her or why she had agreed to meet him here. Kevin and Jenny had never really gotten along at school, and she always thought his friends were jerks but she decided that everyone needed a chance and walked in to the shop.
She glanced around and saw that Kevin was sitting at a small table near the side entrance. He smiled and waved when he saw her and motioned for her to come over. Jenny batted her green eyes and flashed Kevin her best smile that she could come up with. She walked over to him and sat down. “Hey Jenny” Kevin started. “I just want to get right to the point tonight. I know that we haven’t really talked at school and all but I was thinking that you might be able to help me out a bit”.
“Depends. What do you need help with Kevin?” She asked wiping the smile off of her face.
“Well, you see. I’ve heard these rumours around school that you’re turning into quite the little slut.” He said. Jenny sat there, unsure of what to say. So what if she had fooled around with a few guys after the homecoming dance? She was a hot junior and she knew it. She had decided to take advantage of that fact. “I’ve decided that I need some help... blowing off some stress before the big game tomorrow.”
“Sorry Kevin, not interested” she said as she got up from the table and started to walk away. “Thanks for the offer though. Good luck with your game.” Jenny was pissed as she walked out the door. She heard Kevin get up and walk after her. “Jenny wait!” he called. Jenny had left through the side door of the coffee shop and was starting to cut through the back parking lot to go towards home when she heard Kevin’s cube van race towards her.
He screeched to a halt. “You don’t get a choice with this bitch.” He said. Jenny stopped and was about to say something when the side door of the van opened and four of Kevin’s friends jumped out. The quickly grabbed her and pulled her into the van and shut the door. Jenny started kicking and screaming but it was no use. Brian, Drew, Adam and Matt were so big compared to her petite size that she had no fighting chance.
Brian grabbed her hands and pinned her on her back on the floor. He sat across her mid section and pinned her arms beneath his knees. He started to undo the zipper on his jeans. “I need some stress blown off too” Brian said. He pulled his half-limp cock out of his boxers and shoved it in Jenny’s face. “Suck it slut” he said. Jenny violently shook her head but Brian did not let up. Drew put his hand over Jenny’s nose and after a few seconds she opened her mouth to suck in the air. As soon as she opened her mouth, Brian shoved his cock in as far as he could. She could feel him getting bigger as he started to fuck her in the mouth. She had no choice but to take it. As Brian’s cock was in her mouth, she felt Adam start to pull down her pants. “This is going to be fun.” Adam said to Matt. She could feel their cold hands running up her legs, towards her small, shaved pussy. “Good little slut shaved just for us.” Adam said as he ripped her panties from her body. Jenny wanted to cry out but could not move. She could feel someone’s hot breath getting closer to her clit.
“Oh my God, this little slut is going to make me cum!” Brian groaned. Just then, Jenny could feel his balls start to pulse against her face and felt the warm juice flow down her throat. “Take it all” Brian said, emptying his load into her mouth. Jenny had no choice but to swallow as Brian finished his load. “Good slut” he said. Brian moved from her midsection and sat up by her head. He maintained control of her hands. “Now watch them” he said. Jenny had almost forgotten that Adam, Matt and Drew were near her naked pussy. She realized that Adam was staring with a wild hunger in his eyes. “Do it Adam!” Kevin called from the front seat. He had been sitting there the whole time, watching everything unfold in the back of the van.
Adam undid his pants and slowly moved on top of Jenny. Again Jenny tried to move but she was unable to. Adam took his hardened cock and shoved it hard into Jenny’s pussy. She screamed at the force that Adam had used. Adam didn’t seem to care as he fucked Jenny hard and fast. She could feel his balls slapping off of her with every thrust and could feel as her body started to betray her. She slowly started to match the rhythm that Adam was pounding her. Brian let go of one of her hands and she grabbed Adam closer to her. “I’m cumming!” Adam shouted. His body tensed and he released his load deep into Jenny’s pussy. Jenny could feel the warm cum trickling out of her pussy when Adam pulled out. He moved to her head and shoved his limp cock into her face. “Clean it slut.” He said, “You know you want to, you dirty whore”. Jenny obeyed and opened her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft of Adam’s limp dick and cleaned her own juices off of him. She sucked the tip and made sure that every last drop of cum was out of him.
