This is one of thee "hottest" stories I have ever read.It is about how a young mother and her lust driven relationship with her 15 year old daughter and her willingness to share her with her husband. As it comes to light that this mid thirties couple oftn indulged in hot sex with lots of young girls. It is a true story written in part by both the mother and her daughter.Sit back and do up your seatbelts cause this one is long but ooohhhhso worth the read
Chapter 1

It all actually started with Ashley when she was 14. She had come to visit Robert and I for the weekend, and found one of our "18eighteen" magazines that I had accidentally left in the bathroom downstairs. We had always put our sex life on hold when she came to visit. This included our nude tanning in the hot California sun as well as our 3X weekly 3somes with 18 to 20 year old girls. (on a sidenote, we had been having 3somes since we started dating) At any rate, when Ashley came to visit us from her father's, we kept everything hidden from her. She was not allowed in our bedroom where our MASSIVE "young" (but legal) porn movies and magazines were. I don't remember WHY the magazine Ashley found was in the bathroom, but it was. Ashley walked out of the bathroom with it in her hands, plopped down on the couch next to me and started thumbing through it. I was more than a little mortified, and almost literally crapped myself! My horror changed though as Ashley merely said, "Wow Mom, these girls are CUTE!" Then added, that some of the models LOOKED younger than she actually was. She asked if that was "what we were into", and I hesitantly nodded. Then she handed the magazine to me and changed the channel on the TV as if nothing had happened. That was it for that weekend.

This next part is going to SEEM like pure fiction, but I swear it's the full 100% TRUTH.

A couple months later, after driving 3 hours to pick her up, we pulled into the driveway of my ex's house. It had been a long bring drive and Robert and I had been "playing" with each other for the better part of the trip. I was still blowing him as he fingered me under my short skirt, and he told me that we were there and that we needed to stop, but I raised my mouth just long enough to tell him to just keep his eye on the front door, and that I would be done in a minute or so...he was so close. Not more than a minute later after I had resumed sucking him, we were both startled by Ashley's head coming through the driver's side window. "SURPRISE!!!", Ashley yelled. The next events all happened at the same time, and only took a matter of seconds. I whipped my head up, probably missing my young daughter's nose by a centimeter or so. "Ashley!!!???!!!" I shouted. Although my mouth was off him, my hand for whatever reason, still continued to stroke him, and it was THEN that he "decided" to cum. Let me add that he was more than VERY well endowed. 10 1/2" well endowed to be exact, so by the time he started cumming, Ashley's head and upper torso were fully inside the car, with her face directly over his shooting cock, and due to his length, not a few feet over his cock but well under an inch or two. Whatever the distance, the young teen took her stepfather's load all over her face and hair and IN her mouth. (In fact, the majority of his cum went DIRECTLY into her open mouth) My husband NEVER came "just a little", and that day was absolutely NO exception. As I continued absentmindedly stroking his wet hardon, he shot at least 6 or 7 long streams of hot cum all over the girl's face. A Peter North worthy competitor to be sure, and even after I let go, his cock continued to spasm and he shot 2 or 3 more times. (Remember that everything took place simultaneously) Ashley yelped in surprise.

When it was all said and done, I managed to push my daughter's head out of the car...WAY too late, of course. Robert was putting his cock back into his shorts as I was pushing his hand out from under my skirt, and opening my door. None of us speaking a word.
After I got out of the car, I looked at Ashley. She looked like a glazed donut. Although the minority of my husband's thick cum had went on her face, it (her face) was still plastered with his load. Cum dripped from her nose, lips and chin, and clung to her hair in thick gobs. As Robert was still in the car adjusting himself, I was the only one that saw and heard Ashley slurp the cum that was leaking from her too young mouth back inside, and then SWALLOW it! She then proceeded to clean her face with her fingers by "scooping" his entire load from her face into her mouth. She swallowed again. "Ash..." was all I could manage to say, and it was a mere whisper...barely audible to even myself. As my husband opened his door, Ashley started laughing. Uncontrollably laughing her ass off. Side splitting, tears coming out of your eyes, doubled over laughing. Almost falling to the ground laughing. I walked around the car and put my arms around her whispering my apologizing over and over. She pushed me away, shaking her head as she continued to laugh hysterically. Robert just stood there too mortified at what had just happened to even open his mouth, much less speak. He had gone quite literally from darkly tanned to pale, and he looked like he was going to pass out. The passing out part was probably due to the fact that there was little blood supply going to his was all still in his cock! He REALLY needed to start wearing underwear as the thin loose shorts were very inefficient at hiding his 10 1/2 inch hardon, that was still throbbing under his shorts. I know it was literally throbbing because my attention was directed at it. And so was Ashley's attention, her eyes glued to his short being pushed out obscenely. She stopped laughing after a minute or so, and after wiping her eyes, she said "It's okay".

Robert finally managed to squeek "I'm so sorry, Ash", and the girl repeated herself as she whispered "It's okay" again. What happened next still shocks us to this day (well, just ME now I guess) Ashley walked over to my husband as she told him to calm down, repeating over and over "It's okay...It's okay" Standing in front of him, she reached down the front of his shorts and with her small hand INSIDE his shorts, the young girl adjusted his hardon so it was flat against his stomach. Her hand lingered wrapped around his throbbing cock for a few seconds, then she withdrew it, and wrapping her arms around him, she hugged him tight. The reason she had adjusted his hardon was obvious...she didn't want it poking her in the stomach as she pressed herself against him. The hug was short, and just before she let go, she stood on her tiptoes and whispered something into his ear, then after kissing his cheek, she pecked him ever so VERY LIGHTLY on the lips.

She backed away from him, and the second she did so, his cock sprang back to where it was before my 15 year old daughter had put her hand down his shorts. Did I mention it was her 15th Birthday? (No I didn't, because it would ruin the story "flow")

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!", Ashley exclaimed. She started giggling, then came over to me and hugged me even tighter than she had hugged Robert. (She is MY daughter after all!) She then whispered the same thing she had whispered into her Stepfather's ear "It's okay"...the same thing that she had been repeating for the past couple minutes. Then kissed me on the lips as well (her breath a mixture of my husband's cum and girl cum), then after stepping away from me, she proceeded to ask what else we had gotten her for her birthday.

Now...what I just spent the past half hour or so typing (I'm a SLOW typer!) from start to her asking what else we had gotten her for her Birthday took place in less than 3 minutes. With Ashley standing in front of us awaiting our answer about her Birthday present, I'll take a brief moment and describe her. Best summed up, she looked like one of those Japanese lolicon cartoon girls with outrageously huge tits for her petite frame. At barely 5 feet tall, and around 90 pounds, the girl's tits were the size of very large Cantaloupe melons, and just as round and firm. The thin white half shirt she was wearing that fateful day did as much good at hiding the two PERFECT globes, as my husband's thin shorts hid his hardon. They seemed to have a life of their own, with very dark nipples the size of grapes, sitting high on top. so high, that all the young teen had to do was lower her head to take one of them into her mouth. I know, because I have seen her do this...but I'm getting WAY ahead of myself.

The girl's tight ass was as small as her tits were large. That is the best way I can say that both her tits and ass were the same size, with her ass being just as round, firm, and tight as her perfect breasts. In a word, her entire body WAS PERFECT. Being half Mexican (her father) she had perfect light brown skin, and beautiful dark brown eyes, and long slightly reddish brown hair that almost reached the top of her perfect "bubbled" ass. Her face in a different word was (and still is) cute. Better word would be "Angelic", but she's MY daughter, so that may be just slightly prejudiced

Moving on...

After my husband and I finally managed to compose ourselves to almost the level of coolness about the whole "incident" that Ashley was, she told us that she had been across the street at a friends house where she had been "playing" when she saw our car pull into the driveway. She had merely wanted to surprise us, and SHE had been the one to receive the biggest surprise of her life so far. She said the word "playing" with a slight smile and gleam in her eye, and I knew then and there WHY her breath had smelled the way it had when she pecked me on the lips only moments earlier.

We told her that her "other presents" were at our house, then we waited outside as she went into her house to get her bag. She came out several minutes later, apologizing that she had taken so long because she "somehow felt she needed a shower for some reason!" She said it exactly that way...the exclaimation point at the end of the sentence. She hadn't bothered changing her clothes, and even more importantly, she hadn't even bothered to dry herself, and the thin white material of her homemade cutoff shirt clung to her still wet body. The bottom of her large breasts were entirely exposed, revealing drops of water still clinging to her tan skin, and her overly large dark nipples almost the size of my thumb were not even slightly concealed by the wet fabric. She had changed out of her shorts though...but into an extremely too short skirt that barely stopped just below the bottom of her perfect ass. As I watched my daughter walk to the car, I was suddenly aware that my pussy was wet. Not just STILL wet from Robert's fingering, but wet AGAIN, and this confused me.

THAT day was THE defining day of my descent into depravity. As my 15 year old DAUGHTER (my FLESH and BLOOD) got into the backseat on my side of the car I did not only notice that she wasn't wearing any panties, I also noticed that her pussy was swollen and not just very wet from her recent shower. As she took her sweet time getting into the car, she turned around to look at me for a second, and flat out busted me staring at her young pussy. She smiled at me, and in that instant, my pussy flooded. I didn't exactly orgasm, but my pussy became so wet that it started leaking down my leg. If I said Ashley didn't notice, it would be a flat out LIE, and after she got seated and before I could close the door, my daughter mouthed to me "You're leaking mommy", then as if her noticing wasn't enough, the girl ran her fingers up the inside of my thigh to just below my short hemline, then wiped her fingers on her short skirt. I just closed the door and got into the car.

Chapter 2

The 3 hour drive back home seemed to take forever. None of us spoke as we drove, and other than the low radio volume, the only noise was that of the tires on the freeway. Ashley was laying on her right side in the backseat, asleep within 10 minutes of us pulling out of the driveway. My husband and I both lost in our own thoughts, both just as depraved as the other's.

I thought about my sudden unexplained feelings toward my own daughter, and I had to admit to myself that I wasn't as horrified at what had happened anymore than I was when it was happening. In retrospect, it was a huge turn on as I sat helplessly watching my husband shoot load after thick load of hot cum into my too young daughter's mouth and all over her face...his pulsating cock less than an inch or two from her beautiful face. My pussy was still leaking as I replayed the scene in my mind, but as turned on as I was at the whole thing, I was more mortified at my thoughts. The girl was only of TODAY...only 15. That meant that yesterday she had only been 14. Too young. Way too young, right?

I could take up a couple pages of how we had arrived at our current "lifestyle", but this story isn't about all that. Suffice to say, our relationship was heavily based on sex. I don't mean to brag, just stating the facts as they are, I had (and have) NO problems picking up girls. A couple minutes of small talk, and I can get any girl into bed. I repeat...I can get ANY girl into bed...literally.

My husband and I had been having 3somes with 18 to 20 year old girls on a weekly basis before we even got engaged. I was the one that had turned HIM on to teens. I had been the one with the large "young teen" porn collection when we first started dating, not him. His "porn" when we met consisted of a couple Hustler magazines, but mostly Playboy and Penthouse...not what I even really considered to be porn, and nothing even remotely close to MY collection of legal, but very much "Jailbait" LOOKING girls. He was shocked beyond words when I "introduced" him to my collection and having sex with girls that looked like they were still in their Sophmore/Junior year of High School, and to say that he was hesitant would be a huge understatement. On only our third date, I picked up a girl that LOOKED like she had barely turned 14, and we fucked her for hours.

But Ashley didn't just look 14 or 15...she WAS 15. As of today 15. Fantasy was fantasy, and better off left at fantasy, right? I mean, for the past "few" years when we had our 3somes, we NEVER thought of the girls as 18 year old girls. We always, in our minds, were fucking the age they LOOKED. No harm in that, right? But on top of Ashley BEING the age we fantasized about, she was my daughter.

So there I was riding in the car on the way home, reflecting on the past and present at the same time, when I heard Ashley moan in her sleep. I turned around in time to see her roll onto her back, and when she did, the short skirt rode up around her waist. Her bald pussy was as tan as the rest of her. She opened her eyes, smiled sweetly at me, then went back to sleep. I wanted to nudge my husband and motion for him to adjust his mirror, but I wanted to arrive home SAFELY!

Robert was lost in his own thoughts, but they were the same exact ones as mine, as he told me later. He was embarrassed as all Hell at the "incident" (to this day, it is still referred to as "The Incident!) , but at the same he was extremely turned on. His hardon had subsided, but only slightly. It still twitched at the though of cumming all over his just turned 15 year old step daughter's face, and in her young mouth. He was going to both Hell AND jail for what had happened...he was sure of it, even though it had only been an accident. He had very little faith in the justice system of the U.S. even though he worked for the largest Law Enforcement Agency in the Country...the California Department of Corrections. For crying out loud he was a cop himself. His JOB was to ensure public safety by keeping animals like himself off the streets, and locked away behind fences and sharp razor wire. Or was he really as bad as he was making himself out to be? After all, it HAD been an accident, right?

We stopped for dinner on the way home, giving both of us a well needed break from our thoughts. It was a semi nice restaurant, I mean after all, it was my daughter's Birthday. Ashley REALLY should have at least changed her top before going in, and to say that no heads turned would be an outright lie. Nevertheless, we were seated, and had a very nice dinner, although it was in awkward silence, and after we were done eating we finished our drive home.

Ashley put her ipod buds in her ears the instant we got into the car, and she somehow managed to stay awake and sitting up. She had her thoughts as well. Her Birthday had turned out MUCH better than she thought it would, even though it had been a great day all ready. Her father, whom she hated with a passion, had left for work earlier than he usually did that morning, leaving her alone for the day. As she normally did, when he was gone and when she wasn't in school, she lay out nude by the pool for a couple hours, then went across the street to see one of her "girlfriends". They had spent the latter part of the morning and early afternoon in bed, very slowly and softly bringing each other to multiple orgasms. After they were through with each other, they had just started watching TV, when Ashley saw her mother's car pulling into her driveway. Looking out the window, Ashley only saw her stepfather's head through the back window of their car. She then saw her mother's head appear for just a couple seconds, then disappear again. Ashley had never been with a boy, but she most certainly knew what was happening in the car. Her mother was sucking her stepfather's cock! She kissed the other young teen goodbye, a plan forming in her young mind as she walked slowly across the street to surprise them and catch them in the act. When she got to the car she crouched down so my husband wouldn't see her in the side mirror, then when she got to his open window she popped up, and in through his window in one motion. The next few seconds seemed to last for several minutes. As she yelled "SURPRISE!" she heard her mother yelp, and felt a rush of air as her mother's head whipped up...barely missing her nose. In that instant, as she was still in the middle of the word "surprise" she felt her stepfather's first blast of cum hit her upper forehead. She was so close to her stepfather's cock, that if she had stuck out her tiny pink tongue, it would have touched the tip. So close, she couldn't even see the body part that started blasting away at her underage face...MUCH less than an inch away. As she continued facefirst further into the car, the second blast of cum hit her between her eyes on the bridge of her cute button nose, the third shot above her upper lip, and the rest went directly into her 15 year old mouth. Instinctively, she swallowed as the blast of my husband's cum hit her throat, although she gagged ever so slightly. With cum already starting to drip off her forehead and nose, she took at least 3 more shots of his thick cum against her throat. She had finished yelling her surprise, and she COULD have closed her mouth, and even though it was only a few seconds long...she made a conscious decision to keep her mouth open in a split second. Immediately after she swallowed the last load, she felt her mother's hand on the top of her head pushing her out of the car.

Her surprise was not at all what she had been expecting. She had merely wanted to catch her mother and stepfather in the act, and possibly embarrass them. That plan backfired, and she was the one that wound up getting the surprise. As she thought about it at that moment on the drive to her mother's house, Ashley giggled aloud as she said to herself "FACE!"

Chapter 3

I guess I was never "cut out" to be a mother. It's funny that you have to get licenses to drive, get married, sell liquor, etc...but any idiotic teen can get pregnant and have a baby. It started when I got pregnant at the age of 14. I was a High School student, and Ashley's father was 24, and already had a very successful career in advertising. It was for this reason that I gave him custody just a few days after Ashley's birth. I only visited her a couple times a month during her childhood, even though I never lived more than a few blocks away. This alone was enough to disqualify me for "Mother of the Year", and although I keep calling Ashley "my daughter" throughout this story, I think a mother should KNOW their daughter before she has the right to call her that.

If the 3 hour silent car ride had been awkward, the tension in the house was at least doubled. We gave Ashley her Birthday presents, and she thanked us, but other than her "Thank you", hardly a word was spoken.

After we watched an hour or so of TV, Ashley announced she was going to bed, and after giving us each a seemingly obligatory hug and peck on the cheek goodnight, she went upstairs to her room. A half hour later, when we walked past her bedroom, Robert and I heard what a 15 year old girl sounds like when she masturbates.

That night my husband fucked me like never before, cumming in under a minute. Both of us knew, but neither cared that our combined horniness was due to my underage daughter.

It was very late the next morning when Ashley finally came downstairs. The too young girl was wearing nothing but a short white tank top and a pair of tiny g-string panties. The tank top had certainly seen better days, and was more than a few years old. It was so threadbare and stretched out that the only part that barely covered the nipples of her impressively large firm breasts were the less than 1" wide shoulder straps. Other than that, her young teenage tits were completely exposed in front and through the stretched out arm holes. When the "shirt" was new many many years ago, it probably came down to her belly button, but my daughter had somehow managed to stretch it out 4 or 5 inches. Still not far enough to cover her young pussy though, and that was the only reason she was wearing "panties".

She plopped down onto the couch, her legs spread wide as she reached for the remote. When asked what she wanted to do that day, Ashley just shrugged. I walked over and stood in front of her...noticing, but trying not to stare at her scantily clad pussy. To say that I have seen more cotton inside an aspirin bottle would be a severe understatement, and mainly due to the fact that the material was not actually "cotton". The completely sheer black material was an extremely narrow strip less than a half inch wide that started just above her clit and then disappeared into her slit, leaving her tan bald pussy lips totally exposed.

"I guess I'll just lay out for a while", she replied. She caught me staring, and on top of not making an effort to cover herself, she smiled at me, then actually spread her tan legs wider.

"If you're going to lay out, there's something you should know" Without thinking ahead or planning what I was going to say next, I heard myself telling her that she was welcome to tan in the nude. It was at this time that Robert emerged from the kitchen, and he looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

"WHAT?!?!?!", Ashley and Robert questioned simultaneously. I explained to my daughter that we (Robert and I) tanned in the nude, and as I pointed to her exposed dark pussy lips, I said that it was more than obvious that she did as well. I proceeded to say (more to by husband than her) that our "lifestyle" was not going to be put on hold when Ashley was there. We would continue to sunbathe nude, and as her bedroom window overlooked the back patio/pool area, she could either choose to not look out of it...or she could join us. In light of "The Incident" the day before, and that based on what she was wearing...she might as well be nude anyway.

Ashley asked if I was serious, and after I nodded yes, she simply stood up, and in front of my husband and I, she stripped. I heard a slight moan at the sight of the young teen standing in front of us, but I cannot be certain if it was from myself or Robert. Smiling her sweet smile, Ashley headed for the back door. When she reached it, she turned around and asked, "Well...are you coming with or not?"

Robert paused, and as Ashley walked out the door without waiting for an answer from us, he questioned me as to the "legality" of this.
"For crying out loud...we aren't fucking her or anything", I responded. I went on to tell him that there are nudist colonies in Ca. that allow entire families in them...this wasn't meant to be sexual, we were laying out in the sun to tan...we just happened to be nude. No further discussion was necessary and we followed Ashley out the back door. Quickly. For the next 2 hours, we lay out in the hot California sun. Our chaise lounges arrainged in not so much a circle as a triangle, my husband did an excellant job of making sure they were all very close together, so close that the ends actually touched. I have done my best to describe my daughter earlier in this story, I mean I really tried. But no words can even come close to describing her in the nude, but I guess I have to give it a shot!

Sexy, fine, awesome, cute all come to mind right off the top of my head, but even those words would be an injustice to her. For her height of barely 5 feet tall, the girl had long legs that led to the prettiest pussy that I have ever seen in my life. Thick and totally void of hair (she was literally a FANATIC when it came to body hair), her lil cunny looked almost pre-pubescant. I do not say that to be a disgusting pig, that's the best way I can describe her. As we watched the young teen slowly cover every inch of her lithe body with baby oil, she deliberately spread her thick lips to reveal the pinkest and tightest hole either of us had ever seen. A quarter could have covered her entire hole, and her very narrow slit was less than an inch long. (Not to give anything away, but I actually measure later in this story, and a U.S. Quarter DOES completely cover her tight lil hole)

Now, our time laying out in the sun was anything but sexual. I mean that sincerely. However, I just wish someone had told my husband this! His cock stood out proudly, as if to announce to the entire world it's presence Come to think of it...scratch what I said about our tanning nude for the first time with a 15 year old girl to be non sexual. That was a lie...kinda. I mean, none of us had sex or anything, but Ashley and I were just as aroused as my husband was, wetter than either of us had ever been before...except it didn't show as much.

Sorry to disappoint, but the weekend passed without incident. I mean, other than both my husband and myself lusting over her, nothing outrageously sexual happened, and we took her home the next day.

A different viewpoint. I have decided to let my daughter in on the writing of this story. I hope is was a good move. I hope so, because it won't be the only time.


I had been turned on from the day I found the magazine in their bathroom two months earlier. Just seeing how young the girls looked had my mind racing with the possibilities. I WAS as old as the girls in the magazine looked. Later that afternoon when they were in the pool, I snuck into their bedroom and found shelves of magazines just like it...way too many to even attempt counting. As many magazines as there were, the movies (both VHS and DVD) outnumbered them greatly. I only took a few of them home with me

When I got back home the next day, I skipped school, faking illness just so I could stay home and watch the movies I had borrowed. Although I had been having sex for well over a year, it was only with girls, and I had never seen a cock or porn before. The sight of real flesh penetrating those tight holes greatly turned me on, and I masturbated so much that day, I was sore for the next two days afterward!

For reasons I can't even begin to explain, I decided that I was going to seduce my mother and stepfather. Probably out of humility, my mom has not described herself in this story so far, so I will for her. She was/is 5'2" around 120 (or so) and has shoulder length dark auburn hair. Although she always wore a swimsuit when I was over, they were always thongs, and due to the different types over the past year or so, it was obvious that she "usually" tanned in the nude. And although she was not as blessed on top as I was, her breasts were nice firm round low C-cups.

On to the seduction. The day of my 15th birthday, I arranged it with one of my girlfriends to be having sex almost up to the time that they arrived to pick me up. I WANTED to smell like pussy. I WANTED them to smell and taste the 15 year old girl's cum on my lips when I gave them a kiss. The outfit I had on did very little to hide my young body, but of course, that was planned as well.

However, their in car "activity" had been pure coincidence, and just icing on the cake as far as I was concerned. I wanted to see my mom sucking my stepfather off, but I could have NEVER expected to be blasted with cum the way I was. Many years later as I type this out, my pussy is soaked at the remembrance of how totally hot it was...both the experience AND his thick cum. It took everything I had to hold myself back from taking his thick cockhead into my mouth, and suck every last drop down my throat...and remember I had never even seen a real cock would have been pure instinct.

I was actually saddened by their shocked reaction at "The Incident", but getting to kiss my mom and let her taste my lips had been worth it. Seeing how hard my stepfather was under those thin loose shorts had been worth it as well, and I cannot say how much wetter I got when I grabbed hold of it under his shorts, and felt it throbbing in my small hand as I adjusted it so I could give him a hug. When I got into the car, I certainly took my sweet ass time...I WANTED mommy to see my wet swollen pussy, and I was happy to see her looking, and more than happy to see her girl juice running down the inside of her thigh. My wiping her cum from her leg was a split second action, and although I wiped it onto my skirt, I REALLY wanted to lick my fingers clean...but I think that would have just freaked her out. "One step at a time", I told myself.

The car ride home and my Birthday dinner was absolutely miserable, even though I had assured them more than a few times that what had happened earlier had been okay. I was only pretending to be asleep in the car, and when I rolled over onto my back, it was no "accident" that my skirt came up above my bare pussy, and again, I was happy to see my mother notice.

When we got home and they gave me my presents, I was hoping that we would talk about what happened, but after over an hour of silence, I knew nothing was going to happen, and just went to bed. NOT to sleep, but to bed. I fingered my tiny clit slowly, trying to take my time to a very vocal orgasm, then finally falling asleep.

When I got up Saturday morning, I could have wore much less than I did, but I figured that the tank top and g-string was enough to make my stepfather hard, and my mom wet. Having read what my mother wrote, you already know that it worked well enough
I feigned shock when my mom told me I could tan in the nude with them that was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Once outside, and after seeing how "daddy" had arranged the lounge chairs, without being TOO obvious, I made sure they both noticed how wet and tight my little pink hole was. I was a "good little girl" though, and as much as I wanted to finger myself, I didn't. As much as I wanted to go over to my mom and spread her long tan legs and dive facefirst between them, I didn't. As much as I wanted my stepfather's cock to fill my wanting hole, I didn't. All of this goes without saying, of course, and to be honest, I very highly doubted that Robert could even get his cock inside me. Shit, it was all I could do to get two of my small fingers inside myself. I had never even used a vibrator on my clit, much less a dildo inside myself. When I had "adjusted" him the day before, my hand didn't even reach all the way around him, so I was 100% sure he wouldn't be able to.

Not much of a seduction, but it was most certainly off to a good start.

Chapter 4

The drive taking Ashley back on Sunday was the complete opposite as the drive to our house on Friday. She was a chatterbox the whole way, obviously happy at the turn of events. She sat between us in the front seat, talking about nothing and everything at the same time. Her bare thigh was pressed against mine, even though there was plenty of room on the seat between us.

Sitting there listening to her teenage ramblings, I was suddenly struck by how young she really was. At the same time though, my 15 year old daughter had an air of sexuality about her that none of our 18+ girlfriends ever had. But she was my daughter! How could I have such feelings toward her? It was illegal on more than just one level, she was underage AND she was my flesh and blood.

In a split second decision, something inside me just snapped. I told my husband to pull into the rest stop that was coming up, and after he stopped the car, I turned toward Ashley, and putting my hand high on her inner thigh, I blurted out "I want you to come live with us".

Ashley stared at me for several seconds before breaking out into a huge smile. "I thought you would never ask", she said.

Although my hand was several inches from her bare pussy, I could feel her moist heat coming from her hole. I told the girl that there would be some rules if she lived with us though, and went on to give her only two:

#1: NO drugs at all...not even marijuana
#2: She WOULD graduate High School

That was it. Only two conditions for her to abide by to come live with us. Ashley nodded her head excitedly when I asked her if she understood, then she leaped onto me and hugged me tight. As she pressed her firm young breasts into mine, Ashley sat on my bare left leg, confirming to me that she was not only wet, but soaking wet. I put my hands high on her hips, pushing her already too short skirt up even higher.

She kissed me like she had done two days earlier in her driveway, a wet and slightly lingering kiss on my lips. I returned her kiss, and not only did it take everything I had to resist the urge to thrust my tongue into her tiny mouth, it was also very hard to not move one of my hands between her legs and shove a finger into her tiny tight little hole.

Ashley broke our kiss and hug, then looked at Robert. He had a huge grin on his face as he said "Welcome to the family kiddo" I was glad he responded the way he did, because it wasn't something we exactly discussed. Ashley leaned over, and from my lap she gave him a one armed hug, and a overly quick peck on the cheek as she thanked him. He hadn't "learned a lesson" about having to wear underwear, and his hardon was again trying to escape the overly loose confines of his thin shorts. It didn't matter anyway though, because as of yesterday, the young teen had seen it all in it's naked splendid hugeness.

At long last Ashley removed herself from me. By the time she did so, a large pool of her underage girl juice was dripping down the sides of my leg.

Ashley blushed cutely. "Sorry", she said in a very hushed and embarrassed voice. In a soft, barely audible whisper, Ashley told me that she would clean off.

"Don't worry about it", I replied. Without even thinking, I brazenly used my fingers to wipe the young teen cum from my leg, and licked them clean. She tasted like cotton candy. Literally. I know I use the word "literally" a lot, but it is done so to drive home a point! The girl tasted like cotton candy.

We continued driving only after my husband could compose himself enough to do so!


WOW! What a surprise! Mom's abrupt telling me that she wanted me to move in with them had me totally speechless for several seconds. Her hand suddenly on my inner thigh had me soaking wet almost instantly. Her fingers were only a couple inches from my pussy, not several as she stated, and when I climbed onto her in overexcited enthusiasm, I was purpously pressing my little wet cunny against her warm tan leg. Then both of her hands went to my hips, her fingers touching my lower back just above my small tightly rounded ass, and her fingernails were actually digging into my skin. God. I wanted her to just grab my ass and kiss me hard! I would have welcomed her tongue inside my mouth, and WAY MORE than welcomed a finger inside my dripping hole.

"Daddy's" cock was HUGE under his shorts, and if not for the steering wheel being in the way, I would have been on his lap in an instant, pressing my overly wet swollen pussy lips against his throbbing hardon. He appeared taken aback at Mom's telling me that she wanted me to come live with them, and from the look on his face it was obvious that she hadn't even mentioned it to him, much less them having discussed it with each other. However, when he smiled. and said, "Welcome to the family kiddo", that was enough for me.
As sexually stimulated and excited as I was with my wet pussy against my mother's bare leg, I was truly embarrassed at the amount of my lil girl juice I left on her. When she wiped it up with her fingers and then licked them clean, I didn't even know how to respond...I was only 15 and her daughter...remember?!

The rest of the drive went by quickly, and before I knew it we were pulling into my father's driveway.

Chapter 5

A very heated, but thankfully also very brief confrontation with Ashley's father ensued as soon as we walked into the house. As he started to berate our daughter on the way she was dressed, I told the girl to get what she absolutely needed from her room...we would NOT be coming back.

"Today?", she asked. I nodded, suddenly realizing that I had not made that part clear. I wanted Ashley home and a permanant part of our lives THAT day. She smiled brightly despite her father's insane ranting toward her, and immediately headed off to her room. After motioning for Robert to go help her get her belongings, I turned my full undivided attention toward Ashley's sperm doner.

I let him finish talking (yelling) trash about the way she dressed, who she hung out with, what she was doing...blah blah blah yada yada yada...details after details about what a failure she was, then very CALMLY told him that my daughter wanted to come line with us. He didn't argue. Not even a little. Not one word of protest about how he had full 100% custody, and that he was her father etc...and as Ashley and my husband emerged from her bedroom with their arms full, he stopped her long enough to ask her if that was REALLY what she wanted. The teen firmly nodded her head and replied, "yes", and after she had done so, her father also nodded.

"Okay", he said with a shrug of indifference. He then turned his back and walked out of the house, and got into his truck. After starting it, he yelled out for her to make sure she locked the door and pulled it shut behind us when we left. "Leave your key!", he shouted as he started backing out of the driveway.

