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Eric loses his virginity and gains two lovers during one evenntful afternoon. First part by hornymother and expanded by me with public permission.
We had a barb-a-que at my house one weekend in the summer. It was great. The weather was great and everyone was happy. My mom's friend Alice was drinking pretty heavily and was flirting with all the men. She even sat on my lap and said some little dirty things to me! It was a lot for a 15 year old.

"Eric, you don't mind if I sit on your lap do you?" She asked as she placed her hot little ass on my lap.

"No, not at all, Mrs. Perry."

"Oh Eric, call me Alice."

"I don't think that Mom would like that."

"And do you think that my husband over there would like to know that your hard cock is pressed against my ass?"

"I-I... ahhh..."

"It's okay, Eric, I won't tell if you won't. I know you want to fuck me. Jam your hard cock up my cunt. I see the way you look at me. Like last week when I let you see my naked pussy."


"Hush. I knew you were looking that's why I had my legs spread. I like you to look. It gets me hot. By the feel of it, it gets you hot too," she said with a wiggle of her ass. "You know your friend Marty fucked me?"


"O yeah. He delivers the paper to my house. A couple of times a month I let him deliver his cum in my pussy. He hasn't told you?"

I shook my head no. It was too much for me; I couldn't speak.

"Too bad. I had plans to have you both fuck me together." She made to rise.

"W-wait," I said grabbing her arm, "Why don't I come over tomorrow?"

"No, that's not good for me."


"I'll tell you what. Go to your room, and in five minutes we'll see."

I was so excited I left early and bolted to my room. While I sat in my room waiting for the beautiful Mrs. Alice Perry I heard a noise that sounded very much like sex. I became aroused. Maybe she had found another man to satisfy her lust I thought with crushed spirits.

Sounds were coming from my mom and dad's room. I could tell that people were definitely fucking in there. I was shocked to see who was fucking. My mother was naked from the waist down and her shirt was pushed up so her tits hung free. She was holding on to the windowsill trying to watch out. The man fucking her was the guy from down the street, George Burton.

He was home from college on a break and his parents were friends with mine. He was a dick. He was one of those guys who spends his life in the gym. He had his shirt off and his shorts down to his ankles as he fucked my mom. As he drove his cock up into my mother, her tits would shake and sway with the force of his thrusts.

"God, you're so easy," he gasped to my mother. "I'm fucking you in your own house as you watch out for your husband. You're such a slut."

"I know, honey. Just bang me like you used to. Use my married cunt."

"Oh, I'll use it," he said as he thrust powerfully into my mother's sloppy hole.

"I'm not protected, so don't cum inside of me," my mom told her lover.

"Oh man, what a slut! You'll take what I give you. In fact I think I might just do that." He took on new energy. "Yeah bitch. Ugh take it. Yeah, you'll take my cum right up the cunt, you fucking slut. You're going to be my new whore. I'm going to get you good and pregnant."

He fucked her hard. Her ass and tits shook with the force of his thrusts. He grabbed my mom by the hair and yanked her head back hard. "AHHH!!" she yelled in pain.

"You want my cum, don't you, bitch? Don't you? Fucking tell me," he growled in anger.

"YES!! Cum in me. Cum in my pussy!"

"What else?"

"Make me pregnant," my mom moaned out in obvious confusion of lust and fear.

"Yeah, just like all your slut friends. Once I get my cock in you you're all whores." He fucked her hard until he deposited a load of cum onto her pussy. He held her tight to his groin after ejaculating. When he pulled out some of his seed began to leak form my mother wide-open pussy. "Now clean it, you slut," Burton said to my mother.

She quickly turned around and began to lick his cock clean. "Yeah, I knew you were a slut. I've seen you looking. That's right; clean it all up nice and good." When he had enough he got dressed and left. I hid out of the way and watched my mom dress after he had left. She didn't clean her pussy up at all. She just put her bathing suit bottoms back on and her shorts over them. When she was done she straightened her hair and tried to make it look like she didn't just get fucked.

When she was done I said, "Hey Mom, why aren't you outside?"

"Ahhh... God, Eric you scared me. I had to pee and wanted to fix my hair a bit."

"Oh okay, so what was Burton doing in here?" I had an advantage and wanted to use it. I was going to use what I saw to blackmail my mom.

"What do you mean, honey?" You could see the fear in her eyes.

"Oh, I saw George Burton leaving and thought he wanted something."

"Oh honey, it was nothing," she was still scared. It aroused me.