“My turn” Drew said. He had already taken off his pants and boxers while Adam was fucking Jenny. Drew had a massive size cock that was about 11 inches long and about 4 around. He sat down on his knees and pulled Jenny on top of him. Jenny straddled Drew and hovered a few inches above his cock. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down hard. His cock drove deep into her pussy that was still wet from Adam. Jenny let out a moan and started riding Drew. He pumped his hips to hers. She could feel his large cock rubbing against every inch of her insides and knew that she was going to have an orgasm. Her breathing rapidly changed and she let out a loud moan. Drew quickly forced Jenny to stand up. He positioned himself with his face under her dripping cunt and she started to cum. Drew lapped it up and sucked her lips as she came over his face. When she had finished, he dropped back to his knees and pulled her on top of him again. He shoved his cock back into her sopping wet cunt. “Oh God Drew!” Jenny said. Drew began to pump her.
Matt stood beside where Jenny and Drew were fucking. He had pulled his cock out of his pants and was waiving it in Jenny’s face. “Suck Matt good Jenny” Kevin said from the front seat. She opened her eyes and could see that Kevin had taken his dick out of his pants and was slowly stroking it as he was watching the action in the back seat. Jenny turned and looked at Matt’s cock. She opened her mouth and began to suck the head. Matt grabbed Jenny’s ponytail and shoved his cock deep down into her mouth and down her throat. He took total control of the situation and Jenny allowed him to. All of a sudden she felt Drew’s cock explode all over her insides. With the force of Drew’s orgasm and the situation with Matt, Jenny came with Drew. “Fuck Jenny!” Drew said in ecstasy. He picked Jenny up off of him and sat her directly in front of Matt so he could continue to fuck her face. Jenny looked up at Matt and pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Cum for me Matt” she said. “I want to eat your cum”. Matt took control of her and pumped a few more times into her mouth before he started to tense up. Jenny began to moan against his shaft. The vibration from Jenny’s moan sent Matt over the edge and he came into her mouth. Jenny swallowed every last drop.
When Matt was finished he took himself out of Jenny’s mouth and got himself dressed. Jenny looked around and noticed that the three other boys were already dressed. Kevin was still in the front seat watching her. Jenny became very self conscious about what had just taken place. The four boys in the back with her were quiet and smiling to themselves. “Your fun is done and over with, now beat it.” Kevin said to his friends. The four boys looked up surprised and quietly left the van. Jenny could hear their voices slowly fading as they walked away talking. Kevin stayed put in the front seat, watching Jenny from his rear view mirror. Jenny looked around for her pants. “Don’t bother getting dressed” Kevin said. “I haven’t had my fun just yet”. Jenny nervously sat on the floor of the van, unsure of what to do. Neither one spoke for a few minutes. Kevin finally broke the silence. “I told you you were a little slut.” “Kevin, I...” Jenny began but Kevin cut her off. “Don’t bother making excuses Jenny. Just agree and I’ll try to be nice to you.” With that, Kevin climbed into the back seat. His cock now fully erect and hanging out of his pants, he started making his way to her. Jenny slowly started to back up but it was no use. She only managed to corner herself. Kevin dropped to the floor and started to crawl towards her. Jenny suddenly began to feel scared. “Kevin, please.” She begged. “Please don’t.” Kevin only smiled and a wild look flashed in his eyes. “What do you expect Jenny?” He asked. “You tell me flat out that you don’t want to fuck me, but you come into my van and fuck my friends. And the entire time, I watched you never once invited me to join in your little fun. I only had myself up in the front seat. Jenny, a good little girl would have been nice enough to invite me to join. But a bad dirty slut like you....” Kevin was inches away from Jenny’s face. “A bad little slut like you, you’re nothing but a fucking cock tease”. With that, Kevin reached out and grabbed Jenny’s ponytail. “You need to be punished.” Kevin, not releasing Jenny’ hair, leaned over and grabbed a duffle bag from the corner of the van. He made his way to the side door of the van and pulled Jenny along with him. He opened the van. It was now getting dark outside but the back of the parking lot made it seem much later than it actually was. Kevin hopped out of the van and Jenny followed. He walked over to a picnic table that was half concealed in the bushes and threw Jenny down. She cried out in protest but Kevin forcefully put his hand over her mouth. He reached into the duffle bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He quickly