Ashley's eyes filled with tears as she watched her father leave, and she dropped the box from her arms before falling to the floor sobbing. There was no goodbye from the man that reared her since birth. I felt horrible, and after dropping to the floor next to her, I just held her as she cried into my shoulder. In an instant, the only man in her life was gone, without so much as a goodbye. Her FATHER left without even giving her a hug and wishing her well.

As Robert carried his box to our car, Ashley kissed me. Though still crying from a broken heart, my daughter kissed me. Through her tears of anguish, the young girl kissed me hard...thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As much as I had wanted this, Ashley's kiss took me totally by surprise. That by no way implies that I didn't kiss her in return, and I met her probing tongue with mine as I kissed her back with eager passion.

As we hungrily kissed, her sobbing turned to soft whimpering as our tongues fought inside each other's mouth, and for the next minute or so, the only thing in the world was us. The only thing in my young daughter's recently seriously fucked up world was me. The sound of my husband walking back through the front door brought me back to reality, but it didn't stop me from kissing her. He said nothing as he picked up the box Ashley had dropped, and made his way back outside.


My father hurt me bad. I was devastated by his non-caring attitude toward me. His just leaving the house without even so much as a "Goodbye, I love you" hurt worse than the way he had belittled me when we got there. He didn't even have anywhere to go...he just left. I guess he was hurt that I suddenly wanted to go live with my Mom, but I'll never know...we haven't spoke since that day, and it's been a "few" years.

The pain of having been stabbed through the heart subsided quickly with my mouth on my mother's though, and her tongue in my barely 15 year old mouth was the best first aid ever! I don't know what caused me to kiss her. One moment I was sobbing in pain, and the next moment my tongue was forcing it's way into her mouth. I was SO happy she returned my kiss, I don't know what I would have done if she had pushed me away, and the fact that she didn't stop kissing me when Robert came back for the other box meant more than anything to me.

My mom and I made out for a couple minutes. Two minutes is a long time. For 120 seconds or so, we kissed like horny schoolgirls (which I WAS, of course ) We broke our kiss only when we heard my "new daddy" slam the trunk of their car.

"Let's go", I heard him yell. He didn't come back inside the house, graciously giving us our moment together. Mom and I broke our kiss softly, and although she hadn't touched me there, my pussy was leaking. A string of our combined saliva clung to ech of our lower lips, and we both laughed as she wiped it away. After wiping the tears from my eyes, she stood up and helped me to my feet. knees were wobbly, and girl juice starting to run down the inside of my thigh.

I threw my key onto the couch, and as my father told me to, I locked the door from the inside, then slammed it behind us as we walked hand in hand to the car. Robert said nothing about us kissing, and after we both got into the backseat of the car, he gently closed the car door. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway, I started to cry again, and Mom held me close to her and sofly stroked my hair. At some point I eventually fell asleep on her shoulder, and the 3 hour drive was silent, but not awkward silence as it had been a couple days earlier.

After arriving at their house later that afternoon, I woke with my head in my mother's lap, her hand still gently resting on my head. I had a new found energy from my almost 3 hour nap, but Mom still all but carried me into the house.

Chapter 6

Once inside the house, we carried Ashley's couple boxes to her room. Then, after dropping them onto the bed, and with Robert following closely behind, I took her by the hand and led her into our bedroom. For some reason still unknown to me as to why, I closed the door behind us. I sat her down on the bed, and still holding her hand, I told her to forget the past few hours. I told her that as much as she was hurting, the past 15 years of her life were over. I told her that she was starting a new life with us now, and that we would help her forget her old one. I asked her if she was ready to start her new life, and with no hesitation, she eagerly nodded that she was.

I started talking, telling her about our "lifestyle" it went way beyond just nude tanning. Ashley clung to every word as I told her about our obsession with "young" girls, how although all the girls we fucked were between 18 and 20...none of them LOOKED any older then she actually was. I then told her that we were ready to take it to the next level, and the 15 year old girl's eyes literally lit up when I told her that her "new life" would actually include being involved in our sex life. After seeing her more than positive reaction to what I had just told her, I then told her to stand up.

"Your new life starts now Ashley", I said.


Mom told me to stand up, and after I literally bounced off the bed, she told my step-father to undress me. He stood beside me, and after I turned toward him, I raised my arms and let him slip my t-shirt over my head.

"Kiss him", I heard mommy tell me. As I met my daddy's lips with mine, mom was suddenly behind me. As she moved the hair away from the back of my neck, she cupped my full breasts in her warm hands, and when she started softly kissing the back of my neck, I felt faint. With his tongue in my mouth, and my mom's lips on my neck, Robert put one arm behind my back and pulled me close against him.

"Ouch!", I half mumbled as his overly hard cock pushed hard into my stomach. I guess I shouldn't have said anything, because before I had a chance to adjust him as I had done on my birthday, mom suddenly stopped kissing the back of my neck, and she spun me around to face her.

"Take her skirt off, Bobby", she ordered. Mom took my face in her hands, and as daddy began to slowly slide my skirt over my ass and down my legs, she kissed me. As if our kiss earlier in the day hadn't been hot enough, this kiss was 10 times better. I kissed my mother harder and more passionately than I had ever kissed anyone in my short life. As soon as I stepped out of my skirt that was now on the floor, Robert's hands slowly made their way up my long legs as my tongue fought with his wife's. I kicked off my sandles, and as I continued kissing her, I put my hands under my mother's shirt.

My daughter's hands on my tits felt wonderful, and as much as I almost hate to say it, they actually felt better than my husband's. So soft, not rough or calloused. The young teen lightly pinched each nipple simultaneously, and I allowed a soft moan to escape my lips.

By that time, Robert had stood back up, and with no encouragement from me, his hands went immediately to my daughter's firm mounds. I heard and felt her wince softly as he pulled himself against her...his cock much have made contact with her back. I broke our kiss, and spun her around again...this time to face him.

"Take off your father's clothes little girl", I ordered breathlessly.

"He's NOT my father...he's my daddy", she whispered. Nevertheless, the 15 year old ripped my husband's shirt off. I say, and MEAN "RIPPED". From the bottom to the top, and within a matter of a very short couple seconds, he stood shirtless in front of us.

" take off your 'DADDY'S' shorts", I whispered in reply. Putting my hands on the girl's bare shoulders, I pushed her to her knees, then stepped from behind her to her left side, and watched as she put her hands on the waistband of his thin shorts. Half leaning back (at least 10 inches or so), Ashley did not need to be told to go slow.

I laughed out loud as his cock sprung free from his shorts, because as the tip cleared the waistband, and even though she was sitting back...she wasn't sitting away from him far enough, and his cockhead hit her under the chin. Ashley let out a light yelp in surprise, then started to giggle like the young teen that she was.

She sat back a little, staring at the hard 10 1/2 inches in front of her. With her hands still holding onto the waistband of Robert's shorts, my daughter looked up at me, as if awaiting instructions on what to do next. I just looked down at her for several seconds before I nodded, and told her that she could touch it.

As the 15 year old girl reached out and took his cock in her small hands, Robert pulled me toward him. I half kissed him as I kept an eye on my daughter. After all, I didn't want this getting out of hand!

Her hands slowly...ever so slowly stroked his hardon. Her already small hands looked absolutely TINY around his thick shaft, and the fingers of each hand were more than an inch away from touching her thumb. His cock was leaking precum with every slow stroke of her hands, dripping down on her underage, but oversized breasts in one long continuous stream.

I was soon glad that I was keeping a half an eye on her, because as Robert softly sucked on my tongue, I saw Ashley look up at me as her mouth opened, and start to move toward my husband's cock.

"NO", I said firmly. Before the girl's tongue could come in contact with my husband's leaking cockhead, I pushed her head away. Ashley if she actually had a choice, and after letting go, the too young teen sat back on her heels and put her hands on her thighs.

"Stand up honey", I ordered. After she did so, I told her to kiss my husband, and as he took my daughter in his arms, I dropped to my knees in front of him.


DAMN! I almost got away with it. To be honest, I don't really know what I would have done with my mouth...I mean I WAS only 15
What a turn on. Fuck! Daddy's cock filled my hands beyond words. I couldn't even close my hands around it. Mom forgot to mention that before she dropped to her knees in front of him, that she made sure she cleaned his clear precum from my tits and nipples with her mouth and tongue. ESPECIALLY my long hard nipples! They must have had a LOT of his stuff on them, because she certainly sucked them long and hard enough. Hmmm, I wonder why she forgot that part of her story?

Anyways...once mom was on her knees in front of my new daddy, she put her hands on my hips and guided me directly in front of him. As he wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me tightly against him, mom lifted my left leg high in the air. It was as if they had rehearsed the move because it was so very smooth. Daddy took my leg with his other hand, holding it up under my knee. Then mommy pulled his hardon between my legs, and with my hard clit and wet slit making contact with his hard shaft, mommy began sucking on it.

With the help of my husband holding her upright, my 15 year old daughter began to rock herself back and forth on Robert's hardon. Grinding her tiny and hard little clit against him, her pussy juice flowed out of her tight pink hole. As my mouth engulfed him, I was thankful that he was so blessed in the length department! I was able to get about half his cock into my mouth, enough to go into my throat, and my young daughter still had enough remaining to slide herself on. GOD! His cock tasted SOOO good with her cum leaking all over it.

At one point I took my mouth off of him, and holding his thick shaft from the bottom, I pressed it up against my young daughter. Her meaty hairless lips engulfed the top half of him, and I let the teen slide her wet slit along his entire length for a couple minutes. Ashley was cumming almost the entire time as it was, moaning loudly into her daddy's mouth as they made out with each other, but when she actually orgasmed, the constant flow form her little slit was nothing in comparison.


I squirted all over my daddy's shaft.

Yeah, actually my 15 year old little girl squirted all over the place! On his cock, all over the floor, but most of her cum wound up all over my face. As soon as I saw her start to squirt, I engulfed my husband's hardon, gagging roughly as I pushed my mouth further and further down on him. My nose made contact with her tiny hole, and she shuddered as she drenched me! My daughter's gush was so sweet, and as it covered my face, I managed to slurp what I could into my mouth.

As I engulfed Robert's full 10 1/2 inches down my throat, Ashley had no room to move anymore. With my nose still buried into her tight little girl hole, Ashley held herself tightly against my husband, yet somehow she managed to push herself into me at the same time. With his cock all the way down my throat, and my nose embedded into my too young daughter's dripping hole, my husband came.


My mommy's nose was in my pussy! I would have much preferred her tongue, but at the moment, it was good enough! She was gagging and retching as she took my new daddy's cock almost all the way down her throat. Suddenly, I felt him tense up, and he gripped me tightly as he started to yell, "OH FUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!" Ouch...his fingers dug deeply and painfully into the side of my lower back.

I normally swallow, but this time, I let my husband's cum leak out of my mouth and drip down the front of me. By the time he was finished, I was covered in his thick milky white goo. I held the last few squirts in my mouth, and as soon as he was through, I stood up and "fed" it to my baby girl.

She swallowed every drop I gave her as we kissed. Then, after laying down on the bed, I made Robert lick my wet cunt as I let my daughter lick his cum from my belly and breasts. She certainly took her sweet ass time, licking, sicking and slurping every last minute drop.

After I came within a quick couple minutes, the three of us collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty mess. We all held each other close, just kissing and touching and fondling each other. At long last we made our way downstairs, and sitting close together on the couch, I again welcomed my daughter to her new family...and her new life.


I responded by telling her I was "more than happy to be a part of it"!!!

Chapter 7

We all went to bed early that night...with my daughter snuggled peacefully between us. (Hey...she asked, and how could I say "No" to her) Ashley and I slept face to face, holding each other tight with our breasts pressed close together. Robert slept spooning her, his arm draped over both of our naked bodies. I say he "slept", but he didn't get much sleep that night. As the old joke goes: "What's the difference between a light on and a hard on?...You can SLEEP with a light on! (LOL)

So, yeah...from the way my daughter squirmed that night when we first got into bed, it was obvious that his cock was pressing hard against her. Finally, Ashley spread her legs, and after taking his hardon in her hand, she placed it between them, successfully trapping it between her warm thighs and against her wet slit.

Monday morning came quickly for Ashley and I, and we awoke late to find my husband had gone to work. The day passed slowly for us. After taking a long hot shower together and washing each other, we didn't bother getting dressed, and did nothing other than lay outside tanning and swimming. By the time he got home from work at 4 something that afternoon, it was almost time for me to leave for work.

As we had less than an hour or so before I had to be at work, I decided that I needed to set some "ground rules" for Robert and the young girl while I was away. They would be alone for 12 long hours straight. From 5PM to 5AM, there would be no one else in the house with them. As Ashley sat in her lounge chair with her long legs spread obscenely wide exposing her cute lil bald pussy, I told them that there was to be absolutely NO sexual contact between them while I was working. I clarified myself by saying that I didn't care if they were nude the full 12 hours I was gone...they just couldn't DO anything together.

Robert nodded that he understood, even after I told him that I would literally KILL him if I found out that he layed so much as a finger on (or especially IN) her. Ashley also nodded, but proceeded to start asking questions.

"Can I do THIS in front of him?", she asked. Her hands went to her bare pussy, and she spread her thick darkly tanned lips open with her fingers. Then, looking directly into my eyes, she proceeded to stick the middle finger of her right hand deep inside herself.

As Robert and I stared at the 15 year old girl slowly fingering her tight little hole, I answered her. " far as I'm concerned, you can do that as you straddle him and watch a porno while he jacks off all over you as you kiss each other. As long as it's only YOUR finger inside yourself, and only HIS hand on his cock, I don't give a fuck".

"We can kiss?", Ashley asked. I smiled and nodded as I replied "Yes." Ashley's tiny hole gripped her small middle finger, and made a soft "squishing" sound as milky girl juice seeped out around her probing finger. The young teen moved her left hand to her large left breast, and as she cupped it in her hand, she asked, "Can my new daddy touch me here?" Her finger started to move just a little faster inside her, and I think I actually frowned as I considered my answer.

"I GUESS...", I finally replied hesitantly. I was aware that my pussy was wetter than it had been all day...and it HAD been wet all day, not only from spending the day with my nude daughter, but also in memory of the previous day and night's events. Ashley closed her eyes as she smiled, pushing her finger a little deeper inside herself, and as she withdrew it, I couldn't help but notice that the inner lining of her wet hole clung to her slender finger, being pulled out with each stroke. My good GAWD this girl was tight!


I opened my eyes after just a few seconds, and when I saw that both my mom and Robert's eyes were fixed on my little hole, I started fingering myself faster. I pinched my left nipple as hard as I could, so hard that I actually made myself squeal a little!

"Can daddy suck this?", I asked. I pulled on my overly long hard nipple as if to reference it, although I knew that she knew what I meant.

"I guess", mom replied. She was not as hesitant as she had been when I asked if daddy could touch my round firm titties, but her reply sounded much less than 100% positive...but the answer was good enough for me.

"But he can't touch or suck THIS?!", I said almost breathlessly. I pulled my finger out of my wet gripping hole, and with my thumb and middle finger, I exposed my throbbing hard clitty. I laughed playfully as mommy shook her head with a very stern "NO!"

"I KNOW...I was just kidding", I laughingly replied . I spread my legs almost impossibly wider than they already were, and removing my left hand from my nipple, I moved it under myself and roughly shoved my middle finger inside myself. It was a bad angle...too far of a reach for me, and I was only able to get up to the first knuckle inside. It would have gone deeper into my asshole, but I didn't want it in that hole...not yet. I rubbed my tiny hard clit hard as I thrust my finger in and out as fast as I possibly could.

The young teen came within a minute. It had been a long day worth of buildup, I guess. We had both been turned on by each other and wet all night and day long, and Ashley announced with a tremor in her voice that she was about to cum, and as soon as the words were out of her small mouth, and she screamed in ecstasy as she squirted her cum all over my husband and my lower legs...and we were well over 3 feet away from her. She pulled her wet finger from her pussy, shoving it deep into her asshole. My baby girl held her finger inside herself as she continued cumming.

At long last her orgasm subsided. Ashley fell backward on the loungechair, panting and moaning softly to herself as she slowly pulled her finger from her tight ass. With her eyes tightly closed, the girl licked and sucked her finger "clean". Not to imply that it was "dirty", but she made a show as she got every drop of her juices from it.

I literally crawled over to my daughter's side, and after pulling her finger from her mouth, I placed it in mine. Her slim middle finger still tasted sweet and very slightly tangy at the same time, and after I was done, we kissed each other passionately.

"I have to get ready for work now", I said abruptly. Shit, I now had less than 20 minutes to shower off the sweat and suntan oil from the day, and tat 20 minutes included a 10 minute drive to work. Ashley reluctantly let go of me, and I went into the house.

Robert followed me into the shower, needing one himself after a long day at work. His cock was as hard as a rock, but that goes without saying, I guess. I felt bad, but I was going to be late enough to work as it was, and softly but forcefully pushed him away from me. I finished my shower quickly, and as I was climbing out, Ashley walked into the bathroom.

"It's all your's, baby", I told her as I held the curtain open.

"Not EXACTLY', she replied with a slight giggle when she saw my husband soaping himself.

"Okay..." was all I could manage as a response as I hurriedly dried myself. Ashley stepped into the shower, and just before she closed the curtain, I yelled out to my husband, "DON'T FUCK HER!" Without waiting for an answer, I left the bathroom, threw on my clothes and ran out the door as I was still buttoning my shirt. I yelled a quick "LOVE YOU!!", but I doubt either one of them heard me as I slammed the front door shut a split second later.

Work that night was long and tedious. I was still overly horny, and I started wishing I had let Robert fuck me in the shower. I would have cum quickly, and I guess I could have been a minute of two late! As wet and horny as I was though, I was also worried at the same time...what were my husband and 15 year old daughter doing that night?


I REALLY REALLY wish daddy was here to tell what we were doing that night, but I am the only one that can as I am the only one left that was there. (Will be brought up later as to WHY he isn't)

As soon as I was in the shower with him, I heard her yell for him to not fuck me, and he shook his head and rolled his eyes as she said it. Then a split second before the door slammed shut, I barely heard her say "Love you!".

Then we were alone. A 30 something year old man with his just turned 15 year old step-daughter...nude in a shower together. Daddy's cock kept hitting me as we soaped up under the warm shower spray, and I kept giggling every time it touched me. I turned my back to him, and asked if he would wash my back, and his hands immediately went for the washcloth I was holding up for him.

I wish I was taller, then his cock would have been pressing into my ass instead of my lower back As he washed me slowly, I reached back, and grabbed his hardon with my left hand. He allowed me to slowly stroke it for a few seconds, until he suddenly grabbed my hand and stopped me.

"We CAN'T", he almost whispered into my ear. His voice was quivering though, and it certainly didn't sound to me like he was 100% sure of what he was saying.

But I let go anyway. "Let's finish showering and go into your bedroom then...I want to watch you jack off", I replied. I turned toward him, and standing on my tiptoes, I put my arms around his neck. He kissed me. Hard and passionately. As we kissed, I jumped up onto him, and as my legs wrapped tightly around him, he carried me out of the shower and into their bedroom.

His hands gripped my ass hard as he held me up, but at 90 something pounds, it wasn't THAT much of an effort for him really. Daddy was built like a brick shit house (Can I say that") 6'1" tall at around 200 pounds, he was in PERFECT physical condition. Ex-Army, and a Prison Guard, although he preferred "Correctional Officer"...whatever! So he HAD to be in excellent condition. He did have a "bit" of a stomach though, and he was as hairy as a bear. But other than that...(Did I mention that he was hung like a bear as well?)

I digress, sorry. Anyway, he was carrying me into their bedroom, both of us soaking wet and still slightly soapy. When we got into the room, he kicked the door shut with his foot (WHY?), then sat down on the edge of the bed with me still straddling him. His fingers dug into my tight round ass, dangerously close to both my wet holes. I whimpered into his mouth as we hungrily kissed, and before he knew what was happening, I reached back, grabbed his hard 10 1/2 inches and raising myself from my knees onto my feet, I positioned his thick cockhead at my tiny opening.

My pussy flooded as soon as his cock made contact with my little hole. I broke our kiss, and staring into his eyes, I tried to push myself down onto his hardon. I KNEW the "rules" mom had laid out less than an hour ago, and THIS was probably against them, but at that point, I didn't care.

"What are you doing Ashley?", he asked.

"Nothing...", I responded in innocence. His cock didn't even come close to penetrating me like I had planned. WAY too big for my 15 year old pussy, his cock slipped away from my wet hole, and I groaned. I put my mouth back on his, and started kissing him again as I reached back and placed his cock back at my wet slit. This time, I held it it place, and as we kissed I slowly started pushing my dripping opening against his thick cockhead. He didn't do or say anything to stop me.

My new daddy let me continue to "fuck" him without penetration. As his cockhead continually pushed against my open slit, it also made constant contact with my clit. (I don't know if that speaks to how small my slit is, or how large is cock was, but it was probably a happy combination of the two.) As I every so slowly "rode" him, Robert let go of my ass, broke our kiss, and placed both of his hands on my titties. My step father's mouth alternated between my two overly hard nipples, and he was groaning, as he sucked each one as hard as he could, even lightly biting occasionally.

With one hand holding his throbbing hard cock in place so it wouldn't slip away again, I reached back and shoved a finger into my asshole, and immediately followed the first finger with a second.

After several long minutes, I screamed as I finally came all over him, and although I didn't really "squirt", a lot of girl cum flowed all over his hard 10 + inches, and dripped down onto his clean shaven balls. My body was shaking uncontrollably as I came on my new daddy, and I wasn't completely finished when he suddenly, and without warning, picked me up and roughly threw me onto the bed.

I landed on my back, my legs spread wide as he stood up and positioned himself between them. He made a funny goofy face as he stroked his hardon, using my slick juice as lube. He only lasted maybe 10 to 15 seconds or so, barely enough for a few strokes, and then he came all over me as he yelled my name. ALL OVER ME. I think that bears repeating. He came from my pussy lips to my tits in long squirts of thick gooey white cum.

Robert collapsed on top of me after he came. A heavy weight on top of me as he "squished" his cum between our sweaty bodies. Damn...we would need to shower together again! His still hard cock pressed against my wet slit, and he made absolutely no effort to move it.

"What the hell", I thought to myself. "I'm good for another one." With that, I began bucking my hips underneath him...grinding my hard tiny clit against his thick shaft until I came all over him again.

After we were done, daddy and I showered again. Taking our sweet time, and making sure we were clean Afterward, we just ate dinner, and watched TV without having bothered to get dressed, until we finally went to bed around 9.

Chapter 8

Work dragged on forever for me that night. I was worried...and although I didn't know it at the time, I had good reason to be worried. I arrived home a little after 5AM to find my husband and daughter asleep in our bed. It was not a good thing to come home to find your daughter sleeping with your husband like she was his wife. Ashley was NOT there to be my REPLACEMENT, and I immediately woke Ashley and told her to go to her own room. She left our bedroom, and although I was angry, I could not keep myself from staring at her cute bare ass as she walked slowly and sleepily out of our bedroom.

"WHAT THE FUCK!", I yelled at my husband. I was more than a little livid. "She DOESN'T sleep with you, Robert...not when I'm not here", I continued. He was at a loss for words, just staring blankly at me as I ranted loudly at him. "Get the fuck out of my bed", I yelled. Robert left the room and went downstairs sullenly. I was more tired than mad, and after I undressed and climbed into bed, I cried myself to sleep.

I awoke around noon, and after a quick shower, I made my way downstairs. As I poured my coffee, I saw Ashley wave to me through the window, and I found myself waving back. I went outside, being very careful to not spill coffee on my nude body. It was well over 110 degrees (F) out, and I wondered why I was drinking coffee in such heat. Ashley was on her third beer already.

"Good morning mommy", she chirped way too cheerfully.

"Morning Ash", was all I could manage. My daughter stared at me for the longest time before she finally asked if I was still mad at her. My reply was quick and sharp as I told her that I was, but that I was more mad at my husband than at her. HE was the adult.

"He didn't fuck me, mommy", she said matter of factly. I told my young daughter that I was more mad that they went to sleep in our marriage bed together than anything that might have happened, but I quickly added that I WAS curious as to what happened. For the next several minutes Ashley described to me in great detail what had happened the previous night after I left for work.

After she finished talking, I counted very slowly to 10 before I spoke. "It certainly sounds to me like you two TRIED", I finally said. I sighed before I added that in light of what had happed the previous night, the "rules" would have to be revised.

By the time my husband got home from work that afternoon, I had plenty of time to type out a list of new rules, and printed 3 copies for each of us to sign. They lay down more precise and specific ground rules for their "activity" when I was not there. I broke it down into two catagories. Robert sat on the couch next to my nude oil covered daughter as I went over them.

#1: What they COULD NOT do (In no particular order):

-They were not to touch each other at all. Not even the slightest bit. They could not even sit on the couch and watch TV and hold hands.

-They could not kiss each other...not even on the cheek before going to sleep in their own beds.

-No bodily fluids of either one of them were to come in contact with the other.

-Our bedroom was OFF LIMITS to Ashley unless she was getting a movie or toy for herself.

#2: What they COULD do (also in no particular order):

-Be nude 24/7 if they chose to. I had no problem with nudity in front of each other.

-Robert was free (as he usually was when I was at work) to fuck any number of our girlfriends, and more than 1 at a time if he chose to. Ashley, however, was not welcome to be a participant in any 3 or 4some.

-Ashley and my husband could masturbate in front of each other as many times as they wanted, all night long if they chose to do so, but it would NOT be done in our bedroom, and he could not cum on her.

Short, sweet and directly to the point. In addition, the rules were not only directed at my husband and daughter...they applied to me as well while my husband was at work. Also, when I was there, all the rules would go right out the window. One major point of Ashley living with us was to be part of our sex life, and she would indeed be that.

That night at work went much better. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted after I had laid down more specific rules. There would be no more worrying as to what they were doing together, because other than being nude, and possibly masturbating in front of each other, there was nothing they could be doing with each other.

I arrived home the next morning to find both my husband and daughter asleep in their proper beds. I undressed, and slipped into bed next to Robert, and as soon as I did, he woke up. I told him to go back to sleep...he had another hour before he had to get up, but he shook his head 'no'.

My husband kissed me hard on the lips, and before I could protest, his hands spread my legs wide, and his head disappeared under the covers. My only protest would have been that I had been working all night, and hadn't showered, but from the sound of his mouth slurping away at my wet hole, it was obvious that he didn't mind in the least. I closed my eyes, and let him do what he did best, letting the pressure build slowly. I hadn't orgasmed in a couple days, and I definitely wanted this one to be worth it. Putting my hands on the back of his head, I kicked the sheet off us with my legs, and when I opened my eyes, I saw a very naked daughter standing at the side of the bed.

"Ash...", I whispered. I removed my hands from Robert's head, and held my arms out to her. She literally fell onto the bed next to me, and after wrapping my arms tightly around her, we started to kiss. Robert lifted his head for a split second, then without a word, went dutifully back to work on my wet pussy.

"Mommy...", the young teen moaned into my mouth, "I love you" I whispered my reply of, "I love you too, sweetheart", and resumed kissing her with more passion than I had ever kissed anyone else in my life. (Really???)

My 15 year old daughter threw her leg over my body, and before I knew it she was straddling me. Her lips moved from mine to my hardened nipples, and she sucked each one in turn, lightly flicking each with her small pink tongue. I could feel the heat from her bare pussy against my lower stomach...just a few inches from my own (pussy).

"Fuck her, daddy!", my little girl whispered as she lifted her head briefly and looked back at him. I shook my head as if he could see it, and after I realized he couldn't, I just said "NO! I want to cum by his mouth".

Ashley groaned, then put her lips back on my achingly hard nipples. The young teen was now pressing her wet slit and hard clitty against my bald pubic area, rubbing it hard against me.

"Make her cum too, babe", I heard myself whisper. I put my hands on my girl's tan hips, and pushed her just a couple inches down, until I felt her clit touch mine. My husband groaned so loudly that I thought for a moment that he actually came....And Ashley! I knew my husband's tongue was in his young step-daughter's slit by the way the started bucking her hips against his probing tongue. (Besides the fact that his tongue left my hole!) We groaned as Robert licked down from her asshole down to mine and back again...repeatedly for the next several very long minutes, until we both came as he finally flicked both of our hard clits in unison. Ashley's cum sprayed out of her, soaking both of my thighs and my husband's face, then continued dripping onto my clit as her new daddy slurped both of our juices into his mouth.

My husband was still swallowing our combined cum when he suddenly thrust his hard cock to the hilt into my still spasming hole.
Ashley wasted no time at all in turning around, and without asking if it was okay (which it WAS), the too young teen lowered her fat dripping pussy lips to my mouth. I ate that sweet little girl's pussy like there was nothing left to eat in the world, and I was starving! Robert's cock thrust hard and fast into me, fucking me just how he knew I liked it. I reached up, and after spreading my daughter's ass cheeks as wide as I possibly could, I put my middle finger of my right hand in her asshole, and my forefinger into her other tiny pink hole. Ashley gasped, but that was her only response, as she was still moaning from the orgasm she had just had moments earlier from my husband's excellant oral work. I fingerfucked those amazingly tight holes slowly, and by the way her pussy tightly gripped my finger, I KNEW there was no threat of my husband fucking her. My fingers may be long, but not even four of them put together equaled the girth of Robert's fat shaft. She would need a LOT of loosening before he ever fucked her, and I decided then and there that I would be more than willing to help stretch her out for him!


With one of mommy's fingers in each of my holes, and her lips sucking my hard clit, I watched her husband fuck her as hard as he could. I was so amazed that she could take both his thickness and length. As daddy's cock slammed in and out of her wet hole, I lowered my mouth to her pussy, and with the bottom side of my tongue, I began licking her clit from side to side. Mom gasped as soon as my tongue touched her love button, and she rose her hips slightly to allow me better access. Wrapping my lips around her hard clit, I began to gently suck as my tongue continued it's caressing. Robert's cock was sliding across my nose, thick with mommy's milky cunt juice.

We stayed like that for at least the next 10 minutes. Mommy and I locked in the most erotic 69 of my young life. We came, and kept cumming together, in an almost endless orgasm. Finally, Robert announced that he was going to cum, and I heard her tell him to cum inside her. I stopped my oral actions on mom, and sat up to watch his cock pulsating as he spewed into her hole. Then, as soon as he was through, he slowly pulled out of her. His cock was still hard, and very wet as he moved it close to my face.

"Do you want to lick it clean, little girl?", he asked. Before I had a chance to answer, I heard my mom very firmly say "NO!" Then she very quickly added for me to suck his cum out of her hole, and that SHE would clean his cock with her mouth.

Daddy moved out of the way, and as he moved onto the bed with his cock held in his hand aimed toward my mom's open mouth, I moved to the floor, and knelt between her still wide spread legs. His cum was already leaking from her stretched pussy, and I wasted no time at all as I covered her hole with my mouth and started sucking the thick substance from her. My tongue probed into her as far as I could, and I swallowed every drop as I watched him shove his full 10 1/2 inches into her mouth and down her throat. My eyes widened in amazement at the sight. Mommy didn't even flinch, let alone gag as she swallowed him whole! He pulled out after several seconds, and still holding it for her, he "let" her lick his milky white cock clean.