"Okay, Mom." I turned to leave.

"How long have you been in the house, honey?" my mom asked hesitantly.

"Oh, not long..." she relaxed. "Only about 20 minutes," I said turning to look at her.

She knew I knew. Then I left. I sat in my room with a great hard on waiting for Alice and she finally stumbled in. "Hey baby, you waiting for me?"

"Yeah," I said, smiling nervously. "Come on in, Alice."

"Thanks, lover. Will this be your first time?"

"Uh, yeah it is." I thought about lying but someone as experienced as Mrs. Perry would have caught me in the lie right away.

"Oh, goody," Alice responded. "I love breaking young boys' cherries. It was Marty's first time, too." She sat down beside me and gave me a deep kiss. When she pulled away, Alice pulled up her sundress. She didn't have any panties on. "Time's a wastin' and I don't want my husband missing me. He can be very jealous." She giggled and hiccupped. "Take off your clothes, Eric. I want to see you naked."

"Yes, ma'am." I obeyed instantly while she lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

"Your prick is so pretty, Eric. I do believe it's bigger than Marty's." I blushed with pride at the compliment and started worrying about pleasing her. My prick was as stiff as a board but I'd heard all the stories about a guy's prick going limp just as he going to fuck a girl or he'd cum too quickly. I was hoping Alice might take those things into account if anything went wrong. I certainly wanted to be better in bed than Marty and be invited to her house for more fucking.

"Hmm," Alice said as I climbed between her legs. "You wouldn't happen to have a condom, would you?" I shook my head in frustration. Was she going to call the whole thing off over lack of protection? "Well, just be careful and don't cum in me. It's not safe right now." I nodded and mounted her. Now I had another thing to worry about.

"What the hell!" I muttered and plunged my prick inside her. Oh, yeah! I'm officially an ex-virgin I thought as I fucked the older woman's cunt. Now I wanted to make it as last as long as I could. I began to think how nice it would be when I had my mom lying underneath me just like Alice. No, that wasn't right. If I kept thinking like that I'd be cumming in her cunt in nothing flat. It was then I realized I just heard a similar conversation between my mom and Burton. She said, 'I'm not protected, so don't cum inside of me.'

Ha! That was a waste of breath. Not only did George cum inside my mom's pussy but he made her beg for it besides. I realized I just learned a valuable lesson from spying on my mom and her lover. Women who act like sluts expect to be treated like sluts. I should just be concerned about my own pleasure and not worry what Alice or any other cunt wanted. They wouldn't hold it against a guy if he was inconsiderate and would probably respect him all the more for treating them like the sluts they are. Thank you, Burton. I still think you're a dick but I'm grateful to you anyway. I felt much happier as I continued fucking the woman beneath me.

"That feels so nice, Eric. I think I'm going to keep you and add you to my collection. Just let me know when you're about to cum. I'll finish you off with my hand."

"No fucking way! I'm gonna cum inside you."

"What? No, Eric. You promised you wouldn't."

"I'd promise anything to get into your pants, Alice. I'm not a fool."

"That's Mrs. Perry to you, young man. Now get off me or I'll tell my husband you lured me here and raped me."

"Not until I... oh, shit!"

"No, Eric... Ahhhh!" She could tell I was cumming inside her and there was nothing she or I could do about it. I had wanted to get her to beg for it like Burton did my mom but I messed up big time. I tried to copy Burton's act but I didn't yet have the confidence or the technique. I pulled out of her and waited for the shit to hit the fan. Mrs. Perry sat up and glared at me. "You naughty boy!" she hissed and then giggled. "What if you've given me a baby?"

Whoa! Now, I wasn't sure what to make of her attitude. She sure didn't sound like an outraged rape victim. "Blame it on your husband, Mrs. Perry. I'm sure it'll be a beautiful baby."

"Are you putting me on about this being your first time?" she said with a smile. "You sound much more experienced." She stood up. "Ooh, you gave me an awful lot of sperm. I don't have any panties and it'll be running down my legs. I suppose it'll please you to see me parading around like that, knowing what you've done to me." I smiled and nodded. Mrs. Perry smiled back. "I'm not going to let anyone else fuck me until I know for sure if you've given me a baby. Do me a favor and stop calling me Mrs. Perry. It makes me feel old."

"I'll be by tomorrow for an insurance fuck," I said.

"I can't, sweetheart. Remember I said tomorrow wasn't good for me?"