grabbed her arms and cuffed her belly down to the table. He reached into his bag and pulled out a gag. He strapped that to her head. Now that he had both hands free and Jenny secured to the table, he could work much faster. He pulled Jenny back so that her ass was as the edge of the table. Jenny tried to turn to see what Kevin was doing but was unable to turn her head that far. Tears were slowly starting to stream down Jenny’s face. Jenny could head Kevin rummaging around in his bag and knew that he was bringing more items out but had no clue what they could be. Jenny felt something cold push up against her pussy. “Take it Jenny, take it all” Kevin said as he started to push a metal vibrator into her pussy. Jenny started to scream but no sound came out against the gag in her mouth. She felt like she was going to be ripped in two. The vibrator began buzzing as Kevin slowly pushed the six inch wide toy into her. Kevin finally stopped pushing once the toy was in eight inches deep. “We’re not done yet slut” Kevin said. With that, Kevin slapped a horsewhip down against her ass cheek. Again, tears sprang to Jenny’s eyes. Kevin began to run his hands over Jenny’s ass. She squirmed to make him stop but he was relentless. Jenny felt him run a finger over her ass hole. “Jenny, have you had your ass cherry taken?” Kevin asked. Jenny panicked. She shook her head no hoping that Kevin would move on. He did not. She felt Kevin spread her ass cheeks apart and felt the wonderful sensation of his tongue flick over her hole. Jenny shivered and the vibrator in her pussy started to slip out. “Jenny, I told you to take it!” Kevin said angrily. He shoved it back into place. “Don’t disappoint me again”. Kevin went back to her ass. He began alternating between a quick flick of the tongue and a small probe with his finger. Jenny couldn’t believe that something like this would feel so amazing. She could feel herself getting wet against the monster vibrator. Her lubricant made the vibrator slip out of place again. “Jenny!” Kevin said. “The dirty slut is disobeying me. I’ve tried to be nice but I can’t anymore. You’re a cock tease lying half naked against this picnic table, letting the vibrator fuck you and I can tell that you like it.” He ran his finger over her pussy lips to gather up some of her juices and walked around to the front of the table. He licked her juice from his finger. “Are you ready Jenny?” Kevin asked. He slapped her ass again with the horsewhip and walked around behind her. He grabbed her hips and, without lubricant, shoved his fully erect cock deep into her ass. The force made the vibrator fall out of her pussy. He slapped her ass again and she jumped as far forward as she could. Kevin forcefully started to fuck her in the ass. Her muscles were tight around his cock and he knew he wasn’t going to last long in her. He continued to pump in and out of her ass as she tried to move away from each thrust. Kevin grabbed hold of her hips and slammed her body against his as he finally released his cum deep into her ass. Tears were streaming down her face now as she sobbed from the assault that Kevin had done to her body. He removed his now limp cock from her ass and walked around to face her. “Clean it” he said, removing the ball from the gag. He placed his cock up to the hole in the gag and pushed it through. He began to fuck her mouth. She could feel that he was starting to get worked up again as his cock became erect. He let out a loan moan, pulled his cock from the gag and came over Jenny’s unsuspecting face. Kevin stood there laughing at the sight of Jenny. He walked around the table, reached into the duffle bag again and pulled out a camera. He walked to the front of the table and stood before Jenny. “Look at the camera slut” he said. She cried as he took a picture of her half naked abused body, lying against the table with the gag in her mouth. Every inch of her body was tired and sore and she really wanted to go home. Kevin put his items back into his duffle bag and undid the handcuffs. He picked up Jenny’s petite body and threw her into the back of the van. He picked up her clothes and threw them in her face.
“Next time, I ask a dirty slut like you to fuck me before a game I expect the answer to be yes.” Jenny nodded to Kevin as he slammed the door shut. Jenny put her pants back on and sat, wrapping her arms around her legs. Kevin drove Jenny to the corner of her street. He opened the van door for her and pulled her out of the van. “Jenny, don’t tell anyone about this because no one will believe a slut like you. Also,” he threw a sheet of paper at Jenny. “Here’s the football schedule for the season. Be ready for tomorrow night. I have another game coming up in two days that I need to blow off a little stress for.”

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That's raelly shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

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