"I gotta shower and get ready for work", he announced suddenly, and with that said, he suddenly disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

After he had gone into the bathroom, and as I heard the shower start, I continued licking mommy's wet slit. I had already got what I could of Robert's cum from her, but I was enjoying her tangy pussy too much to stop. I concentrated on her clit, and after sucking it as hard as I could, she came for the countless time.

"Baby, I'm done!", I heard her exclaim. I lifted my mouth from her, and as I stared into her eyes, I crawled up the length of her body, and after we kissed, I told her to go to sleep, and that I was going to go shower.

"Okay honey, but wait till he's done", she replied. With that, mom rolled onto her side, and closed her eyes. I left the bedroom quietly, and closed the door behind me. Although a little confused as to why I had to wait for my shower...especially after what the three of us had done, I obeyed her wish and went into my bedroom, and sat on my bed as I waited for daddy to finish.


I awoke around noon again, showered and got dressed, and after going downstairs, I found my daughter in the pool. As soon as she saw me come out the back door, she was out of the pool and in my arms. After returning her warm kiss, I told her that I needed to go shopping, and asked if she wanted to come along. Ashley replied "Okay", but said that she had a better plan, then asked if we could eat each other out again. I told her "no not yet, maybe later after Robert gets home", and then gently reminded her of the "rules", and how they applied to me as well. Ashley frowned, clearly disappointed, but said that she would get dressed so we could go to the store. It took the girl well over an hour to get ready, and I impatiently sat in the Livingroom and waited while she showered and got just go grocery shopping! At long last, my daughter made her way downstairs wearing a pair of ass hugging black shorts that were wedged deep into her tight crack, and a bikini top that just barely covered enough of her breasts for her to go out in public. Living in the California desert, especially during the hot summer, it was actually an acceptable outfit to go to the store in, and I had seen girls wearing much less covering their bottom half, so I said nothing to her about what she was wearing.

Skipping past the boring and mundane part of our grocery shopping trip, I will say that Ashley managed to turn quite a few heads in the Albertsons grocery store. Both men and women were torn between staring at her bikini covered tits with her hard nipples threatening to poke through the thin material, or her ass that was only half covered by the black Spandex/Lycra.

As soon as we were home, Ashley ran upstairs, leaving me to put the groceries away by myself. She came back into the kitchen moments later, wearing what she had been before we went shopping...nothing!

"Whew! Thats much better", she exclaimed as she started helping me. The young teen said it as if it had been torture to be wearing clothes for a whole hour. As soon as we were finished putting everything away, Ashley was out the back door, and with a loud splash, she was in the pool.

I was just about ready to head out the backdoor after her, when the doorbell rang. I answered it, and was greeted with a hug and kiss by one of our girlfriends. Alma was a 19 year old Mexican girl that had, in my opinion, made a mistake by dying her hair blonde. Her body, on the other hand, was perfect. About 5'2" and 115 pounds, she was the "little spinner" type of young teen we loved, and had the cute innocent look of someone 4 or 5 years younger.

Lost in her kiss, I forgot everything else as we fell onto the couch together. Alma quickly had her hand under my skirt and panties, and instantly had two fingers deep into my pussy as her tongue probed my mouth. I fumbled with getting her shirt over her head.

"Oh shit!", I suddenly exclaimed. I jumped up and off of her while Alma tried to figure out what was happening.

"We can't do this now!", I said. "Come outside...there's someone you should meet." I took her by the hand, and led her out the backdoor. Ashley was just coming out of the pool, and Alma and I walked up to her as she wrung the water out of her long hair. I introduced my very nude daughter to Alma as, "Alma, this is my 15 year old daughter Ashley. She lives with us now." Alma and Ashley shook hands as Ashley said "You almost said that like it's a BAD thing, mom".

I realized that I had indeed put the emphasis on my daughter's age, and quickly followed with "It's all good though" (WHAT?) I had no idea why I said that, and Ashley was now looking at me like I was stupid.

The girl just shook her head. "Nice to meet you Alma", Ashley said. Alma had trouble focusing her attention away from the younger girl's bare breasts and hard nipples, but managed to stutter her reply of, "It's nice to meet you too, Ashley" Then, all three of us just stood there in awkward silence which seemed to go on for several minutes.

"Well, I'm gonna lay out for a're welcome to join me...or whatever", Ashley said, finally breaking the silence.

"Um, I think we'll go for the 'whatever' part", I replied.

"Okay then, see you in a while I guess", Ashley said indifferently. She shrugged as she said it, but she sounded disappointed.

With that, I led Alma back into the house and upstairs to the bedroom. I did not close the door behind us.

Our "session" only lasted as long as it took to make each other cum. As horny as I was, it didn't take very long at all for Alma to make me cum on her tongue and fingers, and we were back outside 15 minutes later.


Alma was cute, I guess. I say that purely out of jealousy, and nothing more or less. I was HOPING that when we came back from the store that mommy and I know! Despite her reminding me of the "rules"...wait, let me capitalize that and add the word "the" to it. Trying again...Despite her reminding me of the "The Rules" (that's better ), I had every intention of getting her to break them when we got home. Wearing clothes hadn't been torture for me as she suggested, but simply put, I would MUCH rather be nude. The outfit I had chosen to go out in, as well as the looks I was getting in the grocery store, had made me wet. I was hoping it had turned my mom on as well, but I guess it didn't work.

I was hoping I would be able to seduce her when she came outside to the pool with me, but the arrival of another girl shot that all to hell. My feelings were hurt when they chose to go upstairs and fuck each other instead of hanging out with me.

I laughed to myself when they came back less than 10 minutes later. See, I KNEW mom was horny! I hoped that it had been her thinking about me instead of Alma that had made her cum so quickly. It may have been the 19 year old's tongue, but I hoped that mom had "pretended" it was mine.

They came outside in the nude, and after a quick swim to rinse the sex off them, they lay down in the lounges, and closed their eyes as they let the hot sun dry them. I did everything I could to get either of them to notice me. Scratch that, and make it, I did everything I could to get either of them to just LOOK at me. Why wouldn't either of them open their eyes?

I proceeded to make a production out of putting more tanning oil on myself, actually moaning as I spread it all over my hot body. My fingers found my wet hole, and my mind screamed for them to open their eyes. "CAN'T YOU SEE HOW HORNY I AM!!!"

Finally I gave up. My finger in my tiny hole had made loud "squishing" noises as I slowly fingered myself, but not even that got their attention.

"I'm gonna get a beer", I finally announced. "Do either of you want one?" There...that did it. The magical word "beer". They both replied that they would, and I went into the house...slowly so they would have plenty of time to look at my ass as I walked away. It worked (I don't know HOW a girl knows when she's being stared at, I guess it's just built into our DNA.)

Alma and my mom sat up as I slowly came back outside with 3 ice cold bottles of Corona, and I pretended not to notice that they were both watching me. After handing them the beer, I told them that they were welcome after they thanked me, and I sat back down. "Now...", I thought to myself. Their eyes HAD to be open to drink their beer, and I made sure that I was seen.

My daughter certainly drank that beer fast. Then she went and got another. As Alma and I were still just sipping ours, Ashley didn't even ask if we wanted another. I watched that cute ass walk away again, and I felt bad that I had been ignoring her. Looking over at the 19 year old at my side, I saw that she too was staring at the younger girl walking into the house. As soon as I looked at her, Alma quickly turned her head away.

"It's okay", was all I told her. Alma looked down in embarrassment, and I repeated myself, this time adding, "for you to look at her" Alma slowly looked up at me, and I added more. "It's okay for you to look at her, and do even MORE if you want to". Alma was at a loss for words, but she did kind of smile slightly as her eyes brightly lit up.

Ashley came back moments later. The 2nd beer in her hand only had 1/4 left, but she had another in her hand, and it was open as well.

"Be careful, honey", I told her as she sat back on the lounge. I didn't care that the girl was drinking, but at her size and weight, I didn't want her drunk.

"I'm okay", Ash replied. She quickly downed what was left of the Corona in her hand, then started on the third. She sighed, as she heard me roughly clear my throat, and after setting the beer down on the ground, my girl lay back and closed her eyes. Alma's eyes, on the other hand, were wide open and staring at the younger teen's tight little body.

Ashley spread her legs obscenely wide, and with her knees bent, she put the bottoms of her feet together. Even this did little to "open" her. Her bald tight slit barely opened up to show the tiniest thin strip of pink. Although she was already slick with oil, Ashley's hand fumbled for the bottle of tanning oil, and after finally finding it, she poured an overly copious amount onto her flat stomach, and with both hands she began to massage it into her already shiny skin.

When Ashley's fingers finally went below her belly button, an ever so slight and soft whimper escaped Alma's mouth. I was sure Ashley didn't hear it, because I was closer to Alma than she was, and I barely heard it myself. When my daughter's fingers began rubbing the coconut smelling oil on her thick lips, I think I might have even made the same sound as the 19 year old had. Both of our eyes were drawn to Ashley's young pussy, and when the teen spread her lips apart to reveal her tiny, pink and very wet hole, it took all I had to stay in my own lounge. I had to remind myself of "The Rules" to keep me from diving facefirst between her widespread legs.

Ashley thrust her middle finger deeply into herself just a couple times, not really masturbating as much as making sure enough oil covered her whole nude body. Putting her hands at her sides, she just lay there for the next half hour, occasionally taking sips from the third beer. Alma and I finally lay back as well, not able to get the image of my daughter spreading her tiny slit for us.

We finished our beers, and I before I could get into the house for another, Ashley sat up and asked if I would get one for her as well. Noticing the ever so slight slur in her voice, I told her "No, you've had enough". She pouted like a typical teen girl not getting her way, then told (not asked) me to get her ipod. I told her I would, and as I walked back into the house, Ashley flopped over onto her stomach.

It took forever to find her ipod in the mess she called her bedroom. She had only been there a couple days, and I made a mental note to have her clean her room later. I went back outside, and after handing the girl what she asked, told me to get, I sat back down.

As soon as I sat down, Ashley put her earbuds in, the asked me to put some oil on her back. She had propped herself up onto her elbows, and was looking at me almost pleadingly, with big puppy dog like brown eyes. Her full round breasts still pushed hard into the towel on her lounge, and she asked the "favor" in an almost whining voice.

"Of course, sweetheart", I replied. I got off the lounge that I had just barely sat down onto, and after moving to her side on my knees, Ashley handed me the almost empty bottle. I poured what was left of the oil into my hands, and after rubbing my hands together, I slowly began to rub it into her shoulders and back. When I was done a couple minutes later, Ashley informed me that I had "missed" her ass and legs.

I had absolutely no problem with her request, and starting at her ankles, each of my hands slowly made their way up each of her long legs. As soon as I reached the back of the young girl's knees, Ashley slightly spread those long legs of her's, and moving her right hand underneath herself, she started rubbing herself. I continued upward toward her tight round ass.

As soon as I reached my daughter's perfectly round cheeks, Ashley had managed to get two fingers into herself, and was shamelessly fingerfucking her tight hole. Removing my hands from her, I motioned Alma over, and the 19 year old wasted no time at all in moving to Ashley's side. Alma brought her own bottle of oil with her, and without me having to tell her anything, she quickly replaced my hands with her's on Ashley.

Alma squirted a small amount of oil into the younger girl's crack, and I began massaging my daughter's shoulders and upper back. Ashley was panting as her fingers started thrusting faster into herself, but Alma pulled the 15 year old's fingers out of herself by her wrist, and told Ash to spread her ass cheeks.


I complied with Alma's order. I wanted so very much to raise myself up and kiss mom, but her hands were kind of pushing me down into the lounge as she massaged my shoulders. felt so good, and I suddenly found myself melting, and unable to even move. As soon as I spread my cheeks, Alma slowly and carefully put a very well oiled finger into both of my tight holes at once. I pushed myself back onto Alma's fingers...she was going too slow, and I wanted and needed to be filled IMMEDIATELY!

The 19 year old got it. What a bright girl! As soon as her fingers were all the way inside me, she withdrew them almost all the way out, then rapidly and roughly shoved them back into me. In no time at all, Alma was fingerfucking me as hard and fast as she could. Mom moved from my side to directly in front of me, and after removing her hands from my shoulders, she moved them under me and started groping my full D-cups like a teenage boy on a first date. Mom bent down and kissed me hard on my mouth. As our tongues almost danced in each other's mouth, I melted just a lttle more.

My daughter was moaning into my mouth as Alma fingered each of her tight holes at once. God, she was fucking my little girl so hard and fast. As much as I loved kissing my daughter, I wished I could be behind Alma watching. even more than that though, I wished MY fingers were the ones being thrust into Ashley. But, I would have to wait until the next time we were both with Robert.

That thought snapped in my head, and I was suddenly reminded of "The Rules". I was breaking them already. The rules I made for us included sexual contact with the 15 year old when the other one wasn't there. No kissing...I was kissing her. No touching...I was groping her firm large tits just as my daughter just described above, pinching her hard nipples between my forefinger and thumb as hard as I could.

Ashley removed her mouth from mine long enough for her for her to scream that she was cumming. Loud enough for the neighbors to hear...good thing they were at work (I hoped). Alma literally jumped back as my daughter covered her hand with her squirt, but quickly recovered, and roughly shoved her fingers back into the younger girl's holes, and held them firmly inside. Ashley continued cumming, and when she was finally finished, she removed her hands from her ass cheeks and then pushed herself onto her hands and knees.

The young teen moved backward to the end of the lounge with Alma's fingers still inside her. This made plenty of room for me in front of her, and without Ashley having to ask, I moved into the vacant space in front of her. It was exactly what the girl wanted me to do. We were SO in tune with each other! As soon as I was in front of her, I again guessed what she wanted, and spread my legs wide for her. Before Ashley moved her mouth to my wet womanhood, she turned to look at Alma.

"Two fingers. Each hole", she requested. Alma smiled and nodded her reply, then quickly complied with my baby's request. Ashley winced as two of the 19 year old's fingers went into each hole, but only momentarily, and then she moved her mouth to where it belonged.


Alma's two finger's being forced onto each of my tight holes at once only really slightly hurt. The "pain" quickly turned into pleasure for me, and I immediately went to work on my mom's clit. She spread her pussy lips for me, and I lightly and rapidly flicked my tongue on that hard piece of woman flesh. Two fingers slipped more than easily into her wet hole, and I withdrew them before I added a third. I fingerfucked mom with three fingers as I licked and sucked her clit, then after a couple minutes, I added a fourth. Mommy gasped, but not in pain, and she grabbed the back of my head with her free hand, and pulled my face harder into her.

"Suck it hard, honey", I heard her whisper. I sucked her clit as hard as I could between my lips, and she was shortly coming hard, thrusting her hips upward as she screamed. Her hole tightened around my four thrusting fingers, and I held the hard inside her as her whole body shook. When she finally finished cumming, mom grabbed a handful of my long hair, and forcibly moved my mouth from her swollen clit. "No more, Ashley...that's enough!", she gasped. As her pussy muscles still spasmed around my fingers, I moved up her body slowly, kissing every inch of her along the way. When I got to her nipples, I sucked each one for a long time, before I finally reached her welcoming mouth. We kissed passionately, and as we kissed, I pulled my fingers from her gripping hole and moved my hand to her breasts.

"I want your mouth on me, mommy", Ashley whispered into my ear. She removed her mouth from mine just long enough to tell me that, and then, without waiting for a response from me, my daughter's lips were back on mine.

"Okay", was my only reply a minute of so later. Alma pulled her rapidly thrusting fingers form my little girl's holes slowly, and she proceeded to lick the younger girl's taste from each of them.

Ashley pushed me away from her playfully, and she was flat on her back in no time at all. Like a well rehearsed play, I moved between Ashley's wide spread legs, and lowered my mouth to her tiny slit as Alma simultaneously squatted over the 15 year old's waiting and open mouth.

As Ashley reached up and spread Alma's pussy with fingers of each hand, the 19 year old moaned softly and quietly as the younger teen found her clit with her tiny tongue. At the same time my daughter's tongue found the clit above her, my tongue found her's, and as I began to lick and suck her tiny bud, my fore and middle fingers found their way into her asshole. She was so slick with suntan oil, plus the fact that she had just had two of Alma's fingers inside her, my two fingers easily went all the way in. Ashley's only response to my invading fingers into her most private little hole was to push herself onto them, as of trying to get more. It didn't work. My long fingers were all the way in, and there was nothing else to give her. I withdrew them ever so slowly, and as soon as they were almost all the way out, I shoved them back into her as hard as I could. Ashley yelped slightly, but I made no apology to her as I repeated my action. Within a matter of a few short second, I was fingerfucking my underage daughter's asshole as hard and as fast as I could. My tongue went from her clit to her short slit, forcing it's way into her sloppily wet hole. I was tongue fucking my only offspring! The thought made me literally shiver in excitement, and without even thinking about what I was doing, I added a third finger to the two already slamming into her little asshole. Ashley screamed loudly, but this time not in pain. As soon as I shoved the third long finger all the way into her, my daughter screamed because she came. She didn't squirt, but her girl cum was definitely enough to coat my thrusting tongue, and enough for me to swallow...twice!

I went back to her clit and softly kissed it over and over as Ashley's body shook. My three fingers were still deep inside her, twisting and slightly curling them inside her anal cavity. with my lips still on her tiny bud, I looked up at Alma, and as soon as our lust filled eyes locked, she came on the young girl's tongue.

We all collapsed onto the lounge a moment later. Ashley made another big production of licking my three fingers "clean". We all lay there, somehow managing to fit onto the same lounge together. We kissed and fondled each other for the next 10 to 15 minutes or so, lost in our own little world. Finally, the two girls got up, and holding hands, they jumped into the coolness of the pool.

I was left alone on the lounge, lost in my thoughts. What had I just done? The question, of course, was rhetorical. I had broke my own rules. I had given in to the temptation of not only touching and kissing her, but I had fucked her, and eaten that sweet tiny pussy. I did not admonish myself too severely about breaking "The Rules" tough, and I put my fingers to my wet slit as I thought about fingering the young teen's asshole. She had been much more than receptive to my invading fingers than I ever imagined she could be. The thought of four of her fingers in my hole had me shoving two of my own fingers into myself, and as the 15 and 19 year old girls laughed as they splashed each other in the pool, I came quickly.

When the girls finally got out of the pool, I told them that what had happened was OUR SECRET. Ashley nodded her agreement, and as I went into the house for a much needed shower, Ashley explained "The Rules" that I had just broke to Alma.

An hour later, Robert got home from work. He found the three of us in the livingroom watching TV. I was the only one dressed, and Ashley was sitting nude on Alma's bare lap. I stood up and gave him a kiss, as he stared at the sight of the two girls on the couch. I told him what happened that day while he was at work. Well...not really. I told him that Alma and I had "played" together in the bedroom, and then I had ley her have a turn with Ashley in her bedroom, and then we had all laid out for a while and went swimming.

A flat out blatant lie to my husband. And yet, I felt absolutely no shame in it. As my husband bought it hook, line and sinker, I kissed him again, then told him that Alma was staying for a while. I told him to have fun with her, but reminded him that he could only fuck her behind closed doors in our bedroom...without Ashley there, of course. I also told him that Ashley and Alma would be fucking each other as well, and then Alma was to go home.

With that, I turned and headed toward the door as I told my husband one last lie of the day...that I had to go in a little early to work. He stopped me and gave me another hard kiss on my lips, and I felt a slight twinge as he told me he loved me, and to have a good night at work. As I got into the car, I realized that day I had began "Sinking Into Depravity".

Chapter 10


After mom went to work after the outright lie to her husband, he went upstairs and showered. He came downstairs as naked as Alma and I were, and somehow managed to make dinner for the three of us. I say that because he had a huge hardon that continued through dinner and beyond. He joined Alma and I in the Living room, sitting in his recliner as we ate and watched TV. As soon as we were done eating, I was on Alma like peanutbutter on toast, practically knocking the empty plate out of her hand as I attacked her. As I began kissing her, Robert got up from his chair, collected the plated and silverware, and went into the kitchen. Alma and I continued making out as we listened to him clanging dishes together as he rinsed them, and put them in the dishwasher. It didn't take him long though, and he was back in the Living room in just a few minutes.

With his cock at full "attention", he walked over to us, and after holding out his hand to the 19 year old, he told her to come upstairs with him.

"I'm not done with her yet, daddy", I said as I removed my lips from hers. "I'm getting her ready for you."

His reply was short and sweet. "She's ready enough, and I'm ready NOW", he said impatiently.

God...he was almost whining! I resisted the urge to ask if he wanted any cheese with his whine, and teasing looked up at him. "Okay...Okay", I said. I reached up, and used that hard flesh object jutting away from his body to help me to my feet.

"Come on know the rules", he said sternly as he knocked my hand away. I resisted the urge to laugh, and instead, I looked down at the floor and mumbled my apology. My lips said, "I'm sorry", but I was laughing on the inside as I thought to myself "You poor poor have NO clue!"

Alma reached up, and after she took his hand, he helped her off her back and onto her feet. As they made their way upstairs hand in hand, I called up after them, "Cum in her pussy, daddy...I want to suck it out of her!" The bedroom door closed behind them without so much as a grunt of acknowledgment from either one of them.

I went upstairs to my room after them, and after closing the door behind me, I sat on the bed and listened for a little while. It was quiet, and I guessed that they were just kissing. I wished that I had the foresight to have put some of my pussy juice on Alma's lips and tongue, just to let daddy taste me.

Eventually, I heard them start to fuck. I debated on whether I should put my ear to the wall or not, but being able to hear them from my place on my bed, I decided to stay put. I stayed put for the next half hour. Growing impatient, I lay back on the bed, and turned on my ipod.

I woke up two hours later when I felt the pressure of someone climbing on the mattress. could I have fallen asleep? I smiled sleepily at Alma and stretched with a loud yawn as she crawled toward me. My blurry eyes focused, and I saw that the other girl looked like she had been dragged behind a truck! Okay, maybe that was too drastic, but she definitely looked well used for the past couple hours. Her hair was a tangled mess, and tear tracks were clearly visible on her face even though she wasn't wearing any makeup. Her face was red, obviously from having been slapped.

"OH MY GOD!", I exclaimed. I bolted upright on the bed, and holding my arms out to her, I asked Alma if she was okay.

"I know I must look horrible Ashley", she replied, "but I'm okay...really REALLY okay". The older teen smiled reassuringly at me, then kissed me softly on the lips as she tightly hugged me close to her. After whispering into my ear that she was okay, Alma continued that she was extremely tired and wore out, then asked me if I would mind that I not do anything to her. She told me that she would make me cum if I wanted, otherwise she asked for a raincheck.

"I'm tired, let's just go to sleep", I replied. Alma shook her head.

"No, I should go home. That's what your mom wants me to do" I shrugged in return, then asked if she was okay to make it home.

"Of course, silly...I just live across the street!", Alma laughed. She said it like I actually knew it, which I didn't. We kissed again, and the well used girl got off the bed, and left me in the room alone as she made her way downstairs, dressed and left the house.

I got up shortly after Alma left, and went immediately into my mom and dad's room. A pungent odor attacked my nostrils, a sour mixture of sweat, cum and ass hung heavily in the air. He was already already asleep as well as I had been, and with the light from the hallway, I could see that his cock, although limp was still long and thick. He opened his eyes as soon as the hall light hit them.

"WHAT Ashley?", he asked. He was obviously pissed that I had woke him up, but I was pissed as well.

"What did you do to her, Robert?", I asked. I walked over to the side of the bed, and as I got closer, I noticed that he hadn't even bothered cleaning himself after his 2 hour fuckfest with Alma. Without being too grossly graphic, I'll just say that his cock was "crusty" with just about anything you could imagine it would be, even after anal sex. I'll leave it at that.

"I didn't do anything to her that she didn't or doesn't want me to do to her.", Robert replied. "What can I say, the girl likes it rough"

"Including being slapped?", I asked. When he nodded his silent reply, I shook my head. I went out of the room and into the bathroom, well aware that his eyes were glued to my ass. After wetting a washcloth with hot water, I walked back into the room, and tossed it onto his hardening cock.

"Jesus Christ, daddy! Didn't you get enough?", I exclaimed. Without waiting for an answer, I told him to clean himself up, and as soon as I saw him take the washcloth in his hand, I walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

I was so tired. The combination of heat, beer and sex that day had taken their toll on me I guess. I fell asleep again as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Another long night at work for me. Actually, every 12 hour shift working as a cashier at a truck stop was too long, but some nights seemed to last longer than others.

That night was one of the longest and most boring I had in a long time. Hardly any customers at all, and it left me with nothing but time by myself to think.

I wondered to myself how I had arrived where I found myself. Fucking my daughter? Fucking my UNDERAGE 15 year old daughter at that. Two felonies in the State of California. My husband kept people like me off the streets, ensuring public safety. My husband kept people like HIMSELF off the street as well, I reminded myself. But I had a greater "sin" than that. I had lied to him about the events of the prior day. I hadn't told him how I had fingerfucked the young girl's ass with 3 fingers, and how we had eaten each other out.

I had never "strayed" before. There was no need to. Robert and I had a more than open marriage, and besides sharing our teen girlfriends, we both were having sex with them separately while the other was at work. What I had with Ashley was an AFFAIR. Plain and simple. I could not lie to myself about it. I had crossed two lines with her. I had left the realm of harmless fantasy of pretending to be having sex with a 15 year old while I fucked a girl of legal age, to actually having sex with a girl too young by the laws of the State I lived in.

I felt guilty. I SHOULD have felt guilty, because I was! At the same time though, I was excited. Sexually excited and turned on to be more precise. From the day Ashley accidentally had her face plastered with my husband's cum, to the afternoon with Alma, and every point in between, I had felt something growing inside me. A love for my daughter that I could not even begin, and probably shouldn't try to understand. Was I "IN LOVE" with her? It most certainly wasn't a "motherly love" for her...I barely knew the girl. It had to be that I was in love with a girl that I should not be in love with.

I briefly considered dropping "The Rules", but immediately dismissed that thought. If I did, Robert would find a way to ruin her. By that, I mean PHYSICALLY ruin her by finding a way to get his overly large cock inside her tight little holes. I didn't want that. I wanted to be the one to "ruin" her. In short, I wanted her all to myself.


-I do not expect the reader to understand my logic here, and I most certainly would never ask that they/you do. I am explaining this the best I can.

Continuing on...

I also briefly considered changing "The Rules", but I quickly put that idea out of my mind as well. Any changes with them being alone together would lead to him fucking her, and would maybe give him a clue that something had already happened between us while he was at work.

I realized that as much as I wanted the young teen all to myself, I HAD to let Robert have his fun with her as well. She was there to be OUR plaything, and I would let them go as far as they could when the three of us were together. Short of him sticking his cock in her pussy or ass that is. It was then that I decided that Ashley's 18th Birthday would be a day all of us would remember for the rest of our lives.

Chapter 11


I woke when mom arrived home from work. Opening my eyes when she peeked in at me, I had a future career working in a bank as I told her about her husband and Alma. Even though they had both told me that it was okay, I still had a hard time believing them. Mom smiled, and hugged my naked body close to her's as she sat on the bed.

"It's REALLY okay...she DOES like it rough", she said soothingly. She told me how the 19 year old loved to be slapped as hard as possible while taking it deep up her ass.

Finally convinced, I told her that I had confronted Robert before going to bed that night, and what his cock looked like. She looked down at the floor before she told me that he was supposed to keep it that way, and I literally gagged when she told me that she was going to clean it for him when she got home.

"EWWWW...Mom that's DISGUSTING!", I exclaimed. She looked embarrassed as all holy hell, as I backed off the subject, especially since I was starting to get a nasty taste on my mouth.

"There are a LOT of other worse things that can happen", she replied. Mom told me that Alma herself should be the one to tell me of Alma's sexual history, how the girl had been sexually involved with her father and later her mom's boyfriend for the past several years. It had started just watching her parents have sex, and her mother not only knowing, but also approving. Her story went something like this...

The first time she slept in her parent's bed she had gotten scared in her room, and had gone into their room. As the too young of a girl slept next to them in bed, they started fucking, and Alma awoke later to her dad on top of her mom. They were so into it, they didn't notice that she had seen them. A couple nights later, her mom DID notice that she was watching them, but didn't say anything about it to her daughter. She did, however, tell her husband, and just as Alma thought he was going to beat her ass for watching him and his wife have sex, she noticed that he had gotten a hardon. Alma's mother noticed her husband's hard cock as well, and when asked if it turned him on to know that she had been watching them, he didn't answer. He didn't really NEED to answer was obvious to everyone in the room that he was. From that day on, they started fucking during the day, sometimes in the kitchen when Alma was watching TV, so she could watch, and sometimes on the couch next to her, Alma's dad would start fingering her mom or suck on the woman's breasts in front of his daughter.

Alma's parents then actually asked her to sleep with them on a nightly basis. Alma's dad would begin to fondle her mom, and one night she got so bold at doing things in front of the girl, that she told her daughter to lay down on top of him while she was sucking her husband's hardon. The girl's dad was moving his hips up and down and holding her very tightly, as if he was thinking he was fucking her (he WAS thinking EXACTLY that!). The three of them loved the experience, and Alma loved the attention. After just a couple times, Alma's dad got really into it, and began french kissing the young girl and fondling her small titties over her top, while her mom was sucking him off.

The first couple times they did this, Alma was in her pajamas, but by the third, it was her mother that undressed the girl, then moved her on top of her father. Although her mother never did anything to Alma herself, she did get some of the girl's juice on her husband's cock by rubbing his cockhead against her wet slit, Alma never came this way as it never lasted long enough, but her mother always got to taste Alma from her husband's hardon. This went on for quite some time, her mother blowing her husband while he held his nude daughter close as he kissed and fondled her. His cumming alternated between in his wife's mouth and him shooting his load all over her young ass and back, and if he did that, Alma's mother would lick her clean...although very careful to not let her tongue anywhere near her daughter's sex holes.

After a while, Alma's mom and dad separated, and her mom got a boyfriend. Alma would watch them as well, and he too was turned on by the young girl. Her mother let him touch her daughter as her husband had, but allowing him to finger her sweet hairless pussy...not just fondle her small breasts. When Alma reached the age of 14 her mother's boyfriend fucked her, and when Alma's mom found out, she was mad at first, but after she got fucked herself, she somehow forgot all about it, and got over it quick!

I looked at mom like she was crazy. "That's NOT that disgusting", I told her. "She was only a year younger than I am now"

Mom's story of Alma had made my pussy wet, and I spread my legs and lay back to allow my mom to see exactly how wet I really was. I could tell that she wanted to plunge her tongue into my pussy, but instead she she stood up and held her hand out to me, and told me that we should go wake Robert up for work together.