"I don't care if it isn't, you cunt," I declared. "Just make sure you're there."

She gave me a look as if she couldn't quite believe what she heard and then said, "I'll be waiting, lover."

After Alice left, I straightened out my bed and wandered downstairs. The barb-a-que was winding down and the guests were beginning to trickle out including Mr. and Mrs. Perry. That was usually my cue to sneak off because I didn't want to get stuck helping with the cleanup. Instead, I stayed and began helping right away and without being asked. That gave me an opportunity to be near my mom and confront her when the opportunity arose.

Mom acted nervous around me but welcomed my help anyway. Dad was pretty much out of action because he'd had a lot to drink and would most likely go straight to bed to sleep it off after the last guest left. I have a couple of older sisters but they're both married and couldn't make it to the barb-a-que.

"Can we talk, honey?" my mom said after the last of the cleanup was finished.

"Sure, Mom. What do you want to talk about?" I sat down on the sofa to listen to her.

"Um, about what you saw this afternoon." She blushed a bright pink.

"I assume you're talking about Burton fucking you in your bedroom."

"Please don't use that horrible word in front of me, Eric, and yes, I'm talking about what you saw in my bedroom."

"Hmm, you didn't seem to mind it when that guy called you a fucking slut."

"That was a mistake. Please believe me, Eric. It was a one time thing. It'll never happen again." Damn! She must believe I'm hard of hearing.

"Don't bullshit me, Mom. From the way you two were talking it sounds like you've been fucking for him for a while. 'Just bang me like you used to. Use my married cunt.' Let's see, what else did he say?"

"Please stop it, Eric," she begged.

"Oh, yeah. 'You're going to be my new whore. I'm going to get you good and pregnant.' Naughty, Mom."

"It's... it's your word against mine, young man. George won't give me away."

"I kind of figured you'd say that, Mom. But knowing what a slut you are, I also know you won't be able to stay away from him for long or any other young guy who wiggles his dick at you. I'm going to keep a close eye on you from now on and when you fuck up, I'll have the evidence. Even if you somehow are able to sneak around without me catching you, how are you going to explain your next pregnancy? One shred of doubt placed in Dad's mind and he'll be demanding a DNA test. I know you still have that guy's cum inside you. I saw you kissing Dad. I'm sure he didn't realize you just finished cleaning another guy's dick with your tongue. I wonder if he thought he tasted a new salad dressing flavor."

"Damn you, Eric! I hate being blackmailed and it's even worse when my own son is the blackmailer. What do you want?"

"The first thing I want you to do is dump Burton and any other lovers. I don't care how you do it."


"The next thing I want you to do is go get cleaned up. I want you to go make yourself nice and pretty for me." My mother gasped. She immediately jumped to the right conclusion.

"We can't do that, Eric! You're my son!" Taking another page from Burton's playbook, I jumped up and grabbed my mom by her hair and yanked her head back.

"We can do it, Mom," I whispered in her ear. "I'm not giving you a choice. You're going to be my new whore. I may even make you good and pregnant. Do you understand?" I stuck my free hand between her legs and started caressing her crotch.

"Yes!" she hissed and then I felt her belly shudder. The bitch had cum. I let go of her hair but continued caressing her crotch. Mom stood there and tolerated it. She didn't try to move away or ask me to stop. She knew who was in control.

"Go," I finally said and my mom scampered away like I'd seen my sisters do when they were late getting ready for a date. I sat down to wait. It seemed like an awfully long time and I was beginning to think my mom wouldn't be coming out of her bedroom. I swore she'd regret it if she thought I was bluffing.

My mother finally came out of the bedroom smelling fresh and looking beautiful. She wore a sexy black negligee and I could tell she left off the panties. I pulled down my shorts and let my boner bounce free. Without any foreplay my mom faced me, straddled my legs and guided my prick into her sopping wet cunt.

"We're really doing it," she said. "I'm really letting my own son fuck me." She began thrusting her pelvis toward me. God, it felt great. "Are you happy now that you've made your mother your personal slut and whore, Eric?"

"I sure am."

"I suppose you won't really be happy until you've given me a baby. That's right, isn't it?"

"I can hardly wait."

She kissed me hard and said, "I can't either, honey, I can't either."

Another summer is coming up. Mrs. Perry just gave birth to a daughter. She named her Erica. My mom is about three months pregnant. Those two women ruined me for anyone my own age or younger. Except my sisters are still childless and I'm wondering if I can be of any assistance.

The End

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