I led my daughter into our bedroom, and found my husband fast asleep. Laying on his back on top of the sheet, he was obviously nude. I whispered to Ashley that she should carefully straddle him, and to try not to wake him. The young teen did exactly as told, and Robert didn't even flinch as she slowly straddled him, and as she finally pressed her tiny lithe body against his, she gently started kissing him.

He woke up as soon as her soft lips met his, and as he kissed Ashley in return, I took his flaccid cock all the way into my mouth. It hardened rapidly to it's full 10+ inches, and as soon as it did, I removed it from my mouth. The 15 year old's short and narrow slit was less than an inch away, and Ashley squirmed as I began to rub Robert's cockhead against her tiny hard clit.

The young teen started kissing my husband hard as she pressed her too young pussy against him, her slick girl juices starting to flow from her tiny hole, and as his cock began to become coated, I slowly stroked him while I continued rubbing my daughter's clit with the fat tip.

He must have cum a LOT the previous night, because it took a long time for him to cum that morning. Long enough for me to lick the young girls's asshole after I told my husband to spread her tight round cheeks. Ashley gasped, then squealed as the tip of my tongue found her tiny "browneye". After several minutes of licking and sucking her tangy hole, I eventually pushed my wet tongue into her. My hand started moving just a little faster up and down on the thick long flesh shaft in my hand, and my young daughter pushed back even harder onto my probing tongue and her daddy's cockhead.


Mommy's tongue was in my asshole! With daddy's hands gripping my cheeks so hard he would wind up leaving slight bruises, he was pulling them so far apart that I thought I might split in half! Mom's tongue thrust in and out of my private little girl hole, and I could feel my pussy flowing as she rubbed that big hardon back and forth over my tiny clitty. I lay flat on Robert's bare chest, and his thick hair was course against my breasts and overly hard nipples as they were smashed against him. I had stopped kissing him the moment mommy's tongue touch my asshole, and after the gasp and squeal, I put my full body weight onto him, and buried my face into his neck.

We stayed that way for a very long and pleasurable 20 minutes or so. Mom alternated from stroking him fast to slow and back to slow again repeatedly, and when her hand went too slow, he started thrusting his hips upward, slamming the tip of his hardon against my throbbing hard that he ALMOST thrust into me. I yelped loudly as I felt him slipped off my tiny love button and force upward hard into my wet slit. It was ever so brief, but it was like feeling it in slow motion as my thick bald pussy lips wrapped about half of his cockhead. To remove the threat of him penetrating me with his too fat cock, mom forced a finger from her free hand deep into me instead, her thrusting tongue never leaving my other hole.

My husband's cock had almost penetrated her. As soon as I heard my daughter yelp in pain, knew what had happened and I had my finger all the way inside her immediately. If the little teen hadn't been so tight, he would have been balls deep into her. I moved his cock back to her clit, and increased the speed of my hand on his cock. Stroking his hardon that was slick with her wetness as fast as I could, I held my middle finger inside her tight gripping hole, wiggling it as fast as I was stroking her step-father. For all the work I was doing it still was another 5 minutes or so before they came...but they came together! As they both began their vocalizations ( ), Robert's cock started spewing his thick cum all over my chin. I removed my lips and tongue from Ashley's asshole, and continued stroking his cock as I aimed it at her pussy. With her daddy's cum hitting her clit and wet slit, the teen began squirting out and around my finger. My daughter rocked forward and back, fucking my finger as she came loudly. Her squirt went all over my face and into my open mouth, a kind of salty sweetness that I swallowed thirstily.

My husband's orgasm didn't last too long, but the amount of cum he had put out was incredible. Not to mention the force of it leaving his body. Although clearly an exaggeration, I am certain when I say that if my middle finger hadn't been inside the girl with my open palm blocking the way, his cum would have almost hit the ceiling! Okay, as I said, an exaggeration to be sure, but it definitely would have been all over my daughter's back. Ashley stopped squirting all over me shortly after he did, and after moving forward far enough to get her gripping hole from around my finger, she collapsed in exhaustion back onto my husband's chest.

What a mess! My hand soaked in both of their cum. Not just my hand. Their thighs, her pussy, his softening cock, my lower arm,face and chest, the mattress...everything was soaked in the mixture of their combined bodily fluids. I allowed them to kiss for a while as he held her against him, his arms wrapped tightly around her slender waist. I got up and went to the bathroom, and after I came back into the bedroom, I told them to get up and go take a shower.

Robert and my daughter walked hand in hand to the bathroom, and stepped into the shower as I stripped the bed. I refrained from going into the shower with them, allowing them a very short time together, and knowing that Ashley and I would have all day together.


Daddy didn't even touch me in the shower, and after we washed ourselves, we got out of the shower in a very short few minutes. After Robert got dressed, he left for work, leaving mom and I alone for the day, but we'll save that for the next chapter.

Chapter 12

After Robert left for work that morning, Ashley and I took a "nap" together around 7AM. Just for a couple hours she lay next to me, my arms holding her nude warm body next to mine. Her leg was draped across my lower stomach, her small hand cupping one of my breasts, and her bald and still wet pussy pressing into my hip. My last thought before I fell contentedly asleep was if Ashley's pussy was ever NOT wet! I had the alarm set for 2 hours later because I was off for the day, and wanted to be able to sleep that I didn't want to sleep the entire morning away in order to have more time with the girl.

Minutes passed before the loud repeating buzzing of the alarm clock went least it felt that way, and Ashley reached across me and turned it off. With her body across my chest, her hard nipples pressed into me, and although still just waking up, I felt a tingle several inches below my belly. Ashley must have felt my pussy tingling too, because as soon as she turned off the alarm, she lay on top of me and began softly kissing me. She held my face in her hands, and her lips had barely touched mine when her tongue was probing into my welcoming mouth. I returned her kiss, a little too eagerly, and I whimpered into the young teens mouth.

"Slow down, mom, we have all day.", she whispered. At least that's what she said, but her words were merely words, and within a minute, she was kissing me as hard and as eagerly as I was kissing her, and as soon as I spread my legs, her fingers found my clit with absolutely no feeling around for it. Reaching between our bodies pressed hard against each other, my little girl rubbed my clit slowly with teasing circles as our tongues continued their exploration into each other's mouth.

"Ashley...", I whispered into her mouth. Her short reply of, "mommy..." had me pushing upward against her hand as if to urge her to go faster. She didn't, but she didn't "punish" me by stopping either. Her fingers continued lightly teasing my hard nub.

After several minutes went by, my daughter removed her mouth from mine, and shifting ever so slightly, she took a hard nipple between her small soft lips. Her sucking increased, and as it did, so did the speed of her fingers on my clit. I put my hands on either side of my full breasts, and pushed them closer together. Ashley got the hint, and after taking my other nipple into her mouth, I reached between her legs to return the favor.

"No.", she whispered. She knocked my reaching hand away with her free hand, and then closed her legs together. I wanted to ask why, but nothing other than moans came out of my mouth.

Ashley's teeth grazed my hard nipple before she lightly bit down on it. I made no objections, and the pressure from her teeth lightly increased. She pulled her mouth from my pointed nipple, her teeth sharply grazing it before her lips were clear, then she repeated the process with my other one.

Afterward, the young teen slowly made her way down my body. I put much emphasis on the word "slowly", even though I didn't capitalize or make it bold. Ever so slowly the girl kissed and licked every inch of my body as she made her way down to my waiting and very wet pussy. At long last, her lips kissed my shaved pubic area, and I tensed as I waited for her lips to attach themselves to my throbbing clit.

My 15 year old daughter giggled to herself more than to me, and after removing her fingers from making light soft circles on my clit, she started lightly kissing all the way around my wanting sex. Her tiny pink tongue came within mere centimeters of both my clit and tight hole as she kissed my hairless lips. Then, to my frustration, the girl moved down my legs, and AWAY FROM my wanting pussy.

I groaned as Ashley spent the next several long minutes kissing and licking every inch of my long legs. One at a time (obviously) the young girl went all the way down to my toes, and as she sucked each one into her mouth for a few seconds, shivers and shocks went directly to my now aching pussy.


I was giggling to myself as I teased my mom mercilessly. However as much as I was teasing her, I was also teasing myself as well...holding back my temptation to just stop all the "foreplay" and just plunge my tongue into her wet and wanting hole.

She was growing restless as I made my way back up her other leg. My plan of kissing back up her first leg was shot to hell, as I kept having to knock her fingers away from her pussy, and by the time I got back to her well shaved mound, I had lost track of how many times I had to tell her "NO!"

I knew it would be just a very short time until she just grabbed me by my long hair and pulled my face into her and clamp her legs tightly around me, and I didn't want that...not yet at least. As I lightly blew between her widespread legs onto her tight hole, I sneaked a glance at the clock. 9:35. We had been at it for 35 minutes since the alarm had gone off.

"Turn over, mommy", I told as she plunged two long fingers into herself. I was tired of saying "No" to her and trying to keep her fingers away from herself, and although we had been at it for almost 40 minutes already, I figured a few more wouldn't hurt.

"ASH!!!", she pleaded with me pathetically. I had no heart for her whining, and again told her to roll onto her stomach. This time it was an order. The older woman complied, but NOT happily, and I heard her mumbling something about payback under her breath as she flipped over onto her stomach. I ignored her, pretending to not even notice that she had even opened her sweet mouth.

As I kissed the back of her neck, mom shivered. She REALLY liked this! I slowly kissed my way down her back, apparently paralyzing her, because she made no attempt to sneak her fingers under her and back to her wet slit.

"Good girl", I thought to myself. If she had, I would be forced to handcuff her hands to the headboard. I knew where they were, and they were not the "pretty" kind with pink fur on them! They were silver and cold, and used to put on criminals, not on beautiful mommies.

At last I had kissed her entire back. Every square inch had been touched by my lips and wet tongue. When I got to her ass, she wasted no time in complying with my order to spread her firm cheeks, and my lips and tongue went directly to the tight hole between them. At the exact same time as my lips wrapped around her puckered tangy asshole, I pushed two fingers into the aching hole beneath it. My fingers slipped easily inside her, and I immediately added a third. Mom pushed her ass upward toward me, and as she did, I drove my tiny tongue as far as I could into her.

"FUCK!", mom yelled. Such language...and from a LADY

"Fuck THIS, mommy", I said in my best "little girl" voice. My fourth finger went inside her as I said it, and she gasped as I started thrusting them in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could. My hand made sloppy wet sounds as I fucked her, and her wet hole gripped my fingers even though she was so sloppily wet. I could feel her pussy juices on my chin as they were forced out in a light mist with each inward thrust of my hand.

"Use your WHOLE hand, baby...PLEASE!", mom gasped.

My young teenage daughter hesitated. I asked again, and she pulled her four fingers from my throbbing hole. The girl's hand was small, almost childlike although she was a young teen. So small it didn't even come close to closing around my husband's cock, and as the teen's wrist and forearm were thinner around than his cock was thick, I knew for a fact that she would have absolutely no problem getting her whole hand into me.

After she asked where the lube was, I told her she wouldn't need any, and after telling her to hold all of her fingers and her thumb together straight out (and to NOT just make a fist and punch it into me!), my daughter slowly pushed her small fingers and then her hand into my hole. I sighed as her hand disappeared up to her wrist, then further when I told her to keep going.

I could take the 10+ inches of Robert with no problem at all, and my daughter began fucking me, turning the open hand inside me into a fist as she pushed further and further into me with each inward thrust.

As my ass started rising to meet her, Ashley removed her probing tongue from my asshole, and she sat back on her heels, and after straddling my lower leg, the girl started to grind her wet slit against my calf.

With her tongue out of my ass, I suddenly felt a void, and after pushing myself up a little further, I plunged two, then three fingers into the wet hole that my young daughter had just vacated.


Mom makes it sound like she has a canyon for a pussy hole. That is simply not even close to being even slightly true. The truth is that I have a small hand and thin arm, and her hole gripped my thrusting fist and almost half of my forearm tightly with every thrust into her.

That said, it was INCREDIBLE watching myself fuck her. Even more stimulating than that was when she plugged her asshole with three of those long fingers. With my clit rubbing on her lower leg, my hole leaked my young girl juice as I watched both her holes being fucked at the same time. I wanted to replace her fingers with my own, but I made better use of them, and reaching behind myself, I shoved my middle finger of my free hand into my own asshole.

It wasn't long after she started finger fucking her ass as hard as I was thrusting my hand and arm into her, that mommy came. She let out such a loud high pitched and ear piercing scream, that I was glad we didn't live in an apartment! The only way she could have cum any harder was if something had been stimulating her hard clit. My finger thrust hard and fast all the way to my last knuckle in and out of my tight hole as I pushed one last time into her. Almost a foot of my hand and arm were deep inside my own mother! The woman who had given birth to me a little over 15 years ago! WOW!!! (It STILL blows my mind)

With my fist as far into mom as far she could take it, I held it firmly inside her, and began twisting my hand. She stopped screaming as soon as she heard herself, but she in no way was close to the end of her very long lasting orgasm. Pulling her fingers out of her ass, she put them on her clit, and her whole body shook as mom collapsed onto the bed as she rubbed herself rapidly.

I started to cry as soon as I stopped screaming. My girl must have forgot that part. I was literally sobbing at the release as I collapsed onto the bed. Ashley, my sweet Ashley, slowly started pulling her hand and arm out of me, and as soon as she was free, I wanted to foll over and take her in my arms and hold her tight...but I didn't have the strength to even move.

Instead, my young teen daughter lay on top of my back, pressing her light 90 pound body against me as she softly kissed my neck, and then around to my eyes, and after kissing my tears away, the girl softly kissed my lips.

"I love you, mommy.", she whispered softly into my ear.

My reply came immediately. "I love you too, baby." We kissed again, and after falling asleep for another hour, we started our day together with a hot shower, then we went back to the bed. Unlike every other day so far, we never left the bedroom, much less the house. I took the phone off the hook, and for the next several hours almost all the way up to the time my husband came home from work, my daughter and I literally spent the day in bed together, becoming lovers as we took turns making each other cum all day long.

Of course, by the time Robert arrived home from work, Ashley was fully dressed (HER idea of being "dressed" at least) watching TV on the couch, and I was finishing making dinner. We ate while we watched a couple movies on HBO, then finally went to bed.

Nothing happened that night sexually, although I happily let her sleep in our bed between us when she asked if she could. I could tell my husband was curious as to why nothing happened that night, but he didn't ask why, and somehow he managed to finally fall asleep with his 15 year old step daughter snuggled against him as she had done earlier that morning with me, her bare thigh across what I'm sure was a raging hardon. I spooned against my young teen daughter, my hard nipples poking into her back, and my hand cupping her firm right breast, and tired from the exhausting events of the day, Ashley and I fell asleep within minutes of laying down.

Chapter 13


YAY! I get to start a chapter again At the end of the prior chapter, mom wrote:

"Nothing happened that night sexually, although I happily let her sleep in our bed between us when she asked if she could. I could tell my husband was curious as to why nothing happened that night, but he didn't ask why, and somehow he managed to finally fall asleep with his 15 year old step daughter snuggled against him as she had done earlier that morning with me, her bare thigh across what I'm sure was a raging hardon. I spooned against my young teen daughter, my hard nipples poking into her back, and my hand cupping her firm right breast, and tired from the exhausting events of the day, Ashley and I fell asleep within minutes of laying down."

That's not exactly 100% true. SHE may have fallen asleep within minutes, but it took me and Robert a little while longer. Daddy's cock was so hard under the soft skin of my inner right thigh, and he had his hand just above my knee gently kneeding my leg. Mom started snoring softly behind me, and I knew Robert would get no sleep at all that night if he didn't get any relief. I could hear him
breathing heavily in frustration, and with my leg in the way of him jacking off, I started slowly moving my leg up and down his thick

I wanted to kiss him as I "jacked him off" with my leg, but I didn't want to disturb mom's sleep. With daddy's hand on my thigh urging me faster, I complied as well as I could without making my whole body shake in movement. My hand was on his chest, and I moved my fingers to one of his nipples, and lightly pinched it until it was a hard little point between my thumb and forefinger. The warm soft skin of my inner thigh rubbing him proved to be enough, and in a few minutes his cock spasmed, coating my leg and his belly with his hot sticky cum. I heard him breath a heavy sigh of relief, and after turning his head and giving me a short soft kiss on the lips, we fell asleep.

The next morning came quickly, and before mom woke up, daddy went into the bathroom and took a shower while I cleaned the dried cum from the inside of my leg.

I awoke a couple hours later to find my husband gone to work and to my surprise, Ashley wasn't outside in the nude. Instead, my daughter was naked and sitting on the couch watching TV. I asked if she had eaten breakfast, and after she nodded that she had, I told her to get dressed and that I was taking her shopping out of town.

When she asked what we were going shopping for, I merely told her that it was a surprise...a surprise that she would more than love, and upon hearing that, Ashley jumped off the couch and ran upstairs. Expecting her to take an hour getting ready as she had the day we went grocery shopping, I proceeded to get my coffee, and I was very surprised to find her already standing in the living room as I walked back from the kitchen to go sit and wait for her.

"Come on already! Let's GO!", the girl said excitedly. She stood in front of me wearing a very short black dress than clung tightly to every round curve of her tiny body. Her breasts, although completely covered, pressed firmly against the thin material, and her rock hard nipples threatened to poke through.

The young teen turned around, and as she headed for the front door, I caught a flash of narrow white material covering her bald fleshy mound that should have been covered by her dress. I sighed, mostly in lust, and after thinking to myself " least she's wearing something underneath it!", I headed out the door behind her. As we walked to the truck, my eyes were practically glued to her tight little round ass, noting that the dress came an inch short of completely covering those perfect globes. She should have not been allowed out of the house in that "dress", but again, I was not in the running for "Mother of the Year".

Getting into the front seat of the truck after me, the 15 year old put her seatbelt on, not caring the slightest that her dress had ridden (rode ?) up over her ass, and that her thong covered crotch was now totally exposed. I didn't care either though, and as soon as I backed out of the driveway, I had my hand high on her inner thigh, my fingers touching the edge of the silky fabric. The drive took a little over an hour, and my right hand never moved. Well, my hand DID move...I just did not REMOVE it!


What she means to say is that her fingers were under my thong the whole drive! Mom never made me actually cum as her fingers teased my clit and hole as I sat in the passenger seat with my legs spread wide for her. By the time we got there, my panties were soaked. I let out a squeal of excitement when she pulled the truck into a popular electronics store. I knew right then that we were there for a TV. The one in my bedroom was an ancient 13" TV, and unless sitting a foot away from the screen it was a little over useless.

"What are you so excited for, honey?", mom asked innocently. I didn't bother to reply, and I was out the passenger door as soon as she came to a complete stop.

"COME ON!", I shouted. God...what a slowpoke! I waited for her to get the hell out of the truck, barely able to keep from stomping my feet impatiently. Mom and I walked into the store hand in hand, just like any other "loving couple" would. The thin fabric clung wetly to my pussy, and as a slight breeze came up, it felt wonderful on my almost bare skin. As soon as we entered the store, mom handed me her credit card.

"Get whatever you want or think you need.", she told me. I literally snatched the card from her hand, and she smiled as she repeated "whatever". I squealed again, just an average excited teenager.

For the next two hours, Ashley dragged me around the store. There was no short supply of help, and every clerk there was more than willing to help with whatever she wanted. By the time we finally walked out, my next credit card bill would be a few thousand dollars higher, and I fully expected the card company to call me later that afternoon...if they hadn't already left a message about the charge.

It was well worth it though. My baby girl would not want for, or need anything for a long time. A 42 inch plasma TV better than the TV in my bedroom), DVD/VCR combo player, Computer...complete with a 19 inch monitor (remember this WAS 5 years ago), a stereo system, and a video camera (bought for a specific reason ) were all loaded neatly and carefully into the back of the truck. Ashley kissed me full on the lips, her tongue probing into my mouth as the two men that had loaded my high dollar purchase stood at the end of the truck. To make the show even better for them, and not caring what they thought, I grabbed my daughter's ass cheeks and as I squeezed them hard, I pulled them apart, giving the two men a good long look at the thin strip going down her crack and disappearing between her plump pussy lips. I broke our kiss short, gave each of the men a $20.00 bill, and then Ashley and I laughed as we got into the truck and drove away.

Ashley was so giddily thankful and told me that she wanted to pay me back for her gifts the proper way, and she suggested that we go straight to the closest motel. I was tempted at first. I wanted to taste her, but instead, I told her that besides having a truckbed full of thousands of dollars of electronics, the items were not "gifts" that she needed to "pay me back" for. I had bought them for her because I loved her, and that I was IN LOVE with her, but as true as it was...I didn't add that last part.

Halfway home across the desert, I had to pull over. For 15 minutes, as soon as we left the "populated area", Ashley had been on her knees in the passenger seat, kissing my neck as I tried to drive. Her kissing me was an added distraction as I already had my hand between her legs, and my middle finger buried all the way into her tight little hole.

So I pulled over at the first offramp I came to. In the middle of the desert there was a road. Just a road. I had absolutely no idea where it was supposed to go...not that I would ever want to take it. But today, the offramp in the middle of nowhere served it's purpose well. For the next few minutes, I was able to concentrate on my teenage daughter. Kneeling in the driver's seat facing her, with two of her fingers in my hole, and my middle finger locked tightly inside hers, Ashley and I kissed as we brought each other to orgasm with our fingers. When we were finished within a few minutes...we were both that horny! Our drive home continued in blissful silence, and once home, we somehow managed to not only get everything upstairs, but also set up and hooked up as well. By the time Robert got home from work, Ashley and I were watching her new TV, as dinner baked in the oven.

Chapter 14

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned into a couple months, and before we know it..summer was over. My sexual relationship with Ashley happening on a daily basis. Make that "my AFFAIR with Ashley". Our daily sessions of eating each other out and fingerfucking each other was going on behind my husband's back, and neither of us had any intention of telling him, and THAT made it an affair.

One by one over the course of the summer, Ashley met my husband and my other girlfriends. All were more than willing to join us, actually eager to fuck a 15 year old. Robert and I set aside Sunday nights for ourselves because we HAD to. But the other days of the week alternated between our other girlfriends or our newest and youngest girlfriend.

I had my schedule changed a couple weeks after Ashley's arrival so I would not have to go into work until 6PM, as well as dropping to 10 hours a night, giving us plenty of time with Ashley in both the morning and afternoon. Saturday morning and early afternoons were our designated "Family Time", and we would go out for breakfast, then just hang around the house, or go out of town to shop or whatever. Saturday nights were spent with one of our girlfriends AND Ashley in bed doing nasty things to each other

During our 3 or 4 ways with the young teen, Robert was pretty much free to do as he pleased to her...with the exception of fucking her, of course. A lot of oral on her tight little pussy, with a finger or two inside either (or both) of her tiny holes, and when he came, Ashley was usually the recipient of his massive explosions. IF I had been counting, I would have lost track of how many of my husband's cumshots went either all over her body, onto her sweet cute face, or into her small mouth. A few times though, I would let the young teen "ride" him (see pic), and then when they came together, he would wind up cumming all over his belly, chest and even face! The girl was always more than willing to clean up the mess though.

Ashley's contact with him though was somewhat limited to "hands on". Not because of me though, it's just that he was too big for her. Try as she most assuredly did, the young girl could not get more than a couple inches inside her too young mouth, her mouth just barely fitting around it...her teeth always gently scraping along his thick shaft as she did her best to blow him. My husband was more than happy to just let her jack him off, or lick him clean of what ever girl juice his thick 10 1/2 inches was coated with.


It was GREAT when the 3 (or more) of us played together! The daily sex with mom though was even better, and was getting better daily it seemed. God...I loved having her tongue as far into my tight hole as her upper lip rubbed my clit and at least one finger was fucking my little asshole as hard and as fast as she could (I much preferred two of her long fingers up there though).

Their girlfriends! Their girlfriends were all, in a word, STUNNING. Only one was over 20 years old, and she was 21. None of them looked any older than I actually was, and as mom said, they were all eager to fuck a girl the age they looked. Alma lived right across the street, and by default, that made her the girl we had sex with the most. Having been "willingly abused" at an early age, Alma was the freakiest by far, but we'll get into that later.

As much fun as we were having though, after mom left for work, things around the house got really weird when daddy and I were there alone. After mom would leave at around 5:40 for work, Robert would make dinner for us, then after eating and cleaning the kitchen, he would go up to his room and lock himself inside it. No matter what I did, and even if had cum all over me or in my mouth earlier, it was as if he was afraid to be alone in the house with me. That man could cum though, and no matter how much he had cum earlier, he was good to go again, and through the closed door of their bedroom, I could always hear the porn playing on the TV as he jacked off.

I would inevitably go to my room, and do the same thing that he was doing in the room right next to mine, fingering myself to a blissful orgasm by watching some young girl getting fucked on one of their DVDs. It got to the point though, that I couldn't take it anymore, and after a month or so, I finally talked to my mom about her husband's avoidance of me when she wasn't there.

It greatly upset me that my husband locked himself in his room after I left for work, and prompted me to take immediate action. The day she Ashley told me, after he filled my pussy with his cum and my daughter sucked it out of me, we had an impromptu "Family Meeting". I changed the rules verbally right then and there. The amendment was major. Robert and his 15 year old step daughter COULD have LIMITED "contact" while I was not there. Simply put, I would allow them to masturbate together and kiss, however, they could not touch each other below the waist and nothing oral other than kissing...not even nipples.

Again, I do not expect the reader of this story to understand "The Rules". I made the amendment merely because I wanted them to at least have SOME interaction with each other while I was away. I did not want her being ignored by my husband...he was being ridiculous at "having" to lock himself in his room, afraid to be alone with her. After we got everything straightened out, I kissed them both passionately, and after showering, I left for work.


I am SO glad I finally told my mom what was going on when she was gone. Her amendment to "The Rules" made all the difference in the world. I wish that I had talked to her sooner. That night, Robert ordered pizza for us, and we sat close together on the couch and ate while we watched TV. I think he ordered pizza instead of making dinner so there would be nothing for him to clean up afterward! His cock was semi hard the whole time we were on the couch, and a little while after we finished dinner, daddy stood up, ans with his hardening cock inches away from my face, he held his hand out to me.

"Come on, Ash", he simply said.

I let him help me off the couch even though I didn't need it, and hand in hand, Robert led me upstairs to their bedroom. Once in the room, I was on the bed immediately, my legs spread wide in anticipation. He put a DVD in the player, and after turning on the TV, he grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand drawer, and as soon as he hit the play button on the remote, his cock was in his hand. I hardly paid attention to the movie that was playing, and barely glanced up at the TV from time to attention focused on the cock that was very slowly being stroked next to me. Slowly is the key word in the prior sentence. The way his hand slid all the way up and down his thick shaft was a beautiful sight indeed. My pussy clenched my middle finger as I just as slowly fucked myself.

Daddy looked over and smiled at me sweetly as I lay back and put my left leg over his, and his right hand went immediately to my inner thigh. I grabbed his hand and moved it higher, knowing it was okay. Even though mommy had said we couldn't touch each other below the waist, I was 100% positive that she meant my pussy and his cock, and that my legs didn't count. (I was right) Two scenes of the movie went by, and he was no where near cumming.

"I have to call mom and ask her something.", I finally said.

"Why?", daddy asked. His fingers were coming less than an inch away from my tiny close that I'm sure he could feel the heat coming from my wet hole. I did nothing to stop him.

"I need to find out if you can cum on me or not.", I replied with a slight gleam in my eye. I didn't wait for his reply, and the conversation with his wife didn't take more than a few seconds.

"Mom...can he come on me?", I asked as soon as she answered the phone.

"He can cum anywhere ON you, but not in your mouth.", she replied quickly. I could tell she was busy, and she sounded rushed with her answer, so I asked her to clarify her answer. Not for me so much as for her. Mom repeated her answer, this time sounding more attentive to her words. She added, "Or any other of your holes!" before we said goodbye to each other.

As soon as the phone was back in it's charger, I pushed daddy's hand off my leg, and as he sat there with a puzzled look on his face, I moved in front of him, and sitting on the bed, I "straddled" him by putting both legs over his. My wet slit was already dangerously close to his slow stroking hand, but I proceeded to get closer to him.

"The movie's been on long enough, daddy", I told him as I turned the TV off. "Pay attention to ME." I put my lips to his, and we kissed. God, he was a great kisser! For the next 10 or 15 minutes, it was just us. Me and my new daddy, and no one else. No other distractions. With his tongue thrusting hungrily into my young mouth, his right hand alternated between both of my tits, and his other hand was rubbing against mine as we stroked ourselves closer to climax.

Daddy came first. He stopped playing with my titties a minute or so before he did, and he put his arm around my lower back and held me even closer to him. His hand moved faster and faster along that huge piece of man meat, and with a loud grunt into my mouth, Robert started shooting his load between us. As soon as I could feel him cumming, daddy pushed me backward away from him.

"ASHLEY!!!", he yelled as he aimed his spasming hardon at my torso. True to the video samples that have already been posted, daddy came all over my belly and tits. Stream after thick stream of hot white cum splattered my 15 year old body, seeming to last over a minute, but it was only several seconds.

I had waited, and somehow managed, to hold off cumming until he did, and as soon as he was finished, I squirted all over his softening cock. I pushed myself forward against him, pushing him back onto the pillows piled up behind him, and after laying directly on top of him, our bodies effectively squished our combined cum together between us. We kissed and I "let" him break "The Rules" as he had both hands on my firm little girl butt cheeks, squeezing them as we lay there holding each other and kissing.

At long last, daddy gently pushed me off of him, and after telling me "goodnight" and kissing me on the cheek, then forehead, he told me he was going to sleep. I left their bedroom a very happy girl, and after a quick shower, I fell asleep in my bed as soon as my head hit my pillow. A very happy young girl indeed!

Chapter 15

As stated in the prior chapter, summer ended. Ashley started school the end of August, and with school starting, a new chapter in our lives did as well.


I started my Sophomore year of High School in a totally strange environment. The school was smaller than the one I had gone to the year before. WAY smaller. Added to that strangeness was the fact that I didn't know anyone there. All the people I had met over the course of that summer were mom and dad's girlfriends, and they had all graduated. I made friends quickly though, and even through the weirdness of being in a new school, by the end of the first day there I had made friends with several people.

PEOPLE? She means GIRLS. Much too modest, my daughter is! The truth of the matter is the end of her first day at school, my daughter had 3 girls that were not only her friends, they were actually openly vying for her to be her GIRLFRIEND. I do not say this to add fuel to the reader's is the plain and simple truth. My daughter had been blessed with the same gift I have of being able to get any girl she wanted. As I said, she is being WAY too modest here. All her "people/friends" were girls she WANTED.


Fine.'s right...whatever! Yeah, the attention I got my first day at school was cool. For such a small school in a town of roughly 5000 people, there were certainly some fine girls there. Ranging between the ages of 14 and 16, they were all just as cute (if not cuter) as I was/am.

See mommy...I'm not THAT modest!

Back to the story now. The bad thing about having to go to school during the day was that my time alone with mom all but ceased to exist. The only time we had together alone was when she came home from work and wake me with a kiss, and then we would spent a few minutes just kissing and groping each other. Robert and I left the house at the same time, and on his way to work, he would drop me off at school and on his way home from work he picked me up. It sucked, and after just a couple days, I missed having all afternoon with her all to myself.

It sucked, all right...and that's putting it mildly. I missed Ashley horribly during the long weekdays, and as Ashley stated, the only time we had together was in the mornings when I woke her. Even our "time" with my husband in the morning dwindled down to nothing. Shortly after I arrived home in the mornings and after a very brief makeout session, Ashley and Robert had to get up and get ready. Ashley was a little more than very slow as she went about her daily routine, and the hour (+) in the bathroom certainly didn't help! She shaved on a daily basis...the girl hated to have any hair on her young teen body except on her head. So, the time it took her to get ready for school severely cut into our play time.

The ONLY time we had at all together (sexually) was on Saturday afternoon and evening, and as Ashley started school, Robert was spending more "quality time" with the girl than I was. I was extremely jealous, and almost changed "The Rules" again, but just almost.

Ashley would spend another hour of so in her room getting dressed...a perfectionist when it came to going out of the house. A week before school started, we had gone on a 2 day clothes shopping spree. I do not use the words "shopping spree" lightly, and we spent well over a $1000 on clothes for her. So, Ashley's hour in her room getting dressed in the mornings was kind of my fault because she had too many choices!

My day consisted of going to bed as soon as they walked out the door. I would sleep till noon or so, and then go about my afternoon of feeling sorry for myself. The void left by Ashley being away was filled with Alma, and she started coming over on a daily basis...already in the house watching TV when I woke up in the afternoon. The 19 year old had no job and didn't go to school, and she was very well "compensated" by her step-father who was still sexually involved with her...sometimes to the point that I could smell his cum on her breath.

After a month, I confided in Alma about Ashley and my relationship, and that I was in love with my own 15 year old daughter. To put it plainly, Alma gave less than a shit, and after promising to keep the secret to herself, Alma offered a solution.

She said, "Why don't you and Robert separate?" The teen's "solution" to have alone time with my daughter floored me, and as I sat there with my mouth hanging open in disbelief, Alma added, "Just for a little while at least."

I did not want to just go up to him and tell him I wanted him to move couldn't be that simple. I didn't want to be the "bad guy", and Alma had the perfect plan of making him break one of "The Rules". Alma's solution was simple, but she kept it to herself. She merely asked how soon I wanted it done, and after I told her, "As soon as possible.", Alma just told me to come home early that night, and that she would take care of everything else. All I had to do was react.

Chapter 16


That Thursday in late September was really weird from the moment Robert and I walked into the house. It was no surprise to find Alma there as she normally was, but she had a strange look on her face that only I noticed. As Robert headed upstairs to shower, Alma grabbed my arm, and said that she had something to ask me. After I nodded yes to her question of whether I wanted more alone time with my mom or not, Alma told me her plan, then gave me specific instructions on what to do that night.

I was shocked, but not enough to tell her no and that I would not go along with it. I missed my time with mom, and the one day a week that I got to be with her wasn't even close to being enough. Although mom and I got to have sex with each other, we weren't ALONE, and we were not able to concentrate on just us, Robert had to be involved somehow.

So I said nothing as I watched Alma drop something into daddy's beer, I asked her what it was, and the girl winked at me as she told me it was a "roofie" mixed with a couple ground up Viagra. I took it from her hesitantly, but my mind was set on the plan. I took the beer to him as he got out of the shower, and he thanked me as he took it from my held out hand. I watched with my heart in my throat, fearing he would stop after the first swallow and ask what was in it. He said nothing about a funny taste, probably because he gulped it down so fast he didn't even taste the beer. He handed me the empty bottle, then asked me to get him another, and as I turned around to go back downstairs, I saw that Alma was already there with another one for him. The older teen had another beer in her other hand, and she winked at me as she handed it to me.

"FOUR!", I mouthed to her silently. The older girl only nodded her short reply with a huge grin on her face, then after telling us that she had to go, Alma said goodbye to each of us with a soft kiss, and then she left.

I sipped my roofie laced beer with full knowledge of what was in it as Robert gulped down his second beer not suspecting a thing. He playfully slapped me ass as I stepped into the shower, and walked out of the bathroom with his two empty bottles.

I have to clear this up ahead of time. Neither my mom nor I are chemists...let me make that very clear. We do not understand the workings of "roofies" nor do we know exactly the right combination of Viagra to make a man hard (although 4 was extremely excessive), and enough Rohypnol to make him lose his inhibitions without knocking him out, but apparently Alma did. Whatever she did, she did it right, because I came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later to find dad on his bed with a cock so hard it could have smashed a diamond into a million pieces like it was a teacup hitting the kitchen floor.

Our almost nightly "session" started a little early that day! I was already feeling a little woozy as we started "playing", but somehow managed to keep my head clear long enough to get daddy to do something he wasn't supposed to. I straddled his legs as we both masturbated, but after a couple minutes, I rolled off him and onto my back on the mattress.

"Lick me, daddy.", I whispered.

"I CAN'T!!!", he whined in reply.

"Come on daddy...just this one time...mommy won't find out 'cause I won't tell her.", I coaxed.

That was all it took. With the roofie coursing mildly through him, daddy had lost the willpower to say "NO", and his head was between my widespread legs only seconds later.

My arrival home could not have been planned any better. I pulled into the driveway to find Alma waiting outside. I kissed her, and after taking a deep breath, I quietly entered the house and even more quietly crept up the stairs. My reaction to what was happening on the bed was real. The 15 year old girl was practically being mouth raped by my husband. The sight of his tongue rapidly flicking against her tiny clit as he fingerfucked each of her tight little holes with two fingers instantly made my pussy wet, and I resisted the urge to squat over her face, and acted how I was supposed to...after all, "The Rules" were clearly being broken.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!!", I screamed at the top of my lungs. The result of my screaming has been the scene in many movies...any movie where two people are caught doing what they are supposed to not do. Robert almost got whiplash as he whipped his head up and away, and Ashley started crying instantly at the sound of my voice.

The ensuing fight went on for quite some time. First, I had to tell my husband to get his fingers out of my daughter, then upon seeing them, I had to tell him to go wash them. He was clearly dazed, and appeared to have no idea what was happening (he DIDN'T!) Robert glanced down at his hand, and after seeing that there was blood on the fingers that had been in the young teen's asshole, he started crying as well as the girl. As he headed staggering off to the bathroom, I could hear him asking himself over and over what he had done.

I went to the bed and took my daughter in my arms. I whispered into her ear that I loved her, and then kissed her hard on the lips.

"Blood?", I questioned her after I kissed her. Ashley just looked up at me groggily with tear filled eyes.

As soon as Robert came out of the bathroom, I started in on him. I felt bad. I truly mean that. At the same time though, my love, lust and need for having Ashley to myself over-rode my feelings of guilt as I read him the riot act.

Robert could answer none of my questions, and he sat dazed on the bed as I asked him repeatedly why he had fingerfucked my underage daughter to the point of bleeding. Apparently the drug was kicking in stronger than Alma had intended. He was supposed to just have gotten caught in the act, but instead he truly had no idea what had happened. This made my guilty feelings worse, but I just stared at him as I also repeatedly asked him why he was taking advantage of her when she was clearly drunk, and accused him of purposely getting her drunk so he could rape her when she had no idea what was happening.

The whole time I was yelling and screaming at my husband, Ashley had curled up on the bed into a ball, and was quietly sobbing as she rocked herself back and forth as blood continued to trickle down her small asscheeks onto the bedspread. I stopped yelling at the man that had "raped" her long enough to get her cleaned up and into her own bed. In the process of washing her I noticed that there was blood on the tip of one of her fingernails, and it was immediately clear to me that she had made herself bleed by using that jagged fingernail to cut her own asshole...although I didn't understand why. I guessed that it was for effect. It worked.

After putting her to bed, I packed a bag for my dazed husband, and after having to dress him, I checked him into a motel. I left him a note to for him to call me the next day, and then left. When I got home, Alma and I sipped a cold beer and I called into his work and left a message that he was sick and wouldn't be in the next day, then after the 19 year old girl and I fucked, I went and curled up next to Ashley on her bed, my hand cupping one of her firm full breasts as I fell asleep next to her.



I awoke the next morning to the worst hangover of my life...even since then. I had absolutely no idea what had happened. Why was mom in bed with me? All I knew was that my ass was mildly tingling in pain and I didn't know why.

I put any pain I was having out of my mind as soon as mommy woke up, and before I could ask her what was happening, and why she was in my bed, she started kissing me. As soon as her lips touched mine, my legs spread on their own, and my slit got a little wetter with every inch her hand slowly moved down my body. I gasped as her fingertips finally reached their target of my clit, and after teasing me with light almost tickling side to side strokes for only a couple minutes as we kissed softly, her middle finger made it's way into me. What a very nice way to wake up, and I recommend it highly as a hangover remedy!

As the narrow inner walls of my love tunnel wetly gripped my mom's long finger, the phone rang loudly on the night stand next to me.

"PLEASE don't stop, mommy", I pleaded. To my dismay, she pulled her finger from my aching and wanting hole and reached across
me to answer the phone. Good thing though, because the ringing was way too loud for my condition.

Mom spoke to the caller in very short and sharp sentences, then after abruptly hanging up the phone, she told me she had to go out for a little while. She got up and went into her room, appearing back in my doorway moments later in a black sweatsuit.

"Be back in a little while, honey", she said.

"Where are you going?"

"To see Robert."

"Daddy? Isn't he in bed?"

"No..he's at a Motel.", mom stammered. (Insert a very long pause where the ...s are)

"Huh?", I questioned.

"I'll explain later. I have to go now.", mom replied. With that, she turned and went downstairs, and I heard the front door slam shut behind her as she left. I was confused. Robert was at a motel? Why? What the Hell was going on? The hazy questions in my mind were put aside as I felt an urgent pressure on my bladder. After going pee, I went back into my bedroom. I lay down on the bed as the questions kept bouncing around in my head.

With the light streaming brightly through the windows, I finally looked at the clock. 10:30!!! I was way late for school. I found myself wondering how mad mom was going be, but as soon as the thought entered my head it went away. Something told me that it she would be okay with it.

In desperate need of coffee, I went downstairs, and as soon as I walked into the kitchen and saw the empty beer bottles, all the questions were answered as I suddenly remembered the events of the prior afternoon. I fell to the floor crying. What had we done?

As I drove to the motel, I couldn't get over how confused Ashley had been. She truly didn't remember anything...and that greatly concerned me. To top it off, Robert's phone call to me a few minutes earlier had been a little more than disturbing. He was crying on the phone...clearly upset. I was starting to think that the plan was not going so well.

I arrived at the motel after Robert's phone call, and entered his room to find him sitting naked on the bed, holding his head in his hands and his body shook while he cried softly. I sat down on the bed next to him, and put my arm around his shoulders. After a few minutes he finally stopped crying and started talking.

In a low and very hushed voice he told me that he had no idea why the events had happened the day before. The poor man had absolutely no clue that he had been drugged, but he did remember what happened. He knew that Ashley had easily convinced him to break "The Rules", and get him to go down on her. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, but he "felt weird" he had no control of his actions. He felt horrible that he had made Ashley bleed, but he told me that Ashley had actually grabbed his hand and urged him to fuck her 2 holes faster and harder with his fingers. My husband started sobbing uncontrollably again as he spoke. He fell to the floor in front of me, and putting his head and hands on my thighs, he begged my forgiveness.

"This happened while I was at work", I said softly. "You know what "The Rules" are when I'm gone, and you know that you can do almost anything you want to her when I'm there Robert. Why wait to do that when I'm gone, and what else have you done to her? I wasn't there yesterday afternoon though. What do you not understand about the rules with her when I'm gone?"

I put my hands on his head and pushed him away as I started in on him. What he did went so far outside the realm of what he was allowed to do with her when I was away, and what was going on in the room when I came home was FAR from just masturbating in front of each other. How dare he put this on my daughter and make it HER fault! She was not the one to blame. HE had gotten a 15 year old girl drunk and then taken advantage of her. He more or less raped my daughter. HE was the one accountable for his actions, and if he "felt weird" it was probably from drinking too much, and maybe he had another problem added to breaking "The Rules". On top of everything else, he had physically hurt the girl and made her bleed. Robert sat on the dirty shag carpet of the room, shaking his head as if saying, " wasn't like that" repeatedly as I harshly admonished him.

My cell phone rang. Picking it up, I saw it was Ashley. I let it go to voice mail as I set it back on the bed next to me as Robert stressed that he had not been in control, and that he was helpless to stop himself. I actually almost spit on him when he reiterated that Ashley had wanted it. As I screamed at him, "SHE'S JUST A CHILD...YOU'RE THE ADULT", the phone buzzed with a message. I picked it up off the cheap sagging motel bed, and read Ashley's message.

"CALL ME NOW!!! 911", it read.

I excused myself and went into the bathroom. My daughter answered in the middle of the first ring.

"Call it off...bring daddy back home" That was exactly how the girl answered. Ashley was crying as she spoke, "Call it off, mom...NOW!" I can still to this day hear the despair and sadness in her voice, and it sends shivers up and down my spine every time I think about that phone call.

I listened as the girl begged me to put an end to what we were doing, her sweet voice quivering as she sobbed between every word. She told me that we would have to find another way to be alone together, but for now she just wanted me to bring my husband back home. I knew she was right, but it was too late to just stop. It had gone too far, and just putting an end to it now would look suspicious, and make us look guilty. We had to stick to our guns, and as wrong as it was, and that no matter how bad or guilty we felt, we had to follow through with the plan. I told her I loved her and just wanted to be with her. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but the end would justify the means because we could be together all the time.

I had also justified to myself that this was okay...but as I listened to my only child crying on the other end of the phone, I felt horrible when I realized that Ashley was a victim as well as my husband, and in that instant I realized that the young teen crying on the phone was had to end. In an instantaneous change of mind, I told Ashley to stop crying, that she was right and that we would be back in a few minutes.

After hanging up, I went back into the room, and told Robert to get dressed...we were going home. His tear filled red eyes were like daggers to me, and I felt horrible shame at what we had done to him.

"Really?", he asked with a shaking voice.

"Get dressed, let's go home.", I replied as I picked up the bag I had packed the night before. I walked out the door and as Robert dressed himself, I got into the car and sat and waited for him to come out.


Less than 5 minutes after mom and I hung up they came walking through the front door. I ran up to Robert and threw my arms around his neck. He put his arms around me, and hugging my naked body against him, we both started crying like babies. Mom just stood there next to him as I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him, not saying a word as he whispered into my ear, "I'm sorry". He kept repeating those two words over and over as he held me tightly against him.

I told him it was okay and that I forgave him, and to stop apologizing. Just as quickly as we had started crying together we stopped, and as soon as we stopped crying, my lips found his and I kissed him. Daddy recoiled from me as soon as my lips touched his, and he looked over at mom. I was shocked at his pulling away from me at first, but then I understood why and couldn't blame him for doing so. I looked over at mom, and as soon as I turned my head, she nodded to us. Instead of kissing me like I wanted him to, daddy put me back down.

"I'm sorry, Ash...I...I shouldn't.", he said. He still had his hands on my bare hips though, and the four Viagra Alma had slipped him were still working very well from the way his sweatpants were being pushed out. His lips said "No", but a different part of his anatomy begged to differ! I put my hands on it, and gave it a long hard playfull squeeze as I stood on my tiptoes and gave him a quick peck on the lips. He didn't pull away this time.

"Come upstairs with me a minute, Ash", I said after she finished her quick kiss on my husband's lips. I took Ashley by the hand, and told Robert he could go unpack his bag, and that we were all going to sit down and talk after I was done with her. The three of us went upstairs together, and when my husband went into our bedroom, I took Ashley into her room and closed the door behind us. Once in her room, Ashley and I made a solid pact between us that Robert would never know what had happened to him. NEVER. I promised my daughter that we would find a way for us to be alone together...even if it meant her staying out of school a few times a month on my midweek days off.

After Ashley and I were done, we went downstairs, and sat on the couch next to Robert who had apparently unpacked his bag in record time. I started by telling my husband to forget the day before, it was over and done with. He started to open his mouth to say something, but I put my finger to my lips, and repeated that it was done and in the past. Ashley and I forgave him, and it was just a moment of weakness that he had just given in to. He had a very confused look on his face as I continued.

"All rules are suspended as of right this very second.", I stated plainly. "Except for the NO DRUGS part, Ashley."

This proved to be the absolute worst thing I could have done. Robert's mouth fell open, and then he immediately jumped all over my statement.

"WHAT?", he asked incredulously.

"ALL rules are suspended...with the exception of her not to use any drugs.", I replied.

"So I can fuck her?", he asked.

I merely nodded my reply.

"Can I fuck her little asshole?", Robert questioned.

"Yes...if she can take can do whatever you want with her.", I said as I looked directly into his eyes.

"What the fuck?" He stood up from the couch, and staring down at me, he simply said, "BULLSHIT!"

I shook my head as I told him that it wasn't bullshit. If the young girl could take it, he could do it to her...even if I wasn't home. I added that I would like to be present the first time his cock went inside her young pussy and asshole, but other than that nothing was off limits.

"What the fuck is going on here?". He startled both Ashley and myself as he practically yelled at me.

"Nothing, honey", I lied in as a calm soothing voice as I could manage with my heart having just skipped several beats.

"You're lying. What's going on? Last night, in a moment of weakness that I really don't remember all that well, I went down on her. You came home early and caught me doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing...even to the point of physically hurting her, and NOW you are telling me all of the sudden that "The Rules" are suspended, and that I can actually FUCK your 15 year old daughter?"

I sat on the couch stunned. OOPS. Ashley grabbed my hand, and as I turned to look at her, Robert reached down and grabbed my chin, turning it back toward him.

"Why are you looking at her? Does she have the answer?"

"Um...I don't know...she just grabbed my hand." My voice quivered as I started shaking.

"What are you two cunts plotting?", he snarled at me, but the question was directed at both of us. He had never so much as called me a bitch before that day...and now he was calling, US cunts?!?!?!

"Don't use that word, Robert.", I yelled back.

"You deserve it...both of you. This doesn't make any sense. You...within the period of a few hours...went from catching me doing something to Ashley that SHE wanted me to do, to taking me out of the house to a motel and leaving me a note to call when I woke up, to coming to the motel less than a half hour ago and chastizing me, getting a 'secret' phone call there that you had to take in the bathroom, to saying you forgive me let's go home, and now let's just forget it and move on...Oh, and by the way can FUCK my little girl now.", he was almost out of breath from yelling the longest run on sentence ever.

At that point, a logical person would have confessed. I guess. But either I was not logical or I was afraid to tell him the truth (or both), and I lied again.

"Nothing, honey...I swear.", I said.

"I can't take this anymore. Nothing about this makes any sense to me at all." With that said, Robert left the room and went upstairs.

Ashley and I sat in stunned silence on the couch, neither of us even breathing loud enough for the other to hear. We could hear Robert upstairs in the bedroom above us, and I guessed to myself (correctly) that he was packing. Ashley suddenly burst out crying, and after running up the stairs, she slammed her bedroom door shut so hard that the house actually shook. I could have ended it right then and there. I could have gone upstairs, and told the truth as he packed, begged forgiveness, and he MIGHT have stayed. I say "MIGHT" because I don't know...and I don't know because I did not do that. Instead, I stayed frozen on the couch as I listened to Robert move about in the room above me, and Ashley crying from behind her closed bedroom door.

Robert left that morning. It took him less than an hour to get what he wanted, load it into the truck, and without so much as a word to me, he left us.

Chapter 18


Yeah...he just up and left us. I stayed locked up in my room for over 2 days. I didn't eat all day Friday or Saturday, and the full waterbottle that I already had on my nightstand lasted through Sunday afternoon. Don't be crude and ask me how I went pee, but if you MUST know, I used a cup, and then dumped it out the window!

Most of my time was spent sprawled out on the bed, either sleeping or crying, or crying myself to sleep. I was so upset that I didn't even masturbate. Other than knocking on the door a couple times and asking if I was okay, mom left me alone. My reply was the same each time, "Go away and leave me alone." She complied with my wishes, even though the door to my bedroom had a cheap "lock" on it that could be opened from the outside with a butter knife.

It was childish for me to act the way I was. Daddy leaving was just as much my fault as it was mom's, and actually one could argue more so because I knew ahead of time what was going to happen, and had been the one to hand him the first beer. I had also been the one to cut myself with a long jagged fingernail and been the one to "encourage" him to do what he did. So my crying was a mixture of sadness and guilty shame. By Sunday afternoon, I was starving, and I finally made my way downstairs where I found mom in the kitchen already making a sandwich for me. I sat at the table, and waited for her to bring it to me. Neither of us said a word as mommy sat down across from me, and she waited until I was done eating before she finally spoke. Her eyes were as red and puffy as mine must have been.

"I'm so sorry, baby", she finally said. Her words were the start of an hour long conversation. While I had been in my room from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon sleeping and crying, mom had been out looking for her husband and crying and no sleep. She had literally driven up and down every street in town looking for his truck and found no trace of him. He had disappeared. None of their friends knew where he was, nor had they heard from him. We both blamed ourselves, each blaming ourself more than blaming each other. Mom's guilt came from the fact that she had been the one to go from one extreme to the other in a matter of less than a half hour Friday morning, and she knew all to well that she had made a huge mistake.

After beating ourselves up for an hour or so, I told mom that I needed a shower. To put it mildly, I stunk, and even after only a couple days growth of hair "down there" I couldn't stand it.

"Why don't we take a bath, honey?", mom asked. She proceeded to tell me that she was also in dire need of a long and very hot bath as she hadn't showered since before going to work that prior Thursday afternoon. "Eww...", I thought to myself at first, and then I realized that my last shower had been on Thursday as well.

"Come on...lets go", I replied.

I went upstairs and turned the water on in the tub. As I filled it, mom came in behind me carrying a bottle of wine, and as I dumped a mixture of bathsalts and lots of bubbles into the steaming hot water, mom pulled the cork from the bottle. We sat on the edge of the tub as we watched it slowly fill. We started on the wine, passing it back and forth between us like a couple bums. At long last, the tub was full, and as we stepped into the water that was almost too hot for us to take, mom grabbed my hand as she helped me into the large jacuzzi tub. I didn't let go.


Ashley continued holding my hand even after we had settled into the overly hot water, and as soon as our asses sat on the bottom of the tub, my young daughter was all over me. Ashley straddled me, putting her legs over mine and wrapping them tightly around my waist as she threw her arms around my neck. Clinging to me as tightly as she could, the young teen's full breasts pressed into mine as she started to cry again. I held her close, and pulling her head onto my shoulder I let her sob for what seemed like an hour. Within a matter of actually a few short minutes, Ashley stopped crying, and as her sobs turned to almost silent whimpers, I felt her lips on my neck.

Kissing ever so lightly at first, her soft kisses became harder, then turned into light bites as her full lips made their way to mine. As soon as our lips touched, I felt a finger penetrate me. I had been so blissfully distracted by her kissing my neck that I hadn't even felt the girl move her arm from around my neck. The finger thrust ever so slowly in and out of me a couple times, then Ashley added a second, then third and after a few minutes, she added a fourth. Her thumb pressed hard on my swelling clit, and as my daughter started rubbing across it as fast as she could manage, I broke away from her the tight grasp of her other arm, and fell back against the wall of the tub and raised my hips so my slit was above the water.

I took a long swig of wine from the bottle, then handed it to the girl. Ashley didn't miss a stroke as she lifted the bottle to her mouth as her other hand continued it's pleasureable assault on my aching pussy. After handing the bottle back to me, Ashley moved to her knees, and as soon as she did, the hand that had been holding the wine went between her legs. I took another long drink from the half full bottle, and as I was starting to notice how thick and long the bottle's neck was, Ashley leaned forward and put her lips to use on my hard nipples.

"Fuck your mommy, baby girl", I gasped. This turned me on more than Ashley, and within seconds of hearing those words come out of my mouth, I came hard on the 15 year old's thrusting fingers. The teen's lips had only been on my nipple for a few seconds before I came, but as soon as my pussy began spasming around her four fingers, Ashley moved her mouth to mine and she kissed me passionately as I came. The heavy bottle fell from my hand with a loud splash into the hot water, and my daughter let it float next to her while she held her fingers hard inside me.

As soon as my long orgasm was over, I grabbed the teens wrist and pulled her fingers out of me. My intention of pushing Ashley back against the side of the tub and doing the same thing to her didn't happen as the girl's body suddenly stiffened, and she screamed softly into my mouth as she made herself cum.

Just as I was thinking that I was too late to make her cum, I passed out. Not just from cumming so hard though. Let me give some good advise. Hot water and alcohol do NOT mix well at all! As my eyes rolled back into my head, Ashley somehow sensed that I was passing out, and mid-orgasm, she stopped kissing me and started shaking me.

"MOM!", she yelled as she slapped me hard across the face.



That was scary. I was buzzing like a bumblebee from the wine, but mom passing out sobered me up quickly. My orgasm from playing with my little clit was cut way to short as I panicked from her going suddenly limp. water and wine don't mix well for shit! We had only been in the tub for 15 or 20 minutes, but the water was just below scalding. My plan of a well needed shave went out the window as I turned the cold water of the shower on and started draining the tub. I aimed the cold water at her, and she came out of it almost as soon as the spray hit her in the face.

I struggled as I pulled her out of the tub. It's not like mom was super heavy, but she weighed more than my 85lbs. At long last, I finally got her out, and after laying her on the bathroom floor, she slowly recovered.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on her bed watching TV, cuddled up close to each other and both drinking a lot of water as she slowly made a full recovery. After a very light dinner, mom came out of the bathroom with a bowl of hot water, a towl, and a razor.

"Lay back, baby", she said. She started laughing as I immediately threw the pillows supporting me onto the floor, and was flat on my back with my legs spread wide before she even reached the bed.

Mom certainly took her sweet time shaving me that evening, making sure she didn't miss a single stray hair anywhere on my body (except my head!) Starting with my arms and armpits, then legs, she finally made her way to my pussy, and then had my roll over onto my stomach and spread my ass cheeks for her. Then, ever so carefully, mom shaved around my puckered tiny hole. An expert she was with the razor, and by the time she was finished, I was as smoothe as the day I was born 15 years earlier! No nicks or cuts at all, not even so much as a scrape from the razor. When she finally put the razor down, mom wiped me clean, then covered my entire body in a light coat of baby oil, and then she suddenly introduced me to a whole new world of pleasure.

Reaching into her nightstand drawer, she pulled out something called a "pocket rocket" absolutely wonderful device. The man or (probably) woman that invented this little 2 inches of heaven better have won an award or something! My only minor complaint would be that I came too way too quickly as mommy held it against my tiny hard clitty. She barely got a finger inside me, and after just a couple slow thrusts into my little girl hole, I was creaming all over it. I thrashed wildly under the not so gentle vibrations of that toy, and it seemed as if electric shocks radiated from my pussy throughout my entire body, and as soon as my quick orgasm was over, I had to push the hand holding that wonderful vibrator was just too intense.


That young teen came so hard and so fast that I almost regretted introducing her to the instrument that brought on such a powerfully explosive orgasm. Ashley said a "couple slow thrusts" of my finger into her, but in reality, by the time I got my middle finger all the way into her, she came. The smooth inner walls of her gripped my finger as a thin trickle of milky white fluid smehow managed to escape around my finger. Her wildly thrashing hips could have powered the entire house if she had been hooked up to a generator somehow! My young teenager stopped breathing as she came, and she made no sound at all. I think she started to, but whatever noise she was going to make got stuck in her throat, and when her orgasm finally subsided, I had to tell her to relax, breathe and to kindly let me have
my finger back, because her tiny pussy gripped my finger so hard that I couldn't even pull it out of her.

The girl gasped, then started laughing hysterically as she lay spent on the bed. The inner muscles of the cutest little pussy I have ever seen in my whole life barely relaxed enough for me to pull my finger out, and as soon as I did, Ashley flooded the towel under her with milky cum. Ashley covered her wet slit with a small hand, and with girl juice still leaking from herself, she rolled onto her side. Her laughter turned to crying as she pulled herself up into a fetal position. After licking my finger clean of her sweet nectar, I lay down behind her, and spooning her closely against me, I held her tight until she stopped crying and fell quickly to sleep.



I cried...SFW...I'm just a big crybaby!

The next morning, we woke up in the same position we fell asleep in. We slept for a little over 12 hours straight, and woke up at 7AM to the ringing of the phone. Mom answered, and I could tell instantly from the look on her sweet face that it was Robert. I jumped out of bed and ran to my room and picked up the phone. He was calling from work just to let mom know that he was okay. It was a short phone call...way too short as I didn't even get a chance to say hi to him. Daddy didn't really seem angry, but his call was curt, if not rude, and all he said was that he was okay, had spent the weekend out of town in a motel (because he knew mommy would be out looking for him), and that he was getting an apartment in town that afternoon when he got off work. As much as I didn't even get a
chance to say hi, all mom got to say was "hello" when she first answered the phone, and nothing at all after that. Seconds before he hung up, daddy said that he would call again, and then...just like that, he hung up.

Regardless of how rude and short Robert had been with her, mom looked as if the weight she had been carrying was suddenly gone. He had at least CALLED!

Chapter 19

The next few months flew by, and my sexual adventures with my young teen daughter continued. I changed my work hours again, and was now working the same hours that Ashley was in school. It was nice to drop her off in the morning with a soft short kiss goodbye, and then pick her up in the afternoon. For a couple weeks, things went great. We would come home, shower, then eat dinner, watch a couple TV shows, then go to bed together. Ashley and I made love nightly, always falling asleep in each other's arms shortly after we finished. It was like we were married...with the exception of the sex on a nightly basis. But after a couple weeks, things changed slightly. Not necessarily for the bad, but she started bringing girls home from school with her a couple times a week, and although I have to say that she had a nice rotation going for herself...I have to admit that I was ore than a little jealous.

First, there was a 14 year old tiny blond girl named Cindy. With the exception of having almost no boobs at all and being about 3 inches taller, and an almost flat ass, Cindy had the exact same body type as Ashley did. Okay, so I guess she really DIDN'T have the exact same body type as my daughter did! Cindy had pasty white skin as if she was afraid to go outside like she was a vampire or something. In spite of that, Cindy was my daughter's favorite. For whatever reason...other than myself, Ashley preferred skinny, almost anorexic looking blonds.

Second was Nadia, a tall 15 year old black girl with short curly hair. I hesitate to use the word "nappy" ever since...(nevermind) Nadia's young breasts were larger than Ashley's, and the young teen needed a bra as her tits were nowhere near as "perky" as Ashley's. She had a rather large ass that matched her almost freakishly large breasts, and Ashley told me that the girl's full pouty lips sucked her pussy the best out of all three of the girls. Thankfully, she did not say 4 and that meant that I was not included!

The third and last girl had the same name as my girl, but spelled it Ashlie. She was a 16 year old redhead. Also white, but not half as pasty sickly looking as Cindy, Ashlie had the cutest freckled face with a small button nose, and the most georgeous deep green eyes I have seen in my life. Her breasts were a large B-cup, and like my daughter, Ashlie had absolutely no reason to wear a bra, and she was just as brazen about the type of shirts she wore, and on more than one occasion, her light pink nipples were clearly visible through the thin material...tiny rock hard pencil erasers sitting high and proudly atop her perfectly round tits. At almost 6 feet tall, the young teen had super long and shapely legs, the kind you could spend licking all day long! From the way I've gone on about her, you can probably guess that SHE was MY favorite...if I had a choice.

But I didn't have a choice. All of the prior mentioned underage girls were Ashley's girlfriends...not mine.



I offered to let her join us on more than one occasion, but mom always said no. I was the only under 18 year old girl that she wanted, and that made me feel so special!!! I never washed my hands or face or brushed my teeth after I went down on the girls, and always went downstairs while the other girl was in the bathroom getting ready for mom to take her home, and let mom taste the girl's cum by kissing me and licking my fingers clean. None of my "girlfriends" knew about mom and I, and they never found out. They just thought she was "super cool" for letting us fuck in her house!

God...she had no reason at all to be jealous. First off, it wasn't an everyday thing, just a couple times a week Monday through Friday only. Secondly, it didn't cut that much into my time with her at all. Less than an hour or so, and really our shower time together and the "down" time I would spend watching TV while she made dinner was taken up by the other girl, and when Cindy, Nadia or Ashlie and I were done, mom would take the girl home while I finished making dinner. The rest of the night was always the same. We still made love and fell asleep together NIGHTLY.

Alma had left for college, as did their other girlfriends, so I was mom's only sexual partner in bed for the most part. I say "for the most part" because Alma came home every weekend. Her daddy made her, and she always made time on her weekly visits to come over and play with mom and I. She also made one other stop on her visits home, and that was to Robert's apartment.

Robert only called a few times during those months, and we saw him even less. He came over on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day only, and although he and mom went up to the bedroom, I was not invited along. On Christmas though, after they were done, we all sat on the couch and had what turned into a very short "talk".


My husband stated that he knew for a fact that he had been drugged somehow that night in September, and as Ashley and I started shaking our heads he stopped us. Robert shook his head as well, telling us not to even bother denying it, but that it didn't matter. He missed us, and even more importantly, he missed our "fun". He asked if we could forgive him for moving out and leaving us. Let me repeat that HE asked OUR forgiveness! Even though Ashley and I were clearing the guilty parties...he asked us to forgive him!

Ashley beat me by just a split second, and even though I was sitting on the couch between them, the girl climbed over me, and was on his lap before I knew what was happening. My husband's hands went immediately to his 15 year old step daughter's ass and teased her by holding her away from his rapidly hardening cock as he kissed her. Ashley whimpered, and I'm not sure if it was because she was trying to force herself down against him, or if was due to the fact that her daddy's hands had moved below her overly short denim skirt and was squeezing her small tight ass cheeks hard.

I slid off the couch behind her, stripping of what little I was wearing on my way between his feet. The view was simply amazing. Robert was pulling the young teen's ass cheeks apart so hard that I was afraid he he going to split her in half. okay, that was an exaggeration, but she was spread so wide that the already tiny g-string thong going between her small round globes might as well have not been there at all. My husband grunted as he struggled with my daughter as she put everything she had into trying to get her pussy to make contact with his crotch.



I don't know what the hell he was thinking! He was putting all his effort into keeping me away from him, yet all the while he was kissing me more passionately than he ever had before, and his hands grasped my ass so hard and tight, pulling them apart so hard that I DID feel like he was going to split me in half. Mommy might have been exaggerating...but I'm NOT!

I could feel my thong slipping into my wet slit, and I think I heard mom gasp before she made a comment on how wet I was. The next thing I knew, mom was untieing the string holding my thong in place around my hips, and as soon as she pulled them out of my slit and threw them onto the floor, she thrust two fingers immediately into my hole.

I moaned into daddy's more determined than ever. Suddenly, I felt mom's chin on my left ass cheek as she stated licking one of her husband's fingers. The next thing I felt was his hand being moved by her, and after quickly licking, then spitting on my tiny hole, mom guided daddy's finger to it.

"FUCK!", I screamed as Robert's forefinger went into me. His finger hadn't been in my little hole for more than a couple seconds before his middle finger slipped into me along with the first. Now I had two of mommy's fingers deep in my pussy hole, and two of daddy's fingers deep in my dirty hole. I felt so full and complete.

As she started moving her long fingers in and out of me, mom struggled to get her husband's sweats off with her free hand. Or at least over his hardon. She eventually succeeded, and while she continued to fingerfuck me, she began stroking daddy's cock.

With his fingers thrusting slowly and deeply into my asshole, daddy had lost the advantage of being the stronger one in our epic struggle, and I was able to finally able to lower myself to make contact, and as soon as his thick cockhead touched my hard clitty, mom started rubbing it back and forth across my tiny nub. Daddy sighed as he gave in.

"I want to fuck you, Ash.", he whispered as soon as he could get his mouth from mine. His figers somehow manage to go even deeper into me as he spoke, making me squeal happily.

"We're going to need a lot of lube then", mom replied even though he hadn't asked her input. She pulled her fingers from my gripping hole, and as soon as she let go of Robert's cock, she ran upstairs. As we heard her footsteps heavy and hard on the stairs, daddy also pulled his fingers out of me. I whined as I felt him slowly withdraw them, but as soon as he was free, daddy flipped his little girl onto her back, and as soon as I was on my back on the couch, mom came running back downstairs.

"You don't need to do that...just fuck her already!", mom panted as soon as she came into the livingroom. (She was panting because she smokes) Her husband, also a smoker by the way, had knelt between my widespread legs, and was in the process of lowering his mouth to my hairless mound when she came running back into the room.

Kneeling beside him, mom flipped the top off the lube and squeezed an overabundant amount of clear fluid onto his thick shaft, and as she spread it up and down his hardon, she squeezed another copious amount onto my already wet and spread slit, and then worked it into my lips and hole for what seemed like forever with her other hand and fingers. When she was able to get three fingers into my loosening hole, she FINALLY guided daddy's hard cock to my hole.

"Are you ready, baby?", she asked in a whisper. I eagerly nodded my reply, and reached down to feel my step father's huge mushroom shaped cockhead.

"BE GENTLE, AND GO SLOOOOWLY.", mom told her husband. Robert nodded, and I let go of his thick tip as he started pushing it into me. Mom held his too thick shaft in one hand as she massaged the slick oil into my bald pussy lips. His cock slipped, and she put it back into place. She had told him to be gentle, and Robert was as gentle as possible, but it was like trying to fit something the size of a half dollar coin into a hole the size of a dime...although his cock was bigger around than a half dollar.

It took well over 5 minutes for him to just get the tip in, and for me to say that it was uncomfortable would be huge understatement on my part. It plat out HURT. For a moment, I considered telling him to just shove it into me as hard and as fast as he could, but thankfully common sense prevailed.

My husband's cock was barely an inch inside my young daughter, and I saw her wincing in pain with every centimeter that was ever so slowly BARELY going into her. I stopped him, and asked if she was okay...full well knowing the answer in advance. Ashley lied as she nodded that she was, but her "tell" was that she was biting her lower lip so hard that it was almost bleeding, and tears were starting to well up in her dark eyes. She blinked once, and a single tear left each eye in unison.

"Do you want to stop, honey?", I asked concerned. Ashley shook her head emphatically.

"NO!", she said, but her voice cracked even with the one word reply. Against my better judgement, I told her daddy to keep going, and he started to push into her..too hard, and another inch went inside her. Ashley yelped.

"OUUUCCHHH!", she screamed. My fingers went to her tiny hard clit, and I gently massaged it to try and bring her a little pleasure out of the whole (what was turning into an) ordeal. But it didn't work, and with her tiny hole stretched wider than it had ever been in her whole 15 years, Ashley started sobbing.



Robert pulled almost all the way out of me as soon as I started crying. I was crying for two reasons. The first, obviously was from the pain of something so big inside me. Moms 3 fingers were the most ever, and although she had used a couple of her dildos on me over the past few months, none of the...nor her 3 fingers were even close to the circumferrance of daddy's cock. The second reason I was crying was out of extreme frustration and a wanting of him inside me so bad that it ALMOST hur as bad as his cock was hurting me.

"Hold still, baby.", I heard mom say through my sobbing. I heard her whisper something inaudible to Robert, and as she continued rubbing my clit she started stroking his hard 10 1/2" with her other hand. Blurry to me through my tear filled eyes, I saw mom move closer to me, and before I could discern what was happening, she was closer, and her lips pressed against my eyes as she started kissing my tears away. I closed my eyes to stop the flow of tears from them as she ever so softly kissed them, and soon her lips were on mine, and before i could protest (NOT that I WOULD), her tongue was in my mouth.

I barely heard myself whisper "Mommy!" as my overstuffed pussy started spasming around my daddy's cock, and as soon as I started cumming, so did he.

Mommy had successfully made him cum inside me by stroking him. I'm sure that I didn't make him cum as less than an inch of his cockhead was inside my little 15 year old hole. I felt him squirting stream after long stream of his baby making juice inside me, and as mommy continued to stroke him, he pulled out and shot the rest of his load all over my taught stomack and firm tits. My orgasm continued as well, thanks to mom continuing her fingering of my tiny clitty.

The whole "ordeal" had lasted less than 5 minutes, but daddy was sweating profusely as he collapsed against me. I held his head against my chest as I repeatedly whispered, "I'm sorry, daddy" over and over into his ear. His only response was to kiss me hard on my mouth, before whispering into my ear that it was okay. We would try again...and soon, because he was moving back into the house the next week after the new year.

But the story will have to continue after he moves back.

The sight of my husband's cum slowly leaking out of my young daughter's hole turned me on immensely. To feel his cock pulsing in my hand as he squirted stream after stream into her overly tight little hole made my pussy juice run down the inside of my thighs even though no one was even touching me. Although I knew Robert could cum a lot, I was still surprised as he continued cumming all over her torso...he had already filled Ashley's hole so much that as soon as he pulled out of her, his cum flowed from her.
As he collapsed on top of her and they started kissing, his cum continued leaking from her, running out of her tiny hole and down the crack of her ass onto the leather couch, then as gravity pulled his cum downward, I could actually hear the drops of cum as they hit the wood floor of the livingroom.
As his cum continued dripping out of my young daughter, Robert suddenly stood up. He had a wierd look on his face as he dressed without even wiping himself off, then after saying that he would be back the following week, he left without so much as a kiss on my cheek goodbye.

The feeling of daddy's cock squirting his cum into me was a little more than incredible, although extremely irresponsible on mom's part. I felt bad that I was not able to let him fuck me like we both wanted, and I made a silent vow to myself that by the time he came back home, I would be able to take more than an inch or so inside me...even more than that, daddy would fuck me like he did mommy.

Ashley was still flat on her back on the couch, my husband's thick cum still dripping from her tiny hole as she TOLD me that Robert WOULD fuck her the day he came home to stay. As I tried to find the words for a response, the young teen put her hand to the dripping orifice and roughly shoved two fingers into herself.
"Come taste me, mommy", she said coyly. She started fingering herself hard and fast, her thrusting fingers making a sloppy loud wet sound.
I needed no further encouragement from her, and as soon as the words were out of her mouth, I was on my knees between her widespread legs. I pulled her fingers out of her hole, and immediately replaced them with two of my own. Ashley moaned in pleasure as I pushed them as far as I could inside her and put my lips around her hard little clit as I put my other hand between my legs and started to rub my own wet slit ever so slowly and lightly.
I heard my daughter lick and suck her fingers clean for a few seconds, then she reached under herself and pushed them into her tight asshole. As wet as my pussy already was, I got impossibly wetter as my two fingers felt Ashley's fingers in her ass through the thin wall of skin seperating the two holes. Other than having both holes filled at the same time, it is one of the best feelings in the world. I loved having my fingers in my ass as Robert fucked my pussy, and to be able to feel his thrusting hardon through that skin wall was just incredible.
I was so turned on as I fingered my 15 year old that I added another finger without even thinking. The young teen was so into it as well that she didn't even notice that I had added a third finger, or if she did, she made no complaints. In fact, Ashley started bucking her hips in encouragement for me to fuck her harder. I did not disappoint her...after all, she WAS my daughter, and a mother should never disappoint their own flesh and blood.
For the next several long minutes, I fingered my baby girl as I licked her tiny hard clit. Ashley was almost in a hypnotic trance of some sort as she added a third finger to her tiny asshole, and matched the speed of my three fingers with her own, and after another couple minutes, Ashley screamed as she came, and after pulling her fingers from her little asshole, she grabbed the back of my head with both hands and held my mouth against her clit as hard as she could.
In the middle of the young teen's orgasm, I very carefully started to add my "pinky" finger, and ever so slowly, I pushed them into her still spasming little girl hole.
The pussy is one of "God's" greatest creations, and as tight as the girl was, her tiny little hole amazingly stretched slowly to accomodate my four fingers. That is NOT to say that Ashley didn't seem to notice, and she gasped loudly as I started pushing them into her, but it in no way stopped her orgasm. I didn't stop what I was doing either, nor did the thought even cross my mind, and I continued my four finger entry into her pussy. The combination of her natural juices, Robert's cum, and the near 1/4 bottle of lube I had used on her earlier made it a little easier, but I will not say that it was EASY getting them into her.
"Mommy!", I heard her squeal. I ignored her plea...if she really wanted her step father's cock in her, it would take a lot of practicing and maybe even a little pain to get her to the point that she could take his thick cock more than just an inch or two inside her little pussy, and my hand would definately help her get there.

As if sensing my thoughts and despite her plea only moments before, Ashley let go of the back of my head, and gripping the couch cushion, she pulled herself onto my invading fingers, impaling her young teen pussy in one quick motion. As soon as they were all the way inside her wet silky hole, I shoved three fingers of my other hand into my own. Ashley told me to keep my hand still, SHE was going to fuck my fingers, and as soon as the words were out of her mouth...I came.


As mommy came on her fingers just moments after she put them inside herself, I started thrusting my small body hard onto mommy's four fingers. There was no pain really, just a very slight discomfort as my little hole was filled more than I thought it could be, but I was in for the most pleasant surprise of my life...mommy's fist.
God, I already felt so full and complete, and I will NEVER forget the first time she used her whole hand on me that day...NEVER.

To be honest, I don't know why I did it. I mean, her narrow "adolescent" looking pussy already had a tight grip on my four fingers, and I don't see how I even managed to get them into her, but as she came almost all the way off my hand to prepare for her next thrust downward, I put my thumb next to the other fingers, and as the young girl forced herself back down, my whole hand somehow went inside her.


I heard a scream, and as soon as it ended, I realized that it had been myself. The pain of mommy's whole hand going inside me was incredible, and as soon as my scream ended, I bit my lower lip so hard that I actually broke the skin. However, as quickly as the sharp pain went away, and as soon as I realized her whole hand was inside me, I stopped my thrusting onto her.
As I held as still as I could, mom balled her hand into a fist inside my underage hole. The feeling is indescribable, so I won't even try. I will say, however, that if I thought four fingers were enough...they weren't! I came again (or else I never really stopped) as she started twisting her fist inside me. As if I weren't full enough, I felt her put her cum covered fingers into my ass. The three fingers that had only a few seconds before been in her wet pussy slipped easily into my already stretched asshole, and as they started to thrust rapidly in and out of me, I screamed in climax again. Her three finger anal fucking of my too young asshole didn't last very long...not nearly long enough (to be totally honest), and as I came all over the hand in my 15 year old pussy, mom pulled her hand from my driping wet holes, then kissed me passionately as she pressed her body against mine. With her belly against my throbbing hole, I kissed her as hard as I could, even though I was totally spent from the day's extreme sexual activity...just wanting to taste my young girl juice on her lips and tongue.

Chapter 20


During the week that followed, mom and I took every chance we could to make love with each other, both knowing that when daddy came back home, our time alone would be limited at best. Mom took the week off sick, and as I was out of school for the Holidays, we had all day and all night to ourselves for 7 days straight...plenty of time to "prepare" me for daddy's cock the moment he walked through the door the next week.

Besides our pussy stretching time with our fists inside each other, mom also introduced me to a whole new level of sexual arousal...something called deepthroating. She did not slowly break me in, and introduced "Little Bob" to me the day after she fisted me for the first time.

"Little Bob" was the inappropriate name of her huge cyberskin dildo...there was nothing "little" about it at all. The "Bob" part of the name, on the other hand was very appropriate, and with the exception of it's color (black), it looked and even felt like the one I wanted deep inside me. Not 100% exact in size (it was about a half inch short), but as mom told me that it was "close enough to learn with".

She strapped it on, and after telling me to get on my knees in front of her, mom held it to my lips. The first thing she did was knock my hands away as soon as I went to grab it.

"This is a blowjob, not a handjob, honey.", she told me softly. "We do NOT use our hands during a blowjob"

I only nodded my reply, just anxious to get that fake "Robert" into my young mouth. I had NO idea what was in store for me, nor did I know what I was capable of.

I told my daughter that she was not to break eye contact with me if she could help it, and as her sweet dark eyes met mine, I started slowly pushing the fleshy dildo into her mouth. The young girl continued staring up at me as she held her mouth open in acceptance, and in a matter of a few seconds, I was thoroughly amazed that she hadn't so much as blinked as the first 5 inches disappeared into her little mouth. She was a natural, and I found myself wondering why she hadn't been able (or willing) to get this much "real" cock into her young mouth.

"Good girl!", said encouragingly. I saw her eyes twinkle brightly...her only way of smiling at the moment, and I continued. Another inch went into her mouth, and just as I was starting to think my little girl had no gag reflex, Ashley's body jerked as she retched violently.

"Relax your throat, Ash.", I told her. The young teen continued gagging, but as Ashley gagged, she was actually moving her head forward, taking another inch or so into her throat on her own. Seven inches down...three to go. The twinkling in her eyes disappeared as they filled with tears, and she was gagging so loudly that it actually echoed in the room, but the girl made no effort to get the cause of her discomfort out of her mouth and throat. Much to the contrary, the 15 year old girl on her knees in front of me reached out, and after grabbing my ass with both hands, Ashley pulled me toward her. The last couple inches slipped all too easily the rest of the way down her throat. To make it even better, my daughter did not immediately withdraw her mouth from "Little Bob".

Finally, at long last, Ashley let go of my ass and removed her mouth from the fake flesh. Long streams of thick saliva clung to both the dildo and her full lips, and the young girl gasped for air as she wiped her lips and the cock with her small hands, but as soon as she had regained her breathing, she took a deep breath, and then my daughter took the entire long shaft down her throat in one amazing gulp.

"FUCK!!!", I exclaimed. The girl on her knees gagged roughly as her sweet lips reached the base of the dildo, and she blinked away a tear, but through the tear filled eyes, I saw that they were still twinkling. She withdrew her mouth from the cock almost immediately...long enough to say "thank you mommy" after I told her she was a natural...just like her mother, of course. Giving me a huge grin, she went back to the task at, mouth.

I again wondered why she had never attempted this with my husband.


I don't know why. I guess I just thought daddy was too big for the time. Ever since the "incident" though, I had bad regret issues about what we had done to him and his leaving mom and I, and now that he was coming back, I wanted to please him 100%.

Mom's compliment made me smile. I was soaking wet as mommy fucked my mouth for the next several minutes. By soaking wet, I don't just mean my pussy, which was plenty wet itself, but I mean my whole body was covered in saliva and (what i shall call) "throat juice". Not to be disgusting or anything, but the slick "juice" that came up from my throat was almost puke as I gagged and choked on mommy's cock, and it soon covered my chest, belly and thighs. As mom fucked my throat with that huge cock, my fingers found her hole below the fake fleshlike "balls", and I roughly shoved three fingers deep inside her. Mom gasped, and my fingering her hole only made her fuck my little girl mouth even harder and faster. By the time she was through with me about ten minutes later, my whole upper torso was completely covered by the slick stuff that had come involuntarily from my underage mouth.

Every thrust of her "cock" went all the way down my young throat and my lips met the base the dildo with every stroke. I even let her grab the back of my head and hold me down on it and not let go until I slapped her bare thigh with my hands, and that wasn't until I could no longer hold my breath, or I felt something coming up my throat.

We stopped after about 10 or 15 minutes...I mean it wasn't like I was going to make that dildo actually cum. Mommy cumming on my three fingers up her wet cooch signaled the end of the "blowjob", and the instant she finished cumming, I pushed her onto the couch and straddled her.

Reaching down between my legs, I grabbed that rubbery long object and after positioning the head at my wet opening, I forced myself down onto it...doing what I SHOULD have done with daddy a couple days earlier.

My baby girl screamed in pain when she impaled herself all the way down on the large dildo, and she instantly started crying as she fell forward against me. I wrapped my arms around her tiny body, and hugged her tightly as she sobbed into my ear. She held the full 10 inches inside her for what seemed like forever before she put her arms around my neck and pulled herself forward several inches.


Maybe I should tell this part. The thick dildo strapped to mommy hurt like hell as I forced myself down onto it, and in retrospect I should have gone a lot slower than I did, but I was so turned on at that point from imagining that it was daddy's cock I had just had down my throat that I just wanted it inside me...IMMEDIATELY!!! I should have used some lube, but I didn't want to waste any time going upstairs, and by the way my little hole was dripping wet, I figured I didn't need any.

I was surprised that I was able to take the full length inside me all the way without doing any damage to my cervix. I don't want to get all scientific here...but nature has a way if the woman/girl is aroused enough the pussy will elongate and the cervix move out of the way. ( if anyone cares)

At any rate, it was more the thickness that hurt me. I held myself down all the way on it for as long as possible as I cried from the pain. I had taken mom's fist the day before, but daddy's cock and the fake one inside me were actually bigger than her hand and wrist. I should have gotten the lube from upstairs.

I digress...once I was "comfortable" enough with it balls deep inside me, I came forward about halfway off the huge object, and then immediately pushed myself back down until I had the full 10 inches inside me again. I slowly fucked mommy's hard cock for a couple dozen or so strokes, and with each slow thrust downward, my pain rapidly turned into pleasure, and within a few minutes, I was fucking her like the girls I had watched countless times on their DVDs. I had never felt so happily full in all my short 15 years, and like the feeling I had with mommy's hand inside me, every nerve in my body was being sent a pleasure signal from my pussy. My nipples, although always hard already, seemed impossibly harder and longer. Mom wasted no time in putting her lips around them, taking turns as she sucked and then lightly bit each one between her teeth.

"MOMMY...!!!", I moaned. Her only reply to my moaning and exclaimation was to suck my nipples into her mouth even harder, and a minute or so later she reached between my legs to find my hard clit with her fingers. If the result she was looking for by putting her fingers on my tiny clit was for me to fuck her faster and worked.

That was EXACTLY my intent. As soon as I started rubbing her clit, Ashley grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth from her hard nipples to her mouth as she started riding me...and she kissed me harder and more passionately than she ever had before.

As my young teen daughter rode me as fast and as hard as she could, the livingroom echoed with a loud slapping sound of her wet little hole being penetrated by my cock as it slammed rapidly in and out of her. Ashley had stopped crying, and she was now panting in extacy as her pain had turned to obvious extreme pleasure. As warm as it was in the room with the heater on, a thin layer of perspiration had coated her lithe body, and combined with the baby oil she applied after every shower, her belly and full oversized breasts glided easily up and down the length of my torso, our nipples rubbing erotically together.

The girl's tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth somehow encouraged me to start thrusting my hips upward to meet her every downward thrust...I was now fucking her as well as her fucking me, and whith every hard psuh into her 15 year old hole, I felt a light mist/spray of her pussy juice on my thighs. As soon as I started fucking her in return, Ashley started babbling incoherently...almost as if she was speaking in tongues or a forein language known only to her.

As intense as our fucking was, it was just as brief. After only a couple very short minutes, my daughter screamed my name (not "mommy" as she normally did) as she came on the thick dildo inside her sweet tiny snatch. Collapsing against me, Ashley started crying again as her body shook from her massive orgasm. With my "cock" still firmly embedded in that tight hole, and my fingers still on her tiny rock hard clit, I suddenly felt warm liquid hitting them as Ashley lost control of her bodily functions. The poor girl started crying louder as her urine involuntarily left her young body.


GOD!!! How embarrassing. I tried to jump up off mom, and run to the bathroom, but because I was still in the middle of the biggest orgasms of my life, I was immobilized. Besides, it was too late. Mom held me tightly against her, and after pulling her mouth from mine, she whispered into my ear that it was okay...that's why we had a mop. With that, my crying ceased, and I started laughing as I started kissing her again.

When she was finally able to, the teen moved forward enough to get the object plugging her little hole out of it. I say "plugging" for a reason, and the reason is that it was PLUGGING her. As soon as the head of the dildo popped out of her, my lower belly and thighs were soaked by the cum that had built up behind it. Ashley giggled childishly at the release of her cum, as if it was the funniest thing she had ever seen in her life. I laughed too.

After a long hot shower together, we cleaned the floor, and spent the rest of the day in bed. The rest of the week was almost literally spent in bed, but for the sake of moving on with the story, I shall skip the details, and just say that anything you can imagine that we did together...we did it! Details about our other activities will be gotten into later, and there's no reason to repeat them. The rest of the week also passed all too quickly, and before we knew it, a new year started with the arrival of my husband coming back home.

January 1st 2004 will be a day that neither Ashley or I will ever forget. Robert came back home to us as soon as the sun came up that morning, and as she heard his car pulling into the driveway, Ashley was out the front door in a flash...not caring in the least that all she had on was one of his shirts with snaps down the front, and it was way too short and barely covered half of her all too cute tiny round ass. I stood at the livingroom window, carefully sipping my hot coffee as I watched her attack him as soon as he opened the car door. I laughed aloud as my daughter literally dove into the front seat and began kissing him. With her bare ass now clearly visible for the entire neighborhood, I glanced up and down the street as if I could acually see if anyone else was looking. I then realized that although Ashley and I may have gone to bed early the previous night in preparation for my husband's arrival back home, that didn't mean anyone else did, and the rest of the neighborhood was in fact probably still sleeping off their partying from New Year's Eve.
Robert obviously didn't care if anyone was out watching or not, and he got out of the car with his 15 year old step daughter still clinging to him, and he carried her into the house with her arms around his neck and her legs wrapped more than tightly around his waist. After walking through the front door, Robert kicked it shut behind him and then deposited Ashley on the couch.


Deposited me on the couch, mom? That's putting it mildly. Your husband dropped (and all but threw) me onto the couch. It was as if he was trying to get rid of me like I was diseased or something, and I hit the couch on my back from like 3 feet in the air, hitting the back of my head hard on the wooden part along the top of the couch. Remember, mommy?
I was dazed, but not to the point that I didn't know what was going on, and as I rubbed the back of my head, I was pulling my shirt open with the other hand, each snap making a distinctive sound as they came apart in rapid sucession. Mom moved behind Robert, and without so much as a kiss or "hello...welcome back, honey", she put both hands on his shoulders and pushed him to his knees in front of me as I spread my legs wide for him.
My pussy had been wet all morning long...ever since I woke early and began preparing for daddy's arrival by making sure I was clean and as totally smooth as the day I was born, and just my fingers on myself as I carefully shaved turned me on. When he carried me into the house clinging tightly to him, the wet center of my being had been pressed hard against his rock hard cock, and the evidence of my wetness now showed on the front of his light grey sweatpants in the form of a large dark stain. But now, as Robert was being pushed to his knees, my little hole was even wetter and leaking clear young girl juice that began running down between my tight ass cheeks, and within the few seconds since I landed on the couch, it had pooled onto the leather cushion beneath me.
As mom pushed his head toward my eagerly waiting pussy, I reached under myself with both hands, and with my two forefingers I held my plump slick pussy lips open as wide as I could. Daddy groaned briefly at the sight of how wet I was, then plunged his tongue into my hole. Each of my middle fingers found my tiny asshole slick with juice, and they both slipped easily inside. As I fingerfucked my little girl asshole, daddy began fucking my narrow love tunnel with his long tongue. The top of Robert's tongue was rough like fine sandpaper, and with every thrust into me, it rubbed against my rock hard clit.

My young daughter writhed under my husband's rapid tongue fucking of her underaged hole, and I held his head against her for a couple minutes, then proceeded to pull his sweatpants off. Spreading his asscheeks as far apart as I could, I plunged my tongue into his asshole. This caused a loud groan to escape Robert's lips, but it certainly did not stop him from his oral assault on the girl. If anything, it only made him thrust his tongue into Ashley even harder and faster, and soon the livingroom echoed with the sloppy sounds of wet tongues fucking wet holes as Robert matched the thrusts of my tongue into his asshole with his tongue thrusts into his young step daughter.
I absolutely LOVE plunging my soft tongue into tight holes, and without sounding too conceited, I must say that I am very good at it! Robert's ass was tangy, and his taste sharply bit my tongue, but even though he did not taste as sweet as my daughter, I enjoyed every minute of it. As I continued forcing my tongue into my husband's nether regions, I reached around and began stroking the part of his anatomy that I loved so much...the part of his anatomy that would soon be embedded in the 15 year old girl in front of him. My soft hand needed no lube as I softly and slowly stroked him, loving the way he groaned into Ashley's tight little hole with every long stroke.


Daddy's groans into my young hole vibrated my thick bald lips...making the experience of the older man eating me out even better, and drowning out the sound of mommy tonguefucking his asshole (YUCK!)
Mom looked up at me over Robert's ass as she continued her oral activity, and her eyes twinkled lustfully. Her look sent a pleasurable shock through my already excited cunt (oops, I'm not supposed to say that word) Staring back into her eyes, I forced daddy's tongue out of my hole as I put both of my forefingers inside myself, and as I started fingerfucking my tight pussy hole in sync with fingering my asshole, daddy's tongue and lips went to my clit. He sucked me hard as the tip of his tongue licked my tiny hard nub as fast as he could, and in under a minute or so I sprayed his chin with my little girl juice as I came.

Hearing my daughter scream as she squirted all over my husband's face signalled the end of my tongueing his ass, and while the young girl was mid orgasm, I reached up and after pulling his face away from her still squirting pussy, I moved him into position to fuck her.
The young teen's eyes were closed tightly as she furiously rubbed her clit with her small fingers, and she didn't see me hastily moving her step father into position. Ashley's eyes opened when she felt his large cockhead at her tiny slit, and they opened even wider when I put my hands on his hips and pushed him into her.


I heard a scream, but this time I knew for sure it was my own. I screamed so loud that my throat hurt immediately. God damn it! Fuck, I can't believe mom did that. Before I had the chance to protest or even prepare myself for his huge cock entering me even a couple inches, daddy forced all 10 1/2 inches into my too tight hole in one hard thrust. In a nanosecond, I felt his heavy shaved balls against the two fingers still embedded in my asshole. As soon as scream of pain ended from the trauma of the too large object in my too tight little hole, I began crying. Mommy was at my side in an instant, and to "comfort" me, she began kissing me as daddy held his cock firmly in the tiny hole.
If mom thought her tongue in my mouth would ease my discomfort in any way, she was severely mistaken, and I actually gagged as her ass breath invaded my nostrils stronger than her husband's cock had just invaded my little 15 year old girlhole. I pulled away from her as I continued sobbing, and mom recoiled as if I had just slapped her.
She grabbed my chin and forced her mouth back to mine, thrusting her tangy tasting tongue against my tongue, but stopped as I gagged again. Fearing that I was about to throw up into her mouth, mom removed her mouth from mine, and after postitioning her wet slit over my face, she reached down and grabbed the ankle of each foot and pulled them toward her. As my legs went seemingly impossibly backward, my pussy actually tightened even more around daddy's hardon...I didn't think it was possible for me to get any more tighter!
Mom's fingers went to my clit, and as Robert started to finally withdraw from my gripping hole, she lightly tickled my tiny love button with her long fingernails. As soon as daddy's overly large cock was almost all the way out, he slammed it into me a second time, causing another loud scream to escape my throat. I pulled the two fingers from my asshole, and put them on daddy's thighs as I tried in vain to stop him from slamming his cock into me again. As if to spite me trying to push him away, daddy held himself deep inside me again, this time even longer than he had before. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, Robert pulled out of me slowly, and after keeping just the head of his cock inside me for almost a minute, he finally pushed it very slowly back inside me.
"FUCK!", I thought to myself..."I'm being raped!!!". I started crying even harder at the thought. But as forcefull as it was with mommy holding my ankles tightly in her hands and sitting on my mouth as if to keep me from trying to get away while her husband fucked reality I knew that I wasn't being raped at all. I knew this was what I had wanted for a long time. A whimper left my throat as daddy's cock was finally all the way inside my young pussy. As Robert held it inside me again, and I could actually feel the thick 10+ inches throbbing inside me, and I think it even swelled a little bigger.
"FUCK ME, DADDY", I suddenly yelled. I added "HARD!!!" as an afterthought before plunging my tongue into my mom's dripping hole. I knew that trying to keep him from entering me again was in vain anyway, so I pulled my hands away from daddy's thighs, and put them to better use on my mom.

Ashley was correct when she thought she was being raped, and to anyone that had witnessed the scene certainly would have thought so, but in reality she wasn't. We had arrainged a safe word of "STOP!!!" (easy to remember) earlier that morning, and despite her screams of pain and her crying as her step father slammed his cock into her, Ashley hadn't yet used that word.
Her lips were sucking on my clit as hard as she could, and her tongue was making fast circles around it...confirming to me even more than her having just told my husband to fuck her hard...that she was a willing participant. As my daughter shoved three fingers deep into my asshole, Robert pulled his cock out of her and then began fucking her as she requested. As much as I wanted to close my eyes and just enjoy Ashley's oral pleasuring of me, I couldn't. Instead, they were drawn to the sight of my husband's cock as it started slamming in and out of the young girl. Ashley writhed under me, as if trying to get away, but she hadn't said the magic word yet, and her mouth on my slit and her fingers in my ass were still doing a spectacular job...a constant confirmation to me that what was happening to her was okay.


It was actually better than okay! As daddy started fucking me, my tears and crying came to a stop as the pain gave way to a feeling of pleasure. Well...not exactly "pleasure" at first, but more a feeling of being full and complete. I could feel the wet velvety inner lining of my pussy being pulled out with every long stroke as my skin gripped and melded with the skin of his cock. Wave after tingling wave was being sent out to the rest of my body from my little girl hole, and I cold literally feel his cock slamming into me with my toes...causing them to curl involuntarily. Evene the fingers of my right hand buried deep into my mom's asshole were tingling as I wiggled them inside her, and my tongue and lips on her sweet silky slit seemed to vibrate from being so completely full. A warm flushed feeling came over me, and suddenly I felt so alive...more alive and happy and so totally fulfilled than I had ever felt before.
For the next several minutes, daddy and I became one as I began fucking him in return. The writhing that mom mentioned in no way had anything to do with me trying to get away, it was the total opposite. I could tell Robert was having a hard time keeping it together, but he somehow he was keeping himself from cumming inside me.
About 5 or less minutes into it...I came. All those "waves" that had gone out to the rest of my body suddenly came rushing back to my pussy...all at once. My first of mant orgasms that say hit my little hole like a tiny island being covered by a Tsunami...and proved to be just as wet as I squirted around daddy's cock for the next several long seconds. As I screamed in pleasure for the first time that morning, daddy held his cock deep inside me, and the muscles of my narrow tunnel clenched down hard and tight on his thickness.

My daughter sprayed Robert's midsection for well over 30 seconds, and I yelped in pain as her orgasm hit her and she bit down on my clit. Ashley's scream followed immediately afterward, and her whole body tensed, then started spasming like she was a seizure victim.
The look on my husband's face was also one of pain...a combination of trying to keep his cock inside the girl as her tiny wet hole clamped down on him and tried to force him out at the same time...and from the pain of it. (He told us later that he could not have even squeezed his cock with both of his hands as tightly and hard as Ashley's pussy had).
As soon as her orgasm finally and slowly subsided, Robert was finally able to start fucking her again, and fuck her he did!!! For the next 10 minutes the walls of the livingroom resounded with such loud and fast wet "slapping" sounds in rapid sucession that it sounded like machine gun fire. Added to it were Ashley's screams of extreme pleasure as she came so many more times that it was as if she was having one long constant orgasm.
I moved from squatting over my daughter's face to my husband's side as soon as I was able to recover from the young girl biting my clit. Ashley spread her legs so far apart that it looked like she was doing horizontal splits on the couch. With one arm around his waist "helping" him fuck her and the fingers of my other hand on the 15 year old's tiny clit, I kissed Robert intermittantly as I watched him slamming into her. I was amazed that he was lasting so long...he must have jacked off at least once before coming over. I kept glancing at the clock on the wall, and when the large hand had gone 1/4 of the way around the dial...Robert finally came. With a loud goofy sounding moan, he emptied the contents of his heavy large balls deep into my little girl.


Daddy came inside me after fucking me hard and fast for 15 minutes (I was watching the clock as well) On the final stroke, he held the full length of his 10 1/2 inches hard inside me and started blasting my innards! He had cum inside me the week before, but this time it was different. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of having him shoot inside me, but for the sake of the story needing some sort of detail, I'll say that it felt like I was using a douche. It felt like daddy had stuck a hose inside me and turned it on. My tiny hole filled up quickly, and within milliseconds, I felt his cum somehow leaking out from around the fleshy object plugging my tight hole. Daddy pulled out of me, and as his cum started flowing freely from my pussy, I put my fingers on my clit as he continued squirting all over my torso. Blast after blast of hot cum hit everywhere from my pubic area to my face and beyond. As daddy came, I started sliding off the couch at almost the exact moment he pulled out of me, and almost the moment I touched my clit, I came for the last time that morning.
My final orgasm resulted in a loud embarrassing wet pussy fart, and as I ended up on the floor with his still squirting cock at face level, I emptied the contents of my pussy on the wooden floor. Just as daddy had forced his cock into my little hole earlier, I engulfed his cock with my mouth, and in one long gulp, his full 10+ squirting inches went down my young throat. I gagged roughly and if I had eaten anything that morning, it would have certaily been all down the front of me. Instead, I swallowed hard, and as the cock swelled somehow even bigger, the thick bulbous tip went deeper down my throat. Through tearfilled eyes, I looked up at daddy, and saw a look of astonishment on his face as he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and continued cumming.

From the time my husband started cumming inside my young daughter's pussy to when she swallowed his cock whole lasted maybe 10 seconds. The rest of his orgasm went into her stomach. As Ashley's head was being held firmly in place by my husband, the teen continued fingering her clit as she came, and as she emptied his cum from her hole, she also involuntarily emptied the contents of her bladder onto the wooden floor as well.


MOMMY! You weren't supposed to tell that part. embarrassing...but yeah, I did. As daddy choked me with his cock cumming down my throat, my constant gagging and swallowing somehow had a profound effect on my body. Added to the fact that I was cumming myself in the beginning, I guess my cumming on my fingers turned into pee. So...yeah...I sprayed all over the floor as I continued rubbing my little clitty as hard and as fast as I could. It went EVERYWHERE!

As Ashley finished spraying the floor and our knees and lower legs, she started hitting Robert's thigh with her free small fist as she continued gagging roughly. He let go of the back of her head immediately, and as soon as she was free, the young teen fell backward as she coughed up the contents of her throat all over the front of herself. Ashley collapsed exhaustedly onto the floor that was covered in their combined cum and her piss. She started laughing hysterically, and after reaching up, she pulled both of us onto the wet floor beside her. The girl acted her age as she began rolling around with her step father and I as she playfully kissed each of us repeatedly, rubbing herself all over us and getting us just as messy as she was.
I finally had enough...this was starting to get gross, and after I told Ashley that we needed to stop, she ignored me by pressing her lips against mine again and shoved her small tongue deep into my mouth. I pushed her away and repeated myself...this time more sternly. Ashley pouted, againg acting her age, and just said, "FINE then".
We got up off the floor, and the three of us went up to the bathroom hand in hand. As Robert ran water into the tub, I sat on the toilet and as soon as I sat down, Ashley was on her knees between my legs, and before I knew it, she was tenderly kissing the area she had accidentally bit just a short while earlier. She dindn't make me cum, but she did somehow make my hurt clit feel much better somehow! After a few minutes, the three of us climbed into a hot bubble filled tub, and spent the next hour washing, kissing and fondling each other. There was no alcohol this time!

Chapter 21 (?)


After soaking in the tub for well over an hour we went downstairs, and after cleaning the livingroom floor, we ate breakfast and watched TV for an hour of so. After turning off the TV, mom held our hands in hers as she led us upstairs to their bedroom. She kissed each of us, and then told us that we had an hour alone together, she left...closing the door behind her as she went downstairs and turned the TV back on.

The totally shocked look on daddy's face is one that I will never forget. As soon as mom closed the bedroom door, I pushed daddy onto the bed and squatted over his hard cock. Reaching between my legs, I held it against the entrance of my already/still wet hole. Daddy grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth to his as I lowered myself inch by slow inch downward around his hardon. When the full length of his manhood was finally embedded in me, I broke our kiss and moved out of the "sissy position" with my knees on the bed, and put my feet on either side of his hips.

I was in control this time, and for over a half hour, I rode him ever so slowly, making each full stroke up and down last almost a minute long. With my hands on his chest to steady me, my fingernails dug into his hairy chest as I straightened and bent my knees to make his thick cock go in and out of me. Daddy grabbed my full firm breasts with both hands, and began pinching my long dark nipples so hard it almost hurt. Almost! Speaking of almost...daddy almost came several times over that long 1/2 hour, but every time he started to cum, I clamped the inner muscles of my hole even tighter around his full 10+ inches...sucessfully stopping him from filling my 15 year old pussy with his man juice. I smiled brightly every time he groaned in extreme frustration at not being able to cum, and the total feeling of power I had over him made me all the more excited.

As if in retaliation, the second time I stopped him from cumming, Robert moved his hands from my tits, and after putting them on my ass, he roughly (and without warning) shoved two dry fingers up my tiny asshole. If his goal was to punish me or hurt me in any didn't work, and I came immediately as soon as his thick fingers were buried all the way in my little hole. I held his cock deep inside me, and as my hole spasmed around the fleshy object invading my gripping tunnel, I felt a tremendous pressure as my cum built up inside me. This time Robert's cock totally blocked my squirt from escaping around it, and as the pressure became actually unbearable and even a little painful, I stood up, and as soon as daddy's large bulbous cockhead literally popped out of my pussy, I flooded his groin, belly and legs with my liquid happiness ( ) Somehow daddy managed to keep his two fingers deep in my asshole, and as my clear girl cum escaped my hole, he wiggled them inside me...making my orgasm impossibly even more intense. As soon as the majority of my cum fell out of me, I immediately bent my knees and took his cock all the way inside me again.

The "process" was repeated over and over again for the next several long minutes, and after my knees couldn't take any more, I collapsed into a sweaty heap on my step father. The remaining time we had to ourselves was spent with me holding his cock all the way inside me. I "learned" a new trick that morning...teaching myself how to control each of my pussy muscles to tighten and relax around his huge cock one at a time. Starting with the outermost muscle wrapped tightly at the base of his 10 1/2 inches, I began to "roll" the muscles of my young pussy up and down the length of daddy's thick shaft. That's the best way I can describe what I "learned"...there was no thrusting in and out, and when I felt like he was going to lose control and cum inside me, I clamped down on the base of his
cock with only the outer muscles of my gripping too young pussy.

After a quick glance at the clock on the dresser, I saw that over 50 minutes had gone by since mommy had left us alone, and I decided that it was time for daddy to finally cum. After all, for almost an hour, I had kept him from cumming more times than I could keep track of. He had already cum inside my pussy and down my throat that morning, and I made an instant decision that I wanted his next load in another hole.

"Fuck me from behind, daddy", I pleaded as I climbed off him. He wasted no time at all as he positioned himself behind me, and as he placed his hardon at the entrance of the hole he had loosened for almost an hour, I shook my head, and reaching back, I put the thick tip of his cock at the entrance of my asshole.

"GO EASY, and just stick the head in", I whispered as I looked back at him. I held his overly thick shaft in my small hand, and Daddy grunted an incoherant reply. Putting his hands on my hips, he pulled me back as he tried to get his cockhead into my ass. It slipped, and he tried again and again and again! Robert groaned in extreme frustration...he was ready to cum NOW!!! On the fifth try he finally managed to get the huge head of his cock into my tight little hole, and I whimpered very softly as he penetrated me. The fact that I had kept him from cumming for almost an hour, added to his repeated trying to get inside me had daddy squirting into my tiny asshole the instant he finally entered me, and for almost a full minute, I received a cum enema as he filled my bowels with wave after wave of his hot man juice. My hand wrapped around his cock felt each long squirt through the skin of his shaft as his cum left his balls and made its way through his throbbing hardon. As I did the best I could to stroke him, my other hand went to my hard clit, and if I hadn't cum enough already, I rubbed it furiously into another mind blowing orgasm as he filled my other hole. Daddy thankfully fought off the urge to thrust further into my young inexperienced asshole, complying with my request to just sticking the head in.

As soon as daddy finished cumming, there was a soft knock at the door, and mom came back into the room.

"Daddy just came in my asshole, mommy!", I told her. I watched her walk toward the bed, I saw instantly that her bare thighs were slick with pussy juice, and my mouth watered as I thought about cleaning her with my tongue.

"Keep it inside you, honey.", she replied. Mom was at the bed, and after laying down she told me to squat over her mouth. I protested...saying something to the effect of "that's GROSS, mommy", but she told me again, and this time just a little more sternly.

I obeyed. Daddy pulled his cock from my hole with an almost audible "pop", and I kept my hole squeezed as tight as I could until I could move into position over mom's mouth. As I felt her tongue probing the hole that was full of my daddy's cum, I relaxed and let the liquid flow from me as daddy stood up on the bed and held his cock in front of my mouth.

I was surprised at the fact that I accepted his cock as it had just been inside my ass, and as I continued to squirt his cum into my mom's open mouth, I licked the juices of my two holes from his cock before finally accepting it down my young teen throat. As the last drops of cum dripped out of my leaking asshole and with daddy's cock shoved down my throat I was the happiest 15 year old girl on the planet at that particular moment.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent watching a couple movies on the couch downstairs, giving daddy a chance to rest and build up more cum for us. After the second movie ended, daddy came for the third time that day down my throat as he roughly fucked my mouth while mom fingerfucked each of my little girl holes with two fingers simultaneously. She "made" me clean all four fingers with my tongue. After dinner the entire night after dinner was spent upstairs on their bed doing things that would make Larry Flynt blush in shame!

Robert's fourth and fifth cumshots of the new year were back to back, and I, in one way or another, got each of them. He came once again in my pussy as he fucked me from behind while mommy and I were locked in a hot passionate 69. Her tongue flicked my clit constantly as his hard 10+ inches slammed in and out of me while I tongue fucked her pussy hole and fingerfucked her asshole with three of my small fingers. As daddy overfilled my pussy, mom swallowed every drop as his cock forced his cum out of the hole he had just filled.

Daddy kept fucking me to stay hard, then moved between mommy's widespread legs. I didn't miss a beat as he roughly shoved his cock into her wet pussy, and my lips never left her clit, and my fingers stayed deep in her ass as daddy started fucking her. Two of Mommy's fingers replaced Robert's cock in my teenage pussy and her lips and tongue never left my tiny rock hard clit as she continue slurping the combined cum of her daughter and husband that was still slowly leaking from my underage hole.

Daddy came for the fifth and final time into mommy's pussy, and when he had filled her to capacity, he pulled his cock from her and the last couple (by then) weak streams went onto my nose and upper lip as I started sucking his seed out of her.

We fell asleep sometime around midnight, each of us finally collapsing on the bed in an exhausted and sweaty mess. I slept between them, mom and I facing and holding each other Robert's still semi erect cock was pressed against my ass. What a great way to fall asleep.

I had always enjoyed watching mommy get her husband's full 10 1/2 inches up her ass, and on the second day of January 2004, I told them that I wanted him inside my tiny asshole also. His cumming inside me the day before had been, in a word, EROTIC as all holy hell, but afterward I had somehow felt cheated as he hadn't fucked my ass like he did with mom.

Mom looked at her husband for several long silent seconds, and they must have telepathically rehearsed their answer in unison of "OKAY!!!"

"But you're going to have to prepare yourself, honey", mom answered softly. Her continuation from the "OKAY!!!" of only moments before did not convey the enthusiasm of the word she and daddy had just spoken together. In fact, she seemed very somber about it. I kinda frowned as I contemplated why she had said it the way she did and what she meant by "prepare", but my wondering was put to a quick stop as she continued.

"No solid food today...and that's just the beginning", she said. I nodded my agreement, and although she smiled at me, I could tell then and there that she was planning something big...something that I would remember for the rest of my life. After seeing the look of wonder on my face, mommy explained her plan in explicit detail. I would need to be thoroughly "cleaned out"...and that meant a short

The day was to be spent drinking nothing but distilled water. The next morning, she would give me something to go to the bathroom, and then she was going to give me an enema. I giggled girlishly when she told me what an enema was, but at the same time I was a little worried.

True to her word, the rest of the day was spent drinking nothing but distilled water. To make matters worse...there was no sex that day, and I went to sleep alone in my own bed with my stomach growling in anger at me as I finally fell asleep...extremely hungry and horny.

The next morning, mom made me drink almost a gallon of something called "GoLightly"...a totally misnamed product used to prepare people for when they have colonosopies. She brought a portable DVD player and my Ipod to me as I practically lived in the bathroom for most of the day. I think their water bill was doubled the next month from the amount of flushing I did! Then after I was finally finished on the toilet around 4 in the afternoon, mom prepared a hot bath with two full boxes of epsom salts to help my aching asshole feel better.

The bath helped me a lot, and as a "reward" mom even let me have a beer as I soaked in the tub for well over an hour. After she found me almost passed out in the tub (mostly from exhaustion of going potty all day), mom got me dried off, then coated my burning hole with some sort of salve, then put me to bed shortly afterward. I fell asleep instantly that night, exhausted from sitting on the damn toilet all day, and I was so tired that night that I didn't even have time to wonder if all this was really necessary just to have daddy's cock inside the hole that had been getting so much of the wrong kind of attention!

I slept for well over 12 hours, and after getting up, I found mommy and daddy waiting for me in the kitchen. After I had a cup of coffee and was awake enough, they led me to the bathroom upstairs where mommy ordered me to get on my hands and knees in the empty bathtub. There was a nozzle attached to the shower spray hose, and as Robert squirted some lube onto my asshole and began working it into me with his middle finger, mom began lubing up the plastic nozzle that was to be shoved into my tiny hole.

As soon as he was done "prepping" me, daddy moved in front of me, and after sitting on the edge of the tub, he roughly and without warning grabbed the back of my head and forced the entire length of his cock down my throat. As I gagged, mommy slowly pushed two fingers into my asshole, and after just a couple thrusts, she pulled them out, and replaced them with the 4 inch "enema" nozzle. With daddy's entire 10 1/2 inches still lodged down my young throat, mommy turned the water on.

I felt an instant rush of warm water being forced into my colon, and within several seconds, I felt like I had eaten a full 5 course meal. Just as I felt my belly expanding, mom pulled the nozzle from my hole.

"Let it go, honey", mom said as daddy finally let go of my head. I looked back over my shoulder at mommy, and answering my unasked question, she nodded and said, "" As I began releasing the water that had just sprayed into my teen asshole, daddy forced his cock back down my throat, and began fucking my mouth as hard and as fast as he could. The warm water flowed over my ass and lower back as mom held the hose against me.

"GOOD GIRL!!!", I heard mom say above my rough gagging and choking on my daddy's hardon. "It's totally clear!", she exclaimed. "Look Robert...not a single brown speck", she continued. "How gross...", I thought to myself as I continued forcing the apparently clear water out of my littlest hole.

I could feel daddy looking over my body at the clear liquid contents of my bowels squirting into the tub and going down the drain, and before I could finish, mom shoved the nozzle slowly back into me. She kept it inside me a little longer that time, and when she finally pulled it back out, I again squirted it into the tub.

The process of my "enema" lasted about 10 minutes, and I lost track of how many times mom shoved the nozzle up my little girl hole. After the third or fourth time, mom began fingering the tight hole under my ass, shoving first one then two, and finally three extremely well lubed fingers into my pussy as the water flowed into me, and daddy's thick cock continued it's assault on my underage throat. I had never felt so full...something in every hole. And the water flowing into me made mom's 3 fingered fucking of my little hole made my cumming that much more intense, and every time I orgasmed on her fingers, mom pulled the nozzle from my asshole and I forced the water out of me that much harder.

"Mount your daddy", mom ordered, "Get that huge cock into you".

I stood up as daddy slid down into the tub, and as soon I had slowly lowered my tight pussy all the way onto his thick 10+ inches, mom roughly forced the nozzle back into my asshole. She kept the water flowing into me for almost a full minute as I held daddy deep inside my tightness. When it started leaking out of me, mom shoved a small well lubed buttplug into me.

The feeling was overwhelming. The water that filled my ass somehow made my already tight pussy hole even tighter, and I was glad mom had waited until I was impaled on her husband's thick cock before she filled my asshole again...otherwise I would NEVER have gotten him inside was hard enough as it was! As I ground my pussy on Robert's cock, mommy moved up and began kissing me passionately as he started sucking and biting my thick dark nipples. Her hand held the plug in my hole firmly in place with her fingers as my own fingers found their way to her wet slit, and while my pussy muscles rippled their way up and down daddy's cock as they had a couple days earlier, I fingerfucked mommy with four fingers curling inside her pressing hard on her g-spot, and with my thumb on her clit, the older woman came within a couple minutes.

I pulled my wet fingers from my mommy's dripping hole, and fed them to the man whose cock was embedded in my gripping wet hole. That was enough to send my step father over the edge, and he began grunting as he filled me with almost as much cum as the water that filled my too young asshole. As I rose up far enough to get daddy's cock out of me after he has finished squirting his large load into me, mommy pulled the plug from my asshole, and as his cum leaked from my underage pussy, the water in my ass flooded his legs as I pushed it out of me.

We spent a few minutes rinsing off, then made our way to the bedroom, and by the time we got there daddy was hard again. Mom instructed me to lay on my back with my ass over the edge of the bed, and I eagerly complied. I was in such a state of horniness that I wanted daddy inside my tiny asshole as soon as possible.

The last preparation step was mommy loosening my asshole with one, then two, and finally three overly lubed fingers. Then, as a finale, she took a large bottle of baby oil and squirted almost half the contents into me.

Mom stood up, told her husband that I was ready, and then told me to turn onto my side and curl up into the "fetal position". Again, I eagerly complied, pulling my knees up to my chin with both arms, effectively exposing my brown rosebud. Robert needed no instruction as what to do, and as soon as I was in position, his bulbous cockhead was pressed firmly against my little hole.

Mom got onto the bed and started caressing my hair with one hand, and held my firm round cheeks apart with the other as daddy started slowing pushing into me. Mom told me to "just relax". Yeah...right! My tiny hole was about to be penetrated by something way over 4 times it's size, and I was anything but "relaxed".

"They" (and I'm never sure who "they" are) say the best position for anal is with the girl on her side like I was....although "others" say on her back...but either way...they all LIE!!! After several tries (which all hurt like hell) daddy finally forced his enlarged cockhead into my little hole, and I began crying in pain. Mom did her best to comfort me and asked if I wanted him to stop, but after a very brief hesitation, I bit down hard on my lower lip, and shook my head no.

I stopped crying just as quickly as I had started. I had undergone way too much preparation for this moment, and I held my head up and looking at daddy I practically growled "FUCK ME, DADDY...FUCK YOUR LITTLE 15 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER'S ASSHOLE!!!" (All caps because I yelled it) I was suddenly overcome with such lust that the pain all but totally disappeared.

Robert kept going, and within just a few seconds, the entire shaft had disappeared into my oily hole. He held it deeply inside me for almost a minute, and I felt it swelling even bigger inside me. I gasped...lost my breath for a split second, and then daddy pulled almost all the way out. As he started to push slowly back into me, I heard myself telling him to "FUCK ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT, DADDY....LIKE YOU DO MOMMY!" The lust inside me had spoken, and as soon as the words left my young lips, Robert began to give me everything he had.

For the next several minutes, he fucked my little girl asshole as hard and as fast as he could, although at the end of every stroke into me, he held all 10 1/2 inches deep inside me for a few seconds before his next stroke. With every outward stroke, I could feel my hole releasing liquid, and as gross as it sounds, it felt like the big D word. You know the one you get when you have the flu? Although it felt like I was going potty, I knew it was just the overly copious amount of oil that mom had squeezed inside me.

After a few minutes, Mom stopped caressing my head, and the hand that had been holding my cheeks apart was now exploring for my other hole. In the position I was in though, it was nearly impossible for her to get her hand between my legs, and she told me to get on my back.

With daddy's thickness still inside me I flipped eagerly onto my back as mom suggested, and as soon as I was in my new position, I knew why mom REALLY wanted me on my back as she squatted over my mouth the instant the back of my head hit the mattress. I reached up and grabbing her hips, I pulled her sloppily wet hole to my mouth and thrust my pink tongue into it. Daddy held my legs wide apart with his hands pressing my knees into the bed as he continued slamming his shaft in and out of me. His hands hurt the back of my knees as he pressed down hard, but I ignored the sharp pain as mommy started gently massaging my rock hard clitty. I pulled her even closer to my mouth, somehow finding a way to get my tiny tongue even deeper inside her pussy.

Daddy yelled something obscene as he came deep inside my bowels, and as he did, mom roughly shoved two long fingers inside me. They found me g-spot instantly, and as soon as her fingers pressed against it as hard as she could, I screamed as I squirted all over daddy's midsection.

He pulled out of me, and as soon as his cock popped out of my tiny hole, daddy dropped to his knees and putting his lips on me, I filled his mouth with his cum as I let it flow from me.

Mom moved out of the way long enough for her husband to put his mouth over mine, and as he shoved his still hard cock back into my stretched hole, daddy put his full mouth to mine and fed me his cum. He began fucking my asshole as hard as he could again as I swallowed the tangy load with a slight taste of baby oil (which actually tasted nastier than the cum that had just been shot into and out of my colon!)

Daddy fucked my underage asshole for the next half hour as mommy continued fingerfucking my other hole as I ate her out and eventually shoved three fingers into her ass. I came at least three more times...squirting my cum all over him every time I came, and I lost count of how many times mommy came into my mouth.

Daddy's final cumshot of the day was all over my belly, chest, chin, and mommy's tummy as well. As he flopped onto the bed panting next to me, mom fell forward, and after wrapping her lips around my clit, she filled the void left by Robert's cock by shoving three fingers into my asshole. I let out a muffled scream as mommy sucked my tiny clit as hard as she could, and with her fingers wriggling around in my well loosened hole I came for the final time into her mouth.

After a long hot shower, as a "reward" my parents took me out for one of the largest breakfasts a starving girl could every wish for, and the rest of the day was spent sex free, and we just relaxed on the couch, cuddled together as we watched several rented movies. We all went to bed early together that night, and despite a slight twinge in my well used asshole, I fell into a blissful slumber between the two people that loved me the most...happy and very contentedly satisfied.

Chapter 22

The days after my young daughter's first ass reaming by my husband turned into weeks, and just as quickly...those weeks turned into months.

Having my husband back home was great, although it required a sacrifice for Ashley and I as we no longer had any time alone with each other. We all worked or went to school during the same hours, which meant that the three of us were home the same hours. (I know that's a tad redundant )During that time, Ashley's "girlfriends" almost tripled from the original three to eight, and as it had been when Robert and I were separated, Ashley brought one of them home from school with her on a daily basis. She finally put the video camera I had bought her to good use and videotaped each of her girlfriends stripping then masturbating on her bed, and after giving all 8 videotapes to my husband, he was quick to burn them to DVD.

Robert and I had Ashley to ourselves on a nightly basis after whatever girl left, and after we were through, we would all fall asleep together in our bed...and Ashley's bedroom only became a place where she got dressed and fucked her underaged girlfriends after school.

In early March, Robert's shift changed to 2 in the afternoon to 10 at night. It was a "Godsend" Ashley and I a little over 5 hours together after whatever 14 (only 1 of them) through 16 year old girl left, and before Robert came home from work. Not that we had sex the entire 5+ hours, but we did warm each other up for my husband's arrival, and my young teen daughter and I were anything but undersexed.

As she had when Robert was gone, Ashley tried getting me in the room with her and whatever young teen she had over, but I remained steadfast in my resolve that the only under 18 year old girl I wanted to have sex with was my daughter. Ashley, on the other hand, was set just as firmly in her resolve to get me into her bedroom with them. One day before she disappeared into her room with one of them, she handed me the DVD featuring the girl she had brought home, and as my daughter had sex with the young teen, I did as well in my own way...masturbating to the 15 year old girl's image on my TV.

This continued for several days, and on the second day, Ashley didn't have to hand me the DVD as I already had it in the player after she called from school to tell me who she was bringing home with her that day! On the eighth day, my daughter went a step further when she brought the 16 year old Ashlie home...MY favorite if you recall. I was more than excited to see the girl naked and I stripped and turned the TV on simultaneously. As soon as Ashlie began stripping on my TV screen, I was on the bed with my fingers on my clit. With the volume turned off, I could hear the usual giggles and squeals coming from Ashley's bedroom, and as usual, it added to the stimulation of watching the young teen on the DVD masturbating.

The giggling and squeals of pleasure ended abruptly that day though. I thought nothing of it at first, and as Ashlie finished her short striptease, I sunk two fingers into my hole as the 16 year old girl on my TV began to rub her nipples and clit. The next sound I heard was a hushed "SHHH" coming from the hall outside my bedroom, and the next thing I knew, Ashley and Ashlie were bursting through the door.

I had no time to protest, let alone turn off the TV or pull my fingers out of myself, and before I knew it, two very naked young teen girls were on the bed with me. Well, to be more specific, my daughter pushed Ashlie onto her back on the edge of the bed.

"You can either watch the TV or us, mommy", Ashley said as she dropped to her knees between the older girl's legs. Ashlie's head had landed on my right thigh, her thick georgeous red hair all but totally covering my leg. With her eyes locked into mine, Ashley spread the girl's pink pussy lips and began licking her girlfriend's wet slit, flicking her clit several times before thrusting her tiny pink tongue into the widespread hole. I made an instant decision and turned the TV off.

"You can touch me if you want", Ashlie told me. I broke my stare into my daughter's eyes, and glanced down at the head on my leg. The gaze from her deep green eyes penetrated mine, and if under some sort of hypnotic spell, my hand went from my pussy to one of her small firm breasts. Ashlie sighed as I began lightly pinching and rolling her hard pink nipples between my wet forefinger and my thumb. My left hand quickly took the place of the one that had just left my hole, and as my daughter shoved two fingers into Ashlie, I did the same to myself.

I continued staring into those hypnotically green eyes for several minutes as I fingered myself and Ashley fingered her. My right hand strayed downward several times, loving how silky smooth and warm her tight pale skin felt under my palm, and my fingers came within mere centimeters of her young clit every time, but I was somehow able to keep my fingers from actually touching it.

Ashlie and I came in if there was some sort of connection between us other than the fact that her head was resting on my leg. I gave in to my temptation, and as our bodies shook together in orgam, I was somehow able to raise my leg high enough that I could lean down and kiss the girl. I swear there was a spark as our lips touched, and as we hungrily kissed each other, my daughter pulled her fingers from Ashlie's hole and after climbing onto the bed with us, she broke our kiss by holding her fingers to my mouth, and there was no hesitation by me at all as I greedily licked and sucked the 16 year old girl's cum from them.

Your turn, Ash!!!!", the other Ashlie exclaimed brightly. My daughter quickly lay on her back where the other girl had been, and as Ashlie dropped to her knees on the floor between my daughter's wide spread legs, I did what I had REALLY had wanted to do to her girlfriend, and squatted over Ashley's mouth. The older 16 year old was mesmerized and so totally enthralled at the sight of a girl eating her own mother out, that she could not keep her eyes off Ashley and I and as she very lightly flicked my daughter's tiny clit with her tongue, she watched wide eyed over Ashley's tan body.

Those pretty green eyes met mine again, and as I smiled at her, my girl shoved two fingers into me. After a short while, the girl stopped staring at the sight of me mounted over Ashley's mouth as she half assed licked Ashley's clit, and went to the task at "hand"...although she didn't use her hands at all to make my daughter cum in under a minute. As soon as Ashley flooded the older girl's mouth with cum from her young pussy, Ashlie was on the bed in an instant, and pulling my daughter's fingers from my hole, she licked my juice from them...even though I hadn't cum yet.

Then Ashlie pushed me off my daughter's mouth, and after helping the girl up, Ashlie and Ashley left the room without a word. As they went into the other bedroom, I lay back and finished myself off quickly with my fingers, knowing that later that evening Ashley would be there with her mouth again. After a couple minutes, they came back into my room, and Ashlie told me that she needed to go home. The 16 year old climbed onto the bed with me, and told me to please hurry and get dressed as she grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers out of my hole and then licked them clean.

I took Ashlie home shortly afterward, and as I drove home with a fast food dinner, I wondered where my life was going. My daughter Ashley and I had a bond...a bond of love and lust for each other that would never die...of that I was 100% sure. What concerned me was the fact that I had so easily given in to the temptation of another young teen, and although we hadn't really had sex with each other other than my caressing her breasts and kissing her (that didn't count as sex as far as I was concerned), I knew that eventually my daughter would not be the only underage teen girl that I would fuck. Yet the idea was more appealing to me than a real concern...and THAT concerned me more than having given in to the day's temptation of kissing and fondling the cute redheaded girl Ashlie.

Later that night as Ashley roughly shoved two fingers in and out of both my holes and my husband fucked her from behind, I knew that I was one of the luckiest women on the face of the earth. Heaven...or something similar must have been smiling down on me.

Wow..sidetracked by that story...sorry. Where was I? Oh anyway, the weeks turned into months blah blah blah...yada yada yada...

Robert never found out about the afternoon with Ashlie...nor did he even know I had been masturbating to the DVDs of the girl Ashley was fucking in her bedroom 5 days a week after school. Just another secret my daughter and I had to ourselves. There was no repeat "performance" with any of the other girls like there had been with Ashlie...she was the only one my daughter trusted enough with our incestuous secret.(THANKS Google for the spelling!!!) Eventually the redhead and I would go all the way, but it's in the distant future and I won't get into it...yet.

So the months passed. Every now and then Robert would bring up THAT know the one...but Ashley and I continued lying to his face as we denied any "wrongdoing" on our part. He, of course, knew we were lying, but let it go because he was having his 15 year old stepdaughter on a nightly basis. We kept a lot of things from him, especially that Ashley and I were IN LOVE with each other. I'm sure he knew somehow, but he never brought it up, and as I said, his cock was in one of her holes 7 nights a week.

Before we knew it, summer was upon us again, and Ashley's 16th Birthday was right around the corner. If she thought her 15th was a day she'll never forget by getting her young face blasted with Robert's cum, her 16th actually somehow tops it. I'll let her tell that part in the next chapter though.

Chapter 23 just jumped way ahead in time in her last post! So much more happened during those months before my birthday. I don't quite know where to start.

I guess I'll start with how sex became anything but ordinary with the three of us, and at times became downright brutally violent. I had known for quite a while that Alma liked to be slapped during sex, and one weekend when she was back in town visiting, I asked if I could just watch them fuck her. Alma more than willing agreed to come over, and I sat in the corner of the room and watched as mom and Robert totally mistreated her. I was shocked to see the girl getting slapped hard across the face by my mom as daddy fucked her asshole as hard and as fast as he could. As shocked as I was, my pussy betrayed me, and within a couple minutes, the cushion under my bare ass was soaked. Although Alma was screaming bloody murder, she was clearly enjoying herself, and made absolutely no effort to stop what was happening to her. As I thrust two fingers of one hand into my pussy and another two into my tight asshole, mom lay down on the bed and pulled Alma's mouth to her wet pussy. For the next few minutes, Robert and mommy played tug of war with the 19 year old girl's pulling her by the hair into her pussy, and daddy pulling her head backward. Being stronger of course, he won, and succeeded in keeping Alma's mouth away from mom's clit and hole. With her mouth not able to be in contact with mom's pussy, Alma defiantly shoved three fingers, then four, and finally her hand and fist into my mom, and as she fisted her, Alma began slapping my mom's face with her other hand.

"Sit on her face, Ash", Alma ordered. I had originally intended on just watching, but something deep inside me wanted to join in, and I hastily complied with the older girl's order, and as soon as my wet hole was planted firmly on mommy's mouth and probing tongue, Alma told me to slap her.

I hesitated for a second, and as mom's tongue forced it's way further into my 15 year old pussy hole, I suddenly felt a sharp sting across my face as Alma slapped me as hard as she could.

"FUCK!!!", I screamed.

"Slap me back, bitch", Alma replied. She leaned forward and kissed me hard, and just as forcefully as mommy's tongue was thrusting in and out of my tight little girl hole, Alma's tongue thrust deeply into my mouth. I returned her passionate kiss for a few seconds, then pushed her away, and playfully slapped her across her already red face.

"HARDER!!!", Alma yelled. With her fist pumping rapidly in and out of mommy, she pointed to her bright red cheek, then slapped me hard across the face again.

"FUCKING CUNT!", I screamed. It stung and hurt badly, but I was surprised that I had become even wetter...and NOT just because of mom's tongue in my tight hole. Rearing back with my right hand, I took aim at the cheek Alma was pointing at, and with all the might I could muster, I slapped her so hard she fell backward slightly.

Alma's loud scream sent Robert over the edge, and he grunted louder than Alma's scream of painful pleasure as he began filling her asshole with his cum. Alma began crying as he came forcefully inside her, and out of some sort of odd sympathy, I pulled Alma's mouth to mine and began kissing her.

She forcefully pushed me away so hard that I fell backward off mom's probing tongue and almost fell off the bed onto the floor. Alma pulled her fist from mommy's hole, and after turning around, she emptied the liquid contents of her ass into my mommy's open and waiting mouth. I watched mesmerized, and I gagged a little as mom swallowed.

"Help me hold her hands behind her back, honey", I barely heard mom whisper. Reaching up, mom grabbed the 19 year old's hands as daddy grabbed the back of her head and forced the hopefully clean cock that had just been up her ass into Alma's open mouth.

From my vantage point on the bed it looked as through mom had full control of Alma's hands, and as my mouth watered for daddy's cock down my young throat, I disobediently moved my head next to Alma's instead of helping mom hold the girl's hands. I was surprised that I wanted the thing that had just been all the way up Alma's asshole in my mouth now...GROSS! However, for whatever reason, I let him shove it down my young throat anyway, and for the next several minutes daddy took turns with both our mouths, making each of us gag and retch violently on his cock as he shoved all 10 1/2 inches down our throats.

I know this doesn't make any sense to most of you, but short of throwing up all over myself and him, violently choking and gagging on daddy's huge cock down my throat was a major turn on that made my 15 year old pussy actually drip!

Let me think...what else did mom leave out of her last post? Oh yeah...Ashlie. In the last chapter, mom wrote:

"Eventually the redhead and I would go all the way, but it's in the distant future and I won't get into it...yet."

Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! The VERY NEXT DAY while I was in school, Ashlie was out "sick". I didn't think anything of it all day, but when mom didn't come pick me and Nadia (the 15 year old black girl mentioned earlier) up from school, we walked home. Seeing mom's bedroom door closed, I told Nadia to wait in my room and as soon as the door closed behind her, I quietly opened the door to mom's room. There, flat on her back on the bed, was Ashlie...holding my mommy's mouth to her 16 year old pussy! I whispered into the room that I was home, and for them to be carefully QUIET because Nadia was there also. Mom looked up at me like a kid having just gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and then smiled sheepishly as she apologized for not being there to pick me up after school. I told her it was okay...the school was less than a couple blocks away, and after giving her and Ashlie a huge bright and happy smile in return, I closed the door and went into my room.

I turned on the stereo so Nadia wouldn't hear anything from the room next to mine, and an hour or so later when we came out, mom was in the kitchen starting dinner. I took over while mom took Nadia home, and I hoped that she had the foresight to at least wash her face so the young teen didn't smell Ashlie's pussy on her. When mom got home a few minutes later, I kissed her long and hard on the mouth, telling her that I was "proud of her" for fucking another underaged girl other than myself. Ashlie had made quite an impression on mom, and it took her almost an hour to finish her dinner because all she could do was rant excitedly on and on about having sex with Ashlie, and the more she talked, the more jealous I became.

That night after dinner, I felt like I had something to prove, and made mom cum in under 2 minutes using just my tongue to rapidly lick her hard fingers used only to hold her pussy lips apart for easier access. Mommy held my mouth firmly against her with both hands on the back of my head as she bucked her hips wildly up and down, and when she came, I thrust my tiny pink tongue into her equally pink hole. Her cum coated my probing tongue, and proceeded to flow over it and I had to swallow as she almost filled my mouth!

After that first day, Ashlie started coming home with me every couple days, screwing up my rotation! The sex, however, was indescribably fantastic, and our all girl threesomes were absolutely out of this world! On the days Ashlie did not come over after we got out of school, mom continued masturbating to their DVDs as I fucked them in my room, and after we were through, I would slip into her room while the girl got dressed and let mom taste her by licking my fingers clean.

After a couple weeks went by, mom and I "convinced" Ashlie to videotape me with the other 7 girls. I put convinced in quotation marks because getting Ashlie to go along with it wasn't at all fact all we had to do was ask! It was harder convincing the other girls to go along with being videotaped having sex with me, but eventually they all complied. I also made sure I gave them a copy as know...for prosperity!

As far as Robert and mom's wrote:

"He, of course, knew we were lying, but let it go because he was having his 15 year old stepdaughter on a nightly basis. We kept a lot of things from him, especially that Ashley and I were IN LOVE with each other. I'm sure he knew somehow, but he never brought it up, and as I said, his cock was in one of her holes 7 nights a week."

What she left out was that she was no longer in love with him...and I don't think that he was in love with her either. They still cared about each other, but her husband was back home merely to provide a service as a hole filler...and WHAT a hole filler he was! :) GODDAMN...he could fuck! left a LOT out...

In April (the month before my birthday), the neighbors that were rarely home moved out, and the 2 story house next door was rented to a single divorced mother in her early 30's. She was a tall blond with big fake titties, and from first impressions, it was easy to see why she was divorced...she looked VERY high maintenance. She could seriously have been a body double for the porn star Jenna Jameson...if not her twin sister! But, first impressions aside, actually meeting her pushed my first impressions away when the three of us helped her move in. She was such a down to earth friendly and charming that despite her porn star/huge fake tits, and "Barbie Doll" looks I found myself lusting after her from the moment we met. It didn't help when the bottom of one of the boxes I was carrying into the house fell out as soon as I got it upstairs into her bedroom and a shitload of nude pictures fell out. How many is a "shit load" you may ask? It doesn't matter one bit...and besides the fact that I'm not sure exactly, I'll just say that there were well over 100. "Jenna" was overly quick to help me pick them up off the floor, but she was too late as I had already seen her in all her naked splendor. Her hand touched mine more than once as she hastily helped me put the photos back into the box, and my 15 year old girl hole under my way too short skirt became immediately wet at the mere touch of her hand on mine.

At first, Jenna was a little more than mortified that I was seeing something so private, but every time our fingers touched as we stuffed the pics back into the box, her fingers lingered just a little longer on mine. I felt her staring at my firm D cup titties that were barely covered my nipples by a tiny bikini top, and my dark nipples somehow got even harder than they were already.

Jenna suddenly stood, and seconds later, mom came into the room carrying another box. Jenna walked out of the room as mom set the box down on the bed, and followed her downstairs. I picked the box up off the floor, and I WAS going to steal one of the photos...but realizing that I had no place to hide it due to the too skimpy outfit I had on, I quickly abandoned the idea. It was literally the ONLY time I regretted my choice in clothing...or lack thereof!

I did notice one thing though...and that was that Jenna's bedroom faced toward the rear of the house...right into our backyard and pool area. "How convenient!", I thought to myself...already forming a plan of seduction in my young mind.

The rest of the day was spent without incident...other than Jenna sneaking many glances at me, and I made sure the older woman got plenty to look at by bending over in front of her more than a few times, exposing my overly wet bare pussy to her. Not that I really need to, as my pussy juice was running down my inner thigh!

I had barely met the woman a few short hours earlier when she pulled her rented U-Haul into the driveway, and Robert offered our help moving her into her house...but there was something about her...something that made me extremely attracted to her despite her "fake" Barbie doll look. When she gave me a quick hug of thanks as I left later that afternoon, I thought my pussy was going to literally explode as she pressed her huge boobs into mine. Then, she gave me a quick peck on the lips... :)

Later that night after mommy and daddy were done with me, I masturbated to the thought of Jenna and I going down on each other, even thought my pussy was sore from the pounding Robert had just given me. Shortly after I squirted all over my thrusting fingers, I decided that I was going to make my fantasy a reality.

The next day was a Monday, but I feigned illness to stay home from school. I was overly anxious to put my "plan" into action, and shortly after mom and Robert left for work, I was poolside. At 9 in the morning it was already sunny and in the mid 90's, and as I let the sun warm and tan my nude body, I kept glancing up at Jenna's bedroom window through my dark sunglasses. After about an hour or so, I saw the curtain move, and although I could not see her, I knew that Jenna was watching me. I didn't overdo it by putting on a "show" by masturbating for her, and after a half hour of so went by, I got up and went into the house for a while.

After watching a TV for a couple hours, and then a porn DVD and getting myself worked up without so much as touching myself, I went back out later that afternoon, and after a quick dip in the pool to cool myself, I lay back down on the lounge. I didn't have to wait too long until I saw the curtain move aside slightly again, and it was then that I began to slowly work the tanning oil into myself. I did not make it overly sexual, and somehow resisted the urge to finger myself to orgasm with Jenna watching from her window. When I was, I merely lay back and closed my eyes, hoping that the neighbor woman would find some reason to come over. She didn't, and I fell asleep. For a couple HOURS. I was pleasantly wakened by my legs being spread, and a warm wet tongue in my tiny slit, and a very wet pussy on my mouth.

"I see you're feeling better, Ashley", I heard mom say as she pressed herself onto my lips. I mumbled something in reply before thrusting my tongue into mommy's hole. She gasped, and grabbed my tits with both hands as the tongue on my slit worked its way into my little girl hole.

"GAWD...let it be Jenna!!!", I thought to myself. I reached down, hoping to grab a handful of long blond hair, and although the tongue in me felt great, I was saddened that the head between my legs was shaved was daddy.

Mom's body was blocking my view of the window so I couldn't see if Jenna was watching...but somehow I knew she was. At least I HOPED she was.

Within a few short minutes I came on daddy's tongue flicking my clit as two of his fingers thrust rapidly in and out of both my holes, and I squirted my little girl juice all over his face. After I came, mom fell forward on me, and I heard her gagging while daddy fucked her mouth as hard and fast as he could. Mom rubbed my throbbing clit until daddy started cumming into her mouth and throat, then with cum still shooting out of his cock, daddy shoved it abruptly and deeply into my pussy. As he filled my 15 year old hole, mom came on my thrusting tongue, then after Robert pulled his hardon out of me, she sucked his cum out of me. With her far enough forward now, I had a clear view of the window that I hoped Jenna was watching from, and I smiled brightly to myself when I saw that the curtain was indeed pulled slightly open, but as soon as I glanced upward, the curtain closed quickly. It didn't matter at all though...Jenna had seen it all, and mommy and daddy had absolutely no clue as they began to gather their clothes from the cement, then head inside.

I followed them inside shortly afterward, and with the remainder of daddy's thick cum leaking from my hole and running down the inside of my thigh, I gave a slight wave at the curtained window.

Mom wasn't feeling well that evening, and daddy (for some reason) didn't want to fuck me without her, so I went to bed early, and fingerfucked myself as I imagined Jenna's mouth on my underaged pussy, then a very satisfied and happy young girl fell fast asleep.

The next morning, mom was sick as I had pretended to be the day before, and stayed home, but I went to school because they made me. But something in my head told me to go home early, and at lunch, I walked home. I slipped quietly into the house, after all...mommy was sick and she might be sleeping, right?! However, I was not at all surprised when I opened her bedroom door, and found her masturbating on the bed. What DID surprise me (much to my delight) was that Jenna was beside her, thrusting her fingers into her own pussy as she and mommy watched one of the videos Ashlie had taken with me and one of my 15 year old girlfriends.

I giggled like the schoolgirl I was as they both froze...both of them staring at me in shock at me catching them. With her fingers still deep inside herself, mom asked why I wasn't in school. Laughing aloud at her trying to turn it around on me, I began slowly stripping, and then climbed onto the bed.

It seemed as though Jenna had stopped breathing from having been caught, and being the "Good Samaritan" that I am, I decided that I needed to take it upon myself to give her mouth to mouth. I straddled her nude body with mine, and as I kissed her, my hands went straight to her chest. Instead of giving her chest compressions as one would do if her heart had actually stopped beating, my hands went to her full firm, but fake, tits.

Jenna hungrily returned my kisses, and with slight whimpers of excitement, she thrust her tongue into my mouth eagerly. I took one of my hands off her breast long enough to grab one of her hands and place it between my legs, and Jenna was quick to thrust her middle finger deep inside me.

"Goddamn!!! You're a tight little girl!", Jenna exclaimed as she tried to wiggle her finger inside me. I groaned, then squealed and clamped down on her probing digit in response.

I pulled my mouth from hers long enough to whisper into her ear if this was better than peeking out her window at me, and Jenna's response was to pull my mouth back to hers and thrust her tongue back into my young mouth.

As Jenna pushed a second finger into my too young hole, I let go of the tit my right hand was squeezing, and moved it down to her bald pussy, and as I shoved two fingers into her, mom moved behind me and shoved her tongue into my asshole before slowly sticking first one, then two fingers into it.

Mom was masturbating as she fingerfucked my teen asshole, and came before Jenna or I did...but it was not too long before Jenna and I came together on each others probing fingers. I came so hard that I clamped down too tightly on the older woman's fingers, resulting in a loud yelp of pain as I actually hurt her. I gasped an "apology", then collapsed against the blond, and as mom slowly pulled her two fingers from my underage asshole, Jenna withdrew her two almost broken fingers from my still smasming pussy. I, on the other hand, kept my fingers deep inside Jenna, and after only another couple minutes, the woman came again.

As the three of us lay on the bed afterward, Jenna told us her story. Less than a week earlier, she had been kicked out of her house because her husband had caught her and his 15 year old daughter 69ing each other when he came home from work. It wasn't like he came home early...they had just merely lost track of time. It was only the second time they had done anything, the first being a couple days earlier when the young teen had come into her bedroom and woke her up by going down on her. At first Jenna had thought it was her husband, and after waking up, she had kept her eyes closed and let the licking continue. However, when two fingers were put inside her, she knew immediately that they didn't belong to her husband, and when she reached down and grabbed a handfull of hair, she definitely knew it wasn't her husband, but his young teen daughter instead.

Jenna told us that she sat up in protest, but the girl had just pushed her back down as she continued licking her stepmother's clit. By then, it was too late, and Jenna was too far gone and into it to REALLY make the girl stop. She had never looked at her husband's daughter in a sexual way before...not even when the girl practically pranced around the house in various states of undress, but when she tried explaining to her husband, he was less than sympathic, and offered her the choice of being arrested, or moving out...she obviously chose the latter.

Jenna had never even been with a woman before, not even experimentally in college as most girls do, but there was something about the way her step daughter Samantha had licked her that had her hooked. When she moved out that day she just knew that it would never happen again. She had moved to our small town from Los Angeles, and spent a few days in a hotel before renting the house next to ours. From the moment she first laid eyes on me, Jenna's pussy became wet immediately, and she knew then and there that she just had to have me. Jenna told me that I reminded her so much of her step daughter

The next three weeks or so till my 16th birthday passed quickly. I stopped taking my schoolmates home with me, and mom would drop me off at Jenna's where we would spend the rest of the afternoon fucking her. Sometimes, mom would join in, but for the most part it was the two of us.


During those 3 weeks until her 16th Birthday while my daughter was going over to Jenna's on an almost daily basis, I was seeing the stunningly beautiful redhead Ashlie. It was inevitable that the four of us would get together, and sometime during the second week, we all did. Jenna was in heaven with two underage girls, and it was nice to know that I wasn't the only perverted older woman in the world! Jenna and I shared much more than the two young teens, and during our foursomes, Jenna and I were with each other as much as we were with the girls.

As was also inevitable, Ashley and I shared Robert with the older woman as of the very few things we did not keep from him. Besides missing her step daughter, Jenna also missed her husband's cock, and I was more than happy to share the one my 15 year old daughter and I had control over! For not being a huge "blond/fake tit guy", my husband sure tore the fuck out of Jenna's mouth, pussy and asshole...well not literally...but he fucked every hole that woman had with wild and uncontrollable fervor.

Every night after he got home from work around 10:30, Robert fucked the three of us equally. Jenna was shocked beyond words at the brutality of how my husband fucked his little girl's mouth, and the first time she watched Ashley get her throated by his 10 1/2 inches, she nearly threw up just hearing Ashley choke, gag and retch as he held the teen by the back of the head firmly against him until my daughter began slapping his legs to let her breathe. But the shock turned to lust, and after a few long minutes of watching how turned on and wet my daughter was with her daddy's thick cock down her young throat, Jenna got involved by laying on the bed and after positioning her mouth under Ashley's dripping hole, she ate the girl out like she had never done before. Soon, our bedroom was filled with loud echoes of Ashley gagging and the wet sloppy slurping as Jenna practically drank the cum that was flowing from Ashley's tight little hole like she had been stranded on a desert island for a week without anything to drink.

If Jenna had been shocked by the way my husband fucked my daughter's throat, she was doubly shocked when he pulled his cock from her throat, and as Ashley coughed up the contents of her throat and let the (almost) puke spew from her mouth onto the older woman's torso, Robert shoved all 10+ inches up her 15 year old ass in one hard thrust. Ashley screamed painfully as he entered her asshole with not a single drop of lube nor any "pre-loosening", but as Jenna continued slurping her juice from her exited young hole, Ashley fell forward and began sucking hard on our neighbor's clit.

I straddled Jenna's bald pussy with my own, and as I rubbed it against her's, my daughter had no choice but to lick my pussy as well as Jenna's. I somehow managed to get my hand between us, and shoved three fingers abruptly and deeply into the pussy against mine, and as the 15 year old girl continued screaming as her daddy fucked her little girl asshole, I finger fucked Jenna's wet pussy as hard as I could.

Daddy hurt me badly when he just slammed his cock all the way up my ass...and the fact that I was still coughing up "throat juice" made it that much worse because my whole body was retching violently. Let's just call it what it was...I threw up. Not so much the contents of my stomach, but I was still throwing up. To be honest though, even after all that, daddy throatfucking me had a profound effect on my underage body, and made me impossibly turned on and drippingly wet. However, he didn't slam his cock into the wet hole...he slammed it into my tiny unlubed asshole, and it hurt. Tears were already streaming down my face at the 10 minute throating I had received, but I actually began crying as well as screaming when mom's husband just uncaringly shoved his cock up my ass with no lube. But, being the little trooper that I was/am, I needed to do something to take my mind off the painful fucking, and Jenna's clit provided the distraction I needed, and when mommy put her pussy against Jenna's, it gave me twice the distraction.

As I licked each of the older woman's clits practically at the same time, I eventually got my hand and fist into mommy's hole one finger at a time. I lost track of time as Jenna licked my hole as daddy fucked my 15 year old asshole, but I know it lasted well over 20 minutes. Every now and then, daddy would pull his cock from my hole and "feed" it to Jenna, and it was actually pleasurable to me to hear someone else besides myself gagging on his cock down her throat! I knew Jenna was having a rough time of it...first and foremost because I hadn't "cleaned" myself that day, and God and daddy only knew what his cock looked like when he pulled it out of me, and to be honest from the way Jenna was gagging, it couldn't have beed that great. GROSS, I know...but Jenna seemed eager to have it stuffed into her mouth, and when daddy finally came deep inside me after what seemed like forever, Jenna's mouth moved eagerly from my pussy hole to my asshole and she swallowed every drop that I could manage to squeeze into her mouth, and her tongue probed deep inside my overly stretched young hole in search of even more.


Jenna cleaned Ashley's assjuice off my husband's cock well with her mouth, and after he pulled his cock from her mouth, the woman was quick to make my daughter cum at the exact same time she came on my three thrusting fingers. Shortly afterward, as Ashley twisted her fist inside me, I came as well. Blah blah blah...that's the story and the end of the first time we fucked our neighbor as a family...time to move on to her 16th Birthday.


I know there has been a huge buildup to my 16th Birthday, but to be honest, I think mom and I overdid the lead to it. The events leading up to the big day were more sexually exciting than my Birthday itself!.

My 16th Birthday was romantic for lack of a much better word. Mom and Robert started spoiling me the day before with a huge breakfast in bed, then we drove down to Anaheim, Ca. and checked into a 5 star hotel. They took me to a movie, and afterward we ate steak and lobster at an overly pricey restaurant. They made love to me that night...the last time as a 15 year old, and after mommy's mouth and fingers, and daddy's cock made me cum more times than I could count, we fell asleep in each other's arms. I wanted to get FUCKED as usual, but instead we made sweet romantic love, and daddy's cock never even slightly penetrated my almost 16 year old asshole. He didn't fuck my throat as he normally did either, and I found myself wishing that he would! Even though I came a LOT...I found myself wishing that they would use, abuse and FUCK me...not make love to me.

The next morning, mom and dad took me to Disneyland, and I spent the day as a "normal" teenager. I don't know exactly what I mean by that...

We spent another night in the hotel, and again the three of us made love without FUCKING, and the next morning we went back home. I got out of the car as soon as it came to a complete stop in the driveway, and after thanking mom and Robert with a warm wet kiss, I headed next door to see Jenna. Jenna gave me what I wanted and had been yearning for over the past couple days, and I happily let her slap me as hard as she wanted while she fucked my asshole with three long fingers. By the time she was done with me, my face was bright red...just the way I liked it, and I went home very happy and satisfied. It was 10AM when I walked through the front door of my house. Mom and Robert were waiting for me inside the Livingroom, and as soon as I closed the door behind me, daddy was quick to come up behind me and put me into a control hole, then put a pair of handcuffs on my wrists. These cuffs were not the pink fluffy "playful" ones, they were the same kind he used at his work with convicted felons!

My pussy flooded as daddy forced me over the back of the couch, and I am 100% positive that if I had been wearing panties, he would have ripped them off of me, but he merely lifted my skirt, and although it was my pussy that had suddenly become drenching wet, daddy forced his hardon into my asshole instead. I gasped, but didn't cry out. Fortunately for me, Jenna had already loosened and lubed that tiny hole, and he had little problem shoving all 10 1/2 inches into me. As her husband roughly fucked me and pulled my hair, mom was quick to put her hard clit against my mouth, and I licked and sucked that piece of woman flesh until she came and daddy shot a huge load deep inside my colon. Then, daddy put me on the couch, and with my head draped over the edge, he brutally fucked my 16 + 1 day year old mouth and throat with the still hard body part that had just been up my ass until I threw up twice as mommy ate my pussy and thrust three fingers in and out of the hole daddy had just cum in. As gross as it was, with my face, hair, daddy's cock and the floor covered in liquid vomit...I was in heaven, and came thrashing on mom's mouth and fingers. THIS was what I had REALLY wanted to happen on my Birthday...not the stupid romantic lovemaking crap! Daddy's cum flowed freely from my tight little hole, and after mom took most of it into her mouth, she spit it into my mouth after daddy pulled his cock out, and then mommy made me lick her fingers clean...shoving them into my mouth and down my young teen throat till I almost vomited again.

"A very belated happy birthday to me!!!", I though to myself as I lay on the couch gasping for air as the cold metal handcuffs dug into my wrists. I smiled happily as mom and daddy helped me to my feet, and after he took off the handcuffs, I happily and literally skipped upstairs and into the shower. What a GREAT birthday it had turned out to be after all!

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